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Digital Marketing for Restaurants

teacher avatar Chris Worfolk

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Why have a website?


    • 3.

      Tour of a good website


    • 4.

      Registering with WordPress


    • 5.

      Adding content


    • 6.

      Custom domain names


    • 7.

      Getting a pro job done


    • 8.

      Why list on Google?


    • 9.

      Registering with Google


    • 10.

      Exploring Google My Business


    • 11.

      Viewing your Google listing


    • 12.

      Why be on Facebook?


    • 13.

      Creating a business account


    • 14.

      Creating a Facebook page


    • 15.

      Customising your Facebook page


    • 16.

      Facebook page templates


    • 17.

      Facebook Messenger options


    • 18.

      Inviting your friends to like your page


    • 19.

      Creating a post


    • 20.

      Creating an event


    • 21.

      Why use Facebook ads?


    • 22.

      Boosting a post


    • 23.

      Types of Facebook ads


    • 24.

      Facebook ads structure


    • 25.

      Creating a Facebook advert


    • 26.

      Why be on TripAdvisor?


    • 27.

      Registering with TripAdvisor


    • 28.

      Responding to reviews


    • 29.

      Why have a mailing list?


    • 30.

      Why use an email provider?


    • 31.

      Registering with MailChimp


    • 32.

      Creating a list


    • 33.

      Manually adding contacts


    • 34.

      Getting people to sign up


    • 35.

      Adding sign up forms


    • 36.

      Sending out emails


    • 37.

      What are influencers?


    • 38.

      What to offer influencers


    • 39.

      Finding contact details


    • 40.

      How to message influencers


    • 41.

      Final thoughts


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About This Class

Do you own or manage a restaurant, cafe, food stall or hotel?  Do you want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing so you can get more customers for free?

If so, join me inside this class. Together, we'll build your website, get you listed on Google Local, create a Facebook page, launch Facebook ads, claim your TripAdvisor listing, build a mailing list and much more.

You can follow along as I build a digital marketing platform for the restaurant Pori Kitchen. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own platform and post your links in the class project for feedback and suggestions.

See you inside the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Chris Worfolk is a psychologist and software consultant. He is the author of How To Exit VIM and Do More, Worry Less.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: do in a restaurant, cafe, food stole or hotel. Do you want to get more customers for free using digital marketing? Well, if so, this is a class for you will learn how to reach the new pinpoint using digital platforms but more importantly, build loyalty that causes people to come back time and again, allowing you to compete with big chain restaurants. As part of the class project, you'll build a website your restaurant listed on Google Local Will. That Facebook page get tripped buys a listing on much more on Chris. I'm a psychologist, former restaurant critic, on offer of why restaurants failed what to do about it. I'll be review every step of the way. So if you're ready to supercharge your restaurants, digital marketing and during the 2. Why have a website?: before we jump into making Web site, let's discuss the reasons why we even need one. So why do people visit a website? And it's probably not because they're discovering it and by discovering it. I mean the Egypt's searching for your going to restaurants like if you want an Italian restaurant, they might be putting in Italian restaurant into Google. But most of the people who visit your website probably not coming that way. What's probably happened is they already know about your website on. They want to come to your website as and of a point of contact on and to get more information. So typically we talk about customers needing to see a business so many times before they go in restaurants. Ah, a bit more liberal that you get customers just walking by and think they'll give it a go. But most customers wanna see something several times, even a restaurant before they gov it they might have seen you on the street, and they've come to see if you got a website so they can get more information. So what are people looking for when they visit your website? Probably the opening hours you want to know if you're open on the day they want to come or not. Your location. How did they find you? How to book? So do you need to book? Can you just turn up? Is there a certain number of people you need to book for its own online booking process? Can they just coming up? Should they come in your philosophy on what I mean by this is what kind of food do you offer? What kind of atmosphere do offer? What kind of price range you in? Is it the kind of place they want to visit? If you're a quite niche boutique restaurant, this is where you really need to sell them on your ideas about food and cooking. And why this You come to you on also your menu. People love to look at menus online. In fact, we got a whole slide on this. So who Why do people want to see a menu? Well, lot of the time they like to pick out their food in advance. This is especially true if there's a group of people coming. So maybe a group of friends going out. Or maybe it's a work. Do our work lunch, and they need to be in an act quickly. So they want to look at the menu and pick out what food they want in advance. The one that check it's in that price range. So maybe people looking for a cheap restaurant because they've only got limited funds available. Maybe people are looking for an expensive restaurant because they want to go out and celebrate, and so they want to spend a lot, so they want to check that your price is Aaron that kind of range. They also won the check that there's some suitable food. So if they have a friend who's quite picky, Aloni certain things they want to look at a menu or at least a sample menu just to see their something relevant there for their friends. They've got vegetarians or vegans. Do those people have options? They've got kids. Is this something that the kids will be happy eating? And so allowing people to do this completely get people excited about coming down to your restaurant because they conceal the food, and just reading the nice descriptions can sometimes get a mouthwatering really excited? So that's another reason that you want to have a menu or a sample menu online. So in summary, people visit your website as an additional point of contact. They probably already heard of you, and now they just want to be sold and get some menu information and contact details. So as long as we cover that small area, we don't really need to build a huge website. We just need to concentrate on the really important information and make sure we communicate that effectively with potential customers. 3. Tour of a good website: Let's take a quick tour off what I think is a good restaurant website on for this example, I'm going to use the website of Sul and a local French restaurant in my hometown on and so the home page it not too much information like there's no overloading of loads of information for visitors. It they set out that store. Their quality dining establishment would like to Seymour a bit more description there, rather than just using quality restaurant like it took to the customer to decide that. But some details about what they're about, why you would want to come to Suwanee. That's what we've got here. When a customer comes to your website, it's your job to sell them on the fact that they want to come. Maybe they're checking out and deciding whether to come down and not We've seen you on the street, and now they want some proof that you're good. Andi, think soon enters a good job by describing a bit about what they're about on a lot of social proof here as well. So here's a review from Leeds List, which is a fairly well known website in the local area, so That's some great what we called social proof. It's evidence over people like the restaurant Andi. People generally follow over people, so if you can build up social proof to show that people like your restaurant, you're gonna do well. And so they've got the latest reviewed and here, and they've also got Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence to show that lots of people, lots of people like the restaurant, which again build social proof, makes people want to come very clear how you can get in touch is or address his phone number. Menus are accessible, so people are thinking about coming as a group on. They want to see if there's something there like there, something that friends can eat, something that kids can eat. Here's the menu has got the prices, so you can see. Is it the kind of is it within your price range? Maybe you're looking for somewhere fancy. Maybe you're looking for somewhere cheap. You want to know if you pick the right place so people can come on here and look very easily. Different menus, wine lists as well got details on how to contact them again. It's got the address. It's got a phone number. It's got the opening hours so people know when they can come on when they can't come on. You can even make an online booking. If you look, there's not loads of information Head. It's like six pages, a nice map here as well. So it's simple. It doesn't take them long to maintain because there's not tons and tons of information. But it gives people all the contact details they need to make a decision about whether they want to give this restaurant a try or not. On, in my opinion, simple, straightforward, easy to find. The information you want is what makes a great restaurant website. 4. Registering with WordPress: the easiest place to get started with building Website is just to use wordpress dot com. Why? Because it gives you first puts free. Give you a website for free. It is your name that wordpress dot com, so it's not perfect. But you can also upgrade to the paid plans where you get your own name. Your name dot com on go. It just makes super simple to use. WordPress is a really popular way to make Web sites on wordpress dot com runs it all for you, so you don't even have to install WordPress. So to do that, just get a wordpress dot com was we've done here and click get started on The first thing it will ask you to do is fill out a bunch of questions about your website so that put in the name of a restaurant could be like that to be the name of the site on It's a restaurant . So select that Onda. We hit it from our business, right? It continue and come over names. So put in name, and this will give us a bunch of options so we can select things like probably don't kitchen. That's quite cool Before we get to know Com looks good as well. Andi will need to pay Bond for do this, but if we just want to start off, we can just start on wordpress dot com and we can see this elicited for free. So let's select that, Andi. Then it will give us all these different options so you could go for a paid plan. If you want to spend, they start from about $30 a year. It's not unreasonable because we probably only need the basic package for now. But let's start with the free one and our email address. That use name looks good. I'm just gonna have my password. Gentlemen, air fill out password continue to get started. Maybe that we need to do on email confirmation as well. So if we had over two Gmail and here we are, we just need to use activation link. And here we are. We are inside. Ah, would press website. Of course, there's no content in here, so I need to add some of that. But we'll do of that in the next lesson. 5. Adding content: in the last lesson. We registered on wordpress dot com and set up our website. And so we're here on the start screen on. We can see that we've already got this kind of shell of a website set up at the moment with our name on and a few pages up. Now let's explore this site checklist. Let's Antam content and see what we can do. So we are. Let's had a tagline say, a taste off Finland in Leeds on Dhere We can upload. So if you've got a logo going here, we can at that, uh, continue trended the site icon. I did a tagline. Save this changes first. Yeah, there we go. Goss, I address We've got our language, times, our privacy. All of that looks fine. So we're going Teoh site pages. This is where we can and any of them want. So, for example, we could edit the home page, probably don't want to say Welcome to my site. I say welcome to party Kitchen. A taste off Finland's finest Hussein and leads. And you can preview these changes as Ugo. Now, this is starting to look a bit better. We've got a tag line there on WordPress is really good. If you're new, it will help you along of all those they'll helpers. So let's close this and go back close. Let's customize our theme. The theme is the kind of design, so whether logo image is a color scheme, all that's part of theme on, and we probably want to drop out to a logo in there. Skip cropping now looks better, doesn't it? Tagline is old following So some of this happened in real time. Some of it you have to click. Save it can be a bit confusing. You also want to change over color schemes, your fonts, your menus. All of that can be done in this personalized section by default. You also get a conductor's form so people will be able to mass a Jew from the website. That's let's explore a bit about the content so you can use the visual editor, which will is essentially jokes like using marks off word or word processing or something like that. Or if, you know, Hex Choummaly can also dig into the code that say won't add some content. So and that's ah media. We want to drop in this menu that we've created inset that that will give us. That's Insecto Lincoln to the page. And then if we hit preview again, we can see that now that's clickable. So it's just like using a word processor. In many ways, we'll also look at it on phone view, just like using the word process that you can drag and drop content and put your text and you can put your images in. You can drop any pdf menus you've got in. I was just update on Hasn't dropped her logo in there, unfortunately, but we've now got some of our attacks. Some of our menu in all of this is edible, and you can just have fun and explore and see what content you want to put in there. Take a look at the example Website tour we did earlier on DSI. What content you need in there on? Make sure you put this stuff you need in there and don't ever put in stuff you don't need in there because that's gonna take you more time to maintain and make sure he websites up to date right to keep it simple, clean and effective 6. Custom domain names: if you want to add a custom domain name, so that's like your name dot com, then I'll take you through this process. Now you can use any domain registrar you want on. If you're going with something like the WordPress hosting the premium accounts or any other hosting package, it often includes a domain name for you. But if it doesn't, you can register it yourself. And I'll take you through this process now with this company called Name Cheap. As I say, you can use anyone, but I would recommend name. Trip have been around a long time. Very reliable. They give you a good range of services on that Customer service is really good, so we'll start by entering the name we want on. Let's go over dot com so the rule with you know whether you get a dot com o dot net or whatever is. Basically you have to get the dot com or your local country code. So, for example, if you're in the UK, you could get dot co dot UK. If you're in Canada, you could go out, see a That would be fine or get the dot com. But all of the over ones like dot net under organ don't happen. There's millions off the now not literally millions, but quite a lot. Just don't bother with them there. Know that well recognized. So try and get the dot com or your local country code. Both of those are fine. Both there's a great So we've such that we've added it to our cart. Andi. So we need We can go free and pay now, and it's Ah, it's a yearly fee. So it's not too much. It's about $10 per year, - and that's the job done. Just got the email confirmation from that as well. So purchase complete. Now, if we gotta manage this will allow us to manage our domain name, see if we can find it in the list. Here we go. Hit. Manage. Now, if you're using a hosting provider, which you will be, then what you want to do is they'll give you some DNS. Name servers on. You'll need to come into this name service box and into them here. For the moment, hundreds gonna select name chips provided DNS But so it might look like this if you just up in your account But when you get those name servers from your hosting provider Ugo in your select cost them name service here money to refresh the page. So you select Custom Day and that's here on your chips. Insert the two values that you're hosting provided will give you on that will point your domain at the actual name at the actual hosting that you've got. So that kind of connects it all up. Andi, In terms of setting up for custom domain, everything else will be done by the hosting provider, so you should be done at this point. 7. Getting a pro job done: If you'd rather get a professional to build your website, then that's certainly option. Andi wouldn't way you could do that. It's just find a local design agency. The issue of that is that they're probably going to be expensive. You may be looking at, even for just a basic website. Probably $500 plus perhaps, Ah, better alternative. To do that is to use the Web sites like Fiverr, so this one, spelt like Fiverr with an extra, are in the main aim. There's similar websites to this as well. I think work is another example, but these kind of websites allow you to hire freelancers on demand. So if we get this website Andi, we just type in Web design, who, in a search on this will give us all the freelancers around the world who will build websites. You can also browse by different categories like graphic design, digital marketing, see if we can find the right thing on hair. I think so. Marketing here, website builders and Sam S. A Web programming, or WordPress is they'll be fine categories. To look at this. There's a great range of pricing here, so right down to the kind of really cheap rapes up to their several thousands of pounds. Quit really amazing website. Let's take a look at one of these profiles. Typically, each Celeron here will offer different packages so they might have a basic standard, a premium, as they do here on day. You can work out what you need on. Really. All we need is something pretty basic here. I don't think we need any fancy e commerce. Functionality is like being offered here, but there's I don't know how many people on five of Iran imagine tens of thousands, maybe Mawr, and you can have a really browse for it. Find someone who will do even a professional job or a quite high value, a low value job. Whichever kind of however much you want to spend have a look at that previous work. Have look at the reviews people posted about them. Andi, see what you think, and it's a great way to connect with people around the world. Maybe in countries where the labours a bit cheaper Teoh, get yourself a great website built completely by them. That says that you don't have to worry on yet still get it done at a reasonable price 8. Why list on Google?: before we talk about listing on Google, let's surmise why we want to be on their Andi. I want to be too condescending. I'm sure you know that Google is the largest search engine in the world, so it's no surprise that there's a lot of people on. There's a lot of traffic. There's a lot of chance for words to get a message out, and Google doesn't just deliver webpages anymore. Delivers information. Whether you can ask Google what the weather is, when the sunset will be, you can ask it to do currency conversion. Yeah, to do maps and you can get local business information as well. And so you might have seen down the right hand side. If you search for a specific place, you and just get the website, but you get all the details about them. Onda. We can take a look because I've got an example on this next slide where when you search for a restaurant's name, you get photos of them, get their name, you get their reviews, you get links to maps so people can find them a little button where you can call them on. People really use this information because it's almost like being in the top spot. It's kind of like cheating your way up there because for kind of free without doing any ASIO, you get this whole half a page of Google, which is where people look out. So it's well worth. It is investing a bit of time on getting on Google because as a place that people of searching for you will automatically get all this real estate that over companies are desperately battling for for free. 9. Registering with Google: Let's go through the registration process for Google. If you get a google dot com slash business, you should get to this page on. You can just hit start now. First thing it will ask for is your business name. Man in now address in. It was not the correct one. Andi was selected as a restaurant now website as well. You don't have to supply this contact information, but obviously as a real restaurant, you want to because it shows that you're a legitimate business. I see no for the marketing. Information is quite sneaking away. The progress works halfway. Next thing it will ask you is to verify. So if we ask, is to send us a text message and what it's wait for it to come through. Andi has done. Let's get it on my phone here. So let's put in this confirmation number. Click Verify Andi get started and that is our registration is complete. Onda, we can explore this section in the next lesson 10. Exploring Google My Business: who we are on the Google, my business page through all the details, and you can see that here it provides a kind of checklists to allow you to fill in details . Say, for example, you could have some hours. It's tick all the boxes Europan. And so if you open for lunch and dinner, you can add suffer entries there. We can say that you have to put values in for all of these. You are not, say we Any open Sunday Monday Tuesday. Done save nicely. That's at the description. Finally, let's at a profile photo so much. Just select our logo again. Let's include the entire thing hits that profile photo Onda we get. So you also add interior and exterior photos. Tell people find it on even a video. Now, if we go back to the home page, we can see that nothing looks good. Gentlest disappeared. We got things up. Let's talk a bit about what else is in here. You can share posts, which are if you got things like special offers that good for the info you can head it. All of your business details. There's lots of extra stuff you could have been here. Insights won't have anything at the moment because it's new. But as it's been listed a while and people are finding you through, Google Insights will start giving useful information about that. Then people can also post reviews. You can post photos on their good links here. If you want to create ads via Google AdWords, you can do that as well. 11. Viewing your Google listing: The last thing I want to show you is just a result. You get out of this. So we're on Just Google here. And if I put in name off the restaurant, then here it is. We've got a logo, a little map and get directions from here. The opening hours, air here address everything you can use is composed reviews. So that's essentially that's like getting the top listing on Google having to do anything right. We just registered, and it's right here at the top for everyone to find. 12. Why be on Facebook?: Let's talk about why you should be on Facebook on. The first reason is the reach. Almost everyone is on Facebook. They've got 1.5 2 billion users. It's absolutely incredible. How many people are on their and people spend a huge amount of time on their Facebook. Addiction is bit of a burst word these days. People really do check Facebook dozens or maybe even hundreds of times a day. They spend so much time on their to the point where there's all the software that can block or monetary or Facebook time because people just can't leave it alone. They stay on there. It's also really familiar way or for companies to interact with people. People are familiar and comfortable with the idea that they can go into a business and they can like it and they can see their stories in the news feed and they can like and comment on their stories on. It kind of allows people to be on their home turf and interact with companies in a way that they feel really at home. So if you're a restaurant that they know and they like, they'll be really comfortable interacting you in that way. Facebook also has really good demographic information. They know people inside out. They know people better than they know themselves. So if you do want to boost your posts and put it in front of people, Facebook knows exactly who will be interested in your posts and shows it to them on. Then there's a social aspect and social sharing and viral nature of Facebook, where people can share your posts. They can also check in that your location. So people love to take votes of their food and post on Facebook and tag themselves aren't your restaurant and all their friends see that? And you really get a viral impact from that? There are a couple of downsides to using Facebook, and I think for balance, it's important that we discuss those. So first is that you need to use it to really get the most value out of it. So with the Google listing, you just go in there. When you put your details in there on as long as they're up to date, you don't really need to spend much time on their where it's Facebook. You do need to go on there and make some posts from now and then so that people can see them. Also, Facebook pages, organic reaches Going down on what I mean by this is that when you post the story, when anyone on Facebook post story, Facebook decides, who else sees that, who else gets in their news feed? And it seems like the trend is for posted by pages. Teoh appear less in people's news feeds unless you pay to boost it now. Facebook being business, perhaps, and wanting to drive that, or maybe the data shows that people don't want to see that much form pages. But there can be a problem that if you post something, not everyone who's liked your page is going to see it some well. But not everyone will. The other problem is that Facebook controls a customer data. So if you do an advertising campaign to get load, people toe like your restaurant, that's great, but that's in useful in the Facebook world, whereas later we'll talk about things like mailing lists where you don't have that third party who you were kind of slave, Teoh. And if they change things, there's nothing you can do about it. So There are a few downsides overall, definitely still worth using Facebook because it's hugely popular. Andi is a really good potential channel, allows people to interact with your restaurant in a way they feel comfortable with. They used to the idea of liking restaurants. Andi, that allows you to get into their news feed, which is a great way to just keep reminding people that you're around. Tell them what's going on at your restaurant on, get a bit of viral marketing when they like, and comment and share your posts. 13. Creating a business account: the first thing that we want to do to get started with Facebook is created. A Facebook business account on this is just kind of an extension of your personal account. So it's not separate account that you log into. He logged into your personal account, and then you go to a special. You are, which is business dot facebook dot com, which is where you access what's called business manager. Now the advantage off doing this is that your Facebook prayed for your restaurant will be in your business manager. This means that your personal Facebook isn't constantly pinging when things are happening on your business account means you can manage multiple pages. If you have, say, multiple restaurants, makes it really easy to on adverts on. It gives you a lot of functionality that you want kind of separate from your business, such as If you want to invite over people to manage the page or manage your business like you've got a business partner or you've got someone who does social media for you, it's a lot easier to give them the right commissions with business manager. So first things first had over two Business stop Facebook dot com. Just log in with your personal Facebook account, but then create a business account on deal restaurants. Name that you will then manage on the way it works is you got a business? Stop facebook dot com and log in with your personal account, but you'll be in the business manager section. 14. Creating a Facebook page: the first thing we're going to do is create a page for our restaurant. And this is the business manager home page. If you just created your business manager account, you won't have all these pages and out accounts because these are for over businesses in on my account. But if you just grade yours, obviously they won't be there. So don't worry if it looks a little different. The important thing is you want to hit this business settings at the top on this will bring it to this page on then on the accounts you want to select pages, Andi get had. So if you already have a page and you just want to bring it into business manager, you can use this other page option. But as we want to get a brand new page, we're going to come to this, create a new page at the bottom of the admin you that's clicking, that this gives us adoptions. So we are local business or a place. So it's like that. And now we can fill in all the details so we'll start by putting, uh, name. And from this drop down, we should be able to select restaurant there. Riggio. I will hit Create page you need to select. You need to wait for this little drop down to appear and then select your city So it's highlighted blue. Otherwise it won't recognize it as a valid city. Okay, great. So it is created on the any person said to manager is me at the moment. And if we just click on just clicked on the name of the top under details on this brings is onto the page. So here we can't upload our logo again. Once again, it's trying to crop the image for us. So let's give it up and you save this. It's gonna take a few seconds, but it seems to have saved successfully. It's on a cover photo as well, so it's like upload one of the images that we used on the website. Great. So we've got our basic page. We've added our logo, got to cover photo in the next lesson much. Look at how we can customize it some more 15. Customising your Facebook page: let's explore how we can customize our Facebook page a bit more. First thing to note is we can create a user name, so this makes it easier for people to find us. So I'm just using the Mr name kind of like a Twitter handle. That means we should jets be able Teoh. Yet people gone tigers and we can just get a slash body kitchen when people want access is that's gonna reload the page on. Then if we go to this little drop down here on edit page info, we can start panting all the details so we could start by adding our contact details on the website as well. Because we have an email address, The street address is already in the once again. It's just a case off manually putting in the hours If you got multiple opening times who I think if we select those yell just ultimately film I was in, I think that actually house save the changes, perhaps need to click these boxes as well. Oh yeah, we could see all information at the bottom. They should takers to the full info page, and you can add lots of information like your staff information what people should wear. We can add your menu here, too, and then the everything we should look into is mission hours. OK, that's fine. He and also view the page as a visitor. So if you want to see what it looks like when people come from somewhere else to your page , then you can switch on to this. You can see they get all the information on the right hand side, and then any post you can make on so you can post photos, you can post offers. In fact, if we switch back to the regular paid view, you see, there's all these different things that we can do so we can at directions we can ruin adverts, weaken deal offers and discounts. We can create events. We can have polls as loaded stuff. You can do the business pages on. Anyone who likes your page will then get them in their feed. They may see it that may not. You can also pay Teoh what's called boost it, which means it will definitely be in their feed. But that costs money, and I don't think we need to do that straight away. So for now, that basic overview of how to create your page 16. Facebook page templates: by default. Your Facebook page just uses a standard template, but as we're a restaurant, we probably want to customize that on the way to do that is in the top. Here you can go to settings and then on the left side menu select Edit page. Andi, under templates, can accept a standard we will have at it on was like Restaurant and cafe. Let's give you details, and what this does is change the buttons. You get the top on the tabs, you get on their left hand side as well. So let's apply this template well done. So now if we go back to the page, we can see that instead of, ah, messages. We've now got this call. Now Box to make a booking on the menu and left should have changed slightly as well. So we can make this a book now looking on for now, let's chips direct people to our website. Finish with that and now we've got this book now, but and that people will see when they land on our page 17. Facebook Messenger options: Facebook messenger can be a useful tool because you can have people message e. You can automatically message them back. You can put, add thin. You can retarget people who've message you. There's a lot of things you can do, but I'm actually going to recommend that you do none of that. And you actually turn Facebook messenger off your page and reason is that you're probably very busy on. If you've already got emails to monitor on a phone to answer, then the last thing you need is extra. Another way of people contacting you and messages get lost on people trying to book via messenger on. If you have a social media manager that's doing this all for you, then great, it's definitely we have using. But if it's just you on, then I would actually recommend you turn Facebook messenger off so that if people want to get in contact, we have to email or phone you. If you do want to turn it off, then the way to do that is to go to settings and then we're on the general tab here and we were gonna messages and we're gonna edit this and we're gonna UnTech allow people to contact my page privately by showing them a message button. So we saved up that will remove the message option from your page on. So if people want to get in contact, they have to phone you or they have to email you. 18. Inviting your friends to like your page: as we briefly talked about before. We want to get people to like your Facebook page by clicking the like button, and the reason is that if we do that, then we can target them with ants. But also, any posts that we make can appear in their news feed. Just without was giving Facebook any money. They'll just be in there. Think of a reason that we want a lot people to like. The page is that creates social proof because when in potential new customer finds your page, they'll see X number of people have like this. Some of your friends of like this on that reassures them that great restaurant and they want to visit. But what do you do when you just started? And nobody likes your Facebook page? Well, the first thing you want to do is invite some friends. Do you like it? Andi. This means that it will pop up on their Facebook, saying, Chris has invited you to like the Facebook paid for poor IQ. It gin, and I'll give them a nice like born that really easy to do. All we do is we've got our Facebook page here, Andi, there's a list of our friends here from your personal Facebook account. Andi, all you have to do is type the name in click invite on. It will send them an invitation. 19. Creating a post: posting to your Facebook page is just like posting to your personal Facebook page. It's important that you do it through business manager of business. Stop facebook dot com because otherwise the Post will appear from your personal account and it won't show up on the main news feed Feel page, so you need to go into business manager. Get a your page, and then it's chips, like creating a post on your personal wall. So let's upload a photo. Just select photo on. I've got one here, and it's like writing any status update. We write something here, so photo description that's are selected on, then hit publish as a page. You can also schedule something, So if you want something to go at a certain time in the future, you can use schedule as well. But for now, we'll just sit publish, and there it is appears immediately. Our photo andare description on that will appear in the news feed of anyone's Who's Like the Page and also, if anyone comes to the page will see it as well 20. Creating an event: If you have a special event coming up at your restaurant, you can use the Facebook event system via your page to get an event on, invite people to, it said. To do that, you'd go to create event here, and this will pop up the event. Box Gyanendra Photo It's quite mid summer celebration. No, mark your restaurant as a location. You can then at the event details as you would if you just creating a person event. It is these extra boxes, such as Cattle Group. Put that in food. I will say to celebrate Launch Midsomer Salvation here in late, But it is a food tasting wonder if we can put midsummer, apparently no tickets. Weaken. Tell people where they can get them from. So for now, that's just direct people to our website. You cannot co hosts if you have any other co hosts. And let's say only people only we can post in the event so we don't get over people posting in there and let's hide the guest list for the moment. And then all we need to do is hit publish, and I'll just take a moment to publish to our page on in. Ah, we have our event. People can discover it, though it's unlikely unless we promoted to them or we invite them so we could invite our friends or share it on our own wall. And then if we go back to our page now, if we go to the events tab, let's take a second to load up there. There we go. We've got a calendar and we've got the event we just created. 21. Why use Facebook ads?: Why might you want to use Facebook ads? Let's look at some of the reasons Facebook knows a huge amount of their users. They know what they're interested in, what they're not interested in. All the personal information, all that friends. They know a massive amount. So if you organize ties, Facebook is a great place to do it, because Facebook knows who will be interested in your adverts. So, first of all, you can target your ads to people in the local area, and you could tie yet people interested in restaurants. But chances are, if you just ruin the AB targeted at your local area Facebook, we've real toe work out who's interested in restaurants and put them in front of the right people. This makes it an incredibly effective form of advertising. If you consider it to a traditional form, like maybe putting an ad in the newspaper, well, that advert skin and go out to a lot of people who were not interested. That means for the newspaper to make profitable, they have to put a lot of advertising in there. So you competing against a lot of people or they're just not going to make much money for advertising because no relevant people is reaching. Facebook doesn't have that problem. When you pay Facebook to put your out in front of someone, Facebook is gonna find the people who are interested on put it in front of them and you can also track. Exactly what's happening is if you want people to go to your website and make a booking, you can track all of that and you can see exactly how much money you're spending on Facebook camps to get not booking. You might think, well, common Egypt Set up a Facebook page and put posts and get people to like it. Do offer free. Andi. The answer is yes. You absolutely can do that. You don't need to pay anything if you want to do that. The only reason that you might is that what's called organic reaches going down as we discussed in the last module. So when you post something, no, everyone who like your page is going to see that. So if you want everyone to who likes your patron, see that all people who have unlike your page over people in the local area, that's where you might want to spend Ah, better money on ads to get out there to the audience 22. Boosting a post: before we get into ad manager. I just wanted to show you a quick way. Teoh, get some promotion one. Some advertising for your page on that's using the boost feature. So if we get a round, for example, this photo that was posted if we just go to boost post click that it brings up this really quick way off sharing things. So by default, this might say no, but and which would be okay? But actually, before we were no add ones. Let's have the book now by default, I'll take people to our website where they can book in this audience section. This is where we choose. Who sees the ad would probably want to add. It lacks. We don't want everyone in the country to see it. We just swan people. Nero's to see it so you can set your city. That's again. Quite big radius. Let's take that down to say, 15 kilometers. Yeah, I'm expecting that. Has not sure that me reducing their Ugo, that's what we want. So we're showing it. Everyone say over 21 year olds, you really want quite a wide age range because you never know who will be potential customer. So click save great. So we voted our book now, but I'll direct people to our website, which said. We just want a tight people living around leads. You can put your total budget hair and how long you want to run for it on Facebook will space it out. So use that. We've got £11 of now and seven days, so it's going to spend £1.57 per day. You probably don't have an answer, counts up, so you'll have to enter your credit card. Details here because I already have an adds account is pretty filled out, and then this on the right, is what it would look like. So this is in someone's news feed. It will pop up with the image of the book now button, and you can also preview on Mobile on. It will go on Instagram as well. You can turn instagram off just by on taking this. No, a whole load of options here, but that's the idea. Behind the boost post feature is that it's just really quick and easy to set up, and if you just wanna spread it out to people, you can do without really nice and easy. Once you've been on that hit boost, Andi, that will go go out. It needs to be approved by Facebook first. After that, people will start seeing it. 23. Types of Facebook ads: Let's talk about the kind of ants that you can run on Facebook. So here we are on the business manager home page on. We want to go into Aunt Manager. So we click the businessman you born here and select adds manager I'll takers in on. If you just set this up, then you won't have all of these campaigns. I've obviously winner for you. I'm just gonna hit create here. And this is the screen where we decide what we want to do. You should look like this. There's a small possibility you also in quick creation, in which case it would look like this. If that's so, you can just hit switch to guided creation and that will make the screen look like mine. You want to use quick creation once you know what you're doing, but this is a bit easier. So the first thing we need to do is select campaign objective, which is how Facebook cause it's different kind of ads. So, for example, if we just want Teoh raise awareness, let people know about our restaurant, then we might use reach your brand awareness, and this is where we just take a posts a photo from my restaurant on. We just put that in. People's news feed says that they know we're there and we try and raise some awareness. Then there's what Facebook calls consideration. So these are things like traffic. That's people clicking on the ad in going through to our website engagement, which is people liking our ARD liking a page, commenting on it, sharing it, that kind of thing. You might also, if you've got video, you could get people to view videos, get people to message you. Lead generation is where a little form pops up inside our Facebook, where people can use him, put their details. So that's it's not great for restaurant, because really you want them to call you, But it's one option conversions we probably don't need to worry about. You can track store visits, but it's messy. Andi, we're probably not selling anything online, so unless you've got an online booking process that is integrated into your website, it can't be through 1/3 party on. Do you really know your technical stuff? Then we're fully not canary tracking conversions, so what we offer be looking at is traffic. We want people to click through to our restaurants website to see it, or maybe engagement to get them to like our page or like our posts on get them in that way . 24. Facebook ads structure: for I'd bring up their slides again just so we can talk about how you structure your Facebook ad campaign because there's free lads. So when you go into ads manager, the first thing you'll do is your create campaign. And this is where you set your objective, such as awareness traffic engagement, as we talked about in the last lesson. Now, below this, you need to create what's called an ab set on in an ad set. This is where you set the audience you wanted to seam by. So, for example, if you just want people in your town or just specific gender or specific age or specific people with certain interests, for example, you can set that at the abstract level. And you can have multiple AB sets targeting multiple different groups of people. We've been a campaign now below that you've got the adverts themselves, which of the actual text and graphics that people will see and again you can have several of thes within an ad set. So when we go in with Democratic campaign, we're going to create just one upset looking at the local area on, Then we can create some adverts below that. But it's important to understand that structure. So you understand when we go through it, why we're creating all these different things, and it's because each lair does a different job. 25. Creating a Facebook advert: Let's go through the steps to create a Facebook app. So we are on the ads manager and we're gonna hit, create, and let's just drive people to our website for this so we'll select the traffic campaign. Um, well, just put the name of the restaurant as the campaign name Andi. Hey, we want to you crea add sets, Remember? Answer is the audience. So let's just call this the campaign name and then the place that we're targeting. So we're gonna drive traffic to a website on. We're going to create a new audience here when it's going to say lead on people around. Lead fact weaken. Just like only people in Leeds ignore custom audiences. That's if you've built a specific audience based on people who visited your website before that set the minimum age 21. Everyone ever 21 will see it all genders on. We don't need to do any detail targeting. You can try and target, but things like people who are interested in food or restaurants or things. But Facebook is really good working out who to show you ads, too. On some of the best campaigns I've doing have bean where the target is being really wide. For example, I was working with leads back at university to get some participants for research to do they were doing. And instead of trying a pinpoint people, we just hearted everyone in the UK and it worked really well because Facebook was able to find the right people on the cost of the campaign was actually really low shoots bios, letting Facebook do the work. So I encourage you to slacked your local area, and Facebook will work out. Who's interested in who isn't placement tell you where the ad will go? So, for example, in desktop newsfeed mobile news feeds on Instagram. If you leave as automatic, Facebook will put it everywhere, or you can select specific places again. Automatic works really well because Facebook works out where it wants to go, then your daily budget. This has to be a minimum of £5. You can't go lower than that. You can also see a lifetime budget, but then it has to be higher. So I think just saying £5 for day on you consent Ende if you wish, or you can just leave it running. We want people to visit the website. Okay, so we sat. Roddy Intersil. Let's continue on here We are on creating the actual ad. So let's create on for this name. Put the answer in. You can name the side. Whatever you want. I just find it really helpful to put campaign name, ad set name and then add on Let's call this salad because we're going to show them a picture of salad. Andi, when I select our Facebook page, if you have multiple Facebook page, they will all appear here. Andi to earn ads on Instagram You don't need an instant homer ground you can use your Facebook page was like single image. You can also videos or a carousel of images. Carousel is great if you want to show off for your food, but I think single image will work well. Here on we will upload an image of Got one here looks quite nice. Let's, uh, the website address in on. This is the tax that will appear at the top. So let's say why are Nordic countries so happy guy? Was that address our name? Our tagline there ongoing. Let's changes to book now That's the call to action but in there we don't any overlays. And then we can use these arrows to scroll through. How look, that's on a feature phone. That's how it looks on the desktop newsfeed. Use this news feed link description that will override the slogan here if you want to do that. Instant articles. Right column. That's how it looked on Instagram on instagram stories. Facebook offer a huge amount of placements. Now let's get back, Teoh the You know our news feed, so that looks good to me. You probably want to write some bad sales copy than what I put in here, but that's fine. And then, when she had done just hit confirm it will then go to Facebook to be approved so they manually approve everything. But that's normally pretty quick. Normally, within a couple of hours, and after that, your heart will be live 26. Why be on TripAdvisor?: Why should you be on trip advisor? I hate this two reasons. The first is reach. Trip Advisor is really the place to go when you want a list off restaurants on. They've got 315 million users worldwide. Could be more by the time you read this. And people really use it to find restaurant. They're going somewhere they don't know or even in the hometown. They want to find out what over people, right? As the best restaurant in that town, we've talked a bit about social proof, and this is where it really comes into play. People want to eat at good restaurants and by good they mean restaurants over people like and so we want them to be able to find your restaurant when they're trying to find one. The second reason is reviews Trip Advisor often list restaurants automatically. So you and if you haven't gone and put your restaurant on trip, Advisor may well have found enlisted already on. People may have already posted reviews even though you're not involved in that process. So even if you know on that, people might be on their leaving bad reviews of your restaurant and it's much better to be on there to be managing those reviews to responding them than just kind of leaving it and ignoring it. And it's also a really valuable source of feedback. So even if you are getting some bad reviews, I'd really encourage you to go on there and read them and see if there's any changes that you could make based on that feedback. Because customer feedback, especially in this kind of scenario, some of the most valuable stuff you can have, could you find out what really annoys people, what's really going wrong that will take your restaurant from a good restaurant to a great restaurant, So it's really worthwhile both going through their review under being on Trip Advisor in general. 27. Registering with TripAdvisor: here we are on the Trip Advisor website, and the first thing you want to do is get a restaurants, and it might be that trip advisor already has your restaurant listed. So the first thing we want to do is gonna search somebody on the because if it's already on there has come up with someone else's restaurant, then you can claim that listing of your road and start managing. If that's not the case, what you need to do is scroll down to the bottom. In fact, let's go back to the home page first. Scroll down to the bottom. Onda, we are looking for it says Do business. Were was onus Click owners again. It might ask you to search, but we definitely know on there. So if that's the case, you need to click this business not listed. Get listed now, which will take you to list your business on Trip Advisor Select Restaurant on. This is the phone we need to can you need to make sure that your city is listed that's manually position this month to it. Next might take some attempts to find out the right cuisine didn't recognize for initial Nordic as riel cuisines. 20 Fedyk fire in there on weekends like our logo as well on hit Submit Trip Advisor manually review everything so it could take a week for them to be approved, but when they do, you will get an email about it. 28. Responding to reviews: Let's talk about responding to reviews on the first thing that I want toe kind of get see. So the seed in your head is that people leave bad and unfair reviews. No, every review you're gonna get is positive, no matter how good you are. And people on no always fair and balanced on this is this is equally a problem with things like this, you dummy cost because people leave me bad reviews sometimes. And it's not necessarily that. It's like a one star. I hate everything, but you to me, for example, punishes if we fall below four stars on average. Andi. Some So it's really bad if people leave me a free or four star review, even though that's quite a positive review. But if you think of it from the customer's perspective, they think anything less than perfect is not worth five stars all the time. So you might get these free of four star reviews, even if you're doing a really good job, it's also worth remembering that people are more likely to review if they are angry, which means you're probably going to get a disproportion amount of one star reviews even though your services brilliant 99% of the time, so none of this is fair. But it happens. Andi. Learning to live with that and tolerate that is part of the process is not the things we can do to try and avoid it. But it is gonna happen some of the time. Andi, just keeping going, keeping your head up when that happens. An important part of restaurants psychology on one of the things you can do is respond to these reviews. So why should you respond? Because it's hard, right? Being nice to someone who's slated your restaurant is difficult, but it's helpful because it shows over customers a polite and professional. So even if you're not going to convince this reviewer who's just slagged you off in this big review, you can show everyone reading that review that you care about your customers on that you're nice and that you're going to be polite to them. Even if their route people really like that. It gives you a chance to explain if you've had any temporary problems, so you don't always need to explain. It's not necessarily the best tactic, but you can. Andi Yeah, again, it shows that you care about your customers in that even if they're angry, you're going to try and make it right. So good things to you. Put in a response. It's nice to include the customer's name if they using it their personal name. In their view, it's nice to quote that just to make it about my personal, be polite and respectful. If you get angry, then you're never gonna win over the person left review if you're angry. But you're also gonna put everyone who reads that review off your restaurant, so definitely avoid that. I sincerely apologize if anything did go wrong, Andi make them feel understood and heard on. Be honest. If something did go wrong, then admit it. Let them know that the feedback will be heard by staff. So if there's ah problem with, say, the way that staff have been trained or something needs to get corrected, let them know that you will be correcting it, and that kind of connects on to the next point. Let them know how they're going to fix it, and this isn't kind of saying I'm really sorry. Here. Have a free mail because then you'll drips encourage everyone to leave a bad review in terms of what you're going to change to fix it going forward. So the salad wasn't very fresh. What new procedure you're gonna put in place to make sure that every time for now on the salad is always nice and fresh when it goes out on, Also, let them know how to contact you. If they want to discuss this further vessel, maybe an email address, or ask them to give you a ring at the restaurant on, Sign Off with your name as well. Sometimes they'll see restaurants sign off with customer services team, and again it just feels a bit impersonal. And we want to develop more personal relationship with our customers. Let's take a look at a good response here. We've got a one star review written by an angry customer, Andi. First of all, the restaurant expresses how sorry they are that they have this bad experience on talks about how that there going to try and make sure this doesn't happen again. They give contact details if they want to discuss it further, they can do so via email on the names in there, so lots of really good stuff of a polite and professional response. Teoh. A negative review. Should I respond to good reviews? Well, you can. But its last important because there's nothingto put right there. No one's gonna be put off if you don't respond to the review. But if you do, I would simply thank them for leaving the review and say that you hope to see them again soon. 29. Why have a mailing list?: Let's look at the reasons why you would want to build a mailing list on the main one is that it allows you to build a personal relationship with your customers. You really want to promote this idea of your ah local restaurant? Who can? Who cares about the customers that come in? And you really want to try and build up a friendly relationship with them? Once you've done that, then you can send them news and events. Things like menu changes, things like special offers, things that really add value to them. So it's not just so kind of spammy could come back to a restaurant, it's Ah, hey, we've got this cool thing going on. We'd love it for you to join us for on The great thing about a mailing list is that you really control the customer data. So if we compare it to something like Facebook, you might get Facebook Teoh, get a bunch of people to like your page and then put it posts. But every stage Facebook's controlling that. So face you never get the actual customers or you two get is these likes and then you post something on Facebook chooses If other people can see or know if you can get someone's name and email address, then you can email them whenever you want. There's no additional costs there, you know, to go pay Facebook. You just send the email and you know, at the back and call of anyone else. And this really allows you to generate diners on demand. So if you've got a quiet period, if you've got something where you just need to get some people in the door, because it's it's been a quiet week or a quiet moment for whatever the issue is, then you can use your mailing list. Send an email out, get regulars coming back in. Andi sending a special offer. Do whatever you want to do. Tell him about something exciting that's going on on. People turn up on whenever you need to do that, you just send another email. And despite all the technological advances and people using mass injure Facebook and Instagram and stature, email is still a hugely influential thing. Like people still constantly checking their emails. It's still the number one consistent worldwide way to communicate, so it's a really bake technology, and it's one I emphasize again with a quote is that we you know, Where's the one place you will always go when invited? And it's your friend's house. I want you to think of that as the way you're trying to build up the email lists. So you get someone on your email list and you send them crap. You send them exciting stuff to remind you that you're restaurants there. But things add real value, like Newman used on events and things going on. A few hunting, tasting evenings, anything like that make them feel special. Make them feel loved. Andi. If you can do that, then they will come when you invite them because they'll see you as a friend. So we'll talk Mawr about this in the we'll talk more about the technology behind this, and the rest of this module want you to keep that in mind when you're building up this kind of customer database 30. Why use an email provider?: in the rest of this module, I'm gonna teach you how to use an email provider. But before we get to that, I want to talk about why, exactly. We need to use an email provider, because you might think, Well, I can just stick into a spreadsheet on then I can have all the names and emails on spread treat. Andi. I can just going to my regular email account like Gmail and just do a blank carbon copy and email everyone that way, and you could do that. But chances are it won't work very well. And his wife so festival. Your email provider might think your spamming and block you. If you try and email 200 people on a blank carbon copy, they might think it's spam and just say, Right, we're locking this email account down and there'll be no human interaction here, like it will be a computer system that tries to work out if it's Bama or not. And if it is, it'll just say no, Andi, don't be that. Also, they re amount of either might think it's farming. So if you're emailing 200 people, lot of them on Hotmail, a lot of them on Gmail and Gmail seems season identical email coming into 50 people. Same time, it might decide that spam and just block your account. Or it may decide it's junk mail and put it straight into the junk folder on again. Your customer is never going to see it. Female won't be personalized because you you just have to use blank carbon copy so everything you'll say toe, which will be your email of death rather than their email address. Andi, you won't be able to put things like that name in unless you. You're quite good at using the email software, because it's not straightforward to do that when you're sending an email to a lot of people that we know tracking on the email. So warming by this is you have no idea how many people have read the email you send out, which, if you use an email provider, is something you can see how many people opened it, how often they opened it, whether they clicked any links in it. You won't be able to schedule the email, so sometimes you want to say right one, this email to go out first thing in the morning or we've got an event here. So I wanted to go out on this day but time on that day, so I'm going to ride in advance. You can't do that with your regular email client, and it's also really hard to create. Nice looking emails if you on include graphics and pictures, which, as a general rule, you don't need to, because you think that it makes more people read the email but actually doesn't. But you might want to include things like photos, and it's It's a lot more difficult to do that, I think, with a regular email client, and we have a proper provider of mailing list services. So let's look at the flip side. Let's look at what you get when using a provider. Well, first of all, delivery rates are better. That means the emails arriving in people's in boxes are better villages. They'll get the email more often because emails do go missing on to reduce that we want to use their provider will really proven history. You won't get blacklisted for spamming because their email providers are specialists at making sure they do that. It provides people with a really easy unsubscribe button. If people want to stop getting your emails, then you want to let them stop. Because if you force them to take, your emails will start reporting it's spam and then you get blacklisted. So if you use a mailing list provider del just putting them to prescribe button at the bottom, it makes it really easy for people to unsubscribe. And that's what you want, because you anyone people getting your emails that want to get him. You'll get reports on the amount of times and email has been opened. What percentage of people opened it, who opened it? What links he clicks on. You get email templates to great, great looking emails and just make it really easy with dragon drop functionality. The emails lobby, personalized so you can put their name in on the two field, will have the actual email in, and you can also schedule emails in advance so you don't have to be there to click. Send right the time you want it to go out. You can write it in advance and then forget about it. So in summary they're using a maintenance provider has some really good advantages Onda. We can do it This offer free because we're small business we don't need ah, massive cough, but mainly mystic out. We can do it all for free and that's what will go through in the rest of this module. 31. Registering with MailChimp: to set apart mailing list. We're going to use service call mail chimp. There are loads off email service providers out there. Andi Mail Chimp is a great option. You can use a different if you want, but we're going to use mail chip because it's the most popular. It's used by MAWR people than anyone else on its free, which is great on the free account. Actually gets you quite a lot. They call it Forever Free Andi Loc to have up to 2000 people on your email list, which is plenty for most local restaurants. You can send loads of emails, and you actually get most of the features that you get on the paid plan as well says really no reason why you would need to upgrade to a paid plan. You can just keep using their for over free account. So to get started, you want to go to mail chimp dot com and just click Sign up for free and there's a short form to fill out just making up this bus word. And in fact, it wants me to put some while characters in There we go now I can hit, gets, died now, I'm not actually going to create this count because I have an existing mail chimp accountant I'm going to use. But for you you need to do this. Then click the confirmation email that they send you Onda. Then we should be set to go inside of male chimp. 32. Creating a list: the first thing we need to do inside our mail chimp account is create a list because male chip accounts can have multiple lists for different things. So we need to create a list for our restaurant. Do that. We gotta lists appear, will hit, create new and create list, and then we'll give it some detail. So the list name we'll put in restaurant name. We're putting the email address Andi from. We want that to be from my restaurant as well. Say you signed up to receive use on information in a restaurant of the, uh, website. You have to include contact information. Fact that yeah, a male tip includes this in the footer off every email as part of their anti spam policy, so that those details in yet now looks fine on If you want to get notifications of people joining you, contend on there you want to turn GDP are on. If you inside Europe. Let's save that Andi. Here we have a brand new list. It's empty at the moment, so we need to put some contacts in it. 33. Manually adding contacts: Here's how you can manually app someone to your list through on the mail chimp dashboard here, which is going to lists on. We're gonna select our list. I'm going to get ad contacts on art. I subscribe. Now, if you have a spreadsheet, you can use the import function instead and that will allow you to math had people. But for now, let's jets manually after one. I'm just gonna have myself so you only need the email address field. But it's if you've got the ever feels great, because you can then use those to personalize the emails later. So putting what have you that you've got confirmed that you have permission to at this person on day after already on the list of data profile and hit subscribe on. That's the persistent. That's wouldn't person added to your list 34. Getting people to sign up: Even if you've got all the technical sell, how do you actually get people to give you their details so that you can put them on your mailing list? Here are some ideas You can't leave cards on the table. So when you bring the bill, leave a little sign up form to allow them to write the email address in their name so they could be added. Teoh your list. You could also take email addresses while booking. So when they make a booking, get them to put their email address in. You probably do anyway, but let them know that they're gonna be on your mailing list. Ideally, have a check box. This is really important now with GDP are if you're in Europe, these general good practice and you agents to have some respect for your customers is make sure you've got informed consent. So when the book, ask them if they'd like to be added to your main list. If you say no, don't anthem. But if they check the little box or so, yes, then it's fine toe Adam, and you can also add sign It forms on your website. But I think number one is probably the most powerful way is just get them to fill out a little card at the end because they do that with the most informed consent right? And you want people who are actually going to read your emails and like you. So that's a good way on. A few tips for actually getting their details is first of all, asking them really helps. Don't just take the bill over and take the little sign of card. Tell them there's a sign card there, and you'd love to have them on your mailing list that you only send our emails every couple of weeks and there's an unsubscribe any time and really value their custom would like to share some exciting stuff with them on. Make sure you have a pen to make it really easy for them to fill out as well. Another option is to use a promotion or a special offer. So, say, join our mailing list and you get 20% off your next meal. Maybe 50% go wild. You gotta consider the value of this. If you can turn a one time customer into a repeat customer who comes back every week well, that's like 50 meals a year. That's really valuable now. You probably won't get that success for most customers, but still the amount of extra revenue you can get from having them come back in the door regularly because you're prompting and we've emails. It's really massive. So don't be afraid to offer a really good promotion there. And also, it said, the more details you ask for, the lower your conversion rate will be. So if you just ask for a first name in an email address, people are far more likely to give the over than if you start asking for complicate things like date of birth or even mobile numbers. People like to keep those quite private. Unless they're making a booking, then it's kind of understood that you've got 100 over. But if you asking things like for their address in their date of birth, what are you going to do with that information? It's best to keep it really simple so that people aren't giving out too much information on . Then the farmer lightly toe, hand it over 35. Adding sign up forms: another way you can get people to sign up for your mailing list is by allowing them to do it via your website. Andi. There's several ways you can do this. So if you are on the wordpress dot com platform and you have a paid business count, you can use plug ins so we get on to plug ins and we just sit for male chimp. There's several options. I don't think any of them actually made by mail. Chimp there are made by the people, but they will allow you to easily in bed. Hey, mail chimp form into your website if you don't have one of the paid accounts and what you can do is you can create a link two. Hey, sign up page. So if we go into the mail chimp dashboard, we select lists, we select our list, we get a sign forms and we get a form builder. We can see we get this sign it form you are out on. That gives people this page where they consign up themselves so you can then take take this link and insert it into your content. It's for example, in the home page just put a link click here to sign up for mailing list and direct people to hear the eruption is if you and no on the wordpress dot com platform, you've got your own website or your own WordPress install, for example, that's no hosted by wordpress dot com, but you host somewhere else. Then you can take the hate TML, and I will show you how to do that as well. So again, if we get a sign up forms, we go to embedded forms, which is where we generate hates to now. Male trip would generate all this so we can get into our M VAHJ. No, Normally start from the visual tab, select the text or the hates Jemele tab and into all that code in. And then if we preview those changes, we find that there's a male Tim form on our website. So any of those options are great. Depends what platform you're on, but that way it allows people on your website to sign up directly for your mailing list. 36. Sending out emails: Once we've got our mailing lists up unpopulated with people, it's time to send out an email. So here we are on the mail to dashboard on. This time we go to campaigns, and we just like to create campaign. Um, we want to create an email. Andi, that's call it Ah for kitchen Amid some of celebration just a regular. It's odd. Recipients will choose the list. I want to personalize the to field. In fact, we inject by default. They'll just put their email address in. So that's fine. Send to everyone on the list. He also segment people, for example, people who are reading your emails, people who've recently subscribed every Hooper who aren't reading your emails. Save that I'm from those details. Look fine Subject. He's going mid summer celebration. The campaign name is a purely internal name, whereas the subject is what people will see has the subject in their email inboxes, and then he will get a design and you get all these different templates with male chimp. I am actually age. It's gonna go for simple text because people read simple emails. You actually need all these fancy graphics. What you do want is a few nice graphics, but you don't need all these fancy headers and footers. So this is a title. I will just say Midsomer celebration And then below that Southern image in you know, it's This is all really nice and simple Dragon drop. Put this photo in that we used earlier on Male Chip will even tell you when your photo So too big. So let's go into here and this will allow us to resize it. That set the width and 2 500 which is fine. Say that. So we're having a midsummer Celebration dinner on Sunday, 24 June. It's £25 per person. Call us now to book. Must be nice and friendly. Obviously, if this was really mail, I spend more time, then gets a sentence on it. You want to make these emails really nice and personal and enjoyable for people to read, but to show how it works well, that will do is fine. We'll save that. We want to preview what it looks like we can go up to here. We've intestine and to preview mode. That's what it looked like on the mobile. We don't have inbox preview because that's appeared feature. In fact, let's demonstrate personalization as well. So say, Hey, don't put the first name in there. Yeah, back into preview. Married. That's just enable these live much tags. Here we go says Hey, test first name we put there on for real. It should say, Hey, Chris, cause I'm the only person on the list There we go. It's now when the governor not only will it be addressed to their email of death, but the email itself will say, Hey, Chris, which sounds great. Once we've done that, we can save and close that design. You don't need to worry about any of these things for the moment. You can even send it or you can schedule it. So let's say we want this to go on Friday and we wanted to go out just as people are coming home. So that said it for 4:30 p.m. hit schedule and then we go. The Umile scheduled Meltem. When ultimately, send that tomorrow forfeit 2 p.m. Andi. It will arrive in everyone's inbox nice and personalized 37. What are influencers?: what are influences? Well, influences. Just a buzzword that's going around a lot on they just people kind of social media celebrities, but not really celebrities like local celebrities. Maybe they've got a couple of 1000 followers on Twitter or Instagram or blah. Greed is something like that. Things like bloggers, YouTubers, instagram, celebrities, travel, bloggers, all these kind of terms. These are generally what we mean when we talk about influence. Influences people on social media that have a followers. Who are they? Well, some might be doing it professionally, but most of them are just regular people that have full time jobs. But nevertheless they influence of as they have this following on social media, and that fall can be very beneficial. So they're not have a blawg, probably on Twitter and Instagram. Maybe a Facebook. As I said, probably a couple of 1000 followers, not huge. Why use influences when flu is give you great social proof? Because when you tell people about a restaurant, they don't necessarily believe you because you're massively by a strike. Of course, you're going to say the arrest on is great, but when someone they trust tells them they're far more likely to believe that and come to your restaurant because it's an impartial source and some when they trust someone they look up to. So if you can get an influence it to come in and write nice things on that blogging their instagram and take photos of the food, your food or things like that, then you can have a really great network effect because a lot of people trust them. Andi, if they say you're food, is good than they'll assume that that's true, which it is, right. And they will say lovely things because you're restaurant is awesome and their testimony just has a lot of legitimacy. So if you can get an influences to say nice things about your restaurant, it's likely that a lot of people will follow. And you can even take quote from the things you say and put it on the website and again, so building the social proof so that when people are thinking about coming to your restaurant, then they can see the over people like your restaurant on. That is the biggest indicator to them that your restaurant is a good place to go 38. What to offer influencers: If you want to make a deal with an influencer, what should you offer them? Why would ask them to review a restaurant in exchange for a complimentary meal? But I wouldn't offer them any payment, so you invite them in the food, it's free. You give them whatever they want. No charge, but you don't offer them any kind of payment. In fact, any serious restaurant critic would never ask for payment to write review anyway. So you're best staying away from that. Andi. It's a pretty good deal, right? It doesn't cost you too much because you just giving away the food. You know, losing a sale because it weren't necessarily going to come in. And it's not that expensive because a lot of it's the labor you have on hand anyway. But they're happy to do it because they get a free meal out of it, which is great on Do they get to post a review on the website, which is what they want, right? If you've got blogged, they want people reading it. They want to go to interesting restaurants and find out what's going on and says I'll happily do it in exchange for the meal, and it gets you a lot of great publicity when to do it well. Anytime's fine. No time like the president gets side now, but it's also works. Great special event. So if you have launched nights or you doing launching a new menu, for example, it's great to write to them and say, I've got this special menu and I'd like you to be a V I. P on the menu launch and try it for free because then one it makes them feel really special that you've included them on your V I. P list. But also it gives a sense of urgency because if you say he gadgets come into the restaurant whenever you're free, then they're busy people. They probably got a full time job alongside that blogging because we're not talking about massive celebrities here on. So if you say what's happening on this specific day, the more likely to come then to clear the diary to make sure they can come rather than vaguely committing to come at some point when they're free. So if you have special events, this is a great time to ask them to come 39. Finding contact details: If you want to engage in influencer, you need to contact them. How do you that help? Frustratingly? That's often one of the most trickiest things, So Ah, a lot of people have a contact page. Andi, you might find you can get their email address. It is on some pages, or there might be one of these contact forms, which is frustrating because you have a record of it in your inbox and you don't have to contact form works, but it can be a solution. If that doesn't work, then sometimes you can go onto Twitter so you can GOP and you can tweet at people you can't direct. Message them unless a follow you normally so you need to do is a public tweet and ask them to email you or get in touch and response rates again. No, great from this, but it is an option. Another thing you can do if they don't have any contact. Details on the website is user who is service, so I'm going to use better who is. But any of them are fine if you just put the domain name in. So in this case, Big Spoon, my little spoon dot com. Hit search. Every time you register a domain name, you have to give your contact details on that public information. Now we'll, a lot of people do is hire a privacy service where some of a company puts their details in . So, for example, this one its demands by proxy dot com. This should actually be the rial registrant, but everyone hides it. But what they do give you is this email address, which in theory, if you email should get forwarded to them a lot of the time, it doesn't say it again. It's another unreliable way to conduct someone. But it's where for Troy. Another option is if you confined some social media accounts. It just instagram. You could just go onto one of the photos they've posted on D. Do a comment on it, do a comment on the actual photo on again, asking them to message you So there's several different ways that you can contact people. None of them are particularly reliable, but if you try enough of them, hopefully you should get through to them, especially if they're interested in looking for this kind of thing. That won't make it too difficult on a lot of the time is just a process of trying a few and seeing what works on. A lot of people won't get back to you, but if you try enough, then eventually someone will. 40. How to message influencers: it's once you're in contact with an influencer, what do you actually say to them? Well, that's what we'll cover in this lesson. I'll give you some examples of good messages on Dive. Also attached these as templates to the lesson. So if you go to a lesson resources, you found a downloadable fire with them as well. I've got free examples, all of which were addressed to a fiction above your cold Linda his 1st 1 Hell, Linda, I hope you're having a good week. I just wanted to let you know that we're opening a new restaurant party kitchen before he might be of interest in case you were featuring new restaurants in your blogged. If so, let me know if there is anything you need. If you'd like to come down for a meal on ours, let me know, and I'll do. I'll get this booked in contact details of the room. So what makes this a good message? We were addressing by name, so she knows personalized. We're showing interest asking about her weak. Uh, we're telling her why it's exciting news from the restaurant on that. We'd like to be featured on the blawg on that if they need anything in terms of images or press releases, that kind of thing weaken split. But also they can come down from meals that will pay for the meal on. We can get it booked in on. We've given our contact details to make it really easy for hurting and took two hours on. There's a smiley face because people love smiley faces. It's also really good on bills. If you put smiley face and thanks at the bottom, you actually get more tips. It's really interesting one of the many things that we discuss the restaurant psychology. But anyway, next example. Hey, Linda, I would like to invite you and a guest to come down for a meal of the newly opened public kitchen in the Town Centre. Iva Touched are set menu and lunch menu. Here are booking times. If you'd like to come along, just let me know your phone number and email address. So again this one will extract forward makes it clear what's happening. We're inviting her and a friend to come down for a meal. We're giving them the menus so they can have look, if it's interesting and letting them know when they can come down. So answering a lot of their questions up front. Onda letting them know how to proceed If they want to make a booking, it's really easy. They can get troopers final example. Hey, Linda would love to buy you lunch. Some point we have some interesting projects going on, and you seem to know what you're eating. Could you drop me a mail as to when we could meet? This one's really good because first of all, it makes it clear that they're going to get a free lunch out of it. Then it appeals to their ego because we're calling them a food expert, which they are. No, it's not being deceptive. It's just being honest and friendly and knife. And finally, there's a call to action. Drop me an email and let me know when is good for you and again the contact. He tells us that so feel free to adapt any of these messages when you're talking to people on, hopefully should get some great responses 41. Final thoughts: well done on reaching the end of this class. The skills you've learned here will allow you to acquire new customers. But more importantly, as I've stressed throughout is to really get people coming back time and time again because it's that that will consistently fail covers. If you have any questions and please reach out on the community tab on. If you enjoyed this class and please hit the follow button, good luck and see you soon.