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Cute and Kawaii Halloween Illustration Drawing

teacher avatar Ecky O, Need help? Drop me a message :)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Pumpkin Sketch


    • 3.

      Pumpkin Color


    • 4.

      Ghost Sketch


    • 5.

      Ghost Color


    • 6.

      Head Skull Sketch


    • 7.

      Head Skull Color


    • 8.

      Witch Hat Sketch


    • 9.

      Witch Hat Color


    • 10.

      Witch Broom Sketch


    • 11.

      Witch Broom Color


    • 12.

      Bat Sketch


    • 13.

      Bat Color


    • 14.

      Spider Sketch


    • 15.

      Spider Color


    • 16.

      Cat Sketch


    • 17.

      Cat Color


    • 18.

      Candy Apple Sketch


    • 19.

      Candy Apple Color


    • 20.

      Frog Sketch


    • 21.

      Frog Color


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About This Class


Get ready for some super fun and spooky adventures in our "Cute and Kawaii Halloween Illustration Drawing" course! It's perfect for you who want to learn how to create adorable drawings.

If you're a beginner, don't worry! This course is designed just for you. We'll explore 9 cute and kawaii Halloween iconic illustrations together. I'll guide you through each step and show you the colors I use. The best part? The steps are super easy to follow, so you'll be creating amazing drawings in no time!

To help you practice, you'll also receive special PDF practice sheets. They'll make drawing even more fun!

Remember, learning how to draw is a skill that you'll have forever. It's like a magical power that you can use anytime you want to create something cute and special.

So, are you ready to start this exciting journey? Join our course now and let's draw the cutest Halloween illustrations together!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity. Let the fun begin!

***English Subtitle available***

***PDF files downloadable content***

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ecky O

Need help? Drop me a message :)


Hello, I'm Ecky O.

I've been already in Illustration Industry since 2002. I am starting to work as a freelancer.

In 2006, I gathered a team and started working on children illustration for the book industry. Seven years later, January 2013, I started another team specialized in mobile game illustration. Even though I am working with two different teams, every one of them are on the same base, illustration and design Industry.

My teaching skill is forged by becoming a lecturer in Visual Communication Design Ciputra University since 2006 until 2021. Basic drawing, Illustration and Comic are my subjects in the class.

For more than a decade, I put my effort in this Industry and been living from it. This Industry become more greater as the time... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: is one off two famous events every year, lots of people celebrating these events and having fun together around the globe growing. Although both hell win is also one off Superfund activity in its course, I will show you how I drove. It's super compelling, iconic illustrations and color them all. You can see it step and every single lines I drove. And yes, this course is suitable for beginners. With this story skills, you can roll your old Helen illustrations also against and you're growing and bring it in a sticker paper will have your own Helling stickers. All this having fun with doing it as a very exciting hobby. In the end, this course will give you a lifetime skill. You can use it to draw more fun stuff. So, like this opportunity and let's roll, see you in class. 2. Pumpkin Sketch: In every Halloween, there will be pumpkins to, so I'm skins is our first thing to draw. To draw a pumpkin is easy. Sunlit lon, ellipse. You can draw it in horizontal or vertical orientation. For now, it will be horizontal orientation like this. Notice at the top of the pumpkin continuum to draw the eyes. But I want the pumpkin to wear an iPad. So let's draw a diagonal line from here to here. Draw another dad and alignment again. And stop here. Then the oblique offline as the iPad. And continue the diagonal line again. Dadadadada, I a happy ie. Don't mouth a big car. And follow me to close the mouth when good. Alright. I budge it with black. Let's add some lines and dots on the pumpkin as the details. Subforums spot in the pump gave the lives and the dots a bit. Cough. Very nice. Good. Pumpkin sketch is Phenice. Let's color it in the next video. 3. Pumpkin Color: Alright, it's coloring time. Let's take a look at the color chart here. There are six colors, didn't two-fifths colors our forestall. The next tree colors are for the pumpkin, and the less color is for the MLK. Let's start with the first color. You've got color on a phone can know. But lacto to stop and use the second pillar is shadow part. The fifth color for the shadow part on the pumpkin sounds here. Put the shadows on the curve lines also under the eye batch. Some dots on the cheeks. Use the TOC Teller only highlight of the pumpkin. In dots shapes. You can play with their sizes. Scholar is, or the mouth. Or the final touch. That's Abdullah, lines around the pumpkin using the same color as the sketch, like this. But also at somewhat not appliance on the eye patch. Firing makes the bunk in Lux soap or cute. Let's continue the drone matter. Hello and things. In the next lesson. 4. Ghost Sketch: Halloween is identical with goals soul. In this lesson, I will drop on course in a very crude form. Let's draw the top part of the ghosts verse. Suddenly the left part of cough line. Then another one under right. No, no, the left-hand. Just a simple flight again, like this. Nice. Go the bottom part of the ghost with its wavy line at the bottom. Polymer spec. Great. We've had a nice girls. Now. Let's draw the eyes. And some, I draw a happy mile in a, you lead the shape. Those top. Multiplied ribbon, soda, more cute and crazy. Roll a small circle. Georgia, right? And the left week. You erase the overlapping line at some details on the ribbon. And then I'm happy we the ghost. Let's color it in the next video. 5. Ghost Color: Let's make this good pretty goes prettier by adding some colors on it. These are the colors that I want to use for her. Only three colors. The color of the goals is white. So the first color is for her sheared apart. Unless two colors are further even frozen, right? Let's start. A friend. Use the first color. Start from here. Go along the way on its part of the goals. That dots as details. 0 under the raven. The second color or the mouth objects. Also the ribbon. So the top color orderly been harder. Starch using lines. Android ground goes. That's f. Z is ready to go to the Halloween party. In the life that I suddenly, I will draw a hubs COP. Is that gravy? Let's find out. 6. Head Skull Sketch: A head skull is amass in Halloween. Shall it be null? Let's make it cute. Hats gall is also seemed like pumpkin, but we'll tweak the bottom pod or a tip for sod line drawing and Alex Gardner, left and right part. Continue omit that about tone and style right here. I'm doing the same underwrite pot, go. Florida State. Let's draw the tree to vk. Cough lines like this. Nice. We have a very nice had skulls shape. Dirty ice, the happy ones. And let us small and laser on top of the hat. Let's draw a candle, some from here. Ok. Jordan's up BOD of the candle with wavy line. And another way we lie and to create the melting fog off the candle. Drought. Fire on the top of the candle? No, I have you face on a candle. And after you bought a Haskell file, let's go out and he's happy had skull with his channel. In the next video. 7. Head Skull Color: Alright, is coloring time. Let's make both of them cuter. This is our colored chalk. There are eight colors. The first three colors are for the skull. The fourth and the fifth colors are for the candle. The sixth, seventh colors are followed a little fire. And the less color is for the cheeks color. Let's stop with the second Teller from the chart. Use the font color and for a candle. The color for the fire. Nice colors are done. Let's add some CDOS, something that's called the USDA towards color. Use the first color, SD highlights. Love it. Continue adding some shadow on the candle with the fifth color. Here's the seventh color, the car off the little fire. Lines along the headstall and TMDL. There are some lines for the tics, you seeing the less color. I'm happy with the result. Both of them look cute and full of positive fibrin. Let's continue to the next lesson. 8. Witch Hat Sketch: Which is also an iconic item in Halloween. Let's do it this time. Okay. Don't align like this. Honor, on deride site. An underline around here. And another underwrite. Lost the lions and the middle. We want to make a box. Awesome. All are buffs inside it. And close the bottom part with cough lines. Draw another line here. And here. So fond about and-a-half. Now, ricky, draw a line like this. And another one to close the head. Let's draw the bottom part. It's an ellipse. Satya. You're on the other side. And try to match the curve and length. Though the previous one. The bottom part. Close it. Dirty ice. Go, oh happy mouth. With deadlines. Let's draw a star to make it more interesting. Add stages or the hat. Alright, the QC had done. In the next video. 9. Witch Hat Color: Let's color dispute had in today's, I have seven colors here. The first three colors are for the main hat. The foot color is for the belt on the head. The fifth six colors are for the star, and the less color is for the mouth. Use this second color, photo hat. You still just color florida CFO part. Start from here. At some knots. Shadow under the Star, under the belt. Some nods, again. On the edge of the bottom part. The first color 40 highlight stopped here. It's the four-color part on the belt. Inside the buckle. Used to six Teller sort of star. Also for the buckle. Your fist color, highlight on the star. M, the buckle. Let's color the cheek. Alright, final touch. They're lines. Nice. It's done. Which had looks good and lovely. 10. Witch Broom Sketch: Which broom is also one of the magic things in Halloween. Let's draw it. Sat with a long line like this. Jargon, either under the first-line. Close it and not treat cough lines at the bottom. Nice neuroanatomy cough lines. Gloss it with an ellipse. That's the dollar amount of cough lines, but longer than before. And gloss it. Good. Coef lines like this. Nobody eyes. The happy mild. Some details on the bras. Also under wooden stick. Let's add a left and a size. The heavy exploration. That said, a very heavy widths rule. Let's color it on the next video. 11. Witch Broom Color: Let's make the broom more alive with colors. In the color chart, there are six colors. The first two colors are for the state and a TOC and four-color our folder Bros. The fifth color is far to bras binder, and the last color is called a mouth and beloved. Let's stop. Usda fest color and color state. The second color is farther details and shadow part. You can just use the TL color on the bras. Use the four-color under bras details. Use the fifth color or the binder. And let's color or the mouth. And the love. Fight. I'll touch the other clients. Alright, it's phineas. The broom looks even cuter now, I hope you like your result. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help you. 12. Bat Sketch: But this also one of the most famous animals that we often see on the holoenzyme. Let's draw it. I want to draw the hab farce sat with a bits vertical line like this. Do another on the right side. 30 years. Both the top of the head. All right. Let's draw the wings. There will be a lot of curved lines. Follow my steps. The first cough line, draw underwrite site. Though the cup line a bit longer to style. And draw a wavy line like this through the center. Okay. And make matter cup line at the bottom to close the body park. Nice. Let's draw the eyes. Are smiling model at Alito, cute, fine here. And draw or even start with a circle. Right wing and the left. We met some details under h0, but also on the wings. Lucky. Let's call it a bed. In the next video. 13. Bat Color: It's coloring time. Let's start for this good, little bad. I have four colors. The first two colors are for Tibet and the less two colors are forgery, but the ears and the chicks. Let's use the first color on the bed. The second color for the shadow part. Start from here. Who? At some dots as details on the lead buddy. Usda, $1.40 years. Grow small triangle on color, very MAN. Three dots. Or if you use the less color for the shadow under even. Alright, final Dutch and other clients. Very nice. Good bet is done. Let's draw an arrow, famous animal on Halloween in next video. 14. Spider Sketch: In this lesson, I choose spider. Let's draw it in the acute form to make it cuter, I wanted to wear a width hat. Let's start with it. Draw a line like this. And this. They are the cone for the hat. Close it and draw another horizontal line here. Draw the bottle and draw an ellipse as the bottom part of the hat. Now, let's though, despite our hat, gaudy ice, smiling Moule, wrote a body from here to here. Draw it on the outer side. The Muddy's Phoenix. Let's draw the lakes and draw a single web page like this. Some details on the body and-a-half. Draw dotted lines on the left and the right side of the body. Okay, the sketch is done. Let's color it in the next video. 15. Spider Color: Time to make the spyder looks more fun. Let's go. I have seven colors in the color chart. The first two colors are for the spider, took, and four-color are for the hat and the spider body. The fifth and the sixth colors are for the hat, and the less color is for the buckle ended cheeks. Let's start using the first color 4r spider. Skip offered a stomach flu. Now, use the color for the stomach part on the second color to draw the 0 part subs here under the hat. The bottom area of the hat. Decide by multi-part. Let's use the font color for the yellow part on the site. So let's go over how to use the first color. Color, the shadow area you're seeing the sixth color. Aroma therapy. Use the top color for the belt on the hat. The color for the shadow. Unless color for the buckle. This is the final touch that dotted lines. The spider is finished. Let's draw the most famous anymore in hello item for the next video. 16. Cat Sketch : I love cap and it is the most famous animal in Halloween. So I must know it in this course. Let's stop like spider. I wanted to wear a which have too. So let's go to headfirst. But the ship is a bit different. Follow my lines. Start here. Close it. Let's start a belt on half. The battle. Though, the cat's ear on the side and the other side. Let's start a body. So here a vertical line. Draw on their line and a bit curve on the other side would grow like a C later here. And close it. Story IES, dirty mouth like this. Now a whisker toward the tail. End rotary been, start with a small circle. Details on the ear. Alright, the cap is done. Let's call it rate in the next video. 17. Cat Color: Let's make these get even tutor with colors. There are colors in the color chart. The first two colors are for the camp. And four color are for the ear, the cheeks and re-bin. This n six colors are for the head. Unless two colors are for the belt on the head. Alright, let's start with the first color. The first question. And can use the second color or the shape of the body. Here's the tub color for the inner part of the ears. And the rebut bookseller. For our purposes. What's shadow and some details on it with the sixth color. It's call it a belt with seventh color. Right? I love the result. Got loves kit. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to help you. 18. Candy Apple Sketch: Let's make our hello and coffee sweeter with candy apple. Growing attendee Apple is for fun. Let's draw the apple first. Stop with a weak cough line. This is the Health Bar of the airport. Draw another health. Right? Now, let's draw an oval are on here. This is for the center part of the rebut, grown to left. We often the riba don't you know, again, for the bottom left part and the bottom by pop through four. Put some details on the rebuffed. Very nice. Okay, let's jump to state that bone here. And here. And wrote a long part of the stick. Do somebody tests again. Let's compute the Jordan melting Xiang. Yeah. Nice. Finally, we come to the last part. Just based on the Apple stopped with the left eye. For eye. Who gets to four? It's done. It getting an F ofs, gets a space. Let's start right in the next video. 19. Candy Apple Color : All right, Let's color this cute tennis ball and make it even smoother. Let's take a look at the color chart here. There are five colors. The first color is for the airport, the second colors are for the Riemann. The last two colors are for the stick. Let's start with the first color for the Apple go sample vault. These are the areas for highlights on the airport. We will not cover these areas and leave it white. So these areas will be seen as shiny part only Apple. Nice. Now we can feel all the EPO area with the first color. Use the second color, ordinary, but use different color for the shadow. Honoree, but very good. Use the font color and the last color, Florida State detail. The microscopy, a whole more interesting. Let's add the sharp lines around it using the same color as this catch. Stop here. I love it. Looks to budget. I hope you liked it too. See you in another video lesson. 20. Frog Sketch: A small creature with green skin tone. For this time, we will draw a super kid from wearing or which start with the first pillar blind, like this. Off the head curvy, sharp. This will make your drawing looks cuter. Continue to draw the head. Plus the bottom part. Notable. About last head. Let's start a froth with this simple two curved lines. The other side plus the beta. I's plus symbol. You live a longer flight. Ask them all here. The left foot, right? The left hand. Left palm, right hand. Right palm. Erase the overlapping line. And it's done. Let's color this cute little one in the next lesson. 21. Frog Color: Alright, I have colors. The colors are four ahead and its shadow. Color is for the buffer. Full color is for the HAT spelled. Different colors are for the, for the less color is for the frog stomach. Let's color. Have you seen the first color? Some shadows using the second color, color, Bethel, using yellow color. What about the unwilling to use this on the shadow area? Since the belt color is white. Okay. Let's color from blue, green color. And all fall on the side area. First, dress. The second green color for the shadow area. I'm going to have to throw up green color. We'll use it as the spots on the front stop, on the sides, on the left side of the body. And the right side. The last column, the stomach. And the stomach. Looks super sweet and cure. I hope this little one can brighten your Halloween day.