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Drawing Exercises: 3 exercises to master the perspective

teacher avatar Milan Glozić, Painter, illustrator, Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the class


    • 2.

      Creating the gridded room


    • 3.

      Working with the ellipses


    • 4.

      2 and 3 point perspective


    • 5.

      Overview of the class and projects


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About This Class

Hello everyone, and welcome to another drawing exercise class.

In this second class about perspective we'll talk about core principles of drawing in one, two and three point perspective. We’ll see what you can exercise to get better at drawing in perspective and how it can benefit your drawing skills in general.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Milan Glozić

Painter, illustrator, Designer


Milan was born in Pozarevac, Serbia in 1979. From a very early age, he got interested in drawing comics, painting nature, and inventing games that he could then play with his brother and sister. He graduated from the University of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2003.

He works predominantly in the medium of traditional painting, but his art includes digital illustrations and book covers. He has had solo and group shows in Belgrade at the Progress Gallery, the National Gallery in Pozarevac, "In the Face Labyrinth" exhibition in Amsterdam at Arps and Co Gallery, and many more. Also, he is a Top-level designer at the 99Design platform where he made various book covers and illustrations for publishers and clients across the world.

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1. Introduction to the class: Hello, everybody. And welcome to my second perspective drawing class when it's Millan. And in this class will talk about why you should start playing about respecting trying if you haven't already, how it will benefits your trying skills and finally, what these exercises will actually be. So if you want toe, draw an object and not just to look at it, but actually sit and understand how the shapes occupies certain space and how to better draw it. Perfecto do. It will be respected because looking at an object from all sites and drawing it in 12 or three point perspective is great because you get the full understanding on that subject, how it behaves, what he sees. Material stuff I get. But also you'll get core principles that will help you tackle any given subject that you would like paint or drop. That way, you will have full knowledge and understanding of how that shape appears in three D space environment and help you proceeding your work. Also, as you're getting better at what you're doing. By doing all this exercise in perspective, other types drawing. You'll also be able to finally draw and faint from your imagination because you have all the knowledge that is necessary so you can imagine inside your head all that stuff. And like I said, perspective is great. Tweet toe proven that because you have all the knowledge. So don't skip anything about perspective. Tried to learn as much as you can and be patient about so you can look books. You can watch some videos on YouTube or in this case, you can take a look at this class and see the stuff that I've prepared for you in the first . So the exercises talk about grated room. What actually is and how that is important for your work on drawing abilities. How you can ruling that after that we'll talk about some ellipses, squares and circles. See holiday, a fear in perspective and why it is important. Toe tackle that subject. And finally, we'll make some exercises about 23 Which perspective and meals to talk about sloping planes will discover what this all right if you don't are not familiar with it, so that's basically it. And remember, like a bodybuilder needs to go to drink and exercise every day or other day to stay fit and ready even competition comes same way artist, painter or draftsman designer needs to exercise their skills, toe, be them and create something for the world that will be exciting. A new and interesting toe took it. So without further ado, let's dig into this glass and see what I have prepared for you. 2. Creating the gridded room: in this first exercise will create a great show you in a second how to go about it. But before that, let's prepare materials. So in this case, will need a couple off hassles ranging from H toe black Toby so erasers needed the razor. Simple ordinary zehr, possibly a razor in defence. So let's start for this exercise. You'll need one through the paper. You can use a fore and start work. I used for the exercise people that decides 24 centimeters by 34 centimeters. But like I said, you can use or near a four paper and make a rise in line in the vanishing point in the middle off that people and you see this light, it's important that you have enough space on this axis sense. So I created a little lots of the right side, actually five below the horizon time and three above the horizon line that will help me create. That's really on the fifth doctor below the present line. I made another results like and on that present line I made dot ST in middle and below, finishing point and left and right from debt. Not at a traditional four dots on left side and four dots on the right side. That way we have our base or room like you see here. Then I used a ruler. Can't meet lines that goes from each of these dots. Would a vanishing point. Also be aware that when you're drawing your life, make sure that line is thicker start and in there as it progresses in depth, closer to the vanishing point, he's can also help you get better perspective on make it easier or any later racing? No, that that is done. We'll create first settle tiles that will help us create all other shapes. Like I said, this is in perspective. Exercise. Oh, we'll use this as a unit of measurement. And how about that? I want to create other dots. Go something like this you'll make. I don't know. One of the styles was first left, right? I'll go through it all the way to the horizon line, thus making left and right. Vanishing point. This is one point perspective, but he's left and right. Vanishing points will help you wait all other tests. So aren't them. And by doing this, you'll see that all these blue lines that will be in your drawing, your construction lines. Very light, very gentle, pressing paper. I'll put the terminal. Other see, they intersect all other lines, and in these intersections you'll get additional horizontal lines that will be on the floor right now. Way have, or that he's it tells with and in depth. But if you want to wake more tiles in the background, you can easily do that as well. Just make the agonal line from another tiled. It's more wait. And where that line intersects lines that the vanishing to the vanishing point. You can add asses much and as much tiles as you like. So now we have something like tiles in depth for this. It's similar to Texas, as we've done in the previous class, about perspective, and now you can applied all that here as well. And that you can make critical eyes were horizontal lines, sect left line that goes to the vanishing point that's a base or are left. Next step would be to make another horizontal line that will be three thoughts above There is a line, and after debt we can make from the left upper corner line that will vanish into Vanishing point. Or you can delete lines necessary anymore and to keep clean drawing and make it easier to watch what comes next. When you've done that, another construction line go through left bottom, too. Right bumper order off the wall intersecting all the vertical lines which, as on floor help you make tiles on this one like this. Oh, that when you have these tiles on both floor and well, it will help you draw other shapes. Later on, You complete that. Well, we're going next and then finally on ceiling. It's a matter of simply repeating the process all over again. Remember, I think Miss go easy. I think it's at this point I just made in thicker for this drawing, so you can better see okay, and when that is done, you can actually adding elements in this case door by 12 tiles with and 70 miles in height , it's marked and the line start. Continue if you want additional elements in this case, apposite, who shapes ceiling and on the floor you can add on the ceiling that could be some kind of a light source. Use it or you can make it like the whole truth and or inside. So you how to create element in one point perspective box shaped like that. But this parallel the walls, see how you can drive it first when you go about it based project Box. In this case, it's too big toe else. And let's say I decided to make four tiles in height the way you can do about it. Well, that it is to create work gallons from its corners that you can see from the video and make it a little bit higher than what you imagine that your object should be. And then, like I said, I imagine it should be four times hype. So on the ball right side big result lines that will intersect with these articles on. When you've done that, you can simply connect these you found ups or nurse with the vanishing point and make. Now that we have all that race structure, this is basically for all other shapes that you want. I carpets bevel the window makes their case stuff like that. But it comes this exercising and moving respect to try and here is like finished drawing with older construction lines. Still, sites try to do it. Lights. I can raise them easier. And it's a staircase that left toe windows left and right, drove some window that is not on the left will, but also site where Dorries make level and show thickness. Walls ceiling. I made some posts and added my sources. They all vanished. That same gunship point door back wall Kevin. It's left and let's say structure like our near I left work and, of course, But before you go to the next exercise, let's look to finish joint and interiors that I used. I raised for the construction lines that I thought that I wouldn't need anymore. But I still kept some of those just a reminder how to go about it. Like you see, I used needed the razor or releasing all these in lines. And maybe just moving the pencil traces pencil traces from the paper and the further this part of the room and I used and still razor raising a pencil or some additional small corrections or ordinary race pencils that I was using wrenched from to age construction lines each and F would lines that are further away and be in three B pencil or six lines and lines that are closest to us. The way you can draw your stuff depends on your choice, and we want to go about it. You can finish this exercise photo, maybe work in progress and send it to a project gallery. And I would love, look, comment. You next exercise and that will be creating ellipses and talk about the lips is how it different. 3. Working with the ellipses: now that we finished working on our grid room and you can start looking that created project ready, we can talk about the religious and one of the exercises took is this dry before we need something. Partner pencils of wearing there hardness and some races. So but start with slides. Where can be more detail? Talk about trying to draw on the lips or circle. I think that good first watch at square on erecting because every circle, of course, if you know, can be drawn inside square. And if we divide square smaller parts, you see that each dots circle is the same distance from its center. That is important. No, we're going toe drawing lips is lips is our bit different and see if we have here. Rectangle knows credit for smaller parts. Kendrell licks. It's a bit different because ellipses you look a circle of short taxes and long access that's basically made a difference. Go and those short and long access and be very beneficial when we draw it in perspective. You see later what I mean. Also, the lower part of the circle is Samos, the upper and same applies for the lips, but if we look at parts off the circle on the Ellipse will see that each side on circle is same together, but vertical half off the lips is much different shape, then left and right side of the lips. So for our exercise will create for different angles and with and drive to draw freehand ellipse who have some better start and helpful. It will make diagonals and divided thes rectangles for smaller parts. With these purple lights, where you want to do that is because you want to make sure that your lips is that certain points on these thoughts and where they intersect and therefore important rules. When you draw Ellipse perspective for flat surface in these eggs, are did you touch Robert points? Thank square, and that's the purple with purple lines on Blue line. Makes circle you should also track for the rounding should go seamlessly along the way. No sudden rough changes and most so lines that continuous no stops or corners and symmetry . Symmetry is the key for creating ellipses. One side should be equal to the other. That's why we looked those previous examples. So for our second part in or exercise like in the previous issue Need just, um, or they're a four paper nick. Arise online and add vanishing line somewhere down the middle from this. Like I made it a little bit left side so I can add other explanations. But you can do it middle off your page, like in the previous exercises, will meet greeted room. I waited some dots this time left side. We have three dots decries in plain and I went to 345 six shots You look and like previous x ice on the fifth up below rising like way Dio I don't like and added Adopt That is straight below dementia point. This was underline is equal. Both left and right has same length on both left and right. From that middle point, we load the vanishing point and from that both sides off fine, another line going toe vanishing point that will serve. It's our base and at another horizontal line just little above their dot below the horizon and make the animals this create rectangle space so we can drawing ellipse inside construction lines, forcing their inner. They're dividing this for smaller parts and will guide. And while you're creating your lips. You're this. Remember, when you're drawing a lips perspective, it also follows the same rules as it as if you're drawing ordinary ellipse what they're mean. There are few main differences. And, like you see here with Red Line, another Ellipse debt isn't John right? And it doesn't although that line and it doesn't all these rules. It's about symmetry. These different lines are not that continues, and rounding off that lips isn't. But if you look at this additional drawing if you that if you want to drop correct, ellipse should also all in tow the directing like you see it's next with lines that construction. But it has bigger lower part, and we see here with Green Line Next middle. But in our case in perspective, the Ellipse, the parts off lips are no longer the same that, I mean the upper part smaller and lower part is bigger. It's immigrant. I have an example off her lips that is not joining perspective. See that their parts different upper parts more well compared the lips. That is not respect. Lower part is bigger, but actually they're all the same shape. That basically means that if even if you draw ellipses that our perspective, they also have the same basic shape as if they are not. And the main thing to remember that the shorter exes are the ones that are looking toe vanishing point, and they are always going straight to the vanishing point. No matter how this object clips displaced, one ellipsis, always a shorter one, should look at a vanishing point. No well done that we can. You slides and create a cylinder shape inside. Object this box. Way to do it first makes verticals and then makes the back end on that box and connect the dots. Great this shape grace. If you need some plans to race. Repeat, creating dia grows and making wise that will be horizontal and divided into smaller parts and then try to buy using those for rules it ellipse and succeed as this ellipse is dinner , and it will be thinner as you go closer toe vanishing point and horizon line. Closer lips is vanishing point or toe by the line. It will be in there also what you can do. A cube. This is a simple matter of connecting the dots with the base. Then the middle that circle above, and only you can make a book. Furcal Shape Order to do that somewhere on the first edge off your box. Great horizontal line. In this case, I made horizontal line looking at first dot below the horizon and then connected that thoughts that are on the front race of the box with the vanishing point and create a plane that's inside and that will help us. It shape always diagonals and construction lines necessary, so we have our based circle eight lips and you can see here it's even thinner than the one that's up because it's also rans like make construction. Light will go degrees on the line that goes through the center of this ellipse horizontal on one side and do it together side, making a letter X connect orders and make two horizontal on one above one below. You can have square in which you can it second, that's, you know, boat shape. Ellipses on here is my drawing just a little bit different measures. Theis Box is a little bit higher, but basically the same exercise made dry ellipses. This kind of drawing useful for anything because ellipsis we see around us everywhere. Here is another drawing that I made this class and we have some shapes that have a lot off lips, leather shapes Didn't we can practice so you can even put life able and see Oh, its shape React how his lips is are getting smaller get closer toe rise Applying present plight straight above face and this example showing you some old allies in my previous class about creating, drawing, figure, drawing simple shapes. I use a similar example. But as you can see here, we can also use respect. And in this example, here s how this object should go smaller and smaller as they recede into the distance on how the lips are getting in You have in his trunk with raced destruction life. So we have the main shapes here and like I said earlier, we can use drawing even for creating human figure. It may be different because parts of human body are not perfectly circular, so ellipses can change from time to time. But knowing oh, ellipse change environment and the position perspective can help you eight elements that you will later used, finished trying and be easier toe eight shapes and understand how to go about more complex . Here's another example and maybe chart flow. Same huddled. I haven't drawn ellipses or cylindrical shapes, but I had them in my mind when I was drawing circular shapes and stuff like that. But knowing those shapes exists and simplifying it, you figure in my mind it came very easy. Finished. I hope you found this you saw, and it will help you create exercises and be better trying ellipses. And if you have any common police would come and take a look. Oh so well, make an additional remark about lips is my final video, where overview it's it's 4. 2 and 3 point perspective: here we are at third exercise and we'll talk about stool and three point perspective. We'll create box with flaps on. We'll talk about some vanishing points, vertical craze and work called Vanishing Point. See what these are and in our second part will talk about three point perspective and see how to go about drawing this ship. So I hope you find interesting and you learn a few more things. So let's get inside When thinking about two points or three point perspective. One point perspective. It is always good to look at nature. Look at your surroundings, maybe even used some reference. What Here We have an example reference photo, and you can take a look at your own for us. For this example. You can even print out some of these waters on paper and try to find vanishing points and your horizon light. This case remote cries in line with Luke. If you can see here and it's 11 C and next I found Vanishing Point Place Will Oh, these lines side and they'll converge this Pacific white, and that helped. It's it's drawing drawing based on this father, this case, she won, but more often they're times well, you need probably more than one point, and in that case we're talking. But perspective, if the objects that are on your photograph or in front of you don't inside toe, one point arresting you need to do is to create and find the horizon line. Sometimes it may be harder to find that line, but if you have some elements on 40 this case, I have people that can help you determine the rising like and if you know when you need it , for some of the people have the same height is you. Heads help you find that arises like you see here, there for person people. Well, that's just swallow. That, I assume are the same height is me. So I used their positional, their eyes in their heads, who determine the vanishing points and force west presently. Also, there are other new figures that they're smaller or shorter than me, so their heads and their eye level is below mine. So they're also below the horizon and we shall here the first vanishing point right site, missy, that all the lines all the buildings that vanished death vanishing point are facing going straight to that. But see some there's don't know why we have a second point, and we see that all other lines side and converge. That's when she, however, this clock tower is positioned in a different way, and it doesn't goto either of these 200 points, so have to create third point. And why does that happen? Well, basically, and that isn't very important. When you talk about perspective that objects that are parallel to each other of same finishing point objects that are not hello to each other have different. Quite. And although we may have more than two managing points if they're all the same horizon time , we still talk about two point perspective. The's objects not parallel on day not, oh, say mention point were first, exercise well can take use for paper and divided into half using presente line and make two points. Looks this line. 18 Vanishing points left and right to mention somewhere between them. Draw a vertical line going street. I don't love to the sites off your paper. Make edges off that line. Converge left finishing point and then right when she her along the way. It another do once inside of first and Spanish. These lines both off the bench points. Same thing for the lower side. These lights and you'll have a base box like shape up. And, of course, your race, all the lines that you don't it will serve as a base for exercise. And now you can talk about some other things that also important here you have in destroying made for this exercise. It's a little bit different than slides, and you can also change those those things and make spokes like shape. Anyway. Like remember that so far we talked about objects that are formally late on ground plane. What if the things are not that simple? What about if we have objects that are entangled to the ground plane? It killed it. We'll have. We'll need a new set of rules. Drop this kind of shapes and to explain you just what you mean. We'll take a look. Lights make line, intersecting this paper into EFS and make vanishing points close to the edge. Imagine that this is just a rectangle, but the card boards Andi has read on look lines left right side and in this case, in this example, peril to the picture plane, see, and that's in front of us. Also parallel gunplay. But if we rotate it one side, then it will vanish. Toe either left or my point, and you see outside of this one will be bigger. It will also be air into the victory pain and still the ground plane that late, straight round. It's no longer standings out merch. You'll see that move sides that are worth paper. We'll go toe one vanishing point and red sides of the cardboard vanished right, And that is all good for now. If you want to put at an angle here, it all changes ocracy. It still goes through blue sites for paper still vanishing toe left vanishing point. But red don't way need new except the rules. And we're talking about here sloping plans because this under paper is growing up looking up. And if you want toe know how that caves you need to have vertical trace. Vertical trace is the line at close both the finishing point and is a 90 degrees angle on it and is now here represented the purple line. As you can see here, we have something that is called vertical vanishing points, and it is a point on the vertical trace where the lines meet. If we go through read sides off our port paper, they will vanish. Debt portico, Vanishing point And it will always be that line if we want to drop something that is not earlier to ground plane way. Need to have a trace you on both sites. If you consider it the red sides off this cardboard paper vanish with the vanishing point vertical vanishing point That's right side and it still blows the both sides off. Cardboard will still vanish, left vanishing Point because it's tilted site and we can even even higher, higher all the way until it's on the parallel. Brown played, of course, go further. Make it down and this time they vanished below the horizon. Time Who initial again with the vanishing point people below the horizon way back box and we want to make flax looks. Way have will have, perhaps, that they're not parallel to the ground plane and that why is weak. That's why we'll need place and fuel dots marks where that will help us. It perhaps like you see here with red line. I created two dots on the vertical chased left and the dots on the world traced right and, uh, left site upper left, critical vanishing point. It lines the nearest side box and intersect thes two lines line that will vanish, right, Us the first box. And if you want to do it, make another part. Boxed its opposite side with first We'll do the same this time. Use lower convention point inside it. Besides that, slept and well intersect these two lines. Another will vanish right after death Using Carline make trying It may look little bit using rough beginning What is you? Oh, exercises and repeat times You looked easier and like you see here you repeat process with the other side. Is that vanish? Vertical vanishing point, right? Are you one I have laps on? Then I suspect that line with another that will vanish to the left Finish a bit Ross is the other side using lower word convention point right and suspected left finishing to do left on ship and of course, make lines okay And they have books with maps that have are placed on, and you'll see that you can use that in many occasions going rooftops find some shapes, not parallel ground. Use of this sloping fans are in this make X troy ing going about looking place and outdoes last March off our exercise about perspective, you go with three point perspective and see how wait reason. But I'm going a bit quicker. Three point perspective is because it follows the same rose principles like earlier, except it has three points. So this exercise I we did nine very close up h using and made vanishing Point left into the right very close after death. Another point that would be a close below. My suggestion is you're doing this exercise biggest paper that you can find that we'll have more space to put its vanishing points and put them closer to the edges or even used to pieces of paper. Just have enough space and less form it off the objects. I did instruct article ongoing your straight up and some places intersected with lines that vanish left and right point rise in us, leaving you with lines that you can use gate an object that will be respect. See here lines right. Three sides object and excited. Oh, along these lines and make these lines emerge. Point invention pointed below using tough right. And when they in these new lines of the sect construction lines vanishing left right point have thes object you at making lighter construction lines connecting thes together object to look as if we are looking main difference when we talk about people in perspective. Two point perspective that we're talking about two point perspective about objects that we see straight in front of us. When you're talking about three point perspective way we're looking object like this case is below us So we see the top plane that object and left and right If you're looking with desire, lust and you see the bottom and here way have exercise made paper it all the construction lines help me create subject And it was really fun just to experiment not just it. One object that tried to think about creating holes in this objects, making all these sections thinking about line weight and how simply that object different sides shapes too great. You can rotate this paper and imagine you're seeing things other perspective in the last one to the speed, of course. Well, about over your stuff projects and you there 5. Overview of the class and projects: congratulations for finishing this, really, of course. Or at least watching the video material. And now it's time for you to create your own projects. If you haven't already, my advice would be to start 11 And as you go, look for the reading materials again and ask and question. If you feel like it and I'll try to answer them as fast as you can, just go quick over you. Let's take a look at what we've done so far and dry. First exercise was about one point perspective and created a brilliant room that will help you better understand how objects shapes behave when they are all emerging and going into one point. Remember, use guidelines for a grisly closer. Remember that each shape have present lines that go into that one vanishing point. Use tiles don't make your life easier and create tiles. Create the Wagnalls going from the first set of tiles and so forth, so forth. When we're talking about ellipses, remember that they're smaller perspective as they go closer toe the horizon line and vanishing points like seeing this example that it's ketchup. And another thing about thes ellipses and circles is that circles parallel to the picture plane are no problem when we're looking at them in perspective because they will still be a circle. But circles that they're perpendicular are to become ellipsis. Like I said earlier, shorter access is always looking and going straight with vanishing point that is very important. I'm still drying ellipses perspective, and when you're drying ellipse, remember toe the proper points on rectangle that can help you lips make sure they're all round. Any correct weight line is continuous and that your lips are symmetrical, both the left right side up, upper part and and remember, you can use that knowledge and drying ellipses in perspective, even if you want to draw someone black shapes, human figures and stuff like that, sir, is starting point. We'll also learn learn stuff about that to me, and it's a great exercise. See the shapes in any other object. And finally, we have done a few drawings and exercises. Two and three point perspective. Remember that objects parallel nature have the same vanishing point, an object that they're not Carol different 20 points. Also, we've talked about slopping planes, vertical place and vertical venture points and three point perspective you're looking up on an object has opposite toe two point perspective on your looking straight ahead, so project you can go through a video. Do you make these exercise? It's the best thing would be to make all these exercises was more You exercise. You get around and have a better understanding shapes things that respect. So you can that great knowledge. Other places that I created on go into shading and after looking thank size this place about changing eating figures shapes probably for this scene basics Plus about trying exercises informs you with all the material on basic exercises June 8. So I hope you like this place and if you're so leave going to review and our so have a great day drawing and soon the next.