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Digital illustration: collage in Procreate or Photoshop

teacher avatar S Sukilopi, Artist, Skillshare teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Subject and sketching


    • 3.

      Papers Library


    • 4.

      Compose a palette from a photo


    • 5.

      Create lace textures


    • 6.

      Digital Collage


    • 7.

      Background and details


    • 8.

      Selling your art & importing text


    • 9.

      Final words


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About This Class

Patchwork on an iPad? Yes please! In this class I will show you how to create digital lace textures from photos, how to gather all kinds of paper to create your own library and how to make a virtual collage that looks so great that you can use it as greeting cards or sell it on various supports.

You will learn to:

-choose a subject and digitally sketch it 

-gather and save pieces of paper to create your own library

-create a color palette from a photo

-transform an image into a lace texture

-insert your elements into your design

-add a background and some details to your artwork

-use Over to create a personalized greeting card. Also why print on demand sites are useful.

Finally I would be so very happy to see your own creations! So if you did some digital collage after watching my class, please post your work in ‘Your Project’

Here is the link to my Collage Papers library in Dropbox, feel free to use whatever you like for your project:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

S Sukilopi

Artist, Skillshare teacher



Hello, I'm Sandrine.

I am an artist and Skillshare teacher who loves using all kinds of media and especially watercolors. I am also a Procreate lover and I especially enjoy painting portraits and whimsical art digitally.

I sell my art through exhibitions and on print on demand websites, such as Society6 and Redbubble.

My main sources of inspiration are my daily reveries, nature, music and books. I am also a major paper hoarder and collect everything and anything that is not completely white..

Last but not least, I am French (which you already know if you’ve heard me talk for half a second), living in Toulouse, south of France.  

I hope you will enjoy my classes, I am always ecstatic when my students post their project... See full profile

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1. Presentation: everyone. My name is something and this is my second skate shop class in these last how we teach you how to create a beautiful goulash using for the shop appropriate. We will learn how to use pieces of paper, any pieces of paper that around your house We also learn how to create pictures up of images. And finally we use a kind of patchwork technique to create a beautiful image. I would love to see your outward So please, in the section. I really hope you will enjoy this lesson and I am ready to start whenever you are. 2. Subject and sketching: inspiration for these Kalash was a small lace butterfly broach that I was given as a gift. I decided to go on Pinterest and search lays butterflies. And as you see, there are many of them, all with values, patterns that are very interesting toe work with. I find that each of this one as a subject of my Kulash, you can work on anything you like. Any image that you want could be a photo be drawing. It's entirely up to you. I imported the image in procreate. You can do the same in photo shop if you working for the shop, and I immediately lowered the opacity of Malaysia and created a new one on top on which I will draw with a dark gray pencil brush. I advise you to lock the layer with your reference photo so as not to draw on it. Then, on the top layer, you will start following the outline or your friends image. You do not have to drive every single line. You can just sketch the ones that are the most interesting or the main ones depends how detailed you want your illustration to be. I am not going to create a new layer on top of my sketch. As you can see, this design has many circles in need. So I drew a circle on a separate leg. Make it easy to replicate it in place or the circles where they belong. You can choose any subject you like for this collage. It could be landscape. It could be an animal, a photo drawing anything you like, and I will show you how to get a sketch from a photo that is not very detailed, in which case you just make a blind yourself. I will no group or the circle layers together with the sketch, and I will carry on tracing my design. I have not finished sketching the whole right wing, and because it's a symmetrical design, I can just replicate the layer, rotated sideways and place it on the other side of the body. The only thing you have to be careful off at this stage is just to not disturb this layers . So simply said, you're transform tool on magnetic. I will not create a new layer to sketch the better flights booty another layer for the antenna, which I duplicate and again rotate sideways and place on the other side of the head. Once you have finished sketching your subject, you can merge order layers together so that you're drawing is on one layer only I would know show you this other coalition tidied. My reference photo was this one and I created a new layer on top, choosing again a pencil brush induct great for my sketch and defining various sections according to the birth body parts, the different textures we have short feathers, long feathers. You can also define sections according to the degree off, lighting light versus dark parts. Or you could draw a random lines. Why not? This is the sketch. A cama point. Very simple, very basic. I then I did some elements for the background I had already used for the Butterfly Kulash. Once all your elements are saved on different layers, you can use them again and again for different projects. 3. Papers Library: because my inspiration was a lace butterfly. I will integrate a lace texture to my project. You can use Pinterest or Google Toe. Find some textures because these are very intricate and delicate designs. Choose only white on black photos so that there will be easy to select in for the shop appropriate. I will now show you all the papers that that we use for the Butterfly Project. You can find pictures and patterns on nine and saved the images as long as it's for your personal use, of course. Or you can use newspapers. You're on paintings, wrapping paper, not kings or again a paper. I also have a stock of scrapping who paper that I might choose for this project. Just take photos off all your paper and save them on your iPad or your laptop. Sometimes photo, not give justice to the original colors, so just alter the light and color off your photos and then save them in your library. In general, it's useful to have a good collection off patterns and designs. You can use them for many projects. For the lice. Images simply reduced the color to zero, so you are left with black and white only 4. Compose a palette from a photo: we are now going to create a color palette for project, although it's not absolutely necessary. I like working with a specific pilot to use as a reference for my work. These are beautiful paintings by Scott Naysmith, who is a contemporary Scottish artist. I have chosen this painting, which I have imported into procreate and from which I will pick up Carlos that I will add to my new pilot again. You can use any painting or photo that you like to create your own pilot. As I like to collect pieces of papers and patterns. I also like to collect pallets and keep them for future use. You will see in the next lesson high we lose the spell it to color the texture that I have the lace texture, for example. 5. Create lace textures: now that our sketch and a call a pilot already, we can start working on our lace textures. For these. I will import photo that I saved, and I create a new layer on top, that pic of color from the palette, and I drop it on the new layer now for the pattern and the need to show. You need to change the blending mode, for example, to multiply and then reduce the capacity of the color area according to how light or dark you want the shade to be. You can try different blending modes, which have different effects for this one. I will select scream and the white really shows up. Once I have done this, I replicate this layer. I make it invisible to be sure that I will not be able tow alter it in any way, as I want to keep it, and I work on the new layer that I just created. I will now use the automatic selection tool to select the white in my image, which is the lace itself, and make a new layer with this election. If you're familiar with procreate, you know how to do these. Otherwise you just press these two little lines next to automatic at the bottom of your screen to create a new layer, which will Onley include your selection, making sure you're on the right layer the selection. You pick up a color from your pilot and just drop it there again. You can work on the opacity off the layer and in the blending moat. As you can see, you can obtain different results according to what options you choose. Just make sure that you always have an original image to work on and save the ones that you want to use for your project. If you work in photo shop, you might find it easier to select specific areas off your image, whereas in procreate there is an element of randomness in the selection tool. Maybe it's just me, and I don't know how to use it. Well, there's always something unexpected that happens when I select a yes, specifically very intricate patterns you do not always get. I do not always get what I expected, which can be a good thing. Sometimes I get interesting textures like this one that I did not battle plan, but which I really like, It's a bit of a trial and error game, at least for me. Maybe I should not say this as a teacher, and I hope that you are more expert in your selection capacities, abilities, and I am. But anyway, you will a managed. I'm sure to get some interesting textures, and I wish you know a few off the ones that I managed to get and how we will use them for a project. I am not going to work on this new image, this new piece of lace that I've saved. When you use the automatic selection tool, you can modify the thresher by moving the slider right or left to change your selection level. If you working for the shop, of course, you will use the magic wand, which has a tolerance option. I will again make a new layer with my selection, select a new color from my pilot and feel this new selection layer with my collar, which is perfect, and I get this, which is very nice. I will keep it. Then I go back to my original image, duplicated, make a new selection, and this time I would reverse the selection. Now if I put a color into my name age. Now I get a piece off white and blue lace. If I inverse my selection by pressing these two little corners and I feel my selection with blue again, you can see that I get a very different result. I am not going to make a few more Samper's, but I will use in different colors with values material that I selected and say you can now see my whole collection off lace textures are. We group them together in one texture group, and everything is now ready for us to feel our sketch with all these patterns and these different place textures that we've created, and I will see you in the next lesson. 6. Digital Collage: First of all, I will go on my sketch Lega rename, eat and lucky to make sure that that not alter it in any way. And then I will import my first image, which is a piece of origami paper that I have to say. I would place it above my sketch layer and lower intensity so that I can see the sketch underneath. Once this is done, I will make a free selection off the shape of the wing. Once your selection is complete, instead of making a new layer of field, you can go toe the paper layer and select mask. As you can see, only your selection has been filled with your gammy paper. So this is one way of doing things the other ways to just import your origami paper and place it above your sketch. Lower capacity off the paper layer and simply arrays dear Yes, that you don't need for your designs. I like this way of working a lot more because I think it's closer to traditional art. It just feels more natural. You get this uncorrupted feeling as if you were really cutting a piece of paper and sticking it onto your drawing. I am not going to erase but off the origami paper layer and clearing out the areas where we insert a different patterns and images. I am using a medium airbrush a razor. For these, I am now importing a new image into my project. I will choose this piece off watercolor painting that I did. And just as before, place it over selected area. You can really insert any kind of picture that you like. It could be a piece off painting that that you have done. You can take pictures of them. You can choose a little piece of the painting. I am not going to use this one, which is what? A color and ink drawing on paper. And I will pick up some elements of this painting to insert into my project. For example, this little flower will fit into this circle on the wing. I place it their precise it and erase all the parts that I don't need. I see like now, another flower, and I use exactly the same process as before now going into the textures group, I choose earlier, deprecating and take it out of the group as we need previously, we will play seat above the area where we need it, and before we actually erased the pieces we don't need, we need to replicate the layer so that it's easy toe xs it again, since we're going to use it now, you have just picked up another corner and dropped it into the layer to get exactly the same pattern. But in orange, going again into my textures group, I select another piece of place that I replicate in a place where I need it. And for this piece I changed the blending mode to dinner burn because the color fitted better with the rest of the palate. I pick up another flower from my paper and resize it so that it fits one of the circles in the wink. I now have three different types of flowers that I can easily replicate and put into place . The next two Major win import is a lace paper doily. I think that's how you call it anyway. I have this at home, and I am now using need for this project. I duplicate the major tolerating blue, and I would fit it in. That big circle is almost the last part of the stop wing because I think there are enough patterns as it is for the swing and they're so because, or the flowers are the same size. I've decided to enlarge this flower and to fill the gaps with a similar color and self fresh. I will no match all the layers that compose this wink and now start working on the bottom week and I am going to use my less paper doily once again. First of all, I will work on the saturation, bring the saturation to zero to get my wides and black as purest receiver. You can also work on other levels. What I would like to do is to select only the doily itself without any background, and I will create a new layer with the selection. - Our bottom wing is now complete. I will once again much all the layers and start working on the body. I hope that whatever subject you chose, whether it's the same as my no different one, you are having fun doing these. It's quite relaxing. You can put some nice musics of podcast and just have fun with this little patchwork kalash that you're doing and that, of course I would love to see in the project section of this test. It is no time to do the other side off a butterfly. For these are we simply replicate the top wing layer, rotated sideways and put it into place while being careful not to enlarge or distort the layer. And we were simply proceeding exactly the same way for the bottom wink. And here were the main subject off. A painting is now done. We can move to the next lesson and start working on the background. 7. Background and details: Before we start working on the background, we must make sure that all the parts off the main subject are gathered together in one group so that we can easily make it invisible when we want to. So there are no rules, really. When it comes to background, the only thing I would keep in mind is that the background should not be too bright. The colors should be a little bit muted so that the subject, the main subject stands out. The background that you will shoes is quite important because it will give a style to your whole image. The first picture that I chose, for example, was a little bit all looking and had his vintage look about it. The 2nd 1 waas more graphic design look, and this one is more artistic, and you can lower a capacity off this layer to make it more or less receiver. You can also change the overtone off your background by I think colorful layer on top that you can set to multiply and low opacity. I am not going to add some details to the background for these. I'm going back into my less textures group, and I could be one off pieces off place that I will be using. Take it out of the group and complicated. You cannot whatever details you want into the background. You can put new images if you like to give it more organic shape and raising some parts off this player in this case because I already have lace in the wings off the better fly and because I have swirls in the background think this particular piece fits well in there. I am not testing the values blending modes, and I like this veg Carlo that doesn't again take the focus away from the main subject. We just want to add some details to the background to make it more interesting, and it's entirely up to you. Have VCU wants background to be here because we already have so many different patterns in the wings of the butterfly are we stick toe one design only that I will replicate and repeat changing size and direction over and over again. But keeping the same color and the same design for the background. You might want to add lots of different details into the background, and that's fine because that might be your style and you should always do something that you like 8. Selling your art & importing text: selling your art on print on demand website is a good idea. It's very easy. You just need to upload your art at high resolution on their website and off course, do some promotional work on social media. I personally use red Bubble and society seeks to sell my work. And this in itself can help you in the way you create your art because you will quickly see what works and what doesn't work and what you need to change in your design to make it more balanced more attractive. For example, I would know show you an easy way to add text to your art so that you can create greeting cards. Unless you are very good at lettering, you can use these up called over, So this is what you will see when you bend the up. Just press the plus at the bottom of the screen and you will get many different templates to truth from Does not matter which one you pick because we will change the site of the text and everything else later. Just press the V to select any templates, then press text and start typing the words you wish to add to your greeting card and price V at the top right corner. When you're done, you know have many options to choose from our We start by increasing the size off my text and then change the color. You can change the color toe anything you like, but you can also do this in procreate off the shop. So are we. Just stick to black for now, and then we will go to the front section. There is a nice selection here. Attend to use the Hello beauty for one quite a lot, but it depends on the style off your art and your own preferences. Of course, you will find that there are many options available within this up, such as shadowing and so on. I tend to stick to basic lettering and just imported text into procreate off photo shop. Just go to share, and then you need to find this safe PNG option because you do not want this background. Import the image into for the shop, procreate and then you can unlatch the text recall or it and events plead the words. To do these, you need to go to your text layer, make a hunt selection off One of the words Create a new layer with your selection going back to your original layer, you can now erase that same word. No, and you can now move and place the words freely on your image. You now have an original greeting card that you can print or personalize. 9. Final words: of several, Thank you very much for watching my I really hope that have enjoyed it. And that will not be a your own digital goulash. If you do, please make sure that you cost your work in the project section below. You cannot suppose any questions or comments that I can I will make sure that I read to you . Finally, we're finding the description. Believed my library with all the papers that have used during this class and or the one that you have seen people to use them as you please.