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Design For Instagram: Branding and Consistency

teacher avatar Anna Kay, Spiritual mentor and healer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Project


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      Get to Know Your Current Feed


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      Know What You Do and Why


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      Strengths and USP


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      Stay On Brand


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      Consistency is Everything


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

As we all know, Instagram is HUGE right now!  It’s one of the best tools out there for promoting your brand and, what’s more, if you use it well, it can mean that you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on advertising space!

Whether your brand is for a business that you want to promote on Instagram, or a personal one, this class will help you make the most of this great resource and show you how to create a stunning Instagram gallery that will attract all the right followers.

It will help you think about what your brand does and why, what exactly you want to do on Instagram, and how to turn your gallery into one you can be really proud of and that other people will love coming back to.

So click enrol now and let’s get started creating your beautiful Instagram gallery today!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anna Kay

Spiritual mentor and healer


Hi, I'm Anna.

I’m a spiritual mentor, intuitive, healer and educator.

I’m super passionate about sharing my extensive knowledge and experience to help you feel empowered to love yourself, to have a strong voice in the world, to feel confident about showing your true self and sharing your amazing creations, and to feel great about getting paid for your hard work and bringing in all of the abundance you deserve.

I have a MFA in Fine Art, life coaching, energy healing and hypnotherapy qualifications and over twelve years’ experience running my own creative businesses, which all puts me in a perfect position to help you with your creativity, self-care and creative business.

Join my Skillshare classes to help you build a life full of freedom, lov... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to this class designed for Instagram, Brendan and Consistency. Instagram is turning out to be a really vital tool, too many people for promoting their business or themselves in a modern visual way without having to spend thousands of pounds on advertising. It could be a really useful tool for you to just need to take a bit of time to think about how to create a beautiful gallery that gives out the right message. This close is designed to help you think really hard about what image you want to project for your brand on Instagram, then create a really stunning visual identity and attract the right follows whether that's fuel business brand for for self friending purposes, we'll start off by going through a few blending basics and thinking about what you want to use your instagram see to do and say before moving on to look at how to curate a really attractive gallery that will engage your followers in bringing new. This glass is ideal for anyone who wants to create a stunning instagram ako for the used to promote your products or blood posts to connect with people who might commission work from , or just to connect with, like minded people around the world. Completing it will give you the best chance possible of catching the eye of those important pieces. And bring your friend through visual means or you need to get started is a camera and an instagram account. Class is broken down into short lessons so you can easily fit them into daily life. Cyclic and roll Now and let's get started. I'm really looking forward to having you join me in close to seeing your instagram gallery transform into something amazing. 2. Class Project: the project for this class is really simple. All you need to do is to take a screenshot of your Instagram gallery before watching the video lessons and upload that and then taken upload another screenshot. Once you've watched the lessons and put them into practice. That way we can see how your gallery has evolved and improved. During the process of taking this class. I can't wait to see your project. 3. Get to Know Your Current Feed: welcome to our first lesson. This lesson is designed to get you to analyze your instagram account as it is now. What you think works and what you think needs to change. I'd like you to have your instagram gallery in front of you. Have a really good look at it and think about how it looks and feels at the moment. This will be a great basis to start from when it comes to working out how it needs to change on what message you want to project. If you go to the class project have below this video and scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll find a PdF called Branding for Instagram Worksheet. In the first section, you can write down your thoughts about how your instagram gallery currently looks on the message you feel it gives to your current followers potential new followers. And if you use instagram to promote your business, any potential customers that might stop by your account, you might want to print out this worksheet or save it on your laptop in what digitally whichever. What's best for you. However you want to do it, though I'd strongly advise taking a good amount of time to really analyze what's going on in your gallery at the moment, because you'll be able to get an idea of what works and what doesn't and you can build on this later. One thing to mention is that it's important to look at your gallery is a hole here Rather's in each individual image separately? Yes, this is how the view will see it if they go to your account. Of course, your individual images should work by themselves. But anyone looking at your account will mainly focus on the 1st 9 to 12 images together, and so it helps to think like a follower and see your account through their eyes. So, looking at the worksheet, you'll see that the first thing to do is to write down three words that you'd use to describe your gallery as it currently is. Just pick the 1st 3 that come into your head. Whatever they are, good or bad, you may think it's dull, lifeless, dark, uninspiring, fun, happy, adventurous, bright. There are no right or wrong chances. Just write three words, Stan, Next, Please answer the question. Does your Instagram gallery currently have a Seymour style. By this, I mean, do your images have anything in common? Is there anything that runs through your Instagram gallery to tell your images together and give some coherence? Or are your images all very, definitely different with nothing to link them? If you do have a theme, think about what it is and how well you think it comes across. If you use your instagram account for business, it may be easy to find a theme. Look at the account of Osterberg Ice Cream in Copenhagen, in my opinion, the best ice cream pilot in the whole world. It would be pretty strange if the running theme in this gallery wasn't ice cream. Likewise, with the wave like surf make account, the clue to the theme is in the name. If you don't have a theme, that's absolutely fine. But I'd recommend thinking of one later, as it can really help to add some coherence to your gallery. If you do, this is something we'll discuss in more detail anyway. Next, please write down any colors that appear regularly in your account. You may never pay any sort to the colors in your gallery. You might just photographs things you like and at them as you take them. Alternatively, you may have colors that you always try to include in your images. You may have a favorite color that can't help but sneak its way in, or your colors may be dictated by products you sell is part of your business. In this slide, you can see a selection of galleries where color is important, be it pure white, bright pastel shades or muted blues, browns and yellows. Try to spot any patterns in your own gallery, whether intentional or not, and write the one your worksheet. Next, think about what you like and dislike about your gallery is that any feature of your gallery that you definitely want to keep is that anything you think definitely needs to change? Perhaps you like your shots of your work, but a few too many images of your pet cat have begun to creep in. Perhaps you like the wooden table. You often uses a background but would like to include some other backgrounds. For a bit of variation, write down all of your thoughts so you can return to them later in the class. The next thing to consider is very important. And that's what image do you think your gallery is currently projecting? Toe Anyone who looks at it? Do you think it says fun? Happy times and friends and family? Does it say professional serious with high quality products for sale? If I look at this screen shot on the left from an anthropology, for example, I think of summer fun times, energy and beautiful products that will enhance my life and make me as happy as the people in the images they post. Where is it? If I look at a screenshot from Harry and Frank on the right, the mood is quite different. It's much more serene. I go to this account when I want to see relaxed images with a country vibe to sues me when I'm stressed out. Once you figured out, what message do you think your gallery gives up? It would be a good idea to ask someone else what they think. They may see your gallery exactly as you do. Then again, they may get a completely different in message, and it would be good to see how these fuse lineup and see if they match or if they noticed something that you haven't been able to see because you're connected to your instagram so much more closely than anyone else could be. So once you filled in this section off the worksheet, put it to one side to refer back to you as you go along and let's get started on the next lesson. 4. Know What You Do and Why: Hi. Welcome back to class when I'm doing branding for a business. One of the questions I get the business owner to consider is what they do and why they do it. The answer to this may seem really obvious to you at first, but you can guarantee that when most people start to think about it, it takes a lot more thought to find a really concise, strong answer to this question than they first thought. You can also use the strategy for Instagram. If you really want to have a strong brand on instagram and reach the right followers, I highly recommend taking the time to think carefully about what you use your feet fall and then consider why you do this. If you discovered in the previous lesson that there's a lot you want to change about your account, then think about what you want to be using your account for and why brothers and what you currently do. So first think about what it is that you do. You will want to do with your instagram account. Are you a Web designer, for example, or a stationery designer, and use your account to document your creative work. Start thinking more deeply than this. Are you a Web designer who specializes in Web sites for startups and wants to promote the service you provide? Or a stationery designer focusing on vintage weddings? Who wants to use Instagram as a sort of online portfolio so people can see what you do and high you? It's worth writing down your thoughts as this will help you get them clear in your mind. Then think about why you do what you do. What drives you? Do you want to help start ups? Create more attractive websites so they'll get more customers and find it easier to get their business off the ground? Do you want to use your design skills to help couples keep their wedding details coherent and have the most beautiful wedding day that they possibly can? Even if you don't run a business, think about your personal brand. Focus in on what it is that you want to say as an individual. Are you really into healthy eating and want to spread the word and encourage other people to eat more healthily to, Or do you love dogs and want to share this passion with other dog lovers, whether you're a business brand or a personal brand, having a strong sense of what exactly it is that you do, and your reasons for doing it will really help you make your instagram gallery clear, cohesive and give out a strong and obvious message about what you stand for. One thing I like to do when I'm thinking about a new brand is to focus everything into one sentence. This really helps for Instagram, too. If you keep the sentence in your mind when you're considering posting an image, it will help you figure out whether the images on brand and right for your gallery. If it's not, you shouldn't post it. Try this for your own brand, for example. For my business in the wild studio, I would say in the Wild studio is a creative studio the tapes to promote well being and happiness. Three beautiful, nature inspired design. When I keep this in mind, it allows me to make sure that my images are usually nature related and hopefully beautiful and inspiring. Then please use this to list the three main values that you want to show on Instagram. If you have a business, you'll probably already know what these are for me. They are to show nature related images and design to inspire people to consider involving nature and the outdoors in their well being and happiness, and to be authentic until my real story, rather than one that is clearly made up for Instagram. I've condensed these brand values into three words. Nature inspiring, authentic, and I'd recommend that you do the same to keep in mind so you can make sure your images are on brand. I find this more useful than anything else when deciding what to post on instagram every time I'm considering adding an image, I keep my key words in my mind and think about whether or not the image fits with them. If it does, I post it. And if it doesn't, I don't. I can always save it for another day or another platform where it might fit better. It's a simple is that, and this is what you'll find many of the most popular accounts that they're doing. Think what three words would suit your brand? Perhaps you're an interior designer and you want to be seen as professional, creative and organized. If you're a blogger your values, maybe authenticity, expertise and inspiration. If you use your instagram to keep up with friends and family, you may say your brand values our communication, fun and friendship. Or if you're waiting station, you may go for beauty, romance and elegance. Your words should be the main things that you stand for. The main things people will get out of following your instagram account. Your images don't necessarily need to incorporate all three words at a time, but should at least relate to one or two to stay on Brand spend a slaughters. You need thinking about these and filling in the work she and then come back for our next lesson. 5. Strengths and USP: Welcome back. Instagram is a really vast place, with literally hundreds of millions of separate accounts available for people to follow. This means that you need to work extra specially hard if you want people to choose to follow your account over someone else's. So you need to think carefully about two exactly you want to attract and what will make you stand out to them in this class. I'd like you to think about your main strengths and your unique selling point, and then come up with ways that you can use this information to make your instagram account stand out from the crowd of others just like yours. If you turn to your worksheet again, you'll see some questions that I'd like you to answer. Firstly, please write down what you intend to use your instagram account for. Do you, for example, want to use it for promoting products and attracting new customers? Do you plan to out photos of your cat to try to meet other cat lovers? Do you want to use it to Documenta journey Next? Please write down what you want to be known for on instagram. Do you want to be the go to instagram of for stunning landscape photographs? Or do you want your account to be the one that people look at when they have a quiet moment on? Want inspiration from beautiful lifestyle photographs like the Harry? And, frankly, can't I mentioned Dahlia? If you're trying to sell something that recommend not just bombarding your followers with images of things they could buy from your shop instead, think about how you can become known for having a great instagram feed and offering some sort of value to followers rather than just having them end up feeling as though you're only interested in getting their money. Include other things relevant moments from your own life, for instance, or images showing your design process and how you ended up with the products you're selling , or at least incorporating your own products into really beautiful images in some other way . Some way that's less obvious than just. Here's this great thing I sell in my shop. Come and buy it. Next, think about your strength and just remain three. If you're doing this for your business, maybe you have lower prices than anyone else will provide incredible service. Or maybe you're great at predicting trends and launching new products ahead of the competition. If you're thinking about your personal brand, do you have a really bubbly and charming personality? Do you live in a really beautiful location? Do you have in that for making food look amazing? You can really list anything here. It just depends on you and your brand. Which leads us to our next task. Choosing the things that give you your unique selling point, that thing that makes you completely different from everyone else out there on Instagram. What is it about your business or yourself that no one else can say? Do you use unusual materials in your artwork? Do you have a really distinctive design style? Do you change your hair color regularly? Do you only eat white food? Apparently, some people do list the three things that you consider to be most representative of your brand. And then finally, for this section, try to come up with some ways that you can use all of this information to make your Instagram gallery really stand out. For example, could you make your graphic design instagram a bit different by including many tutorials in your captions? There are lots of people who post images of food. Could you make your images different by telling unique little stories through use of props and setting, and by telling the story in your caption, perhaps with the recipe for follows two followers to make themselves. I love the Twix Studios account, for example, because she has a very distinctive and consistent way of styling. Her food, plus all of the food is home made, and she writes a personal caption to go with every image, which makes for a really authentic INSTAGRAM account. If people feel as though they're getting something different, they'll hopefully keep coming back to see what you're going to post next. Rose isn't going to someone else's account, especially if there's an added benefit, like a tutorial or a recipe. People also like to know what they're going to get when they follow someone. So if they know that you're going to keep posting a certain thing in a certain stale, then that will work in your favor, too. Have a really good think. Write down your list and I'll see you shortly for our next lesson. 6. Stay On Brand: hi and welcome back in this class. We're going to talk about the importance of staying on brand on instagram if you want to attract the right followers. And the best way to do that. This is all about the things you use in your photographs, approx, backgrounds, colors and the filters you use. You essentially want people to be able to look at your images and know they've come from your account. You want to project a clear message about who you are and what you're trying to say, which is where your earlier preparation comes in on on Brand photograph will be one that is in keeping with your brand values and the mood of your brand. It helps to develop a signature style that is a style and mood that using all of your images, even if they're not all of the same thing. On my in the wild studio account, for example, all my images tend to be quite natural looking and of things I find outdoors or work I've done recently that's related to the outdoors. Because of the subject matter. The colors also tend to be natural looking browns, greens, a bit of white and sometimes something, and I know which filters to use to get a consistent on brand look. I sometimes post digital surface packing designs, but if I do this, I make sure I choose the ones that fit with the outdoorsy feel of the account, and I'll usually have to re color them to make them fit in with my other images. Consistency is very important, and you can get this by thinking of your gallery as a whole. But we'll talk more about this in another lesson. There are a lot of things to think about it first, but soon you'll be able to just spot what will go and what won't when you're out and about with your camera or looking for props. A lot of it is common sense to, for example, if your Instagram gallery usually features images of amazing cakes that you bake, then a picture of you snowboarding in the Alps is going to look really out of place and throw the whole aesthetic out. You need to spend time thinking carefully about what's going to fit on what would be better posted on another platform or just kept hidden. Please turn to your worksheet now and ever think about what colors and themes would fit in with your brand. Also returned to your own Instagram gallery. Look at it and see which of your current images he think, fit in with your brand values on the mood and style of your brand on which don't. If you're a business, you probably already have brand colors and fonts and things that you know, follow your brand style. If not, then have to think about what you're trying to say with your account on what colors, themes and props might suit this best. It might have a lot to do with the seam of your account. For example, if you plan to mainly use it for showing images of your black and white cat, then the colors black and white and the scene cats will feature a lot. Look at this account by Seaside Lucy. The colors and style are dictated by the theme of her account i e. The seaside. So, of course, there's lots of blue and pastel colors as well as props in the form of things. You often find it a seaside. There's a strong level of consistency to the account and because she sticks to only one scene, this gives it a really strong identity. You can use the research you did on your gallery as it currently is, and see if anything stands out that you can use now. I'd also recommend making a mood board or a Pinterest board with images that feature the colors, textures, themes and styles you like and would like to include in your Instagram gallery on a regular basis. You can then refer back to this whenever you feel like you're drifting away from your brand style, go away and do this now and then come back for a Nets lesson. 7. Consistency is Everything: welcome back to close in this lesson will discuss creating a consistent gallery. This really is the thing that makes the difference between a professional looking instagram and a so so one. From now on, it's vital that you start thinking of your instagram as a whole gallery and not just individual images. I find that the trick is to ask yourself, Is this a great image on its own? First? And if the answer is yes, ask, does it fit with the rest of my gallery? I often reject images that I've been planning to use because they're not good enough on their own, despite the fact that I think they go really well with the rest of my gallery. If it's not a great image alone, then you'll find people just scrolling past when they're looking at their feet. But if it's a great image in itself, they're more likely to click through to your whole gallery, which is where the coherent gallery thing comes in. If your images don't work together as well as individually, then you'll end up with an account that just looks a mishmash and you won't attract the people you want to attract who doesn't love to look at an instagram account, where the images are of a consistent style and the colors and thieves just seem to flow. Keeping in mind the mood you're going forward, your gallery. Think about what kind of props backgrounds, lighting colors and so on You should be incorporating. For example, are you after a dark and moody field with low lighting and dark colors like Fionn McKown? Or is well lit white and fresh? More your style like cereal Mac, think about what fits with your brand. Do you have particular colors that used to represent you? Like the gorgeous blues of this? Found some paper account, other particular objects that you regularly use as props in product photographs? Where is there a style of background that would suit your brands, such as a rustic wooden table or clean white board? By now, you should have figured out what will suit the style of your business or personal brand, and it should be relatively easy to figure out what looked go for. Every time you take a picture, have your brand style and keywords in mind to guide you. This will help you keep a consistent style running through your gallery, you might be lucky and find that because of the nature of your instagram, the images flow well without too much thought. This is where theme comes in. As I mentioned in a previous lesson. Look at this account by my Scandinavian home because she's almost exclusively posting only pictures of a certain type of interior. She automatically gets a largely coherent gallery without even thinking too hard about it. If you only do one thing, or at least you only want to stick to one thing for your instagram account, then it'll certainly be far easier to achieve a consistent look like this. If you want to combine multiple themes, you're going to need to be more careful about what you post. You may even want to start a second account if the things you want to post a very different if you decide not to open a second account, then limiting the number of things you include could be useful when creating coherent gallery. Sticking to similar themes throughout your gallery can help your followers know what to expect from you and create consistency by helping your images blend in with each other. even if you don't stick to the same colors all the time, if you don't want to or really can't limit the number of themes in your gallery, there are other ways to get consistency using a recurring object, background, location or whatever can help in this case, look at the forge Bristol. They keep coming back to the same wooden floorboards and often post other images with wood and plants in the This really helps to bring the images back to something consists consistent, even if they vera way towards other things. I do this myself with my in the wild studio feed. I make sure to add an image that was taken on a wooden chest that I have every so often I started off, including the chest in images just because it was photogenic and I didn't want to use a white background. But it soon became a recurring thing, and now when I include it, it feels as though I'm returning to my path so I don't lose my way too much. It doesn't have to be a background that use for consistency. Returning to the same thing every so often can help keep your gallery consistent, whatever that thing is, as well as an image taken on my wooden chest. Every soft. And I also try to add one images. A recent pattern design that I will usually have recovered to fit in with my gallery colors and a black and white image and also a greeny Bernie Outdoor image. Again, if I veer off my path, I find that this brings me back to where I want to be. Think about things that could recover in your own images. It could, for example, be certain props, a setting or location or recurring colors. Keeping consistent colors running throughout your feet is great for helping your gallery look amazing. Color wasn't anything else, in my opinion, is the most important thing to keep in mind when creating your beautiful, consistent gallery. Sticking to just a few colors will help you. Images blend together without anything sticking out of ruining the effect. Let's return to Vidin use. For a great example of this, you'll see that the colors here are consistent throughout the entire gallery. There's nothing that leaps out and ruins the aesthetic. It's just really pleasing to the eye. It might might sound iniquity toe have to constantly be rejecting amazing photographs you've taken just because they have the wrong colors in them. But believe me, if you do this, it will make a huge difference to your gallery in my class. On creating flat lay photographs for Instagram, I mentioned how color can really make or break an image. This goes for your gallery as well. If you have a color that stands out or clashes with other colors and looks really after place, it can spoil the holder. So make sure to look out for this and think about the colors in your images. You can always save an image for a few days time until you have one that could go next to it so it blends in. You don't always have to stick to the same colors for the rest of your life, So if you don't want to always be limited, then there are clever ways of transitioning from one color to another. If I want to add an image that doesn't have my usual colors in it, I'll find something that has both the new color on the old color in it and posting images that first that way if the old color leads into the new color without it being too obvious . Keeping the basic colors of my image is the same all the time. But just changing the pop of color really helps with this. As it means my image is always have a similar aesthetic, whatever extra color is added, another thing to do is to find something that contains a shade somewhere in between the old color and the new color, or even used. A neutral miss just does this really well. You'll see in these screenshots her transitions from one color to another. She uses this vibrant pink for a while. Then, instead of jumping straight to yellow, a contrast that would really stand out a lot. She uses some neutrals for a while and then adds the yellow in more gently. She then merges the yellow into brown with a similar theme before adding in a bit of blue agree. Sometimes she even mixes two colors together for a while. But she makes this look great by sticking to similar themes that often have a feature in common, such as the bricks of a building or wooden floorboards. And she always sticks toe only those colors and doesn't throw in extra ones. I think this is a fantastic example of something as someone thinking of their gallery as a whole, and she makes it really easy to get consistency. I imagine that because she's been posting on this account for so long that she just knows now when she sees something that'll look good on it. This is what will happen to you eventually, too, and one final trick, but only if it works for your gallery on my in the wild account, which you can see on the left here. If I want to post an image that has a lot of colors or a color that doesn't go with my gallery, I'll often post it was a black and white image. I included black and white in my colors from the start for precisely this purpose, and I find that it works well. It wouldn't work. It'll for my other account, though, as you can see on the right hand side, because that's much more pretty on Black and White just wouldn't look great. With the pale greens and blues and childish looks of my design pictures. It's something to consider if there's something you're desperate to post that doesn't have the right colors and your image will suit being black and might. Another thing to consider for consistency is editing. You always want the style of your images to be similar, so they blend well together. So stick to the same style of editing for every image. If you use filters, choose just a couple that you like to use every time, because some of the effects they produce come very a lot. Remember to keep in mind your brand style when editing, and also remember, not toe overhead it as this conspire oil, the look of your images and your gallery. Usually you'll find that subtle editing looks much better. Think about how to make your gallery consistent and have a go at posting an image that fits in with your newly planned brand image. And I'll see you in a minute for our next lesson. 8. Planning: welcome back to this lesson on planning. I'm sure you'll agree that most of the best Instagram accounts make it look completely effortless. Looking at the beautiful, consistent, well put together gallery, you'd think they just take a photograph. And there's such good photographers that their first effort looks amazing and just fits right in with the rest of the images I office. We can't vouch for other instagrammers, but I'm pretty certain that almost all, if not all of the's accounts will be carefully planned out at least a couple of days and sometimes a week or more in advance. If you want to create a really stunning instagram gallery, little drawing as many potential followers as possible, you'd be well advised to plan. Also, how much planning you do will most likely depend on what use your account for and how many people you're trying to reach. But as a guide, you'd be advice to plan how often to post what to post on what time of day you're going to post to get the highest engagement. A lot of it will be a case of trial and error as you go along, and you might need to adjust things such as the time of day you post and how many images you post per day according to the rate of engagement you notice yourself getting. And when you can experiment to see how rigidly, rigidly you want to stick to your plan, you may be someone who likes to stick closely to a plan. Well, you may be someone who likes to have a guide but doesn't stick to it too rigidly. Find whatever works for you. I feel a plan in myself every week, and I don't stick to it rigidly. But I find that at least having a backup plan means that I don't have days when I'm stuck for things to post. If I'm feeling less inspired because let's face it, we all have days like that. And if I take the photograph that's on my list and don't use it, I always have a spare for another day. When I'm stuck for something to post, I only tend to post once a day at the moment, as I'm not trying to reach vast amounts of followers while I'm setting up my new business. But I've done some experimentation before and found that when I post three times a day, I get my highest rate of engagement and new followers. I'd advise you to experiment as well to see what gives you the best results for what you want to achieve. You might want to use an analytic service like icon a square toe. Help you really keep track of this as the information they can give. You could really help to make the most of your instagram. The other thing to mention in this lesson on plenty is hashtag. I spend a bit of time every week finding hash takes that my images might suit, and I'd recommend that you do this to, because posting under hashtags that suit your images will mean that you get better engagement when you pose. It's a good idea to the cup accounts that you love and that you align yourself with and see which has hashtags they used. Then, right, the ones you like down to use later on. Go and play around with your posts and see what works best for you, and I'll see you soon for some final thoughts 9. Final Thoughts: welcome. But if you want to create a really amazing Instagram gallery, it's really good to keep these things in mind. Knowing what you like and don't like about your current feet will be a helpful base to start from. Then, knowing what you do and why your strengths and USP and your brand values will help you keep a really strong, clear message throughout your gallery and help you stay on brand When you post, keep these things in mind, especially your three keywords, and you'll find it much easier to tell whether an image belongs in your gallery or not. People like to know what they're getting when they follow someone, so keeping a consistent style in theme across your gallery is vital. If you can add some kind of extra incentive to follow, then that's also useful, such as a territorial or a recipe. Planning is really useful to help you stay on track with you. Instagramming. If you plan at the start of every week, then you'll never need to worry about lacking inspiration one day. Be careful, though, that you don't stick so rigidly to your brand that you lose. Lose your authenticity if you only post images that have been carefully designed to appeal to ideal follow. Then you might find you here away from what is truly you. Authenticity is important on Instagram. When you can't see the face behind the account in person, it's important to feel like you can relate to them and that there's a put a real person there, just like you or me behind the gallery. I don't know about you, but I like to think I can tell if someone's not being themselves and only trying to get me to buy stuff on instagram. And so, even though it's good to keep your ideal follower and your brand message in mind, I think it's also important not to be so rigid about sticking to this, that you end up with a feat that feels fake or not. A good representation of you as a person. Unauthentic human element is really good toe have because engaging with other instagrammers is so important for growing your account. That way you'll find that you attract the people who really connect with you and your brand , and these are the people that really matter. At the end of the day, it's about quality rather than quantity. If you have a small amount of quality followers who really get your brand and buy your products regularly, it's so much better than having tens of thousands of followers who don't really care what you're posting. So finally, thank you so much for taking this class. I really hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. The next thing to do is to get posting those on brand images to instagram and transforming your gallery, then upload your close project to the class gallery for feedback. It would be great if you could engage with full fellow students and comment on their projects to thanks again for taking this class. And I can't wait to see your project with your transformed Instagram gallery very soon.