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Design Easy Letters: Dramatic Rainbow Monogram

teacher avatar Artjourneywithme Heidi, ARTIST AND FACILITATOR

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to The class


    • 2.

      The Supplies


    • 3.

      Selecting The Color Chart


    • 4.

      Sketching the Monogram


    • 5.

      Painting the Monogram


    • 6.

      Highlighting the Monogram


    • 7.

      Your Class Project


    • 8.

      A last word for you and Thank you


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About This Class

Welcome to my new series Design Easy Letters: Dramatic Rainbow Monogram with Heidi Seidl, in this fun and easy Skillshare class we are going to learn how to create a Dramatic Rainbow Monogram step by step. 

Shall we start?

To do so please sign up for this class and lets the magic happens, grab your coffee, tea, or water and get comfortable my dear, don't hold your creativity back!

This class is designed for any level although it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist this class has interesting facts that may be interesting to you and you are welcome to join.

The Supplies

In this class we are going to need these supplies, don’t worry just use what you have that is similar to what I am using:

  • Watercolors or another medium you want to use. 
  • Watercolor Paper.
  • Tracing Paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Glass with water.
  • Brushes: whichever you have at hand will do.
  • Color mixing pan or a ceramic plate.
  • Masking tape or washi tape.
  • White Paint.
  • Fineliners in different sizes.
  • Extras: Gold watercolor, Paper cutter, ruler.

Now gather all the material, take a picture of them, and Please Create a Project to share them with me. I will check all the projects and comment on them.

Are you ready?

It is best if you take pictures of your process to share in your project. Walking through your process and reflecting on it is good for you as an artist, and great for the community to be inspired by. 

The first action to take: Gather all the material, take a picture of them, and Please Create a Project to share them with me. I will check all the projects and leaves comments.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to create Design Easy Letters: Dramatic Rainbow Monogram I will share many examples so you can get a better idea of how to create your own pieces. 

You’ll be creating:

  • Your Own Design Easy Letters: Dramatic Rainbow Monogram

Follow along with me and let’s make art!

Get in touch with me see more in my Bio.

Please take my other classes it will be really helpful for you in the future classes I will be teaching:

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Meet Your Teacher

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Artjourneywithme Heidi


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1. Welcome to The class: Hi, I'm hi. Welcome to this class where we're going to learn how to create for a start to finish a monogram and we're going toe paint it in a dramatic Rangel color chat like this one. We're going to design the monogram, and then we're going to paint. And at the highlights. By the end off this class, you will be able to make those pretty blends with tell. With that I will love to see doing Michaela's doing the next meeting. 2. The Supplies : Welcome to this class. Let's take a look at the supplies we are going to be using during this class. Ben or fancy weather colors. Brush fine. Line it in different sizes. A great brush pen, white paint, water, watercolor paper and a transparent transfers paper. Please go in every, unite older materials and let's start this class, I will say doing the next video. 3. Selecting The Color Chart : welcome to this class. Now we are going to pick the colors here. I have a mixing palette because I am using my watercolors in dif fourth. Remember, you can use whatever medium you like. Even digital, if peace does, is what you prefer. Here I have two pieces off weather colored paper, 300 grams toe. Make the color chart later. Now I will be placing all the thing colors. I chooses to do these fears Rainbow Dramatic rain born later and I will replacing everyone off them in every one off the spaces on my mixing palette so you can see every color that I am choosing or using at the very moment. I didn't using the brand whole vine. Ah, this time and the corners are clearly rich in pigment, so the peace will be ready by evident in the system effect that I want toe produce. As you can see, I am placing all the colors and the colors are black for a sham. Blue cobalt blue composed blue cobalt, turquoise, light, mineral, violet getting some lake better milion bright grows you can use Also open a pink and permanent J lo limb. You can find this caller or the similar colors in every water cooler brands it doesn't need to be the same as I am using here in front is a particular class. I am just in thes these m color change because I want to show you how I do A This particular dramatic rain boom blends in my hand lettering. But remember, you can use the callers to prefer, so just keep in mind. Do you need to know what colors are the best to choose and to blend together? So you have a harem or nice blends at the end off your creation? Creating the color chart is very important. And if you don't know that is my fierce class that I teach this year on a scale change, you can check it out. I will put a link to that collapsed on the this correction for this class. So now we are ready with or a mixing palette with the colors. Now we would proceed to create or examples with the color charts on paper, but fears I want to show you some examples that you can do after you learn how to blend these beautiful colors together. And we're doing here? The Mona Goddamn way here. A monogram, but the then you can do words with every monogram to produce. You can then put them together and for beautiful wars with the beautiful am blend ings, and you can add some all that a details. You can choose any other kind off blending together off the colors. You can used it to make another tapes. Or you can choose different tones off the same colors and do their blending, starting for the darkest one toe the lighter one. Today you can also make beautiful paintings like this one here, in this particular one idea, said the neon colors. Or you can use many happy colors and blamed them together. Toe, bring a smile on the people faces when they see that I don't love this one, and for the sunset, I pick it so more darker colors and you can see I added some mountains and and what? The defense You can make whatever do life, and I hope you get inspired and you make your beautiful own creation. We do own colored pallets, and you have fun making them. Don't forget to shut them with me. I will be so happy to see your creations. Okay, let's proceed Toe bank or coloured chaps. I wouldn't do fears. Their rainbow, a color palette. I have my brush very clean, and I have my clean water. I will use the technique wet on dry. It means what I will wet my brush in the clean water. Then I will and dry the excess off water from my brush in my tower and then I will pick up the corner. Then I will clean my brush radically toe pick up the next corner and I will do this with all my colors, making my brush Weds dry in the excess off water and then pick up the next quarter. You will see how the corners will will be showing you. It's different, a good I get aliens and thus is I find whether corner so magical because they are so versatile and we can use them in so many ways. You we just need to experiment on, discover how we can use this powerless virus medium. This is a very a nice process, but it takes time because you need to let every am color to sit on the paper and then, um is when you will see there really effect. Maybe you can see the scholar super right now, but when they are dry, the pigments gang go a little, be lighter, and then maybe you can decide to just make another a lady it off colors. And this is totally fine. Totally perfect. Totally a gator. It only depends. And on what you want to create a vibrant peas or a more fail or pass Still like a piece. I want to do this very right. So I will be taking my time on letting their colors really seat on the piper. Then do what the next caller and see how they are reacting. But for me, I know this palette and I know how the colors react. And I know that this particular corner says I choose here A are very right when they are dry. So I won't need to What? Another later? Maybe. But we was. We never know. This is the amazing thing when we don't need to. No, everything. We just can go carrier with with a magic off watercolors. So I am adding the last caller assisted Jello Lemon. And then now I have a clean of my rush in the clean water. And then I am just weapon my a bro, sprinkling water and then add in some tortures, toe the paint into the corners to see how they are blending to see if this splashes off color. Give me a more and comprehensive and look I like that really went just water and the gold are really change. Now it's timeto wait. We will wait for this to the right, but in the meanwhile, I will do another examples on how you can mix different colors. I will be now doing a blue blending, picking up the darkest blue, and then the other lie that chase and I will do the same. Wet on dry technique. This is the potassium blue, and this corrosive really dark, but at the same time is a light went do at a little bit more off water, so it gives really this grave in effect. Then I will out there the two cars assists the cobalt blue and that toys and bill. It's certainly brother that you keep your Braasch a clean you can use to brushes if you like, and because then you can see they're real color and without without a missing out, how they react with water or less what more water or less work. Now let's do another one. I will take my Parisian blew my violet and the Crenson, and I want to see how they react together. You can do the same. This is very important that you experiment and try different colors. A three colors to colors. Five callers 10 colors and see how the the gravy ins a blend together so you can discover to your own color palettes and you most five. What it once and yeah, and as I showed you in the examples, Do gun choose this same corner that's a pink and use them on the darkest a change and then adding more weather, my weather, more weather until you have I really light like translucent a caller off the same check. Now I will let this dry and then we will receive with the next. But off this class said you in the next baby 4. Sketching the Monogram: Welcome back here. I have all my materials Toe s start to sketch the monogram. I prefer to sketch the monogram on a transparent transfer paper. And then is it? It's more easier and we can and avoid the damage off the weather colored paper. I will fix this in my cutting mat. And the monogram that issues is the letter age. Do you can choose whatever letter like or even a number. It's up to you. You can choose whatever you want. I will be fixed them paper on the surface. And then I will start sketching my monogram. I will use my brother because I want it to be a clean and but I want around ages. So the look is more acute then? No sort Ricketts, I would take make. My time is making the the I was like my time outlining the sketching off the little age. And I will do the correction. You can look at my process, but just keep in mind to decide what kind off expression you want. Toe transfer in your moreover them. Do you want this to be more classic? More cute? More 80 more. Read it. You need to decide what kind of a lot off lines did you want to use? Toe A Create a germano Graham. I have my monogram already with my watercolor fancy. No, I will outline Eat with a darker graphic pain city so I can make the collection I like. Look, how you doing there? Just more around. And this? Look, I prefer this look better on this letter Now when I will use mine fine liners so you can see how it is looking. It depends on the letter or monogram that do chooses toe skitch. And you need to adjust your decide after finishing the outline with the fine liner. Now I will make a the racing with a pencil. So I will use these to transfer this monogram toe my water cooler paper Laker in my past class in my last class, the class about Florida and the *** later in design I showed you how a easy east to transfer the floors and the letter to the paper using this technique. But remember, you can use whatever thing you do have to prefer. They will say that this is really, really easy And your weather color paper would be very clean and nice. Okay, I have here my watercolor paper fixes on the surface with some bush tapes. And now I will place my tracing paper on top. And then I will trace the letter so it trumps. Transferred the pencil marks on my weather color paper. And then I will have the outlined off my monogram and then I can continuing with my piece. Okay, Now it's done. I will remove the transfer the paper with the monogram and you will see that now I have my legs on my watercolor paper. Now we're ready to start painting. This monogrammed sees you in the next video. 5. Painting the Monogram: welcome to this class. Now it's time to add the beautiful rainbow colored pallets, toe or monogram. Here I have my ballot with the thing color we selected in the preface. Speedy my brush, a clean tower and cling water. So let's start with the darkest caller that in this case is the color black. I will be adding the colors and I stayed by step. You will. You can follow me. You can do it aside. Do it and you can just look at the beer and then do it at the end because you will enjoy these be via in real time. And so you can see how I move my brush. How I do everything you won't miss anything from my a creative process I am seeing noticed that the corners not that dark. Maybe my brush Waas toe wet. So this No, this is not a problem problem. You can fit it very easily just at the first layer and later on we can add another layer off black if we see that it is needed Not this, that I am having the quarter following in the natural. A roundness off my letter off the monograms because I want toe and maintain this a monogram style. Now I will. Another air torches off black to see if the color get dark it. But if not, I will let it dry and then at a little bit at the end when I add the last caller to the monogram. And if you have this the same situation, don't get stressed it just wait a little bit because thematic off brother calories You can always activate the color, and you can add more gold or even you can and pick up the cooler. Frontal, bro. Affront your paper if you like more translucent effect. It is no big problem. I am just trying to tortures off black as a way to make laid ears off thes color. So it looks darker now. I'm ready to work the second quarter, but I notice is that I need another cup of water, chuckling my brush before a having the color. So I have here two cups with clear water. One is toe getting my brush, and then the other is to make my brush wet. Let's continue with depression. This color is really fantastic, and it looks dark. But when do use it. It gets really like this kind lady sky cord. It doesn't really matter. How do you move a hairbrush while having the color on the paper? The bottom thing is you need to be gentle and you need to do it. A in, uh her morning pays. So the cooler seems it to be absorbed by the paper and good ads Woodley in her harmonious. So when it tries, you can see the beautiful color in your paper in a harmonic wait. Also, in this particular case, we want the quarter to be super bright. So I m m I introduced a day many more. And what the possible and my brushes is big is a number. So I don't really need that much water with this brunch because they Absar the good quantity off color and water And does this while my colors are looking these bright right now. Now we're ready. Do at the next caller. And as you can see, I am cleaning my rush bready throw only and then just waiting. And them they're rushing the clean water in picking up the next corner, which is cobalt blue. It's been important to a maintain the lines off your monogram so it doesn't, um, lose the tape off the monogram. Do create it in this case as to know I did the drowned. Just so I am trying toe when I am adding, there were the color on those places. I am very careful. Do not lose that a round look. So my monogram looks really how I want with a need to rush at the colors. We can do it very smoothly and very a e c, and you will see that the paper is maintaining his a quality. Also, it's better those whites spaces because they are very important to give or peace these natural sky Look a because we are not looking for perfection. Here we are looking for beautiful natural A looks, So when you add in the color, try to keep some white space. Between the brushes that you were putting on paper, you will see why later on when I show you what and why do you need to let those white spaces and Wenger under paint arrange your monogram on and your water cooler? A. Adding on paper. Let's continue with your fruit routine process clean the brush, then with the Taj, Pick up the new next color and proceed. Tow it with care and gentleness onto the paper, trying to keep those beautiful colors, blending together and giving you what you really want to see on paper. Time for 1/4 violet. And here we are going to change from cold colors. Toe more warmer colors. You will see healthy blending will change. Um, as far as we are, adding the new warmer colors and it s starting to look more dramatic can be the food. Of course, you can see that if you call it, it's getting light there, and you can not just needed a new leader Dutch. If we'd corner fresh color and it will look more darker, it's really makes a difference. Obliging laid ears while using a water quarters civilly, one off the most beautiful M Ben effects off using watercolors. Let's get to the next color this and getting some lake, and you can start to see that color are getting warmer and warmer. And the brightness is just a amazing maintaining the It's tied off the monogram, getting up off the lines and the brown ages, so my monogram don't lose its form. - I am trying to get the colors. A semetic in both size off my monogram is is a later age, so he had, like, a toe parallels a It's basis. So I went toe that the color looks Betty. Semantics. What I am adding, I am taking Get off a that that the quarters on one side are the same in the in the other side. We are almost don't We're adding now that for millions and we have a the pink like and the yellow lemon to finish this part off or process off or painting process. Really amazing how it it's taken form and how it is taking color. And I can't wait to see when we had the highlights and the outlines. It will look amazing. Not in the pink. Great gentleness can trying to make those color blends together and being very us in medics , a symmetrical on both sites. - So now it's time toe the Dello Lemon and for this one I would do things a little bit different . I will start for the border toe the upper side off my monogram because I want this jello toe faith as I moved from the bottom to the top, a site off my monogram. So it gives this bright a jello color that blends in the pink. You will see how easy it is i n years outlining my monogram with Jell O carefully and trying to use the pigment. I am Betty that on those lines And then I will work my brush green water and then just least the color in the upper direction. You will see how it will blend with the pink on the upper side and the Della will look really bright. I love this effect. He looked like the sunset and this is what I want to make here. I will do the same in there, this side, just with my brush and then leave up. They jello corner until it reaches the pink and they will blend together they will do their magic. Here I am lifting a bit the color pink because isn't running too much into my jail. And I don't want that a really so by unjust using the color the water cooler magic using water and glimmering the king garage, adding a little bit more off Taylor General, where I think I see it's needed you going to this saying and this really is totally fine. Just use your eyes and pick up the colors or at more course, where do you think your piece need? Eight. No, I will add another layer off black Now that my painting is a little bit drier and I am not I think that the black is getting darker now, so it's very, very fine to do it now I will just the same in both sizes off my monogram. So it looks s I'm symmetric and Betty had more news. You sing circular movement here. So the caller under underlying it doesn't get too lose or toe a Spartan. No, I will just with my brush and I will and do some little circular movement around the paper and you will see that those white spaces will become announcing you a sense. We better other colors when I move my and brush around them. And this gives this look this beautiful, mystical and misty looks and to the peace you can have more or less water. It depends on your lichens. And what do you want to create with groupies? I will. I will do this in all day, and colors can see how they look. When you use just water. Do just activate the pigment and it will move work to put your a brush. This is sober Modica. I think that is one of the most fund ethic and finding things off. Watercolors don't rushing this process. Just be very gentle and try to clean your brush between different colors. Pigments because then it will look lovely to be messy. I will add a B off pink here because the calories loose, so I wanted to be a little bit more bright. This is our they collections that we can do. We'd weather code. Is this very dress shooting picking up a little bit off? The being that went too much on my dello and now it looks more You can see where or what do you pain needs and just do the corrections. I do think it means now let's it right completely and we will come back to us. The highlights, I said you in the next video 6. Highlighting the Monogram: Welcome to this class. This is the last part off or glass painting This monogram in rainbow Colors chart Now we will have the final highlights. So I will list that having some stars using white paint I will dilute some off my white pain with with a clean water and I am using a flat brush. This is a little bit of Steve is not so soft and a bamboo stick the consistency to be no So running a social Be a stable so the little stars don't damage Do your monogram And this is how I do My starts on the sky really is using this technique for me it's not messy and the stars are really tiny Tiny So if give the painting or in this case, the monogram a beautiful and almost really stick Look. And I really loved that I did the same in both sides off my letter off my monogram and you will see that is very harmonic and it looks really a cinematic Do us ministers us to like I really like many, many, many, many, many stars because in the skies that are 1000 millions off little stars I love toe see those dying star Chinese on my monogram. Now I will stop doing these tiny stars and I will let my monogram a dry this little time Stars are wet and I will let them write a completely. And then I would proceed with the next step, which is out lining my a monomer them I will start outlining my monogram with a fine line. A The number is cedar 0.5 point seven and this is a big one and I will outline the whole monogram. I answered her half a year a gold water cooler and a brush. I flat brochure very small size, and I after I outlined my monogram with black a fine line it. I will also outline my monogram with the gold water cooler. Give them the to give, then one of them a more classy and Chinese look. You can make your work easier if you just turn around the page toe, make the outline, you will see it will become easier for you toe, get the straight lines. But if you can't, if you cannot do that, you can use your brother and they're in this case if you have around ages you can used under the same shape to uses to form those shapes. Really, it's always about being comfortable and enjoying what you are doing. It doesn't need to be difficult or comfortable. - Okay , the first outline is ready. Now let's see the next one you can use for these for Do some changing a brush pan in a lighter color gray or this one, and are You can use colors. In this case, I will be using gold watercolor toe. Make the peace a little bit more classy and elegant in Chinese, but you can let yourself follow your intuition and use whatever. Do you want to make those shadows or a outlined after monogram? Remember, it's your monogrammed. You can do whatever you like. I am just giving you a guidance and inspiration, But you can use your own ideas in intuition. That's very important when you are creating your piece is that you are connected with your flow with your own and idea thing with your own likings. Oh, what do you want to transmit from the that that what you are creating the little age I chooses this one because you gun form many different, beautiful positive words like happiness. Oh, are Herman use and hard money and hello? Hello. Hi. How y And even names like my name hiding or Helena Henry. So many beautiful words. Maybe if you don't do them, have fun. Ethio Wichman over and you want to do You can just use a later that inspired you may be your own initiation. That's or the initial letter for a friend or a loved one. Order five Favorite word. You always help there . Perfect. I am ready with all the outlines. And now I am looking this piece and I am thinking maybe I actually add sun student starts and that this way I'm doing now. So I have a very ready it's more number Cedo brush round garage brush. And I am doing some shooting stars distributed in the whole monogram on this case. June do just need to see where do thing off Feel where those a little shooting starts you go and then go away is really that simple. And now I will at Sun Gold s splashes around the white space off my monogram toe Give if the monogram a little bit more historic chef and yeah more glittering is always in good. I'm using a flat brush with and my a bamboo stick to do this splashes around my monogram. - Okay , Now I think I am happy with the final result. And I hope do like these us much us. I am like a net. It's so bribing and so cute. So this is the final piece. This is how it looks. You can add more details to this piece after wish, but I will let this on this point so it doesn't look very ornate. I will see you in the next BB. 7. Your Class Project: for the class project. You will be painting a monogram like this and then taking a picture off it and telling in the glass project for this class. I can't wait to see what degrade some regulations do. Seeded. And I hope to enjoy this class as much as I did sharing it with you. See you in the next video. 8. A last word for you and Thank you: we finish this class and I am so grateful to take it it And thank you so much for taking my class. And if you feel like learning with me more, please take my other classes here on this school chair. You can also follow me on Instagram to lend more to give it. I wish you a happy painting. So doing my next class by