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Dynamic Web Design Using Wix 2019

teacher avatar Angel David Weatherston, Helping Artists Grow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1 Intro


    • 2.

      2 Getting Started


    • 3.

      3 Key Things For A Good Website


    • 4.

      4 Social Media Icons


    • 5.

      5 Intro to Text


    • 6.

      6 Intro to Images


    • 7.

      7 Editing Titles


    • 8.

      8 Intro to Backgrounds


    • 9.

      9 Editing Boxes


    • 10.

      10 Intro to Designing Your Website


    • 11.

      11 Website Builder Tool


    • 12.

      12 Deleting Things


    • 13.

      13 Intro to Footer


    • 14.

      14 Adding Strips


    • 15.

      15 About Us


    • 16.

      16 Intro to Colums


    • 17.

      17 Services Section


    • 18.

      18 Making Text Stick Out and Overlapping Items


    • 19.

      19 Previewing Website and Parralax Scrolling


    • 20.

      20 Contact Section


    • 21.

      21 Progress So Far


    • 22.

      22 Pages & Anchors


    • 23.

      23 Designing Pages Menu


    • 24.

      24 Headers and Footers Explained


    • 25.

      25 Designing Headers & Footers


    • 26.

      26 Scrolling Header & Finished Result


    • 27.

      27 Summary


    • 28.

      28 Publishing and Buying Hosting


    • 29.

      29 Domains


    • 30.

      30 Main Website & Ending


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About This Class

In this course you will learn from beginning to end how to make a website using the wix website building platform. You will see from signing up all the way to publishing and buying a domain. There is a lot of steps that other instructors skip that I made sure I covered in this class. You will see how I make a website from scratch and a lot of cool tools available in Wix that makes website very interesting. 

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Angel David Weatherston

Helping Artists Grow

Level: All Levels

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1. 1 Intro: Welcome to my unit. Me? Course on making websites. If you need a website for yourself as an artist or an individual or for your business, then this course is for you. In this course, I'm gonna make it very simple for you to make websites. I've made hundreds of websites for businesses and artists and and myself and I've learned a lot and all my what says we're very easy to make a rate would make them in a few hours. But I'm gonna show you how to do it with very little graphic design experience, very little technical computer experience. And if you know more than you're gonna be able to make it look a little bit nicer. But for the most part, the whole process is very simple and very affordable, too. So we're gonna be doing all of this through the Wicks platform right now. I'm on the Wicks main website on here. You can buy your domain by your hosting and only for a little bit. A little bit of money. Every month you can keep your website running your domain. You pay for it every year or every two years around $10 a year. So very, very affordable To have a website after you're done with this course, you're gonna be able to make website and less than a day and manage it and have a professional looking website that looked like it was designed by a very expensive graphic designer. And you're gonna be able to finally take whatever you're doing to the next level by having a website to show off to the work so enrolled today with the course will little risk. You have 30 days money back guarantee that you don't like this course or weren't able to create a website to your liking. They just request for a refund and you get all your money back. But I am sure that you're gonna learn a lot. And you would create a website that you're proud of. Okay, See you guys in the course 2. 2 Getting Started: Now let's get started here. First thing you want to do is create an account. You click right here in the top, right Words as signing and you click Sign up or you can continue with Facebook. And you have Facebook or Google already have accounts. So I'm just gonna log it from this section right on this top left sideways says my sites. You can see all the websites and you've created You can create multiple websites through one account. For this course. I'm gonna create a brand new one right here. It tells you what type of business do you want create a website for. And the reason it has all these categories is because it's gonna give you on the next page several templates for you to start off with if you want to make it very easy to just grab a design as your content to it. And then you have a beautiful design right after back. This is one of the easiest ways to start one. In this case, I'm using a present other my doing that it's gonna pop up the section where it asks you if you want Wicks to create a website for you Or do you want to create a yourself now? I personally always create the websites myself. Will. You do when you do let Wicks create your website is if you're an established business and you have a lot of content online. You have Facebook pages, yelp pages. You have all these pictures on the Internet when you type in your business name. You've been around for a long time, Letting works create. Your website will ask you some information about your business. Your address. Maybe you already have a Google. You're already on Google maps and stuff. Then what? It will do it. So grab everything and confined from the Internet and create a website for you based on what type of business it is. So, for example, if you're on established restaurant, then it's going to look up the information it confined from the Internet from your website . Creative. What website? That looks like a restaurant website, and it's gonna ask you just a few questions on design and create the whole website based on that, the problem I have with that is that it's random and you have to be lucky and hope that is going to create a website that you like and then to go back to edit it. It's very complicated versus that. You just designed it from scratch from yourself. So we're gonna go here to the right, where assess Create a website for yourself with the Wittes editor. But if you have a chance, I always think it's best to let Wicks create a website for you just to see what it will create, and then get some ideas from it and then create a website for yourself so you could choose a template now, because I click other is showing me all the templates for every type of business that will want a website. So I have a little bit of everything here and all these design. They're beautiful. You can easily you just want a custody to the end and make a website in half a hour for an hour. You just go in here, find one that looks close to what you want for yourself. Pick that changed the pictures to your pictures, change of text to your text and your But if we simply do that, then you would have not really learned how to make a website and manage it. So we will start here. But ultimately I'm gonna show you how toe make one that you can completely manage and design on your own. So we're going to start off with Let's pick one here. Most popular I like this salt and pepper one on. I'll tell you why in a second. So I'm gonna pick on this one that says food blogger. Click at it and you click view. You get to see the website before it starts to create the website for you and see if you like it and then, um, customizing or rejected and go back and pick another one if you click at it. You already picking that one? And it's creating a website for you with that saved the science. Same text, same everything for you to change to your own text in your own pictures. So 3. 3 Key Things For A Good Website: Once you click on edit, it gives you an intro video that will teach you all the features of wicks so that you know what you're doing. But since you're taking this course, I'm going to show you where you need to know how to do stuff. We're gonna exit out here and here is the website right here. Okay. Every website should have the's few keep things. First thing ISS I catching front page. Okay. The very first thing on the top of the front page should be eye catching. That could be made in one of two forms. Either a giant picture that goes across the whole page or a giant video that goes across the whole peach. Now, that video could play automatically when you entered the website. Or it could be something that you have to click card in order for the video player. That and a title for your website, right? It could be the name of your company, or it could be text that describes what you're companies about. And the title could be something small in the top left of the top center. But as long as you have that catching beginning, people want to look at more of your website. I feel like it. That main website main Top thing First thing you see is boring. People might want to just click out of the website so focused. A lot of that main picture that mean video and then take it from the rest could be is very simple. I personally have videos in the front page of my website because I shoot videos, but you can't afford a video or don't have a video that just find a great picture trying to take yourself rather than using stock images, meaning that you don't find something from the Internet because it's better. But sometimes you have to resort to that. Just find something that looks very closely to would you want your business to represent, so that's the first thing. The second thing is, you want social media bar on the top right or somewhere in the top with links to your social media. Your website, I personally feel, shouldn't be the main source for your business. Now certain businesses or certain people revolve around their website, but for the most part I believe that the website should be the thing that will sell something. But what will get people engaged with your business is your social media. Your social media can acquire. Followers are like your website and we'll keep people up to date. What's going on with your business? So your goal is to get as many social media followers as you can. So it's very important to make sure that your website takes advantage of letting people follow you through your social media. So always have a little bar like this on the top, right or somewhere in the front, so that people can quickly click on it and follow you. Next key thing that you want is to have as little amount of pages as possible at least amount of pages as possible on your website. Ideally, one page website is the best website out there, and the reason is this. Most people that go toe websites just scroll through the whole website to get the most information they can and leave. That's it. Almost Nobody goes through all the pages where people have five or more pages and looks through everything they go to the home page. If there's a portfolio showcase section, they go there and that's basically it's. But because of that, having all those extra pages air kind of useless because nobody's gonna look through them. Now there is certain businesses and stuffed and require a lot of pages because doing a lot of different things. I understand that. But if you could make it very, very simple and fit it all in one page two pages, then you're golden. This apple here has three pages of home blogging and about as perfect. Um says, When I really focus on blocks, we could take that off. It could just be home page and maybe a pain for contact if you wanted to be in a separate patient of half, too. But regardless you know it any more than one page of your store, you could have a home page and the store page. If you're If you're artists, you can have a home page and a portfolio page. Whatever it ISS, just try to keep it a one page two pages Max. Three. We have more than three pages. You do it too much, and people are going to read it posted on your social media, you know. Anyway, So, um, a few key points is eye catching from page social media least amount of pages as possible 4. 4 Social Media Icons: now we're gonna added a few things on the page. First thing we're gonna add it is your social media leads. When you go here in the social Media Bar, you click on this and you click on set social licks in here, you pick which social media is you have. Let's say you did have Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and instagram. You would click on it and then right where it says, What social page does this I can't link to you? Click on that and tight bed. That's so show your link to the Facebook page. Facebook that com forward slash Whatever your Facebook is, you don't know what the link to your Facebook peach is. You go to your Facebook page on your Web browser and whatever the main home page is to your Facebook beach, you, uh, highlight you're out, copy it and then paste it here. No, if you don't have a Facebook page for your business, our for yourself as an artist or whatever type of reason you have website, I recommend you make one because you want people to live to that and follow you create a following. Now you just don't want to make one. You need one. We still need a website. Then you can link here to your personal beach. Just go to your home peach, Click on yourself where you can see your your timeline. Click on your out copy and pasted here. And then it will link to you so you can get more friends if that's what you're after. Uh, now you always want it to open in a new window. If we open in a current window was gonna happen is that it's gonna close the website and oh , switch over to the Facebook. Whenever they click on the little Facebook, I you want a new tab to open and your website to still be open and the Facebook to be open at the same time. That way, people don't lose your website and struggle getting back to it to see everything else just cause they clicked on your little Facebook, I always make sure it opens on a new window. Okay, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. You have, uh, every icon available for every type of social media. So no matter what you have, you too right here you can add it. You also don't need to have them be this ugly black icons, you can have more colorful. You just remove these images at icons and picked the colorful versions of you have Facebook Pinterest twitter you to help Instagram after gathering, and now they look more colorful. Nice. You add the link to it here, Make sure is under a Web address, so it's going to an actual website and not these other ones. These other ones will lead to something else you wanted to link to an actual link on a Web site. When you're done, you're president. You have here in color. No, you can't change the size of these. All you do is click layout and you click icon size. Can you make it bigger? You can also switch the spacing between them. You can make home closer together. You can also search from horizontal the vertical. I like minds to be pretty big. There we go. Oh, my social media wars 5. 5 Intro to Text: Sometimes I go an extra step and I click. Add on the left side. Here, text, pick any text. Here's a text I just added. I put it right above cook at a text and that type follow me and there have it now not people know to follow. Now rushing through this magna design it very, very, very beautiful because that's for you to spend time doing. When you're adding text, you can click on it. Change the font. You could change the size. You can change the color. You could make a bold italic underline. You can add a highlight meaning color all around. It is even effects. That's too much. I don't recommend doing any effects on your text because you know how is gonna look on several platforms and you don't want it to come out ugly And, uh, spacing between the letters. You can just literally play with all of these to get the text looking the way you want. Okay, so that's that 6. 6 Intro to Images: first thing you're gonna want to do is change the pictures to pictures of yourself in your business. So to do that, you click on a picture that's already there, and then you click where it says Change image. And there you can pick any picture you want and change it to that. Let's say you're a photographer. You can have this picture of a camera. Let's say you raked leaves. You can show this picture leaves. Let's say you like to me one minute coffee shops. You could be this picture of yourself with a computer. Whatever type of business you have, you can make change your picture. You here with us free from Wickes. You have all these cool pictures you can use if you have your own picture. Use that if you don't, you could just find something here that matches your business. Uh, we're just gonna make it. This group of people she's image. There we go. Now we look like we're professional business with employees and we're all happy to be there . I'm gonna be this guy with the beard, OK, 7. 7 Editing Titles: That's it. The taxi title. We're gonna call this the something I don't want it to be to Rose. So let's go down here. Character spacing 0.5. Done. Where the awesome company with Facebook pictures twitter you to be open Instagram. 8. 8 Intro to Backgrounds: Okay, So far, so good. Beautiful looking. What set? No, what I like about this design and the white backward and the reason the white background is cool is because everything that you put on a white background pumps when your background is colors or texture or anything, then things tend to not Pappas much. So if it's too dark, your black tax won't pop out as much, being it to use white tax, and then that might not stand out as much. So if you have textures or designs or anything in your background that in tax and images might not get as much attention. So honestly, I feel that the white background is the best way to go for your website. You have to worry about anything, just worried about the content on it. Think of it like a white sleep piece of paper that you desired with some cool stuff. So about the stuff in the picture, not the white background. So that's why I like this design, and I picked this one and I'm just gonna add a bunch of stuff to it. 9. 9 Editing Boxes: I like colors. Make sure that all my stuff is colorful. I might change his box around this to another color. To do that, I just click on the box click design and then click customize design and border color and I could make it. I can click If I don't like the color options they give me. I could change. No, sir, I didn't click. Add color color. I like I like blue at there we go blue. 10. 10 Intro to Designing Your Website: now everybody has their own taste, are how they want to design things you're gonna see over time you're gonna change the design of your website a lot. Over time we ask people's opinions. You like this color. Do you like that color? And the good thing is that this platform makes it very simple for you to change things up very quickly without the help of anybody else. So play around with things and see what you like. I picked blue for this box. Maybe somebody says they try red and then I tried right, and it looks better. So just play around with it. Don't worry so much about it. It's just about having the content that matters on your what's a first and then designing it to look nice. So 11. 11 Website Builder Tool: right here in the left column. You have several days, one that affects your background when I worried about the background. But if you didn't want to change the background, you click right here with the background. You can do videos for your background. You can do images for your background. You can do yeah, a large variety of images and videos, or even just a color. But like I said, things could get lost in it. And things look weird with different colors. But what white? Everything just looks right. I leave everything a white, but if you want to change your background, you can hear baby click your asses at you can add text images a gallery of images, meaning that you have several images put together and either circle or shaped square shapes were tabular shapes in this diamond shape, um, or galleries that's you could slide over strips, lodges all these different ways. I mean, literally free stout. You can have a bunch of pictures stack of top of each other, but, um, whatever it is you pick you. If you have multiple images, your showcase that you're showcasing at the same time you want to click on gallery. We have a signal I miss you. Click on image. Uh, interactive is this thing that you a lot of people put in their home page that has is like a slice. Show it, uh, it constantly moves over to shows several images, and then when they click on them, they usually link up to several different things. So you have three pages that matter to you. You could have this any home page that tells you what each page is about. And then when they click on them, don't take him to that page of your website. Uh, buttons are all of these shaped buttons day, you see, and what sites that make you click on them? They already have pre designed once. If you like a design but don't like the color, you can click on it and change the color and the text on it. So we like something like this has more toys or learn more. Join whatever you click on it, pick your placement on the website, change the tax change the color and you're good. Um, boxes are just plain boxes that look like buttons, but our blank does usually where you fill with texts, you basically either like a button. But there's something you don't click on. It's just there all the time. Strength are this thing that fails from the left side of your page to the right side, all the way across. It could be long text. I mean, it could be a long picture. It could be picture color title and a box and text on it. Be a picture with a box with text on it. Do you give you a lot of examples of what the strips could be? Um, you could also have video strips. So whole strip in the middle of your page could be a video, this plane or in the top of your page. You know that video? It could be in about US section that has your picture about us and text on it. It could be a strip where you offer your services all in one strip, tell you what type of services you offer. Um, it could talk about your team testimonials. Contact page. All could be set up a strips. Strips are more like small pages instead of having a whole page for about me and and contact testimonials and teams and clients and this and that. You just had a strip to your home page and everything they need to know about that section your services, your team, your testimonials could just be in their strip. And as you're scrolling by, they can see it. And that's it, which is really awesome. And what I recommend, strips are gonna be our best friends who are making websites. So we're gonna go back to this a little later shapes. I like buttons and boxes, but they're just random shapes it for you want to design something and you want a shape. Maybe is an arrow pointing to something play button on icon of some sword. There's a lot of cool things here. The main thing I use are these lights, and the reason I use these lines is to separate things in the website to subject. I'm going from one piece of tax to another piece attacks, but I want people to know that they're separate that are all go together. So I add a line on them and then they know sometimes I don't even add a line. I just add a dotted line and then that separates my text from the other text or one section to another section of the website if it's all in the same peach videos. Very, very simple to add medias on here, you upload the video to YouTube, Facebook. Anywhere you click on Social Media Players lesson isn't YouTube video. And then you add the link to the video and it will play on here. You can change the size and everything. Uh, there's also a way for you to not have to upload it to YouTube. You can upload it to Wickes itself, but I personally recommended to upload to YouTube. That way you get those view counts and subscribers on YouTube, um, as well, less. You know people watching them on your website music. Unless you're a musician, you should have had any security. What site? Music. Distracting music is loud when your computer is set to loud at work space, sometimes with certain devices, it doesn't even play. Certain devices don't even have audio capabilities. I know, like somewhere computers. They turn off the audio like you shouldn't have music on your website like a Senate unless you're a musician and you're selling music. Uh, you don't have me a security west. I don't know who got the idea that people should go to a website. Music should be playing in the background. You don't know what people's tastes like so you don't wanna have to worry about them liking of what site and liking your music choice. So just ignore music. Music is not a thing that people put our websites, but like I said, you're selling music and you play music. Showcase your music. Go on here, pick one of the youth, put your music on there and played social is the same thing, like the social thing is there. But if that social bar is not there and you want to add that bar there you go to social click on any one of the bars and it will add this. And then you can change. The icons changed the links with links to and everything. Please, please, please don't put a social bar in there to a social media and it doesn't link anywhere. It looks very a professional when you click on Facebook and it doesn't take you anywhere. It's like, Why do you put that there by the fault is going to take you to Wit's website page, and people don't want to Goto Wicks its website patient. Want to goto Facebook page? They want to go to your foot to make sure you change that right away. Uh, you can also put this thing with Facebook here, where they can see your whole, um, Facebook page and your latest posts and everything. There's something cool that you might want to play with if, if you're mawr social media driven and you want it to your website to feature more what's going on your social media, you add this page to it, and it's like having your Facebook are your website. Contact is his little boxes with contact tools so that you can create people can contact you is usually a little box with name the most subject message, and then you get an email with that message. Then you can reply to it. They also have Google Maps on here. So if your business is somewhere, it's really cool to have a map that shows exactly where you're at and there's even get subscribers. They where you can get a mailing list going where people described by email in that it will grab all those emails and then you can create an email and send it to all those people. A view of the type of president wants a sent email blessed. I personally recommend to get Facebook following everybody's on Facebook and contact those people through Facebook. But if you have certain people that only using must already have any Melissa that used this next thing is this menu pinch. There's many page is too control the pages, a menu for your pages on your website. So you have multiple pages like a home about media gallery in contact or whatever it is the peaches you have. This is what goes on top of your website to have people clean up, click on them and take them to those websites. Do those pages on your website, uh, lists have things like testimonial products, less things, anything your team members, anything that's organized in a list manner. You can create stuff like this without clicking on lists. But the good thing about list is already organized. Things for you, like this whole team member section, so you could just change the pictures, change the information and drag this around and take everything, rather adding an image that tax that, um, paragraph and then having to just move the image to the left and then the other image to the left. Having an organizing A list allows you to grab the list and move it over anywhere on your page without having to move each individual section of it over. So sometimes you want things in a list so you can move everything over easily. Okay, light boxes are this thing that pops up when people either enter your website or interest or page on your website. They're certain websites out there that the second you enter, that would say for the very first time it will pop up. It's a subscribe to our mailing list or buyer product or whatever. It is very effective but annoying. So is pro is effective. It gets people to do a certain action, and that causes is annoying to some people. But I don't think it's annoying enough that people won't go to your website. Um, there might be some people who don't know how to get that pop up to disappear, so maybe it'll affect some people. But for the most part, If you have something very important, you can add a pop up like this. Maybe like you just released something. You have a couple, but at the same time, your home page could be equivalent to pop over. You put the information right on your home page. You don't really need this. The only reason I might use a pop up is if I want people to joining my e mail. Unless if I want to send emails or I want people to follow me on Facebook, I want everybody who lives in my I would say to follow me on Facebook, I would add a pop up list every time they go to my website for the first time, I'll say, follow me on Facebook and link to it. Then follow me. So I get more followers. But, um, for the most part, I don't use these. Um, the other thing is is not gonna happen every time somebody goes to your website. Only gonna happen the first time the Internet actually knows. Based on your i p address on your platform, whether it's your phone or your computer. If you entered a website before so once it knows you've entered that website before is not gonna pop up again to bother somebody. So don't worry about Oh, man, every time they go to the home page is gonna pop was gonna get a knowing that to exit out every single time she's gonna happen the first time and then as the online store. That's a whole another section for a whole another course by a whole different instructor. I don't really have a store. So this is not a course where I'm gonna teach you how to make a store. You might not even want to use Wicks if you have a store. So don't when we're not really gonna talk about this store section and then under more, there's a few other buttons, the length to documents that people get download and other things. So those are the things you can add, basically, everything you can imagine, you can add to your website, which is awesome. It's very easy to do. Now we're going to talk about now. We're gonna talk about APS. Wix has all these applications kind of like acts on your phone. They have a whole app store here, and all these APS are desired to make your website look nice. And David categorized by the type of things that you want. A lot of these APS cost money. They have a free version. Most of the time you use a free version, an upgrade to the paid version, but therefore everything you could imagine. So that's going Must have absolute can show you something that you might want to have You can have on instagram feed. So the little squares on your instagram news feed could show on here. And every time you ask stuff to your instagram update to your website, she's really cool to have. You can have an event counter so you have events all the time. You can have a calendar, and as you add stuff to the calendar, all the information is there and everybody can see it. You can have, ah, like, pop up. Like I said, that will tell people to like your Facebook that will pop over when they enter your website For the first time. You could have a an event which is different from the calendar, but it basically makes it look like kind of like the Avett page on Facebook when there's an event so that people can buy tickets for it and all the other stuff. See what the events about. You can have a common box that people can write comments on your website. You don't really like this because, uh, you started Now you're not gonna have Many people are gonna think you're not that big. People could write negative once. Um, it's just is easier to for you to create your old testimonial pages into at this comment box. Let people just message you. I think, personally there is. What would I use works? Booking is awesome and allows you to create like availability times and people click on them and book you so that you know that like, let's see your hair salon. They can book you for your hair salon at three PM for a haircut. They could do that through here. You can play around with that, but yet just looked through all of these. It finds what's on there. I don't go to the app store looking for something. Most of time I go to the APP store, hoping l introduced me to something that I could act in my website that I didn't even know about. Each one has instructions on how to add and how to use. So you can play with that and add it to your website and you take advantage of that. The next thing is my up loads undermined. Upload is we're gonna add all your pictures and videos you have. You want to know what's in, you're gonna my uploads, images, videos. You can have Fahnestock single tracks. I doubt you're gonna use these, maybe documents. But for the most part, images click. There you have the images that you have. Click upload images and then you add images from your computer onto that and then you can add those images to your website Saviors changing an image. It will take you to your images and you can upload an image so you don't have to upload all your images at once. Now you could do them slowly as your put editing them on your website. So you have to worry so much about my uploads and bookings is and you do have bookings. You can see your bookings and see who built you, which is awesome. That's it. Very simplified. Let's set left section of things here for all the things to manage your website 12. 12 Deleting Things: then we have the website. You scroll up and down. You see everything on there and you change the text. So right here we seem to have a feed off information. Basically a block right here. The block. I don't want blog's, so I'm gonna delete it to delete it. I click up the leap key on my keyboard. You can also right click on this and click delete. Now this whole sections gone and this button for more posts. I also don't need this made by Sophie. A picture and about me. That's cool. But I don't want this to link to the about me section of the website. I want it all to be here, so I'm gonna delete this time. I believe there's a delete us lying 13. 13 Intro to Footer: suspect via email. Subscribe button. That's cool down here is this text almost every website has this text on the bottom Basically says copyright, date your business name and then probably created by Woods. I always added this. I put the date the business or website was created. My business started 2012. I put in the media and then I race is that people don't know that it was They go really using, uh, now social media bar at the bottom. Really cool. His website seems to have a black and white team, which is why they all looks like that. I like colors and usually changes this color. Sometimes the tax I don't really do color and text, but I might sometimes 14. 14 Adding Strips: Okay, now we have this cool top part. Now let's at the strips. Okay, So you hear that click strips? And I looked through these. What's available and take 10 about me. I need an above me section. What looks good for me? Well, I like this one right click on this and it added it all the way here. The bottom right underneath this. And that's good. We That's what we were on the page when we clicked on something less So it added it there. Don't worry about it. You can click on this trip, move it up while I'm holding it up Scrolling with my mouse up. You could also move up that Go. Move up, Squirrel up. Move up, Scroll up. However it is you want to do. Hold it. Scroll. But once you find a section I wanted to go right underneath his top section. 15. 15 About Us: I have here about us. First I think about us. Should be near the beginning or the end. Um, in the beginning, if the about US section is very, very important, it should be in the beginning. If everything else about your businesses of born and you go out yet, that's basically it. This is kind of big, so I'm gonna shrink this down exit, shrink this down. 16. 16 Intro to Colums: this image here. Okay, so this strip is organized by columns. Basically, the way columns it's created is that right now it's created two columns, a left column in the right column on the left. One. Um, it perfectly split system to this one has this box. This one has its image. I can manage Columns here, column and now editing that column. I could move this column to the right. Move it to the left. I can add columns, make it three columns. Picture about us Another picture or something else could lead a column. Make it a two columns. Columns. They're really cool. It shouldn't be scary to use somewhere. It come with columns. I always find one Has columns are ready to edit it. I don't try to make one from scratch, So I have this already with two columns. Go two left section and I could change stripped background. As is it. Click an image free from Wickes. Ah, well, let's go with the theme of my business people. So, um, quest. My creative people, they're working on stuff for people. My team of four that I had earlier they're going to be, uh, city can't go wrong with a city. But we had to sit. Here's a company. Here is the city that we live in. If you want a city picture, you can just go to Google, find a city picture that matches your city. Added on here, changed her background image here upload image and at that image, every city. And then it's there. Now the abouts. Now we go back here. Left column, Red card Change column Backer Right now, Is this border here Because their backgrounds too bright? This board is not gonna work. So we're gonna make that border settings of past 30 74. Cool. I'm gonna make it black. Simple is that now we can see what text can make it capacity. Okay, you're gonna see a passively a lot of hair. Tell you quickly what a passive deace capacity is. At 100% you can see it completely. A 0% of disappears and in the middle is how much of disappears. So this black box 100% completely there zero is completely gone. Fifties. 50% there, 50% seen through somewhere around 80. Okay, I want it dark enough. So my text pops up Taxi! Edit text. I can't see this text because it has to be white. Not everything. That's perfect. I don't need to read more section text. We had this. I am awesome company. That was awesome. Things awesome people on awesome days just we are awesome. 17. 17 Services Section: Now we're gonna add another strip we have about us. Let's do services. I bring this up right here about us services. Okay, we do. Branding, storytelling, design, consulting. Let's see how much of this can you had? It basically everything right here. Back to the column thing. We have four columns. Click manage columns. You see four columns. I can move these around. I want this over here in this over here. Even though I could change the Texan everything. If I really designed this column, I just wanted on the next side, they move it over. Very simple columns to make it really easy to manage. Click on the column instead of managed change. Colin, Background. I don't want it to look like that. I wanted to be a picture free from Wickes. I want people to see that we, uh it's up for branding. So crafted. Best, actually, that's you got a design. So we go change Colin background image free from works. And then we add this crafting table we go brand name change called a background image. We're gonna design this whole thing real quick. Let's have a picture of somebody storytelling change column, background in which, and, uh, we're gonna find something that looks like a story. We're just going to click on so many pictures. But let's just do it Is my perform and then consulting, change column background. We go back to my I saw it here, but there are we just gonna pick on. That's a business meeting. There you go. 18. 18 Making Text Stick Out and Overlapping Items: we need this text to stick out white things to stick out. If it didn't change colors, let me check to show you this with working with texts. If you have to highlight everything and man pick color, you're like, Oh, my gosh, I still can't see it because I could see it here, but I can't see it There. Okay, Does make it black. I still can t blue can see it. Okay, so this is what we're gonna do. Quit black, and then we're gonna add a buck's gonna go at box, You know, a black box you like. All that looks ugly. We're gonna make it smaller. I was covering my picture. Think of everything like strips of paper. Okay, you have the website, then you have the strip. Then you have the text, and then you have the black box. You want the black box to be between the strip and the text. So the text black box strip. Right. If I put the black box behind the strip, I'm gonna have to move the strip now. Um, back to the back. So it's a lot of playing around. Okay, so I put the box here and now it's on top of everything to organize it so that the box is underneath the text. I right click on this section, and I see overlap in items I click on text because that's hidden and I arrange it and bring it to the front. And there we go and make the box smaller, and I can even change the design of the box customize design a pass ity 15%. Okay, so when I click on this, I can't seem to edit the bucks because the text is the same size of the boxes, since the Texas on top of the box is clicking on tests. If you want to click on the box to design the box, they get to right click click overlapping items and pick the thinking one of design. Do you want to design the text? The container box? The column three or the whole strip? Since I wanna edit the container box and click on the container box, and then I clicked. Change design. Now designing for the box. Matt attacks not the column that strip so a lot, but you get the hang of it. So now that I'm in the box section I click customize design. I had this fill color. I can make this any color. I could make it. This color which kind of matches this thing back here and now I have this. She looks awesome. I could see my text, I saw the problem. 19. 19 Previewing Website and Parralax Scrolling: so far my website looks awesome. At any point you can preview your website. So will you do is click preview on the top right here and you can see their website now This strip does this cool thing here where as you scroll up, you can This image moves. Does this call a parallax? And it's rare complicated to understand but just know too. Sometimes I do that sometimes it wants and you just got to pick the strip that does it. If you wanted to do it or doesn't you don't want to do you go back to editor to click on this, uh to change strict background settings and then you see where it says parallax, you can put none. It won't do parallax. We click parallax as it moves up in kind of moves to show the image as your movie which you might not want to do Sometimes you might want to do Sometimes I believe it There you can do none and that is to call it 20. 20 Contact Section: Now that I'm here, I'm gonna add more strips. I can have testimonials, but we main thing we need is a contact egx. I like this one. This up. Contact me here. I said maps look cool. So I'm gonna add contact. Matt, hold it a drag now. I got it, man. This is the address. I copied this over a copy. Click on the map. Change address. Stay fit. There is the endless. I could trade address I could change. Awesome company. So that makes people believe that Google Mass under that address. This is awesome. Company show map, Satellite view shows of Control Show Street. You control a lot dragging. I like a lot of dragging if you don't allow dragging, people can't move around the whole map. It see everything. You want people to do that so they can find their way. So exit this out and then what I'm gonna do is move this over at this map over here and I don't make the map small. There we go. Now we have a cool thing right here. Too much space and moved it up. This up. Move this this up and make this strip smaller. so far, we have the school contact page. This yellow do like this yellow color. Sometimes you just gotta play with the colors here to see something else. Looks better. Awesome company might be a I like blue there. This glue. Everybody has a different taste and it's at visibility. I like colors. Everything pops. Everything looks cool. Might change the color for each one of these to be unique. So contact page. These bars will be colors. Okay, you click on preview. I'm here. I can move around. I can get him out. This is the default address. Something that this is my actual artists and my phone numbers want 23456 79 year. Okay, here. That's cool back to that now so people can contact you and it actually goes to you. You have to click on the contact form. Set your email. What's your email address? You can even add a secondary. So you get to the most you can feel what information they have to fill. It may be that put their phone number. Maybe that put their address. I don't see any point of having their address for them to contact you. I don't even see the point in having a subject. Could just be a message. E mails, mandatory name, maybe. Maybe it looks like this. Oh, you can have a separate form for something else Where they're gonna hire you. Send me a message you have phone on now for this one to just contact you. You don't have that message. Whatever you want. Now, every time, the message, they're gonna go to the email that I picked on there. I didn't pick one, but you can't. You have to pick one. So you put your email and you get an email. If you don't put an email, this is not working. There's no point, okay? 21. 21 Progress So Far: So let's give it a day. So scared of this, let's give it of this scale. This was Get rid of this. Yeah. Here's my What's that, You guys Awesome company bought us our services. Contact me here. Right. So that's it. Here their services Contact me so that we can work together, But we can work together. Describe to me title that. Okay. 22. 22 Pages & Anchors: Now let's go over to this page is section. So even though we have one page website, we still want it for people are people to be able to click on the top R and then linked them to several sections either the contact page services or about us. So they do that If you have a one page website, you're gonna do what's called an anchor. If you have multiple pages when they click on and take it to a whole nother page with the about us, and that's pretty straightforward, but we're gonna be doing it through anchors where you're gonna want to do is click first, you add an anchor to click at, you go to more click anchor, you drag and drop it. First anchor, we're gonna put it right above the about us section. You re name this anchor to about us. You don't have to rename it about us in order to take us to about us. It's just for you didn't remember where this is leading you to. We're gonna add more more anchors and then and more anchors. Okay, so this one right here we're gonna rename services and this one right here. We're gonna remain us. Okay, so you drag this down right above the services section, and you drag this down right about the contact us page section. Now we do is we go here. It's a menu. Manage many. And this is your pages section. You click here, takes you through the pages section sake that both of these hasn't We'll hear the pages section blocked page about page, remember speech. I'm gonna delete this Members page. Really? When the leaders about us page lead, we're going to leave the bloc page. Billy, we're going to click at Page, and when you click a link matter actual page natural pages in to make a whole nother page on your website, you wanted to lick somewhere quick link when we click anchor, and then we're gonna pick which anchor from the ones we created about us. Then we click wasn't. Where is his anchors on your home page? Done. And then we're gonna name this about us that. Then we're gonna add another page link Anchor services that services at a page link anchor . Contact us that contact us. That and when you add a piece. Now, let's say you want a page just to link to your Facebook page? Maybe you want that. You click link click Web address. You click your Facebook page Facebook that calm, new window, that Facebook. 23. 23 Designing Pages Menu: exodus outs unless he has his lips. So right now, this doesn't fit the whole many. So we're gonna do is we're gonna click on this click design. Customized design spacing. You can make the font size tomorrow. You dragged to that? Put it right here. In order to fit everything. We have to put it right here. We drag this out, we could design, customizes, sign text and Facebook. Now, with your with design, you can have all these different types of may needs to. We had a nicer one. This is his box one. Customize it. I like the color blue fill color separators, background, border, babe, corners, shadows, text. I will leave it that color. I think that that bigger there's a ugly menu. I don't like it. You go back to design, simplify it. This sometimes you just gotta play with stuff You would works. Okay. There it iss Um no. When you click previa, here's a website you click on about us. It takes us to about us. You click of services takes you to services you can contact us, takes you to contact us. That's what anchors us If you click on Facebook now it's gonna take you to your Facebook page. So that's, um, how you create this menu page. Now we go back to your home and we add a page, and we wanted to actually add a whole Another page creates a blank page, and then you start filling it in with strips and everything. We're not gonna do that delete. 24. 24 Headers and Footers Explained: So now we're gonna be talking about headers and footers because when you started not thes, they're gonna get in the way. So let's talk about headers and footers. Basically, footers are gonna be on your whole website and Hatters. They're gonna be in your whole website as a top part of your website on the bottom part of your website and everything in the middle, it's gonna be part of your page. So this is a home page. Everything in the middle is gonna be there. So, for example, at a different page, everything in the head or still there, everything in the footer still there and I just editing was in the middle. I can drag this down to add more space for stuff. As we're adding stuff, this usually gets dragged down by itself. But if it's not dragging or if its dragon to the line and you wanted the footer to be lower down directives that so footer is the bottom part of your page and top part of your peaches in every single page. Okay, we go back to the home page, we delete this. So what should be in your head in your header you should have the name of the company, your menu, your social media bar, maybe even a phone number and an address, and that's the main things that matter. 25. 25 Designing Headers & Footers: I have this organizing ugly manner. Usually, what I do is I have this here. Uh, I don't have this box. Okay. If I delete this box, it's gonna lead the text inside of it. Click the lead. Accidentally deleted everything. You cannot do everything by clicking here. Have you ever do anything that you didn't want to do? You click here to undo it. Okay? You gonna do it many times backwards to fix things that you made a mistake? It. I wanted to leave the box, but at the text. So what happens with boxes is that anything inside the box gets erased when you raise the box. So did not erase attacks after grab the text and move it outside the box, is it? It's as attached to header. That's where I want it. Now I can raise the box in the text. Still it. So my thing usually looks like this name of the company and many here or menu centred name of the company. Also here or here. We're like an icon, like if there's a local with text on it and it's more square shaped that long, I put it over here and then this here and that social media part is always here. Sometimes I'm like, you know, just looks like this. Maybe a phone number and address. So there's different ways to organize your head. Okay. The footer. This should be here. That might not be this and might not be this. That might not be. This could literally just be this life, all right? Yeah, but it is here, but it is here and stressed is a huge That could be your footer. That's it. Doesn't every peach I personally think the footer should be very minimal, right? And, um, the header should be with the main things that you want. Some people might put your contact on the bottom, but every Pacey contact through every page with some other called the action thing that you want people to do on the bottom of every peach. I personally don't have many pages Anyway. It's very minimal. Put everything in the right on the page. 26. 26 Scrolling Header & Finished Result: uh, when you click home and already takes you up here to the top so you don't have to add a anchor to link you to the top? No. If you want, you could do this as well. Settings. You can freeze ahead. We're basically freezing a header. Dust is it drags the hatter, which you everywhere you go. I know it looks really bad, but you might have a header that you design is a whole square everything. So we go back here and let me show you an example. I add a box that quick preview. Oh, I got at this to the box. Overlap in items container bucks attached here over left it items. So at this text, I put it inside the box I at this menu, I put it inside the box at this social far put inside the box. I put this box here and now when I click preview and this box it comes with me that looks a little better than if it's just text floating around following your and even better, if the text goes throughout the whole page to fill this up to the far here of the start to the end here. Preview now looks like this. And even better, I feel a smaller so it doesn't get some people want to do like this. I don't really do like this, but he could. I just want you to know you can Awesome company goes with you. The reason you might want to do like this is because as you scroll e to your page, you have the menu which you at all times. So basically, all you have to do if you're doing it like this is make sure that this strip with the menu on top fails the page. You see here how I have part of this Contact me under neat. I make this bigger with this on top. I have full page. That looks like I'm on a separate piece, but I'm actually still in the whole beach like this About me is close to right. Okay, so that's perfect. I got about us. It fills the whole page. So I need services to be that size school. Make this bigger. So fills a whole page. So, for example, I just click on this. Dragged is down here and then says contact means is in the way of Move this down. Do you hear Previa and go to services? Bam! Full page with the menu. Contact me. Oh, it's wrong because my contact me is not Drink all the way to the bottom Premium Contact us , right? Therefore, page services for cage. About us four page own piece. Very professional looking. What's that we made together in less than an hour while I'm teaching you how to do it. So there you go. Uh, you just do this and fill your website with pictures, services about us contact pages, so 27. 27 Summary: uh, you already know. You click on the text at a text, you change the font and everything at here. Text buttons, videos, interactive strips stripped to your best friend's. Remember more anchors, your pages, your menu, your header social bar. That's basically it's That's how you make a website very simple to do. 28. 28 Publishing and Buying Hosting: No, let's go over saving and publishing it Always published. Don't worry about saving. Just published, right? You name it my site. Now it's gonna come a time where you're gonna buy your domain. So you click. Customize your own domain, right? You don't want a free website because it's gonna have ads on it. You want to buy your domain, click, click, customize your on the main statement. Continue. You could have a hosting for website without a domain, but it's gonna have ads on it. And it's gonna be a near another website, Toby, like wicks dot com forward slash your website, which you don't want that you want your own to me. So let's say your name is Michael Scott. It'll be michael scott dot com. You want to have michael scott dot com? So you gonna go through this whole process? The cheapest version is a $10.1 where you don't have to worry about Wix brand ads. Which means weeks won't show on the bottom so that people know they got it with Wix. Remove weeks acts. That's the one you want. The reason you might want the $14.1. It's because you have a limited bandwidth and unlimited storage. Now, chances are you don't need on the minute bandwidth. You'd only need on the minute storage. Now, let's talk about bam. Witness storage. Storage is how much space you can fill with your pictures. Pictures don't take a lot of space. And your videos, you're gonna put him on YouTube. So it's not gonna take space on your UIC storage plant. So those pictures will take a lot of space. And your videos are online on YouTube. They drinking good bites is more than enough. Okay, now, the bed would is how much, Um, you're asking from Wickes, um, platform to download your images and videos on to the website for visitors who watch, you have a limited bad wit. Then what happens is that all your images everything down those fast and smoothly. But, um, if you have low bed with, then everything's gonna load slower. But in reality, chances are you have more than enough bandwidth with just two gigabytes. They're available in the combo plan. If you're having any issues with the combo plan, upgrade to the unlimited one. But for the most part, we find with the couple Don't worry about this. Ad voucher. The site booster, The form builder app. You don't really need these. Okay, now, these prices here, our only if you buy the whole year in advance and you by month by months, a little bit more. I won five months. But because, you know, I always thought that when I started, I was gonna keep this. What's a running long terms? I have other websites with other platforms. But if you can afford the whole year in advance, let's say you get this $10. What is gonna cost you? 100 $20 for this? 100 and 60. But if you click here, you see the whole year, you get it for $10 a month. You by two years in advance is $9 a month. Three years? A 50 if you buy the yearly one. They also gave me the domain for free, which is basically $10 a year. So they gave me the one year in advance. If you buy the monthly subscription, it goes up to $14. And then he said to buy the domain for $10 a year. So the pets were since you get? Let's say you get the monthly one click select. Then it goes. Teoh, you picking a card? Submit purchase. I'm gonna purchase one. But basically, after you're done with that and Purchase one is gonna ask you toe by your domain. 29. 29 Domains: Now we're gonna be talking about domains real quick. If you want to know your domains available before you make a website, the best place to go is to go to domaine dot com. You go to the main dot com and you type in the main you want. Yes, that Michael Scott is what I wanted. Get started. My name's not Michael Scott, but this just made that up. You see Michael Scott that comes on available, but they have done net That or those were taken. You could have that attack, that space. You basically always wanted that come. So Michael Scott available. We had Michael Scott's Possum Company, which is a really long the main. But congratulations that the main is available. Michael Scott's Awesome company 9900 year. So once you check out here and you, by your premium plan, is gonna ask you to purchase your domain. You know Michael Scott, awesome company is available, so you type that in. You can buy it in your death. That basically sums up using Wicks 30. 30 Main Website & Ending: Once your publisher I'm gonna publish under this, you go back to wits that calm leave and have you already logged in. It's gonna take you here. It's going to show you your website right here. Which your domain, Michael Scott's awesome company dot com and then even click manage site at its site. And then you're back here to edit it and always click preview to see how it looks. And then once you goto awesome Scots Michael Scott's awesome company that come your land on that website and you're done. That's how you make a website very simply through Wicks. Thanks for watching.