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Easily Make a Product Video Ad in Canva - Instagram, ETSY, Facebook, Social Media, Marketing, Design

teacher avatar Cal Hyslop MBA, University Instructor, Be Free to Do the Work You Want

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to Class


    • 2.

      Why Are Product Ads Important?


    • 3.

      What is Canva?


    • 4.

      Step 1 - Sign Up for Canva


    • 5.

      Step 2 - Aspect Ratio and Size


    • 6.

      Step 3 - Create a Canvas


    • 7.

      Step 4 - Add a Background


    • 8.

      Step 5 - Upload Images


    • 9.

      Step 6 - Add Text


    • 10.

      Step 7 - Create New Pages


    • 11.

      Step 8 - Animate Your Design


    • 12.

      Step 9 - Set the Duration


    • 13.

      Step 10 - Download


    • 14.

      Our Class Project


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About This Class

Welcome to How to Easily Make Product Video Ads in Canva. In this course, I will take you from start to finish, step by step, on how to create your own video ad for Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, or any other platform you may want to advertise on.

My name is Cal Hyslop, and I’m a university instructor, online content creator, and entrepreneur who has been using Canvas for years. Working with Canva has immensely helped me create professional-looking designs, and I use this platform for all of my projects. I love it, and I believe you will, too.

By the end of this course:

  • You have a better understanding of how powerful video ads for your products can be.
  • You’ll become more familiar and comfortable with the Canva platform.
  • And you’ll be able to reproduce the 10 steps it takes to create a video ad on Canva.

So, if you are looking for an easy and free option to create product videos for social media or e-commerce platforms, join me for the rest of this course. There's no prior design experience needed. All you need is your computer and an internet connection. So, Join this class today!

And if you liked this class, SHARE IT with a friend or family member. Copy and send this link to the course: https://skl.sh/31G4VjJ. Also, be sure to check out my related courses that may benefit you even further! 

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Hope to see you in class again soon!

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Cal Hyslop MBA, University Instructor

Be Free to Do the Work You Want

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to Class: Welcome to how to easily make product video ads in Canvas. In this course, I will take you from start to finish, step-by-step on how to make your own video ad for Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, or any other platform you might want to advertise on. My name is Kyle has looked and I'm a university instructor, online content creator and entrepreneur who has been using Canva for years. Using Canva has immensely helped me make professional-looking designs. And I use this platform for all my projects. I love it and I believe you will too. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how powerful video ads for your products can be. You will become more familiar and comfortable with the Canvas platform and you'll be able to reproduce the ten steps it takes to create a video ad on Canva. So if you're looking for an easy and free option to create product videos for social media or e-commerce platforms. Join me here for the rest of this course. See you there. 2. Why Are Product Ads Important?: Video ads for your products and services are important because the bottom line is, they produce more sales. Hubspot research found that consumers preferred video ads above all, other forms of content. Furthermore, Amazon and eBay report that adding a video ad to a product description increases the chances of a shopper purchasing that item by 35 percent and that's really significant. Additionally, Etsy specifically suggests adding a video to your listing and quote unquote, we know that shoppers are more likely to purchase an item if the listing includes a video to achieve, yes, that was part of the quote. Furthermore, video ads are more easily consumed because the viewer doesn't need to actively read content and instead can passively watch the video roll out. This keeps the audience's attention longer. And research suggests that Viewers remember 95% of a message watched compared to only 10 percent when red. That's interesting. And if the viewer has a positive experience with that video, their purchase intent increases 97% and brand association increases a 137%. Those numbers clearly are impressive. So it's clear that product videos are a step in the right direction. But before we get into creating a product video on Canvas, some of you may be wondering, well, what is Canva? So let's take a quick look at Canvas itself coming up in the next video. See you there. 3. What is Canva?: If this is the first time you've heard of Canva or you're you're new to the program, then let me shed some light on what came back is and what tools they offer. Canada is a free software platform that allows people to create numerous types of professional-looking designs from the beginner to the advanced creator. Camera offers all kinds of things like templates, stock images, designs, logos, icons, and much more for the creation of things like imitation, business cards, flyers, lesson plans, believe it or not, Zoom backgrounds and Indian website and landing pages. It's basically a one stop shop for design. What tools do they offer? Well, there are plenty. Let's take a quick peek at what it looks like from the inside and what the layout looks like as well. This is what kinda looks like as soon as we get into it. And there's all kinds of things we can do. For example, in the search bar here, Let's say you're interested in logos, type in logos. And you've got all kinds of templates to choose from. You can choose on any of these and then alter them, adjust them to suit your needs. Let's say you're looking for flyers, type in flyers. And we've got all kinds of different fliers that you can make. Maybe you want something for Instagram or Facebook. Let's try Instagram. In. We have all kinds of things for Instagram as well. And let's just say we want to choose one of these further for Instagram right here. When we do that, we're taken to your editing page. And this is our Canvas on Canvas. And we can, we can change virtually everything here with our menu right here. So this is something we're going to take a look at in detail when we start making our own product video ad. And just to show you some of the things we have text that can be changed. All kinds of texts choose from, which is say you want to change it to this one here. We have all kinds of elements to choose from. Maybe want to put in a gift. All kinds of graphics for gifts, photos, let's say you want to take a photo for gifts, type in gift. We have these here. Let's click on one and we can put them at the bottom. So I think you get the gist of what Canva is about. It's a program I've been using for years. I've grown to love it and it's at the top of my list for design tools. So are you ready to start creating? In the next video, we'll go from start to finish to show you how to create your very own product video ad. See you there. 4. Step 1 - Sign Up for Canva: So the first thing you want to do is to create a Canvas account, and that's really easy. All you need to do is go to canva.com, CAN va.com. And you should see this particular site. And all you need to do is scroll up to the top right, click sign up and you have the option to sign up for Google, Facebook, Apple, or just use your email. Nonetheless, it's simple and not only is it simple, one of the best things is it's free. With a free Canva account. You can do pretty much everything that you would need to do, at least for this video and for many other things when it comes to creating things on Canvas. However, I have a Pro account, I think it's totally worth it. I use Canva all the time. And if you start to use Canva lot, I do suggest upgrading. But nonetheless, for today's class, all you'll need is a free account. 5. Step 2 - Aspect Ratio and Size: So once you've signed up into Canada, the next thing you'll need to do is know what ratio, what aspect ratio, and what resolution size do you need for your video ad? In? That all depends on where you want to place it. So let's say you want to place it on Facebook or Instagram. On Facebook and Instagram, if you go to this page, facebook.com, forward slash business forward slash ads, dashed guides. Let's go here as this guy's, you have this particular option. For these options here about Image, Video, carousel, and collection. We're going to focus on videos. So I'll click here. And let's say all of these options here. There's so many for Facebook and Instagram. Instagram towards the bottom, Facebook towards the top, let's say you want to make an Instagram story. Now if you click on that, that's going to bring up new information down here with these design recommendations. And your aspect ratio would be nine by 16, with a minimum resolution of a 100 and or 1080 pixels. Now that'll of course change depending on what else you use. Let's say we want to use on Instagram are real. And we have a 9 by 16 with resolution, a smaller resolution of 500 by 88. And that's for Facebook and Instagram. Now, let's say you want to create an Etsy video. You're selling something on Etsy and it's a great idea to have a video to help get those clicks. So with Etsy and i'll, I'll leave this link for you. Don't worry. But when you go into ETC, we have some different requirements. We need a maximum, it'll should be a maximum of a 100 megabytes. And if you click on Etsy right here, and I'm going, we're going to be using this particular listing that I have for this listing with it comes to video. We can place our video here. The video should be five to 15 seconds. Today we are going to be creating an Etsy videos. Specifically, not only an Etsy video, but one that is specifically for an actual product. As you can see that I have posted on Etsy, a digital product. So this is for five to 15 seconds and I wanted to make a 15 video. I'm sorry. I want to make a 15-second video together today. So not only that, it needs to be at least 10 ADP 1080 pixels. And if I click on this icon crop without seaweed, the option, we have the option of square a one by one aspect ratio or something a little wider, four by three aspect ratio. We're gonna go with Square today. 6. Step 3 - Create a Canvas: Now that we know the aspect ratio and the resolution will, let's create our canvas on Canva. And to do that, what you'll see here is we have all these options at this top menu. Since we're creating a video, Let's click video. Once you do that, you have all these other options at the bottom. Video, Facebook video, video, message and so on. You can scroll and see several other choices. But what we're looking for today is 1080. By 1080. That's what we're going for, for this ETC, design this ETC video. Now interestingly enough, at the beginning, our Facebook video, if we hover over it, we can see that it has 1080 by 1080, and that's really what's important. So I'm going to click on Facebook video, although it's not for Facebook, we're going to use it for Etsy, which is fine. Let's click on that. And today we have our canvas. Now if you want, you can go up into here and give it a title at C, say Etsy video. Hit Enter, and there you go. So once we have our canvas, Let's look down here. And we can see that this is going to be our timeline for our video. We have the Play button. We have this not square but this rectangle and this represents this page. This is going to be our first video. We could add more pages or components to our video here. So this is our timeline. We'll come back to that in a moment. 7. Step 4 - Add a Background: The next thing we wanna do is choose a background or background color. Now if we look on the left-hand side, we have this menu. There's so many options here. Hat's off the camera. It's a fantastic program. So let's go to Background. Click on this. And we have a lot of choices. For example, landscapes, patterns, gradients, abstract food textures, flowers, nature, and so on. Now we don't, probably, we don't want a cluttered background. Make it simple. So it's easy for the audience of the euro to digest. Probably your best options are either gradients, lots of gradients to choose from, or colors. I'm going to go with colors today. Now, if I click on this icon here, this paint icon, this brings us to several basic colors and also to my brand colors. I'm going to use the brand color here. This particular color will contrast with the images we're about to upload. So they'll work well together. Okay, so now we have a background color. 8. Step 5 - Upload Images: The next thing we want to do is upload product images. Now right here, this icon here uploads. If we click on that, you have the option to click Upload Media and upload any images that you have of your products or anything related. Notice all of these are my images of our pages from my products. We're going to mark it a planner, a 60 to page planner for life finance and goals. You do also have the option of clicking on photos. Maybe there's a stock photo that represents or is the same as a product that you'll be selling. And you can also click on elements to add to your images. So we'll get to that in a moment. But if we click on our uploads, we can click on, on an image. With that image, we can manipulate that image by holding and pressing. You can hold and click and move it around. Not only can you do that, you have a few options up here. If I click on edit image, I want to give it a shadow. I'll click on shadow and I'm going to give it a drop shadow. Notice how that looks. It looks so much better. It gives it some, some depth. So I have several, obviously several of these I want to put on here. I don't want to waste your time. So I'm going to do all of those real quickly and we'll come right back in 321. And there we go. So all of my images are up here in nurse several of them and put them all compiled together. 9. Step 6 - Add Text: The next thing we wanna do is add text and possibly some elements. So let's go with text here. Just click on the text icon. And you have an option to either add simple texts like this or you can scroll through here four more, four different fonts that compliment each other and a lot of choices. But for today, let's keep it simple. And we'll just add our own step-by-step. Now. Based the basic name to this planner is the ultimate planner. So let's use the word ultimate. If I can smell. Okay. Now with this, we have some options, number 1 to choose the font style. Canada has about a million and one choices, which is fantastic. You can even add your own fonts if you wanted to. So the font I'll be using here is Benedict. And I'm going to change the color here to one of my brand colors, sort of stands out here. Great. Now let's duplicate this. You might want to do this with some items. It's really easy. You can either click here and go to the duplicate icon or you can just simply click on it, copy and paste. There you go. I'm going to highlight the ultimate planner PLA in an ER. But I want this to be a different font, and I'll choose this font here. And we can resize things just like this. It's pretty simple. So I'm going to highlight both of these and I can move them around. Let's just place it down here. For now. I have a few things, few more things to add. Let's copy and paste. Now, I'm going, this is a bundle, so I'm going to make sure everyone knows that it is a bundle. I'm going to change the font to Poppins bold. Keep the same color. And I'm going to move see how we can do this. Let's look at one more time. Click on these circular arrows and we can change the degree. I'm going to go for 45 degrees, make it a little smaller just so it fits at the top here. Bundle and we can move around with our arrows. So I'm going to get to right about there. Now here's where we can incorporate elements. We click on elements here. I'm going to use this square. I'm going to make sure it's one of my colors. There we go. I'm going to also move it to 45 degrees and place it up here. So it's, it's sort of sticks out. And there we go. Move it with the arrows just a little bit. Okay, bundle right up there. Not only that, I want to take that same square or rectangle, I'm going to copy and paste. And I want to put it at 90 degrees. We're going to give some depth to the image. I'm gonna put it down here. The bring this up a little bit right about there. Pull it across and we can position it differently. I'm going to hit this position button and let's move it backwards step-by-step until it looks good. I want it right about here. Great. Let's click on our bundle, copy and paste. Bring it down to, let's say 0 degrees. Now this is a 60 to page bundle or planner. I take the 60 to put it down here at the bottom. Copy and paste. Say pages. Ph ES, the pages is too big, so we're going to make it a little smaller. And we can move it up with our arrows. We click on it there. Move it over a little bit, get the 60 to 62 over a little bit. Okay, I think that works. Let's take the page's copy and paste. Let's do this. Let's do all in one, all lowercase. And there we go. Does this fit? I think it'll do. All right. All in one. Now, I want to use an element. So I like this badge. We can search. If we just search for badge be a DGE. This is the first one that comes up, one of the first, I'm going to use this. In some of these, you can change the colors, which is great. Let's change the color to my colors. I'm going to put this right about here, so it's sort of overlaps. Now. I want it to I want it to be behind all of the product images. So I'm going to position it to the very back. So it's behind everything. I wanted to also be just overlapping over this black or this dark rectangle. So I'm going to click on the rectangle and position it to the very back. And voila, there we go. Wanna put a few things in here. I'm going to copy and paste. We're going to change the color to a darker color and go like this. And type in 0. Make it a little larger. But in the center, good copy and paste pages. So when we have something like this, all you need to do is just drag it out to it fits and then reposition it. And then copy and paste. And I want editable. Let's do this, let's make it all caps. Okay, editable. Now the problem with editable is it's pretty large. So I want to change the color to make it sort of pop out in. I'm going to make it a little smaller though. So it sort of fits all pages editable and sort of move it up a little bit. Okay, looks good to me now. But the final touch I want to put on this particular page is I want to click out, click on the X. And I'm going to use this sort of rounded box. And you can find that just by clicking on all. Let's go back. Let me just show you. Here. We have lines and shapes. If you click on see all lots of options. This is the one I want to use. I'm going to give it that pink salmon color. I'm going to move it right around here. In all of these pages, these 62 pages are all hyperlinked by a special menu. So it's a nice, So I want to put that up here. I'm going to copy and paste. And let's give it also the Poppins bold. Let's make it smaller here. Let's go 28 for now. And I'm going to type in hyperlinked if I'm spelling that right. Was not hyper linked. Menu. Let's make it a little larger. Reposition it right about there with the arrows right about there. Now, here's sometimes an issue. People have drawn this program. I want to access the salmon colored box or or item in the background. Now in order to do that, It's a can't really do that right now. So what we'll do on a Mac, if you click command and then you click on it or on Windows, I think if you click Control and click on it, you can do that. I'm going to hit control click. And then when we're time, I've got it, it's been highlighted. I can manipulate it by using the arrow keys to where I want to leave it right there. And let's just make this a little larger. Old so emits ultimate plan are in. There we go. That's our first page. 10. Step 7 - Create New Pages: The next thing we wanna do is create a second, third, fourth, fifth page. And all we need to do is click on these buttons here, 1234. We have these four pages to make in-between if we want, we can click this Plus button and add a transition. And we'll add this transition right here. When we do that, we have these, these few options for transitions. Dissolve, slide. This was its circle wipe and line white. Now, dissolve looks best to me. I'll hit Dissolve. And then now we can have these nice transitions from page to page. Next, we want to add in our information to the next four pages. We're going to go through the same process as I just took you through. So I'm going to instantly do that for you now and they will come back and we'll see what else needs to be done. So let's go ahead and do that in 123. Okay, all the other pages are done. Let's go ahead and see what we have. First page is what you've already seen. Second page looks like this pretty simple, straightforward. Notice I have this element here. I found that just by clicking on elements, you can find graphics like these. Third page looks like this. Pretty simple, straightforward. And right here we have what's included. Make sure that you add the benefits and features. It's up to you, but I think it's a good idea. These are what's this is what is included in this particular 62 page planner. Notice right here I have this little symbol right here. If we go to elements and let's say I type in the word awesome. We have these sort of things here. And what I did here is I clicked on this particular awesomes awesome symbol. And notice that it has a background on it. With the pro version, what you can do with a pro version only if you click on it and click on Edit Image. And then you click on background remover. What happens is the software will analyze the image and remove that background. And that's a pretty cool function as one of the reasons I have the pro version. And that's pretty much what I did down here. So I'm going to delete that. And we have that little awesome signal or that little Awesome icon at the bottom. In the last page, right here, I did the same thing we have with the elements I typed in Adobe, because this is using Adobe Acrobat Reader. We have icons here. I clicked download a, we can get some interesting symbols and icons here. This is the one I used right here. Download. Not only that for a background, I went to images, photos right here. And let's say I typed in download as well. And you can pick, you have several different options. I chose this one particularly, and you can just, just click on it and you can just drag it in, increase the size for the background. So all kinds of fantastic things you can do with this program. All right, so now our five pages are ready. 11. Step 8 - Animate Your Design: The next thing we wanna do is animate. So we can do one of two ways. Let's go back to our first page. If we click here, you see it's highlighted the entire page. We can animate the entire page and here are our options. We scroll over them, we see what they look like. Pretty interesting. And notice some of these like this one, this has a crown, the ones with crowns. Anytime you see that means it's only for the pro version. So I can click on breve and animate. It animates the entire page. Now, we've animated the entire page, fine. We also have the option of animating individual things. So if I click on here, Let's animate this entire page. I'm going to click on an animate this one with breeze. And this one animate the entire page with breathe. But here let's just say I don't want to animate everything. Maybe I just want to animate this particular text. With this text, I can do the same thing. What's include? What works better here? Let's do. I like typewriter and click on Typewriter, right? In the last one, quick and easy. Let's highlight quick and easy. And let's do, let's make it simple. Okay, this bounce looks okay. Let's go with balance. 12. Step 9 - Set the Duration: All right. Notice if you haven't noticed already, each of these is five seconds, 5 times 5 is 25 too long. So we want to click on this and edit it. Let's go down. We can scroll here down to three seconds or just type it in, which is easier. Three Enter. There we go. We want each of these to be three seconds. Let's do that for each 13 seconds. Three seconds. And three seconds. There we go. So now we have a 15-second video. And to see what it looks like, we can click the Play button, see the transitions. And that's basically it. 13. Step 10 - Download: Once you're satisfied with your video, all you need to do is download it and it's really easy. Just go up here, click the Download button, make sure it's in MP4s is video format. You have other choices for different types of projects, but MP4 is what you want. Video, click, Download. And there you go. You've successfully made a product video ad on Canva. 14. Our Class Project: There's a quote I've always loved in, I've incorporated it into my university classes, my online course content, and just about any lesson I have the opportunity to teach. That quote goes something like this. I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember, I do, and I understand the essence of that quote is the best way to learn something is to actually do it. And that's why we have this class project. By the end of this project, you will have learned a new impractical skill. Well, hopefully you've had a little fun in the process. Now it's your turn to produce a product video ad in Canva. Simply follow the steps that we covered in the previous video. And it might help re-watching that video, pausing the video as we go step-by-step while you cover it. In Canada itself, what I would like you to do is to choose a product to make a video for. Now this can be any product, it can be an actual product that you plan on selling and marketing. Or it could be just something purely fictitious, just for practice. Because remember, on Canvas, you have almost an endless supply of images and stock footage. So be creative and have fun once you've chosen the product to promote, make a five to 15 second video. Use one or more product images. Use text to display that product's name. Use text to display the benefits and features of that product. Use some sort of animation, whether you're animating the entire page on an image or only text itself, and above all, have fun and be creative. Once you're finished, share with me and others taking the same course here on Skillshare simply by clicking the Create Project button under the Project and Resources tab. I can't wait to see what interesting and creative videos you come up with. Also, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining me here for this particular video on how to easily make a product video with Canva. And I hope to see you again soon in one of my future lessons. And remember to keep learning, because for every skill you learn, you double your chances for success. Take care.