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DIY homemade skin care - body butter

teacher avatar Rika Cossey, Environmental Educator & Simplifier

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome & class overview


    • 2.

      Skin care ingredient: Coconut oil


    • 3.

      Skin care ingredient: Olive oil


    • 4.

      Skin care ingredient: Cocoa butter


    • 5.

      Class project: Equipment needed & measuring


    • 6.

      Class project: Melting & pouring


    • 7.

      Other oils, butters, and additives


    • 8.

      Final tips & farewell


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About This Class

In this 25 min class, you will learn how to make your own body butter by using only three ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. These ingredients are easy to work with and great for beginners.

The body butter you'll make in this class is great for dry and sensitive skin, it can help to protect your skin from UV radiation and can aid its rejuvenation.

You can use the body butter as a face cream or lip balm as well.

I designed this class as an entry to homemade skin care techniques. I give you an overview of skin care ingredients and teach you the basic technique for homemade skin care. I also talk about what to look out for when you buy your ingredients, how to store your body butter, and what else you can use in homemade skin care.

Homemade body butters are great because not only are you using natural ingredients but you can also customise it to your personal needs.

You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience for this class and only basic kitchen equipment.

If you want more information on skin care ingredients and techniques, check out my blog Live Small - Be More.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rika Cossey

Environmental Educator & Simplifier


Hi, my name is Rika. In a few simple words, I describe myself as adventurous, as a growth-seeker, and helper. I am also a simplifier, tiny house dweller, DIY enthusiast, and passionate teacher (and learner) of all things sustainability. 

I'm really happy to connect with you through Skillshare and to assist you in your quest of learning new skills. My classes are about inspiring YOU to farewell a well-designed lifestyle and to discover what you know, what you can make yourself, and what matters to YOU.

I would like to use the opportunity to invite you to join me on a journey, one of self-discovery and growth. I am a certified mindfulness practitioner and counsellor and as such, I would be delighted to guide you further than all these classes here can. Pl... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome & class overview: Hi. And I come to this class on how to make your on 40 mother. My name is Rekha and I around the block, a small team or we're talking about a lot things of practical, sustainable living. I talked about how many skin here cooking with home from sustainable housing and all the other ideas to inspire you to discover what you can make yourself. I started making my own skin here around five years ago. The reason was simple. I wanted to know what goes onto my skin asking us our largest organ and whatever you put on your skin nose into your body. What? We're working with three cooking oils today. As a continent oils, honest oils and cocoa butter. You should be able to get these at your local supermarket health food store. We'll be working with kitchen equipment to make this body butter. So you want me to get anything special? Just a word on what we want to be making today. We want him making a lotion or moisturizer lotions, and my stress is contained water, and when you work with water and oil, you need an additional two ingredients. You need a mile supplier to combine the water in the oil in journeyed preservatives, so you cream. Best goal. We wanna be using either of those today, and so we won't be working with water. The recipe have chosen. Today we'll leave you with 50 grams of a body under. That might not sound much, but it's enough for you in shape. Have a feel of the body butter. If you like it, you can always scale up the recipe. If you don't like it, you can swap ingredients around. I highly held you to make the creamy all at the end of the class. I will talk you a little bit through some other meditates you could use half ago. Those the structure of the class is pretty straight forwards. I would introduce the three ingredients and tired, and I will tell you a little bit about there with some properties, and then I will show you the equipment. Really, the mining part of the class is actually making the body butter. It's pretty simple. It's a double method, but I will show you what you need to look out for. We'll finish the class with little, a few off some meditates and other oils and bodies you could use. And also some tips on how to store your body butter and how to use it. I hope you enjoy this class and I hope you enjoy your body. 2. Skin care ingredient: Coconut oil: the first of the three ingredients will be using today is coconut oil. Coconut oil is a skin care product is probably one of us always you've heard about and maybe have been used. It's very right, oval and affordable, and it makes a great addition to any skin care products. Coconut oil is a very light oil on the skin and great inaudible scream. It spreads easily and and absorbs creeping in a solid stage. Coconut on this pair of light and it appears flaking melchett, the tallest, almost transparent and canopy adultery unrefined an extra virgin continent or his a faint smell of coconuts when working with coconut oil. The most permanent characteristic is that the oil has matching fund of 24 degrees Celsius, 75 F. The snow temperature means that coconut or connect thickness to any product. If the product was kept in the post box at anything about changeable degrees Celsius, the oil will act like any other liquid oil. This property can be beneficial, and it's certainly something to keep in mind. The body brought over for making today will also have a mountain find off about 25 to police cells just if you're keeping it above this temperature, keep in mind that the body but a room males now prominent oil, is said to offer Samueli protection for skincare products. You can make use of this property if you're hearing it with Shia better and even single upside. However, please keep in mind that this UV protection is nothing like assemble it cannot replace summed up at any time. And it's only very minimal. Aside from the protection confident orders also known for its into the interior and even anti fungal privileges. You can utilize this and a skin care product, especially if you have working with wrinkles. It's getting irritations or small. I also use it to make dear ones. When you go out to buy your coconut or I'll keep a lookout for two different grades. You're looking for either unrefined or virginal, extra virgin coconut oils. There is also refined company. However, this holder's been heated nature and due to rice, and most of it's been official party struggles. So you want it'll kits unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, and they should be available in supermarkets in the healthy stores. One version is also often available this liquid or fractionated cope metal, which is a regional. The oil that's nice liquid at temperatures. This purpose take and use women using hoping that Osama Satch, world effort skincare products I would advise against it because one has been treated several times, and it's also more extensive. Crocodile for his A long shelf life, depending on storage, conference often last up to use one of stored in a cool, intact device. Coconut oil. That's a great force for skin camp appears that's available and affordable. If you just started your home, it's going to journey. Coconut. All this Definitely a good starter. Tolerate. See lens easily and it's relatively older True. 3. Skin care ingredient: Olive oil: the second ingredient will be using today's olive oil. And I might don't actually have to tell you very much about uniform because it's been around for millennia, has been used as a cooking oil and even as an ingredient for skin care, all of our list difficult to beat. Above all, it's accessible and affordable, and even just the oil on its own makes for excellence. Getting here I'm on the aisles will be using Today. Autobahn is a Hibiya one, depending on the great and the fruit. The oil can be of a dark yellow to Dockery. No, even a brown color. It can also happen older. Yes, I said. Allah for has been used for millennia as a skin care product. Among the many users are is a massage oil cleanser and makeup remover, moisturizer, or even as treatment for imitators. Although this has been contested, one of our reminds of their first start off a skin care it's good for dry and itchy and sensitive skin gets a contains vitamin e. Vitamin E supports the rejuvenation off the skin and thus reduces the parents of wrinkles. All of our list also recommended to treat inflamed skin When you go to buy your olive oil, look out for two grades which are suitable for skin care products. First, this virgin or extra virgin olive oil, which is the least out of form off the oil and my personal preference. The fruit has been pressed on the oil extracted only through mechanical processes. Beneficial properties off all those have not been compromised. However, this also means that the orders induced in color and older, which will affect any skin care products refined on of oil, can be an option for skin care products as well. Because refining removes older and color from the oil and not beneficial characteristics of the or will not have been affected, every supermarket will offer all of us today. However, it's important to keep in iron quality. Virgin or extra virgin oil are my recommendations. It's also crucial to stay over from any infused oils. If you want to use infused olive oil in your skincare products, you can. These acreage the infused comes from the supermarket are for cooking Only. My general advice is to buy the purest and best wanted to. You can afford just on his own auto for it is great for your skin in combination with other oils and butters on of our contributes a slightly already feeling to any cream or body butter. My first attempt of making on face cream most a combination of all the world and the straits because that's very affordable and available. Oughta Fire makes an excellent entry level skincare ingredient that's forgiving with forgets to heat, and it makes us easily with other oils and butters. 4. Skin care ingredient: Cocoa butter: the third ingredient will be using today is coffee or butter. Cocoa butter is a byproduct of the car car production and a major ingredient in chocolate for skin cared off a some fantastic properties I always consider cocoa butter. A luxury product creates a very smooth three minutes, very nourishing, but also as a my sent off chocolate to any cream cough. Roberta is usually pale yellow to yellow color. It's solid at room temperature, and it has a melting point of 30 73 Celsius. A mention. Any three spirit cocoa butter is very most raising, making it great to treat drying, itchy skin, stretch marks, check lips and burned skin. It can help to improve skin analysis. City East wrinkles and hates guys. Aside from the awesome heating properties Paul covered, there's also a very stable fits. This means that it doesn't rented quickly and can have a shelf life of up to five years. Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants to protect the skin cells from damaging the pics of the sun. It's not classified as a some bloke of birth. Rather contributes to the sales protection against image. When you go out to buy you cocoa butter there to greats. You should keep in mind. There's unrefined on a warpath carpenter and find cocoa butter. There is a huge difference on how to work or police two different grades. Ropa cocoa butter, his, um, and heated to a high temperature and the production process. Their efforts believe to retrain would often bring a partial fits. I would have a stronger chocolate smell then. It's refined version, however, when worst unrefined or walk of how better, it's important to heat the other thoroughly to eliminate any potential bacteria. My recommendation is to hit the butter slowly to 80 degrees Celsius, and to keep it at this temperature for about 20 minutes, I've been working with the UN refined versions. I'll show you how to do that when you find refined copper butter and it's a little bit easier to work with. We're fine. Cocoa butter is the dare to rest version, and it smells less off chocolate. However, as with any of refined products, some properties of the butter can be lost. Also, we're in buying your cocoa butter. You might have the choice between a tranquil pellets now, generally speaking, pellets a little bit easier to work with because it's easier to measure them. However, Chunk is not a big problem. You just have to catch the butter. Cocoa butter can be expensive to buy, however. It's often sold and organic and health food stores or online. As with any skincare, product quality is important. Copacabana needs to be free of any other oils. Four cents future. Its richness call carbon can be used in creams, funny brothers or even moisturizing soaps. My general rule off a little goes a long way applies. I would advise against using within 20% of copper brother in a cream or body butter. I also like using copper border to thicken my creams. Blend of oils, creates a pleasant and use it to apply cream and general doesn't come up pores, penetrates the skin rather quickly. 5. Class project: Equipment needed & measuring: Now, let me show you the equipment that we're gonna need to my car. Body butter number one is obviously a container. I have a glance, John, Year of the Lit. However, you said a couple of times if you wanted by container from the dock container fst container doesn't really matter. The important thing is the lid and some in a little trooper playing that for body better have to stabilize it. Now, there are a couple of ways you can eat the boil it and help wonderful sight minutes, or you can put it in the oven for about 10 minutes. Be careful that you don't put the lid in well into what I want to do. It is true somewhere alcohol. Some in it put the little. It's sort of a ranch swirl around a solid says so and the lid just make sure it's well covered and then tip it out on it in a dry. Now, this just ensures that there no bacteria growing in your job and you cream won't be spoiled . Put the judge of the site. Gonna need that once sold matted. Now the next thing we're gonna need it. So melon Jack. I like to use these pirates, Jax, because the handle, I can hang that over the side of the pot, but you can use pretty much any other need persistent, Jack. So please don't use any plastic. When I make sure it's clean, someone just wipe it out. Then you're gonna need a park where you can place just like that. She could see the pirates is quite any because I can have going outside and I'll be able to and then just turtle, but still wonderful. Since I'm gonna be using 100. Find cocoa butter. I need some water. Penzias just have every stand up meeting on Earth. Nothing fancy. And then we need a set of kitchen state scales. Now I do. Or how do you recommend that you can't a digital sent this? It's much easier to know exactly how much you putting him. If you don't have that, the recipe can be converted to a volume measure, which is two pats olive oil to pat's cocoa and that boil on one part of the comforter. But I want to show you talk to use of their Children scales because that's the easiest. You turn them on place your mounting jack on top of it, you turn it on. Now, in theory, you could also eliminate the mounting triple together. Enough. It's straight. And you container, however, then have to take care that you need to be able to lift the container out of the house or her souls could be helped. So we have that set up. I'm just gonna put all the ingredients into the job. So we have trench e grandes off oil. Just make sure since we're pouring port slowly that you know, doing so much pentagrams. Do you wanna Then I tablets study Also, we set it to zero. So things It's nothing on there. The company Norland nine grams 19. Drink it. Okay, We'll leave it like that Way need to 10 Gramps, cocoa butter. Since I have pellets here, it's quite easy to measure. You can also get a block of cop that oil. Sorry. Off Come for better. Let's find just entering estimate. How much? So we need 10 grand's 2467 Okay, so this is my ingredients measured so you can see here. That's all combined. And I'm gonna put this in my pots show you how to do that. You take your box when you put your inside of, then you carefully pull some water in the side and you want to cover no more than the bottom. Kosher off your matching jack so you can see here roughly how much have put into the pot you can always put more in. But the more you put in, the higher the chances are that once the water is boiling of a boil and spill into your oil about a mixture, and you really want to avoid that, so put that much water in it. Now you can take your full in your thermometer and move on which the stuff and helpless. 6. Class project: Melting & pouring: now that you have or your ingredients in your mounting John, it's time to put it on the stove. Help the stuff a medium heat for status and let the water slowly come to a boil. You don't wanna have the water boiling to rapidly. At this point. You can see here that the coconut oil in the cocoa butter slowly melting. That's good, and we want to keep it that way, not to rapidly boiling. Remember how I said in the beginning that we won't be working with any water in our body, but today, since we're not using massive fires or preservatives, that means that if you have any water spitting into your body butter at this point, you're gonna have to describe the whole mixture getting any water and means either that your body. But it was far away quickly. What can also mean that we have harmful bacteria growth in anaerobic conditions. You want to avoid all of these things, so please take here that no water gets into your mixture at this point. But if you're working with refined cocoa butter, you only have to white until everything is melted. Give it a quick stir and take it out. If you working with unrefined cocoa butter, you have to leave the mixture at a temperature off 82 degrees Celsius, 180 F for about 20 minutes. Try and keep it as constant temperatures possible after 20 minutes or until everything is fully melted. To put into your prepared job. Remember toe the just e realized before didn't be careful that the mix just very hot in this. Fine. So your job also be very hot. You poured in and then you leave it a room temperature to cool down until you can place it in the fridge. Placing it on my fridge means that it will solidify quickly and you have a 20 but that's ready to go. 7. Other oils, butters, and additives: Now let me give you a quick overview of some other oils writers and editors that you could use in order to to any 20 butter into a face cream or toe, more luxurious body butter and just some other ideas of what you could use. Now the biggest sedative that you can use this essential oils. I don't have enough time here to talk about essential oils and specific. There's a lot of essential oils up here. The only word of caution that I have for you is no cut for essential oils, not fragrance. Always fragrant oils at the chemical, coffee or essential oils. And they could have your skin rather than benefited. If you want to use essential oils, look around what their ISS have a look around if they're suitable for your skin time. If they're suited before whoever's using the body, butter or face creams are just go around and have a look. No. One of my favorites could skin can guardians to uses bees, wakes thes wax adds a nice protective layer two years 40 butter or to your face cream. It protects your skin from drying out, and it's also entered bacterial in the other reason why I like using respects is that you can add thickness to any cream, so if you have a cream like the body, but today you want to store it in the place. That's a woman, and you're thinking it might be a risk off melting. You could add some be specs towards don't and more than 10% and peace weeks will adds some solidity to your party better or to your face cream. Another one of my personal favorites is avocado oil. McConnell. Oil is a registered happy oil, but it's really awesome for dry skin. So if you have issues with dry ice, can try some of a cattle oil and see how that works for you. A good soil for almost any type of skin as sweet almond oils with a light oil just when you bite it. Take here that there's also bitter almond oil so you don't want makes, though suffered. I am and always poisonous sweet Amador is that you go for and then it's also your Hobart oil. No home, our eldest, similar to be specs and a such that it's a liquid plan works. It will also create a protective layer on your skin by being, and although it's a little bit easier to work with, you have. Our, however, is a little expensive to get depending on your region. So just know camp for the price. For that, there was some Butters that I personally like using first, there she ever utter and sheer butter is a very well known cosmetic ingredient. At the moment, it's in a lot off commercial cosmetics share. Murder is a light better. It also offer some You re protection, and working with uber is relatively easy because you can blend it in the call state so you don't actually have to mount it. If you want to work with similarly easy working with this wagon, better are better. That's also a through like butter. It's relatively expensive, but you don't actually need very much to get the beneficial properties from wagon butters. So if you want to use, it starts with a little amount and see how you like it. And now some powders that are out on the market that you could use and utilize in your face cream on your body butter first, their single oxide zinc oxide off a re protection to your faced. Three more to your body brother, however single upside us difficult to work with because it sinks to the bottom of your job . So in order to have a consistent you re protection through your whole body but a face cream , you have to keep staring it. Take some here and I would recommend maybe not, starting with sink upside straightaway because it is more than often advanced. Skincare ingredient. One that you could use straightaway, which is really nice to use this air with powder or tapioca. Stanch every powder it's a sickness and also a moisture apps. Oban property to your face cream. That means first, the thickness is obvious that it will make you cream creamier, and the absorbent means that belief. You with a less oil feeling off cream on your skin. That might be something you want to avoid, so I have a look at air. Would powder and you're baking supplies. I'll should be relatively easy yet, and the last editor, if I want to talk about today, is compatible. Carter. How powder and tonight's Blash, especially to pay screams. It also ends some antioxidants in some magnesium so it's a very nice edited to have only would've portion. Here is there's also cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is Cacau part of plus some edited usually sugar and some other edited. So just keep an eye out for the rule of how partner and then you good to go. You can adjust the amount of power partner in your cream according to your skin type. Now these are just some oils, butters and editors that I like using that and that I regularly have my storage forms. There is a whole heap of other possibilities out there. Just have a look around. I just urge you at the moment when you start just starting out, keep it low key. Don't go overboard with buying too many ingredients because you're gonna end up spending a lot of money on things you might not necessarily need or use. So just start with little one by one and work your way up to oils, butters or even editors that you like using and above all, have fun with your body. But which is it something that you could make yourself that you can adjust to your needs and preferences 8. Final tips & farewell: refresh the end of the class just a few minutes on how to use a store. Your body better, she stores highly recommended to stored in a cool, dark place. If you're not using it immediately, also, always keep a lid on that you're bored anymore. So getting into your cream point uses trying to use a spoon to get your body butter out of the container. That by your ward and direct skin contact in your ward anymore is to getting into your cream. I will continue to make your body, but I highly recommend that you keep a journal. I have this little Rachel wherever. I don't know of my recipes. Write them down and brands rather than in volumes. That way, I can scale down, haven't you to do the same? Also attitude to work in small batches that why you don't waste anything If something was filed, what about make the cream your own experiment with different ingredients and different editors? Now home you does this plants and help seeing one of my other classes