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Do It Yourself Branding and Design for Non-Designers and Freelancers

teacher avatar Lindsay Marsh, Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Course Preview


    • 2.

      Course Guide


    • 3.

      Join The Facebook Group!


    • 4.

      Lesson1 Logo Design


    • 5.

      Lesson2 Logo Design Font Pairing


    • 6.

      Lesson3 LogoDesign Creating Our Symbol


    • 7.

      Lesson4 LogoDesign Finding Your Color Pallete


    • 8.

      Lesson5 Mood board Color pallet - part 2


    • 9.

      Lesson6 Brand Colors : part2


    • 10.

      Lesson7 Finalizing Our Logo Saving & Exporting Files


    • 11.

      Lesson 8 Brand Setup Business Card


    • 12.

      Lesson9 Business Card part2 - Backside


    • 13.

      Lesson10 Business Card - part3


    • 14.

      Lesson11 Business Card Export


    • 15.

      Lesson 12 Letterhead - part1


    • 16.

      Lesson13 Letterhead - part2


    • 17.

      Lesson14 Letterhead - part3


    • 18.

      BONUS - Mockups (Photoshop) Lesson15 Letterhead Part4


    • 19.

      Lesson16 Social Media Instagram 1


    • 20.

      Lesson17 social media 2


    • 21.

      Lesson 18 Social Media part3 Photo Editing


    • 22.

      Lesson19 Social Media Part4 Instagram Finish and Exporting


    • 23.

      Facebook - Part1


    • 24.

      Facebook - Part2


    • 25.

      Facebook Part3


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About This Class

Are you a new start up? A small business needing a logo and branded assets like letterheads, business cards and social media ads? A freelance business wanting to develop a personal brand, but your not a graphic designer or do not want to pay thousands or to get these assets created? 

This course is an intimate and detailed guide through developing your entire brand including the creation of your logo and branded color palette and fonts that we will then use to create business cards, letterheads and social media graphics of all shapes and sizes.

You will follow me as I develop a personal brand for my freelance business. I will show you every detail and the WHY behind certain choices, there is a specific marketing tactic, reason and logic behind choices. You will also learn through this detailed process how to properly layout and design using many different dimensions and sizes, learn how to work with social media posts, how to look professional and make solid design choices even if you know nothing about design when starting this course.

There is even a exclusive facebook student group where we create conversations together and support each other as we develop our brands. I will even hold challenges to help you start to create these branded assets and give you inspiration by seeing what other students are creating. That means you are not just buying a bunch of videos in a course, but a support system and access to me as a guide through this important process of developing your brand and brand assets.

We will use Canva as our DIY tool of choice because of it's easy access and ease of use. You do not need to know how to use Canva to feel comfortable taking this course. There is even a free version of Canva where you can still accomplish a lot talked about in this course.

So, ready to save thousands of dollars in design and marketing costs by doing it yourself? This can be a fun and enjoyable process, so let's learn together! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lindsay Marsh

Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.

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1. Course Preview: are you a small business needing logo and branded assets like letterheads? Business cards? Social media ads? Are you a new start up? Are you a freelance business wanting to develop a personal brand? But you're not a graphic designer or you don't want to pay thousands to get those assets created by one. This horse is an intimate and detailed guide through developing your entire brand, including the creation of your logo, branded color palette, mood boards and fonts that we will then use to create business cards, letterheads and social media graphics of all shapes and sizes. You will follow me as a develop a personal brand for my freelance business. I'll show you every detail in the why. Behind certain choices. There's a specific marketing tactic, reason and logic. Behind this choices. You also learn the detail process of how to properly layout and design using many different dimensions. The sizes learn how to work with social media post how to make him look professional and you solid design principle choices, even if you know nothing about design. There is even an exclusive student Facebook group, where we create conversations together and support each other as we develop our brands. I will even hold challenges to help you start to create these branded assets and give you inspiration by seeing what other students air creating. That means you're not just buying a bunch of videos and, of course, but you're buying into a support system and access to music. I threw this important process. A developing your brand and brand assets way will use Canberra as a do it yourself tool of choice Because of its easy access and ease of use, you do not need to know how to use camera. Feel comfortable taking this course. There's even a free version of Campbell, where you can still accomplish a lot talked about in this glass, so ready to save thousands dollars and design and marketing costs by learning how to do it yourself. This could be fun and an enjoyable process. So let's learn together, huh? No 2. Course Guide: Let's go ahead and get you guys set up with the program will be using throughout. The course will be using Canberra. And if you've used Campbell before, then great, you'll be right at home and you can go ahead and skip this lesson. If you're not familiar, then there's two versions you need to be aware of. There's a free version of Gamba, which includes most of the tools and abilities will go over in the class, and I'll mention it throughout. The course of the free version does not have an option, and I'll try to provide workarounds for those who aren't interested in the paid version. Camba. But I will be using Kampe for work throughout this course, which is the monthly pain version, which includes extras like animated GIFs, exporting options and extra templates. And Resource is there is currently a 30 day free trial to use the paid version. If you're interested in using that version to follow along with me, but the paid version is not required. Now we're gonna hop into the program for a quick tutorial. Once again, if you use Campbell before already it feel comfortable with the basics. Please feel free to skip this lesson. I want you to take this course at your own pace, so feel free to skip lessons. Fast forward. Are even rewatch. Certain videos, if you need to. We will learn more detailed aspects of Camba as we complete our branded projects together. Welcome to Camba. I'm just gonna spend about five minutes going. We're kind of the basic infrastructure of campus. You guys could get just a little bit more comfortable. Most of the advanced tools I'll be using throughout the glass. So what's gonna cover the very basics here? So this is your camp? A home screen Kind of access all of your current designs or be able to load template. So these air all the designs that created, um, in camp and I can access those at any time so we could go here to create a design we could type in anything we want to social media poster, whatever it were interested in creating, or go down here to the fine templates and find him that way. So I click over to the fine templates and I can go ahead and find any of these imaginable. So if we want to start off with a logo. I was going click on logo. New People go ahead and have these templates all ready to go. So let's say I don't want a lovely let's say when a poster saying Click over to posters It's going Click on a template is gonna go ahead and load the the templates going to click . I'm used this template. No notice. It has, ah, one page, but you can add multiple pages by adding a new page. And so these are all the different template options available to you. But if you want to start from scratch, it's no problem. You already have the template sized to just go ahead and delete all, and you can had all sorts of things. So if you want to click of a template that's far, you could load anyone you want or go to elements and add a lot of different things. So first off going, delete all of this, just drag and then delete and then delete got dragged us all the way to my screen so we can have a photos. So go ahead and click on photos. Click on all, and there's certain ones that are free, but you could also upload your own, and we're gonna be doing that throughout the course. We'll go over how to do that a little bit later, so I get to simply resize. Go ahead, zoom in resize. Can I change the position? You could flip it the horizontal. There's also this little tool here. We can rotate it so you could have photos. You can go and click on the X. It will bring you back to this main option. You can add grids, so it's going to a grid real quick. We'll do this when we creator mood board. Let's go ahead and click on one of these and then you can go back to photos and he could drag photos into these different boxes. Let's go ahead and drag different photos. It's a dragon drop of very, very intuitive tool. You'll see how easy it is to go ahead and get started. Good elements, and now we can add Text is well, so you go down to text and they have pre made text blocks. If you like the way this looks or you can add a new text box so I can add a new text box. Make it a little bit bigger up here. 1520. Go and stretcher box out. Let's say we might want to make it a bold text. So let's do, um, go down toe farts. Click out a nice, bold fought and I want to change the color, something to simply highlight it. Go appear and do a nice light color. Or, if I wanted to add my own color, just go to the plus sign and at my own color. But I have this white already chosen, and you could just cut a drag text around and let's go ahead, delete all of these elements. It's gonna drag all and then go to the soul, trashcan and delete really grid. And let's say I want to have one of these pre made, um, little text boxes. So right here is going click here. Let's make it bigger. I can make it smaller, and right now they're grouped solely at the do is go appear to UN group, and then now you have access to all the little elements, and he could go ahead double click, and you could change the phone if you'd like. We have complete control. You also have control of your spacing, so their spacing between characters and their spacing between the lines and the sentences. And if you're all done, you highlight. Gotta delete. That's adding texts. There's the elements. There's also little, um, vector elements as well. So it's good a graphics, and you could add shapes just by dragging or by clicking, clicking of a load. Or if you wanted to drag a shape, we could do it that way. Que two triangle go appeared you to change the color. Do a square. You see how easy it is to kind of move elements around you. Wind it up. Go ahead, delete those elements. We have photos, graphics. It's good and click on X. When you go back, we have charts. There's illustrations will be using. I concert the classes wells we click on all they load just like a photos Go click. We go ahead and load, and it could change the angle and the color. So see how easy this is. We don't have to spend a whole lot of time on this part because we're gonna be learning a lot more throughout the class. Some of the more advanced tools available, but cameras a pretty simple program. There's not a lot to it, which is the magic of it. We're gonna add lines, there's frames and other graphics. And we already had a text. Could you backgrounds start off with background and upload? This is where you can upload your own photos, so these air photos have already previously uploaded like a dis click and drag him in just like that. I got my little flat lay photography here like a dragon element. And there's a layering system to Campbell, which will also go over as we do practical projects. So I just cut us dragged in this photo and let's say you want to add a text box on it and let's say like this template right here it's typography. Get a group. It and I could go ahead and start to customise colors already. You could see how it's almost like magic, how quick this is and you're gonna go at the same speed. You think I'm going so fast cause I know it really well, but you're gonna go just this past get's very intuitive, very simple. So we just kind of created that graphic Let's say I don't like the size of started out with the poster template, but I want to resize it. You appear to resize. Yeah, I could change the dimensions. I believe the free version. You don't have the ability, so you just go back and you find a template that has the right size for you. But if you have the paid version, you'll be able to do custom dimensions to get type in. Let's say I wanted to be 1000 by 1000. Maybe I've been interested in this being an instagram and you copy and resize and Walla. It's a 1000 by 1000 picture and see how easy this is. An ongoing group elements together, so now they're group together or I could un group them. It's a group in a group. I'm gonna have access to individual elements, and this is simple, just like word document where you can change certain sizes and alignments as well, having capitals and italics and bold and so folders we're gonna be ableto load certain things, we can create folders so we can be able to access and bring in stuff. So this is my design folder, where I have all my previous designs. So I'm interested in importing another design. Go ahead and click. And bring that in. Just like that, I could start to edit it in this different size. And APS is more for they're still working on kind of the apse right now, so I'm not gonna go over APS as much. I will toward the end of the class. So for right now, for the intro, that's pretty much it. Very simple. You're gonna learn a whole lot more as we do the practical, real world projects. You'll be able Teoh toc this over and over again. So don't worry if you you don't know it yet. Just this little quick seven minute kind of tutorial. You will be an expert at Camp A by the end of this course. So let's move on to our first project. 3. Join The Facebook Group!: So if you have Facebook, I want to see if you can join the business branding exclusive Student group. This is a place where we conjoined together, have designed challenges and answer questions about branding and any question you have throughout the course Here. You can also share your work, and we'll have of live critique videos where I have certain design challenges and I'll critique everybody's work and we'll have all feedback together. So when I go ahead and get you involved in this Facebook group early on in the class, if you're interested in joining on what they do is in the search box on facebook dot com is type in business branding exclusive student Facebook group. Go ahead and press enter, and it should be the only one available. So go ahead and click on it, and I'll ask you to answer a question before you joined. Go ahead and ah answer. That question is required to be able to join. I just want to find out what platform you're on so I can cross check my student less than go ahead and bite you in so I can't wait to see you there 4. Lesson1 Logo Design : So here's the creative brief for my company. It's gonna be a freelance business. So that means this could I have my name as the main business name? So Lindsay Marsh and there's gonna be some kind of subheading because I need to explain in my logo mark exactly what kind of freelance business I have, which in this case will be designed, PR and marketing. So it's a little bit of an all encompassing kind of freelance business. I'm doing more than just designed doing a lot of other elements rolled up into that, and I want to make sure I communicate that and my logo. So I have the main kind of component components of my logo, which is thes two line items. And so now we're in Canada. But I'm gonna play around a little bit with how to create a logo out of these simple phrases. So creating the logo for your business is the very first thing you dio, and it's also one of the most daunting ones, because where do you start? Where do you begin? All they have are these two word phrases that I somehow need to make into a concise logo How do I do that? Where do I start? Well, a lot of times could go to mood boards to find inspiration for colors and for style. But a lot of times I like to start with the logo design in black and white. So I so a local is never color dependent because you never want to have a local Bacolor defendant because if he ever have black and white publication or you want to get it embroidered and only be in one color, then now all the sudden you're colors that you have that are dependent for the logo toe work is it's not gonna happen. So I'm gonna do black and white design and here's what I'm gonna dio. Instead of making this kind of a creative block, I'm going to just start playing around with symbols, So this is exactly what I'm gonna do. We gonna go ahead and go to templates, and I'm gonna type in here some local Amar. What I did is I went Teoh, I opened up a new template and this is a logo template, so it's gonna give you some logo basic logo structures that you kind of drag in and be able to go from there, and they give you a great guide and a great start. Um, kind helps get that creative juices working a little bit by looking at some of these. Um, so I'm just gonna kind of make these a little bit smaller and no longer need the freelance . It's gonna delete that element just dragging and dropping these elements around. Ah, so I'm gonna go down here and kind of look for ideas. Just basic layout ideas. What do I think would look good? I have a main, uh, headline. We should be my name or the name of your business. And I have kind of that subheading, which is so important to help the viewer kind of understand what you do but don't need it. Be as big as your main business name. So let's keep rolling down to see. Okay, so I'm doing a design, a PR and marketing business, so it's pretty extensive, so I can't just focus on a design icon or PR icon. So perhaps I can play around with the idea of having three symbols. One representing design, one representing PR and the other one representing marketing and that could look a little busy, but we can try it out. So let me see if I can't find something that would give us a good start with that kind of concept. And it just came up with this. I'm not pre planning any of this. Just kind of wanna walk you through the raw process so you can kind of see what goes on when I do come up with these concepts. Because a lot of times you don't see that in classes. They're all pre pre planned, and magically, they come up with an amazing logo. But I want to kind of, um, show you the process of me trying to work through this so you can see that when you go through it yourself, you won't feel overwhelmed. So let's go ahead and pick on something. This one kind of has a symbol. I'm gonna kind of go through this really quick. Here we go. Oh, OK, so this this is Ah, food logo, which you would say that has nothing to do with what I'm doing. But I love the basic layout of it. I think it's nice and clean, and you'll notice that they have the three symbols here, which is kind of the idea thought of of having the three symbols for each of my concentrations. So we don't need those sons gonna go up here and go up to the trash can and delete those. So now I have these elements and a lot of times in Camba, elements aren't separated when they're from a template, so sometimes you have to go on ungroomed bit. But in this case, fortunately there already separated elements, so that makes my job really easy. Was going type in my name a name, and go ahead and do design, Uh, see, marketing. I think I want to do PR first a marketing last. So it depends on what your main focus is on your business. For me, it's designed, so design would definitely be first PRB second and marketing will be something last. So in terms of what you specialize in, there's got to be one of these that you're gonna be better at. So I just shifted the priority in terms of what I present first. So in this case is designed, and I definitely would like to separate these three elements. I want to go and zoom in. I want to break these down and we're gonna come up with a few white kind of layout ideas doing that so a little bit later. So we're already kind of seeing something coming together that quickly. So let's kind of make it our own. What I'd like to do and is really work on fonts are typefaces. So I'm gonna go ahead and group this together. So now their When I drag it around, it's all one element. And I got a copy, and I'm just gonna go ahead and create a couple of different versions. And what they call this is creating different iterations. It's just a fancy way of saying I'll have a couple of different versions and find out which one I feel like is gonna be what I want to go with. So we're gonna do four totally different font choices here. Let's go drag all of them on group them all. Unless this begin finding a font pairing. I like this one. And when it comes to choosing bonds, you have to think about your business and kind of the professionalism and style that your business has. So if you're an accountant having a nice, clean sand surf on this This Sancerre fund, It doesn't have any of those little tails and accents on the font. Um, so that might work really well, for, like, a really established business where you're dealing with higher and clientele more professional clientele. If you're an artist, you may wanna create your own logo, Mark, Maybe draw it, draw it out somehow imported in here, um or, you know, you can find a really cool script font that matches your style so you can be more relaxed. Um, it depends on what kind of business you have, what kind of freelance business you have in this case. So for me, it's gonna be more on the professional level. It is designed. I could be a little more more crazy with my symbols. Perhaps, but I wanna have a nice, clean, clean kind of look. So that's kind of what I'm thinking about when I'm going through these font choices. I don't want anything cartoony or silly. I want something really clean, really legible, because I would love to embroider this on polo shirts and other things. So I'm gonna go ahead. I like this um this is called Nor'wester, and this is kind of the default font selection that you haven't. Campbell, you have quite a bit. So I'm gonna go down. And so you notice how this is kind of a really thick wait. They call it a wait for it. Wait, so this is really thick front. Wait, I want a pair that with a thinner. Wait, So I want this kind of bottom design pr marketing to be much thinner. So you don't have so much thickness going on. It kind of, um, has some contrast. So let's find a nice thin wait for this. So let's stick with a sans serif font. It's got a kind of test around some, and I might even want to put some spacing s. So I'm just going up here to my spacing option right up here, and I'm gonna increase the spacing between the characters to kind of add a little breathing room, and sometimes this can add a little bit of elegant. So I'm gonna put a lot of spacing, and I'm gonna stretch my box out so it doesn't go on two lines, and that means we're gonna have to make the font a little bit smaller as long as it's legible. I'm fine with making it smaller, so that could maybe make the spacing a little bit tighter. So So you notice how, actually had a little more space in here as a nice elegance? When I add a little bit more spacing may reduce the space. It just a little bit, okay? And I'm actually gonna kind of put these over the side because right now they're just a little distracting. You get my element here, I'm gonna make it smaller because I don't want to do a local design where it's really zoomed in because I don't have perspective on how that logos could look when I put it on. Smaller objects are when you put it on a social media profile pic, you kind of lose that perspective when you're all zoomed in cause you see all the details. So I like to actually design logos at a distance because of that reason, so I can make sure it adapts two smaller sizes with these. So just for the sake of the video, just gonna zoom in just just about this level. But that's just kind of a little hint when you're doing your logo design 5. Lesson2 Logo Design Font Pairing: so I'm gonna take my logo. And since this template had have no orange color to it, I'm going to make it kind of dark gray. Have a signify there There will be a color. I'm just trying to do the whole black and white thing where I could be able to not worry about color specific design. Yet we're still just in black and white, so OK, so if I like this as an option, I kind of wanna have something dividing these areas. It seems a little empty. So there's a couple things weaken Dio we could bring in kind of a little of divider bar just like this. A little bracket which I'm just typing in from the keyboard. That doesn't mean I might need to collapse the spacing just a little bit. We bring this down to make it now fit because I made the little wider So maybe, like right about there. So it looks a lot nicer than all Stupples points and between the words to kind of separate them as well. So I'm gonna keep this is one option to make that smaller group and and get a copy. And let's experiment now with thoughts. We're gonna go ahead and double click. So I'm just gonna kind of look through my font choices. And there's a couple of Sarah fonts syrup not to be confused with San Sarah. This is a Sarah fonts. You could see it's got a little more detail. Some Sarah's at the end of the characters. That could be a really nice touch. Let me see if I can widen the spacing here, make it really elegant, and then make the font size a little bit smaller. Probably a lot smaller. Maybe break away from the box and have this be a solid color, and that is instantly another option. Maybe close the spacing. You don't want the space. Don't be so dramatic that we're right there. Maybe the spacing on here could better match the one on the top. So there's not such a big width difference between the top and the bottom lines. So now I'm gonna drag this around to make sure it's aligned evenly. So when you see the little pink line, that means that it's in line with the element above it. So I'm just gonna drag it around that pink line and also depends on if you have an extra character at the end of your word. And sometimes you can do what's called optical alignment, which just means you just eyeball it. Um, just kind of make sure it's even. It can also draw two boxes. I can go to my elements and let's grab a shape. I'm just in the elements Tab and I clicked on shapes. I'm just gonna get a simple rectangle and make it the same size. Okay? And I got a copy and paste it. One of doing is I'm just seeing if I can align these little better. Looks like that was pretty good. It's pretty aligned. So same spacing here as there. So that's That's another options. We got two options already rolling here. We haven't even worked in our symbols yet. Well, uh, copy that. It's going Get rid of that element. Let's try something else. This is kind of find a font that I feel would really resonate with my brand that would look professional. Um, that could be really good for more artistic design logo. But since I'm doing PR and marketing count will be a little bit more straitlaced. Film a scroll down course. You can also upload your own fonts down here If you want to download one or if you have the rights to when he purchased a licence toe one, you could do that. Um, this could be a little more contemporary, but if you'll notice we gotta go ahead and zoom in here says good kind of these rounded caps to the characters and, um, looks kind of neat, but it could almost look a little. I wouldn't say childish, but I kind of want to have a little bit more of a mature look. But I think this could be cool if you're doing something different in another industry. But I'm want something a little more right angled. Let's go down. And you gotta focus on those little details of bonds because if you choose a font or a typeface for your logo, you're going to be using that on everything that's the basis is the baked basic type face or for it you're gonna use throughout all your marketing materials. So you've got to really like it. You got to really make sure it can resonate and expand to all different kind of mediums and you're gonna be happy with it. So you're going to spend a lot of time picking out your font choices for your logo, probably more than anything we do. Let me scroll down, um, Grande Hotel that Oh, do that One looks nice. That could work, has called core. Not Civica pronounces, Right, Great Granny Ana. And that could look good with the dramatic spacing. And sometimes what I like to do is to match the spacing exactly. So they're flush that the left and right sides are aligned all the way down. There's not a gap like there is on the top one that can look really nice. Let's keep going. You can never have too many options. So let me do something. I wonder if there's a Slab Serra Farm, which is a Sarah font that has chunky syrups on it. It can look really modern. You see, if I can't find one, Really, I'm just looking for anything. Um, there's a There's a slab. Uh uh, Joseph in Slab. Let me make this. Let's do one with some tight spacing. Let's bring it back down to zero, so line spacing will be zero. That's the default spacing maybe do one. That's not all uppercase, so it's a little softer if I do lower case and we could try a script. Ponte do something kind of neat. Um, let's try this one. That one looks a little bit too playful and childish. I wouldn't say childish, but maybe a little too playful for what I'm going for. But that could work for what you are doing or what your personality is for your business, you Pacific. Oh, we would have to take all caps off script. Want script bonds. It's really hard to do all caps. It's also really hard to have white spacing with script with script font, so I'm gonna have to reduce the spacing back down to zero again. So that's got, like a neat little personality, but just not feeling that one. Okay, so I think we have a couple of great options here that we can use is the basis for our logo . We still probably want to add some symbols and color. There's still a lot of work to do, but in terms of font choices, I feel OK about these. I definitely think I like the flush look better than the look where there's a little bit of a stagger. So I'm gonna go with the flushed left and right, Perfectly aligned Look, arm. So that doesn't mean what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna save this and it could go down the design and what I like to do in this in Canada. So if you're in another program, that's okay, Um but I'm in Canada and I'm gonna make a copy. And the reason I do this is I want to keep those old versions there, just in case I need to access them. So I constantly go to design and I make a copy. It will dump duplicate this file so I don't have to lose what I had. So now I can edit this as much as I wanted to lead stuff, but I still have that original. So that's just a little tip so that you you never lose progress. He never lose an old old status of a certain file. I never have that all out of the way. I could go ahead and delete ones I don't like, and you notice how I'm zoomed out so I could make a kind of a choice based on how it looks when it's small and it's black and white. And so I'm just kind of eliminating options I think are a little weaker. So now we're coming into the home stretch. Let's keep both of these as we start to kind of find our symbols that we can use for the logo. So with Camba, you can go to the elements and you can search for certain icons. They're gonna be vector or P and G's that you can drag into here in the hope transparent background. So when the export the logo, the symbol doesn't have that white background so you could go to elements you can go down to, You could do either import shapes, working do icons and illustrations. So I'm gonna go and click on icons, which is right down here. I'm just on the Elements tab, and I'm gonna find some that I think would relate to design PR marketing. Or if I wanted to find one all encompassing symbol that I feel like I could work with the design. Let's do that. So right now this is just the first time I'm looking up symbols and somebody's a really basic and kind of cartoony. So I'm just gonna just keep going through There's thousands of different options. And one thing you can do is I go ahead and search. So, uh, let me type in design and see what happens. So, I mean, there's you could just drag these over if that could represent my brand. That would be neat. Kind of a leaf. Um, I like that kind of, Ah, very creative. But I'm going to kind of go for something a little more professional. Not like being creative is not professional in creative for a living, but to something a little more simple. Like this would be a more simple kind of illustration. But I'm not sure how the leaf would tie into my brand yet. I'm still kind of developing that. So although that's really cool trying to find the brand tie in here. So let's keep looking. So, um, how about apparent are a pencil or pen? Let's do a pin and see what comes up, because that involves all three of these, um, some of these air premium that she can purchase for an extra cost. Going to see if I can't find a frequent What is this? I'll take a little calligraphy pin now that might be need if you're into, um writing. Ooh, I like that. You know why? Because I'm an illustrator. I've been Adobe illustrator a lot. And this is the pin tool, which is where I hand draw symbols and designs and logos and Adobe Illustrator. And this is a really majorly used tool that I like this a lot and it's free. Yea. So, um, here's what I'm gonna do. Go ahead and zoom in on my graphic this ticket. I think I can actually, instead of having three different symbols gonna change that, I think I'm gonna have one all encompassing symbol was cool with. This is it goes with PR to in terms of kind of writing and copyrighting and all of that stuff. So let's see if we can't make this symbol work with our logo. So here's where it does get a little challenging. But you can now really be creative and play around here. So when you go up to the top top left here, you could change the colors of any symbol that you drag in. So I would like to make this transparent. Impossible. We see how this is broken down. So I'm gonna select this element. Looks like I can't on group it, so you're pretty much stuck with this as it is. I wish I could separate that little pin element away from the box, and I might spend a few moments trying to do that. But I don't think that's possible. Just one. Those little limitations. And Campbell. It's not the same as designing an adobe illustrator, of course. Learning Illustrator to do your logo design. It's That's a big, big step. So let's see what we can do to kind of salvage this. So let's change the colors and maybe bake this white in that little portion white. I wish I can round the corners here, and I might have to despina another illustration. Sometimes it just doesn't work unless because notice how I have a box here and have a box here. It's like a lot of boxes going on. It just feels really blocky. So I wonder if this would probably work a little better here, and I know we're not doing colors quite yet, but I just want to see kind of what it would look like with the color. We could put a dividing line here. So let's go to elements. And when you see if I can't find a lives like basic should probably be, go ahead and close that out. Probably be shaped. Just bring in a rectangle Splain square. Make this a dividing line. You make it about the height. I need it. 6. Lesson3 LogoDesign Creating Our Symbol: thistles. One including my role design process. You can kind of see the problems you run into. I was dragging in a shape with and start over here. I was dragging in a shape. A simple Or is it the cess Simple rectangle shape trying to bring it down to a line that was skinny enough. This is the kind of kind of what I was going for. But when I got down to this point, it would only let me do this thickness. Well, that's too chunky and thick. So what? I ended up having to dio I just typed in line and was able to drag in a simple line. And then I was able to take the controls and flip it up and then go down, go and get the controls and bring it down to the size that I needed and was able to work it in there. So this is one of the things we can, but you have to come work with. So this is what I have so far for that. I thought the box would work better when it wasn't. Um I'm just using my left and right keys on my keyboard to kind of nudge this around. I thought it looked a little better rather than having this year having two boxes going on , So that's an option. So let's keep looking for icons. I kind of like the idea of sticking with the pin because that could match a lot of what I do. So let's see what else they have kind of have this pin feather. But I'm just not feeling that for my personal brand. And this is there's a very personal selection for you. You're gonna want to pick something that you feel describes who you are. Maybe there's a symbol or something, and and you can also bring in graphics as well. You can go to upload and bring in a particular graphic. I would recommend bringing in a PNG dot PNG that has a transparent background. So when you drag in the graphic, it doesn't have that white background you could purchase assembled to. You can use in your logo design. Um, was something, uh, maybe in the creative market, you could buy a little P and G's. You could buy PNG images anywhere that sells stock photography are illustrations, so if you're not happy, with anything in Canada, you can always kind of bring something else in. But let's keep looking. No, let's bring in this pin. Okay, so it's a premium in manages a dollar, so it wouldn't be super costly. Let me see if I think it could work. Make you work. Maybe dividing the two. I don't know. It's too stiff for me. I'm looking for something a little with some more movement in it. So let me go back to graphics so you can search. Also photos. I'm not gonna need photos in my search. Was could click over to graphics. I can get all the ground I want. I want the graphic. I don't want a photo in my life. I never use a photo in your logo because it's a raster image. It doesn't. It can't blow up to a large size without looking blurry. But vector graphics like this can do you want to stick with the graphics? That's just another little tip, and he knew what I might do. I might bring in my own graphic and kind of show you what that process is like. So I'm in Adobe Illustrator and if you know Adobe illustrator. Great. You can go in. You can create your own graphic exported as a P and G with the transparent background and loaded in India. Camba. And use that or you can purchase a PNG symbol and be able to import that in if you are not illustrator. So I don't expect you to know this program. This is kind of more on the advanced level, but I'm just creating a quick symbol. Just kind of shoe had to import it basically, but I'm gonna do a kind of a geometric shape. So I spent about an hour messing around with the pin tool here in Illustrator. And if you're interested in this and learning illustrator and learning how to kind of create urine symbols, um, I teach a illustrator class on adobe illustrator class, But for those who just want to kind of get a logo and continue on with the process, I'm just gonna show you how I created Ah, how I can export my own PNG and also show you how you can purchase your own P and G if you wanna be able to buy something, So I'm gonna go ahead and just export this has no background on it. This is an adobe illustrator. I'm just exporting as a PNG. So any file that you get, um, that your assemble you want to use for your logo? We wanna make sure it's a PNG for can. But, ah, Camba doesn't accept vector or E. P s is or dot r dot ai, which is illustrated files. They don't accept that they accept transparent P and G's for your symbols. They do accept J pegs. But J pegs, as you know, always have that white background or some kind of background to the symbol. So we don't wanna have that. We wanna have it. We want to place our logo on things with texture and color. We don't wanna have to have it boxed in some kind of ah white background or a white box shape. So I'm exporting is the highest resolution passed possible. So I'm just hire the resolution. Your, um transparent PNG the better. So I'm gonna bring this back into Canada. Go ahead, upload an image, and I'm uploading this. I'm in the upload, so this is just like you would upload a photo and I gotta go ahead and see how this looks with my level. I'm still not doing color yet. Um, although if it's easier to bring in your icon with your desire color than that, this could be the stage where you start to think about color a little bit. So my symbol just finished uploading. So I'm gonna go and drag that in just like I would a symbol that's already in Canada. Go and drag that in. And we don't have color on this yet. I'm just kind of getting an idea of what I think would look good. So I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of that pin icon that wasn't working for me in terms of flexibility. So I'm just gonna kind of, um, mess around some of these elements here trying to get a right balance for the logo. You never want the text overwhelmed. Assemble on you. Never want assembled overwhelm the text because the most important thing is your name. When you're personally branding yourself, you want to get the name out there, that's your company name. Or it could be maybe your You have a certain creative name for a copyrighting business. So your personal name or your business. Same. That is important. So the little symbol kind of add something, but it's not necessary. Eso weaken dio a version without the symbol, and the logo will still be readable. We could tell it's my business name, so that's important to not be dependent on color, but also to not be dependent on your symbol toe. Understand was going on with your logo and what you do for a living what you do for your business. Um, so here we go. So I kind of like this balance already. What kind of ship? Them. Some. Some things around. Eso that's an option. I kind of like that one. This one's kind of plane, but I definitely want to kind of tweak that fought a little bit here for this one. So right now I have one without a symbol, one with a symbol. But let's say I want to do something else, and I'm just doing 1/3 option. Just kind of show you the different ways you can work with Canada and creating your logo. So that was one where you know, I had some design skills and illustrator or photo shop, and I was able to exports a PNG. Let's say that that that you're not interested in that I would like to purchase one. So this is kind of the process you would go through if you are interested in purchasing a symbol and then bring it in dicamba if you don't like any of the ones that are in Canberra So this is a website called the creative market. Ah, say no thanks. So this is the creative market weakened by any graphic imaginable. So textures, watercolors, logo, templates, Um, and you would think, Oh, let me just by a local template. And yes, you can do that. If you are a do it yourselfer, anyone? I just go ahead and buy a pre made logo and kind of skip this whole stage. There's just one issue when you do buy logos. If you want to customize it, make it your own. Put your name on it. They do come in illustrator and Photoshopped files. So unless you know, illustrated finish up files and know how to customize those, this probably wouldn't be an option for you. So this is kind of for people who don't want to mess with adobe products. So let's find something else. So what you could do is you can go the graphics. Let's go back to the home page, Goethe Graphics and you could do a couple of things. You could buy objects. Let's see what the objects looks like. I kind of see, um, but you're probably gonna have mawr of what you need for a logo in the icons. So if you go toe icons, you could try to find an icon pack where there's something you like. There was one I liked, really? Oh, this geometric birds. If you like that gold geometric shape kind of thing going on, you could buy this and be ableto drag that symbol in, see if it comes with the P and G. So let's see, because that's what camera works with eso. Yes, it comes with a Pete PNG file type right here that's great. And so licenses. You want to make sure you look at the standard and extended licenses because if you want to buy a, I know I'm throwing a lot at you, but they extend a license is more expensive. Let's see what it says here. Let's go to extended. I need to find out. Just always look at your licenses when you're buying any kind of products or graphics to use to make sure you're buying the right level of licensing course. The extended would be more expensive, but you get more abilities, and it looks like with this you can use it for one projects or for using it for your logo design project. Great, you'll be covered. Um, extended licence. It's mostly for putting this on a product like a T shirt, so with this case, you might be able to get away with standard license. But just always check. This is really easy toe kind of understand on the creative market, kind of what the license difference differences are and where you can use it. But this kind of explains it a little bit and the more general terms. So I'm interested in buying this graphic. I want to use the bird graphic, and they are, Let's say this is an example. I'd go ahead and download it, and that would be ableto upload, just like I did my graphic. I upload the P and G, just like in your uploads, just like a photo, and you would just drag it in. So let's say I want a thistle pyramid graphic dragon in and you'll be good to go. So that is one option. If you do not have access Teoh Theodore B products and you don't like any of the canvas symbols. But, of course, check Canberra. They may have a symbol that you like. Good elements. Kind of searched a little bit with pen. She might be able to find shapes, illustrations or icons that that could work that are free good illustrations. 7. Lesson4 LogoDesign Finding Your Color Pallete: wait. So now come to the point where we want to finalize our logo. So I went ahead and I played with type a little bit. Um, I changed it to this type right here for the top. What does the sands There are a Sarah font. I wanted to kind of add a little bit of an elegance to the logo on the professionalism and have also changed this toe leak Spartan because the other one was a condensed font. And that means everything is a little bit tighter and a little bit more squish looking. So this kind of helps the characters breathe a little bit. So I just spent another 10 minutes playing around the block. As I said before, you probably spend the most time on font into anything in the logo design process. So let's move on to the fun part, which is selecting a color palette and kind of creating a mood board to help us with our inspiration for colors. So how do we do that? Well, there's are amazing website called color dot adobe dot com, and this is a fantastic free to use website and you can go on here and you're instantly greeted with a color wheel, which you can kind of play around with. So it's kind of move this stuff around, kind of figure out what kind of colors you want. There's different color selections. So if you if you know a little bit of color theory, I'm not gonna go into much detail as you guys, they're do it yourselfers and business owners and kind of want to get this branding process done. We don't want to get too bogged down into details about design, but just kind of some little things like the Triad. As you know, complementary colors tend to be those of the Christmas colors as a complementary, um, see compound shaved, analogous those air close on the color wheel so they're gonna have kind of within the same shade or kind of really close. Close together and there's could look nice. But this is really where I think this website shine. So let's go to explore, and you can filter these by popular most user random. But she confined some amazing color palettes that you kind of select that are pre selected . I've seen kind of scroll through here, sir. Any kind of color palette you think would match really well with your brand. This one kind of really pops out at me. So I gotta go. Info. Find out more about this particular color palette, so that's a nice color palette, so I could go ahead and select it. That's really nice. Let's see if it gives me a chance to, ah, click on it. Edit. Okay, so let's go down to the one I like, which is right. Where was it? Ah, disappeared. Make look out another one I like, Let's kind of, Oh, I like these bolder colors right here that will really pop out amongst, ah, lot of other logo. So let's go to edit. Okay, so fantastic. So this is a chance. We're good to kind of tweak the colors a little bit to make in my owns. If I want to tweak this one, I can just kind of make it darker. Make it more of, ah, darker orange complement. And what's great about having at least five colors in your color palette or your brand palette is you have more availability and flexibility with colors. So we're doing about logo, so we may only use one or two colors. But when you start to extend, extend your brand out toe letterheads, business cards, social media. You're gonna wanna have a wider palette of colors to choose from, depending on what you're trying to do. So I like to have a lot like a really bright, vivid color to be my call to action. So my buy now buttons and those type of things book now buttons. I like to have a strong So maybe that could be the orange or and I like to have some subtle colors for background so that they're not too bright, vivid. So just having this a really nice color palette because it's so wide, it's got the brights. It's got some cools. Um, there's a lot of variety with this. So what do I do with these colors? How do I get that those in Canberra? Um, there's something called a hex code, which is right down here at the bottom. I'm gonna go ahead and zoom in this A hex codes was kind of your six digit code. That kind of tells the Web kind of what what color that is. Um, so they all have different numbers and This is the code that she will copy and paste and bring into Canada. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that now with this color, and then we're gonna explore some or different color options, but kind of showing you how to do that. So, um, let's go ahead and select this color. So I'm going. I want to bring this color palette into Canada. So I'm copying pasting this to see 8693 I'm going to bring that into Canada. I'm gonna go over to here. I'm gonna add a document color and look right there is where could just paste it. And there is that color. It's now added as an option, and I can keep doing that for the rest of the other colors. So that's kind of how you would bring and your color palace. You could find hex codes anywhere. You don't have to use Adobe. You can research hatch, HKEx go colors and find color palettes like they're so another really neat thing. And I'm going to take a screenshot of this cause I might actually end up using this color for my logo design. But let's keep looking at some other options so you can go by most popular, most used. Find out what people are really using. Wow, that is really bright and vivid. But that could work for what your business is going for. That's very that's really awesome. For, like, called actions, you have a nice bright color. You have some cool tones excuse used for background elements that you don't want to stand out, so that has a nice variety in it. So just kind of go through my process of how do how do you pick colors for brand? That's a big deal. This is huge because it's not just for the logo. Now we're now talking about the entire branding package and the colors that you're gonna use fruit backgrounds and letterheads. This is a very critical point that we're at and the branding process. So there's some that may not work. So that one, you know, it just depends. You guys, we're gonna have a wide variety of businesses. So this is another thing. If you feel like I don't know how to just pick one of these are all great how I pick one. We can do another thing and you can actually import an image and be able to select the colors in the image. So if there's an image out there that you feel inspired by that feels like represents your brand or you really love the colors, this is a great option to do. I'm on a website called pixels dot com, and I love this website for finding not only free stock photography to use, but also finding inspirational photos so I can build my mood board and find some color inspiration for Maya branded colors. So I'm gonna just kind of scroll through just kind of the home page and see if there's any photos. I feel like I resonate with personally for my since this is a personal brand, just kind of picking things I like colors I like. There could be a method to your madness, so to speak. So you may wanna have certain types of colors that you derive from. This is a very personal journey that you got to go through to develop your branded color. So I'm just kind of picking things I really like. This meant kind of green colors. I was gonna go ahead and download it. I'm going to do that with a series of different photos. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pop back into Camba and create a little gallery mood board that I can then put it back on the adobe color website. Be able to pick some colors off of that. So I really like that blue. Let's not. Let's go ahead and download it. Why not? Ah, so this is gonna be really up to your business. I really like that. Bold orange is like a cold action, like a really nice, strong color I can use for buttons and things I want to highlight. I really love this. I'm really gravitated toward this green, so I'm just quickly kind of downloading photos for the sake of time. But I would probably spend a good hour kind of scouring. Look at those dark greens. I have a feeling my brand might include grains, just kind of a hunch. And I really love golds and oranges to So now that I'm starting to kind of get an idea, let's get that green because it's really good to have logo branded colors that have more than one main color. I mean, there's some brands out there like Coca Cola that have they're one red color and they get away with it because they also pair it with black. They also pair it with white. You know they have some other color options they could do, but I find it useful tohave. Okay, so let's say I want to do greens and really gravitated toward greens. Let's find a complementary color. Two greens. Eso What if I popped back in? This is just on a whim. I gotta go back into my color wheel here on colored out of adobe dot com and I'm going to see and let's see if I could drag this back into the frame, uh, complementary colors. So I'm gonna go ahead and go to this complimentary. So what's a complementary color to green? So let's go right now. It's red, but, you know, green has a wide kind of ah variety of shades. So I'm gonna cut a spin this wheel toe like it to kind of that gold color. Or actually, you know what instead of complementary might be an analogous color. I take that back, so I'm gonna go go to analogous. So these air colors that are close together on the color wheel and they sit. They tend to kind of compliment each other that way, not to be confused with compliment colors. So I'm gonna kind of drag us over toward the greens, and I'm gonna kind of drag until I start to see kind of golds two right around here. Of course, you could spread these out as much as you want. They don't have to be super super tight, so that would be a very hard palate to work with. You don't have a lot of variety. You just spread it out a little bit more distracting. My mouth's down and you're getting kind of more of a nice palate. So there's that meant color I like and look right there. There's kind of that gold burnt orange color that I was kind of thinking about two, um, so good to be looking for colors like that. Let me go back and go ahead and type in that gold. I kind of see what comes up, see if there's any or maybe even orange says kind of going through the golds. That could be a nice color. The sun who I love these leaves. Let's go download Those probably find some oranges and gold from there. This is also a beautiful gold color sending to download that photo. So I'm gonna spend another 20 minutes or so kind of sourcing some photos I like, and then I'll see you right back into panda. 8. Lesson5 Mood board Color pallet - part 2: right back and candles actually went to the home page. I'm gonna start kind of a new file for my mood board. So I'm gonna kind of pick anything here. Just click on a poster, just gonna load a new file, a new blank file. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to elements, and I got to go down and go to grids, so use good elements. All grids going click on all. And, um ah, for a mood board, I'd probably do around 6 to 8 photos, so I just need to find one that has about six or eight, um, photo places that I can drag. Ah. So perhaps this one. This is just a dragon drop situation. Probably need a little bit more than that. Let's keep looking. The further down you go, the more, uh, placements that you have. Let's see, perhaps this one could work. I might need one more photo options. Let's keep scrolling down. We find something we like. So that has six. And that has five. So I think six photos is about right. Oh, this was perfect. Okay, so that was easy. I was gonna make it a square just to make it no easy for us. So I, uh I need to upload my pixel photos I downloaded. So I'm gonna go down to uploads. And I went ahead and did that. I just uploaded all these images. It took a few minutes so I could just drag and drop ones that I like. So striking dropping. So I really like those greens. I like the orange. And let's think that's all of them. I kind of like these blues, but I'm not seeing Blue and Green quite driving the way I want. Teoh. So I'm gonna go ahead and zoom in on this. And what photos? I'm just gonna double click this. This ah, voter right here is gonna give me a chance to crop it a little bit. So I'm just gonna get that. That's the orange that I really want. So I don't want to be distracted by the person. Same here. I'm just gonna double click. Just really interested in the colors. Not really interested in the other details. It was kind of dragging it in, kind of get those colors and let's zoom in on this leaf a little bit likened. Selected a little bitter, so there's kind of my color inspiration so far. So how do I get this to color dot adobe? I can simply go up here to download I can download as a. J. Paige. That's totally fine going download that Mrs Go download a simple J pack. I'm gonna pop back into my color dot adobe dot com and we're gonna go to import image, appear at the top, and I'm just gonna go downloads and go ahead and pop that in there whenever that's done downloading. So I loaded my image and it may ask you to log in to be able to save the theme. But that's okay. We don't really need to save the theme. So you can just ignore that message. You should be able to not have to log in to utilize this feature. So here's the image, and what we can do now is we can kind of drag some of these, uh, little areas right here. I'm going creator color palette. So let's go ahead and find kind of the color we like here and kind of see it changing guns . Girl this down. You see it on the bottom right, changing as I do this, it's going to kind of that meant green kind of move this around and we could tweak these after we select him as well. So we don't have to get stuck with whatever's on the photo. Let's do a little bit brighter. So you were with the brightness. Be probably right here by the I. Hmm. Maybe down here, There we go. And we have this orange just like And then we can dio uh, c kind of maybe a darker orange. Maybe Could find that in the leaves Gonna get that burnt kind of dark gold color that I was looking for earlier. That might be a color. I need Emanuel Tweak. Let me do that. I was just kind of get something close right there. And that might be Let's do something a little more muted to go down so that orange could be our bright called action color. I'm trying to find something that pairs well with this kind of mint green. So I'm really liking this color I'm liking feeling happy about those selections. Um, see, if I can't drag, you can drag and drop these in any order you'd like. So if you want to do your cooler colors together, so it may be right about there. There's all my cool colors on the left on my warm tones on the right. It kind of helps us. Ah, gauge. Whether we like that. That's kind of a blue. That's not really, uh, actually, kind of like this part of the photo, this kind of green Look at that kind of a beautiful, muted, uh, kind of a brown, but has some green elements to it. Oh, and I also have my moss. The color righteous is picking colors. Could be some of one of the hardest things you do because there's a lot of great color combinations out there. There's not a right or wrong. There's some that work better than others, but and Big a designer for so many years, I've learned that the lighter breath of color selections the better. So this is this is over a wide variety. I got cool tones. I got warms on the right. Cools on the left, have darker colors, also have lighter colors. This will be a very adaptable template, and this will be my cult. Bright kind of called action color, which I think I might even tweak a little bit. Little let me go ahead. Tweet that. So I clicked back on the color wheel. If you are not an adobe subscriber what? You can't go back to import image. So once you click over to color wheel, you kind of finalize those color selections going to click on color wheel, and it's gonna import it in here. And so now we can, um, kind of tweak the colors a little bit. So I did make that a little bit of a darker green. So now I have kind of two shades of green, three shades of green and kind of those two kind of warm colors. You can have two different colors, but you have a couple of different shade variations of each, so you can go on kind of tweak it just a little bit. I'm gonna increase the brightness on my screen so I can really be able to see this gonna make it a nice, dark rich color who adding a little bit of blue is nice kind of compliments. Thea meant so just added a little bit of blue. They're beautiful, and I might want to do the same thing here, so it can have a little bit of a consistency among those three green colors that there's just like a little bit of blue in each. So that has blue as well. So let's tweak this Ah kind of orange burnt orange color. I wanted to be a little more gold, so sometimes you went at a little bit more green toe oranges to kind of bring out more of a gold element. So I'm just increasing the green. It's kind of tweaking it here, but still, this is my big called action color. Uh, kind of the big what I'm going to use for buttons. I really need to make sure it remains kind of bold. This could be more of my burnt color. Maybe this add a little more green to it or warm tens. This is where it's just gonna depend on your eye for color. What works well, and as you're doing this, you're kind of seeing how it relates to the color wheel as well. So kind of seeing this. These are the five points of my color palette. You could see how they're more analogous in nature because there close on the color wheel as to pose a complimentary, which would be right across from each other. But it's close. It's kind of in between complementary and analogous. That's fine. I mean, it's really how it looks in the end that there's a science to the color wheel. But there's also a feeling. Do I like these scholars together? I feel pretty confident. I just want to tweet this just a little more. Maybe a little less red. Now we're getting into the kind of go deep gold colors. Here we go, feeling a little bit better, maybe a little darker. So there's my color palette, just derived from colors that I personally like is my personal brand. If you're doing a company, maybe health care company, you may want to choose, um, some blues. There's a whole emotion to color as well. Blues or stability Grains, air used by banks but also blues. You'll see a lot of banks doing cool colors, which are kind of the green and blue. You'll see a lot of social media. They kind of use the blue to the really bright pinks and oranges, and you don't see a whole lot of companies use yellow. That's actually the least use color. It actually exudes an emotion of energy and, um, happiness and excitement. So but it's a hard color to work with because it could be so light. Sometimes it's hard to stand out among white color, so that might be why they don't use a lot of yellow is just a hard color to work with, but that you may want to use yellow. Um, there's some great examples of yellow being used in Branson's. That's not a very frequently used color along with pink. So there you go. There's just kind of a quick little color theory could quickly, uh, braided color theme. I take screenshots just just in case. Somehow the adobe website crashed and I lost my colors. Just like to take a screenshot. Just toe have thes hex code numbers, and I could bring that screenshot in on and type of men manually. Or I could just copy and paste each one and a new color palette. We're gonna go back into Canada, US. Go back. There's actually a little option here called your Brand. This is just on the candle home page and you can import your branded colors here, and you could be able to access that on any new project you start instead of having to do it with each new project. So this is key if you're gonna be using CANDA so your brand could add my color. So I copied and pasted that first color. I was gonna keep doing this until I get all five loaded in my 3rd 1 I really like in those greens. Oh, I didn't import that that that that might have been a good photo to use for my gold, but already kind of selected my color. So it's do the gold color. You're going to close the sad and no longer need that and my last color darker orange. Okay, so there's my color palette, and I wonder if I can drag times change all my colors appear, which I'm not a huge fan of Ah, that's okay. You can also choose fonts as well. And, uh, once we choose our logo, whatever font is an ending up being what I'm using in my logo. I'm gonna go back into this. Your brand and I got to change those thoughts here. So that you don't have to keep figuring out loading your faults with each new project. It's already loaded with every project. You start with Camba, same thing with Lobo's. Once I get my leg well done and go ahead and pop that in here so you can have access to your logo with each one. I just want to kind of show you that. 9. Lesson6 Brand Colors : part2: now back. Camba. Have my colors loaded. And what? I also did some time using my own icon that I didn't illustrator. I just went illustrator, and I kind of customized the colors a little bit on my M. If you purchased a symbol, maybe there's a chance where you can kind of edit those. If you're in Canberra and you used the icon, What's this to use a kind of a generic icon as illustration Let's do icon. Let's say I used this. Ah, this little icon right here. You'll also be able to edit the colors on those to go down. Now we have this new brand colors line item that we just set up, so now you have access to those with each project that you do. So it's a really handy got a tool. So let's say I might want to make that gold and then make this green. You could do that. That's kind of how you edit the colors. What I did just kind of showing you may not be what you do if you're not an illustrator, but I just dragged in the screenshot of my color palette, and I just used the eyedropper tool kind of developed two different versions of green and an orange. Not sure which one I want or if I want both or if I don't want any. So we're gonna go test that out. And if you purchased a symbol, maybe there's a ah, a chance for you, Teoh. Be able to modify that. Maybe they provided lots of color options for you and P and G. So you're not stuck with one color of the PNG purchased. It all depends on what you per purchased. If you did go that route, let's go back and we go back to my graphics that I uploaded. So here's the two new EMS. I'm just gonna bring that in and bring this one in. I was doing the controls and making it smaller. So now I like the idea of having a black and white version. You should always have a black and white version of anything you do, so that's definitely handy. So I could just kind of keep that out here. But let's play around with color. So let's go ahead and zoom in. We don't need that anymore and let's see what looks good. So let's try orange, and so let's try to bring that orange out. We could do the darker, deep orange. We could bring out the green. We don't have to use every color in the logo. It's good to use maybe one, but it's not a requirement to use all of them, so that could be an option. Maybe this will. Bar is a different color. Who that's meant. Green. I kind of like sticking with one color for the logo cause the green and the orange together , they'd look good. Maurin The layout, um, but may be too much for a logo. Blesses continue to play around what works wells do The mint. I like the idea of keeping one side one color and the other side the other color. And let's make that bar a neutral gray color to so it's not competing. Needs to be deeper, I think, a deeper, darker color. Eso Let's see. Here's my brand color. So have the really deep kind of the So that's an option. This Is this a great way to test your palate? You may need to tweak your palate when you start applying to your logo and you're not quite sure about it. You might need to go back and revise your palate. Um, a little bit, because I like the green. I like the gold, but do I like the green and the gold? Like, put together? I'm starting to see some challenges. So this is just the honest raw process of developing a brand. It has to work on all levels. I can't just look great in isolation. So, uh, I'm gonna continue to tweak with this for about 5 to 10 minutes and see what I come up with . And if I need to tweak the color palette a little bit to kind of find something I think goes better together, then I'm gonna do that. So I'll be right back. So I decided to go back to my brand right here, your brand off the left column, and I did decide to tweak the color palette just a little bit. I thought the dark brown wasn't quite working with the, um, dark green. So I decided to eliminate that color. And I did add a couple of intermediate colors between the dark and the light just to kind of giving 1/4 color, cause I kind of was thinking that that was too dark for the logo and I wasn't wanting something to light. So I just kind of came up with another intermediate shade. And I also have some neutral colors, which I think is important to have a couple of those, especially when you're wanting something light but also not competing and neutral. So I added kind of a neutral kind of cream and a kind of a neutral green, which kind of goes with this. So that's kind of how I tweaked my palate a little bit, and that's very natural, very normal for for you to need to do that. Let's go back to my local design and see how we can apply those colors. Okay, so let's go up to the top part here and let's try a couple of these. Try a couple of the neutrals. It looks really nice. Actually, that's an option. Go back and do other neutral. I might need to come back with another darker grey, and so that's very easy to do. So I'm just gonna go back to home back to my brand, and let's add a darker gray. So So here's what I did. So I'm gonna go ahead and select this kind of neutral kind of a cream grey. Kind of got, like, a warrants, a warm tone. Grey. I'm going to copy this hex code, create a new one. So now it's that same shade, and I'm just gonna go drag this and make it darker right about there's and that's kind of a slate Grey. Okay, so they're added yet another color. It's It's okay to have more than five. That's great. It's good to have a wide palate. Um, let's go back. So you get to see my totally raw process. This is exactly what I would do. Nothings cut. There's not a lot of editing going on here. This is really what this is, what What happens in this process? So now I'm gonna go to that darker shade, which I believe was the slate that started look great. And you know why? Because I think the green and the orange they were really fighting with each other. And I think since I kind of picked kind of pick the green and decided to a neutral color to pair with it, you're not having this fighting going on between the colors. You're kind of the green is winning and the other part of subtle and it works a little bit better. Let's make this the darker shade. There we go. I'm not sure if I need that little divider line or not. Maybe it was unnecessary. It's really up to you. I could start to see this really come along. So let's kind of tweak this logo as well. I like the neutral in the orange and also like the green and the neutral, but not the orange and the green together. So that's definitely definitely a theme there. So that's an option. This is the second option course. We don't have to do a color for him. We don't even have to do the M period. So we're still kind of developing that we could do a papa color here. Lillian Group That and dio I love That meant color. I wish I could use that. I just did. There we go. There's a meant color, and we have kind of a neutral color for the M. Try the bold orange That looks good. No So Tuffy. I kind of think about this for a little bit and sometimes is what I do that go ahead and start to work on something like a letterhead or a business card. So I can start to see how this brand is going to start to extend. And that really helps me kind of settle on a final logo design because this is just the logo we need to do the style. There's graphic elements. There's a lot of different things we need to do. When we develop our marketing materials, it's gonna be more than just the logo. There's a whole look. There's angles, there's elements, there's background textures that we need to also start to solidify. In this process. I'm so right now, I'm gonna leave it at thes three and tweak, um, kind of get maybe down to two logos and they're gonna try and both out on our first marketing material, which is gonna be Let's do a business card. So if we do a business card, I can start to go ahead and pick my final logo. During that process, 10. Lesson7 Finalizing Our Logo Saving & Exporting Files: so, as you can see, have been playing around a little bit with the color palette so continuing to tweak this as I work on it, we're gonna be starting the business card pretty soon. But I wanted to kind of finalize the local files first. Um, so what I decided to do is I wouldn't and I brought in a texture which actually did this in photo shop. Don't believe can VA has the ability to add a texture on top of an element without having a transparent background. But I did this in photo shop. Or you can purchase a symbol or something like that with this kind of look to it are with the texture applied to it already, but just kind of get did a gold, a true gold kind of texture, which gold is really more than just one color. It's combination of different colors and lights bouncing off of the gold element. That's why I wasn't really happy with this orange because it kind of was a little bit too brown for me, and I wasn't necessarily happy with the green, so I thought this was kind of a nice, um, thing. I settled for. So it's kind of using the kind of, um, muted, subtle colors over here to the right and kind of more of that pop of color in the symbol of the m So feeling really good. I want to keep with maybe try to work that green in and my palate, Um, when I start to expand this But we don't know what's gonna happen as we start to do our first element. So now that I know I'm pretty happy with this selection, let's just go ahead and delete all these. We don't need these anymore. Go ahead and zoom out on our document here. This is just a 500 by 500 pixel documents to go and delete that as well. And here's what we need to do. So right now we have our local, but we need to have This is a horizontal orientation, which is great for a header of a website. It's great for a letterhead, but there's so many situations like on instagram and other more square kind of locations. Rick, you really need a vertical logo. So that's exactly what we're gonna do. We're gonna have a vertical version, so we can have multiple Lobo's of the to choose from in terms of placement. He's good. And copy this, and this is good. We're gonna need to noodle around with the type a little bit. So what we're gonna do, we may not have to and maybe maybe that that's that. That could be it. But sometimes I like to kind of mess around with the sizing a little bit. Let's go ahead. And these are grouped together. So that's great singing to reduce the size. Just kind of balancing out a little bit so that, um that might be a little bit bigger on the vertical orientation. That's okay. That has a little bit of a better balance. This might even need to be a little smaller. Were still finalizing our logo. So used in still tweak it quite a bit. Make that a little bit smaller. As we said before, we like to do local design for the distance every once in a while and see all these separate elements. They're not dragging really well for me, so I'm gonna select all of them and see if I can't group these together group now I can kind of move that around a lot easier. So let's make that I am just a tiny bit smaller and let's do another variation. So I'm gonna copy, drag it over. We're just gonna test out sizing, see what we like. Um, kind of like it the other way. So let's make it bigger. And let's try a different orientation of our type. So I'm gonna copy this. I'm just copying this little text element and I'm gonna have to lines instead of just one. We'll have my name here. Maybe I could make it flush with the M. So a couple ways, we could do that. We could make the fonts smaller, or we can, ah, do the spacing to make it stretch and then do a combination of changing the thought size 12.5. Maybe just trying to get a flush with the left and right of the M. And I like my last name to be more prominent. That's what people kind of remember more than the first name. So I don't mind if that's a little bit bigger. Do 20. See how 20 looks. Let's make that 19 just kind of a trial in there. I wish I could make that a lighter. I don't think that has a lighter weight option. The leak. Spartan Bond. But that would be need if I could make that a lighter weight on the top and a thicker weight on the bottom. So now we need to find a home for all of this. So let's try and see. This is gonna be a little bit tough. So let's zoom in for this one. Um, with three items, we could stack it. I think we could put reduce the spacing a little bit on this and a might fit, but we may need to fold it, so it already is bold. Okay. Might need to find a different font. Wait, I'm just afraid it's gonna be too small. And it's not gonna show up when it's really tiny like that. We might need to bring in the bar, see trialling air here. Yeah, I'm gonna find a new I'm gonna have to find a new bond for that just to make sure it shows up of them making it smaller. So that's all Ali Iran's would see if they have a different weight. They do. How about heavy? Let's try the one in between. So I gotta go. Valliere on regular Let's go kind of be not too thick and not too thin who can continue to tighten the spacing? We can even bring it all the way down to zero, and then we go back spacing and just trying to have it be flush with the left and right sides. It's like a block. Now. I want you have a little bit of whitespace. Whitespace can help things breathe. Right now, there's not enough white space. Everything so tight I would be talking about white space a lot. When we get to the branding materials, I really want to make that a lighter weight. So how about we go with that alley? Iran then and there a nonmetallic version. There we go. My name is not on. My first name is not as important. So you notice how that add a little contrast. A little balance, not all thick. Let's do the white stays. Let's add a little bit can, but could be a little tricky sometimes and always grab what you want. You notice how I put a little more distance between my name and the what I do, and that kind of separates that as a separate element. It looks nice so that those are two different options. Let's go ahead and make that thicker. Great. OK, so I think we have something really close. These are very different options, but they all are have the same brand theme. So that's OK. It's good to have lots of options. So all these could be usable for final products. Of course, would like to have a black and white version of all this. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna save a copy. So let's go to design make copies. It's saving that older version and then I'm gonna go back, get my element, are actually my uploads and bring in the black and white version and replace all of these with the black and right. I'm just kind of hovering over it. And just like that, I have black and white versions as well. So now I want to go ahead and export these, and it's gonna go up to export. I want to do these as p and G's, Um and actually, when I want to do has put these on separate pages. So you noticed this little thing with his add new page. It's gonna do add new page. I think we're going to about three pages. Was do one on each. So when we export him, they'll be on their own file. We'll make him as big as possible. Higher resolution. That better? Good. Bring this down. Bring this one down. All the way down to this page. We're going to the same thing with the color, and I'll do that at separate times, so you don't have to sit here and look at me. Do this all the time, Okay? This one won't stretch as big as the others. That's okay. So now let's go to download Solaro, we want to download all three pages. No, we do transparent background. And so here's where there's a little bit of a trick. If you're using a free version of Canda, you may not have the transparent background option to select. So when you export these, they'll be on white backgrounds. So when we have a logo, we don't want that white background. That's a mess on. So there's another work around. I'll go over and a little bit if you don't have a free version of camera are you don't have a premium version of candle. Excuse me. So I have my transplant parent background selected. It's downloading for me. That's another benefit for getting the paid canvas you get not have to do the work around, which is basically going to another website that punches out the white background and saving it that way. It's just going to it. A different website, so great. So I'm gonna do the same thing with the colors, and I will be right back. So there's one more version of the logo we need. We have a vertical version. We have a horizontal version on. We have black and white versions of all of those, so that's an amazing amount of variations we have that we we don't have to go back and create a different version of the logo because we have all the versions we need. There's one more missing. If we wanted to place them this on a darker or colored background, we're gonna wanna have the text be white instead of gray. So all I'm going to do with the six different files I created, I was going to go and make all of this white text, they're not gonna be able to see it in Canda. But you know, it's white. Let's go ahead. Just make all of this white white and selecting all its if it'll let me select all three elements, you have to do them individually. White, white and white. So now I'm gonna do the same thing. Go down P and G. Transparent background download. So now you have quite a wide variety of different options. So here. Okay, so there's it out. Their original ones. Let's go down to downloads. Okay, so there's all my zipped files. Go ahead, unload all of these. So here's all the file variations I have. So it's couldn't drag this in here. So you can see I have, um, black and white. I have this version which will be the vertical version that's colored, and I also have these have white text, so we want to put that on a dark background and there we have it. We have all files that we're gonna need a horizontal, vertical, black and white color and also dark text and white text, and we're ready to go 11. Lesson 8 Brand Setup Business Card: So I went back to the candle home page, and I went to the year brand where we were able to do our color palette down here. They have an option to do Low Ghost. So what I'm doing is I'm just downloading all of our uploading all the versions we just created doing our color versions, and I think there's one more folder. So now this gives us access to our files a lot quicker on all different projects. They could also upload them like photos and drag him in that way. But this works find, too. So that means it's transparent background with the checkerboard pattern. Those that's exactly what what you wanted to look like. That's perfect. So now we can go ahead and at it are type. I'm gonna go back, and I need to remember what I use. So it's easy. Just go back to home or just click on your all your designs. Let's see what I used here. I think it was Justice League for my headline. So a league Spartan League Spartan and Ali Iran, So I'm gonna go back and load the response in the league Spartan, Go back to your brand headline It's gonna be League Spartans. Yeah, I may have to scroll the way down. It's gonna load these in the leak. Spartan will be my headline font for my brand, so this could extend to everything we do. We're getting really close to being done with the hardest part of the branding process There it iss great, and we can set a default size. But what I think too big sounds good subheadings. These can also probably lead the league Spartan, so I'll scroll down and I'll go ahead and set these in and I'll be right back. So now that we have everything loaded into the your brand section, I think we're ready to start our first marketing material. We're gonna do a business card first, so let's go ahead and type in business card, and they're gonna load a bunch of templates here. And I don't mind templates. It'll using that as a basis for your design if you're gonna customize it later and make it your own. So that gives me a lot inspiration when I find a specific layout that I think could work and I'm already kind of seeing this one, and this is a front, a back business card. And I love if you look right here, I love how they kind of come together like that. So and I love angles. I love having this kind of angle. So let's go with this. Let's kind of see what happens here. So what I want to do is go and get my logo loaded in. That's the one thing I know we're gonna need. So how do you access your Locos that you loaded in to, um, a little brand section that we were in where there's a couple ways we could do this so I can go toe up loads and I can upload all my local files just like a photo and drag it in that way. Or it could go down to folders and click on logos. That's gonna load all the locals that we loaded in the your brand pages. This a nice, easy way to access all that. So since this is a white background course, we're gonna play around the colors here of color palette, have a little bit of flexibility, go ahead on group this group right here, and just elite you kind of elements I feel like we don't need. When I see a great business card, it's usually because they utilize both the front and the back sides. That's because it's hard to fit everything into one side. So if you have a one sided business card, you're cramming all of your content in your logos, and it doesn't have a chance to breathe and communicate. So I recommend using two sides. It's a little bit more expensive, but I think it have a better high impact because that means we can use this whole front side to be our high impact. Just have her logo and then have the backside have all of the content contact information so that it doesn't have to feel like we're saying so much right away to the person with the kind of communicator logo on her name. What we do, and then we can give a more details when they flip it over. So that's what we're gonna do here. We're gonna kind of have a little experiment here. Okay, so this is kind of a template that we loaded in, and so you can see how this little I like this little angle that this box is creating and it looks like we'll go ahead and go back. They took this box. This was just a shape, just a square shape. And I'm gonna make it a different color secrecy. And then they just angled it and then put it over here to kind of create that need angle. What I'm gonna do is I don't want a such a dramatic angle. So So I'm just gonna tilt that a little bit. And I thought it would be neat to have one focal point photo. So that's another kind of design. Tip is you don't want to overwhelm your viewer. Too many focal points. Having one single focal point always wins. So sometimes if I have to photos and trying to work in I thought it would be needed. Had this idea that what if I had this this little section and add a photo here on the left and a photo here on the right? Well, then they have competing photos, and it's just really hard for the viewer to see that sometimes And get that tow work. Absolutely. But in this case, I want have one clear focal point. That's gonna be my logo and the photo is just something extra. So we're gonna kind of drag that local here in the center. Good, I thought. Okay, let's eliminate that second photo. Eliminate that as well. It's dragging this across, and I might want to switch the angle here. It's just a personal preference and have the photo kind of peek through on this white part . And so I want my logo to be the main focal point that will be in the center. And another thing I discovered Bomb and and you'll notice that we have the dark text here and I can't read it. But that's no problem, because we go in our logo folder. We have all sorts of different variations and some that work on dark backgrounds. So I just have to click on this one and load it just like that. So that's really nice. And, ah, what I also discovered with my brand colors is the screen just wasn't working. So if you go up to my brand colors, I'm actually gonna eliminate the greens. And the reason wise, I tried to play around with the business card a little bit before filming, and I realized the green and the gold. We're just not working together. They're too strong. They're competing. And that's very natural. Very normal for you to totally change your color palette when you start to expand your brand out. Because this is why you don't do a logo and isolation because you'll pick your colors or pick your low would be like great, but then instructed to your marketing materials like, Oh, this is not translating well and you'll wanna change your minds. That's why we do this business card to kind of get an idea of How do we extend this brand beyond the logo? Has it gonna look? And I realized Green wasn't working, so I have these nice, neutral colors. I decided to pick to pair with the gold instead of green, so that's kind of the process that I went through with that. So let's go ahead and load a photo. Um, I think the logo size is nice and big. It's not overwhelming. This would be too big, has just enough white space around it. It can breathe a little bit, and you notice how I use a different version of the logo against of the one that was stacked. Go ahead and load that one in instead of using this one, which is fine, but just create so much extra space here in here that I feel like I'm not utilizing the space. Let's go and live that another version of the logo kind of get a nice size. Not too big, not too small. It's a nice balance there. Let's get our photo here on the left. So I went to pixels and started to kind of look a tsum different photo ideas. Look, what photo could represent my business. And I may not even need a photo, but I thought I'd use a photo since that's I worked with voters a lot for my freelance business. So that would be good to kind of use one in my business card. So I went ahead and found a lightbulb. Fudoh, let's go and click on that and drag it in because I thought Okay, so what do I do for my job? And this is exactly what you're gonna do for your business. What services do I provide? What solutions do I provide to my clients? And in this case, I provide ideas. I provide design ideas, branding ideas, copyrighting ideas, marketing idea. So I thought. Okay, Well, what? What a great way to show ideas. A light bulb. But instead of doing kind of your standard light bulb, that, uh, looks a little dated and typical and very common. I found this cool little artists in light bulb shot that I thought looked a little more modern. And it matches really good with my darker colors of my brand. So that's the process I went through with finding your photo. You're gonna have your own process of finding out. Okay. What photo really shows what I do? Ah. What? What do I end up providing to my client? In this case, it's ideas, and you may not find a photo. It may be a photo of yourself. This would if I had a really great photo that I wanted to use. I usually don't like to show my photo. I'm a private person, so I don't really have my photo on the marketing materials. But if you're into, um, like a speaker or or somebody who's out in the public, um who maybe you're an event planner. You're out there with the client to planning stuff. Ah, photo of personal photo of yourself would look really great there to kind of showing. Here's who I am. I'm not just a name. Here's my Here's that personal connection you make with the viewer having that personal photo. So that's another thing to think about as well. All right. So you'll notice how I need to, uh, put this in the back layer. You notice how can Canada has different layers? We're gonna go up to position, and you can send things forward or backwards. So I'm gonna send this photo backwards because I wanted to be behind the logo and this little layer here. So I just went to clicked on it, Click to position, and I'm just sending it forward or backward. So now it's behind this little shape. This is so rectangle or square shape. Great. So I'm gonna kind of position this where I can crop it the way I like it, or double click and crop it that way. Okay, so now our front is really coming together with the basic layout, and I'm just gonna cut a noodle around with this just a little bit, Okay? So I feel like something is missing. Maybe a rich texture. You know, I kind of wanted to go with that geometric shape when I was first trying to do my own logo symbol. So what if I did that with a pattern or a background instead, and had a cool kind of geometric lines or a pattern or shape? So we're gonna go into camel under elements, and I'm gonna go ahead and type in pattern. You kind of see what comes up here. So there's all sorts of different patterns you can load in summer fun. Um, some are a little bit more detailed and what's great about candles you can load these patterns in. Well, say I really like that wave pattern. I can go up here to the transparency setting, go and click on that, and I can reduce the transparency setting so it kind of blends into the background just like that. Of course, I want to angle it to match the angle of my square square shape, and I also need to put it behind the logo. So I just go up to my position and I send it backwards. And now it's behind the logo, actually, Really, like that texture a lot. So let me go ahead and screen. You never want a texture to overpower what's on top of it. So I might even, ah, produce the transparency even more so maybe eight or even five. So you notice how it's really subtle. It's kind of nice. Doesn't compete with the logo. So what do you think? I like it. It's got this nice, organic kind of feel to it. But I really was looking for that geometric shape for my personal brand. You may go. Hey, that's perfect for me. I love that Fantastic. But I'm gonna think I'm gonna select. I've already kind of looked ahead of time at a texture I like, and this is actually not a free one, but it's only a dollar. So what you do is when you go to export this file, you'll just pay for that texture right here. Just $2 12. Lesson9 Business Card part2 - Backside: way left off. Last home is about the texture and adding this pattern in. And I didn't say that this was a dollar. So how you purchase specific textures in Canada is you just highlight the item and you go remove Mark Watermark, what's good and remove the watermark. And it looks like it's just gonna be $1 one time use. I actually want to use this on all my brain and materials. So I really think this could be a texture that I put on my business card. I'd like to see it on my letterhead. I'd like to see it on promo materials, so actually want to select multi use and there's extended use if I want to do multi. Use an extended brought printing, resale and team usage rights, so there could be a chance that I use that. But I think for right now I think the multi use will come in handy. Multiple uses is good. If you want to put on a product, you probably need the extended use. But in my case, I'm just doing a personal brand. And if I'm printing probably more than 1/2 1,000,000 copies, which I'm not gonna be doing that with my brand, so I think the multi use is probably gonna be good. I can keep dragging the Sin Tau future files, but I don't have to purchase it again. So let's do that. Go ahead and purchase. And so now the watermark is gone, and it's now mine. So let's go ahead and adapt this texture. I've already tried this out ahead of time. That's how I already know. I I'm interested in using it. And you can also buy textures anywhere. Any stock photo website. You do the same thing, imported like a photo and drag a particular texture. And let me see if I have a texture here that I could use to show you. I'll do that in a little bit when we get into doing flyers and posters, kind of some textures that could drag in from other sources. So great. So let me ah, screen this back. I wanna put that, um, toward the back just a few times, not that much. Spring it back up forward and stretch it all the way across. Make sure it lines up with my little angle box there. Okay, so the next thing we're gonna do, I'm going to reduce the transparency quite a bit. I'm just gonna drag us down to I feel like it's just subtle enough we can see it. Maybe right about there. Well, maybe a little less great. And there's also see if I can't zoom in on the little geometric shapes. So it's not so busy you see the texture, but it's not. You don't see as much you kind of zoom in and you take away all the different elements. I'm just kind of kind of zooming in on there. So let me make sure my logo is on the top positions and back in the front that looks like it worked Great. Now all the layers air, right? So I feel pretty happy about the side. I'm just noodling around with spacing like it's a nice spacing. Another thing I could do is you notice how have kind of, ah, darker gold kind of theme, and this is kind of more of a bright orange. You could actually edit photos to go up to filter. I could apply certain filters, or I can adjust and do my own kind of mess with saturation. Maybe de saturated a little bit, so that looks nice. And I kind of like the pre made filter some. Sometimes they work well, sometimes they don't. Sometimes you need a more personal editing. That kind of like this ash ball. I kind of already looked at that ahead of time. So that might be too dark. All these We're gonna have a different kind of effects to the I like the idea of de saturating because the this is not the focal point. This is the focal point. Is my name logo. What I do This is just something in the background. So that's one side. Let's leave this alone for now. I may go back and edit edit this a little bit more. I may bring out this texture just a tiny bit more. Let's work on that contact and promotion that second side. So if you don't see the second side, just go out to add a page and a lot of page for you or if you want to delete a page, go up here and elite page. So this is our second, uh, kind of opportunity here. Let's see what we can dio. So I think what it would be neat is toe have kind of a mirror reflected image of the 1st 1 on the 2nd 1 So have the same angle carry over to kind of create a design theme. So I'll probably talk about design themes a lot when I talk about multiple panels and multiple pages when it comes to design, have some kind of design theme carry over. So when they flip it over, they it all seems cohesive. And one design, we're gonna do something like that. So I'm gonna take some of these elements and kind of get him down here. Ah, substantive. Slide this over and it's could take these down one by one. I'm gonna copy this and just see if we go to the next page. Here we go. But I'm gonna do a mirror image. Time's gonna kind of rotate this or actually don't need to rotate it. All I could discover here, and I would like the photo to appear on the right side instead of the left. Gonna zoom out so I can kind of see this a little bit better as it comes together. Make sure there's enough space here. A same spacing right here. In here. Okay, so this is where all of our contact information is gonna go. What I want to do is kind of fill in that photo first so I can just released get that nailed down. So let me go back up. I've already kind of looked on pixels website, and I found a photo that I thought would would work really well, so it's gonna go and click that in. You get a zoom down here, I'm gonna go ahead and cut out, just mess around the sizing, and I get a Sinise go up to position and send it all the way to the back. So I want to send it behind that little angled, um, things. And I'm just gonna be cropping it. So I wanted to do a pin to count earthy the light bulb because I thought, OK, if I'm doing pr copyrighting and marketing, think the gold pin kind of matches with the gold in That kind of has this thematic kind of thing that that resonates. So you're gonna have something totally different depending on what you do. What, your freelance or what your business is. Eso let this is kind of where some people get a creative block. They don't know kind of what to do. Now, I got all this content. I need a load in here like my phone number email website. And what I want to advise you guys is less is more. Find out what is the most critical information you may not need to put your fax number. No one uses that. I mean, you could have a fax for your business if you're a real estate professional. But if you don't need it, don't put it on there. And what I like to do is I don't like to put my personal email on there because I could change, but my website is less likely to change. So what I do is I put my website on there and then someone goes onto my website toe, fill out the contact to be able to contact me. And what I like about that is they get to get on my website and get some questions answered about my style, what I provide before they contact me. So a lot of those questions were answered by the time I get an email from them. so that and this one less thing I have to put on my business card, but you may have be an industry where having your email on there is critical. So they get right to you. So that's the decision you're gonna have to make. But try to find out elements that you do not need or somehow combine them where? Okay, you leave out your fax member, you leave out your email. So now you only have a phone number on a website, and that gives us an opportunity to add come some kind of slogan to further explain what I do is right now. Okay? Design PR marketing. That's really broad. What is that? So I'm gonna have a little slogan and that some elevate your are elevate your brand through design. So that's going to give me a chance to kind of further explain a little bit of what I do through some kind of taglines. Look, whatever you wanna call it some kind of kind of ah descriptor of what I do in more detail. So what's fantastic? First thing we're gonna add. So what's great about having our fonts loaded into the brand page when we go down, Teoh, uh, go back home and we loaded our fonts related our brand colors. We have our fonts already loaded. So when I go to go back up to text, let's add some text and let's just kind of add a generic kind of block of text. So this happens to be the same text that's in our brand. So I just dragged the sin from the text area, was destroyed, picked one of these or you get this added generic text box and kind of start from scratch. Ah, so let's go on and on group these two blocks of text and this is gonna be what my slogan is gonna be. And I already have my brand colors loaded and I have this kind of really light settled kind of cream ish gray color that I thought would look really nice on the dark background. It's gonna look a little bit better than white, so if I did white, that's the most readable. But it's almost too high contrast of kind of going for subtle, elegant high end. So I want to have a more subtle effect, and you may have the opposite. You may want to do very stark high contrast colors, depending on what industry you're in. So I'm going to stick to the lighter color. I was gonna make this a little bit smaller. Let's make that maybe 18. I wanna have a lot of room for my contact information. I want to have a lot of white space between elements. Lots of breathing room. Let's go ahead and have our elevate your brand through design and have that up here on the upper right. See if I can't take advantage of this wide space and, uh, good, drag this out a little bit. Elevate, elevate your brand through sit side, but I thought would be really neat to to go and have this a different color. What if I made that a gold color? So elevate. I'm highlighting elevate because that's an important word with what I do. I use that word a lot when a designer use that word a lot, when they consult with clients. Elevate so and I work with a lot of high end brands, a lot of high end work in the wine industry. Um, I, working with high end retail retailers, so kind of elevated It goes with kind of what my theme is when you do your mission statement when he'd your vision. When you find your target audience, this stuff is gonna come out. It's gonna be very easy to write because you're gonna know your audience. You're gonna know who what, where are you? In your industry, there's lots of levels. There's high end, there's low and there's cheap. There's expensive. There's everything in between. And so the words that you use and how you present yourself is all echoed through, um, kind of thinking through where you are with your target audience and in your industry. Are you an expert in your industry or you're just starting out? That's all gonna be echoed through how you write copy. 13. Lesson10 Business Card - part3: so great. So this might still be a little bit big, but we'll just leave it right there for now. Let's go ahead and start getting our contact information in, so I'm just putting a random phone number. For now, there's a couple little design tricks that I'll show you, too is going to make that that same light cream color or gray, really so phone are so into, comes to font sizes. So right now this is a 6.39 That's a little on the small side when it comes to getting this printed on physical paper. Ah, la. I do not recommend anything under seven points unless it's small. Fine, copy your legal copy, but if it's a phone number, something you want people to see a highly recommend at least seven points so that it's ledge a ble and it's large enough. Let's go ahead and make it seven, which is the minimum I recommend. But I really wanna have lots of white space. So I'm gonna go down to the bottom 77 points, and that's not really a font and our brand and so we could see it not really driving. So let's switch this to our body copy that we have in her brand. So if I go ahead and highlight my techs and they go up to the text area, what's great is, since we already selected our brand Pontes earlier on the home page, they already load with each document you create. So leaks Partners, my headline, larger text and Ali Iran is my body copy. Smaller text. So let's go ahead and click on L L E R on And another thing you do have a chance. Some typefaces have the chance to bold. Um, and in this case, I do in a bold just a little bit because I feel like that's then wait at that smaller size may not print well, so I just kind of molded it. For that reason, let's go ahead, and I like it. So just doing a whole new, um, text box and starting all over. I like to copy my text box and go ahead and put my website. I think I have all caps on for some reason. Okay, Marsh designed. So that's not my real website, just kind of putting a fake one up for announce. There's kind of the two elements I'm gonna have and sealed. Okay, it looks a little empty. I talk about you X, which is user experience a lot when it comes to developing websites. But did you know you can do you X when it comes to printed things like business cards? So user experience that's experience that a user or viewer goes through when looking at your piece. So how can I make it easier for them to break down and digest information? Well, one thing is we can use symbols and icons to kind of highlight the website and the phone number. It's It's an easier way for their I to go. I see that. Ah, that can identify with the icon. Oh, that must be the phone number. They don't have to read phone number or email another text box. It's just a way to simplify everything. A little bit so kind of show you an example. Let's go to elements, and we're gonna find some icons here so we can go down the icons down here and look manually, or we can save a lot of time and just type in the phone. So I want to find a little phone icon, and I would like to find a free one if possible, since already bought that other other one who I'm already finding when I like here. So this is one for um, let's just do ah, iPhone because the traditional phone who uses that anymore. I mean, some people do, but it's going up. Be a little more on the modern side if we can. If that matches with what I want and let's make it that gold color right there listed the same thing with a website plus Do Web, See what kind of icons we get. This is kind of a universal symbol for Web. Um, see if there's anything I like better. This could work, too, but that could be too detailed. Let's just give it a try. That's good. Be to details. I think the Globe the Globe is gonna win on that one, So let's make that smaller. They got the same go color that we've been using. Let's make sure there's enough white space between elements since Kekana. Drag that over here and maybe breakable, have some breathing room between the icons. So have a little bit more vertical space and I also want to have some alignment in my design, So you notice how these are not aligned with the top headlines. I like everything to kind of have a barrel left alignment, a center alignment, some kind of structure when it comes to alignment. So there's a couple things I could do. I could drag this over to match work and drag those over to match the other one. So you know this that looks a little bit better already. So I'm and another thing I like to do his highlight or bold certain elements within a NA object. So right here, I'd like to make this see Ella, make that bold, make that bold, but make this then. And with this particular type eight typeface, there's not a big difference there, so that I might not be able to do that because usually like to have Marsh Design website would be bold and dot com would be thin, so it helps break down that word more for people. Any way you can break down information in the little easier to digest section So and said it all. This is the same weight it all blends in. I can't see the difference between Marsh designed website dot com. But if I make marshes on website boulder and dot com thinner, you see that contrast and they can kind of break it down easier. And another thing I like to do if I have ah, website, that has words I like to use capitals. So in marsh designed website and that serves the same purpose, I can look at this and I can see the individual words if they were all lower case like you see in the URL, My eyes could not break down the words sometimes, but since you capitalize the first letter, it's easy to do so. I know I spend a lot of time on that, but this stuff is important toe kind of realize, and I use, dots said of Mrs I'm in the United States. So this is how our numbers look. But I'm just using kind of dots as separators instead of um, kind of the brackets is to try to modernize that. There's not really a design, our user experience with that, it's just just a preference for style. And so I'd like what I like to do is repeat my logo because sometimes when people grab a card, they're gonna look at both sides, but you don't know what side they're. Go look at first. There's no telling what their view, I think, is the front and think is the back. So that's why I always put a logo on both sides, and that's for almost anything up. Um, so if there's a flyer and have a two sided flyer, I always include the logo on both sides, but the backside, It could be a little smaller, so there's no worries there. It was kind of my Locos and load in something, huh? Let me do my horizontal logo and don't need to be as big. I'd love to find out what font size that IHS, but since this is ah, p and G, I don't have that ability. It's just one image. I can't really edit it, so I'm gonna show you a little trick to bring in the live version of the logo. So I think this is the time where probably need to go ahead and make this a little smaller . And I'm just gonna noodle around and wonder elevate your brand. I wonder if I could put that on two lines. And that will give me some more white space to play around with these elements. And this is when grouping comes in handy. Because sometimes can Buchan be a little bit hard to select certain items. It could be a mass sometime so that Lego keeps being selected. Thanks to drag him over here, you start grouping some of these elements together, a group in the phone and then with the group, the websites and I can move these around with a little more ease slide the website right here. Not gonna mess out, mess around with balance a little bit more. But overall, I'm happy with that. I could probably even bring that photo in a little more. And I want to carry in my texture. Let's go ahead. And the copy. Our texture is copying the little line. Geometric things Drag that down here. Here we go. And I'm just gonna match this up. Great. And I might even screen this back a little bit more because I have a lot of copy. Any time you have a lot of copy, which is basically text, I like to reduce the transparency on textures a little bit more, but it's still there. You'll still see it when it when it gets printed. So I'm gonna have a little more margin here. And margin is really important in the print process. And let me make sure I think this needs to be sent backwards a little bit. So when send it backward, there we go. So now it's behind all of the text elements. So margin, because hadn't move all this stuff. This is where you can. That's not perfect. They're still working on things. It's a fantastic program, but sometimes when you have lots of layers and different things going on, it could be a little bit of a challenge to select the item that you want. So sometimes zooming in helps keeps wanting to select that background texture. So I'm just gonna simply slide that texture over here so that I can select some of the Zeller other elements. All right, so with margin, you notice how I move the logo up a little bit and notice how there's enough space around the bottom side and the top side, and there's ah legitimate reason for that. Not only does it help your design breathe but also in the printing process. You can't have anything too close to the margins all the way around, because the way they print in the trim off the sides will always ask you to keep your text well away from the edge. This is probably a good distance. What I have here. I probably wouldn't push it any closer to the edge than what I have, and that's good. There's kind of what we have so far. I mean, this has been probably 20 minutes, and we've been able to kind of do a business card design that I'm somewhat happy with and come up with another version. Um, I might play around with one more version. Just why not maybe take a different approach and do a lighter, lighter background with the golds to kind of step back and take a different approach. But use the same brand of colors, has flip it, and a set of doing dark colors do like colors and just see if I think that changes how it feels for the better. But I like this is definitely high end, elegant. That's exactly my client base, so that kind of I think my client base would resonate with this. And that's what you need to ask the question after you finish your business car design, it's got to be something you like. But it has to be something that your target audience is gonna resonate with because that's the whole point. Is winning clients so being able to design something that you like but also pleases them first and foremost with? 14. Lesson11 Business Card Export: So now that we've finished our business card design and we're gonna go through the process of exporting it and getting it ready to send to the printer, whether you send it to a local printer or you use an online printer I like to use vista print dot com. They're probably one of the cheaper online printers to use to get business cards. Canada actually has a ah services well, where you can order our order stuff from them. I have not used them yet, but I plan on using them. I hear their quality is pretty good there too. So you get a lot of options when it comes to actually getting these things printed and making them a reality. So I have my file pulled up here, and I'm gonna go up here to this little arrow icon, and I got to go down to select pages to select them all. Ah, file type. I'm gonna go down to PD apprint. Pdf standard would be ah for online use. So if you're gonna send this through the email, that would be great. But for anything that's gonna be printed, you want print quality. So pdf print and you want crop marks and bleed included. And so crop marks and lead would be for the printers use. When they run the printing machine, they print off a little bit of extra around the sides so that when they trim it, it looks nice and flush all the way out to the edges. So go ahead and click download. We're gonna go ahead and download this and take a look ahead and show you with the crop marks and bleed. Looks like So let me go and pull that up and you'll do this for anything. You get professionally printed, you'll want to add the bleed unless they do not request the bleed. Eso This is RPG. Athletico had drag this into my filming window. We'll zoom out. So I'm just in pdf Adobe Acrobat right now. So I got my two pages. So one page two page and notice these little marks right here. That's the bleed marks. So I'm gonna go ahead and zoom in just a little bit so I can show you. So it's actually not gonna print all the way to the edge 1/8 of an inch of this or centimeters if you're outside the United States will be cut off for, um, printing purposes to trim it off. So you'll notice how it doesn't extend all the way out here. This photo doesn't extend out, so if we truly want to add bleed to this document was kept to go back to remain document and adjust it. So this little area is brought all the way out to the same edge. But this is That's fairly simple. The deals go back to her file. Believe it was this photo and maybe what? You could extend it, making a little bit bigger and let it stretch out a little bit past the border toe. Add that bleed so hopefully that will be good enough. Well, let's go down and download it once more. All right, so let's take a look and see what we have now, so you'll notice that it's all the way to the edge now, so we'll know that it's gonna be probably cropped and print to the final print cut will be right around this area, and everything outside will be cut away. But it's good to have that extra all the way brought out so you can see how it's alway outside of the edge on both sides, out when it looks like I need to just go back to that photo and maybe drag that down. So go ahead and do that and get that exported. And then I would have my file ready to go. And also, if you interested and using Camba, you can go down here to the same download. And he can order prints with Camba so you can order double sided single. You confined different gloss finishes. I think this since ah, this is a darker business card. I usually like to use a glossy finish. Kind of has a nice look to it. Matte finish is gonna be really it's not gonna have any shine or gloss to it at all. It's gonna be flat, which could have its own use. Um, but I like the high gloss finish. I think that would look really nice with the dark colors that amusing and of course, uncoated, which is kind of naturally textured, Um, perfect for writing on. So if you have open areas for your business card to write notes than uncoated finish might work well, so the gloss finish you can go ahead order as much as you'd like, and find the pricing for those so 4000 copies for 100 $10 That's pretty good. And of course, you could do coupons and all that stuff and you can order, and it comes in a nice, pretty box. So that's if you order to Camba and I use Vista print, So I'm gonna go Skoda Vista print dot com. And I have used this with clients for probably 10 years, and their quality is acceptable. They're pretty good for the price that you pay their very kind of your lower end. They still do a decent quality for what you pay for. It's pretty affordable. So, of course, and get business cards marking materials, flyers, signs, posters, anything you can imagine. You can order it on Vista print, Um, and the several other great websites, just like this is called online printer. If you wanted to kind of know the term that this is online printer, and if you want to look for a local printer, you can find that in your wherever you would find a local business. Just look up printing services. Sometimes I like to do that cause I like to go visit the printer and pick him up and talk to them, especially if I'm doing more complicated pieces like maybe a large banner. Sometimes I'd like to go, and I'm able to do a special effect to the banner. Maybe add a metallic ink to my piece. I like tea. Go talk to the printer about options and sit down and look at color swatches and just get a more personal touch when it comes to getting service and finding out what my options are for printing a wide variety of marketing materials. 15. Lesson 12 Letterhead - part1: So now what? We have logo. We have a brand kind of starting to develop. We have a business card ready to go. What do we do next? Well, that's gonna depend on your business type. If you're purely on online entrepreneur business, then you may skip the physical business card, But you may use that business card for a signature for an email on. There's a lot of ways you can just export that as a PNG and JPEG, and you have a digital version of that business card. Um, so we're gonna continue to develop different sizes so that we can be able to adapt our brand to horizontal vertical, any kind of dimensions, even a pure square for instagram. We're gonna do this all at one piece of the time, and this is the part of the class we can skip around a little bit if you're interested in a particular marketing material. If you want to skip ahead to when we start to create more digital social media pieces, you could do that. But I'm gonna continue to do kind of those very traditional pieces. We did the business card. What's next, letterhead. So gonna do a letterhead next. Ah, so let's go ahead and get started. We'll see if they already have a letterhead template in here. And they do. Horses is an inches. You may, ah, have different. You might have centimeters wherever you are. I'm so just loaded. A letterhead. Templates. So these are all the templates that come preloaded in Camba. And just like the business card I like to use, uh, templates because it gives me a great layout start. I can make it my own, my brand, but to kind of have something already laid out for me saves me so much time and helps kind of release that creative block if I find a layout of like, so let's continue to cycle through. And I'm thinking about my brand assets along the way. So you're kind of seeing the business car picture right now? Eso I'm thinking okay. How can I incorporate that darker background? I can't make the whole thing dark because we need to be able to have readable, printable rideable areas of this letterhead. We need to be practical. So I'm thinking about how I can do this, and I think maybe a strong header which is gonna be the top of your document might work Well, this brand. So I'm gonna continue to cycle through some different options. I think what I think would look good on, say, this ones are all, Ah, full solid color background, which I've noticed when I work with clients and running a business I love to do a hand written signature at the bottom every time. I think that adds so much class to your letterhead. So I almost never do a solid color background for a letterhead. So I always wanna be able to have that option to write with a black ink pen. So just kind of keep that in mind. You'll see templates that are great look really cool, but may not be practical. So this case, this is an interesting letterhead. I mean, I like the blocking here, but it's taking too much real estate. I worked with a client who really likes to write really long, wordy, um, letters. And so I always have a challenge fitting that into a template like this, where a lot of your screen real estate is taken up by maybe a block of ah color or maybe a design. So thinking practical, practical here and having a nice design but not having it take up more than 10% of the total space, you might be able to get away with 20%. But just be flexible. Have your letter had be able to be long short, be able to sign it right on it. So just kind of taking, ah, letting the design be great but also thinking about the practicality under scrolling through here. Once again, that's a lot of screen real estate taken up by that graphic. It's cool, I'll admit that. But I can see how maybe someone wants toe to write more without having to do two pages. That's the worst. When you're having to send this in the mail and you have to have a double side, no one's gonna flip over the other side. Let's try to keep that letter on one side, so this is really simple. We can halve the logo up top, maybe do some kind of black, and this could be a situation where I may want to Ah, create one from scratch if you don't find a template you like, so I might start with a template that doesn't have a ton of design elements. But I like that. Maybe the font usage. Um, layout. Let's go ahead and take this one. Actually, I like this one a lot, but see, that's taken up a lot of real estate there. Um, they don't really think about people really wanting to write a long letter. Like if some businesses have a PR disaster and they really need to make an intense letter like you can't just say that in two paragraphs have along whether this this kind of letter has not gonna work this one. Would that one would? You'll see a lot of these two column layouts that are just not practical, but they look cool. Welcome in that much. That one's really neat, but I don't see that as a letterhead. I see that as a kind of a liar with a lot of information. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and pick one here, Um, that I think would work. Well, let's just pick this one. We'll end up tearing it all apart. That's okay. We're gonna pick this one and go ahead and slide that back. We don't need it. That information. So now what 16. Lesson13 Letterhead - part2: Let's go ahead and tear this all apart. I really just like the block of copy already. Right now for me. I'm gonna go ahead and ungroomed this little block. Most templates come with group elements, so you have to click and unlock it. Eso we don't need these little design elements. We have our own brand going on what's going? Remove those and let's go ahead and remove this box. But I like this headline here. So we need load our own personal brand fonts in here so it could be consistent with our business card and everything else. So here's our brand fonts is going to leak Spartan for this top headline. Let's make that a color so we can see it. Let's do that with every block of elements here. So this will be league Spartan. That's kind of a headline. Body copy is gonna be our Ellie Iran. I may need to make that 12 points. I usually like to stick with 12 points. That's kind of standard for a letter. And you could do smaller if you have a thicker wait font. But this is a pretty thin wait. So I need to make sure I kind of maximize how it is. And I think Alia Ron has a regular size that I can also use if I feel like it's too thin. Same thing here. Let's do like Spartan Leak Spartan. So we have our fonts loaded. This is our brand fonts down here for contact information. We can make this alley air on. Then I can go ahead and select it all. Make that daily air on. Just are branded wand, right. So now I'm gonna do what's called blocking. So I'm just gonna kind of drag elements around and get a good idea of where I want elements to finally settle. So when it comes to a letterhead, it's all about being practical. Clear communicating a clear, quick message and looking professional. So I want to keep it. Uh uh, not busy. So I want to only use a couple of small branded elements, but use them in strategic ways so they don't take up enough screen real estate, So OK, so how do I access my business card elements? I want to be able to drag my logo and couple things over what couple things you can do. You can go to your folders and there's my logo files. If I wanted to drag those over or better yet, I could bring in my business card. So here's what I'm gonna do. You gonna go back a step, you to go down and I'm gonna add a new page. This is we're gonna go to drag our elements over to this new page. So click add new page. So now we have a two page letter which will eventually delete this page. But this is just it to go to our folders. Just could be down here and it goto folders and go to all your designs will be able to pull up your business card. So I try to remember the most up to date version. I think it's this one. We're gonna go and click on that, and we're gonna go ahead and load both of these in so this load in that element, I'm go ahead and grab this spring it up top, and actually, I think I need to change my Ah, this is for a dark background. So now I need to kind of think about what color background is this logo going to exist on So let's go ahead and undo that. But at least we have those assets that we can drag. We're ready. It's going create a new page. The new pages just for us toe bring her assets over. So that's kind of what we have going on. I'd love to take this type right here. I'm gonna go ahead and copy that. Straggled up through the system here trying to think of the best way to get that up there without having to do this. But I think that's just what I'm gonna have to do would be dragged this over here. There it is. You know, this is where Campbell can maybe work a little better on user interface and how you work with these little things. A lot of times what you can do if you have the same issue, I'm running into good drag. Copy everything, or just copy instead of going to copy, copy it in your browser. So, command. See this? A little shortcut. I'm on a Mac, so I'm just a copy. It like I would copy text in a word document and then go up here and be able to paste it. And that might work a little better than trying to drag it, and I make it really small, and the now can kind of pick out certain elements of my brand. Great. So here's what I was kind of wanting. I like the way this type looks. So it's gonna delete that. It's kind of our headline. We don't need that. So elevate your brand through design. I want to keep that. But I want to make this one zoom in a little darker and that's OK. Because with my branded colors, I have a light version of my grey and I have a dark version of my grey. I think I have an even darker version, so I have a couple of shades toe work with. This is why we did our color palette. We have a couple shades and a couple of options. Do you have maximum flexibility? I'm gonna do the same thing. Go ahead and apply my font color. So really long box of nuclear white So long, Okay, and I'm gonna go ahead and apply that same gray throughout. What I've noticed is when I apply a really dark gray has a nice look to it, so it looks pretty nice, and when you apply a really, really dark black has high contrast. So let's say that's black. It looks nice, but doing like a really dark gray looks really settle in. Nice. We're gonna do a dark grey instead of a super duper black. Something about the softness of the dark gray that looks, looks, looks nice. It's just has a softer kind of appearance. Let's go and change these to the different colors we think we would need. I like to do a handwritten signature. So what I would do if I were to get these printed or have a template, I would go ahead and delete my name because I would want toe hand right that, or you can find a way to handwrite your signature and go ahead and bring this. Bring that signature in. It's a photo so you can write your signature out on paper and take a picture of it with your phone and bring it in and be able to cropped the edges so you could have a digital version of that signature. Maybe I'll go through that to kind of go through how I do that process. Maybe it's a bonus video. Okay, so it's starting to come together now. We need to start thinking about the blocking. So we got a logo here, and but it's a logo that exists on a dark background. We're gonna need our flip, the one that is works on white backgrounds, which will be this to be black and said a white. And we got to find out what version of the logo we like. So let's go to our love a folder or you could go toe up loads if you, um, just brought it in as a regular photo. But I was just using the folder system, so let me see. I need this version. So now we need to figure out what what version of our logo works best with the letterhead Hills dragging all three and give it a try. They all have their own unique sizing. I'm thinking for a letterhead, perhaps to save real estate, screen, real estate or space real estate. I'm gonna go with the horizontal version. I think that'll fit nicer. It will take up space horizontally and not have to take a vital vertical space. So let's take our little slogan we don't want that to be. The first thing they read is a letter, because it's not really a headline. It's just kind of our slogan. So if we took that to the right, that will kind of be our little thing. We say after a logo, it won't be confused with kind of our welcome message to our letter. Of course, the letter as a template we could keep. This is the template. Of course, the letter length will change as we update that. So I'm just kinda messing around with color. I might want to make that a lighter gray. Yeah, that looks nice. So I just changed that from the dark black to the light gray and kind of kind of has a nice , smooth look. This text is too small. So let's make it Ah, let's make it nine points. And let's change the color. I'd love to start incorporating some gold somewhere in here. Well, we can even do the dear miss as a gold you don't want to do to. We don't want to overwhelm with our This is our signature highlight colors gold. You don't don't overuse it. So I probably would only keep it here and there, and I almost think that's competing. So that's where we just kind of go back and forth and find the right fit. Yeah, I think I like. I may be a bar of some sort might look nice and, you know, we have a little texture here that we purchased that I would love to incorporate. Somehow. Let's go and drag that texture up. I think I have it at the capacity. It could be. Nieto, um, somehow incorporate this into the design, just not sure how, but I definitely want to carry that over. That's kind of our brand. They call it a brand asset, which is not just the logo. It's another independent asset that you can use as a design element. Okay, let's incorporate this this bar somehow, and rotate this just less square. You could go shapes and just drag in a square. If you want to kind of start all over with a different color, going stretches across. Bring this up and what I like to have is a unifying element. So this little squares a unifying element. It covers the entire letterhead and kind of has a connected mixed the letter had feel connected because it's stretched all the way across. Maybe you need to have kind of this showing through kind of like that. This is where I'm totally It was my rob sign process. I have not thought about this ahead of time. It's kind of trying to work this out. What's gonna look good without taking up too much space? Try to figure out what lines would look the best. Just dragging, cropping it. And this elevate your design. This could probably possibly be a tiny bit bigger. Let's make that 17. Yeah, let's make it 18. Let's go crazy. Look at 18 and let's make this the same colors is gray, which I believe is my medium grey making some adjustments and I want to make sure with letterhead you have plenty, plenty, plenty of white space. So I'm gonna sue Mountain kind of show you the current white space I have. This is a good amount of white space toe have on your margins left and right. This is this is nice. Just letting elements breathe. It just helps make your brand look higher. End elegant, professional. So we don't need this photo so We're gonna just delete elements we dragged in that we don't need anymore. We don't need this this element anymore. Um, we have We don't need our logo twice on letterhead. I do have these the phone number in the web and have these little icons. I wouldn't mind keeping that for the letterhead. So I'm just gonna kind of drag drag it over and make it Ah, horizontal presentation if you drag that down here and there's maybe some detail contact information down at the footer, so anything we don't need. Let's see. Um, I have anemia, jail, cell phone. We're gonna need our address. We don't need a cell phone twice. I don't need a website twice. And we have Are you now? So we could possibly switch this over. So what is this? This is Allie Air on 11.6 and gray color. So we're just gonna take this and match it So gray all the air on and, um, I am pronouncing that right. Al Ron, Maybe it's Allah, Ron. So what? However, it's pronounced that was, like, 11 point something would make sure I'm match it. So it's 11.6. I'm just copy this on. Go back up here and then paste. Oh, maybe didn't do that right? 11.6 center. So now I need a little icon for address. I'm just making sure there's enough spacing between these elements. Let's go ahead and find a quick element here. Let's go ahead and believe that. So address. What's an icon for address? So building, perhaps. And this is a Talic. So let's take a Talic off and let's take all these elements and group them. And I'm just gonna make him all little smaller because 11 points is pretty, uh, pretty big for contact information, I think. For contact information, you can get away with, like, nine points if you had to. Okay, building. There's a building. There's a building that might be too complicated. Here we go. That's simple enough. I think maybe it is a little too complicated, and I think I made it a gold icon to go and drag that icon down here, and I'm gonna have to eventually go back when I have a few more moments. I'm not gonna bore you with this part, a line all that. So it's nice and aligned, so I'll zoom in and do that in a minute. But we're starting to see something come together. We could even do a watermark. So if you have a logo that has, like in my case, I haven't em, I can go back to my uploads. I think I have just the gray em. There it is. I can actually do a watermark, which looks kind of cool. So it's couldn't give that a try So you can see this The top layer. I'm gonna go back into the position, send it to the back. So now the text, the type is on top. Let's go back and reduce the transparency until I think it does not interfere with the reading of the type. That's very important. This has to be a very, very subtle element, so we could even drag it down here so it will only go over the type if it's a really long letter, so they will make this look a little more clean and clear. So it's just reduce the transparency. Even mawr. Just very, very subtle. We could do that. We can take our little element here and do the same thing. Have this be in the background. See how this looks. Listen to the back. Take her little element to slide it over here. For now, let's reduce the transparency quite a bit. Just settle so that as another options, you can kind of see how we extended that kind of brand element over. And we would probably take this off because we don't want those to compete for to be like the M. So we have two different versions here. You can. You know The great thing about branding is as long as it's consistent with your brand elements, you can have two versions. You can use both of these, and they're still consistent with the brand. It's great to have different versions, so I'm just gonna use both. But I think for now I like this one a little bit better. Just make sure that's all the way in the back. It is furthest in the back element might feel to make this gold. Now I have two versions of gold. I kind of have a deeper gold and kind of ah, kind of a more tan gold call you more tanned gold. So there we have it. I want to add one more thing. Um, we'll talk about lines for second dividing lines when we have or have a lot of different elements going on really helps the eye to focus on certain things. So you notice down here, these thieves, Kant this contact information and almost gets lost, so it's gonna drag in a simple line. Gonna make that either gray or gold. I'm not sure. See, even allow me to do this, how I like it and have a simple dividing line here. I want to make it a lot skinnier than that. So I'm gonna try toe, figure out The best way to do that might have to drag it in again when they get a skinny as possible to do to do and then maybe drag it over. There we go. So make it small and then drag across just this little finicky things you have to work with . Gamba on. Okay, so now I want to change the color to make it really pop out. Let's make it our deep gold. There's our brand colors. Another resume out. It kind of helps. Helps your I block out that content information. And it just kind of helps, uh, kind of help you divide all that information in your brain just like a little little design tip after all these years of doing this type of work. So I'm gonna spend just a few moments kind of aligning everything and making sure it all looks even and on the same line. And I'll be right back with kind of a final design. I could show you how to export this and also say this is a template. 17. Lesson14 Letterhead - part3: So I took just about five minutes to make sure all my icons and type what kind of lined up nicely at the bottom. I decided to make a couple of changes. I made sure that it's I used Aaliyah, Aaliyah, Ron or I can't even pronounce this spot. Name L. A. Ron. I went ahead and used that, um, same consistently throughout. I had thin, but I thought thin might be too thin and not print. Well, I did a test print on my home printer and decided that I needed to kind of increase it to a regular weight, which is a tiny bit bolder. So I did that made sure everything was consistent. And just when I zoom out, I like to zoom out, just like with the business card. Zoom out and I kind of look at the basic elements and blocking. Do I like the balance? I'm a lot of times when you have this nice, beautiful, thick margin that we have here on the left and right looks really professional, but then you have this line and information at the bottom which stretches all the way across, and so you kind of have this shorter area and longer area at the bottom. And what I like to do is make everything flush and have the same alignment. It just looks a little bit more professional. So I'm gonna go ahead and select all these elements and it a group this whole block together already, like the alignment, everything. I'm just gonna make it small enough where it kind of hugs the left and right alignment of the block of of actual letter a little bit bigger. So that just looks a little bit more professional, done it. Eso also did a test print, and I had to back off the transparency of this background graphic cause it was fighting too much with the type. So I think I brought it down to eight. So doing a test print can really help you find out if something's gonna print Well, and if type can be read on top of elements, especially if you're doing something really detailed like this where you worry if is it gonna overwhelm the viewer. So I think I'm ready. I like this version. This will be version one, so I can have two different versions that can pull from whenever So this template is ready to go. I can go ahead and fill out information. I want to be able to get my signature. My digital signature in here, I'm gonna try to find maybe a different program you guys can use. That's not Photoshopped just so that if you don't have access to other programs, you'll be ableto to do it easy easily. Or there's another option that I'm gonna go over. I'm gonna go ahead and bring in just a generic text box, and we're gonna use a script font to do our hand written, and you can bring in fonts. If you have a free version of Canada, I don't think you could bring him in. But if you have a premium or paid monthly subscription to Canada, you'll be able to upload a font. You could go to a website called the font dot com, and there's kind of some open source thoughts that you can use. Just look at the license when you upload your own font to make sure that you can use it so the license will be available here. It's free for personal use, Um, but I believe you just have to look at each one to make sure that you have the correct licence to use them. If you worry about licensing and using one that you cannot use, uh, that's not enough for a non profit. There's something called Google Fonts, and every fund available on Google fonts is totally free for you to use without having to buy a license. So I like to come here to find fonts to, and I'm wanting to find kind of a script font, so handwriting. So I'm here in Google. It's fonts dot google dot com, and I'm gonna click Sarah San Sarah and display and just have handwriting in mono space and kind of find a father that I think we're matches my hand written style. Of course, you can still do the riding it out on a piece of paper and scanning in, but without Photoshopped and other things to kind of get rid of that background, it could be hard to get that in, but if you could do that, that'll be really good to use your own signature. But this is for those who I don't have that kind of ability to get rid of that background without using photo shop. So I'm gonna find, um, one kind of an elegant hand written font. So I'm gonna spend a few minutes here finding one. And then once I find one, I'll show you how I can download it and uploaded into the camera system. So I think I like this one. So I just clicked on. I added the font, and I'm just gonna go ahead and go up here to download for the download. So now it's in my download folder on my desktop. I'm gonna pop back into this area. I'm in fonds. I'm gonna go down toe upload font. It's gonna grab it from they upload a new phone. Okay, It brought me to any page, so I'm just gonna go with it. Downloads. Okay, so I need to unzip that file really quickly. I'll be right back. Unzip it. Great. So that's a folder. And there it is. Homemade apples was going pop that in. Go and click. I own the father Have the right to use it. Which, if it's a Google flaunt, you should have the right. I always check my licence just in case to go ahead and upload anyway and If you want to check the license of a font, go ahead and click on. It's going click on the detail. See specimen and usage. Let's see if it has. Okay, License Apache life. So here's where you can find your license and you can read about, um, kind of your ability to use this. So this is open source. Like, I've already did my research on this all Google flights are so don't worry about the ones on Google fonts. It's going to pop back in where I waas. They would go up. Little font. Uh, okay. Already did. So there's my uploaded font. Now we can go back, and we should be able to find it. So I think it was called Apple. Apple Sums was going type in Apple, and we might need to go ahead and save this design. So I'm gonna go to design save. I'm gonna go back to the home. Maybe I might need to just refresh to get that font a load. Okay, so now I'm gonna go back in to my letterhead, click on here and see if I can find it. There it is. Uploaded font. So it has its own category. Do man to Capitol full different that I thought it would be. Let's make it, um, with the gold making a lot smaller. I'm not a huge fan of this one, but just kind of showing you how you confined your own script. Want to kind of make a little more of a hand written signature. So I am going to see what can be already has loaded in terms of script bonds. See if I find something I like a little better. So I found a font on Google that looked a little more convincing. I believe it's called because dawning of a new day, I just found that over here and Google fonts and downloaded it. I just wanted to find something that looked like a lot of Windows open, something that looked as realistic handwriting is possible. And that looks kind of close to how I write. So I feel like I'm done with this particular version. So let's create the second version. So I'm gonna go to design save, and here's what I want to do. I want to keep this as a separate version, so I'm gonna go to design, make a copy So this is gonna make a copy. So I'm gonna keep the other version as is and what I also just realizes. I need to go back and delete those pages. Let me go to. Okay, so this is gonna be the untitled This is it. This is the one. We just save the original version. I'm gonna go ahead and do, um letterhead, version one, um, line background. However, you're gonna remember that I need to delete all these extra pages. We don't need those anymore. Delete and further down the page and elite. So that's ready to go the Save it. We go back to home, I'm gonna be able to load the copy I created. So this is the copy right here. This could be your second version. Go ahead. Name this. Um, a letterhead. Version two R M version. Delete that background and let's bring in that I am again. I think it was in my uploads all the way down here waiting for it to load there. It ISS go and make this a second. I think this is a great second option positions in the back, and we're gonna reduce that transparency. Quite a bit. I could do a test print to see if that m interferes with the readability of the text. You bring that down. Haven't rest on the line, perhaps. And so that is version two. Just like that. We can also bring in that other element. But I think I like keeping the elements separated. We can also take this line here. Let's go ahead and copy this. I really just wanted this lines. Want to get rid of these elements? Pleat one of this line. It's gonna try something super quick. Just put a little dividing line between logo and the slogan. I'm not sure if that a look good at all, but just kind of testing it out have to some kind of dividing element between those two. I'm using my keyboard arrow keys to kind of nudge things around. I usually move it and then I go back and I kind of nudge It helps give me a little bit more precise movement, so I don't know if we like that or not. Who knows? I wish this was a livestream. You guys can tell me what you thought Which one was better, which would look better I think they all the well, look professional in. Fine. Okay, so that's option to they both, um or good with my brand, they match up with my brain colors so used the same fonts were having some definite consistency here. So I'm free to do a lot of different versions. If I so choose for us, it's consistent with the brand theme. So I'm gonna go ahead and save this design save, and I have my template. I can pull this up when I'm ready to get it done. Second say, OK, which version do I like? Cat like this one. This one of the best. And then if I'm ready to download it, download my letter printed on my home printer Could downloaders it. Ah, PNG or JPEG. Or better yet, pdf print Do a pre different. If you're printing it at home on your office computer, don't worry about crop marks and lead. That's Onley. Forget to send it off to somebody to get it printed. You don't need to worry about that, But if you're printing at home yet, pdf standard. Go ahead, download that and then you could go and just print that and you're ready to go, But I'm gonna get this professionally printed. So I'm gonna download with the crop marks. I'm gonna make sure. So you my element kind of comes out a little bit here, so kind of so bleed is gonna be this little area on the top, but I have my shape extended out quite a bit, so I don't have to worry about not having enough bleed. So I'm good there, so extends out, passes the missile area. So I'm ready to go toe descended to deal upload on this to brand. Or I might use canvas print service and kind of see how they look. So it's gonna see if I can get out Order prints, standard paper, premium paper. He always want premium paper. Spring that extra spring for that extra money to make something look professional. Go for the premium. Why not? You're trying to. So I'm I'm a high high end client work with high end clients that have large budgets. I gotta have that premium paper. Eso copies. I'll systems like kind of a test run really is 200 see out goes on standard delivery and then go ahead and get those printed if I decided to use Camba or not. So there we go. We have a business card letterhead. Ah. What are we gonna do next? Stay tuned and find out. 18. BONUS - Mockups (Photoshop) Lesson15 Letterhead Part4 : It was a little added bonus video. I'm gonna show you how I apply my letterhead to a mock up. Just kind of have a nicer presentation. You're building a portfolio of design work or whatever you're doing. A presentation of your brand. I am a graphic burger dot com and I just downloaded this up branding. I didn t mock up Volume 16. I downloaded that. I unzipped it. It's a photoshopped file. So this will require a little bit of Photoshopped knowledge. Not much. Um, and I went ahead and downloaded. Let me go ahead and do that. Gonna pop back in to the letterhead I'm interested in showing, and I'm gonna download instead of as a J peg, which is gonna not be super high resolution I'm gonna download as a PdF standard. So that's gonna be a little bit of a higher resolution for me to work with. So you go ahead and pop back into photo shop, and I'm here. I am on the template. So Michael had dragged the sense it's in my filming window. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and pop into this template here. Don't crop. Okay, so you see a lot of layers here, So if you have some photo shop experience will be right at home. But if not, it could be a little a little overwhelming. Let's go and drag the layers panel out so you can see. Okay, eso we want to find We want to load the letterheads. Let's go down the letter and you'll notice this is the letter folder. You'll notice this little red object in a lot of photoshopped mock ups. It's the same way. So they have this little red indication where that's the layer that you place your design on. We're gonna go here, and I'm gonna double click on this part of the layer. Double click It is gonna open up. Don't worry about that. Don't resolve. This is regular place your letterhead. And when you press enter and save this, it will automatically populate on the mock up. So I'm gonna go back over to drag Millais your panel back in here. Okay, so let's go back, Placeholder. So I'm gonna go down. I don't need this layer anymore. Make sure you can see all my layers here. There we go. Drag this up so we could see a little more. We don't need any of the stuff. First. Get a drag. Our pdf on tops go downloads. Go ahead, dragger. PdF and the photo shops click. OK, and I'm gonna drag this into this little layer here, Shrink it down. It looks like this is a little bit taller of a format than what I did. I did an 8.5 by 11. This could be a European size. That's OK. We'll have a little less margins, but we'll see how it looks. And so you'll see. This is called Group 51. That was that little red layer. We double clicked. We're gonna close it, but we're gonna save it while we close it. It's good automatically populate onto the mock up, and we could make some adjustments as well. We can even change. This takes a little bit of photo shop skills, but we can change some things. Kind of matchmaking more vibrant and match kind of are more vibrant. Gold color we have. I'm just doing that with a couple of adjustments. There's doing brightness, actually teach a graphic design class. I go over kind of how to do this kind of stuff using adobe products. It's definitely the next level and learning everything's a little overwhelming. So if you're a business owner, you don't want to worry about that sign side. You know, I wouldn't worry about trying to learn Photoshopped stick with Campbell. You could do a lot of Gamba s. Oh, there we go. It exported, and I have my little final presentations. So just extra bonus video for those who have a little bit of Photoshopped knowledge. You want to download a mock up and present your letterhead and in some kind of fancy way to show it off or get feedback poor short to clients if you're doing a A letterhead for client , So there you go. 19. Lesson16 Social Media Instagram 1: right. So are you ready to tackle social media design? That's exactly what we're gonna do next. So we have a business card logo letterhead. We have branded assets. Now, can we translate that to the online world? Produced some digital assets. So we're gonna do exactly that today. I'm just here at the home screen. I'm going to go down to find templates. We're gonna go down. These are all the wide variety of things that can produce. Were to go down to the social media, right? Got here. Social graphics. So you give you a full extensive list of all the different options you have available. So, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. We're gonna kind of slowly work down when I can do every single one, but we're gonna do probably the most widely used. Ah, social media graphics. So we're gonna first start out with an instagram post. Go ahead and click on that, and it's gonna have some templates. We're sick about. Click on any template because I think we're going to do this one on her own from scratch. You've got to take, uh, use this template, this God alone. And I'm just gonna go ahead and delete all of this as we already have our branded assets that we can grab from. So here is our blank instagram canvas. We go ahead and delete that background layer. So this is how we kind of think about social media design. So we have to think about each platform and kind of who they specialize or what their audiences. So when you go on your instagram feed, you'll notice those images are much more clean. They probably have, well, less text on them than any of the social media Graphics will do very different from Pinterest. I'm stop to think about that when I'm doing my graphic that I have to think very, very, very simple and very visual. Very graphic. So what I like to do is play around with a flat labor photography. If you have not heard of flat lay photography. Definitely seen it. I'm gonna go ahead and flip back into pixels dot com and kind of show you an example of what flat lay photography is, which is basically the top down photography that you see and people have an opportunity to place content in these little blank areas, and it could makes for a really neat visual without having to take up a lot of screen real estate scroll. I've already downloaded a few that I thought might work for my business. And since I'm kind of my clients aren't, uh, our feminine or masculine is kind of a gender neutral kind of business. I'm in the world high end design. So what I want to do is kind of have to different instagram posts once one that's gonna be attracted, kind of the more feminine nature and then one a little bit more masculine. Just because you're not gonna be able to nail everybody in one post, it's just not realistic that one post can cover all. I mean, you could definitely do that, but I kind of want When it comes with social media, it's best especially figure to a paid instagram at its best toe have split it up into different target demographics. And so, in this case, I'll be tardy targeting different types of people and also even different age groups, and may want to target marketing managers. They may be in their thirties forties. I may want to target young start ups ah tech startups thing that they may be younger are skew younger. Who knows? So you kind of have toe have a different graphic for each target demographic your business is interested in getting, and so that's gonna be different for your case. So in my case, I'm to do a masculine the feminine version and see how that goes and launched that as to paid instagram ads and also do an organic post. Because why not? You could do a paid one, and then you could do organic post on your feet. Okay, so let's go back to our blank instagram template and let's go ahead and start grabbing some of her assets. So I went ahead and just uploaded a few flat lay photography pieces, and I think we'll start out. It was a little bit more of the kind of feminine audience or ones that would resonate with these types of images. Doesn't necessarily have to be male or female. It's going to zoom in, and I wish they had on option to zoom in and between 25 50% so I can kind of zoom in a little bit, but that's OK. We're gonna work with what can the has. And so this we have this option. I'm thinking about kind of where I want to place my leg. Want content? So for Instagram, I'm gonna have a simple logo. I want people to know who I am and identify with my logo, Mark. But I also want to have a very simple call to action. Just a button that says what I do or what? What is the call to action? So cold action is gonna be by now, visit the website, explore more all of that kind of stuff. So that elite, of course, will also have captions that weaken right and, uh, tags hash tag so we could put on our instagram as well. So we don't have to put everything on the image. We can just leave the image to be visual and to be very, very simple. So I'm thinking of where can I put the button and working? Put the logo and this may need some cropping, so I may need to kind of extend it out to give me more room for that. And I may want to try out a few different ones to see if I think it'll look better or give me a little bit more space to work with. I'm also looking at the objects of my flat lay photography. Is that gonna resonate with my brand at all? This is what I've used before. See, that's not cropping really well in the square, is it? Unless I decided to bring this up like this and maybe put a bar there for my button, have it stretch all the way across, so that could definitely be an option. So let me go and explore that. So let me go and work my button in here. So let's go elements. Let's go ahead and go shapes. I'm just gonna get a simple square rectangle whenever I find first, there's a simple square with no border. I was gonna have this stretch all the way across. Of course, now that we have are branded colors and go ahead and apply maybe a dark gold to that. And so now we're ready for our logo. So I'm gonna go to my folders and grab my logo files. Let's see. I'm gonna need a logo with a dark profile trying to think what logo will look the best for this layout and when we drag this over now, could drag this back. Gonna crop this a little bit. I think I need more space. Kind of drag that in here. Okay, so now we have her button C o it extends almost all the way down the way I cropped it. So now I might have the opportunity to make a traditional button called the action. Okay, so now I just need to go ahead and get my text and go type. It's gonna add a text box. Here's my text box. Who had dragged down here make it a branded color. Maybe this light gray I may need to make it white just depends on how it's gonna look. Or I could make it this dark color. And we have So everything's gonna start going much quicker now that we have our brand kind of developed, we're just gonna go. And so, like, already have our font picked out. So we don't have to sit there and think about what thought to use could make this bigger. And now I'm gonna take a pause here. I kind of think about what do I want to say? What's my call to action and go play where the button color a little bit to find the right combination. So if I want to do lighter or darker than do white text, just kind of depends on what I think would really grab people. If I want to stretch this all the way across, that'll kind of grab people more to It depends on how long my call the actions, Good bay. So let me think about kind of a call to action and I'll be back. 20. Lesson17 social media 2: Okay, So I decided for called action to be high end design branding. It's kind of a simple statement, kind of taking my slogan and kind of spending that out a little bit. So I'm gonna play around a little bit. I did all caps, but I'm gonna play with spacing between the two lines. I don't want it to be two separate because then it won't read is one clear phrase. So I'm gonna close the gap between the spacing of the two lines. Just kind of play around with the button and what I think will be most readable as people are scrolling through instagram. So what I like to do at this point is zoom back out because this is about the kind of the size that people will be viewing it on Instagram. So will help me judge whether a font is thick enough and bold enough to be able to be read clearly. So I thought, Let's go do our headline font, which is like spartan, and we could just toggle around with spacing line height kind of close the gap there. So it looks like one sentence. You can also think I in May have a hyphen. I got a double check that. So let's see if I can't have some contrast. Maybe high end doesn't need to be so bold. It looks like I need to break that down. That's what Canada's. Sometimes it's. It makes you copy and have two different elements. I can't have this be. Ah, Finn, Wait. And this being a different font. So you just have to have two different line items. You could have the top on this one and the bottom on this one. So now I have complete control. That's not gonna change the whole item. Let's make that bull high end. Probably doesn't need to be as bold design and branding will because it's kind of more of what I do. And high end is kind of what type it is. So what I do is gonna be more imperative. I'll check on the high end here in a moment, and that might need to be bold in just a little bit. And I'm just gonna noodle around with spacing. And we could not play around with a button. What is gonna grab? People warned. I may need to darken the type here, so what I'm gonna do, go to my folders and I'm gonna bring in Gautama all my previous designs. I'm gonna bring in my logo. Uh, let's grab this one. All right, so we just loaded. This is the logo file, not the J Peg or the P and G that we exported. This is the direct design file that we did our logo in. What's great about this is it's got the live edit herbal text. So if I wanted to change the color of that live edible text, you describe this element and go ahead, delete that and grab just kind of piecing all this together. Have a new page. There we go. I want to grab this m kind of rebuilding this logo. I had I had the file, but I cannot locate it, so I'm just kind of creating this real quick again. Okay, so what's great about this is now drag this up here and I can dark in that text a little bit and also bowled it, so I don't think it's some popping out enough so it can bold it and darken it, and that's gonna pop out more and same thing with my name. I think it's gonna look a little bit better. Darker like that, don't you think? And I need to kind of collapse the spacing and increase the size. That was too much of an increase and spacing right about there. Great. And I can go ahead and up group those elements together so I can freely move the logo around. Okay, that's already grouped. That's grouped. I think I need a new group these to be able to group it all this one elements let me see, like this one, This one and this one and group those together so now can shift this around without a problem. So there we go is able to kind of get our logo back in here, but with live text. So I could be able to dark in that because I don't think that text when I you know, when you start to apply our logo, you don't realize the terms of coloring all that color is great. And then we start to apply it. You need to tweak things a little bit. Doesn't always have to be the same shade of gray on all platforms. It just needs to be effective so that may need to be tweaked a little bit. Some graze me. Need to be the darker Some text needs to be lighter to be able to work. So feel Frieda Toe. Have different versions of your logo that's lighter or darker, depending on whether it's in social media or not. So I don't need these anymore. Those also can drag my elements over. Okay, so now I'm gonna zoom back in and kind of look at details now that I have been like my logo a little bigger. And now I'm starting to think, Wow, this is starting to get kind of busy, isn't it? I'm having my name. I have a slogan. I have kind of This is called action. It's It's It's really it's really getting to be too much. I think that's just too much, uh, text. So how do we simplify that? I mean, I can't change my logo, okay? And I Well, what we can do is untrue. Pit ships some things around. I might delete this and then bring in bring in my vertical logo. I think it was this one. Let's bring in this one. I'm interested in this text, right here just the way I stack that I think might look a little better here. Yuzu mounts and kind of see a little bit more of what I'm doing. Changing that to that dark text like we just did with the other one. You know, some going back and forth and back and forth. You probably wo what is she doing? It was kind of the natural brainstorming process that you go through when you're testing things out. You may think a certain way works, and then you finish it up like, you know, I think there's a better way to do this. So you break down what you did, and you start over. So that's what I'm gonna do. Kind of slide, make high end design and marketing a much bigger part of the pie. It's gonna make that up here and my logo down below, so we might need to kind of switch our flat life photo work with this. Um, I'm gonna go. Ah, just kind of a little design thing. I'm just gonna reduce the transparency just a tad so you can kind of see some of the elements below it. We could do design PR marketing underneath or we may not need that because we're already talking about design and branding here, Um, we could do design, PR and branding, but this may be just for by people that I'm interested in design and branding work and maybe not PR maybe PR's a separate instagram post or in account altogether. So we're gonna play around with the flatly doctors. Don't think that has a little bit of a bet. Better balance. So let's see if we can't salvage this photo. If not, we got plenty to work with. So maybe we don't need this many elements. Maybe we could talk this over here. This whole space. Let's grab another photo because I don't think that photo is working. Let's grab try this one. Zoom in on elements we don't want to see. We don't really need to show a cactus, you know, maybe just the keyboard and maybe a little bit of the gold pin. That could be I may need to go back, and you can actually make the logo a little bit smaller, since this is now gonna be kind of are main point of the ad is gonna be this little called action here. We're gonna go ahead and find the right placement of this and group these two little text boxes together. Maybe we can collapse spacing on this one. Make it nice and tight. Could make high end wide spacings. We can have that contrast between the wide spacing. There we go. So start to see this come together, we can edit this photo a little bit. Let's go ahead and get the right cropping though this could be the right logo or we could find Let's go to our logos and see if this horizontal presentation could work too. Right, So we have This is an option. We also have this horizontal presentation. But there's so much space here, I just feel like maybe sticking with the vertical. This is why we have different versions of her logo so you can adapt it to different spaces . You're gonna really thank yourself for doing that with your brand. So I'm gonna dark in this. Maybe because I did ah, reduce the transparency which naturally, naturally lightens it so I can make it deep. I can even change the color a little bit since I did a transparency so changing color I just know what I did is I have my gold selected and I went up here to this addition. Sign document colors and you just click on it and it's gonna load the current color. And so I'm gonna be able to dark into the little going to drag it down just like this, kind of find out the deep ness and richness of the color I want. I may just need to tweak it just a little bit. So let me try experimenting at this point with different color combinations so we could try kind of that where we're doing, like a two tone. But I think I like the higher contrast of the white. So many combinations, as long as you think it's effective, cause effectiveness. Trump's designed. So how effective and add is and how easy it is to digest and be compelled to click to the call to action is way more important than how pretty it looks. So effectiveness always trumps designed. So think about that when you're doing your layout that you're really doing something that you want to be effective and you may make design choices that may seem to make it not as good as it could be, but it's gonna be more effective. That's that's really what matters. So what I can do now is kind. I think I like the basic kind of set up of the ad. Go ahead, delete that page, maybe show a little bit of the keyboard, bring us more toward the center focal point of the design. So instead of having an element up top and then the element down below, you have two focal points. Bringing these to a little bit closer together brings the I. Our brings the focal point closer to the center. You don't have to, you know, have two main focal points going on your design. This doesn't necessarily. It's just kind of could make this bigger. Such such a big white space right there in that area. Hate for not Teoh 21. Lesson 18 Social Media part3 Photo Editing: so there's one last thing I want to kind of work on, and that's a photo. I would like the cropping, but let's maybe adjust some of the editing possibilities of the photo. We can tweak a little bit of the lighting and the brightness in the contrast to find something Um, we like. So I'm gonna go ahead and double click on the photo or to select the photo and go up to filter so we can go ahead and apply some filters. But I usually like to manually do it, so that's interesting. Kind of making it a grayscale. There's carbon. I do enjoy the color, though I think the color is really nice. We just kind of cycling through these. I may not find any pre made filter I like, and I usually don't. I'm gonna go back to none, so switch it back to how it waas. I'm just gonna do some a manual adjustments. I'm gonna go up to adjust. Can you could do this with any photo that you bring into Canada. So just get a kind of tweak these a little bit. Kind of maybe increased the brightness. Maybe not too much, just a little bit contrast. I like a little bit of a lower contrast saturation. Bring out the colors even more. Let's do that. A tent. It's gonna be a tough one to pull off for this kind of photos. I'm just gonna leave tent at Zero Blur. I usually like to sharpen images, but this one's already fairly sharp, so I'm just gonna do a little bit, so you'll notice. I just did Very slight adjustments. Nothing. Nothing major, but it can to keep the integrity of the photo intact. Okay, go ahead, reduce that. Okay, so we're getting close. I'm gonna spend another, like, five minutes kind of tweaking it, and I'll go ahead and have my final photo and I'll show you how to export it and go ahead and get that on Instagram. So I spent a little more time with this. Live about 5 to 10 minutes, kind of doing some small tweaks. Nicosia have changed a few things. I added this little extra get started and I removed my marketing and P R. Since it's already kind of right up here, I don't want to repeat myself, especially when the amount of text I can use its limited for instagram. So just have a simple get started high end design and branding kind of simple. I did check and there's a hyphen for high end, and I just kind of zoomed in on the photo and kind of crop it So I didn't have this much white space here, kind of closes the gaps. That kind of kind of fits a little bit nicer. So now that I'm kind of ready, this is just one version I love to create several different posts. I'm starting to do that. In the next lesson, I'm gonna be able Teoh put together maybe three or four different versions that are all gonna target different types of audiences. So when we do creator ads for instagram Bill gonna be highly targeted and we could kind of narrow down our demographic that way and have the right image that goes with the right demographic. Us is kind of a generic, a one, maybe more toward female entrepreneurs and marketing managers. And I'm gonna do one that's more masculine and do one couple other more gender neutral ones . So here's the 1st 1 I want to go down pretty much ready to export and put on Instagram. You go ahead and do a a J Peg do A P and G. Bos do a J Packing. Download that and see what the quality is like P and G's or a little bit better and quality . But let's go give it a try. Let's go to downloads and see Kind of Okay, so 692 kilobytes, The pretty decent resolution. So that's gonna look great on Instagram. And so let's go ahead and design a few more. So what you could do is instead of having totally different documents for each version, you just add a new page and have different pages. And so when you export as J pegs, you can export them as separate images. So you just have a one stop shop for all of your instagram posts, and then you can create a new document for your Facebook paid ads and then also add new pages and have different versions. So you just have everything and one nice, concise file. So we're gonna double this. We're gonna try different flat lay photo. So I got to do that here in the next lesson. So what's do are more masculine, targeted post. We're gonna change our flatly photos goto uploads, then a dragon one that's going to be a little bit more masculine for that different target that I'm doing right so kind of dragon and see if we want to do phone. We want to do kind of the pen and paper censuses, branding and PR kind of like the more traditional, um, you know, pen and paper and coming up with ideas for people branding, So it's kind of stick with that. So let's go ahead. Dragon or Elements. We could even use a different version of the logo we needed to. Let's drag that back down. I might need to copy. So I'm just gonna drag all of my elements. The copy, Um, drag him down here. So now I'm just gonna kind of adapt what we already created. This is when things were really going to start to speed up here. I'm just gonna drag this over. I wonder if I could do a version. Might still need the background bar. Let's zoom in and take a look. Really? I think the key here is finding the right cropping of the photo. We don't need quite as many elements, so we might need to do a different version of the logo. Let's do that. I'm gonna go and grab my logos, get a load in my get to buy this version, delete and delete No Musallam remaining zoomed out when I'm putting this together. Second, have perspective on what works best at the size. It's really gonna be viewed at, which is gonna be at a distance, are fairly small on a phone. I'm just continuing to play around with cropping I like that a little better, so I may try something different with the get started. Let's just see how it works. But I'm gonna do is I'm gonna zoom in on here. Go ahead, ungreased That little what I did, how I created this was this is just a simple line I brought in from It was typed in line or go shapes delete and you do something a little different. I'm gonna do a solid box just to kind of show you some different variations. You could dio let me grab due to do simple box shape. Make it that gold color. I'm gonna do position. I'm gonna send it backwards a few times till it gets to the area that I needed to be. Let me slide this out. I think I need to make this white text first. I kind of see my element Can listen that backwards it backward. There we go. I was creating a box for a button. So now it's gonna be kind of a different look. That's fine. This is a different target audience. Group it together, not kinship this around. Let me switch back to the logo I had which not be a big deal. Could get this group are copy the drag. So I'm gonna take a few moments and play around logo to get the right fitting. I'll be right back. 22. Lesson19 Social Media Part4 Instagram Finish and Exporting: so I'm continuing to tweak this, Uh, this other second version made adjustments and talk about. First of all, she's more masculine. Kinda photo. I went to adjust for the photo, and I went to Filter. And I did apply the carbon, which makes it kind of ah, really sharp high contrast de saturated photo, which I thought was cool, black and white. Um, so critical head, uh, click off of that and I decided, Ah, And when I do other versions of the social media post tonight, kind of I'm able to spend more time with it. I come up with some different ideas that it can apply to my other versions as well. So I thought this was all just not really going well together, So I kind of made that a little smaller. So it wasn't competing, and I decided to make that a little gold is to break up all that white text, and I kind of like that. So I think I'm gonna apply that up here to this one as well, which will be easy, because we could just delete these elements and then disco copy. Go ahead and group all these together. Copy it and just bring it back up to our other version. And Walla, that one is also I'm gonna work Well, so there's the top one here is gonna be the bottom one of the more masculine audience. And so I think both of those work really well, so it could continue to come up with different versions because we're going to run lots of different ads. You never just one run, one ad toe, one audience. You want to break it down? So I'm gonna continue to come up with a couple different variations, and I think we're gonna be done with instagram. We could start moving on to Facebook and a couple other social media posts and do some different things, eventually able to switch away from my personal brand and start doing kind of a generic company. Um, just because mine is gonna be limited in the design world in terms of what I'm gonna need advertising. Why? So I'm gonna switch to a different type of company and everyone we do some flyers and Pinterest graphics way work with different brand just to kind of to have something different to work with, just opposed toe mind which can be limited. But hopefully you've enjoyed this little social media instagram post. And I'll see you for the next lesson where we're gonna start knocking down the other ones Facebook, Pinterest and more. 23. Facebook - Part1: So now we're going to switch gears a little bit and do it a couple of Facebook graphics. But we're not gonna do my personal brand. We're gonna do a different company. So we're gonna create that super quick so I can kind of show you that process of starting from scratch all over again. But did this really, really quickly show you how quickly it is to make this stuff in camp? So I'm here. What do you want to design up here on the kind of the find templates area on the type and logo and should go through some of their templates. Let's get a scroll through and see if I can't find something for a little little bit of a fake company I have in mind would do something a little different. Um, than what I was doing before it is going to click on this one. Use this template course, it'll still give us options to switch. So we're gonna go ahead and, uh, switch the name up here. I'll be right back. I'm gonna come up with a fake name and we'll have our logo going to start creating some Facebook graphics based on this color palette and style. So I played off the little targets there and said targeted social Media marketing firm for a little fake company that we're gonna dio and just gonna do some slight adjustments. Any time you get a logo template, it's gonna be grouped together all the elements. So to be able to edit the individual elements just on group and now it could cut a play with it a little bit. I don't wanna look too much like Target, the company that we have here in the United States, so I might keep that little element. But I don't like the thoughts. I'm just gonna quickly scroll through and find a fault that I think will work a little bit better in this situation. This is a social media firm. I don't need a really nice, bold thought. So let's go and stick with the one I use for my brand, which is leak Spartan. And what's bold this up a little bit because when we do Facebook and social media marketing , this little small fed waited font usually doesn't show through very well. So once again, we're gonna need some nice, bold fought here and even increase the contrast here and make it white just so it really shows up. If we're doing print campaigns, we don't have to worry quite as much about that. But when we're doing social media, everything needs to be very obvious and very easy to read. Good. Make that smaller. Kind of like white spacing. And do what we did last time. We're not gonna mess around too much with the color palette. We're gonna kind of go with this blue, maybe find a pairing with it. So I really just wanted to do a quick little company. Just so you didn't see mine all the time. They kind of saw the branding process with another type of company. I could see how that goes. Let's see. Is that just transparent? Yeah, that's just a transparent one. So they must have brought in a symbol and done that. It's making a little more transparent. Great. So there's our little logo. We have our little color palette here, So let's say I want to create a color palette, so I'm gonna go down to go and save. Always make sure you save your stuff, so design save. I can access that later I'm gonna go down to I'm gonna go over to home and click on home and go down to your brand where we developed the one prior. We're gonna go ahead and eliminate these colors are gonna keep the neutrals cause I like those kind of like these golds two. But I got to go to find your design. Let's go back to the one. We just saved this one, and I'm gonna go ahead and try to sample this color they have. So how don't you do that? So I hope I gotta go ahead and hover over my swatch. Go ahead, double click it or go to the the addition signed to be able to modify it. There's a little hex code we need. So we just got a copy. That six digit code you to go back down home, go to your brand, we're gonna add it. Amber is gonna paste that little six digit code. There is that kind of blew with a hint of purple, and we can call to come up with some other complementary colors to pair with it. We go through the process of doing a mood board, but in this case. We're just trying to do something really quick here. But I think like maybe another blue might pair well with the light blue, that might be pretty dynamic. Maybe an orange still like a bright orange. We need that really bright called action. Maybe. Right. We're just doing this really quickly by I. Let's go and keep those other neutral colors. You never know when we might need graze. You always need graze eso Let's go back. Gonna go back to the home page all your designs. So already have her logo kind of whipped up really quickly. And let's do our Facebook ads so we could type in Facebook. Or we can go down to your templates, go down to social media graphics down here and scroll down the givens. Could have sub options. We're gonna click on Facebook post Facebook Post. So this will be kind of your standard post size. We're gonna look for kind of a kind of a generic layout that we can use as the basis for our design. So I'm gonna do I have a social media marketing firm, so I want to have something really strong. It's gonna grab people um so I'm thinking something really clean and simple. Not a lot of text going on. Maybe just a simple quota action and maybe a one big headline to grab them to tell them why I'm an amazing marketing firm, so so far, that's looking pretty good, but I really want to use a photo to grab people's attention to so it's between needs to, um, that's very simple, but that might be too simple. So I'm thinking, Yeah, I think this is good, cause I do would like to use a photo a face Faces really grabbed people in social media marketing and on one big hole headline and if interface. So let's go ahead and use this template and you'll notice a couple different sizes here. So we're just gonna go ahead and use this template, this kind of a square post square Facebook post, which you can do organically in terms of doing a paid social graphic. I have a social media size and guide that is a downloadable Pdf in this lesson, um, or you can if you're on another platform, you can download it where all the downloads are. But if you're on you to me. Then you'll be able to download it via this lesson, and it's a great size and guide. If you ever wanted to start from scratch instead of using these templates, you can resize it to the right size. So this is kind of a square post, but you want to maybe a traditional paid ad coast. You can go to resize and go ahead and do custom dimensions. You also can go and switch it to a Facebook cover if you just go appear to resize. So Facebook cover. Right now courses can change is 820 pixels by 312 and this is kind of an example of a Facebook cover. So it kind of structures across and on the size and guide I have where, ah, let me go ahead and switch this to a Facebook cover. So this is gonna be what's on your business page and on the size and guide I have, where you can see where there's two different kind of presentations of your cover photo. There's a desktop desktop classic presentation, receive the whole thing. You see the whole width, but they don't tell you that there's mobile view and There's only this little narrow kind of center place where you can place your where it shows up on the mobile view. It actually shrinks down to that that pink area, so the left and right sides will not be visible. So when you do your Facebook covers, it's really important to keep all your vital information in the center area. So that on mobile view, you don't have essential type or logos being totally omitted and cut off. So I kind of look at that size and guide to help you kind of know where that is. Generally, it's kind of in that middle area. Of course, this Concetta just Facebook. Every year they're always re sizing things, so I'll try to keep the size and guide updated. But if not, you can always Google sizes. Ah, but let's do a quick cover photo first to switch gears. And then we could go back to doing a few post because I want to do some different sized posts than what they have on the camp. A template and that's easy to do because we have custom dimensions and weaken Type it in. Okay, so how do I bring in the logo. I just did. Let's go down to folders. Um, all my designs and there it iss gonna go in pop r logo in here. We already have a nice color swatch here that we brought in from the logo. Who's gonna stretch that across and we don't want to keep? We don't want to have any vital text or graphics. We could have a photo that maybe extends to the background. That's okay if that's cut off as long as a face is not cut off. So I'm gonna go ahead, hunt down some photos on pixels to kind of go with my little brand here that we just developed. And also, you know how sometimes it's nice to have a horizontal presentation of your logo and a vertical. We're going to do just that. And I need to bring in a line. Go ahead line, not in templates, but elements. Type of just getting a simple line like a dividing line. Okay, so there's kind of our I don't think we need it, so let's not worry about that. Okay? So there's our horizontal presentation of the logo. We want to keep it in the center. Since This is a Facebook cover photo. So I'm gonna keep it right here, because this is gonna be our landing pages. What people are going to see when they visit our fan page who were to make sure our logo is front and center. That so they comptel Where this. So now I would like to kind of screen back kind of the background image of people or trying to figure out what photos would match best with my brand. I'm gonna hop over the pixels and hunt down a few photos that I think my work. Right. So I'm gonna just go down. I'll see people type of young people. We can do a target demographic. Find out. Ah, hipster Iwill. Whoever we're trying to target, mark more professional people. You can have a more specific search term than what I did, but I would like to have people working kind of like this, but not as cheesy. Want something a little more authentic? People working kind of like we are figuring out your social media marketing plan. So, professionals So let me do that Professional at a table. I'm starting to cut a narrow down in my head but I want young professionals. It's a young team of people. We're gonna go ahead, run down a few photos, I'll be right back. 24. Facebook - Part2: right now, I'm currently uploading a few graphics up that would preclude cover, have little about two people shots, actually, three different people. Group shots I thought would work well, and one that I thought would work well for an ad. We could even do Ah, to tone where we have one side, um, doing something out, actually. Let's Let's try that. So I have You have to one on the left of one on the right to photos. They're gonna split it in half. So I could have 1/2 this color the other half, maybe upright orange. If that works and it's still touch on develop our brand. Um, we're doing this really quickly just because just gonna do some graphics here. So not spending much time was we did prior. Try to figure out maybe a good dividing point. Maybe it is angled. Have to arrange that forward, but not all the way back. See, here we go. If that works, if you do it where the The type is a little distracting. So why don't we bring this back over? We're just tested things out. Targeted. Okay, let's try that out till spring in one of our photos. I think that when I thought would work the best is this one subsequent click. It's gonna bring it in, go ahead and extended over the background. I'm not gonna send it behind this orange box. So I'm gonna click on this, send it backwards until it's here. Petitions and backwards. Forward to play with that a little bit. There we go. So I'm gonna scream this back when I say screen, it really means to reduce the transparency and at kind of a single tone color. So this is how we do that. We're gonna go to filter play around with some of these filter options, and I gotta go to adjust, and we're gonna play around with some color. So I'm gonna reduce the saturation. I want to get rid of all the color because I want to add a single color toe. It's very popular these days, so I would kind of do kind of stick with that blue, which is the blue background that's on. So I'm just gonna find a tent that's gonna match that blew the best. Maybe right here, Um and I'm just gonna also adjust. Contrast may be reduced. The contrast, because knows how it kind of fades out naturally. When he reduced the contrast just like that, that's perfect. Maybe right here. Same thing with brightness may be dull down the brightness a tad. Okay, so now we're gonna go to this transparency option. This is after we made our adjustments to the photo, and now we're just gonna screen it back. So you notice how has this kind of, um, duo tone? They call it really, due to, in effect, which is kind of a single in color effect. So we want to go ahead and hide. That's we're gonna cut of, adjust this. So we might need to screen it back a little more and kind of zoom in and are subject matter , cause we don't care about the background. That's not emotionally connecting with me. So let's kind of zoom in on those people working hard on your marketing campaign. So cropping is a huge deal. When you do some of these things, especially with social media, it's always good to zoom in. If you have a chance. Is all that frivolous background stuff it gives the I way too much to concentrate on and so When you crop appropriately and zoom in, just make it easier to focus on those people. Let's drag it down just a tad. I don't like how his head is up to the bottom. So we have to think in social media. It's gonna be cropped, maybe about this area roughly. So it's OK if the guy on the left is gone. He's not a critical part of the photo. At least we have these gals over here in this guy here that will still be included in this in that in that portion. And I'm gonna go ahead and take this little target symbol faded out one. And I am just gonna increase the contrast. Not it, because I think you lose it. We're still at a point where I can adjust the logo the brand a little bit, since that's not. But I might even do the the vertical presentation here now that we have our photo loaded, I'm just gonna group this kind of put that in the middle. We could put another photo over here if we want. We could make this smaller. I kind of like having a nice, strong contrast to color makes me wonder if this would look good orange. Uh, that might not be bright enough, but we're still developing our colors and everything so we can make it prior just like that . And it's that bright orange color who that's really having in some nice contrast that that'll work really well. I do worry about that being too small, the social media marketing firm, but we can adjust that a little bit. And here's what I like to do. You should have a symbol like this. I like to copy the symbol I like to do kind of a watermark or some kind of presentation of a little showing a little bit of that symbol somewhere else on the design just to kind of carry that theme of the brand or the logo mark over somewhere else to cut a have that thematic, unifying thread. You notice how we just showed a little bit. You just settle wonderful. The lettuce crop that probably not in Canberra, but I considered backwards behind in the layering system behind this photo. Perhaps, let's just play around with the layering to see if we can't get that cropped. We could do is we could bring all that forward to selecting all of these elements. Bring everything to the front. There we go. So now we're just kind of playing around with a layering system to get kind of that cropping, since it's not gonna. If that's not a photo, that's a symbol, so it's not allowing me to double, click, click and crop it. So it just kind of hit it behind these layers. And I could even make this full transparency for white. I can go up to here, make it that save orange color, but could adjust it a little bit here by clicking the addition side and doing an ever so slight adjustment just like that. Make it a little darker that has a little more rich presentation. I almost wonder, Do we need to have the 2nd 1 like the 2nd 1 was a little distracted, so we may need to go back to our logo and adjust that. But we could always bring this file in for for future things that we do. And since I am worried about this, let's go ahead resolve. That's copy. Just paste. Have this in the new line social media market and its type re type it marketing firm make. These are two lines that does worry me that people are not gonna be able to see that, especially in a mobile view. I think about people on their phones. They're not gonna be able to read these tiny things. Do you worry about it social? I don't want to make the things bigger or that the characters bigger than you could always put some more spacing between them. Do you want to make that bigger? Let's put a lot of space. And I don't want the marketing firm to be quite as big. So I'm gonna fiddle around with us for a few minutes and then I think we're gonna be done with her cover photo and we're gonna move on to some paid Facebook ads. Okay, so I made some small adjustments to the logo. I just kind of made a more stacked appearance so that she had kind of the largest, most important text here, and that kind of stacked downwards. We have some contrast there. It's not all the same type with social media marketing firm, and I also kind of cropped. I zoomed even further into the image and I also made the logo a little bit bigger because with social media, when it comes to anything that has words on it, you have to over exaggerate the size and they seem a little silly. But it's always better toe air on the side of caution and do a little bit bigger rather than too small. So I think there's our cover photo were already done, and let's go ahead and go to our design and save it. So now it could be able to use our folder and bring this in for the basis for our next size so we can go to our social media size and I would go ahead and find now that we've already to kind of developed a little bit of, ah kind of a branded palette here, kind of a logo and some colors and kind of some basic set up. Let's go to our size and guide. Let's do a Facebook paid at so this will be paid at this will have a whole lot less type on it, so we're gonna go to resize, and if you have a free version of Canberra and you don't have a 30 day free child. Don't believe you have access to custom dimensions, so you can resize it to I think there's a Facebook. You go back to the Facebook ad size on the templates and be able to do it that way. So if, if not, go back to designs, goto home templates and go ahead and find a Facebook ad template size. But if you do have a paid version or the 30 day free trial, you just go to resize custom dimensions and go to that social media size and guide and be able to type in the dimensions for a paid ad. 25. Facebook Part3: so according to our dimensions and optimal Facebook paid ad or post is gonna be 1200 pixels and with by 630 height, so I could go ahead and type that in. So, um, with it's always first and height is always second. We're going to in pixels, not inches and copy and resize. So this is gonna make a new document. Your old document with the cover photo is still there on your home page, So notice how it resized in a little bit. But look how easy it's gonna be to adapt this to a paid at. So I'm just gonna go ahead and drag her photo and crop it. Go ahead. We don't need this anymore. Go ahead and kind of position. This now that we have a little bit more vertical height, we could position. It s so And what's great about the paid Facebook ads is this is the size. It will be on mobile too. So let's go ahead and kind of adjust. Some of these things, I think are this is a little short just because on her last one it was a little bit of a shorter dimension. So we can keep it this way or we can optimize it a little bit. We could have a headline. We're gonna go ahead and ungroomed this and I'm gonna go ahead and create our other presentation of the logo are horizontal. This is why you always have those two versions. I keep saying that, but always having to switch between the two. It's nice to have, um, available hard to work with the logo that's just one size. Okay, So targeted social media marketing firm and I almost make makes me wonder. Pressure goes have two lines here. Marketing firm. I wish my name was in my subtitle with it So Long, but that's OK. I was got to do it over I by Social Media Marketing firm. I might just do social media marketing to be consistent, but we're just doing kind of a quick little brand were not spending too much time on it, so let's just move on. It's gonna kind of size that up. You make that a little bit bigger compared to everything because we really want people that recognize her name. That's very, very important this ad. So even if they don't engage with the ad, they'll still recognize your name. So when they see a retargeted add or another Facebook ad, the already recognize her name and have some brand familiarity with it. So they're kind of balance to that is nice. Um, so that's our presentations. And we need to grab people somehow. We're gonna have some copy written with this ad. Um, you know, maybe a couple lines about what we do and maybe the services we provide. What? We gotta grab people outside of the simple photo and branding. So I'm gonna add a headline gonna type, and I'm gonna go and find I just need a simple headline. So I might just do add a text box. Okay, this is simple type. We're gonna do the same font that we used here in our logo to kind of have the brand theme continue. Kind of using the same pond that was leak Spartan. Let's make that we could make it are bright orange here, which is the same orange color here. And let's do a left alignment and kind of reduced the spacing between the characters. Kind of bring it close together. Notice how I'm bringing them together. Very subtle. Let's make this much larger. So this is gonna be our attention grabbing headline. We need to have it very simple, because with paid Facebook ads, Facebook would not. Does not really like it when you use a lot of tight because they want you to use that in the copy of the ad below where you have all the tight but not on your actual image. They really like your images to be simple and clean. So I'm thinking very, very simple headlines. So I'm gonna get I think of a headline real quick and kind of and I'll be right back. What kind of came up with this headline? We bring them to you. So just what I will do is is you can't say everything in your photo on your ad. You have to kind of say stuff in your copy as well. And also the link that they may click through to kind of finish up your ad so I could say we bring them to you and I could say clients, customers, through hyper targeted email can pay our social media campaigns and marketing, but that you can't put that on the ad cause Facebook's not even gonna allow you to put that on your photo. So we have to kind of tell a story with our photo. We have to bring them in with one little small short headline. And then in your copy below, when you you're able to type out a few sentences, you kind of explain what the photo is say. But we need to grab their attention. So I did a very simple orange headline, actually decided to go click up here to all caps. I thought that looked kind of neat, but I thought this was a little stronger and kind of matched arm or loud brand that we've developed and also matches the type down here in terms of having an all caps presentation. And I want to make sure I have enough white space because if I have it right here, that feels awkward, doesn't it? But when I add a little bit of more white space around it, a little more margin kind of breathes a little bit. Looks nice. So now that we have kind of her headline developed, I thought Okay, so we have a lot of orange here, and what works with ads. When you have your really bright color, which is our orange or called action, we don't want to over use it. So one thing we could do is I could make this all white and then to spring out a very important word in orange so that we're not over using our kind of bring it out. Call it out, color eso we bring them them them It's important, right? So we're bringing customers and clients to them. That's what I wanted to say. If I had a longer headline, I would talk about how we're bringing new customers to them. So them is the most important word here and you as well. So let me see if I can highlight with my bright orange. What if I did both with that will be a little too much. We bring them to you. So there you go. We can even bring this back in terms off not being as per right, who could do like a light neutral gray so that we kind of bring down the attention to those words. So we bring them to you, or we could go back to what we had, so I think That's nice. So now it can kind of Cropper photo that we have our headline. We couldn't do our photo a little differently, right? Or we can use a different photo entirely. And this is what I like about Camba is already have a filter applied, but it will apply the same filter if you distract the photo in that same place over the old photo. So show you an example. So let's say that photos not working. Now that we have a headline, let's use a different one. Goto up loads. All I have to do is drag. They have this highlighted This photo here, I'm gonna drag in a new photo You right over top, and it's could apply the same filter so I don't have to go back and do the adjust or the transparency. And if I don't want it applied, I just click on it and a loaded normal. But if I want the same filter applied to drag a drop So this photo communicates a lot as you see all the social media icons so kind of plays off the whole social media marketing, and they don't have to sit there and read this tiny little type to know exactly what we do , so that's pretty important. But we can kind of zoom in on the feathers and skin a double click. Bring Icahn's out a little more click on done, and I want to kind of crop that so that orange is not over taken. So there is our Facebook ad. Go ahead and drag this over just a little bit, just adjusting it. So you need notice that little pink line as I move things around a little dotted one. So that means that's aligned perfectly with the type above it. So that's what we like to have a nice, even margin right there. Okay, great. So we can go to our social media guy that could just keep coming up with different sizes that will need So we want to do a profile. Pics. Let's go ahead and save this. We're gonna do the same thing resize. But I believe the profile pic let me pop into the size and guide here, work well. Here's Instagram and Facebook, so a profile images just a perfectly dimension square. So if you, for some reason, if you have the free version of camera and you can't resize. You can simply find doing instagram Post, which is a even square, which is like 1000 by 1000. I believe her 500 pixels by 500 pixels and you can use a template from that, erase everything and then do your profile pic there and you have a perfect square that she could put in for your profile pic. So let's go ahead and go to home. I'm not gonna resize that cause I don't need all those elements and I'm gonna go find Let's see, Let's do that. Uh, let's create a design on our own, appear to custom dimensions appear in the upper right we're gonna do. And even I believe it was 40 by 40. But I'm going to do it a little bit bigger, cause I'd rather have a bigger size and then have it have Facebook scale it down for me so that I can use, among other things, that may also need a large us even the mention square. So I'm just gonna do 100 by 100 pixels. Uh, pixels create new design. So now I'm gonna go ahead to go to my folders. I'm gonna bring in my design. Let's see, I like what we want to use. Let's bring this in. We're not gonna need all these elements. So it was. Go ahead and get rid of the photo and let's zoom out. Because this is gonna be a very small profile pic, so people are gonna see it about maybe the size. So it's always good to design and the size that people are going to see it in. It helps you make better designed choices. So with the profile pic, you're not gonna need your entire type in your logo. You can. This actually works really well, so I get away with it. But if for some reason, your type does not seem to fit well in a square box or your logo's not fitting well, you could remove elements because you're gonna have your name on your Facebook profile business page. You could already have your name there so you don't have to repeat yourself. So it's nice to have kind of a some brand kind of that you can bring over the target is obviously what we want to use. We don't need this small type because that's gonna already be seen on the profile page so we could get away with maybe just targeted and have this be much bigger. We can even reverse it. So if we want to have this be orange to kind of counter with our cover photo being blue, have the speed blue or have that be blue display around, maybe reduced the size on that just a little bit. That could be a profile photo. We could make this white to contrast, but notice how quickly, kind of. With that up, I could actually add a new page because I like to have different versions. So if you feel like I want to have the blue version two, I want to be able to switch them around, is create any page, and then when you go to export you'll, it'll save it as a J peg. Multiple pages so I'll have to do is take this copy, bring it down here and let's have some fun with a darker background version. Maybe we do that along with the orange, and there's our next version. We could even have another version. His copy. Bring it down. Yep. Not sure what happened there. I really just need actually for this one. I just want the target. You create a really simple, cool looking one, so that could be a version. Bring that blew down here. Send out to the back. We don't need that tight right here. Delete. And so now we have a couple different profile picks s. I want to go ahead and export it to go to go to the little Arrow download. And I don't need transparent background. I am going to do just a JPEG download it and thats gonna download it is three separate J. Paige's is gonna give you a zip file. So when I go over to my downloads to be entitled Zip, go ahead and access my folder and then I could just upload these to Facebook. Did you see how quickly, once we established kind of a look and a feel for our brand on one social Media post were able to resize this thing and get this thing adapted to different sizes so quickly do the same thing for Instagram? I know he did instagram with the other with the other brand, my personal brand, but if we go to let's see, let's go to work ad. This is for Facebook. Just go to resize and I could go down to Instagram Post, which is a 10 80 by 10 80 Campbell, So copy and recess could make a new documents could keep that old one. So now I can adapt that toe instagram, which could be more of a square shape. What's great is you could do instagram story sizes, too, so we go to my social media guide. There's actually social might even do a social media story as additional content later on in the course, I might add that, um, but instagram story, which is kind of new within the last year or two. So it's kind of got this vertical presentation, and you can have people slide with different. I like to do instagram stories with like 3 to 4 different photos. As they fade, they tell a story. That's what that's what Instagram stories all about is not having one photo but having a mixture of video having a mixture of these still photos. But you can go to Camba and type in the hype and with their if you can create a couple of different ones and create a new page and create a whole story, so I'm definitely gonna want to do that. So add that content a little bit later in the coming month as we kind of work on this so that we can just resize it. Of course, Instagram. We think about that a little bit differently because as you scroll through instagram very, very, very, very photo heavy You don't have a lot of people don't read the copy or the type of the ad that comes below the image as much as they do on Facebook. So we have to be very bold with what we say. There are more obvious. I guess I should say on Instagram because they may not breed what are captured. Say it'll may want to bring out our photo a little bit more go to filter, maybe a Justice Emmanuel Adjustments here. Saturation contrast. Who adding more contrast? It really helps it pop out a little bit, a little brightness, maybe sharp it. So I reduce the blur to sharpen it. And boom! Voila! Look how quick we just did went from a Facebook post to an Instagram ad. Look, it kind of I don't want that them and you to be on top of each other. Do that or I could do that just like that. Bam, Great presentation. Look at the size and guide. If you have a unique size that's not on the size and guide, there's so many social media sizes. Google it, look at the size you go to resize or confined, a template that already exist in camera that has similar sizing and just adapt that to it. So there you go, folks. There's kind of some social media branding. I'm gonna continue to add lessons this course, so stay tuned. I'll send out an email when I add maybe the instagram stories a little bit later. Love to go through that process with you. So hopefully you've enjoyed the class so far. This is the core of the class, and there's always that bonus content. So let me know if there's something you want me to do. Her bonus content. There's a certain project that you think you'd like me to go through with you, or maybe a different type of brand I could work on so I can show you may be, you know, another type of company instead of just to kind of marketing companies as an example. But if you want living a life coach or a garbage company, I mean there's a lot of different ways to brand and approach different things. So hopefully you enjoy this and I had a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing you in the bonus content in the coming weeks.