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Drawing Leaves Quickly in Photoshop

teacher avatar Julio Carvalho, Illustrator & Portrait artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Why Brushes


    • 3.

      Designing Leaves


    • 4.

      Creating a Tree


    • 5.

      Filling the Branches


    • 6.

      Getting Volume


    • 7.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

When it comes to some patterns, illustrators, in general, face the tough task of drawing repetitively. They draw flowers, vegetation, stars, leaves, hair, raindrops and even manufactured things like bricks. In this class, we will just focus on the leaves. We'll see how to increase the productivity and the uniformity of the patterns using the Photoshop tool 'Brushes'. The students will have the opportunity to create their own shapes of the brushes they'll use, designing them directly on a Wacom tablet or, if they don't have it, on a sketchbook and scanning them.

Starting from scratch, we'll draw a complete tree, including the roots, the trunks, and the branches. So as not to make the appearance of the illustration flat, we'll use the mask mode, painting and adjusting the colors of it.

List of tools to be used in this class:

  • A PC or Mac computer;
  • A Wacom Tablet (Intuos, Cintiq, etc) or a sketchbook and a pencil;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Internet connection for references;
  • Creativity!

See my portfolio here: https://www.behance.net/juliocarvalho

Music: bensound.com

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Julio Carvalho

Illustrator & Portrait artist



My name is Julio Carvalho. I’m a Brazilian illustrator, animator and graphic designer. I’ve been professionally illustrating and designing books, magazines, posters, products and logos since the 90s.

In 2004, I started drawing digitally, and Photoshop became my main productivity tool. In 2019, I started trying to draw using the Lasso Tool in Photoshop. Since I loved the results I got using this technique, I decided to create a class Drawing with the lasso in Photoshop, where you can learn how I achieved this modern portrait illustration style.



In my newest class Painting an expressive B&W portrait in Photoshop... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. I'm sure I've been designing any mating and illustrated things since the night just in disco share class. You'll understand why, for the shot brushes are an excellent auction to improve the productivity. When comes to illustrating our barter vegetation, I'll explain how to design your own brushes, shapes on by the process of cloning down you're being, which cover largest surfaces of leaves without having to draw each leaf individually. Well, Brax together and see how to acquire volume on perspective, just using the ballot breast searches. You won't have to be a highly skilled for the shop user, so relax, let's brush up the breast together. 2. Why Brushes: Why should you use Burgess? The Photoshopped brushes are the best way to drawing needs. Why am I say that? The only way to make a personal I mean a natural trace. He's using these two so you can either choose between lots of shapes. There are able software, or you can download them from the Internet. You concert for maybe our files, their phones off them. Let's make our own shape personal. All because a basic brush basically brush so as to design a simple shape. Les isn't something my puppets. That's, uh, good energy using the lasso tool I'm gonna selected on because fine brush percents. Let's name it and that's it. It's my British. That's his. Don't you think you can? Colligan colonnades over and over again can even trace it. You can change this size. We can't even make a trace with it. And so what? No. Let's take a look at the pallets. Breast searches Mets because your brush. So let's try the breast tip shape first. Here we can change the angle, the spacing, a good deal. Keep in mind that space. He's on the most important searching disgrace on this ice Chick Dynamics here, we can want to find a little bit more the brush behavior we can just size. You can set up the minimal day. I wonder the angle. Yeah, be around this and everything can be controlled by the pressure off your walking. If they're not worried about making some kills, you can use the scaring settings year we can control, If I may say so, the quantity and the spreading off your brush, the core of variation can also be controlled. Let's check it out. I'll create a new breasts west. Show you that by checking color dynamics, your big pressure can go throw the foreground background, mixing behavior, the hue, the saturation, the brightness and the beauty. So that suit. 3. Designing Leaves: using references. As you can see here, I had don't know some different shapes last. Choose one of them. Don't forget to create a new layer, so let's go. I'm going to draw three of their I like to set an angle about 45 degrees between them. So to make my breast Martin manageable in the future, that's a Joe suit. I'm picking a cooler so as to make a nice presentation. But you can't keep great can choose the quarter after me about dark. It won't make any difference at all. Find me. There is a difference not so important. Now you can talk about it after so let's block some Paris with the last two, Um bye, Regis in the lightness, using the palate hue saturation. The left have hail saturation. In fact, we want use the hue you used just lightness and make it a little bit darker. The rights had a little darker again, and so on. Let's lock the layer. Choose a basic brush. Make it thinner. Hang on. Let's rather leave nerves. Mastic. A look at the rare for us is let's pick up a lie that green a little bit thinner, huge better trays from inside to outside layer has been locked, hasn't it? So, as you can see, since such as a cold before defined the breast percent, the results became lighter. If I had chosen a black or more such rated caller, the results would have to be more such raids to. 4. Creating a Tree: designing a three. Let's pick up the lasso tool and choose a Brown called, although it's not so used to draw with a lasso tool. If you practice a little and get too used to it, we realize that can be festive. You can also makes the techniques as you like. You can use three your razor to can use a brush. Scharping brandish a man and so as to save time, you can Coppin base to Okay , volume, let's lock the layer. Getting the lesson to again out to some Harris to be the shadows part and so as to do that all Jewish decrees a little bit. The exposure amount in the opposite way. I'll make the leads areas, casts shadows on the three try. Why not be creative? So that's it, okay. 5. Filling the Branches: As you can see here, I had made some different leaves. Let's make another ones so as to review the steps, selecting the half of each blade, adjusting the callers and make the vents remember from inside to outside force a vote. Create a new earlier below the trunk slayer. Starting with the surgeons. Let's make some adjustments. I don't not to do too many variations. At first, let's increase just a little bit. The saturation Jeeter, the beauty and the size, Geter, the angle variation and the road nous are essential, but we have to be careful that not too much of them. As a matter of fact, they may think to be worried about ISS. For each click you do, the fandango will change, so choose the best place to stand the lives. During this process, you can also change the thirties, the program's caller and so one. Don't forget to create a new layer to stamp some leaves upon the trunk. No, let's create a crown. A little advice I can give you peace Too many lives is not the idea. Think of a nice shape. Let's because a nice place to put it down and make another one and so one 6. Getting Volume: after being created some different groups of leaves. It's a good idea to separate them into two groups. The 1st 1 with the leaves that are in the front and the 2nd 1 with the needs that are behind it. Branches layer inside these two groups. Let's find out the ones which are both on below. You can change the layer caller in the pallets, so it's not to get lost. The idea is making the top of the crown lighter and the bottom darker. And let's use the pallets expose you to do that. For now, let's forget the me, the ones. Let's only focus on the talk and the bottle. Let's organized layers by colors. You know that just in the lightness, the next step is to Mars. The group's keep in the position of them. You want a better make a corporal beach one before emerging them. Remember that you are designing some natural and organic thing so you can change your decision any time. Even after get everything done, lock the layers and make a selection in the top of the ground and change the exposure of it . Although have chosen a sharpened style for the shadows this. They'll want me okay in the crowd, do you see? So let's apply 15 peaks of spare there in the selection set. Its and the process of changing the exposure will work better. Let's take a look. Making the dark section on more light year. The finish. What about making a little bit more So that's it, as you can see, ignored the patios. Actually, I like this flying leaves style if you free to make yours. 7. Final Thoughts: Now you know that the press is off grade three for the shops. Not so difficult. I invite you to share your present with this. What makes some reason You should have any questions. Feel free to ask. Thank you.