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Do this every 6 months to be successful in business: The Entrepreneurial Stocktake Project

teacher avatar Nestene Botha, Entrepreneurship Training

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Video 1 Learn the secret to business: The entrepreneurial stocktake project


    • 2.

      Video 2 Let's get started: What you're going to need


    • 3.

      Video 3 Take stock of your Superpowers


    • 4.

      Video 4 Take stock of your Sweetspots


    • 5.

      Video 5 Take stock of your Resources


    • 6.

      Video 6 Take stock of your Processes


    • 7.

      Video 7 Take stock of your Market-Fit


    • 8.

      Video 8 Take stock of your Opportunities


    • 9.

      Video 9 Take stock of your Risks


    • 10.

      Video 10 Take stock of your weakspots


    • 11.

      Video 11 Print it & Pin it


    • 12.

      Video 12 Wrap up & Key Takeaways


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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to complete the entrepreneurial stocktake process.

During this process you'll take stock of:

- Everything you have

- Everything you've built and

- Everything that is present in your life and business

More specifically we will take a look at taking stock of all of your:

- Superpowers

- Sweetspots

- Resources

- Processes

- Market-Fit

- Opportunities

- Risks and

- Weakspots

By going through this process you'll enable yourself to:

1. Make better strategic entrepreneurship decisions.

2. Empower your creative problem-solving ability.

3. Give yourself the highest possible probability of being successful on your entrepreneurial journey.

The entrepreneurial stocktake project should ideally be completed by serious entrepreneurs on the following basis:

- a minimum of once every 6 months

- every time a key strategic decision needs to be made

- whenever a third-party business partner, accountability buddy or coach is pulled in to help you with your journey and decision-making

By completing the entrepreneurial stocktake project entrepreneurs will:

1. Gain clarity

2. Get focused

3. And get going towards creating the entrepreneurial empire you've always dreamed of.

A word from the presenter

Hi! My name is Nestene Botha, I'm an experienced, successful entrepreneur and teacher specializing in helping entrepreneurs achieve results and I very much look forward to guiding you through this very special learning journey so that you too, can complete your very own Entrepreneurial Stocktake. :)

This class is for:

Beginner to Experienced entrepreneurs that want to gain clarity, get focused and improve their strategic decision-making skills.

It will also help you:

- Train your brain to spot opportunities, risks, resources and a multitude of other aspects to your business and life that you're probably missing right now.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nestene Botha

Entrepreneurship Training

Level: Beginner

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1. Video 1 Learn the secret to business: The entrepreneurial stocktake project: Economic warriors, freelancers, creative, everybody watching this video right now, I'm so excited to be here with you today because I'll be sharing a process that has helped me so much in terms of achieving entrepreneurial success in my own various businesses. It's called entrepreneurial stock take. And I've created some beautiful templates for you. I've created you some slides. I'm going to be here talking you through this step by step by step. And I'm so excited to be here and sharing this with you. So what are the benefits of the entrepreneurial stock take? Basically, if you spend this time with me, you're going to be able to uncover opportunities that you might not have otherwise known about or have been able to take advantage of. You are going to get clarity, get focus, and get going with establishing that beautiful entrepreneurial Empire that you have been dreaming of creating. How often do we complete entrepreneurial stuff? Take the good uses. You can check back in with me on this exact course every single six months at a minimum. Okay, so six months is the minimum for me when I complete my entrepreneurial stuff take. But also if you are going through a time in your business where you're making strategic decisions. So fishing down or you're scaling up, or you're introducing a new service or product, or you're finding your messaging, anything like that. So any strategic move that you're going through in your business, you want to come to this course first, come to me and come complete this template with me. Because this is going to give you the information that you need in order to make those moves successfully. Also, if you're bringing in a coach, if you bring in an accountability buddy, if you're bringing in a mentor, if you're going to be working with me, I'm really going to send you to this course first, okay? Because what this does when you complete this and you give it to the person, the third party that is working with you. It empowers them, it shows them what is going on in your mind, your life, and in your business, where we're at and what you've got access to that empowers us to really, really help you move forward in your business and get the results that you want. So what is entrepreneurial stuff to it guys? It's not new. I am sure entrepreneurs around the world have been doing this informally for the real-life, says business has been around. Okay. So I didn't invent the process. I just documented it. I guess like the name is near the sheet is new timbres. New. Successful entrepreneurs have been doing this for years and it's literally just the process of taking stock of everything you have, everything you've built and everything that is present in your life and business at a certain point in time. And what that does is it actually empowers you to make better decisions because you'll be making them in formed. Breakthroughs in our lives are often very much closer than we think that they are a lot of entrepreneurs that I work with come to me and they're like, Oh my goodness, I have so much to do. I'm never going to make this. How long is this going to take? And when we actually start drilling down and we look at what they've already done. They're often so close to that breakthrough is just that they can't see the wood from the tree is at that moment. That is what this process is supposed to help with. Then if you bring in a third party like me, and I need to look at that as well. That empowers someone like me to help you even more with getting to where you want to be. So the idea is that creative thinking and problem-solving when well-informed, can and will cause you to make massive positive changes in your life and business simply by making the right decisions. But it only works when you're well-informed, okay, trust me, I'm a creative, creates decision-making and problem-solving without information equals reckless creative thinking and decision-making with proper information equals breakthrough. Okay, That's where we're going. We going for more breakthroughs in your life that you're ready to start breaking through and creating that entrepreneurial empire that you've been dreaming of. Check back with me and I will show you what you need in order to get started on this journey with me. 2. Video 2 Let's get started: What you're going to need: Welcome back. I would say excited that you have decided to come back to the next video and go on as a breakthrough process with me. So let me show you what you need in order to get started with your entrepreneurial stuff, tech projects. So the first thing that you're going to need is entrepreneurial stock tech templates. Now you don't have to inventors or write it out because I've literally made it for you. You can just go to the Resources section, download your copy of it, and you've got it. So tick, one thing done already. Now the next thing you're going to need is an open-mind reason for that is I'm going to require you to actually, I think, think deeply and maybe go in your mind where you haven't gone before. So the idea is to really push your limits and to gauge you to take stock of everything that you've got. Things that we usually overlook, things that we maybe don't even know about. The only way I can get you to do that is if you have an open mind and you're prepared to stoop to spend time with me actually thinking through the questions that I'm going to pose a tube, okay, next one engineered is about 90 min. So you can bet 90 min from your side. You'll be able to go through the videos with me. I'll give you step-by-step instructions. And as we work through the videos, you'll go, you'll complete your entrepreneurial stock take template worksheet. And in 90 min from now you'll have your stock take sheet and you can put it up everywhere. And it's going to be the thing that keeps you on track going forward. By the way, I'm nesting high. The reason why we should be listening to me is because I own my own entrepreneurial accelerator. I help entrepreneurs every single day make breakthroughs in their businesses. I've helped produce some phenomenal success stories. I bulb courses and I teach business at MBA level across the world. And I just love entrepreneurs. I love to engage with my students, to work with entrepreneurs helping get them those results that they are looking for. High. Gets you ready to work with me. I am so ready to work with you and I'm going to be encouraging him to post your work and keep me updated as we go. I can see what you're doing and I can engage with you and I can give you my feedback and you can get those results that you're looking for. Okay, So here we go. You got this. 3. Video 3 Take stock of your Superpowers: Hi, I'm excited. I hope you are as well. So next thing, what I'm going to get you to do your very first assignment in this entrepreneurial staff tech project is we're going to take stock of your superpowers. Now, when I start talking about superpowers, a lot of entrepreneurs that come to me or like I don't have superpowers. What are you talking about? I can guarantee you you do. You have superpowers? I want you to think of what is it that your friends can mend about you? What is it that you can do that one skill that you have that you can do better than anyone else. If you had to bet on yourself, what would you bet on? Okay, so I know it is difficult at this point in time, you're going to be thinking of all those voices and all of those people that raised you, they were telling you don't get a big head. Concentrate on your strengths, rather improve your weaknesses, blah, blah, all those things. Separate out the window. Again, we don't want people to be arrogant. We don't want them to have supersized egos, but we want you to be able to take ownership of the things you are actually good at. It can be anything. Maybe you're crazy good at writing to-do list. Maybe you work harder than anybody else on this planet. Maybe you are so committed. Maybe you're passionate baby, have a personality that people adore. Whatever it is, I want you to really take time and stop listening to those voices in your head at one to minimize the superpowers that you have. And actually just started thinking through what they are. Everybody has superpowers. It's time that you realized what yours are. I want you to spend time to think through this and then go ahead and document your thoughts on our entrepreneurial stock take template. I remember to share your progress with me and the people doing this course with you. I can give you feedback and encourage you along the way to really understand what your superpowers all about. So when you go to our stock tag template, the worksheet, you'll see that there's this little icon of a bay and then there's this little block which is insert your superpower is here. That's where you got with document your superpowers for me, please. Don't be shy. Too much than too little and more and more is more. Okay right now. More is more, right? As much as possible. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be there because when it staying, we can work on it. Once you're done with this, come back and we'll start uncovering your sweet spot. 4. Video 4 Take stock of your Sweetspots: Welcome back. It's time to uncover some sweet spots. Now what our sweet spot, sweet spots are those moments that you want more of. These are moments that you remember, moments you enjoy. If you could just do this for a living, you would be so happy. It's those moments. Now let me tell you why they're so important. Life and business is about maximizing your sweet spot. Okay? So if you are anything like me, then you probably grew up being told something like if you don't feel like you've suffered during a day who haven't worked hard enough. And work ethic is an extremely important, the important thing. It still is an important thing. But the fact of the matter is if you focus on making yourself suffer in life, that is exactly the life that you're going to create for yourself. Where if you are aware and you become aware and you understand what moments it is in life that energize you, that you really enjoy, that make you happy. Then those moments you can focus on maximizing them and you can focus on creating more joy in your life. And you know what happens when you have more joy in your life and you're enjoying what you're doing and you're passionate about what you're doing, It shows and it actually improves your performance. So the idea is to just become aware of those right now. So don't think about, can I even turn this into a business if your sweet spot is lying on the couch watching Netflix, that's fine. Okay. A lot of the times they are actually sweeter moments in life than just having passive. Maybe it's something where if you feel like you can really help someone, you get that like you feel like you care bear like one of those moments. Maybe it's that maybe you love creating a new love, that feeling of Oh my goodness, something and I made something out of nothing. Maybe you love seeing someone else smile. So when you make them smile, that makes you happy. Maybe you love being organized because it makes you feel in control, whatever it is right now, you just have to document it. Okay. Don't think about if it's perfect and think about if at the logs. Just think about what are the sweet spots in your life and doing business and during World Cup is that you're barely, you're like, Yeah, if I could do this more, I would be so happy. Then once you've found them, please go ahead and document your thoughts in your entrepreneurial stock tag template. Share your progress with us so that we can give you feedback and help you uncover even more important information. When you go to our actual stock tag template, this is what you're going to see. You'll see like a little cupcake picture, sweet spots a moment, moments you want more of. And then there's a little block where it says insert your sweet spots here. That is where you wanna go. You want to go there right now and document the sweet spot moments in your life. What makes you happy? What do you want more off once you're done, come back. And we will go through the rest of this process. 5. Video 5 Take stock of your Resources: Hey, welcome back. I hope you've found so many sweets. But what we're going to be doing next is we're going to be taking stock of your resources. Now again, with resources, this is something again, when entrepreneurs come to me often they're like, yeah, I don't have any. I'm here to tell you. That is simply not true. Okay. When I started my first business, it was going to be while it was was an audit firm. And at that point in time, I've just gone through one of the worst possible experiences in my entire life. I had ended up quitting a job that I absolutely adored and really loved, but just couldn't keep doing. I was married to a man that didn't work, didn't plan on working, wasn't supporting yet. All it was just I was super broke. And I think most people are looking at me at that point in time would be like, Yeah, you don't have that many resources. I need to tell you. I've found some resources. I looked through my home and I've found newspaper, I found cardboard boxes that I had never bothered to recycle. Okay. And I ended up turning those newspapers and cardboard boxes into cardboard and newspaper furniture. And I told myself the scale and I made the most beautiful office furniture that you have ever seen in your entire life. For my new offers, and it was amazing and it gave me such a boost. And it just reminded me that start where you are and do what you can with what you've got. That's literally is like my motto in entrepreneurship. Guys, it pays off. So what I need you to do right now is a really go and look at your life. Think about what resources there are that you might have missed. That you might be missing. The most crucial part of any survival situation and any business situation is taking stock of the resources that you've got available. If you're in a survival situation and you don't take stock of your resources, you might end up dying right next to a giant pile of fish because you didn't bother looking around. That's where we want to avoid. So go ahead and just think as broadly as possible. Think about your qualifications. Think about your characters. Think about the people around you. Think about every single thing that you can possibly find. It could be a potential resource. And again, right now, it's not about knowing how that will fit into your business or your life or your dreams or anything. It's just take stock of what you've got. Anything that could potentially be a resource for you and document all of it. You've probably got access to a whole lot more resources than you actually realize. Then once you've got all of those thoughts together, please go ahead and document your thoughts in your entrepreneurial stock tick Template and share your progress with us as you go. When you go to your entrepreneurial stop take template, you'll see this icon of a pile of wood. And then there's a block that says insert your resources here. That is where you want to go and you want to go and type up all of your thoughts and everything that you uncover in this moment as much, as much as possible. And then once you're done, please come back. And in the next video, we're going to go through some of your processes. 6. Video 6 Take stock of your Processes: Okay, welcome back. Let's talk through some of your actual processes. Okay. Now the processes, those are the things in your life that maybe you don't even realize that you're doing, but they are supposed to produce results for you. Okay? So the idea here is to really think about what resources are your process it's producing. What processes do you have in place? Which processes are producing the most results? And which process don't really produce any results at all. Okay? Results can be resources, can be money, it can be health, can be happiness. Whatever. If there is a process that produces something for you, you want to write it down. If there's a process that you do consistently every single day that doesn't produce anything for you. You want to write that down too. Okay, so bad at this point in time is let's just thinking about your day. Like what are you doing in an actual day in your business? Maybe if it's not just you and your business, what processes are taking place in your business actually, every single day. What are those processes producing for you? Now the reality of the situation as a 20 per cent of your processes usually produce about 80 per cent of your results. Now, that saying that I live by, that, I've built my empire by. And it's true. I'm obsessed with thinking through every single day, what am I doing? How am I spending my time? What am I spending my time on? What am I spending my resources on? What results are actually producing for me. Maybe you're paying someone to do your social media for your business. That's great. Okay. What process does the person follow? What results you're getting from that? Are you getting lines, so you're getting comments, so you're getting business or you're getting clients. If not, why not? For now? Just write it down. Okay. So every single process that you have in your business, you probably have an accounting process. You probably have a morning routine wake up process. You probably have some things that you have bed surely do. Maybe you have a wind-down process before going to bed. Maybe you have a client acquisition process and make working process. I production process, a certain process for performing different services and work as they come in. All of those processes, take stock, write them down. If they're written down, we can pin them down. We can work with them. If they're not written down, we can't work with them. Okay. So once you've got all of these processes, please go ahead and document your thoughts in your entrepreneurial stock take template. I remember to share your progress with us as you go. When you go to your stock tag template, you'll see there is the icon of a conveyor belt. That is where you're going. Directly underneath it. There is a little block where it says insert your processes here. That's where I want you to go and document as many processes as you can possibly find in your life and in your business. Okay, go ahead and do that. And when we come back, we'll talk about the very next day. 7. Video 7 Take stock of your Market-Fit: Okay, welcome back. I am showing you discovered processes that you didn't even know. Hey, next step, we're going to take stock of your market. That now this is a very important category to take stock or from time to time, what is it about? It's about how your clients are feeling about your business, your products, and your services. Reality of the situation is when you produce things that people actually want and need and you can clearly articulate what that is. You never have to sell anything in your life ever, again. Yet, you'll make more money than you've ever made from selling things before. Okay? So it is so important from time to time for us to take a pause and think about how are we serving our market? What kind of feedback are we getting from my market? Are they kind of like luke warm when we tell them like what we do or are they like super interested once they sign up for our services, acting on daylight, overjoyed with the service and the product. Are they like so happy or are they kind of look more like, kind of like, yeah. Okay. It is fine. Or they loyal. Do they see why they need to get this product and service from you specifically? And if not, why not battling with your clients or your potential clients. It's about really being interested in understanding what they want and need. And you just uncovering that. So if you don't know, this is a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic time for you to actually go and talk to some people, okay? If you've got current clients, talk to them, definitely. And just spend time unpacking, hey, how are you feeling about a product or service? Don't be scared of the onset. Be impressed with yourself because you taking the time to actually listen and try to actually listen, don't defame. Just listen. What do you need? What do you want? How am I helping you get what you need? And once again, this is one of the most important principles in entrepreneurship. We sometimes think that we need to come up with products and services and then convince people that they need them, that you can do that you'll make a little bit of money. You want bank sustainable money, you make long-term money and you certainly not really serving the economy at all. But if you can just figure out your market and what those people want and stay in touch with that like constantly. What do they want? What do they need? Am I giving them what they want and need? You can conquer the world and you'll never have to sell another thing in your entire life. People will just come to you because they know that they want and need. But you got okay. Once you have uncovered this and I don't care, talk to as many people as you need. Talk to current clients, talk to potential clients, talk to people that look like your ideal client. Talk to people that you're networking with, talk to other entrepreneurs, your main tools, you cultures, everyone you can find, talk to them about this, and then go ahead and document what you are in your entrepreneurial stop, take template and share your progress with us as you go. So we can give you that valuable feedback to help make this even more powerful. When you go to your actual entrepreneurial stuff, take template, you'll find this icon of a treasure chest. That is where you go directly underneath it, there's a space that says, insert your thoughts and evidence around how your business serve as product messaging fits into the market. That is what I want you to delete and fill in your own thoughts over day, and I will see you back for more in the next video. 8. Video 8 Take stock of your Opportunities: Welcome. And I hope you are ready because our next step is for you to take stock of your opportunities. So this step is all about looking at what and who you've got in your life and business right now. And thinking about what you could make happen if you went to two, I'm tripping years. Are the people that realized that opportunity and risk are two sides of the exact same coin. Successful entrepreneurs trying named minds to spot opportunities. So if you're looking around you right now and you're thinking, Oh my goodness, the scene, I have no opportunities over here. I can tell you that is simply not true. If you've got risks in your life, there are opportunities. I'll give you an example. So when me and my co-founder first founded our entrepreneurial accelerator, COVID, we're shutting down the entire economy. The clients were calling me, they were moaning. It was just such a stressful time. There were a lot of risks. There were so many things going wrong and there were so many things that could still go wrong. At the same time, what there was, was an opportunity to create something to pull that entrepreneurs around the world together. Give them a family, give them a place where they can belong, give them a place where they can move together, move forward out of this reality the COVID created for us. And that was the opportunity back then. So the one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they are able to train their minds to spot those opportunities. So what I need you to do right now is go and have a, a hard look at the things that aren't your life, the people in your life, everything going on around you. And think about what open doors are there for you that you could possibly take advantage of and just start listing them down. And if you're looking around at your circumstances in your life, there are no opportunities here. I dare you to go and look at the risks because your baby, you'll find them a lot easier. And then see what opportunities you can find when you turn those risks around and look at the opportunities riding on the back of them. Okay, and as always, please go ahead and document your thoughts in your entrepreneurial stock. Take template. Share your progress with us as you go so that we can give you feedback and help you become better. When you go to your template, you're going to find an image of an open door. That's where you want to be for this piece of this Doctype templates. In the table you'll see there's a space where it says, insert your opportunities here. That's where you're going to list every single opportunity that you can find in your business and in your life right now and documented, share their progress with us. And once you're done, please come back so we can talk about finding risks. 9. Video 9 Take stock of your Risks: It's me again. I hope you found so many open doors if you haven't go back and find them all. But I'm sure because you're here right now. Okay. So the next step is a little bit not as fun. It's about taking stock of your actual risks. But again, I'm going to show you how to think about it, so it's not that scary. Another thing that entrepreneurs that are super successful actually do is they train their brains to spot risks. Now, this is where you ask yourself what will most likely go wrong if I don't do something about it? First, backdoors are about your shot. What disasters could I avoid if I just did this? What moves can I make now to avoid falling down the porthole later? Okay, I'll give you an example again. In my business, way back when, when lockdown first started, I didn't have the entrepreneurial accelerator just yet, but I did note down that a lot, like there was a very big residue. I was going to be losing some high-end, not because of anything that I had done wrong, because the whole world was suffering. There was there wasn't gonna be that much cashflow for them to pay for my services unless they did something. And that's when I took that risk and I turned it into the opportunity and we created the entrepreneurial accelerator. On top of that, I was very, very careful with my cashflow. I went through the bank statements, I canceled, I cut, I did whatever I could to reserve some cash-flow because I knew it's not easy to start up a whole new project. And cashflow was gonna be tight. If I hadn't done that. I mean, I might not have survived, to be honest, as an entrepreneur like at that time, I just come out of a very rough divorce. I do. What's taking care of two of the tenants deadlift. Just because I was like, Oh my goodness, how are you going to take care of yourself? I have staff to pay. I had a lot of things like that I had to do. And if I didn't go through that process, I might not have been able to handle all of that. So don't think about it as a scary exercise. Think about it as an empowering exercise because of your dad, one entrepreneur that can spot the risks and then put things in place before anything even goes wrong. You're the one that's going to survive. Okay? So think about it like that. In entrepreneurship and in gaming, ignorance is not bliss. We want to spend that time making sure that what are risks. And then remember that we can do something about them. We're not powerless against risks. That's the thing. It's just about spotting them and then putting things in place so we can deal with them. I want you to go ahead and think about our your risks, as many as possible p's. And then go ahead and document your thoughts in your entrepreneurial stock. Take template and share your progress with that as, as you guys. So we can give you feedback and we can help you. When you go to your stock ticker sheet, you'll see there's this little warning sign, triangle thingy go there. Just directly underneath that there's a space for you to say insert your thoughts and evidence around risks. The reason why I want you to document evidenced as well as because we don't want this to turn into an x society catastrophizing exercise. We want to actually document things that could be legit, like really go wrong. If you have evidence that this is a real risk, go ahead and documented. The idea is not to go into a whole what if scenario and say, well, if the moon foul tomorrow, then I'm not sure that we would survive. How likely is that to happen? We want to document likely risks. Okay, that's helpful. So go ahead and do that and then I'll see you back here for our final section. Yeah. Well done. You've gotten this far. You're amazing. 10. Video 10 Take stock of your weakspots: Welcome back and well done for being here. If you are watching this video already, that means you've been following the entire process and I am so proud of you for taking this time to build your entrepreneurial Empire. This is legit going to make that difference in how you progress going forward, at least for the next six months. Okay, So your future self is going to thank you for taking time to go through this process I promised you. Now on that note, let's talk about your very last stock take piece that you need to do. I need you to think of your weak spots. Now again, this is something that could be very scary, but just hear me out. We're not doing the scary version, we're doing the empowering version. Again. So weak spots are really the guides to tell us where to position people that we need to put in our businesses and lives in order for things to go well, I want you to ask yourself, is there anything me on my business is weak at right now? Who can we position to bolster that side? What can we do to distract from the weakness and focus more on ours? Okay? So it's a game that kind of process where you're going and you're spotting a weak spot. But then instead of feeling powerless and going like weeks, but everyone has weak spots. The most beautiful thing in business is that when you're building a business, weak spots are just the guys who tell you wait to put people. And then people are what saves the day and they make it sustainable and they build that into what it's supposed to be. So the idea is to turn your weaknesses into strengths when you position the right people in the right places in your business. So e.g. in my business right now, I am horrible. It's something that I don't defend. I have, I am admitting it. I'm so bad at admin. It is not even funny. But because I know that has guided me to go on a fricking, finding a mission, to find the people in the world that are the best possible people at admin and keeping things organized and keeping projects on track. And I have positioned them in places in my business where project management and admin and organization needs to happen. They are doing a phenomenal job literally when I get to just be me and be creative and be passionate and come up with all of these things that we need to do together, like all those visions and things. And I have the right support from people that do project management while they can take those ideas, I can pull them that can roll them out. They can keep them on track and keep me accountable. That can keep other people accountable. That has been amazing. Amazing. And I have to tell you, before in my life, before I got to this point in entrepreneurship, I actually would have told you, I would have struggled to admit to you that I'm bad at admin e.g. wouldn't have admitted it. I would have tried to hide it, but I still would have felt like, oh my goodness, it was good to find out what did they buy it out. That would have been the worst possible thing I can do because in business, weak spots just guide you to where you can put the people so you can be even better than what you are on your own. So really embrace this process and then go ahead and document your thoughts in your entrepreneurial stuff. Take journey, and share your progress with us as you guys can help you make it even better. When you go to your stock takes sheet, you'll find a little icon with a person kicking, see sidekick, see when it did say go there and where it says weaknesses turn into strengths when you position the right people in the right places and your business go and delete that and then fill in your thoughts on your own weak spots where we can work together to position people that can make it even better. That's much you are on your own. And then come back and we will wrap up. Yeah. 11. Video 11 Print it & Pin it: Welcome back. I am so happy to see you here because if you are watching this video right now, that means that you have gone through the entire stock tech entrepreneurial process with me and you've been putting in the work that needs to be done in order for you to flourish, in order for your business to get bolt the way that it needs to get both so well done, well done to you and well done. I'm so grateful that you took this time and spends it with me. And then she got through this process that I really believe you're going to see the results from this. Don't just believe that like, I know, I know you're going to see some phenomenal results from this, so well done. So now all that's left to do for us is to print your entrepreneurial stock take. So at this point in time, you've put in all the work, you've documented your entire stock, take all the pieces. Now, all you gotta do is go to print an imprint at either. You can print a physical copy, you can print a PDF, whatever you decide to do. You can turn it into a screensaver image and put it as screensaver on your device, you can put into a pin board, whatever you do, put it somewhere where you can see it every single day. We naturally take into account what we see every single day. It's just the way that the human mind works. I want you to use this work that you've done now and this beautiful document that you've created and use your entrepreneurial stock tick as a compass for entrepreneurial and the life decision-making going forward. If you've got a coach sent it to them, if you've got some mentors working with your accountability buddies or something like that, saying that to them. If you've got a pin board, put it up on there. If you've got a bathroom wall, put it up, you have a screensaver blazed, put it there, just put it everywhere that you know that you're going to see it every single day. Okay. Then I just want to send you away with some she takes away. So come back to the next video and we'll just wrap up everything that we've been doing together. Well done. Well done. 12. Video 12 Wrap up & Key Takeaways: Welcome back. I'm so proud of you for being here. And I just know at this point in time you would have already shade your project with us and painted the whole printout of your entrepreneurial stock take on this course. And I just can't wait to have a look at it and give you so much feedback and love. I know it's going to make such a difference in the way that you do business going forward. Let's just end this on a positive note and go through some of our key takeaways. So what is entrepreneurial stock tag? It's literally just going through a process. We take stock of everything that you have, everything that you've built and everything that is present in your life and your business, you put it together, and that is what is going to inform your decision-making. We lose track of doing this during the course of our lives, which is normal because we're focusing on surviving. We focusing on getting the to-do list done with focusing on daily tasks. But when you make time for strategy like this, which is what it is, it's part of your entrepreneurial strategy. You'll see, you'll go places. You're going to go so far in business. So yeah. So that's what the entrepreneurial stuff take is about. It's about creating that thing that keeps you on track, taking stock of everything you've got. And I'm working with it in order to make the results happen. Why should you, should you have an entrepreneurial stock tag? Well, yeah, because during our daily lives we forget to focus on these things, but they're so important. It helps bring us back to what is important, what we know, what we have. Now we can make informed decisions going forward. How often should you have an entrepreneurial staff take? I encourage you to come and do this process with me every single six months. Literally just schedule it in your calendar now, make time every six months come back and we'll do this again. And the beauty of it is every time you do it, you can print me out your template and posted on the wall for this course. And I'm going to go and give you feedback. I'll engage, I'll let you know my thoughts. And I know that your peers will do the same. So let's do that for each other so we can help each other's businesses. Key takeaways from the stock texts or what are the important bits and parts that we've been working on. So we have thought about, what are your superpowers? What are your sweet spot? What resources do you have in your life and what are your conveyor belt processes? So what processes are in place that actually produce results for you? We thought about your market fit, the opportunities, the doors that are open in your life, the doors that are about to shut, the risks. What we can do about that. And the weak spots, which literally just are guys that tell us where we need to position people. And that is pretty much what we have discussed. Please come back and do this process with me every single month. Remember to pin your stock, take and printed, put it everywhere, look at it every single day. And that is made entrepreneurial force be with you. I'm so proud of you. Remember to publish your projects so I can give you feedback and check out my other courses if you are keen about my style of teaching, I just love engaging with entrepreneurs and your support makes it worth it for me to do so. So, thank you so much. Have a beautiful day for there and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.