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E-Book Self-Publishing for Beginner

teacher avatar Abd Karim Alias, Passionate educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction— Unleash Your Creativity With Ebook


    • 2.

      Choosing Ebook Topics to Write


    • 3.

      Formatting Word for Kindle (EPUB or MOBI)


    • 4.

      Creating Table of Content for E Book


    • 5.

      Creating Book Cover for Kindle E Book


    • 6.

      Converting Word to EPUB


    • 7.

      Validating EPUB for Kindle


    • 8.

      Top 10 eBook self publishing platforms


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About This Class

Are you creative writers? Or if you are an educator, would you like to write an e-book on a subject? Would you like to write an ebook and earn extra income, or even to live solely off of the royalties your books passively generate for you? If you are It is not impossible once you have learned the tools and tricks of the trade!

Ebook sales represent a $3+ billion dollar yearly industry waiting to be tapped by you. Think about it — how great would it be to sell your ebook on Amazon and earn extra passive income from the royalties your books generate for you?

For most indie authors, however, the technicalities of creating and publishing the ebook could be a stumbling block. Yes, it can be hard and confusing to find your way. Worry not, this course is specifically designed to help you save a lot of time on the journey. 

Learn how to create and self-publish your ebook successfully and give it the best chance of being read. The course will discuss how to best format Microsoft Word files for EPUB files and other tools required to publish a high-quality ebook. Special focus will be given on preparing an ebook for Amazon's Kindle Store. 

I hope you will have a wonderful time and learn a lot about the new exciting world of self-publishing. I'm very excited to share my experience publishing my first ebook, Musings on Learning, on Kindle Amazon.

What Will You Learn?

  • Create an e-Book that people will want to read
  • Format your e-Book quickly and correctly and easily using Microsoft Word to look great on any ebook reader
  • Convert Microsoft Word manuscript into EPUB or MOBI using appropriate tools
  • Create a great-looking book cover that will entice readers
  • Publish your ebook on Amazon using the KDP web interface
  • Sell your eBooks and have FUN doing it!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Abd Karim Alias

Passionate educator


Dr. Abd Karim Alias is a Professor of Food Technology at the School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and current Director of the Centre for Development of Academic Excellence.

He was the recipient of the prestigious National Academic Award in 2008 for teaching from the Ministry of Higher Education (Malaysia) and has been recognised as the Top 50 Educators is Asia Pacific from Terrapin Asia in 2015.

Dr Karim is a strong advocate of leveraging the Internet as an alternative medium for learning and teaching. He has developed and maintained a few teaching portals, websites, and blogs related to teaching/learning and research. As of September 18, 2017, his teaching videos on YouTube Channel have received 405,172 views from 200+ countries, with an estim... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction— Unleash Your Creativity With Ebook: way. 2. Choosing Ebook Topics to Write: 3. Formatting Word for Kindle (EPUB or MOBI): Hello, everyone. My name is subject time. This is a tutorial to show you how toe prepare Microsoft Word document before we can convert the human in tow on e pop Or more be these three standard palm it off E book. So, um, on the screen here can see I have for Microsoft Would file this is actually on the left. Here is actually a plane. Ah, Microsoft. What file before it is for mated. So if I scroll down these atop the title of the book and there's a subtitle My name and the next patients a copy like pitch. And it's a dedication pitch which is optional and a table of contents doing we can We're going to put a table off content here, then the acknowledgement pitch, professor, introduction. Then these better, um actual Bookstop. Eso I have two parts in this document or in this manuscript, but one. There will be a few chapters in 11 So we started chapter one and I started checked the one every chapter. Usually I like I like to put a court here. Then the paragraph start here. Then if I go down Thistle, the shocked chapter for these exercise. I have Chapter two here at the end of this document, and I scrolled down again and kept three there. Ship? No, this is a little but one, which is, uh, there three chapters there and it's the beginning of part two and continue. We checked up five. Check the six. Chapter seven, gentle eight, Chapter nine and chapter 10. So that's the end of the script and baseless information about the author at the end of this document. So that's it. So this is actually a plane unfermented Microsoft word document on the right here. This is actually how the final document after we apply a proper for mating is can see here . The title is Iqbal and bigger phone and stop title and daughter's name. And the title is actually sent that vertically on the page. Okay. And an expression of this Ah, copyright, uh, tax there on dedication page. And here I have instructed the table off content. So I will show you how to insert the stable content after you have applied proper for mating. This We do it towards the end and did acknowledge one. And buffets No, a part one here. Um I insert picture and I sent a, uh, politically on this pitch, then chipped the one start here at the top of this page. And you can see I have permitted the court in different color and, um, the tax, He's just a normal text and chapter to begin again here. And I scrolled down chapter three. All the chapter start at the beginning of a teach. So it took the four here and now eso there are four chapters in part one. Then these are beginning or part two again, I have a picture. So this kind of a divider between different parts up there or different section over there , Michael So of what fine here. Then started with kept a five sakes seven it nine and 10 and information on authors a T end here so you can see the difference between the plane tax document after before and after for mating. So after we have for making what document, probably in the next video in the next unit, I will assure you how toe form it and convert is Microsoft would document using ah application called calibrate or caliber, and we will apply a proper conversion here how this will be in the next video and put in the cover pitch. And finally we will open. Ah, the resulting eat up, Keep up for Mitt in the reviewer. So there's how the books the final books looks like from my car. So what in and then we convert into the pop using calibre. So he's basically this is a table of content that we have been centered in one document and it's part one. Begin here and check the one and so on. So, basically, I will show first, um, the first video here in the fourth tutorial how to format this plane. What document? And get these results. So basically, when you work in Microsoft Word, um, to prepare the Microsoft word document in tow, a proper form it for conversion into eat up. The most important thing is you must work with style. So I'm using Microsoft. What? Uh, wishing 2016. Nothing. 2017 here. The letters we should wish I don't know from Microsoft 365 So your Microsoft what? Maybe off a different vision Or maybe the older version. So maybe he looks slightly different in terms off how the different many. We here is, uh, the spread or located by the most important that you just need to find the style, the style, um, like, you can see here. So basically, what we want to do is to apply a proper style into the heading or subheading all attacks in the document. Um, I prefer to use this style pain here and again. Your my constable question maybe works slightly different. But basically, what you want toe find is where you can find hitting one hitting toe, hitting three and so on here. Okay, so now let's start with the first Presha. Uh, this is title of the book. So for the title of the book, I want to apply a style called Title. So you should be able to find the hitting Nocerina style called Title in Your In Your Style Menu or List. So all you need to do is tow highlight the title, and then click. Ah, yeah. I tell, uh, style here to apply. Um, so this actually redefined form it if I put a customer here, so the style is fallen can see it for 36. Ah, and all those taxes actually the description here. Style applied for the title of us defined by Microsoft Word document. You can actually change the style and really find the style, But I don't want toe spend time on only on here, so I just show what it was. Style. That's a really pretty fine by Microsoft word here, but after you apply the style, you can still actually apply. You know, change the phone if you like. Change the make it there in the middle here and make it bigger or smaller so it can still apply the normal permitting. Available on ribbon here. So I want toe center the subtitle. My name here. Okay, so and, um okay, I want o put these three lines here and center it in the middle between the top and the bottom page. Okay. Um, so I just want to apply on this page. I want to make it in the middle. So why can do I highlight this three lines here and I go toe, uh, for May document. And here on the pitch particular Lyman, I want toe released on the top. I want to send to it, but I don't want to apply this toe the whole document. But I just want to apply to the selected tax. Then I click. OK, That I can see now The taxi is centered in the middle off the page between the top and bottom page. Okay, so, um, okay, by doing that, I have created a blank pH. So I don't want the blank page here. Okay, What I can do here, there's, um this symbol here. This actually Ah, a paragraph omitting if you turn it on You can see all the for mating. Like where you put a paragraph break where you put it But you press enter where you apply the section break to separate the patient separate section So if you scroll down, you can find all that is speech break They're So all you need to do is to select this on delete so that now I have this patient and I don't have a blank page between this page. Okay? So you can see your there's a paragraph mark here. So many meaning that you know, I pressed three times, return your toe, put this thing slightly below. Certainly down many 10 off. Better girl for meeting was okay, so Okay. Table of content. We will insert a table of contents after we have applied all the for mating. No. Uh, no. Which one is there? So I don't want to change anything. All right, Professor, Seriously, be there. Okay? No, but one I want want want to be on a separate page. So what I can do here? I can put it closer there. Then I can go toe insert or I can go to Inside here. Hang, find fish break. Okay, um, fish break here or you can hear using Rivonia insert Pedro's had fish break. Okay, so no part one is on his own page. Okay. Ah, I want to make this phone bigger. Let's say size 20. I want to play in the middle. Then I want to insert a picture. This is a picture here. So I go toe, I find my pictures, OK? It is a picture and what to use. So I destroyed it inside here. Too big. I can resize it. We slightly bigger. Okay, so, um, I want to make this, uh, in the middle or so I just select the tag, send a picture and go toe homemade document and what he called Lyman. Make it center. Apply to selected sections. Had Okay, so I have now the picture and attacks for part one, which is kind off divider for the different section here. Right. Okay. Now, I have kept the one here, so I want that kept the one to start in the middle. Guyton on the for mating mark here again because I don't wanna I just did it. All right. Okay. So, um, it is very important to have a fish break for before we begin each chapter here. Okay, So you must apply. For example, here we can see the Pittsburgh If I delete this fish break, what happened is checked. The one was thought here. So for able, you want to make sure that every chapter start on its own page. So, um, toe to ensure that, you know, you can put a coaster anywhere, uh, here and checked the one. Then go to insert and fine fish break. So by meeting, by applying a page straight, you can ensure that the chapter will study on his own page at the top of the page. So now I want to apply the highlight. The name of a chapter. I want to apply cheating one full for a chapter. Oh, um, sorry. Not heading one. I want to apply heating, too. Why heading to? Because Ah, but one Here. I want to apply. Hating one. Okay, Okay. Make it in a bid. Oh, all right. So for the chapter heading, I apply heading to Okay, Maybe I want to make it a bit bigger, so I I choose Ah, highlight and Portero and say 20 and put it in the middle. And that's a court there. Ah, so I want toe make the court in red color. Just toe highlight. Okay. Head Nambia making. Okay, So now you have, uh, the checked the techs, so I don't do for Mitt. So this chapter tech is usually take the normal. Ah, style can see when I highlight the text, consider the stylist. I like that in. Yeah, blue color here. So I go down and scroll down and find chapter to As I said, check to now, uh, start here by the other one. Each actor to start at the beginning of a pitch. So again, I put a concert here and go to insert and fine fish break. Okay, Then again, I like the title and apply heating too. And make it in the middle. Okay, then. This is a court naked Rick Kahler making the middle and this one too. Okay, so it was good. Scroll down for the There's a chapter three again. Put a coaster there. Go to insert. So you will repeat this process. Apply now it come toe, but to so again, apply pitch trick, then another pitch break. So that part two will be also on page. So this part too. So remember, for part two, we apply Heading style one size, heading one, then again sent eight Had I want toe put a picture, another picture so that, uh, it'll the reader would know that. Okay, this is, uh, beginning off section toe, but too. Okay, so no Chapter five, remember? So maybe I like toe work with paragraph of meeting. Also, that I know. Okay, this extra, uh, we didn't there. Okay, so there's already a pish break and separate this section with the with the beginning. Objective five. So now I again would be the same person you're waiting to hear. Uh said good. Then this The court again sent Kate, We're heading to home, and okay, I'm thinking we almost done. So what we what I'm doing here? Basically, Ah, just to apply the hitting style to a chapter and toe the section. So no, I think that's all we need. Okay, Maybe need this one again if peace big again. And did you know the problem? A buggy with the Okay, So, um, I think that's about all, um we don't apply the heading style when we do table of contents. The heading would not be included in the table of contents. So it's up to you where they want to include it in the table of contents or no. So now, um, after we have applied old dating style, Now we can insert a table of content. We goto this page table of contents. Okay. Uh, then when can do here? Used to go toe references, can find type of content. Then you can find actually, uh, people style off. Why? Paranoid would see the style. You should see the display wholeness, this Taliban. You cannot secure stars, custom table of contents, and you can choose uh, no. Traditional glossy, a temporary more than four months. Simple. So let's see. Ah, I accuse you can choose a classic form A Oh, you like to try Also, this permit can signatures. I'll go for plastic show level in this case, uh, we don't have three. We have only two level. So heading one heading toe show pish number and write a line and table idoki. We can use the daughter line. Okay, Didn't click. OK, so you have it. Okay, so it is that they will call then you can actually highlight and you can for married as usual. So maybe I don't want bull. I want to apply the board early 72 phone and maybe 12 point. Okay, get a switch off the turn off the paragraph vomiting. So I think now, our basically we have permitted about Microsoft Word document, and we can no save it. Uh, save its service put on, uh, they stopped, They call it, uh, what? Manuscript? For mated. All right. And I put it on the desktop and seven s dot You always see X, which is, like, what? Document? From it. And we exhibit. Okay, so basically, that's the end off this tutorial. Ah, basically, that sees the, um how you can. That is how you permit the Microsoft Word document. Probably, uh, prepaid before we can company into any part. Okay. And in the next video, I will show you how toe use ah application called caliber or calibrate some people call it toe convert. The Microsoft Word document there has been fermented properly in tow, an EPA or movie form it for in the book and ready to be uploaded to kindle Amazon kindle or some other life. 4. Creating Table of Content for E Book: Hi. Hello. Everyone in this tutorial going to show you how toe create a proper table of content and e book police refer to my previous tutorial on for mating. What document? Where in Dictatorial. I also sure how toe quit Table of contents in, uh, Microsoft would so let Ah. So this is my A book reader. Amusing. I book for Mac. So these are their e books on my i application. So let me just show you example off table of contents. Um, full for this one can see. Um, this is actually the table of content created in orginal. What document? Which we can insert in the document itself. Provided every killings, men, headings and sub heading is given the style beheading style, for example. Consider. But one in the step of content is actually even hitting one. And each chapter kept the one and the chapter 10 here. The chapter is given heating, too. So when we compile when we consider table would actually will I strike? No, it's hitting and the subheading based on heading that we have assigned to each chapter. This is, uh, another example of a table of contents and this type of table content is not actually considered in the original. What document? But brother, this time, table content is considered during the conversion off the wood document in application such as caliber. So we insert the stable content in the caliber application rather than in the coastal water . So there are two options. You can insert table content in the orginal Microsoft. What document or my recommendation is use because Shin such as caliber toe incident, table contents. So any book must have a table of contents. So there's a requirement. Then there are two types of table of contents. Example in any A book reader, for example, in my iBook here Ah, you will see this icon and the cycle Menu Creek. It will actually give the table of contents for the whole book. And this type of table content is called logical table of contents. And these are standard in any e book reader. You will see this type of content and provided that you have prepared Leo. What document? Properly, Mr Content will be shown correctly the second time. They will content the one that we, um, insert in a program like caliber these called in line table of contents, but both cable content actually served the same purpose. For example, here, uh, ish chapter here is actually a happening. So if you click for example, Chapter six year, it will take you to that page or to get chapter automatically. And, uh, you can go back using this type of content. I say go back to Chapter one bullpen ones here. So, um, in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create both table content. The one that is called logical Table of Content, which is committed Klay created during the conversion off. What document? And the second type of cable content is this one? It is in line, people content, which is incident. Okay, which is created doing the conversion using program like Caliban. So let's go to the are you know what document here? Um, this document has been formatted. Probably so you can wash my tutorial on for mating. What document? For Kindle or for the Pop. So, um, basically, the most important thing is you must form it. They're hitting and the subheading in your document using for prop using the hitting style . So, in your wood program, you can find the style. So your your what program? Maybe looks like the different. Because I'm using what, 2017 for Mac. But somewhere you can find the style started can apply in your in your program. For example, here when I click style pin here so you can see a but one here I apply hitting one. Then each chapter, for example, kept the one here I apply heading to. So you can we save for all the chapters. Check the to here is also given style heading to So you this, um it is very important. You know, if you apply the proper the proper style to your chapter or to your headings, this will be a structured probably during Ah, uh when you create a table of contents. So let's see. Let's see. I want to put it all into the incident table content here. Maybe after, uh, okay, after copy right here. So instead of pitch break, okay. So that it can start on a new, uh, pitch, then? Ah, I see. It is, uh, table content. And so instead of table content can go toe Rep Francis. And here you can see table of contents then you have a different style that you can choose here. They say we choose the 1st 1 classic classic for me. So automatically you can see the table of content is generated automatically. When you insert that, they will content. And you can see that each hitting, uh, he's listed here because we have a signed their style, uh, properly when we form it there. What document? And of course, you can select and do for the information for somebody want to change maybe the title phone Jane this ice and let a swan anyone make it bigger, Let's say 20 and bull and send Billy. Okay, So, basically, that's all, uh, you need to do, then you have a table of contents considered in this world document itself. I can say this. Let me see your CB's s. Did they stop and save? Okay. You know, um, toe generate the proper table content and convert the word document in tow. A pop or movie. I use this program called Caliber. Okay. So we can see here. Decided how caliber program looks like. And this had a list of books which I have committed in tow. So let's get the book. Let's head world. What document? That we have a form. It's just now this one and edit metadata and give the name called his motion six. And for the name of the water. Okay, then I would border toe. You can change your cover. The book. Uh, but I just want to use these. This one, it's a cover and, uh, pick. OK, then click Convert books and this is the part of it is very important because we want toe at a table of contents. So I will skip this item and just go straight notable content and, uh, the most important part here. First check the output form area is top or more be. Let's say this case I want to contact the pop. Then, uh, Level one is actually hitting one, which we assigned toe Part one and part two, which is a section in my e book. And level two is actually the style applied toe. The chapter which is heading to okay, then money. But it also toe click here manually find you in the table of contents. The condition is completed. Just toe. Make sure everything is done properly. Then here under a pop output. Um, you want toe klik instead? In line, table of contents. So caliber will insert a table of contents inside a book and can give a title off the incident. Type of content. That's a contends. Then we already know Toe convert. The what? Document in tow. An iPod. So you can see the conversion here. So these are the OSI X, the original file. Okay, after the condition is done because remember, just now we take a short able content off the conversion. So it was show now, So I can do here. Please explain. All so all you can see the green tick next to the chapel. So if the commission is not done properly, or if there is some problem or issues you know, a Microsoft word document, you will see these. Ah, instead of green think. Here we have. Ah, great. A circle. Which means that there's something wrong with the link. So limit to do some changes. But in this case, get all green picks. So everything is OK then, um medical click. Ok, Okay. So now you can view the keep up in the air in your we don't just this it'll be OK then You can see but one but two and can go from Chapter two checker. So everything is link properly. Then, um, click here path click photo open. So it will actually open the folder containing all the files and the e part that we have completed successfully. So if I click this double click basic will open in my book reader because I've been on my I met on my Mac and is the one and let's see whether everything looks OK so you can see it is that the book cover and I content on the second pitch here, then this a title page copyright and received. It is a table of content that we have considered in Microsoft Word. So we have to table of content here. This one is the one institute in the caliber program, and this table content is actually institute in the Microsoft. What? No, come on itself. So my suggestion is we we don't really need this table content so we can remove this in in Michael. So what? Um, but we can actually retain the stable content and here can see this is logical table content. Just your standard in all reader and in all evil there. So we can see we have all the chapters there he stood, probably. So, um, another thing that you can do is now we have vegetable content and this table of contents, but we want toe. I suggest we retain this one and we remove this one. And I don't want the table content to appear right after the cover, but I want the table contento I one day after the cover. I want these type ill, um, page to appear and table content after that. So what I can do is I can go back toe caliber program and select uh uh, file. And here are the top here because I can see edit book so quick that and these where we can do some changes here. You can see on the left hand side. Here is a title page that will think that you can see the preview here, and this is the extreme cold. The worry about it and is a content which is the table contended that we create created in the Taliban. So I want this to appear the table contento appear after the title page So there's a title page. So what I can do here? I just click and direct it here so that after the tight after the cover, then I have the title page, then only I have a table content. Okay, Let's see, Where is the other table content which we created in the course of this is one. Okay, I can see you. These are actually Table contended we created Microsoft. What? So I think we don't need this. So way can do is we see Like that? And personally. Okay, then, um that's all that we need to do some changes so quick. Save here. Close this automatic leader. It pop will be updated. So if we go back to the original of the folder and we double click this so we have actually a new bush and remember Ah, in the original vision, we have the cover and that it table contents. But now we have changed the position so that the title page appear next to recover. Then we have a table of content here. Then we don't have the other table content because we every move it in caliber. Guess No. So, basically, that's how we create people content for the book using calibre Eiseley 5. Creating Book Cover for Kindle E Book: Hi. Hello, everyone. In this lesson, I'd like to share with you how you can create a book cover, especially for a book they want to upload to Amazon Kindle. And I'm going toe use an application called Can va C n ve. Which you can use for free. But before we do that, I want to show some of the book covers that I have created was in convert this one here musings are learning. This is actually book cover for my book, which I have uploaded toe Amazon kindle this one surviving fourth Industrial Revolution. And I can see, um, the common element of the cover. You have the title. Then you have the second line a small blood, then here, some short description what the book is about. And then you have the name off the author or the editor. Then you can choose a suitable background or image that can. And I'm going to show you where to get some off the images that you can use without worrying about copyright. And this is the one the ripple effect. And we show you some of the example. Um, there's another one. My creative life and it's fun finding footing in teaching the story. So expiration and struggle off young academics. So these are some of the examples book cover to give you some ideas off. What you can go toe toe, create your own book cover. Because in self publishing, uh, everything is by the i y. Or do it yourself from writing the book, editing the book, publishing it, you know the keep up from it and then prepared a cover. So let me show you the application that I use this call Canada. It's actually very, very popular application. Many people are using this to create all sort of graphic design. And in our case here, we can use this application toe create a book cover for the window for Amazon Kindle E book . You can sign up asses usual the sign up process using your Google or your Facebook. Then after that, you can sign him and can we provide free account? But of course, some limitation for the free account. I have a pit account because with the period comedies nowhere expensive, very reasonable price, you can get access toe many, many other features. Okay, let me show you. Um, this is my own can va account, as can see I have seen in using my account here and what you can see on the left and site. These are all the menus accessible to you and then on the right hand side here, you can't research for the template because can va actually provide all of templates? Beautiful completes professionally designed so you don't have to start from scratch. You don't have to be a graphic designer to create your own book. You can start over template. Then from there you can modify changed the element changed the color, changing the foreign and so on. The limit is just your imagination. And if you scroll down here, so these are some of the template. But actually, there are hundreds of templates available here on for social media for representation. For poster Facebook cover flyer, Facebook Post treat a post printers graphic tumble a graphic and so on and so forth. And when I school down here, these are all the designs that I have produced using my converted count so far, so you can see there are many money, many types off a graphic which I have created, some actually for posters, some for for promotional purposes. The e book design. Even. Actually, I designed my happy, but the card you can do also thing here is a canvas. Okay, so now let me show you how to create your first a book Kindle for Amazon. So just go to the search box here and click and school down and find this category book cover so he will open another window here. Okay, so we can see on the 11 side here, you can have access to a different Alleman tax by ground. You can upload image from your computer. You can group your hold out your creation in tow, even folders and ah on in the next week. Basically, you are the templates. Different category. Off book cover. We have photo book cover. What back? Book, cover picture, book, cover And and so on and so forth. There are a lot of selection here and on the right hand side here. These are your canvas. So right now you can see these things blank can make it be girl a say make it 25% so that you can see they can once more clearly. So now you need to do is to choose from the selection here, but, um, this different book covers are for they have a different size different sizes and different , um, general or different categories here. So all you you need to actually find the book template all the templates especially designed for kindle Amazon. Her book cover because Kindle specifies a specific dimension specific size that you have tow follow. So all you need to do in the box here we just type kindle, then presidenta. And now you get all the book cover that has specific dimension as required by kindle. And you can see here some of templates are free for free account. You get actually some of the free template that you can use a serious. You can use the same color, the same element, the same phone when whatever, of course, you can customize it. But somewhere which I don't see the free Mabel here. It's not free because you have to pay less a $1 for the for the template. So that's how can our business model how they make money But my spirits, you can just stick with the free cover that is available over the free template because you still get lost selection and can customize it according to your needs. Okay, so let's say I take this one for for purposes of demonstration. Here. This a free book cover here. Then once you click that you can see on the right hand side and there's no ready toe. Be customized. Okay? So you can change the tax. You can change the title of the book and the name of the water and can change the picture. So they say, I want to write a book. Um, on Let's say, the title of bogeys, Duh! Wonderful life. But it's simple, A wonderful life. And then the shock description here, sharing my journey has an educator. Okay, then. Of course, this my book. So the name of your other. Okay, So what I'm doing now, just change the techs, Okay? Maybe I don't need this tax. So I guess, um did it One should really this, uh, thanks. Here, press Stilic Then off course, you can customize the phone if you like this born, you can just select and choose love phones you can use here. I just did with this one. Um then of course, you can change the size here. Okay, good in tow. Your needs your preference again. I want toe. I just feel I like this phone and I want to change the size. Everything is okay. Maybe my name here, I want to make it to a different color will be slightly darker color. Okay, so you can customize every element that you that come together with a template. And now I want to change the picture here. Okay. So, to find a picture, you can click click Helaman here, Then you find out some other free pictures that come together with, um with Denver. Okay, so some of this picture free, you can scroll, and you can browse the pictures, but I want to show you the way I work the way I do. I will find pictures from different sauce. So I want to share with you this website called Pisa Bay, where you can find a free pictures that has no copyright issue all the pictures on visa free public domain pictures, which means that you can use for free and you know you are free to use it without even giving the credit to the author of course you want to give the credit? Yes. Book Good to see. Currently there are over 1.6 million royalty free stock photos and videos even that you can use. So they say I want to find pictures off. You can scroll down here and it can find some of this picture that Mike Studio. Otherwise, you can just search for pictures here. So I want to find Let's see the picture about mountain now click search. You can find all this That this may be suitable for your pictures was playbook. Oh, I just go back toe the especially just No, because I saw one nice picture here before I can use for my for my book. Because the title of my book used to the wonderful life This picture looks nice or I click this picture. Okay, then I click download. Then you can use the different size here differently. Solution for your book cover maybe. You know you want to use the high resolution version of the book so I will take this one or even this one also, it's OK and click download, and then you would don't look to your computer. Okay, Now I want to upload this picture into my cover account here, So I I click upload frank, click, upload image, then find the pictures, which I have downloaded just now. It is this one. And consider pictures uploaded to your can VA account and with until it's uploaded. Okay, someone release. All you need to do is just press this picture. Click this picture and ragged to your template until we see that he has been replaced. The original picture in the template. Why? Looks nice, isn't it? Okay, so basically, I've got my cover. Let's say you want to put some text on this picture. All you need to do on the left, inside here, this attacks. Then you can use any off this template here. You can just strike the text onto the camp late All. Usually I will use this one any of these three. So you clicked and you can see that the he will bring the text box onto your Kabul. Then I will drag it somewhere here. Hopes here make the color Why? Okay, then make the size bigger. Could be slightly. Okay. So what? What I want right here maybe can be tricky toe like the element sometimes. But you wait until you get a school who had to get closer to change to that ship, then let's see. I just want to right here. Um, the story Well and ordinary. And it kind of me. My story. Okay. And of course, you can change the phone if you don't like the phone. It did Maybe. Yeah. Okay, maybe 42. Okay. Something Their net. Okay. I don't want to spend too much time on this, but basically, you have got your book cover already, and you can create another page if you like. Um, but it's okay. So we have one nice book, cover the wonderful life sharing my genius and educator. So all you need to do now is toe Don't look this book cover so you can click. Uh, don't look then, for the free account Can don't do this. PNG Oh, Jeff. Back or less A pdf Pete, PNG high quality image. This will do for your book cover. Then you can flick down. Look, and then you will download to your computer. Then you can use now for your book cover. Okay, That's the one. By click, this, uh huh? That's nice book cover that we just created in Canada. So I guess, Ah, that's basically, um, simple way how you can create nice professional looking book cover. Well, maybe not so professional for some people, but fall intern and because ah, thing using can vice a free application. Yeah, you can create a decent quality, nice looking book cover for your book. And that's what I've been doing. And I guess many people out there, um, the self publisher using can ver for this purpose. Thank you. And see you in the next lesson. 6. Converting Word to EPUB: Hi. Hello. My name is something coming from, you know, the science militia. In the previous tutorial in the previous video, I've showed you have toe from it Microsoft Word document, probably by applying style heading style, toe heading to the title. This is the many stripped that is ready to be converted into a pop. So I just Ron actually still came on Copyright beach medication page, table of content, which we have insisted. So you can see here in the table content, but one here we have applied ah, hitting one style and put to waste well, and each chapter has been applied with hitting toe style. So what we did, Um, in the previous video, we have applied each section here on one with heading one and we instead of picture and chapter here, Chapter one and so on. We have applied chip heading to. So this Microsoft word document eyes ready now to be converted. So in order to convert this into an eat pop or Mobi format, which which are the two common formats for e book? Um, we need we can use a free application, which we can download from the internet is called caliber or some people pronounce it calibrates. She's actually pull this. Ah ah, free application, which we can download into your laptop. So I have opened this caliber here on my laptop here. So this is how it looks like? A very simple This is where you can add a document to be competent into a Popil Moby. And these are some of the other thing that I will go through, uh, through this editorial. So I will add, uh what? No. Given which, uh, wherefore for me to just know. So he said one. Okay, so the highlight Ah, file to be a competent, he's this one. Then, um, the first thing that we have to do is tow goto edit metadata. Metadata is actually basically the information and the description about the book. So I put a name on the title of the bookies Newsies on. Let me So you put a title here, Then you click here. Ah, title sort. They will put information this marks and the altar is maybe your name and click here. So put it Ah, despair. And you have a seriously says This movie is part of the city's like no reporter they have, Ah, cities or books. So even your bow is part of Syria's who can pull information about the city's here. Then you can, um, changed the cover. This actually the picture problem on the book that caliber has put it here, and it assumed that discover they want to use this as a cover of the book. It's not the one s so we can change the Kabul here. Change covered and click. Browse and go toe where your we have save your book cover. Okay, I use this one. So there's a book cover. Okay, um then, uh, put the information, the keywords that describe your book. Okay, Okay. I think, um, then you can, uh, okay, then the next thing that you can do is tow. Ah, goto convert books. Right. So you can go through each one off this example, metacarpal, and put in the information just down. So the information appear here, look and feel. Ah, here. You. Nothing. Most timely oneto. Just leave it city for I was keeping heroes heuristic processing here. Pitch set up, I think. But I just use the default structure detection. Here we use fish break toe. Ah, two separate each chapter. Okay, um, most important is actually table content here. Um, if you don't have trouble contend in your in Microsoft Word, you can actually get caliber toe, prepare the type of contact you can you play for. You can play here, force use off auto generator table content. But in this case, you already have, um, the cable content considered in your Microsoft word document. All you need to do now is to specify, um, under here level one. Remember, if you remember when we did in the previous exercise or tutorial, the apply ish one for, But I want to sue for, in part to to separate a section. So his one is for part one and part two in the previous Microsoft word document, and each up there was applied with his two. So reply this stoop for each chapter. So he was specified here. So caliber will take this information will use this information to prepare the so called the logical couple of content, which is part off, uh, any e book when we read the email in the reader. Okay. So ah, then, uh, if you click OK, Now, Today, one of the you must take note here. The output format Here. These were very bottom where we want to specify whether your output format this eat, stop Moby or some other form A usually between this to eat pop and movie. If you want to upload your book toe kindle Amazon kindle then you can come back to Moby. But even if you come back to eat up, you can still ab blood He perform a tow Kindle and Kindle will convert that into a movie. If you convert into it, pop, it can be used toe have loyalty big toe it Other play for Miss were no only Kindle But if you plan toe a blow you evil Onley toe kindle Then I think I would suggest you complete directly to movie for now for the society issues Pop then, uh, how input document is Because what? So if you click OK, the conversion will now start so it can watch here. Commission is now taking place so we can see our would document are now can ce pop. So our you know document is in the format, Michael So what for many was he external? We get the keep up file. Really? Uh uh. Done. He said he commented, so it would click this you will open the preview of which allow you toe preview your book. So click that caliber will open the preview were to allow us toe preview the book on, uh, we can check each eso dessert table of content generated by caliber. A z can check with the chapter looks. Ah, you know, Fine. So you can go toe each chapter and see whether there's any, you know, glaring the state. Uh, so you can go through part two here, check the 56 cents on. So it looks okay. Concludes the Riviera eso you can, you know, go through the document in a preview like this came so close. So no, um, if you click open, he will open the folder that contained a pump that we have just completed If you click open , so we'll take you to their top. So this the pop file that we have generated from from caliber a double Preakness, you will open. Ah, The preview on my laptop is a book, and you know, so that's how it looks like in my I look, preview up So we have but one. We have a picture there, except the one started the beginning on page and that is there court. And it's a chapter to also pesto pastry and stepped up to chapter three chapter fall and it put to start from here. Give the five kept the cigs, check the seven and so on. So, in a book reader, if I put my castle you can see is actually a table of content is what we call logical table content. Each able should have a logical level content and you re the evil in any reader. You will see this symbol, which means richer means that you can accept that they were content. And you can jump from Chapter Tau chapter easily by using this table uh, content. So this is basically how you call what? Microsoft what Missing caliber is actually very simple process. Um, Tokyo, but and you can do the commission again, toe, uh, just know. Yeah, you can we convert it report, but can repeat this process again to comfort the book in tow. Say now, toe a Mobi format. Okay, so I repeat this process and convert again. So this time I will get the other format, which is more be so now I have Moby form it. So maybe I can preview this again. Hey, we're open for you. Uh, probably. I know you will look more less the same so we can scroll based pitch or you can press the so that's a double. This is a table content. Children would, uh, don't Kenwood, but one and so on. Okay, so basically, um yes, all the tutorial. How? Toe cover? Do what document into a proper into Moby by using calibre application. 7. Validating EPUB for Kindle: Hello, everyone. This is a tutorial on it. Pop, Relegation. Before you upload your pop toe, Amazon kindle or any other people perform. One of the important step is to do validation on your iPod. Why would you need to really daily we pop? The main reason is to check whether, after conversion off your word document using a program like Caliber, See Jill or some other programs, you must ensure that there are no terrorists in your iPod. If there are errors in your E popping you a blood, you reap upto kendo, then your pop file might be rejected. Then you have to start all over again. So there are few application you can use toe validate your pop. So the one that you are seeing on the screen now this one is from the I. D. P F, which is the international digital publishing, for these are actually the the organization that define the top standard. Of course, there are other part validation program, but this is the one that I normally use, so basically, so you just go to this website. I will give this the link in the description below the video. It's very simple so we just can see her choose file and you diss. Click that and find your proper file. So with my pop, so I'll just open and upload this file. So is my pdf website and then don't here, you can see about invalidated. So dis click that button and the process off validation is now, um, progressing. So we just wait for the results you will take Probably, uh, no. A few a second, depending on the size of your pup file. That's it. You see, this is the results. Congratulations. No problems were found in his name. Off the top. Then he's done. Then, uh, you are now ready Toe upload your pop toe, Tendo or any other e book platform. 8. Top 10 eBook self publishing platforms: way.