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Digital Marketing: Copywriting & Blogging

teacher avatar Phil Ebiner, Video | Photo | Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Copywriting vs. Blogging


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      Case Study - Sales Page


    • 4.

      10 Commandments of Copywriting


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      Write Better Headlines


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      Write Better Articles


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      Optimize Your Website SEO


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About This Class

Learn the basics of copywriting with this Digital Marketing Mini Course!

  • Understand the differences between copywriting & blogging
  • Know what A.I.D.A.R. stands for, and how it helps you
  • Learn 10 commandments for copywriting
  • Write better headlines and articles
  • Optimize your website's SEO

This digital marketing course is perfect for anyone with a business that sells products online (or offline!). Copywriting is important not just on your website, but on social media, content platforms like YouTube, and in you advertising.

Enroll now to learn more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Phil Ebiner

Video | Photo | Design


Can I help you learn a new skill?

Since 2012 have been teaching people like you everything I know. I create courses that teach you how to creatively share your story through photography, video, design, and marketing.

I pride myself on creating high quality courses from real world experience.


I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, nerding out on personal finance, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife, twin boys and a baby girl, and dog Ashby.

In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and Tele... See full profile

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1. Copywriting vs. Blogging: welcome to another new section of the digital marketing masterclass. So excited to have you here talking about copy writing. Copy Writing is so important for digital marketing because that comes across in everything across your website. It's on your video descriptions. It's on your advertisements. Your social media posts, your block post. It's everywhere, so knowing how to write copy is so important, and we're going to be going over our best practices through the rest of this section. We need to. I understand that there's a difference between copyrighting and blogging. Some people tend to get these two mixed up copy. Writing is anything that you write that has a purpose of selling, So this could be in a blogger article. But typically blogged articles are meant to educate or to inspire or to entertain, but not necessarily just to sell. But blogging is important. Why should you blogged? Blogging allows you to write long form content in depth content that really attracts people to your brand. If people become aware of your blogged articles and they like what you're writing, you can turn someone into a raving fan with a simple block post. You can really start to build a relationship with a person through your blogged articles. Also, with your blogged articles, you can rank in search engines for keywords and not necessarily big general keywords but specific keywords. For example, with video school online, we rank for some very specific keywords like green screen editing for Premier Pro, or the difference between Adobe Premiere Pro and after effects, or how to get a cinematic film look with premiere pro thes air really sort of narrow niche . Two key words. But if someone is looking for that, they might be interested in our other content and not just our free content, but are paid content. So it's good to rank for those keywords to get people onto our website in the first place. Cool. So you got it. Blogging versus copyrighting. This section is about copyrighting, and that's what we're gonna be talking about more coming right up in the next lesson. 2. A.I.D.A.: Aida Aita A I D A. It's an acronym that describes a marketing process or a principal from getting someone aware to actually purchasing your product. And it's an important thing to understand with your copyrighting similar to the email marketing that we talked about before, but a little bit more focus and practice by marketers and advertisers around the world for many years. So what does this mean? Aida. Attention Interest, Desire, Action, Attention. Who is reading your article? Who is reading your copy? Who is on your sales page? What is their demographic? Do you understand who they are, what age range they are? Are they male or female? What part of the world are they from? Whether their likes and dislikes, you can actually find out these things relatively easily if you have Google analytics set up. If you watch the lesson in the WordPress section of this course, you will understand that you can see people's ages. You can see their likes and dislikes. You can see whether they're female or male, and all kinds of other demographic information and just knowing that allows you to write in a different way. What is their problem and What solution do you have? We've already taken care of this. You know that. We did this in the first section of the course. So be proud of yourself because this marketing principle, Aida, that we're talking about, that many people have been using for years, you are already on track. I is for interest. You have to build an argument for your brand. Tell your story. Prove yourself to them. That's what you're doing through your copy writing. You are telling your story. You're not just saying buy this product, but you're telling a story. Teoh inspire people or to engage people. It's a time where you can prove yourself. This could mean putting testimonials in your writing to show that people have used your products and services, and it's worked for them. D is for desire, shifting from interest to actually wanting what you offer. This is where you demonstrate why you can solve their problem for them if you are in the position of wanting something. And, for example, right now I want a new road bike. I have a mountain bike, but I've been wanting to get into rode bikes, and so I've been doing a lot of research online about the different models I've been searching credulous for used ones. But I've also gone into the store and that, you know, and in my position it's hard. Teoh, resist buying a brand new bike. It's hard to resist just walking into the store and buying something right there. So you know, if someone desires something if you desire some thing, it's easy for the marketer to market to you. But it's getting to this stuff that's a little bit harder. And then last a is for action. This is where you provide a called action. So you tell someone how to purchase you. Say, sign up below. Click the button below. Purchase online. Call this number two by now. Go to the store toe, Get our deal this weekend. That's your call to action. You got to make it easy to buy, so you don't want to make it complicated. All you don't want to say OK, call this number. Have this promo code ready. You have to call between this time that time or the dealer runs out. Thes things make it complicated, so make it as easy as possible and this can come across with the style, especially on your website, with things like your buttons, your text, the design of your Web page making flow nicely, making it clear that there's a button for them to press to purchase, making easy so they don't have to go from one side to the other to actually buy your products or services. The easier the better, because the easier it is for them to take action. What about I E D R r is for retention. How can you continue to serve your customer? Because it's a lot harder to get new customers as it is to get a current customer or an old customer to buy something of yours. They already know you. They already hopefully like and trust you. And if you have another product or service for them, it's much easier to purchase from you. One. Someone comes into your store and buys a product. You don't want them walking out that door to never be seen again. You want to retain their business and literally retain their information. So having them connect with you on social media or through an email list so that you can continue to inspire and educate and ultimately sell to them is important. That's what retention is all about. So that's what I eat. It is, and I know that it's a little repetitive. I get it. You're probably watching this video saying, Phil, we get it. This is repetitive. You talked about this before, but I just want to mention it because it is a technique and a practice that advertisers have been using for years and you're already doing it. And by thinking about Aida while you're writing your sales copy while you're creating promo videos while you're writing ad copy, you will get more results. So trust me, this was an important lesson. And in the next lessons, we're gonna be talking about more ways to improve your copy writing. 3. Case Study - Sales Page: I'm actually going to show you a sales page to sort of jump into things. What you're going to learn in the following lessons are things like How do you actually improve the words that you put on a sales page or you write in a blogger article? But first I want to show you the sales age that's actually working, and I'm not showing you someone else's sales page saying, Oh, yeah, this big digital marketer does it this way because we can learn from them. But I want to show you what's actually working for me also, to show you that it doesn't have to be so confusing, and you can kind of change things up and it can still work. I'm using Teachable to sell a premium program for online course creators, and this is the home page of online course masters dot com. This is two things. One is to serve as the home page for online course masters and to the home page and the Cells page of my premium product. The first, called Action, is to get people in the door, and that's a free trial. So that's great that I get a lot of people signing up for that scrolling down. You see a quick definition of what online course Masters is and more information about the podcast itself. So this is for people who are interested in online course masters, but they have no clue what it really is. Then I sort of start the sales page. I start with how we're going to teach you how to make online courses, and these are the benefits you get not only from the premium program but also from listening to the podcast. Next, I have a block with a sales video and a little bit more information about what this master class mentorship program is. Of course, the sales video is something that is very important, and we'll talk more about sales videos in a following lesson or section of this course. But remember this page because you can go here and see this example of a sales video that's working. I give a little bit of social proof below. Trusted by over 330,000 students, I put a specific number. I've learned that research shows people like specific numbers not just rounded to the nearest 1000th or 100th or whatever So I do need to update this, and I will update this every month or so, but I like having this specific number here. And then there's the one line. This is sort of the mission statement of the course. So you see the sales video simple and then right below you have automatic access to enroll in the class. Just click one of these options to enroll, making it super easy. But if you need a little bit more information, you can scroll down and you can find the step by step more of the curriculum of what you're going to learn with this course. So using a lot of keyword friendly sentences actionable, all of these are action. Start with action words to get inside the mind of the user. One of the most important parts of a sales page is testimonials, so I've gotten testimonials from people who are in the program and also people who listen to the podcast, and this is a good tactic. If you're just starting out, you don't necessarily have the opportunity to get testimonials without selling your course of your program or your product or service. Already, if you have testimonials that are related. Go ahead, put those on the home page. As long as they sort of make sense for promoting the product that you are promoting. I think that's totally fine. And eventually you can swap these out for actual testimonials of students in your program. I was lucky enough to get a couple of video testimonials, which is really great because people love video. So I included those as well, so above we saw that I listed out sort of what students are going to learn and how they're going to learn it. The benefits. Now I show what they actually get for enrolling. So they get the videos, they get worksheets, guides, private coaching call and then all these other bonuses. So this is the actual nuts and bolts of what they get and then even more bonuses. So I list these are all things that hat like our standard with the course. And then these are the course bonuses that they get for enrolling to. Sometimes it's good to break down all of the elements of what a person gets so that it makes it look like they're getting a lot, which they are. But instead of just saying Oh, yeah, You're gonna get this great course 10 hours of video. It's much better to list everything out and even separate some of the things as bonuses. So that it you know, when you see something like here are your bonuses, that's an extra incentive to sign up. One tactic that works a lot is actually adding all of the cost for all of these different things individually and then putting it together and then strike through it and have the actual cost. So here I have sort of broken down the two options. Sometimes you see this side by side. I've put a top bottom, but you have the 4 97 1 time price or the three payment payment plan. And the payment plan, I think, is definitely something that I would use if I were you for a premium product. I have a number of people using the premium or the payment plan, and I don't think they would have actually enrolled if that wasn't an option. Next, I have information about me, the instructor. So this is coming really late. They get to know me a little bit from the things above from the video. But this isn't something that a lot of students really care about. Um, of course I have to prove myself. But hopefully I've done that through the testimonials and the video above. Next we have the actual class curriculum. So some people like seeing the layout, the lesson titles to see if they're actually getting what they're getting is what they want . Here's a picture of Isabel and myself. My wife and I talked about how our life has been changed by what we're gonna be teaching you. And so I think that helps kind of seal the D deal and making it easy. Just another way toe enroll in the course right here. You don't have to scroll up to do that. If people get to this bottom of the page there, probably pretty interested. They have that desire for the course. So now it's just time to take action. The only other thing that I include down here or one of the other things, is this chart that shows what they get with this course. The premium course versus another course. That is very similar, but it doesn't include all of the other bonuses, so this chart shows why we're charging that premium rate, because again people are hesitant to buy those premium products that they want to make sure that it's right for them. I followed up with a few more testimonials, just toe really kick it in. And then some frequently asked questions. This is just an aspect of teachable. I like it. A lot of people ask these questions. So if you get a lot of questions, have a link to another page with F accuse or put at the bottom of the page. And finally, at the very bottom again one more time you can just click and purchase the course rather than scrolling up and enrolling. So this is something that's worked for me. I was getting inspiration from John Lee Dumas. He has his podcasters paradise. He has the entrepreneur on fire podcast, and he teaches people how toe podcasts and so podcasters paradise is a great program. I've actually never done it personally, but I like the way that his sales page looks. I like the way that he does his webinars. I like all of those kinds of things, so I would check him out, go to online course masters dot com to see this in action. And if you have any ideas or sales pages that you really like, send them to us so that we can share them with the other students in the class. Hopefully this helps. And now we'll dive into some more copyrighting tips so that you can write better headlines . And next we're gonna go over the 10 Commandments of copyrighting. 4. 10 Commandments of Copywriting: Now I'm going to give you 10 Commandments of copyrighting. This will help you with your sales pitches and even in your blog's writing. So let's get going. Number one is to know your audience, and you have been doing this throughout this entire course. You've done a lot of background information background research about your audience, so you should know your audience already. But remember that when you're writing, just think of them as listening to you. Think of them as you write your copy. Determine your value proposition and this goes well with our next one, which is find a unique selling proposition, so your value proposition is a little bit different. We haven't talked about this much. This is just basically, why is your product or service great? Why is your brand amazing? It's the way that you do something. It's the thing that you sell. It's just you being awesome. The unique selling proposition is Mawr in comparison to a competitors. Why should you? They buy you versus another competitors. So a BMW is a nice car, and there value proposition is that they create an amazing vehicle to drive, but they're unique selling proposition might be that their cars go faster or speed up faster than the Mercedes. Now, I don't really know anything about cars, so I don't know if that's true or not. But that is the difference between the value proposition and the unique selling proposition . Just remember these as you're writing and use that tear of the advantage even in your block articles or throughout your website on your about page on your home page, used language that shares your value and what makes you different and better. Next commandment is established Your objective Whenever you start writing whatever it is for for an ad, a YouTube video description, whatever it is, make sure you understand what your objective is. Is it to make a sale? Is it to get someone onto an email list? Is it just to describe something for someone just describing a product or a service? Make sure you understand that and your objective so that you don't, you know, go all over the place trying to write things that don't have a purpose because people's attention spans are short now, so you want to make sure that your copy is short and concise and to the point, and knowing your objective will help use a compelling subject line. Now this goes without saying having a great subject line is very important for e mails, but also for Web pages and blogged articles and even for your ad copy. So you can think of your subject line even on a Facebook ad, as the top line the top. Copy that. You right, We're gonna be going over some great tips for writing better headlines in the next lesson. When you're writing, avoid weasel words these air words like may maybe hope. Wish try. But perhaps these are words where it sounds like you're unsure of who your brand is, and this is something that I need to work on a lot, because in just the way that we talked the way that I speak the way that I write my blogged articles and my sales copy, I use a lot of those words. But perhaps, however, but those words detract from your confidence and showing that you're the leader in this category. Whatever your brand, maybe so. Try avoiding those words. Use the present tense. You never know when someone is going to be reading your article or your copy, and writing in the past tense is again passive. It's in the past in writing in the present tense will actually make people take more action . Even writing in the future tense might be a good tactic for writing sales. Copy. You know, for a lot of the online courses that we sell, we talk about, you will learn this. You will take better photos, those air future tense things. But when we're talking about writing a sales page, we always try to use the present tense. Our next commandment is include customer quotes and testimonials. This is an easy way to get going, and it's also one of the best ways to attract new customers and toe really seal the deal. Everyone is looking for reviews and customer testimonials for whatever product you know, you go on amazon dot com and your reading the reviews. You go on yelp dot com and you check out what the reviews are for the restaurant that you're going to tonight. And they're so important and so make sure that you use your reviews to your advantage. I can tell you from my own experience that once I did start adding more testimonials and close to my own cells pages, my conversions increased. Next is keep it clean and concise. No big long paragraphs, one after the other, no big paragraphs at all. Use your headings and the bold fought italics to separate and to emphasize certain words. Make sure you break up those long landing pages with different size heading text. That's a basic thing that we learned back in the WordPress section. But with most Web editors or for sales copy for whatever pager writing it on, you should be able to make it appear different. You know you're not going to be able to do this on places like Facebook ads or face any social media on YouTube. But when you have control of your text size on your website, make sure you make it pretty and concise. We've talked about this before, but just don't ramble on. Sometimes I ramble on in this course I ramble on. A lot of this may seem repetitive, but it's very important, but I do try to make things as concise as possible, and our last commandment is make it pretty now. This is not necessarily with the words that you write, but using images, using videos, using visuals that are eye catching but not distracting. Make sure that whatever visuals you'd use, not only you have the rights to, but they match your brand. They match what you're trying to say. They match what you're trying to sell. Sometimes it's just a feeling. Maybe you're showing people who are happy who are excited, who are in love when you're trying to sell a product or service. That will give the customer that type of feeling. But other times you might be actually showing your product or your service or whatever it ISS. Make sure you're using high quality visuals. If you want, you can use stock photo sites, otherwise you can actually shoot photos on your own. Or you can hire a photographer to shoot photos for you. Doing that might be a good idea as you get a little bit bigger in your business, because having more stock images for your own library will always come in handy. These are our 10 Commandments. I hope you like them, and next we're gonna be going over some tips for writing better headlines 5. Write Better Headlines: spending time thinking about how to write a proper headline that will get people to actually open up your article or your page is really important. So here are some basic tips to remember. Whenever you write a headline, make it unique, make it specific, make it useful, create a sense of urgency and keep it as short as possible. It's hard to have all of these in one heading, but let's look at some examples So you know what we're talking about. I'm a huge personal finance nerd. I love reading articles about personal finance. I just can't get enough of it. And I follow this block. Called Rock Star Finance. It's an aggregate blogged. It picks the best articles every day and shares them all on one page than it keeps. Sort of a list of the latest and greatest articles. When going through their list, I see lots of articles that are not unique. Lots of articles that seem the same as things I've read before. Some aren't specific. So this is kind of exam, an example of what not to do. For example, this title right here. If you can afford a vacation you can't afford to invest. It's obvious, and I'm not really going to get anything more out of reading this article. It doesn't add anything. It doesn't build any curiosity, this one right here. Short, sweet. Do you need that? It builds curiosity. It's not specific, and it's not really helpful or beneficial. I don't really know what it's about, so it's not using all of the tips. But I'm intrigued. Should you pay off your mortgage early? This is a question that's popular among personal finance aficionados. It does build a lot of curiosity, but it's not that unique. This has been rehashed over and over, so let's look at a few that I thought did really well. Here's not article that uses a headline that is very unique more than books. Nine Unusual things you can borrow from the library. Public libraries First, using lists is a popular technique. It's still popular people have been using. So the tip Nine tips and seven things kind of list articles for a while. People still are clicking on these types of articles a lot, and this is something that is unique. It's not something that I've thought about before. It's not something that I've seen online before and after being online for many years. There's not that many things that are unique anymore. So having this sort of unique nous in the headline helps. Let's look at another example about being specific. How much would you have if you saved $1 a day for your entire life? That headline is builds my curiosity, and it's very specific and it's unique. So it's hitting a lot of those tips that I mentioned and keep in mind. These tips are great for writing articles and blog's, but also for headlines for your copy. Even if you're sending out emails, they all kind of work the same. Here's a headline that is just completely useful. How to get started with live streaming video production. This is from Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income. He spoke with Caleb Logics own who I have actually partnered with, and this is actually a headline for a video blogger article. But it's just completely useful. Anyone that's wanting to get started with live streaming video. This is an article that calls out to them. Next. Let's look at an article that builds a sense of urgency. Four best ways to invest in your twenties. So this isn't your typical headline. That's four things that you need to know right now or you're going to lose out. It's more subtle than that, but this article is geared to people in twenties, and it does build that sense of urgency for someone in their twenties who wants to invest. Investing in itself is kind of urgent if you're not investing now than you're wasting time . So that's why this works really well for this title. But it's pretty simple. Four Best Ways to Invest in your Twenties. It builds that sense of urgency for, at least for people interested in personal finance. And that's who their target audiences. So it works. Lastly, let's look at Reddit to sort of explore this idea of shorter titles. Being better read. It is the self claimed home page of the Internet. It basically is a feed of all the popular posts from today articles, videos, photos, anything that's sort of timely and relevant. So if I'm on this page, my eyes are automatically drawn to the shorter titles. Cannonball, Don't leave me. Scroll down Suddenly land shark. Ivanka Trump quoting Einstein these longer ones. My eyes kind of just glaze over them. Not that they're bad headlines, but when you're looking online when you're searching on Google, when you're on any sort of search engine, people's eyes will be drawn to these shorter headlines. So again, it's kind of this hard bounce between all of these tips that I'm talking about. But when you're searching online, just pay attention to the length of the headlines that you actually click on, or at least initially are drawn to. I'll bet that most of them are shorter than these really long ones, so keep all these tips in mind as you write your copy and articles. 6. Write Better Articles: I know this section was more about copyrighting and not necessarily blogging, but I do want to include some tips for writing better articles because content marketing is so important. It's a big part of the success that I have had as an online based business. But even if you're not an online business writing, good blogged articles can drive a lot of traffic to your products and services. So here are some tips for writing better articles. The first tip is to research and use proper keywords. Obviously, you want to write articles that people are going to be searching for. There's no point in writing an article. If no one's going to find it, no one's going to be searching for it unless it's just for your own pleasure. But because we're a business, we want to make sure that we have some sort of result from the time spent writing articles . But of course, the world is seven billion people. Big and billions of people are on the Internet, so even if you're writing an article about a very specific topic, you might have a good chance of getting traffic over time. One key thing to note though, is that you can write the best article in the world. You can use the greatest headline you can have the best keywords. You're probably not going to get a lot of traffic on that very first day that you published . It takes a wild build up, a reputation and what I mean by that a history of reputation on the Google search engines or different search engines because with one article, your websites not going to be found as easily. But as you post more articles and more people do visit your site, your Websites s CEO or a search engine optimization is going to increase. So if you do start writing articles on more specific topics, your articles will be seen sooner than your 1st 1 So I don't want you, Teoh get frustrated when you're not getting a lot of traffic when just starting out. This is a long term play, and that's the greatest thing about blogged articles is that they have a long life span. Generally, your blogged articles should last at least a couple of years unless they become irrelevant on the topic or something changes. So how do you actually do research and find keywords to use. Well, one of the first things is to not go too deep into research and just think, What are the 10 things that my customer is going to ask? What do they what are their pain points? And we've already done this. What questions that they have and think about it, Or ask people, survey your audience, survey people online using social media and just see what are they struggling with. Also, just do a search for your topic on Google and see what other articles are out there. Do it. Search for your topic on YouTube and see what other videos air out there. You know I don't want you toe copy what other people are doing. But having an article about this topic or a video about the each topic or each question under your own brand is a good idea. That's one of my strategies is just finding what people what other people are making and doing it in my own style. Some next level keyword research ideas are using the Google keyword planner, and that's available. If you have an AdWords account with Google, we're gonna be going. Moreover, Google AdWords in the future or just using Google trends. If you search for Google trends, they have a great tool that allows you to find what items are trending right now. What topics are trending and you can even compare to other topics to see if, hey, do you wanna write an article about this one or that one or this product or that product you can see which ones are more trending, and that's generally a better sign to write articles about that kind of content. Our next tip is to be generous and give lots for free. If you're worried that you're giving too much away for free, too much good content, don't worry. That's probably a good sign. The best companies that I know give so much good free information out, especially online brands and online media brands. Now, this isn't true for every type of business. You can't just be giving away free items if you're a brick and mortar store. But the free trial does work. Giving away freebies does work, but in terms of writing articles, make sure that you're writing super duper high quality. You're not holding back. You're giving it all to the audience because that's how it people start to, like, know and trust you. And if they do that, they're more likely to purchase your product or service. Our next tip is to attract the right people. We've talked about knowing your audience. It's just important to make sure that you're serving that specific audience. And if it's an audience that doesn't have money and isn't going to support your business, and you can't build a business off of, well, you might need to pick a different audience. But make sure that you're attracting the right people who not only appreciate your content but well, actually, eventually be a customer of yours. A few important things are your subject lines, intros and conclusions. In that order, a lot of people will only clicking on article based off of the subject line. And once they do that, they'll read the intro and then skim down to the conclusion. So spit pay special attention when you're writing those intros and conclusions, because a lot of people won't read what's in between. So have your calls to actions have links to other articles or talk about your products or services in the intro and Outro. Now you don't want to make it to sales that you don't want to make. It always seemed like a sales pitch, but make sure that you're giving them the option to take the next love step. Include an email. Opt in for him at the end of your article or even right after the intro. Include a little lead magnet that's specific to that article right after the intro. This is a great way to grow your email list. Another important tip is to build curiosity with the first sentence. People are reading your articles because they're wondering what it's about there, wondering what you're going to say. So feed on that and build more curiosity. Ask questions, make bold statements, things that will make the readers say That's interesting. I want to read more, and it's also important to break up texts. Make sure you're using your headings. Your other four manning tools like bullet points lists la quotes, images, photos, use anything to make it a little bit more interesting and not feel like they're having to read an essay 7. Optimize Your Website SEO: optimizing your on page s CEO is really important to make sure that when people are searching for a specific topic that you're writing about, whether it's a sales page or a blogger article, they actually find it. So here are a few tips, and I'm going to actually walk you through the back and of WordPress to show you how I do this on my own articles. And by watching this real World case study, you'll have a better idea of how to do it yourself. Even if you don't use WordPress, the first tip is to add a meta description. This is a 160 character description of the article that search engines see and will actually post, or it will show in the search results, so you'll see when you search for a topic, you'll usually see that headline of the article, and then right underneath you'll see that little description. If you don't add this description, it just shows the first sentences of your article. But sometimes that's a little unclear. And so if you're meta description is actionable, if it includes keywords relevant to that block article, it will help it appear. Maurin search and it will make it more clickable because for people reading the medic description, it will call out to them better than perhaps just the random first line of your blogger article. The second tip is to make sure you use your titles and headers properly. Include the keywords for your articles in both your title and headers. Within your article, you should be adding anchor, text or links to other articles on your website. This will encourage people to stay on your website to go from the post, their reading to another poster to another page. Google and other search engines will see this. They see that people spend more time on your website and if people spend more time on your website, that improves the S CEO of your website and it will actually improve the ranking of your website for whatever search terms you have on your site. So make sure that you build into your articles, links to other articles and other pages to keep people on your site as long as possible. Similar to this mobile, optimization is key. So many people are going to be coming to your website through a mobile device If you're say , is not mobile e optimize, they're going to leave your sight sooner because it's just not as easy for them to use. And if people leave your sight sooner, that's going to hurt your Seo ranking. Let's look at one of my examples to show how I'm putting all of these tips into practice. Here's an article that I wrote six tips for making great videos with your Webcam, so automatically the keywords that I'm using our Webcam videos. Better Webcam videos. I've included headers. Teoh not only make the article more visually appealing to break up the tech, so it's not just one long big article. I've included images as well, and then these headers you can see that include the key word Webcam, Webcam video. Let's go into the background, though, because if you're using WordPress, I highly encourage you to install a plug in called Yost s CEO. Like I mentioned before, if you're not using WordPress, it's OK. And if you don't want to install the Yoast Seo plug in, that's totally fine. You can still do a lot of these things. This plug and just makes it a lot easier. You can see here that when I scroll down on any of my posts, it has this plug in first at the top. It gives you a preview of what it looks like in search engines. And here's where you can write the meta description. This is thes short sort of sweet. Couple sentences about what this article is, and it appears up here and you can edit it. You can view it mobile preview on how it looks on mobile or desktop, and that's great because you can basically do live editing and then below. It gives you this check list of to do items to improve your CEO. So, for example, things that I've done is include the focus keyword in the Earl of the Page include the Focus keyword in the first paragraph of copy. Use the Focus keyword in headers. Then there's things that I haven't done yet. So, for example, the images on this page are missing all attributes. So if I go up and screw up to an image, let me just added this image. I need to add alternative text. This helps people who are visually impaired because they have website readers that actually read through the entire page for them and with images that can't read the images unless you have alternative text. So, for example, in alternative text for this image, I would say something like Make your Webcam video is better and that's sort of the description of this image. So I should go through and add that to all of my images throughout this article. I include a lot of different links, other articles that I've written, things that I think are helpful for people to try to get people to stay on my Web site. My site is already mobile e optimized. Because I'm using the Avada theme, you can learn more about how toe optimize your website. In the website section of this course, there's plug ins that allow you to do this for free. But most modern website builders have an option to make your website Mobley optimize. So at the end of the day, I just hope that these tips can help you improve S CEO for all of your pages, whether you're using WordPress and the Yoast Seo plug in or not,