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DIY Eva Foam Pizza Toy for Children

teacher avatar Kate Chystykova, Craft Addicted

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Bell peppers


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      Extra ingredients ideas


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      Final video


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About This Class

In this class, let's make a simple toy for kids to boost their curosity. 

We will be making a pizza made of eva foam. You will see:

  • what materials you need;
  • how to make "dough", "sauce" and seven toppings. 
  • other ingredients/toppings you can make out of left-over eva foam

It can be used for children of different ages to:

  • learn new words(in mother tongue or a foreign language)
  • practice/learn how to build simple phrases and sentence
  • learn how to describe an object (shape & colour) 
  • develop creativity
  • improve listening or/and reading skills
  • enhance concentration on the process

Children develop their skills through play. 

This course can also be a great chance to spend more time with a kid,  make this craft together and communicate. 

Who This Class is For:

  • parents 
  • tutors/teachers

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kate Chystykova

Craft Addicted

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction : Hello everyone. I'm Katharina and time a tutor for kids in this course, I'm going to show you a toy that you can easily cropped and use it with children. It's a pizza made of ever form. This toy helps me to teach kids new words in foreign language. And it's not Zant. They also drain the creativity playing with different ingredients. I also give them simple instructions to make a specific pizza user menu cards. It helps to improve their focus, listening, and reading skills in a foreign language. It also helps to develop fine motor skills. So if you are interested, keep watching this course. 2. Materials : For this pizza, you will need ever foam of different colors, beige, white, rat. I would recommend to use A3 size for these three colors to fit your pizza. You also need black, green, yellow, and light pink instead of pink. You can also use beige and tinted later we speak pains or markers, you will need some markers, red, orange, green, brown, and beige. Caesar's a pencil, and some round objects of different sizes. 3. Dough : To make pizza dough, take beach EVA foam and around board. If you don't have a board, find at home any big enough, object to trace a circle. You're going to use a big bowl or airport. Cut out your circle. If you have rounded scissors, it will be easier to cut with them. If you don't, don't worry, just don't rush and take your time carton circle. Later you can dream this oracle to get rid of any imperfections. The next step is optional, but you can do it with me. Take a beige or light brown Markham. We need to stain the edges so it looks more like a baker do. But before you paint directly on the circle, take a leftover piece of foam and try exam so you don't mess up the project. The problem is that some markers can look dirty or don't blend well. If you like the result, then start coloring the edges taken us ever form Bs and blend everything together. Do as many layers as you want. Firstly, I use jaws, beige, Morgan. I also use the brown marker to darken it even more. Anti-nausea reminder to test your markers beforehand. As you can see, I may stop slightly with my dough. 4. Sauce : It's time to make sauce. You can make mayo sauce with white foam. You can make marinara with the red 10, even pesticides with green one. Here. I'm doing mayor sauce. It's super easy to do. Source should be smaller than your dough. You can roughly draw TO sauce. The shape should be irregular. Then just cut it out. All done. 5. Cheese : Grab a pencil and here DO. We're going to make for cheese slices. But firstly, you need to measure the approximate size of your cheese slice. Put a yellow sheet on top of the dough. Fault horizontal is a beige in half the center. Now you need to do the same but vertical way. You can know what size of Ci slides you need. I free handed and drew a rounded lines so it looked like a rounded triangle. Then you just need to Kanzi species and use it as a template for three more pieces. Just trace and cut them out to make it look like cheese. Let's make holes for the two you need any round objects. They can be of different sizes. Just trace them randomly and cut them out. You can use a paper knife for in a hose, but make sure to protect your table and be careful with the knife. Don't throw away these yellow circles as you can use them later for another ingredient. Here you can see that material around holds looks fishery, and it's not a clean cut. So if you have the same problem, take sharp molecular scissors. If you have them and remove those imperfections. Be patient as it takes time. This step is optional, but I decided to trace holds recent origin market to make shadows. But before you start, don't forget to test your marker on a leftover piece. See if you like Zara color and it's not too dark. If you don't want to do it, just skip this step and let's move to another ingredient. 6. Bell peppers : Let's do bell peppers. I decided to make them green and yellow. You can also make red ones. I made a template that kind of looks like a bell pepper slice. Then you need to trace how many pieces you want. Id2, green, and two yellow slices can zoom out. And now you need to convert the inner part out so it looks more like a bell pepper slice. The shape is irregular, so don't worry. 7. Tomatoes : Let's make tomatoes. Grew up around object. I use the gloss. Trays, four or more tomatoes, then content out. They don't look like tomato slices, so we need to draw in a part of z sweat. You grab a red marker and test it on a leftover piece. You need to mark is as dark as n you're ever fall. You need to darken the outline. Then you should draw some sense similar to tomato pile up like this bar to beat. You can see in the picture, uses these images as a reference to draw your tomato. Repeat this step with all your tomato slices. And now let's move on. 8. Ham : Now let's do ham slices. They are the easiest to make. You just need light pink ever form. As you can see, I'm using beige because later I will stain it with pink. If you don't have been Q can use Bache or white as well, and follow my steps. You need a round object to trace it. I'm doing five slices. After every sinks traced, cut it out. If your form is pink, then examined for you. If you have ever form is I'll let stain it to be pink markers. Don't forget to test your markers beforehand and see if they blend too well on EVA foam ends, they don't look dirty. Just color resist circle in and blend areas. And you can repeat this step till you like the color. Until it tele reminder for me while you're working, your hands can get stained as well. So you might want to protect your hands and to wear gloves. Let's move to another ingredient. 9. Mushrooms : Let's do mushrooms. Essay, have a big piece of white ever form. I can use it for fun game. Draw one mushroom slides, uses pictures as a reference. Cut it out. Now you can use this piece as a template for other mushrooms. I didn't trace. I folded in half so I could cut out two pieces at once. I put my template on top and Catalans a contour. Finally, you can darken some parts near mushroom leg, raise a beige or brownish Markham, but this step is optional. Now your mushrooms are done. 10. Eggs : I have seen acts on pizza, so I want to make them as well. Here you can use white and you have a phone that has left off to your previous ingredients. If you have circle yellow leftover pieces of the cheese, you may use it as a yoke. That way you just need to cut out wide circles for egg whites. I'm making them small like quail eggs, but you can make them bigger as chicken eggs. When everything is cut out, glue yellow circles on top of the white ones. And you're done. 11. Olives : To make our lives, you need black foam as he couldn't find it. I use sick felt fabric. Acids are black. It's hard to draw on, eat. Take a piece of paper and trace a small round object. You can use it as a template. To make it easier. You can measure the width of fabric that you need and concepts stripe. Then you can fold it so you can cut a few olives at once. That will make your process a little bit faster as well. When you have your round pieces, you need to consider inner part out so it looks like an olive. It's easier to fold black circles in half and then count out semi-circles. And now you're, olives are ready. 12. Extra ingredients ideas : You can actually make us ingredients out of ever form you have. Here. I'm going to show you some ideas. You can use whatever form to make white or red onion slices are rings. You just need green and purple markers to color them so they look more like this veggie. You can also make mozzarella slices and you can darken the outer contour with grayish or be Jewish color. With Beijing, you can also make mozzarella slices. If your page is pretty light, you're going to make chicken pieces or other kinds of cheese. Using light pink ever form. You can make great anions, bacon and shrinks. Then you just need to color them so they look more realistic. With the help of yellow ever form, you can make pineapple circles, rinks, or triangular pieces. You can also make cheese or mustard sauce if you're ever form is big enough. Green arrow foam can help you make loads of different ingredients like pasta sauce. Basically leaves cucumbers, olives, broccoli, spinach, or avocado slices. For some of them, you will also need a darker shade of green marker to color them. Using red, you can make bell peppers, chili salami, or other kinds of sausage. M2 will need a light band for them. You can also find other ideas in the resource section, there is an attached file with images I use to make this course you can find more inspiration and references. 13. Final video : And this is the final look. And now you can play with the key to using this toy. You can teach new vocabulary in a foreign language like ingredients, shapes, and colors. You can give directions what topics you want on your pizza, or you can use my templates with pizza menu. There are several different bits ideas that you can assemble with these ingredients. If you make other ingredients, you can easily make more pizza menus as well. You can use conda, Word, or other programs to do it. Or you can encourage them to be creative and create their own pizza. I hope you will enjoy playing with this toy and learn new stuff. So thanks for watching.