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Easy 3D Blur Text Effect on Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Sean Bates, Graphic Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Setting up your document and picking your font


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      Making the 3D elements


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      Applying colour to your design


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      Adding shadows


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About This Class

In this class you will be learning how to recreate the sort of 3D blur text effects used within the title graphic, from scratch, using Adobe Illustrator. You will then complete the class project in which you create your own personal design.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sean Bates

Graphic Designer


Hi, I'm Sean

I am a Graphic Designer currently living York. I have previously worked on a range of projects both academically and professionally, all projects of which are available for viewing within my portfolio. I have a particular passion for branding, interactive design and typography.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi there, I'm sure. Welcome to this tutorial in this video. We're going to be learning how to make this title graphic here. We're going to be learning how to use the three D extreme and Bavel tool to create three D tax on, then using Grady INTs to create a nice blur effect on the three D elements off that text. This designs will be made entirely with an illustrator. This class should be for everyone, whether you're a beginner or of slightly more advanced level or even if he just are interested under intrigued as to how it was made. So, yeah, that sounds like something you might be interested in. Go ahead on and enroll in the class. Andi, we'll get started. 2. Setting up your document and picking your font: The first thing you want to do is go ahead and open up. Illustrator. Once you've done that, you want to just open a new document, have ever to file new and we're just going to be setting up the document here. What size we're going to be working with. I'm working with a full and I'm working at landscape full now, but by all means cheese. Why you like choosing a floor? But you could work a three, which is figure you could pull. Trade just depends on what sort format you want to work with. Now you want to set your color mode to see em like a C M Y case for print. If you want to use it for screen hadn't changed. That's RGB and then theorist or effects. Just keep that high at the moment. And that will keep your image really high quality. Lost your produce. So once you've done that, go ahead and click. OK, I'm gonna click council. I've already set mine up there. As you can see, I've already got the colors picked out like guys using you can go ahead, do that now ahead of time. If you know, roughly what you want to be working with. Well, you can just do that as you're going along. The next thing we want to do head over to our tax tour or pity on the keyboard on you just want to type out words you guys working with. Now I'm retiring Title graphic here. So I'm just gonna click on my outboard on. I'm just going to type up blood and that's the weather I'll be working with. You want to use a bold fun because as you make it, three d, you want to make sure that it's gonna look right? It's not gonna have too many edges, and it's gonna recreate the effects quite nicely. So I'm using Got bold besides his cell 1 20 by all means make bigger make it smaller. At the moment, Gotham World set to 1 20 3. Making the 3D elements: So the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna head up objects, get to expand and what that does. Just takes our text from being edits, Will taxed, intends into objects so that we can turn into three days now Set the culture white. Because I did you make it three d white will help seal you're working with it, will show you the different levels of extrusion said to block it a little really dark. And then once you've done that, you want to run group list. So go ahead to go to object. Um group. And then what that means is we can now add it. Each lattes at individually what you've got all of your letters outlines on, um, grouped. Go ahead and select one. Come into effect three d extreme level. Go ahead and turn your preview on so you can see what you're working with. I just sold my values to zero. So what I'm working with that I can see. I know that everything I rented is our Livent's them, and it's no slightly skewed slightly off to one side. Let's go ahead. In this previous just had, distract out how you want it. You can put them in manually here, but so this is quite easy to just drag out. See how you want your rotation value headset zero and that Keep it nicely. Horizontal. What? You got it? Looking roughly how you want to come down to the extreme depth, I just rise up. And this is where you're going to get that nice blur effect. The depth there. That's where you'll see the Grady in Rome and clarify. I'm gonna talk a little more. Maybe say it to 500 Man, once you've done that, go ahead. Click. OK. And then for the next one, same again. Come into effect three d street level. Set your values down to see a rare 7 to 500 against its exploded to the same amount as he just tied it. Tenants won't make sure your previous turned on Andi for this design. I want the letters toe be opposite to each other so the Al comes down to be is going up. You will go up once you've done your next letter. Go ahead and click. OK, I'm just repeat that process again until you're happy with that. - Hold up. God. Okay, Now, all of my letters now are a little bit mismatched. I'm going ahead and send the R to the back. I just want to bring the AL forward and then be always front as well. Do that short cut by pressing command and using the square bracket peas. So once you've got a little bit something. So once you've got something that looks a little bit like this, we can go ahead, rearrange if you like. Just make sure you put your composition just right. And then once you've done that, just go through, select full of the letters. We're just gonna go objects and expand. What that does is it just turns the three D elements into objects that we can add it now, color to your toolbar. Select the direct selection tool. All the white mouse button. I just go ahead holding shift. Just click each of the Lasses. What we're gonna do now is we're just gonna cut those letters, paste them back in front. She can go to edit cup or command X. And then I did. I paced in front command f And what that does is it just one groups them from the three D elements pastes them in front. And then, if we press come out G Group's goal of Allah letters into one group and keep saw three D elements. 4. Applying colour to your design: the next part, we're going to be adding some color. As I said earlier, I've already got my color selected out. We lose the background on the glaring effects will be using the pink car. Go ahead and select your letters. Change the color if you haven't already to the color. Do you guys want to blow? Then select one of the three d extruded elements. Come over. It's a Grady int and just hit this black and white black to white Grady inbox. Just her. What that does just creates a radiant news in black and white as you can see how the last color we used was too blue. Go ahead and drink that down, set out to the left and then, if you select you. Alexis. That's the great Deion. The last color here, Mr Pink. Go ahead and drink that down by two blue. Click this block and just drop it off, and we just start to get the beginnings of this nice Blair effect. Now let's change the angle of this. It's a slightly about 20. What that does. It just means the pink starts of here goes down. Simply don't here rather than the radiance Stein over the right to the left. Go ahead, keep ingredients selected and just moved the Grady and slider along. But what that does is it just gets rid of the edges around the object just here. So it seems to Blair into the background quite nicely. So once you've done that same process again, just go to each letter, adding the morning you can use the color pick tal or I drop it by hitting I or selecting it from the toolbar and then just picking the color straight from my radio. What that's done is it's just taken the same Grady in and applied it to this three d object . It hasn't ruled the angle of the grading over, So I'm gonna set minus minus 20 because it's same same angle pointing downwards. Enter. And I'm just gonna just that until I think it looks just about right. I'm really happy with that same again with you set the angle to 20 just a just informed just repeat the process until the whole of your last done, and now we have this nice Grady and Blur effect 5. Adding shadows: So the next thing we want to do just getting to align my text a bit more, the next thing we want to do is I'm just going to group it all together, and then I could align it in the center for my outboard. I could do this quite easily. Using the online options here at the top of the illustrator interface, select this little box hair and make sure it's sent to align to our board in a line to center and align horizontal on that night is now perfectly in the center of our. So what we want to see now is we just want to add some shadow around these Lasses, and I don't blend into each other too much. So what you can do here using your direct selection again, select to be coffee using, come out and see paced in front using Come out half. What that's done is it's just created coffee off the bay, pasted in front of our If you guys haven't just increased the size that holding shifts don't lose the shape so, like complete background come up to effect uh, Galatsi, can you preview on and you just wanted to look a little something like this. Not to you Harsh, but not to sell. You don't want to have a bladder. It's just disappears. Something a little bit like that. So once you've done that, go ahead and click. OK on. Do you just want to put that back? Moving it back? He's in Command Square bracket tour until it's just in the right place. You might have an issue. Desperate groups just got a great bye bye. Come out shift. G Hungry place. Just put back further back until it's behind both D letter and the blood. What that's done is it's just given us a nice drop shadow style effect over this latter. Now we're gonna do the same again. Instead of just using the L hair, we're going to use a pencil. Go had used pencil selected from tomorrow Click P, and then we're just gonna draw around the edge off the L shape clicking to make points. Just try surround applying values the same sex he's last time to be, and then you can just go ahead means that further back until it's just in the wrong place, like and then just called, not from the U You have this curve down here, so as you pull your points when you got school cup, just click and drag holding Chef to get my straight angle. That would just bring it around. You can trace around the ice and easily, same again effect blackouts. You just made that into the right place. You should command and square markets wave now applied a nice bit of shadow to your text. You might want to lower the capacity of these a little bit. So they're not too imposing new that by selecting them going toe window and transparency. If you haven't already got open and then just learned down to 50% and that just gives a much more subtle effects around the Latins, you should know how a piece of three D text which he have applied a Grady and bloody 6. Thanks: so that's it. Thank you for taking part in this tutorial. You should now be able to recreate that effect using your own three D text. Your own designs on anything else you might like to apply it. Teoh. If you want to share your project, go ahead and post it on this class. All If you'd like to post it on Instagram tag me using the use name shown on screen on that I could see them. See what? You guys been up, Teoh. See what you could make it. Thanks for watching.