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Crystal Therapy 101: Crystal Healing Basics

teacher avatar Holly Taylor, Crystal Therapist, Teacher, Life-long Learner

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Using and Developing your Intiuition


    • 3.

      Choosing Crystals by Sight


    • 4.

      Choosing Crystals by Scanning


    • 5.

      Choosing Crystals by Dowsing


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    • 7.

      Cleansing or Charging?


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      How To Cleanse Yourself and Crystals


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      Beginning Your Journey


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About This Class

Join Crystal Therapist, Holly Taylor as she guides you through the steps to sensing crystal energy and getting you back in touch with your intuition.

With simple steps, and a minimum of 4 crystals, you can begin to feel the energy of crystals and discover your preferred way of working with them. Plus, every lesson contains Holly's top tips, her own personal experiences and unique ways of working with crystals to help inspire your own passion for crystals!

You'll discover in these easy-to-follow lessons:

  • The different methods to choose crystals

  • How easy it is to follow your intuition

  • How to cleanse crystals and yourself

  • The importance of grounding yourself after healing work

All are welcome to join Holly in this crystal class! By the end, you will have surprised yourself and hopefully had some amazing experiences with crystal energy!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Holly Taylor

Crystal Therapist, Teacher, Life-long Learner


Hello everyone!

I'm Holly and I'm an ACHO qualified and registered Crystal Therapist.  I have 3 years experience as a holistic therapist, which also includes Aromatherapy Massage.

I qualified as a Primary School teacher in the UK in 2011 and decided to change my career and follow my passion for an alternative lifestyle, with the desire to study crystal therapy as the main catalyst.  I remember this being a sudden yet powerful inner-knowing that I needed to study an accredited crystal course which ended up being a 2 year Diploma!

After years of working with crystal I have developed a strong connection to them and in turn they have given me direction, hope, wisdom and knowledge which has helped me immensely in my life.  I have a pass... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: working with crystals is an amazing hailing Johnny, You recognize things that you never knew about yourself. I'm things are holding you back helps you move on from those things to see things from a higher perspective. So this course is gonna give you the basic principles for working with crystals. It's kind of gonna be the fundamental ideas. So you can work with crystals without books without needing Teoh research, which crystals and good for which issue. We're gonna really work on your intuition and choosing crystals. So I'm gonna show you a few different ways that you can choose crystals intuitively, we're gonna cleanse them. We're going to kind of just have a little play around with them and then at the end will end on some meditation for grounding. Just kind of bring our energies back, Ready to carry on the day. Hi, My name's Holy. I'm an actress registered crystal therapist. I'm also qualified around therapist. I'm a qualified teachers. Well, having to in mainstream schools in the UK I also in my local area, I run workshops and courses on crystal therapy and crystal treatments. Now, the chances I you already have everything you need to get started with this course. But I would say a minimum of four crystals is best just to get the most out of the crosses . Another part of the course is using a pendulum. So if you don't have one, don't panic. You can just watch this part of the course. If you like the idea of it one hour ago, then you can go up and get one in your own time. But don't feel you have to start, Of course, with that specific tool on another things. Having just a pen and paper handy, we're gonna be choosing crystals intuitively on not necessarily working with them at that time. So it's always good just to make a note of the crystals. She can refer back to them later. Maybe do a little bit of research in your own time, so bring your four crystals and let's get started 2. Using and Developing your Intiuition: Now, in this first lesson, we're going to be looking at choosing crystals and the different ways that we can choose crystals. Now, think about the crystals that you currently have. How did you choose them? Did they just look nice? Did you pick them up? Did you handle them? Did you order them online? Was that the colors? That may mean drew to the crystal or the way it caught the light. Did you sense anything from the crystal? Did you read a book? And the book told you these crystals are good for a particular job. And so you kind of just chose one from the less that you felt kind of looked nice. It still was the easiest to get hold off. I really want you to start using your intuition. And this is the kind of the main principle when working with crystals is usual intuition. Now, what is your intuition? So it's that gut feeling. It's that I don't know why I want to choose this, but I want to choose this. It's that this makes no sense, but I'm gonna kind of do it anyway, because this is what I'm feeling kind of guy. did today, and that's really important when choosing crystals don't rely on books at all. Teoh give you the information on which crystals you should use for a particular job. Now I do use books. I have plenty of crystal books, but what I tend today is after I've done a treatment with a client, I would then think I don't know why this this crystal doesn't really make sense to my logical brain. Why did I choose this crystal? Why was guided to use this crystal? And then I was scanned quite often. It will be with the client afterwards, so we'll scan kind of the information any key points that are kind of popping out to May. That's the reason why shows that crystal and it's that higher wisdom that you're tapping into. It's nothing that I actually need to retain here in the now because I used my intuition. Okay, so I know some key points about lots of many quick, different crystals, but I don't remember absolutely everything because quite often, crystals work together. So when they're working together, the properties can change. Okay, so really, really rely on your intuition, building your intuition for choosing crystals? No, If it's for yourself or a friend, you've got the person in front of you. So you're high yourself is in June with that person's energy, so it knows what that person needs. And when you choose your crystals intuitively, it's personalized. You're choosing them for a reason that he's gonna help them heal the most, whether it's physically, emotionally, spiritually, etcetera. So it's really important to use your intuition, feeling guided to using the crystals. So you get the best hitting experience. And it doesn't matter if it's for yourself or for a friend or anybody else, for that matter, somebody you don't even know. Using your intuition is so important. So we're gonna look at three different ways that you can choose crystals. Now, this does help build your intuition when working with crystals. But don't worry if you don't get anything from each of the specific ways, because it may just be that this isn't your easiest. I'm preferred way to choose crystals, but I'm showing you these different ways so you can actually think actually, I'm quite good at this, Um, and you can kind of go with that and use that as the way that you predominantly choose your crystals. So let's get started 3. Choosing Crystals by Sight: so the first way that we're gonna choose crystals is by using our site. Now, don't worry. If you don't get anything from this or if you don't feel confident, let's just have a go. And like I said, this may not be the best one for you, so I've just placed my crystals out in front of me on the table. So I have. It's a cow site, some blue lace gay, some malachite on. Have a piece of mango on a cow site as well, with the banding on it similar to this one. Actually, no. Let's just close our eyes and just take a few moments just to center. Our energies come back to our boarding in a state of calm. So close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and as you breathe out, imagine sending away a lot of that negative energy that stresses that anxiety that you're holding on to fill your shoulders lower, drop your draw and as you breathe in, imagine that loving, supporting mother Earth energy coming in to fill your entire being. Just stay with your eyes closed for a few moments, breathing in breathing out and in a moment when you open your eyes, I want you to imagine with your intent, asking the question you are choosing a crystal to heal specific issue that you have personally. So it might be for pain might be help healing a relationship. It might be something that happened to you in the past, but whatever it ISS, make sure you have that intent that question in your mind. When you're ready, open your eyes and ask the Chris Stones. Which crystal do I need for this particular issue? Look, I eat you the crystals in town you drawn to use a specific one is the color jumping out on one. Is the texture different and catching your eye? Hopefully, you can notice something different about one of the crystals that makes you just want to hold. If you notice which one is calling out to you, write it down on a piece of paper because we'll come back to that a late stage. Okay, so the site, How did you find that? Did you definitely pick up on a crystal that was calling out to you or we know quite sure. Either way, let me know. In the comments section, I always really liked to hear how students are responding to the crystals, how the crystals are talking to them and communicating with them to let me know either way . 4. Choosing Crystals by Scanning: now of using exactly the same crystals. If you have some different ones than a bio means, go ahead and choose some different crystals. But I'm keeping with same ones. No, they're sick. Away is scanning. No scanning is basically using your hands to sense energy. Now the first thing that's best to Dio, I find, is just to simply rub your hands together, and you're helping to kind of attune your hands to this sensing energy. Now, if you are right handed, then it's best to scan with your left. If you're left handed is best to scan with your right now, the reason being is your dominant hand sends information away on energy. Where is your left hand receives that energy? So we are receiving energy. We're trying to pick up on the energy off the crystals now. Keep them space down a reasonable amount apart because you don't want them overlapping like this, for example, because you won't be up to distinguish which one is which, so have them separated. You can actually move them or to the side and just focus on one if you want, and this time we're going to scan for a crystal for meditation. Again, this is a personal crystal for ourselves. For a meditation with crystal, we'll help us the most in a in a meditation. So again, just close your eyes just sent to your energy. Take a few deep breaths and then when you're ready, open your eyes with this in 10 in your mind, all times and then we simply place our hand over the crystal. I'm not touching the crystal. I'm about this far away. So police your hand over the crystal, Take a few moments. Can you sense anything? If you can't sense anything, how do you feel? Do you feel any different than what you did a few minutes ago? And then when you're done with that crystal, simply move it away, place the next crystal. There do exactly the same again having the intent. Which one is gonna help me during a meditation? You feeling anything different from one crystal to the other? The two that you've just done? If no, it doesn't matter, simply move on to the next month Could the same again. Now, already, I've noticed that this one has a lot less energy is it's almost like a a way of of energy lightly over it. Whereas these ones were definitely more intense. I could feel them quite tangibly myself on this final one. I can't feel anything at all in this one. So, for myself, I would put this one to the side because I didn't get anything from that one on. I got a vibe off of each of these ones. Now what I'm gonna do again as I'm gonna go back, just reassess. See which one? I feel stronger or out of the ones here again. You can use your intuition. So these are the three that I feel most strongly. But which one out of the three? If I feel them all the same, which one am I gonna choose? This isn't a quick process. You don't want to just take five seconds to do it. Okay. Now, when I went back to re assess each of thieves, I didn't get anything from that one. I didn't get anything from this one, but again, I had that, like, cool water kind of feel to this one. So, for myself, this is the one that I would use for a meditation, because on asking the question and using my intent. This is the one that kind of spoke to me the most, and I got the most vibes from I got the most physical energy. Now, another thing you can do is you can have a go at using your right hand or your opposite hand so you can have a go and again just see if there's a difference. Um, I getting anything different from one to the next because sometimes in unusual circumstances, people who are right handed actually do get the most information from that. But just be aware that is there a kind of an extra feedback as well as sending? Is it your own energy that you are sensing there so more often? No, it will be your non dominant hand, so have a practice when you're ready, where we want to the next one. So scanning. How did you find the scanning? I remember when I was a student and I first started sensing the crystal energy. It was amazing to me. I could definitely feel something different, didn't quite know what it wasit wasn't that strong, But I definitely felt something different in each of the crystals and you build on that. Sometimes it's actually just having the excuse to sit down and handle the crystal whole crystal sense the energy and I have not done that before. I had crystals, but I hadn't actually sat down and tried to sense the energy. So when I did, it kind of blew me away again. If you know, fell anything, it doesn't matter. You might have done better at the site or the next way, So don't panic. Let me know. In the comments section below, in the community area, I really like to hear how you've got on what you felt. Sometimes people have amazing experiences. They have kind of this tingling of the hands you get almost like an electric shock. I've only had that kind of once, and it wasn't really that crazy. So don't worry if you don't have these crazy revelations that people have when they say that they've handled crystals, I normally just get this kind of warm feeling, a cool feeling or just being able to almost kind of tangibly feel the energy, the where the energy begins and where it ends. That's kind of all I get really on thighs, absolutely fine. I don't need a lot, so don't feel that you're not doing a good job. If you didn't get anything, don't panic. Let's move on to the next form. 5. Choosing Crystals by Dowsing: now, the next way we're gonna use to choose crystals is dowsing. No, don't freak out instantly because we are going to be using a pendulum. Now, a lot of people have this kind of feel with pendulums. I remember the first time my crystal teacher said we're gonna use a pendulum. We all looked at each other and we will. Oh, like, how is this gonna go? But honestly, you've got nothing to worry about. No, this little Christo is actually unnatural crystal that I have a za pendulum. You can use any type of crystal pendulum, but I would really highly suggest that it is clear quartz now clear quartz crystal is considered the master crystal. Okay, It has every single color ray in this crystal. It's not purple. It's not blue. It's not green. It's not red. Orange is every single color. It's the color of the rainbow in head on because of that is kind of a pure energy, and it gives you the best type of feedback. Now, having said that, if you have a nameth s crystal that absolutely use it, especially if you have worked with that pendulum and you know this pendulum Okay, Now, this is just one that I use with my students. So this isn't particularly attuned to May, um, on They, of course, work better. You can even use a piece of jewelry or a key have ago with some different things around your house that you are kind of attached to and see if that works any better, or if that's just what you prefer. A lot of people will take off the necklaces when they're in crystal shops and and kind of douse the crystal on DSI. What happens? So a lot of people have a little bit of this block when they come to use a crystal. So what I would say is, it is This is the first time you're really using. The crystal is best to connect with that crystal, even if it is your necklace or something else that you use as a pendulum and you have worked with it before. Still, just close your eyes, take a few minutes to kind of bond with the crystal. Imagine your heart opening up towards the crystal. I'm with your heart, not your intent with your heart. Say hello to the crystal sounds a little bit strange. And when you start doing this more saying hello to people from your heart chakra No, just from your first shocker, just for pure communication from your heart than that energy and that frequency, it's sent out into the universe and to that person that you're saying, how low from your heart it means so much more. And then when you feel that the Chris still is ready and wants toe work with you, you can always try this. Now I remember being told and I actually don't know who told me this to start picking up on the crystal energy. A good way of doing it is actually on your knees. So if you hold the crystal on the pendulum over your knee and see how it moves, then move it over the other one. See how it moves, and it starts getting ready to pick up on that energy. And what you're doing is you got she got Shaqra points in your knees on there quite strong . So the pendulum is able to kind of pick up on that so you don't need any intent for this. Just simply hold it over your knees. Watch the pendulum. See how it moves And then you can move on to you crystals on again. If you don't get anything, don't panic. I remember doing it the first time, and it was like watching paint dry before anything even twinge. So if this happens, it may be that this pendulum is not so good for you on. I've started to know from experience when a crystal pendulum actually isn't working and it's not that I can't pick up on the crystal, it's just this crystal. It just feels like I'm holding a block of wood at the end of a piece of string. For example. It's very kind of wooden today. It doesn't. I have an energy of its own. So we're gonna go to the cup screen. Onda, we are gonna have a look at dowsing. Okay, so with back, we've bonded without pendulum. Okay, we've connected to it. We're ready to go again. I've just placed my full crystals on the table here on. Actually, what I'm gonna do is because I like a favorite of room for this, so I know I'm definitely no getting any interference from other crystals, so set yourself out a little space just for the one crystal. Now, this time the intent is going to be for somebody else's healing. Okay, whether it's a family member, a pet friend again, it could be for things like pain. Someone going through a hard time at the moment, anything you want. Okay, Somebody was just about to going to have an operation or for some surgery. That's everything. Somebody else's healing. Okay, make sure you want clear. You are specific. Don't just say this is for somebody else's healing, saying specifically, this is for so and so's healing off whatever issue. Okay, would. However, you want to make sure you're clear? No, don't worry so much about how the pendulum is going to move. Just hold the crystal pendulum over the top of the crystal with the intent in mind and watch what happens. Just simply observed and trying to sway the intent of. I want this crystal to be used, you have to remain impartial when using this. Face it, you can see this one making pretty boy circles around the crystal. Now, I don't know whether that's the best one to you, so I'm just gonna set out to the side I'm gonna grab the next one. So again, having exactly the same question in mind, you can see that already is markedly different. So it's still moving. I'm gonna put this to the side again. Same intent with the next one. So I would say that's a no slight wiggle, but definitely no movement at all. So that is a resounding no, this. I think we haven't no again. So these are the two and put them next to each other, actually, just a bit more in. So start again. I'm just repeating the process because I've nowadays to down, But I'm not sure which one look. And you want to leave it to swing for a beer because sometimes it picks up speed or it slows down or it starts shaking or doing all sorts of things. So you want to leave it for a bit? Don't feel you have to rush. Okay, Now, this is where the the difference comes in. Because the first time I did this, I had the most strength from this one. This one seemed more circular. It seemed to flow that this one seemed to kind of lose a little bit of momentum now. The reason for that is I am so busy talking at the time when I first did this one, so I maybe didn't have the intent fully in my mind. We'll say I have no, I'm narrowing to down. So it could be that I was just focusing mawr specifically on just these two and getting the feedback just from those two. So again, use your intuition. But I feel for the the intent that I had in my mind for somebody else's healing, that this is the one that I want to use with that particular person, which is this man going to counseling. Now, as you can see from my experience on screen of when I was working with this pendulum on these crystals, I did have some different things happen on each of them on board. I kind of surmised that that could have been down to a little bit of me. Not holding the intent to the intent is really important. But how did you get on? Was it shaking? Was it moving in a circle but kind of like a squashed circle, which can sometimes happen? Waas didn't know which way it wanted to go. Didn't. Was it going clockwise for a lot of them? And then all of a sudden on one, it went anti clockwise. Let me know all these things in the community section. Also, if you are unsure of anything, you're unsure. Assessment? Did it? That was the one who was supposed to pay. Okay, ask me the questions in the comment section. But again, use your intuition. Don't rely entirely on the feedback from that. You might have to do exactly the same thing. And you're like, which one am I supposed to use? But for some reason, you always keep going back to the same one to douse. Okay. And I would say that one that you keep wanting to go back the one that you keep wanting to show you something different with the pendulum is probably the one that you need to pick with the intent in mind. 6. Review: so I'm just gonna take a few moments just to review what we've done so far for choosing the crystals. So we used our site just simply gazing over the crystals. We used our hand, which is called scanning on. Then we doused for the crystals using a pendulum. So we did three different ways that have a think about did any of those ways for easier to you. Did you get clear messages when you were using site, for example, or when you were using the pendulum? Which one? Which way did you trust the answers more? Okay, the other ways. If you didn't trust them quite as march and maybe that you just need to work on it a little bit. So for free to do this with other crystals in your own time and see if you get different messages if you start to be a tuning into this way of choosing crystals. But essentially you have just put four Christians in front of you and you have chosen those crystals based on your intuition on different methods that you can use to kind of tap into that intuition. Okay, you didn't get a book out, didn't read through all of the properties to find out which crystals are gonna be good for which particular issue you chose crystals intuitively. Okay, it might have been the same one for yourself in a meditation yourself for your healing, Andi, for somebody else's here might be the same Crys Crystal. That's obviously just a coincidence. But you might have got different crystals. And in which case, why did you choose those crystals? You chose them because you relied on your intent. Okay, so please let me know how you got on in the comment section. And if you're enjoying it so far, I remember when I first started experiencing things but crystals. I found it so amazing. I just wanted to tell everybody. So every time I finish a lesson like putting up my mom, so you never guess what happened when I sensed So it's a really nice place for you to share . How you getting on with crystals, How you're sensing the energy. I'm just having starting a community and getting some feedback because it's amazing. When you start to notice and sense energy with crystals on, you just want to tell everybody. So tell everybody in the community section 7. Cleansing or Charging?: So we've had lots of fun choosing crystals, developing our intuition and hopefully have a list of three crystals that you want to use for yourself or a family or friends or whatever it was for that third. But we need to have a go at cleansing the crystals before we use them. OK, so we've chosen the crystals. Now we need to cleanse them now, closing and charging. And all of these words that kind of banded over the Internet on they kind of overlap, and it sometimes it isn't quite clear what they mean. So I'm going to show you how to cleanse and why we cleanse on specifically the difference between cleansing and charging as well. So I have some amethyst hand. Okay, This is a nice old piece I got from core more on because it has all of the costumes on them . Sometimes I might actually need to cleanse this because it is physically dirty. Lots of dust kind of gets court in this crystal, and I simply need to wash it. So what you can do is run the tap because they love running water and to run the water, you might want to get a little soft toothbrush just to kind of get in the little nooks and crannies there and give it a good physical clean. Okay, by physically cleaning it, you're actually telling that crystal that you want to give it a wash? You love how it looked when it was Brian vibrant and clean. So you're honoring the crystal by giving it a nice little clean? I mean, everybody cleans themselves. Why no crystals. And sometimes when you get a crystal had, like, a sticker from the shop. So you want to clean that off? You don't want to have, like, a little dirty sticker mark on it. You want to clean it, You want it to look its best. So that's one reason why you might actually clean the crystal. No. All crystals like to be cleansed. Said there are crystals, like sell a night like, um, cell Stein. These don't like to be cleansed in water. If they do is very brief. Okay, we're gonna go into too much detail about that. You can find some plenty of information online, but some crystals they actually dissolve in water. So be really careful and make sure you know, if your crystal is suitable for water. If it's not, you can cleanse it in plenty of other ways. It might just be a damp cloth, for example, or just other ways to clean it without getting a completely drenched. And then you could simply just pop that on the side and leave it to draw on said. That's one way. Another way is if the crystals are overloaded. Now what I mean by overloaded is you know, you've you've got your lover room. You've put your lovely piece of am a fist in the center of the room to absorb all of that negative energy and to send out all this beautiful vibes. Every time you go in the living room, it just feels amazing. You've got this lovely piece of our tests just doing its thing in the corner Now you might leave that for months. So for a whole month, 30 days that Crystal has been absorbing all of that negative energy and to the point where actually you forget it's there. You forget you've got this beautiful crystal in the middle of the room that was supposed to be doing its thing as soon as you kind of Forget It's There by Crystal was overloaded. It's got way too much negative energy that is just going to sleep. It is just information overload. This crystal has taken on all of your negative energy and all of your worries. All of your concerns in life had an argument in that room in the my prints, shouting all of those things that Crystal is seen and witness, and it was absorbed to the point. Where is about to just like rouble note? Just shut down. Okay, those looking pretty bad examples, but it's basically just shut down. So this crystal is completely overloaded. No, In order to cleanse the crystal, you're basically removing all of that so it gets back to its original self, and it can start working again. Okay, so that's the second way. A reason why. Sorry. The reason why you might cleanse a crystal. So the first ways, because it's dirty the second way is because it's overloaded. It's actually not working anymore. There's 1/3 way is because if you decide to then work with that crystal, all of that negative energy say say, you wanted to use that for a meditation, and it's held onto all of that negative energy and you don't cleanser that negative energy is gonna make you have a steers thes scary meditation that is gonna be full of all sorts of imagery. That is very odd. Very peculiar. You can't quite make sense of it. It's not gonna be coming from any higher source. A tall is just your own frustrations and your anxieties, the IV transfer to this crystal, and that was just giving you back. Okay, so it's really important, Especially before you use a crystal for meditation or anything like that that you cleanse the crystal to remove that negative energy time Now was the difference between closing and charging. Now, I do see these as two specific, very different things. Now, to cleanse a crystal just like cleansing yourself, you're cleansing your body of all the dull, the grime, all of that physical dirtiness. Okay, so you're cleansing it now. This also worked energetically. So in the shower, for example, you can imagine the water coming over your head and cleansing your energy, removing all of the negativity, And so it just goes down the plug hole. Okay, So, physically and energetically, you can cleanse yourself. Now, charging yourself is is giving you a boost. If you want to charge yourself up, you might have a can of Red Bull or something that charging up, amping it up. Your souping up. You're sticking a battery in it. Yours? You're giving it that boost of energy. Okay, you're charging up so it could work even better. Okay, Now, when you charge crystals, you can do this in a couple of different ways. You can use other crystals for this. So some crystals really like to sit on AM a theist. They like to sit on sick dream. They like toe sit on other crystals. But I would say one crystal can't really cleanse another crystal. Okay, I do those two different things if I'm gonna per crystal on, Samantha, thirst. My intent isn't to cleanse the crystal. My 10 is to charge the crystal with some of that amethyst energy or some of that citrine energy. Okay, so I see them is two different things. You can also use the sun or the moon energy on. They have different properties for different crystals. So, for example, a citrine bright, vibrant yellow. It loves to sit on your window ledge and be charged in the sun. OK, it really puts some more of that sun energy into the crystal moonstone. Moonstone loves to sit in the window cell at night and have the moon. Beautiful moon, especially on a clear day when you can see the moon having all of that moon God s energy, that fertility, all of those things that you associate with the moon coming down radiating on the crystal loves to be charged by the moon. Okay, You can also use water in a charging way. So crystals lying at Quill Marine, for example, they love to be charged by the water. You can also then use that to cleanse the crystal. So when you place in the water being careful, it doesn't roll down a stream or down your sink. But your intent can be cleansing the crystal ball, the negative energy and then charging the crystal, putting some of that water energy into the crystal. Okay, that water energy combined with that watery stone, it's all about the emotions and that flow of energy and the release. I'm not soft kind of energy. Okay, so you can't some they double up, but your intent is different. In one instance, you're charging the crystal on. In the other instance, you're collecting the crystal and always cleanse the crystal first. 8. How To Cleanse Yourself and Crystals: Okay, So when we work with crystals, it's important to cleanse ourselves as much of it as it is the tours that were using and working with which Charlie Crist ums. And I'm just going to show you a few different ways that you can cleanse your crystals or yourself so you can think about maybe investing in some of these tools. Okay, so here is our beautiful AM assist. Now, the 1st 1 that you're probably all familiar with our or sprays this'll One is the sandal phone guardian of the earth. One you can use anything, any cleansing spray cleanse as well as, um, pop the aura. So this one uses a mixture of lots of different incense water as well as crystal essences in hair. OK, now you're simply hold your crystal and just spray over the crystal. Allow all of that spray to kind of settle. Imagine the energy simply drifting away. When you do on yourself, you just want to do a spray above you on again. Feel for onto your body, move over your aura and just release everything down into Mother Earth into the ground. Things that don't serve another way is using a feather. Now, for those of you who I actually worry about, where I get my feathers from, There's a lady on etc. That sells thes, and they're from sustainable kind of materials that are vegan friendly as well as thief feathers. They are from kind of a sanctuary where she gives a donation. So you think carefully before you just go and buy the's where they're actually from. Now this one uses swan feathers on. It's actually a mating mated pair and then America pie feather, which is really nice. And like I said that I think this one feathers were from how local pond on the magpie feather was from like a sanctuary. So with this, this is actually a really good tool to pick up on energy and stickiness and areas within the order. But this one's really going to If somebody has a really angry or it filled, then this probably won't do march. You'll probably want to use some of the other methods which I'm going to show you, but with this, you can imagine cleansing the crystal, wafting everything away. Andi actually is really important to know. Do not pull it towards you because that negative energy is is then coming towards you and you don't want that. And you still don't notice sticky spots Super vibrating a little bit there that was coming . So that's how you comes that similarly, if you do on your own body, fill the energy of your body, imagine cleansing that away softly. And if those are testicular in your aura when you stop picking up on the energy. Okay, so that's another way that you can cleanse crystals or yourself. Now, salt is unknown. Cleanser on actually is a crystal as well. Now here I have some highlight which looks just like kind of on Ice Cube, actually, in this shape now for your aura, this is perfect because you can cleanse this over your on it completely, very easily will just remove any negative energy that you have in any different areas. You can simply walked it into your aura. If I was going to do this with a crystal, I probably wouldn't use highlight. I probably used actual soul, and you want to use rocks or actual sea salt, but use the indirect method. Now. The indirect method involves having a dish off sort and then placing a crystal so it isn't touching it, so that might be in another bowl. Or it might be kind of a ring around the crystal that would actually also do the same job, but trying to get the crystal away from the salt because it does damage a lot, a lot, a lot of crystals, so you don't need to leave it there long either. I would probably say if I was gonna kinds of crystal like this, I would just leave it there for maybe five minutes on. That would be completely cleanse because it's such a good cleanser. What you don't want to do is then cleanse it too much, and then it saps all of the positive life energy out of this crystal. So it's actually not really doing anything on. And then you have to build up the energy again with charging, so cleanse it with sort, ring around all the indirect method with yourself you can obviously just use, or you can just have like a salt scrub in the shower hosts like massively cleansing. Now another way is actually quite noisy, so I'm not gonna do it too much on camera. But it's using sound, but this is just a coconut shell with I don't know what's in it, beans or something. But this is really good for those people that have a lot of negative sticky energy on the Samos drums as well. Anything that's kind of quite abrupt and physical noise making, it really has a massive clearing energy. So this works particularly well at the feet on behind the person because that's where a lot of the poorly drawn back to the past you would remember these things, and I kind of stay behind you so you can simply Theo or you get somebody else to help you, which is even more helpful. Or you can simply t do it like this. I would probably say, Do what you feel guided to because actually, I know shake it like that. But I instantly noticed I was doing it more and that with them. So I instantly was using my intuition on different areas of the body and how they need to be kinds. Now you can do exactly the same for the crystals on again. I'm actually sensing I don't need to do this is dramatically. Maybe I need a lot of cleansing. You can do different levels of sound new, different things with the tool like that's the same is drumming. You could be drumming really hard, or you could be driving really softly and quickly in an area so you can start picking up on on the body and how it needs to be cleansed. Next thing is using incense. So here I just have some sound would again you just like that and you pass it over because negative energy doesn't like smoke, so you can pass that around your body all the crystal away around, just making it feel cleansed, and removing that negative energy on the final way I'm going to show you is these little symbols that called tinctures. And then you can just pass that over the crystal over yourself. I was doing this. My son and I always try and allow them to kind of ring completely. There's nothing worse than ringing and then just kind of putting them down. No hearing the final ring because also that is part of the process of cleansing energy. Now I have that's helped show you a few different ways on I really encourage you to get some different tours for cleansing. Now, as you can see, some of those will be easier to do for a whole than others. For example, the spray. So it's really easy. You could do that on yourself on the crystal ginger spray a few times with the intent of cleansing. Same is the rattle. You can just kind of shake that over your crystals, and it does a whole lot. Singing bowls are also good that you can pass that over your crystals and cleanse a large proportion of them. Sort, on the other hand, is kind of a bit difficult to cleanse many of them at one time, so you probably just do that when you've got a few crystals. But I decided to obviously have quite a bit collection crystal, so I generally do. Things are easy that I can do for a lot of crystals at one time. 9. Grounding: now, I just wanted to end on a short kind of grounding exercise. Whenever you work with crystals, you're working with your kind of higher shack was your higher self and is really good at the end of it. Just to kind of bring yourself back to this kind of centered kind of here and now, basically. So why is grounding important now if you're not grounding yourself properly? Your roots aren't secure in Mother Earth, so it's like a tree. It's the as above, so below. So your roots are deep in the earth on your tree, your leaves, your branches. All of that is able to grow. And if you have a look at kind of a cross section of a tree, the roots are deep as the branches. Okay, now you can't have a tree that's all spiritually with a wall of these branches, but know that much grounded in Mother Earth. So it's really important to spend as much time being up here on being spiritually as it is , grounding yourself and being connected to that mother earth energy. In fact, I probably say it's more important to be grounded because you can learn so much more from Mother Earth. In many ways. Now, when somebody's not grounded, they're kind of in a daydream. They're not really focusing on things that finding it difficult to keep their attention on year, they might be stumbling over their words, not really able to communicate effectively. And you know that they're just kind of somewhere else. All of these things tell you a person's not grounded now, if you do decide to start doing courses for yourself at where you want to learn more and you you go to somebody for this, it's a lot of high end, as you were. So you need to focus on grounding yourself. Similarly, when you then start doing that on clients, you need to make sure you're granted and that absolutely they are grounded before they leave you. So when you've got a kind that you've done a lot of high energy work, make sure you have a conversation with them. Make sure you do some things for grounding before you send them away, because they in that car and have an accident. That's obviously not very good news. So different crystals that you can use four grounding, and there are other ways just by stamping your feet Go for a walk in nature clapping your hands, drinking water, eating food all of these things because of gravity and going down and they're very grounding. But where was he gonna look at Krystal's now? 1st 1 I'm going to show you is actually some petrified wood. This is word. This is fossilized wood that would have been around Probably walking with dinosaurs on this is because it is, would it is always a massively grounding. It's been in the earth all of those years, although those millions of years so simply holding their sort placing it at the bottom of your feet is massively grounding, and it really helps to bring you back. Another thing you can use what you may have heard off our body stones. Now, Brody stones There is normally a female one on a male nobly one, um on and you can hold these in opposite hands. You might want to hold him and spoke from the other way. These are balancing as well as grounding because they're heavy that the Rome it's got sort of different minerals in there. Um, metals, heavy metals like iron is some of those so that they are grounding just purely because they feel heavy on the black. Another thing is black tourmaline. Black toiling is massively grounding as well. Now I have a tumbled version on a have kind of its roar off form hand. Both equally is effective. Simply holding this helps bring your energy down. Back down to Mother Earth. We'll try on the final one is smoky quartz. I've just got this in a point. I do have some tumbled stones as well. This one's massively grounding. It's got that brownie kind of color in keenness to the crystal again really, really grounding and helps bring it back down. Now we're just going to do a little short meditation on helping to bring our energies back down. So we're not all up in our kind of headspace up here with all of this spiritual, um, stuff going on and high energy up. Eso if I just get you to close your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, just imagine your jaw suffering your forehead, all of the masters on your forehead releasing. Imagine your neck getting longer wide, stretching out a lot of those muscles in your neck your shoulders dropping. Can you drop them anymore? Well, they relaxed Philip Energy for Relax ation with ALS through your muscles down your back to the gets to your waist in your lower back, Mais down along your legs, over your carbs and your thighs down on your feet, and that's your hair. We need to imagine one of that energy forming a rope. There's attached to the bottom of your feet and that rope. You follow it down down and notice that it is anchored to Mother Earth, the core of mother. Take a few deep breaths. You're following it away, down for every breath the drool in. Imagine the energy of mother feeling your body filling your energy, making it known your present hair on earth at this time with every X how all of your negative energy, all of excess energy that doesn't serve you at this time is going down the road down to mother to be released and sent back. Two, however, has given it to you. Whoever needs that energy back, be aware of the heaviness of your in feet and how they firmly fixed. Mother might wanna wiggle your toes rip when you're ready concisely open your eyes. So, as I said, it's really important to ground yourself afterwards. You you have this this feeling of fulfillment. You've worked with the spiritual aspects, and now you're bringing yourself back to Mother Earth to the core toe where all of these crystals have come from to that centered space honor. 10. Beginning Your Journey: So I really hope you got something out of this class. Thank you so much for taking part. Bringing your crystals with you on this little journey. I hope that like I said, you've got something out that I hope you've left feeling grounded on, that you feel confident you started building your intuition and you you can identify the ways that feel easier to you and how to choose crystals. No, when I would say is, don't rush out girls crystals. Sometimes it's really tempting, but just take your time because the crystals will present themselves when you need to work with them. So just stick with the way you've got for the time being, making connection with those crystals and then think about adding to your collection. The same is with the tours. You absolutely do not need all of these tools. I have them because obviously I teach classes and teach working off site each five day courses. So I have the whole range of things that my students can use. You absolutely do no need to go out and get all of these things. You can accumulate them over time. Now I really have you following me because I am planning on doing lots of other courses. I have lots of ideas, loss of future videos. If you follow me, then you'll obviously hear about them on. I'll see you over in the community section way you can show me your projects on. Also, you can just kind of share your thoughts on your ideas and just get some feedback. Or just just talk to make. Basically, just talk to me. Tell me about crystals. I want to know about Crystal so you thanks so much and I'll see you next time.