Draw a Cartoony Portrait with Markers and Colored Pencils | Ori Chalbaud | Skillshare

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Draw a Cartoony Portrait with Markers and Colored Pencils

teacher avatar Ori Chalbaud, Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Project


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About This Class

Hi! I'm Ori Chalbaud : ) I am an Illustrator and Graphic designer from Venezuela based in Canada.

In this class you will learn to draw a fun cartoony portrait with a mix of traditional techniques. 
We will detail our face to find the basic shapes that we need to make it very fun and expressive.

This is the list of materials that we will be using in this class:
- Paper
- Pencil
- Black Ink Pen
- White In Pen
- Eraser
- Markers
- Colored Pencils
- Picture of yourself looking forward 

We will be using traditional materials like pens, pencils, markers and colored pencils, don’t worry if you don’t have all the materials, you can practice with what you have around.

We will be starting from sketch and by the end of this class you will have a final awesome art piece that you can use as your profile picture or maybe a gift for your family and friends! 

No or very little experience is required for this, as I'm going guide you step by step! 

Complete your class project by sharing your process and final art of your lovely portrait!

I’d love to share all your awesome portraits on my instagram account too! If you want to be feature tag me on your image @orichalbaud and include #SkillshareOri


Can’t wait to see them all! :D

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ori Chalbaud



Hi - Hola! My name is Ori Chalbaud!,
I'm an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Venezuela, based in Calgary, AB.

I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember.  I even used to play with my coloured pencils and spent hours organizing them by tones and sizes and pretend they were little families :D. I love oreos, drinking large amounts of coffee and dancing!.


 After studying graphic design I realized that what I loved the most was illustrating, so I spent a year at BAU School of design in Barcelona furthering my knowledge in illustration. I work in digital and in traditional techniques. There is something about the traditional techniques that have that warm feeling texture that I really love.

I regu... See full profile

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1. Introduction: My name is and I am an illustrator in a graphic designer from Minnesota living in the Beautiful. I have four with different marketing agencies. I have also worked with different plants, businesses and custom illustrations, and also Children's books illustrations, which is the thing that I love the most. My illustration style is very continuing, very colorful. I love to outline my illustrations and also love throwing my characters with radio Really big eyes. I said about staring my skills for product without basic portrait. We're gonna do a close up portrait, and I really like this idea because this was actually my first job in the illustration work . This was my first permission. So I think that's a really, really good way to start in your inspiration business. In this class, you will learn how to in straight opportunity for drink. We're going to start from the beginning. We're going to start with a sketch. Then we're gonna add some ink. We're gonna add some colors, and then we're gonna add those textures, those shapes that actually bring something like a special touch to your illustration. By the end of this last, you will know how to illustrate a portrait in a cartoony way with a mix of traditional techniques. We will use markets, color pencils, fans, Fields Inc. And you can use it to give it to someone special, maybe for yourself. Or maybe you can start your own inspiration. Business for this class do can be a beginner. Do you don't have to know anything about illustrations? And also you can be someone that is already in the installation work but also wants to try something different. I also invited to subscribe to my instagram and to my channel because I will be posting some new business about illustration, traditional techniques or maybe something so I hope CEO. 2. Class Project: for this class project who will draw a cartoon in portrait? I invite you to share your process by showing us your sketch, your color illustration and the final arts picture with all the shades and sparkles, I really, really can't wait to see all your often portray its. 3. Materials: for this glass. We're gonna use some basic materials. We're gonna need some paper pencil, eraser, ink, pen markers, colored pencils and a white pin. I really, really like the Strathmore and cancel mixed media paper because I love the texture, but you can just whatever kind of paper did you have for wrong. I also love this. Cool erase Ban seals from Prisma Kohler. They come in a very variety off holders. My favorites are the blue and the red one. As you can see, my pencils are already very little. This pencils are super smooth and they're super easy to erase. So for sketching is the best. We're also going to do some implants. My favorites are Deuce, Big Mama Chrome. They come in different tapes and in different thickness. So you will have a different finish depending on the one that you like the most. Almost all the time. I will Jews the number three or D number five. You will need any racer tip. I just found this little one that I had. I run my home, but you can use whatever kind off a racer you have, or whatever size you have, we're gonna use the markers. This is the brand that I love the most. This already Coptic on. They have two types off dips when it's more or the just or little things, and they're one is more so. It's like a triangle shape. These markers are perfect for Blanding, so if you want to plant or combine two different colors, this friend will be perfect for you. They're very smart, and they also have, um, a blender. Then you can also use to help. You blamed those sheets. We will also use some color pencils. My favorite brands are polygamous from Father Castell, and I also have some from Britney Colder Premier that I really like. I really like this kind of color pencils because they're very smooth. They are very easy to work with, so you can mix the friend colors and it looked awesome. And the last one is the white man. This one is the general from sir correct. And you can't see it because it's white. But I'm gonna draw a little hard here where you can see how good it is. I used this ban for little sparkles for that little light that we have in our eyes and in our lives, so it's very good for our little details. Now check out the next video where the phone really starts. 4. Detailing: before we start with our portrait, let's take a better look off the picture. We're going to just I always like practicing with my face. I figured make us feel more comfortable because no one's going to judge. I like this in a face looking forward picture so I can have a better look off the head shape. So let's talk about a little bit of the elements in our four drink. We have the head, neck, eyes, mouth knows the hair and in some pictures that will also see the ears. Because this is the cartoony portrait, the proportions won't be realistic. So you want to choose one of these elements to pop to stand out. I just like going for the ice because I really like big ice. I think they give so much expression to the characters I invited to watch an expedient where we will start sketching 5. Sketching: what I the first before it started my sketch is that I will look at the picture and I will cigarette out if my basic shape it's a circle, an oval, a square, an upside down X shape, or what kind of basic shape do I need to use or this person? The second thing that I do is that I draw vertical length and this will word us a guideline . A lot of people do the cross guidelines, so they will draw the your eyes in the or something length. But what I do is that I actually drop two lines to part of the lines. They are kind of thin at course. Wait so I can be civilized. My eyes better. Sometimes I do with them a little bit up or sometimes I will do them a little bit done, depending on the face shape off the person that I will drop and also if they're looking to the front there looking up, maybe down. So in the middle off this two lines is where I draw the circles for my eyes. I really like big, big, really big eyes, so I always start with a circle, then I will draw a little line that will help me as a guy. And I will know that in that part it's going to be the end off my nose. Never gonna start sketching. I have already my picture on the side and I have here my two called erase pencils. I like starting with the red one for my basic shapes. And I think my face is very over also ill do that shape and then I draw the vertical line and the two part of the lines for my eyes. First, I draw the circles for the big eyes that I like and the little line for the nose. And I'm gonna take my blue Pantsil and I'm gonna start with all the details. Now that we have our basic ship, it's easier to keep going. I start with my eyes and I do the eyelashes. If I'm going to draw a boy, I usually just draw the circles for the ice for both boys and girls. I always rather cheeks that are on the bottom off the I know I'm going to drop two circles for the eyes. They can be looking forward that can up looking down to the sides. Just remember that they have to be part of, and they have to have the same space between them. If you are moving than to the sites, so they will look weird. Now I'm growing the eyebrows. Just make sure they look kind of like the picture that you have from the site. And let's drop our nose so I always draw This girl's lying on the side because it will help you to give more bowling to your cartoony illustration. Now I'm doing the mouth first. Basic birth shape and then I will at the lips and some details. 40 face shape. I starved with a chain, and then, depending on the shape off the person that I'm doing the portrait, I will do the sheikhs. You don't have to draw the face exactly like the If you were, like the basic fewer you have from the bottom. It's just a guide for you now growing the hat. The good thing about this is that didn't have to be perfect, so the hat actually doesn't have to be in the same shape. You can play a little bit more with it so we could be more fun and you can have more movement now, adding those little details on the hat, and I'm going to start with the hair. I always start with the upper part off the face off the head, and then I do the next shape the girls. I actually do them very close to each other. But for boys, I usually do them farther and more straight. I'm doing the hair. I have a very curly Harold. So what I do is that I kind of do this wave shaped because if it's sketch didn't have to be perfect, it doesn't matter how many lines you have around, so you can play a little bit more with shapes. Maybe if you had a mistake or you are looking at it in a different way. You can fix that because it's just a sketch. So you're allowed to do all the lines that you want. I'm just taking my red color because I also want to add a satirical on the back. I like to add those kind of backgrounds. Our sketch is finally ready. Now Go and state the next video where we're gonna add some ink 6. Inking: So after our sketch is ready, we're going to start thinking I usually start from the top to the bottom and from their right to lift because I am a lefty. But if you are a right handed, maybe you want to try starting from the left to the right and your word one get dirty. If you made a mistake with a lying, it doesn't matter. That always happens to me. So what I do is that I draw like a the curling in different parts off the administration. So So it would actually look like it's something that is on purpose. And it actually gave do more expression to your character into your illustration. I usually just the Big Mac make room number tree, But for the sake of this video, I'm going to just the number five so you can take a better look off the lines in this part . You want Toe Inc. All the blue lines that you did before in your sketch. Just remember not to think the ones that you did for your basic shapes, the ones that were in the back because this one's we're just ask the guy. Now I'm gonna end this with a spit bank so you can see the result off the ink. In part, our income part is done. Now go to the next media where you can see how we're gonna cold or this beautiful portrait . 7. Coloring: make sure that your ink it's already dry. No, because our next step, it's going to be It raised all the lines that you did in your sketch. So you Wonder Inc to be very dry, because if it's not, it's going to be all over the place that have happened to me a lot before that you can see why my eraser is so small at this time. You want to add all the details that you didn't add before. So I like to add some lines in my eyebrows. Maybe some lions in the clothes. I can fix all the lines. If I say something wrong, I just make them bigger. And maybe you can add some details on your hair, too. Now, we're going to start painting with our markers, so this markers ride very fast. So you actually don't have to start from the top to the bottom, left to right or right left. You can start just whatever you want. I usually use them as a color base, so you could actually used a watercolor instead off the markers. I just like them because they are very. Is it to drive? They are very easy to control. They are very easy to work with. And they are actually faster to work with because didn't have to go and get the brushes, the watercolors, water and all the supplies that unit for water coloring. I usually start with the edges off each part, and then I will do the rest the thicker tip off the marker. Sometimes when you wait too much between pain in the lines and the rest of the finger, sometimes you can see the difference between them. The good thing is that we're gonna add some color pencils after these, so you won't really see that the friends or that different textures between them. Sometimes the marker will get a little bit 30 with the ink that we use before. So what I do is that when I see that the point, it's kind of black. I just go and go to another paper and I will paint a little bit on them. So the black part who go off now that the color in part is done, go to the next video to add some shadows and some lights and some volume to this beautiful portrayed 8. Shading: Now that our illustration already have our base colder, we're going to start with some volume at him. Some shades from right to left. If you're lefty and from top to bottom. Yes, I don't want to make a mess with my illustration. So the first thing that you want to be aware, it's from where your life it's going to come. So, for example, let's just say that our life comes from this eraser. You want to make sure that in the right side you're gonna have more light and all the shadows are gonna be on the left side. I really great tip that I have to say about the color. Pencils is always, always, always a start with a little bit of pressure, just a little bit. You really want to have a really light shade, and then you can add more and more more layers off shades. If you actually start with a lot of pressure, you can't go back to the lighter colors or the lighter shapes. So the better way to start is just started from the light and then Adam some layers and layers and layers. Whenever I have to use a black Kohler. In my illustrations, I always news alive Golar base for the black. So, for example, I have this great that I do is for the colder base, and then I can add some black shades to this quarter, and then you can see the building. If I started with a black market, I won't be able to add very much shades to this black. Sometimes I like leaving this small space between the lines and the shadows because I really like how it looks for the hair. I'm not going to do a straight line. I'm going to do some small circles for the hair so you can see more like a curly texture in my hair. I like to add some brown and then go to the black so I can have different shade. Kohler's depending under skin color. I always like to add a light brown, then a darker brown and then black, for example. In this illustration, we have a hat so that actually give you more shadows to your forehead. So what I do is that I add more dark brown shadows and I also at another dark brown shadow to my neck. I also like to add a little bit off light blue to the eyes because it gives you more volume . Finally, I just add a little bit of shadows in the background just because I want the background to put out a little bit. So I want the texture to be in all the illustration and also adding some pink shades to the cheeks because it makes it look more cute. Now I'm adding some light with white. You cannot really see it too much in the skin, but in the eyes works to perfect, so it kind of makes the eyes pop. And again it drinks more volume. And finally I used my daily world wide pan hard, the little light in our eyes and on her lips. I work. Cartoon Administration portrait is finally ready, so let's go to the next video and you can see how you can take an awesome picture off. This illustration. 9. Shooting: Now that you're done with your awesome portrait, you can take great pictures were posted it in your social media are for adding it to your new custom portrait online store. I always use natural light because the colors looks better. A lot of people like using a white background. You can at some materials on the sides. Just be careful with those elements because you don't want their shadow to be on your illustration. I left colors, so I always like adding some color paper under the illustrations are UN decides. I think it makes it look more fun and a life when I have all my set ready. I take a picture with my phone and that a little brightness into the picture. With my phone editing option, you can take close ups. You can add different elements. Just remember, have fun with it. 10. Wrapping up!: Hey, guys, it's me already again. I hope you really like this class that you had fun and that you know something. You if you have any kind of question, please. And, you know, in the community physician also let me know what you think about this class in the review session. I can't wait to see older projects, and I would love to share them all. So please back me on Instagram with at 40 watts and with the hashtag skill shirt already so I can see all of your beautiful pork rates. Thank you so much for watching this glass again. And I hope to see you in my next class. My