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Drawing cartoon monsters (for younger kids)

teacher avatar Joe McMenamin, Artist - Illustrator - Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Drawing Monster shapes


    • 3.

      Drawing eyes


    • 4.

      Drawing mouths


    • 5.

      Drawing noses


    • 6.

      Drawing our Monsters


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About This Class

Learn how to draw fun cartoon monster characters in this easy-to-follow class for younger kids. In this class you will learn how to draw a bunch of different monsters using different shapes as the body. You will also learn how to draw lots of different types of eyes, mouths, noses and other features.

Meet Your Teacher

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Joe McMenamin

Artist - Illustrator - Teacher


I am an artist, a teacher, a dad and creativity is something I apply to all of those things. For 14 years I was known as Mr Mac the art teacher, getting teenagers amped up about making and learning from them as much as they learnt from me.

Then in 2017 I did something I had dreamt of in those ‘what if?’ moments we all have. I stepped away from being a secondary school teacher and I put on my artist hat full time. I have pursued my love of organic, flowing patterns, diving into painting, drawing, making a beautiful mess with dyes and printmaking.

In my Feilding studio I follow a few different creative pathways. I might pick up an ink pen and let my mark making lead me to some intricate doodling. Native birds take flight – my pen imagines their song and nau... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hey guys, join MEC minimum in here. In this class, I'm gonna teach you how to draw months to ketones. This class is aimed at younger kids, so maybe around 506 years old. And I'm gonna show you how to tune different shapes into really cute little monsters. As well as how to draw eyes and noses and mouths to show different expressions and get different feelings. Yeah, Hope you enjoy it. And let's get creative. 2. Drawing Monster shapes: All righty guys. So you're really not going to need a lot of materials for this class. We're just going to be using a basic pencil and an eraser and a piece of paper. So hopefully you guys have all of this stuff at home. The first thing we're gonna do is we're going to look at different shapes for monsters. The first monster shape we're going to look at is a circle. That's really nice and easy. All right, so just draw a circle and it doesn't matter if your circle is not perfect, even if it ends up being so like squash like that. And then that's totally fine as well. Okay, then we're going to draw, let us try drawing an oval shape. This almost looks like kind of a minions where it's longer and it's rounded at the E1s like that. Then we can do a square shape as well with sort of rounded corners just like that. All right, so these are our basic shapes and we can do lots of other ones. In fact, let me just do a couple more. So we're gonna do squiggly one. Now this is gonna be like a hearing monster. It's just like random squiggles. Just like that. It doesn't really matter how big the squirrels are or whatever they are. And you could do, you could do it like this with lots of lines. That looks quite here. He doesn't it? Just for fun. We'll do a triangle guy as well. But we'll do triangle upside down, the pointy bits at the bottom. Alright, Cope. Those are our basic shapes that we're going to start off with. But before we can draw anything on those shapes, we actually need to learn about how to draw some of the features. 3. Drawing eyes: The first thing we're gonna do is we're going to learn a little bit about eyes. Eyes are probably the most expressive things that we're gonna be drawing today. When I draw eyes, we're going to start off with just with basic circles. We'll do a couple of circles like that. Now, if you're too little dot in the middle, do you see how that looks? Surprised if we just give it a round heat, let us see how those eyes look. Really kind of surprised because they like really wide and open. Yeah. We'd normally we're used to seeing IES that are kind of like this shape, like this. Sort of like that. It's more like a human eye. But when we see eyes cartoon like this that are like really big, then that kinda looks surprised. Now if we do that again, let's stick to the same sort of circle shape. We do two circles like that. If we do two lines through the middle and then we do the little iPad here. Like that. Do you see how that looks tired? If someone's kind of like got droopy eyelids coming down. Eyes are really expressive outlet. All right, let's try another one now. We do another circle. You guys could be drawing these along just on a practice page. Now, if we go with this idea, gains will go to circles. But instead of just one line, we do two lines. Then we do the little eye that in the middle. Tomato, it looks like someone's squinting the eyes. So they're really suspicious of something. That is pretty cool. See how we can give different personalities just by the eyes. Okay, So in the last one, I'll just show you with the eyes here is you can kind of do the eyebrows part of the eye. So if we go like this on an angle, this makes the person look a little bit more angry. And you can actually do that with eyebrows as well, like kinda thick eyebrows. It's like they are bunched up in the middle of the heat and then making the person look angry. Now we've done the same kind of shape, same kind of eyes, the hallway, but you don't have to do that. You can do eyes further apart. Like that. You can do eyes that are really close to give us. You can even do them like this with a like, sort of like really close to give an overlapping, in fact, they've just made me think of one more, one more ice thing. And that's like crazy eyes. Crazy eyes is where you have one eye point looking at here, the other one pointing down there. They looked like they confused or cross-eyed was something cool. There's a bunch of eyes. 4. Drawing mouths: Okay, so now we've done a bunch of eyes. Now we're gonna do some mouth's, mouth's. Now with the mouse, we can do some really easy one. So like that's a Smiley face, right? You guys know this sad face. Easy to do. But what's this one they face? We can actually make it a bit different. We can do Smiley face with kind of puffy cheeks, which makes it look even more smiley. Or we can even do, we can do like smile like this where someone might be showing their teeth. Like a real teeth smile. You can also do like a flat mouth, which is kind of like someone who's just not very happy or just confused. Or even like if they're kinda like suspicious so we can add the flat mouth to the suspicious eyes. What's going on here? We can do a circle mouth, which is like I said, it might be surprised if we come back up here to surprise dies. Just do a little circle mouth. See how the eyes and the nose like match together. We can do open mouth like this where there's lots of teeth showing. You guys can make up any combination of these when we do our monsters at the end, you can make up any combination you want. What would, what would be good for this one? Maybe this guy here, sort of angry guy. He's like angry, showing his teeth. What else can we do in the mouth? We can do a cute little tongue poking out. Was quite cute. Or we can do like a really confused, here we go on this guy. Confused mouth. What's going on? We can do silly things too. Like we can do vampire mouth. You can do smile and then just give it some vampire teeth. I'm not sure what kind of eyes we would do for that one. Maybe we could do maybe tie it. Iss is like a tide vampire. Pretty satisfied. One more variation of the mouth which is to do instead of t phi that you can do, pointed at one side. Open up the other and it's kinda like a real like trying to like put a lot of effort into something, like lifting something really heavy. Now. 5. Drawing noses: Let's just talk about noses really quick now noses I notice is a bit harder to show kind of expressions with. But there's some basic ones. Noses. You can just do like a little bit like that. You can do like a bit more of a curvy went like that. You can do a wide nose with some hair sticking out of it. That's pretty funny or like a like a pimple or something on it. You can do like a little we button nose. You can do like a little sharp notes as well. Okay, so let's just add a few noses in here. So if we just go little we know is that that makes sense? Maybe on this angry guy we can give them a sharp nose. It's like horror sharp guy. Who this guy needs a big no. So let's give them a big, big nose like that. Maybe a little nostril on the side. Cool. So this one might have little nose attached like that. Actually this is starting to look a bit like Garfield. See if we draw them math like this. That was like AlphaGo, doesn't it? Give them the straight eyes? Cute. You can either choose to have a nose or not. You can have like a tiny little nose or you can have like a really crazy big nose and then like tiny little eyes. You can do any combination that you want to do. 6. Drawing our Monsters: Okay, so let's go back to our original page where we had different monster kind of heeds, shapes. Let's do a combination of some of those different things. So you guys can follow along with me or you can decide your own ones if you want to. But I'm just going to do, I'm thinking I'm going to do big surprised eyes here. Someone who got too big, maybe that's surprised, but they really happy. So they've got a big open mouth, big cheeks. This is, this is like a boy who's just got a cool like Christmas present. Maybe we could actually give them a little Christmas head. Yeah. That'd be quite Coelho Christmas hat. Yeah, I just got a cool Christmas present. This guy here, he's gonna have really big eyes. And he's gonna be really suspicious. He's got his eyes alike stuck together. He's gonna be a little bit angry, angry, and suspicious. He has to have a downturned mouth like this. If something's just gone wrong, what's happened? Oh no. It needs a little sharp notes as well for some reason. Alrighty. Now you don't always have to do the eyes right in the middle. You can spread them out so you don't have to do them all in the middle of a huge. So let's say, let's do a couple of really spread out eyes right down the bottom here. Let's do like what kind of we just do. Let's do some crazy eyes on this one. Mainly it's not even give them like a noses, just give them like a really crazy Smiley mouth. Alright, that looks cool. Now I'm going to show you how to add some arms and legs to these as well, which would be pretty fun, but this is go ahead and add some other things. So I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go with this 11, I what? I'm gonna do this, but now in this case, a little bit more technical, but the colored butterfly, I like that. He's just going to have an eyelid like this and like this. He kinda looks a bit like do you guys know that character from Monsters, Inc? Is it Mike? Mike Mike was ascii? No. You might have to remind me. I can't remember what the name of this character is. I think it might be Mike, but anyway, I like that and then I'm gonna give this guy some little feet. Okay, So you just deal with that down foot in some little arms coming out of the side. His whole heat is basically just an I mean, I'm just going to do a little hand, slight little circles. It looks like cute little monster guy. Now let's have a look at these fairy ones here. So ferry guy is gonna, he's gonna be like kind of angry. Maybe everyone keeps like blow drying is here so it gets really fuzzy. And he's going to have real close to give the eyes here. Among knows they're, there we go. And he's gonna have eyebrows like this. Now if you do big eyebrows like that, It's sort of like happy or lost. Confused. Yeah, that looks weird. And this guy will make him just real happy. Happy. And what should we give them just like these kind of eyes. This big happy eyes. It looks actually, you know what, he looks a little bit like a minion, like he's wearing goggles Now. It's funny. We just give them a little circle, knows she lives. Make his mouth more folate. This will just give them like teeth. He looks like a pretty happy TO Disney. The triangle, the final one here. Let, this time let's make giant eyes like this. Kind of a, a triangle. Notice that makes sense. I mean, just a big Smiley mouth that goes all the way along. Like that. He kind of looks a little bit like a taco. It doesn't look like a chip like a nacho chip with him. We're just going to give them little leagues, but we're just gonna do single lines. Long arms like this. Here's heat is his whole body basically. That's just me making up some different some different characters. You guys can make up whatever you want. Like I'm just putting some bushy eyebrows in there. That's totally fine. Have fun with just making up different things. One thing I like to do sometimes this just adds some silly heads to guys like silly hit. Let's say it's some silly heads. And I'm thinking like, once a good head, a top hat is always good, like this kind of thing. And he's put a little square, but on the bottom. There we go, he's got a little top hat. Now. What else could we do? We've already done a Christmas he had up here. Let's go. Maybe this guy will give them a rounded head. Hey, rounded hit like that. Cube it down a bit at the bottom. Color it until Why not? Bella is pretty silly. You can kind of add extra little things that you want to add. You can add here onto them. So like this guy might have a few little bits of here. This guy might have like Mohawk sticking up. He looks like he deserves in my hook. And actually, if we do little dots on the heat, that's lucky shaved heat on the side. Should we give them some a bit as well like some dots for the BU? So just be as creative as you want. Add some extra things. This one is bothering me. It feels like he's got too much heat. You know what, he needs some big eyebrows. Let's give them some big bushy eyebrows like us have them going outside the frame. That's better, That's way better. And maybe some here as well give them some big bushy hair coming out with us. Yeah. Okay. That makes sense. Kind of I want you guys to just yeah. Have fun with it. Be as creative as you want. I'll take you back here to look at the Practice page. So we've got kind of normal human eye, lots of different kinds of eyes that we talked about in the other video. Lots of different mouth's that we can connect up with the eyes and noses. And we did talk a little bit in the second video just about eyebrows. Eyebrows can be like angry or they can be like kind of happy if they're up, highlight that. Sometimes they come down like this. They might angle down over the eyelids as well. So eyebrows can be really, really expressive. So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this little class today. And I want you guys to go away, design some of your own crazy monster people and try and give them some names as well. I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna call this one hairy. Don't know why. Harry, Harry, Harry. And this guy can be called Bob. This one is Jim. Not sure why, but you'd have to give names to your monsters as well. All right. Thanks guys. Have a great day. Bye.