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Discovering Your Soul Purpose

teacher avatar Emily Stroia

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Do you wonder what your calling is in life?

What are your spiritual gifts?

Do you have the gift of intuition and to help others?

Find out in this 4 week course and discover what your soul purpose is!

You will learn:

1. What your Spiritual gifts are

2. The Power of Intuition and how to connect to it

3. Learn how to manifest your soul calling

4. Discover your soul karma

5. Learn how to give soul readings for others

6. Build your own spiritual practice

7. Meditations to develop your intuition

Meet Your Teacher

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Emily Stroia

Level: Beginner

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1. IMCPW1V1: All right, you're here. Welcome. Welcome to Week one of the intuitive Master Coach program. I'm Emily Story A. And I'm so excited to have you What an honor and such an amazing step in your journey as you explore your intuition as you discover spirit in a whole new way, as you discover who you are, not just as a human but as a soul and all of the beautiful facets that make you the most amazing, beautiful human that you are. When I first discovered this work, it was truly an amazing missing piece to the puzzle of my life. I felt like I had finally found exactly what I was looking for. And if you can relate to that, you probably know that there's a part of you that's either been searching for answers or looking for tools to enhance your life. So for me, this work has been truly an enriching experience, And where every time I think that I know something or that it's just impossible, uh, spirit always surprises me with information that I could never gotten on my own. There's just no way. So over the this the weeks that we have together and over these minds, we will explore everything from intuition to spirit to different tools for healing self love tools. Um, healing your past, stepping up as a leader, stepping up as a guide for others, strengthening your your muscle of intuition, strengthening your relationship to spirit and ultimately strengthening the relationship to yourself. So this week, we're gonna be talking about discovering your intuition on intuition is the basis it is the foundation for everything. So when you go and you buy a house, you're going to get a house that has a strong foundation. Unless, of course, you're deciding to renovate that house and rebuild it or redesign it or restructure the foundation. Um, everything starts with the basic foundation of it. The building blocks to working as an intuitive in the building blocks to working with spirit is intuition. So, um, you will get a set of videos every week and also get slides that will accompany the video so you'll have these sets of videos. You'll have some practice exercises every week, and then you also have slides for your reference to read to come back Teoh. And so they do go hand in hand with the videos. Um, so just lots of different resource is and tools for you, especially if you know, you have different ways of learning. So I try to break it up as easy as possible and make it bite size materials so that you can absorb it faster. Okay, so let's begin. Um, so, discovering your intuition, So let's talk about first. What is intuition? Um, and we all have our own definitions of what intuition might mean to us. So I invite you to consider what intuition means to you. Is it a feeling? Is it a knowing? Is it something that you turn Teoh when you're confused or you're looking for clarity on in your life? So you go to your intuition, the most common kind of like definitions that we hear a lot is there is. It's a feeling or knowing, right? Um however, I feel that our intuition is an inner language that we turn Teoh. It is the ability to have an inner guidance system. It is the universal foundation to connection from human connection. Teoh animal to human connection to animal to animal connection. Um and so I feel like it definitely is a tool that we turn Teoh when we're also communicating. So we communicate verbally. But we also communicate intuitively, and so we feel things out from each other all the time. We feel situations out. We feel out what someone is saying underneath the words, the vibe that someone gives off. So intuition is really the ability to go beneath the surface on either feel sense or no information about a person about a place about an object or even an animal. Right? So these air all that this is all of the ways in which we can communicate with the world. Intuitively, eyes being able, Teoh receive impressions through the basis of intuition, and then those those impressions will manifest through the Claire's. So I will discuss the Claire's with you next week. But first we're gonna be diving into the intuitive part and building up your relationship to your intuition so that you know how your intuition works. Because if you're gonna operate anything right, you need to have an idea of manual or, um and awareness, right step by step, sort of instruction or an overview of what it iss. Right? So your intuition is that is the operating part of you. You know, sometimes we operate very from an analytical place, and then we also can operate from a very intuitive place, a creative place, and so that it seems to have a little bit more free flowing energy to it. If we think about the differences between like a creative mind versus someone who may work like in tech or works in engineering, there's a lot more of, like a mechanical way of operating versus someone who's creative that needs certain types of tools in their environment. To inspire them. Teoh juice up their creativity, right? So it's very similar to operating from your intuition. You you go into the space of sensing and feeling and knowing. So what can we access from our intuition? We can absolutely access our higher Selves. So our higher self meaning the person who is the wisest, authentic version of us underneath all of the layers of ourself here, right beneath the surface of who we are. We also have a very wise, intuitive self as well, and so we can go within inward to connect with that part of us. We can use our intuition to access information about what our body might need physically or in the diet or emotionally like what is working, what's not working tools to enhance our life and our body. We can also user intuition to access information from spirit. So we will use this energy and this awareness, the ability to go in and also to go outside of us so that we can connect to spirit to the higher Rome's to bring our awareness to an elevated state. So so much so that we can connect with spirit. And I'll be just like touching on some of this as we go. But I want to make sure that you have the ideas here in place. So again, intuition is this feeling, or there's like gut instinct, right? It's kind of like the most common word, or knowing it can manifest is like a loud feeling or loud impression, like maybe it's a vision that catches you out of the blue or a feeling of something before it happens. Or maybe it's just this really like gentle manager whisper to maybe go to this event tomorrow night or reach out to this person. But you don't really know why. You just kind of feel this drawing towards them or this awareness or pull to something. So Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as a quick and ready insight. So it definitely can be that right. You could definitely do these fast, quick impressions that come in catch us a little bit of I surprise. If we're not already setting the intention to connect or intuition, it could be a sense of knowledge gained by intuition. So without reason without any type of knowledge prior on. Merriam Webster Dictionary also says it's the power or faculty to attain direct knowledge or cognition without any evidence rational thought for inference, right? So there's no cues that we can infer Teoh. There's no real, like rational evidence of it. We're not going into a neck cycle media first and getting the facts and then intuitively getting more facts. So that's sort of probability and putting things together kind of so it is all really just these these impressions thes insights that come on your awareness, you can very much get them spontaneously, and you can also get them by intentionally connecting to your intuition. So why would we want to use this? So it definitely can support us in our lives. It's supported me in mind from finding the right editor editor to support me in my book Teoh meeting the man that I'm in a relationship with now Teoh sourcing fantastic friends who love me. So it supported me in building a healthy environment, but also in bigger decisions, such as like business decisions or finances or my health, so it can help me in daily tests. Or it could help me in a bigger choice. Like, let's say, I wanted to move from another city from one city to another or wanted to change just location. So I feel out the energy of maybe where I'm feeling drawn next. So that's how I operate. We don't always do that, like sometimes we'll just do some market research on where's a good place to live, depending on certain factors, right? And so then we pick up spot on the map, and then that works for us. Other times we might intuitively feel place that calls us or we feel drawn to it, but we don't exactly know why, and then we decide to follow through with that feeling on. It makes all the difference so These are just different ideas to keep in places that this condemn finitely show up in your life in different ways, where you'll feel pulled to something you'll feel drawn to do something. And then other times you may make a choice that's based off of a lot of different facts and evidence to support you in making that choice to be potentially what you will think is the best one. It's not wrong. It may serve to be a great choice for you. So, um, OK, so let's move into the next part. The next part is, what can you access in your intuition? So I kind of touched on it a little bit. But your intuition can give you insight on your inner consciousness so you can you can learn about who you are as a soul, who you are, what you came here to do. What was your purpose? What was your divine plan when coming to Earth as a soul that inhibits in a physical body, right? So, um, you can access information about consciousness is a whole like what's happening in the world. You can access information about yourself, and so this condemn definitely give you some insight or wisdom into what your next step is in terms of supporting what your purpose is or what your big vision might be. Other things that you can access are the past. You can get information on the present, like possibly today. How's your day gave me when you wake up like, you know, sometimes I said, I wake up and I said, the intention to find out, you know, is there something that I need to learn about this particular day on? There might be a word that comes in, or a sentence or mantra feeling of just possibility for me. Just this morning in yoga, I had the feeling that I needed Teoh just flow with everything that came up today like be like river and flow with grace and ease. And sometimes that is the most hardest part to do, right? So just some ideas to get you thinking as we develop this gift of yours is how can you start to use your intuition to be your friend? You can also tap into potential future. So, um, we're gonna explore future in other video Siri's and no another week. But there are many futures, there is just one. So when you're let's say you're doing an intuitive reading for someone, you may I feel different experiences and feelings about the future. I'll explain it more to you, but you can definitely access information about potential future in your life. You know. Other information you could get is life guidance on your relationships on your career, uh, relationship to family. Um, your health money and more so definitely insights here on that. You can also get messages from spirit. You may be able to download or channel tools to help heal yourself or potentially use tools in your work. Your line of work that might actually enhance whatever it is that you do for a career you can also access. Uh, you can. I feel like you can constantly come to this state of enlightened mentor inner peace that it can be a place that you arrive at consistently all the time. It's fascinating, so fascinating. Um, and then also you can get new ideas so you can get creative ideas, new ideas, new inventions, different processes. So let's say that you start doing this work more on, and you start to do it professionally, you might feel like you're you're starting to build up like a new idea for meditation. Or maybe you want to write a book. And so you have an idea for a book or potential invention or redesigning how part of your home looks. And so you might get these in images or colors or thoughts and creative ideas that flow, and your intuition will be that way of communicating it to. And so it just kind of bubbles up to the surface and boom. Here it is as a as a vision or feeling or hearing it. So just some food for thought, right? It's so fascinating how it all like, comes together. So I just invite you to explore that. And we're also gonna go now in the next video where I'm gonna explain to you a little bit more about intuition and how it manifests on ways in which it will manifest in your life. Eso Thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video 2. IMCPW1V2: Okay, welcome. We are on video two of week one. So thank you so much for being here. So let's continue from last video. And you got a bit of an understanding of what intuition is some definitions on on intuition and also what kind of insight you can access intuition. So let's continue. So I want to explain to how intuition will manifest how your intuition will manifest through your pair of physical senses, of which I'm going to explain to you next week. But I really want you to just become aware of the process first. So if you don't, If you are not intentionally connecting to your intuition, these air the ways in which it might start to manifest in your life. So make sure that you dio uh, like a bit of a reference like scan your memory for these potential ways in which your intuition has communicated Teoh. So the first way is spontaneously, uh, it there are impressions that come in so spontaneous impressions that arise in your consciousness or your awareness and catches you a little bit by surprise. So you get this feeling, or you think something's gonna happen at your job. and then it Sure enough, you know your boss decides to resign or something, right? So you might get a spontaneous impression. Three or intuition. Um, it might be feeling or knowing or hearing or something else, and it might just come in spontaneously or out of the blue. So you may get something completely out of nowhere that just catches you totally off guard , totally by surprise, some type of feeling or thought, Um, and it just it is like what? You know. So those air two ways in which your intuition will manifest another way is deja ville. So deja vu is like almost as if you've experienced this feeling before or met this person before or somewhere where you are, like the location feel super familiar to you or even the act of something you're doing. It just feels so familiar, Teoh. So that may very well be deja vu. And it's like your intuition is communicating like, Hey, I think we've done this before somewhere. Maybe another lifetime, maybe in our dreams may be in a vision, you know, some sort of familiarity to it. Another way is soulmate connection. So you meet someone and there's this familiar already. Teoh who they are in your life like there's something so familiar to them and you just feel so drawn to them. You're not sure what it is. And it's not just because you guys have a bunch of common interests, right? You might have no interest that are common at all. But this person just feels like family to you. It can be a romantic partner. It can be a friend. It could be someone that you work with. It can be even a particular family member that just feels super close to you. I know some clients who have shared with me that, you know their mom feels like their sister or they feel like they're they are the mother, even though they're the the child, right? So sometimes there is this, like soulmate connection, where we have sort of different roles that we play or step into unconsciously for some reason, with that person, Um, another way that your intuition manifest is persistent, knowing or feeling. So there's just this feeling that doesn't go away. There's a like sense that something's gonna happen, or you know that you're this person's going to call you soon or you keep dreaming about them in Russia wine that you look up on Facebook and they just got married or they're moving or something big changed in their life or they're having a hard time. So you're just tapping into their energy. You can feel that something is different about what? What they're going through, right? So there is a persistent feeling or knowing of something. And your intuition just keeps giving it to you, and then you somehow do something with it, right? You channel it, you write it down, you do some research and then you find out later why it was why it was that you were feeling what you're feeling. Another tool is your body so your body might communicate to you. Your body might inform you that something so right or that it likes this particular food Or , um, that it needs something that it needs a particular type of diet. And so once we honor that, then that feeling goes away Interesting, right? There's someone that I know. She shared a really fascinating story with me. She was vegetarian for quite a long time. On one day she woke up and she kept feeling this desire to eat meat. So, um, it's very well possible that her body was responding from places like it's it's craving meat. It needs to eat, have a different type of diet. And so it's communicating to her by sending her feelings, thoughts, impressions, desires out of the blue, totally rejecting her own type of diet that she's had for years. That may have worked for her very successfully to this place of like, we're not doing that anymore. So she said, she finally one day just decided to have a piece of meat, like eating a steak or something a little bit, and it just totally satisfied everything inside of her on. After that, she continued to eat meat because it was clear to her that her body really wanted a different diet. And so that's also the ways in which we will communicate through our intuition. Through our conscious awareness, it will send us thoughts and feelings, and signals indicating that there's something that is needed or taken away needs to be taken away, right? So just something to think about, you know, is how is your body communicating with you? There's not just food it could be a posture. It can be certain kind of exercising. It can be what it needs. More of more sun, maybe more, being outside or cooler air or hotter air. Right? People always say they moved to different states because their body just needs that your intuition might manifest envisions. So you let's say you're like day dreaming about something and then all of a sudden you just get this vision that kind of pops in your daydream that feels a little bit different from what the day dream was about. So you might be daydreaming about you on your partner on this whole thing, this experience, whatever the day dream is. And then you have a vision about your best friend completely nothing related to your partner that interrupts your daydream so that my beer intuition communicating with you in this sort of meditative state, um, giving you some information another way is vivid dreams. So you could have a dream that was extremely psychic or intuitive, and it's about the future, or it's about someone you know. It's about someone you don't really know that well on DSO your dreams might be super vivid in terms of vision or clips or pictures, or just a feeling that doesn't go away in the dream you wake up with, like a message for yourself or for someone on and then some other ways. Your interview point to a should but will manifest are feeling called are drawn to something which I touched on, um, feeling like you want to explore a particular new subject or learn some new material. There's not really anything that has triggered it or stimulated it except just waking up. Desiring that, uh, other things to keep in mind with your intuition is that it may also bring you closer to spirit. You may feel your loved ones and spirit more. You may feel guides around you more. You may feel particular animals communicating with you and then also interesting. This is really fascinating is it may manifest your intuition, Maybe get may get stronger after like some type of big change experience in your life, like completely life altering experience where you know, let's say you lost someone or, you know you lost your job or you decided to move from one sitting toe another or you got out of a relationship of many years. Um, something changed, or sometimes too, just like traumatic experiences near death experiences. Sometimes two people have shared that. They take psychedelics and then they come back. Different people like they have awoken to a new power inside of them. I don't know, but that's what I hear. And I live in California now, So that's what I hear a lot here. Um, but yeah, you know, I think sometimes two or people who go into surgeries right there under at some type of anaesthesia and they have these experiences on that time for him and then they have some sort of own awakening. Um or shift That happened. So something. Some things to think about, you know, How is your intuition manifesting in your life? How has it manifested in your life? Take notes and be mindful of this so so that you can build that awareness of Oh, this is my intuition talking to me. It's talking to me through my body. It's given me a vision. It's interrupting my thought process. And now I have this feeling about something. It's his persistent energy that just doesn't go away. So, yeah, those are some things that may support you as you continue your journey in this program and even outside in your daily life as you strengthen your intuition and start to discover how it's communicating with you on a daily basis. So let's move to the next part where you start to notice signs of intuition like in your life story. So my life story is very negan and not It manifested for me a lot from coming from in a very abusive home on, and my parents were both not well. And so I turned. I turned inward. I turned inside for guidance. I turned to the universe. Ever talk to the stars at night, I would ask for help from people outside on I manifested amazing Earth Angels who supported me in my journey from coming from very heavily abusive home to finding my voice, finding my power when I feel like sometimes there's a sense of resilience that gets turned on for certain people in times of heavy distress, where you are forced to, you know, fighter flight or a board, or survive, you know. And so there is definitely something that happens when you choose that you're going to survive this and your intuition kind of becomes heightened, and your awareness of life is also heightened. So let's explore a little bit about your family history. And, um, let's talk a little bit about what that means in terms of signs of intuition in your story . So if you look back in your family line, was there anyone who was intuitive? Was there anyone who was psychic? Was there anyone who had even strong dreams that would happen? That came true? Um, was there anyone who maybe could feel spirit around or was a medium things like that, I can tell you that for me. I my grandmother, was known to be very intuitive, and she had very strong dreams of things before they happened. She was highly psychic, and I also think she was a pretty A medium as well, because she could feel spirit around. So that's just some Some information for you is to consider that you also might find some similarities between you and your loved ones in your family that somebody was highly intuitive or that someone was potentially psychic or a medium. Signs of intuition could be also in your dream state. Have you gotten feelings of things in your dream state, um, potentially feeling different from others growing up. So where did you always feel a little bit different from your family from your peers? Different in school? You know, sometimes I think that intuitive and sensitive Children just have a really different way of of living in life, very different way of operating, very sensitive and very intuitive wave of being, um, other signs could be, uh, that you're highly empathic, so you can feel other people's emotions very easily could almost feel their pain tough. It's a tough gift, and definitely one that I've been able to sort of turn down. But so there's reasons why, like, I can't watch the news because it just it's so hard for me. Teoh really tune my emotions out to a point where I just, you know, it's either gets me really angry or gets me really emotional, or it brings me to a place where I don't know what to do. So I have to be very sensitive about even the news that I watch. So you know, you might be that way. Signs of other intuition that you were intuitive could be you feel connected to plants or you feel connected to animals. You've always had a feeling of something before it happened, or or you've had feelings of things before they happened. Um, you could be very intuitive as well. If you experience spirit of one point your life or you found someone around you, or let's say that somebody passed away and then you could see them or feel them in your energy field, right or you have a dream or communicated with them in your dream state. Um, other signs that your intuitive is that you have a heightened sense of awareness, especially during times of distress or times of chaos. Turmoil. You can feel that you're not not not walking on eggshells here, but that you are very much more sensitive and intuitive about, you know, potentially why this might be happening. What's the next step? How to navigate through this experience successfully? Signs of intuitive could be that you're the listener or wanting to help others be of service on DSO. People come to you because you're a great person to talk to you. They find you super easy to talk Teoh, Um or you've always felt this desire to help people. Maybe it started when you were a child or you work in a field of service where you are of service to people all the time. Um, I've see that people who are intuitive and healers and light workers and mediums definitely are people who work in a lot of like, service related fields. Um, and then a couple more things to is you have this ability to read people very easily so you could meet a stranger, and you can totally just get a sense or see through whatever their mask is, um and so that's a really interesting gift that some that's one of mine, that I could read people very quickly, very fast and not necessarily read their past and present. But I can see them. I can see who they are underneath their mask, Um, and then I find this one. To be fascinating is you may have a connection Teoh faith or religion, So people who are intuitive, I've noticed, have somehow been involved with a religion at one point or particular faith. Sometimes they still practice that, and they still have their intuition as well. And there's no you don't have to give up one for the other. But I do. I have definitely noticed that there is something to do with following some type of faith based system that also is present with intuitive, that sometimes there I've heard so many jokes about different religions or, um so they you might have this ability to find your intuition through your faith as well. So be closer. God, be closer, Teoh. Particular consciousness call on. You know, certain gods or goddesses that support you are angels. So that's all it was. Super, Super fascinating. Those. So those are some signs that you may be intuitive, um, and just check them off. You know, pay attention to How has this shown up in your life? Are you that highly sensitive person? Are you that empathic person? Do you feel connected to plants and animals? Is there somebody in your life who has also been intuitive? Um, and so those are just some things to keep in mind as we grow together. And as we move forward is how How has this manifested in your story? 3. IMCPW1V3: All right, Welcome back. So we are on video three of week one of the intuitive master coach program. So let's continue. Uh, you have this video and one more video with your exercises and that will complete your week one. So I hope that you're finding this information to be super powerful, um, and also helpful and understanding your intuition a little bit deeper. So the last video we talked about signs and ways in which you might have been intuitive and common signs of an intuitive. So I hope that some of those signs resonated with you, Um, and that you were able to see yourself in some of those experiences and ideas, Um, and how you might be more intuitive than you know. So, um, let's go ahead and and get into the next part of these videos. So on some important keys to building a very strong relationship to your intuition. So, firstly, when you're building a relationship to your intuition, these keys are going to be universal for connecting to spirit, connecting toe life relationships, um, healing yourself, healing, others, being a guide, being a teacher. Um, even just anything really like these air tools that you can use that will apply to any part of your life, Not just with your intuition. So apply them in ways used, um um and see how it actually transforms things in your life. And so I'll give you example in a second, but OK, so these are the five keys that were super important. When you're building a strong relationship to your intuition, the first key is to listen, so definitely. Listen, even if you don't understand it, even if you're not sure doesn't make sense, write it down and just listen. Acknowledge it and listen. The second key is trust and see how this is starting to apply to every other part of your life. Uh, the second keys trust. So definitely working on trust, trusting this information. Okay, this is something that doesn't feel like 100% of me. Maybe it is my intuition. So let me trust that and surrender. So the next part, the next key is surrender. So surrendering the outcome, surrendering the attachment to your eagle, wanting to be right to your your thought process of feeling wrong, or that you're making it up. Just surrender it. All this the fourth key is ask. So ask your intuition. Build a conversation with it. Learn more. Is this right? Maybe let me ask. Let me check in with myself. Notice how you feel. Notice what you receive. So that's the fifth key is received. So we have. Listen, trust, surrender, Ask Receive These five keys will build success for you in your life Not just in your intuition, but working with spirit, listening, trusting, surrendering, asking and receiving. You can see how this will apply in any part of what we do. Moving forward here, on out, even in your relationships with people you know, if you're going out on a date. Part of that process of building relationship to that person is listening to them, trusting that what they're saying is to be true. Trusting them as a person, surrendering, letting go of fear, asking and getting clarification, receiving their love. So powerful. So, um, these tools condemn finitely, enhance your life and you'll and we're gonna talk more about that. But I want you to just make sure that you have this in your mind to keep it there as a tool for your reference. Um, some other keys to that will be really great in enhancing your relationship to your intuition is having an open mind. So be as open as possible. Let go of whatever limiting thought or believed that will pop up and interfere with the process. Um, having an imagination. So nurture your creativity outside of your intuition. Do something creative, right Paint, make amazing meal play with baking like build a garden, um, creative visualize your next dream. Or, you know, maybe you you've dreamt of doing something particular in the world that you want to change the world through creatively. Visualize that see it come to life. What does it look like? So allow your imagination to be free in this journey, and it will totally make a difference, especially when you start to work with spirit. Um, the next tool is consistency and persistent. So consistency practice. Uh, check in with your intuition every day, Um, and really be persistent through this, like be persistent beyond your limiting thoughts that you don't know what you're doing, that you're making it up, that you're not good enough that, like, keep pushing beyond those thoughts. That's how you ultimately transform and peel back all the layers to find yourself through this whole process. So everything is interconnected everything. And then the last two things that will be awesome tools for you are, um, knowledge. So taking this program, reading books, learning from other teachers, soaking yourself in the knowledge it's like going to college. You take five or six different classes, right? The average load now is like four classes per semester. But, um, you know, sometimes you take more, depending on what it is you want to do during that semester. So let's just that you're taking four classes for one college semester, so you're learning all different things at the same time simultaneously. The brain is phenomenal. So study, learn, read, meditate like immerse yourself in this and do even self development. You know, it's an ongoing process. You are sharpening your tool, which is the human mind, the human body, the spirit of yourself and your soul. And then, lastly, music and movement. So get your body moving. Uh, notice how many hours a day you sit? I know that my you know, some people are really what does this have to do with intuition, Emily, But trust me, it has a lot to do with it, because when we're sitting, we're not moving right on and the energy gets stagnant in our bodies. And at the same time, we're not listening. Really, Like we can sit and meditate for hours. Some people dio and they have this intention that they're going to sit in a concentrated space to be active in their minds to receive information. That's the intention. The intention is very active. The process is very still. So, um, if you're in a desk all day or you know that you don't do enough exercise, you don't you don't move your body enough like sharpen it so that it can be free of any inner clutter. So that's moving it. Moving energy, getting your stress out because after you exercise, you might feel so much better. You'll have a catharsis, and you'll just feel like you have some new information to download from the universe or from your intuition until that will come down. Um, another awesome tool is music, So put on some music. Pump yourself up, listen to something inspiring. Get yourself you know, in the power of that feeling of that vibration and just go with it. Move your body with it. Like half fun. Sweat it out. You know that this stuff, like, actually clears up all these like in your blockages so that we can be sharp with our intuition so that we can hear the information so that we can get this information. We can get the impressions, and it can be there as a tool that we constantly strengthened. By clearing ourselves, we become a clear channel to receive. All right, So the next part of this is understanding What are the obstacles and tools that will strengthen your intuition? So, firstly, let's talk about some of the obstacles. Um, some of the obstacles that will get in the way of your intuition. And you number one stress, stress, stress, stress. Like how much time you spend stressed? How much time? He's Brent spent worried? Take care of yourself. Remember, you are your best friend. You are the person who can do this for you. You have a team of people who will support you. You have spirit. You have me. We're working together. So whenever you're stressed out just without a tool, get it going. You have everything you need and more. You have the gold inside of you because you are the gold. So stress and worry will be. Definitely things will get in the way. Um, fear of making it up. So you might think you're making up or you're not right. Or what if What if I look like a fool? Um, the only thing I can tell you is you just have to do it, and then you'll learn how to trust it. When it's coming in, you'll feel it like hope. Okay, that's my intuition. I feel like that's my intuition. I trusted. That is what it is. I know that I'm not making this up. And so whatever your stories air coming up, you could just tell them to silently, you know, quiet down. But then one whisper pause. Okay, uh, the next obstacles fear the unknown. So if I do this, I don't know what's gonna happen. What's gonna happen to me? What's gonna happen in my life? People around me, you know what's gonna happen? You're gonna see things so much more clearly that everything that might have been working for you before is no longer working for you. It doesn't know It's not always the case, Um, but there might be things in your life that you're gonna change your relationships with. People who might have been energy suckers before no longer are because you learn boundaries and you've learned your intuition. Three or intuition. How to put those boundaries there so fear of the unknown. There's nothing to fear, so just trust in the process. The next obstacle is doubt, so I doubt that you don't have these gifts. Doubt that you'll never be good intuitive. Don't grade yourself like grading isn't going to support anyone. Comparing yourself to someone else will not support you. So surrendered the doubt constantly surrender the doubt. The more that you re integrate a new thought process, a new behavior, it changes that, and the relationship to doubt starts to diminish. The next obstacle is lack of confidence, so working on building your confidence as in yourself will truly, truly, truly enhance your relationship to any spiritual work you dio. I used to be super. I had low confidence on public speaking and teaching and doing videos like this. My God, I would freak out on. I just kept doing it kept doing. I invested in a coach ice studied it in school, went to college. I took a public speaking classes. I got a vocal coach. I took more public speaking classes. I push myself into in a super awkward situation alone. And then I started doing it more and slowly. Slowly, I started building my confidence up, and then I started teaching little by little. And then I got. I started feeling better with that. And so then I transcended over to the online world that I started practicing videos online . And so here we are. And it was it was an overnight, but it was something I kept doing with consistence and persistency, so much so that I could be here doing this today. So find something that you don't feel confident in and then go towards it. Be brave, be courageous enough and be consistent and insistent enough because this will actually support you and feeling confident in your gifts. Everywhere in your life, everywhere, the next obstacle is limiting past belief. So something from the past that gets in your mind you know that you're not good enough. It's worthy enough like who's gonna want to listen to you is gonna want to work with you lot Allah. Those limiting stories will definitely get in the way of your success period and definitely can B blockers to your intuition being clear because it's like, Oh, look, here's a feeling now I don't think so, you know? So you squash it even before gets a chance to blossom. So noticing what your past beliefs are, what are those limitations that still live inside of you? The next one is social or cultural influence, so sometimes our families reject these. I d like things. You know, certain cultures, you know, don't really want to talk to people who are psychic or they think it's devil's work, whatever you know. So that may happen. My suggestion is, take baby steps with this because it will be a process. It's not something that you might be able to come out of the spiritually closet immediately and say, You're doing this work that you're exploring intuition. Luckily, it's a little bit more mainstream now, so people are starting to get turned on to it and very curious about it and how it can enrich their lives as well. Then the next obstacle on the last one is the fear of judgment. So fear that people will judge you that people will criticize you, that people will boot you that you'll lose friends. And you know what you might You might lose some people along the way. Um, but at the same time, it's about your happiness. And there you'll pick and choose your battles with who you want to share this work with and who will be there in support of you. So just trust also that that whoever you choose to share this with you even if they don't support you in it, you might find a different place without relationship in your life. Um, and sometimes it's hard, you know, But at the same time, like it is also about your journey and your happiness and your vision. What you want to create here? Okay, so we're gonna move on to the next video and wrap up this video Siris for this first week. Super excited. Thank you so much for being an amazing, amazing about part of the journey and doing this for you because that's what really comes down to 4. IMCPW1V4: All right. Welcome. We are in the last video for week one of the intuitive Master Coach program. How exciting eso We're gonna go into tools that can strengthen your intuition, talk a little bit more about ways to really develop this, and then you'll get your exercises for this week. Super exciting. Um, so let's get started. Yeah. So tools that can strengthen your intuition first is discipline and focus. So being able to discipline your mind and focus, So pick a task and focus only on that. Don't check your phone. Um, make sure that you set a specific time frame to do this particular task at hand and do it with being 100% present. So this is kind of like a mindfulness practice, So we got to stay fully focused on what we're doing if we're working out. If, where, clean the house for washing the dishes. If we're putting our laundry away, if we're taking a walk, it's about being disciplined and being focused in the exercise in the process. And the task at hand on this will support you and strengthening your intuition because you'll be able to filter out all of the other thoughts and solely here. What your intuition is saying to you. The next tool is meditation, Um, finding a spiritual practice, cultivating a spiritual practice. What is that spiritual practice? Look like Teoh. So everyone has a different type of spiritual practice. Um, and you will find your own style and you'll be doing that this week is cultivating your spiritual practice So my spiritual practice may be different from yours. My spiritual practice may involve doing some yoga in the morning and writing or doing a walk or, you know, setting an intention. And so that's what my spiritual practice looks like. And it might be a practice that I do throughout the day, and that's my way of coming back to the center, coming back to the center of me, coming back to my soul. My sense of self on this goes hand in hand with a self care practice, so we're talking a little bit more about that. But self care practice is really honing in on What can I do to take the best care of me? Um, perfect example is one of my loves and also can be too much is coffee. Um, it's not always the best thing for me. And so what I've been doing is trying to swap it out with tea or some other type of, like, energy sufficient drink. You know, that can still be nutritional for me. Um, so that's part of myself. Care practice is to be mindful of what it is that I'm in taking. And also, um, releasing and sharing with the world So self care involves, you know, turning my phone off and being disconnected for a little bit. Um, writing in my journal, Going to the beach, going on a hike, spending time with my dog. Um, you know, meditating or gratitude. Practice supports me time. So coming back, Teoh A sense of self care, even listening to my thoughts. What are my thoughts? Are they sabotaging thoughts? Are they thoughts that are telling me things that are not true? You know these stories in my head they're surfacing. And so some of that might show up eso noticing Teoh, you know, mind, body and soul. What can you do to nurture yourself? The next tool is holistic. Living so again, mind, body, soul balance. Um, everything is a spiritual practice. How we talk how we receive communication, how we interact with each other, how we share knowledge, how we treat ourselves, how we treat others. Um, everything is spiritual, practice everything. There's so much intention that can happen when we start to listen to what we're creating every second every moment, we can become much more aware and conscious of her thoughts when we surrender to what we can create in our vision on Ben. Some other tools to are practicing kindness and forgiveness to yourself and also to other people. So we're always when we think about forgiveness, Sometimes our minds go well, I need to forgive this person or let this story go. But sometimes some of the guilt that we hold the most is guilt about ourselves so constantly consistently practicing forgiveness and kindness to you. How are you talking to yourself? Are you putting yourself down? Are you, um, you know, not believing in yourself, and you know that it's possible. You know you'll have a friend who has those same thoughts and you'll read amulet you'll totally like. No, that's not true. Don't listen to that. You are absolutely enough, and we can do that for others but it's hard sometimes. Do it for ourselves. So bring that practice in for yourself. Kindness and forgiveness to you and others and then, lastly, our divination tools. So, um, find yourselves and divination tools that you enjoy using. I like Oracle cards. I like animal spirit cards, psychic cards. So go to the store and find yourself some divination tools. Like a tarot card deck. Um, um, that could be really fun, because it's just like a way to play with the cards once week, once a month, um, different exercises, and we're gonna be you're gonna be getting a set of exercises. But these are just ideas. So, you know, we're just covering some stuff here that need to be needs to be covered, But you're learning how to use terror cards. I mean, Oracle cards and intuitively used them give each other intuitive reading. So really cool stuff there. So, um, moving forward intuition can support you in your emotional well being. It can support you in your spiritual health. It can support you in safety. You know, being in a situation that feels a little sketchy or, you know, you don't feel safe in the situation where you feel safe around someone, things like that. You know, it's really interesting how we respond. Teoh situations and people, um can support us in our relationships to having better healthy relationships. Teoh communicating more effectively to fine tuning our our way of communication with people so that we can show up in the ways that we want Teoh. And it also can support us in our purpose and our journey. So what was the next step in your journey and then reminding you of your purpose reminding you of your vision in your life? All right, So, um, this part that I want to talk about is why just mentioned to you was designing your own spiritual practice. So when we talk about designing your own spiritual practice for we have to focus on a few things, so self care. So what is your self care regimen look like? You know it is We have basic rituals, right? That we're get up, brush 30 and take a shower, maybe take a shower at night or bath, or, you know, you get in your pajamas and you, you know Netflix and chill somebody's their rituals, their self care rituals um, What does your self care ritual look like for you? Is it journaling once a day? Is it, you know, meditating for a few minutes. Is that being by the water? Is it taking a walk? Um, find a few things that work for you. So myself. Care practice is actually 10 different things. And I try to do them every day consistently. And as I look out its concealment wall, one of the first things is meditate. The 2nd 1 is writing. The third is exercise. Fourth is music and movement. Never five is grounding and connecting to the earth. Um, number six is healthy. Green e So definitely eating green for me is supportive. Um seven is laughter and hugs. So finding joy and things, laughing at stuff, letting humor be a part of life and then getting hogs giving hugs, hugging my dog. How do you myself hugging a tree, hugging my partner? Um, you know, all of that makes me feel super good. And then I have gratitude and prayer. So praying, coming quiet, doing a child pose and just surrendering and bowing to the universe. Acknowledging myself for what I've created today, I ever reflect on my day at night and like, Oh, wow, you create this day Awesome. You know, I feel the sense of success with myself, and then, lastly, is kindness and forgiveness. So that's what myself care practice looks like. And that's something I do throughout the day, and I like to check in. I have a board on my wall, and that's something that I like to implement. And so it becomes a constant place to see things. It reinforces it. And so I want to invite you to take a look at what your self care practices going to look like and come up with at least five things that will be nurturing for your mind, body and soul. So find yourself a daily ritual. You can dio, um, communicate with your intuition daily, even journal to it said an intention for yourself every day. Start the conversation off with Show me you know what it is. Any toe learn today, guide me to the next step in my journey with my career on then creative. Be creative in this experience. Allow yourself to free flow through it. Find a tool that you can be creative in and that will also nurture your experience. Um, And then So what will manifest once you start developing your intuition? Well, one is deeper wisdom to is a shift in your perspective on so many things you won't take things so personally. I used to take things. Superpowers. I was really, quite, I mean, still sensitive. But, um, if people said something, something negative about my work, I would take it like, Oh, my God. Like, you know, So I've learned how to really filter and tune that out. Also, your awareness of your soul journeys. So you're interconnected relationship to life in the universe. Um, so there's a higher elevation of your mindset that will happen. Um, profound healing and transformation. So you will, uh, really transform your life transforming relationships. Let go. Things that are serving you build new habits, build new ways of being. You are really redesigning your home. Very exciting manifest as well is synchronicity and symbols. So as you start listening more to your intuition, you even notice more synchronicity, more symbols. I don't even make this stuff up. Yesterday I went to get dinner and I was at dinner and this girl was looking at me literally was taking my food order and she said, You're like a master, like secretly, aren't you? Doesn't know anything about May. I don't think I was like, literally just standing there. She said. You're like a master, right? You have like, you're a master and you just don't tell people unlike I like this doesn't happen, notes. It's like that type of synchronicity is What can happen in your life is that you'll get these signs from the universe. People randomly say things Teoh you'll receive on unexpected gifts and compliments and people will be drawn to you. And, um, people will notice your transformation. Yes. Okay, so finally into the last part, which is the exercises. Okay, so this week, I would like for you to create and implement a self care practice. So, um, we talked about this. I have given you some ideas. So what will you do for your mental spiritual emotional health every day, Um, create like a board or get a large piece of paper and write your name on it and have my self care practice is and then put like, bullet points or number it, you know, meditation, going for a walk taking my vitamins. You know, whatever it works for you. Um, it could be anything as long as it's taking care of you. So, uh, making sure that this is healthy, loving gestures of love for yourself. So how do you want to see yourself in the future with your journey? So, being mindful of that wiser, grander version of you in this journey, what does he or she looked like? What? What does he or she do in her daily life? So it's kind of like your future self. How do you envision yourself and what is it going to take from you to create that so yourself? Care practice will be a reflection of a lot of that, so and it will change as you grow. So don't Don't be so focused on its Stickney like being permanent like it will change will evolve into something else. So come up with at least five bullet points for yourself on what you'll dio for yourself. Okay, so come up with five, uh, five idea is five tools that will be yourself care practice and put it on a piece of paper . Tape it up on your wall or get a board and write it on a board. You see it every day. Okay, The next one is listening to the intuition attunement. Be sure to do that at least twice this week. Notice any shifts? Um, a post exercise thoughts or feelings and write it down like observed What happens this week ? What are the weekly impressions? You get the nudges or the feelings like make sure that you have your you really, like, Noticed how you how you felt when you started versus after the attunement. Are there some new intuitive feelings you're getting? Are there some new synchronicity is happening in your life? Are things opening up for you? Are you starting to feel certain emotions that weren't there before? That will happen as well. So just something to keep in mind, OK, in the next two things, super exciting. So get yourself a journal. Um, you want to make sure that you get a journal to document your transformation, so your journal prompt is going to be how my intuition has guided me. So you'll start it off with how my intuition has guided me. And then you just free flow with that how my intuition has guided me is by being my saving grace when I was six years old. How my intuition is guiding has guided me is showing me insight to different relationships in my life meeting different people who have supported me in my journey. So this is just stuff that I'm free flowing with. But this will be something that you can free flow with. So how my intuition has guided me in my life and then start to notice. You know, uh, certain dreams that came true or relationships that I manifested jobs, uh, feeling something. And it happened. So let this be a free flow exercise for you. Put on some soft music, maybe light a candle and allow yourself to be undisturbed for least five minutes. You know, give yourself 5 10 minutes. Maybe more if you want. Just let yourself have fun with this, you can use markers. You can use colors. You can draw symbols of Haider. Intuition has manifested in your life. Um was there somebody in your life? It was intuitive. You know the signs of being intuitive. What did you always feel connected to animals? Did you talk to the wind where you connected to plants. Things like that. Just have fun with this. This is your journal problem for this week. And then lastly, take a photo of yourself. So I want you to take a beef before picture, and then later, later on down this journey we're gonna taken after we might do sort of quarterly check ins . Like we're going. We're gonna do some good stuff with this. So take a photo of yourself and then right down underneath it. Three things that you are ready to let go of or embrace. Or both. I'm ready to let go of anger. Fear of the future, Fear that I'll never, you know, have another relationship. Um, you know, trust. I want to embrace trust. I want to embrace listening to my intuition. I want to, you know? So there are some ideas for you. Very, very exciting. I am looking forward to seeing you next two week. Um, enjoy this week's video is feel free to watch them again. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. Emily and Emily story dot com And I'm happy to support you. So you have the intuition attunement You have a couple of different exercises. One is to develop yourself care practice, get yourself a journal and take a before before, before photo of yourself and write down underneath three things. Your right toe. Let go or embrace or both. Um and I am honoring you for being here. Thank you so, so much. You are fantastic. Amazing. And I'm sending so much love celebrate this week. Celebrate yourself. You're ready. You are about to embark on a super super transformational journey by