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Crochet Beginner Blanket Step By Step

teacher avatar AlenaCharity, Modern Crochet Designer

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Lessons in This Class

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      1. Introduction


    • 2.

      2. Materials


    • 3.

      3. Row 1


    • 4.

      4. Row 2


    • 5.

      5. Row 3


    • 6.

      6. Finishing up


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      7. Making the tassels


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      8. Outro


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About This Class

In this crochet beginner blanket class we will learn how to crochet a basic blanket for any size even though the class will emphasize on a baby blanket. 

  • You can simply chain more to make the blanket longer and wider
  • If you are looking for a double bed blanket, simply make  chain and lay it on the bed, if it reaches where you want the blanket to reach, you can work wih that. 

To work this beginners blanket make sure to have access to:

  • Worsted weight yarn
  • 5.5mm crochet hook
  • yarb beedle
  • scissors
  • tape measure

There is only one stitch that will be used in this crochet class that is the half double slip stitch. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Modern Crochet Designer




Hi, I'm AlenaCharity Limbithu, the crochet artist behind

I come from a family of crocheters even though my crochet hobby was self taught. I live in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, when i am not crocheting, you can be assured to find me to be looking into my next crochet project. 

I have a smile for a resting face, and i hope to put that smile on your face too with these easy crochet classes.


I am obsessed with crochet and making crochet sweaters and cardigans. I love a challenge, and i do not believe crocheting is hard,... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. 1. Introduction: Hi there makers, Eleanor here and welcome to this crochet blanket class. In today's class, I'm gonna be showing you how you can achieve this lovely crochet blanket that has this stitch that makes it look knit. My favorite part of this crochet blanket or this little tassel that the corners, they make it look so simple. This blanket does not have a border because I feel like the finishing makes it look just absolutely fine. This stitch is absolutely beginner friendly. It's called the half double slip stitch. I will walk you through how to do it. It's pretty much a one rupee for the entire thing you can chain however, children watch, you can make it as long as you want. Oh, well as short as you want. And there is a pattern available which you will have access to once you click enroll. So what are you waiting for? Enjoying this class? And let's make ourselves a crochet blanket. 2. 2. Materials: The materials that you'll need in this crochet blanket, glass, or worsted weight yarn, a five-point, five millimeter crochet hook, a yarn, needle, scissors, and a tape measure. 3. 3. Row 1: For this class we'll be using a 5.5 millimeter crochet hooks. However, I am using a decay weight yarn. That's simply because I have run out of them that I used to make the blanket. But you will be using a worsted weight yarn. You're going to begin by making a snippet. So I just want to wrap your yarn around your fingers, like crib, you hook instead it underneath, loop that and pull it through just like that. If you've got other ways of making a slipknot, that is absolutely up to you. So for the sake of this tutorial, I'll be making a little swatch size. So it'd be very small like a washcloth sites. But for the for your blanket, you want to make sure that your chain a 131 chain it is can I and over and pull through that loop and over and pull through that loop. So I'm just going to change 20. But you wanna make sure you're chain 131. So you're going to meet that chain of a 131 and I'll meet you when I'm done. I'm done with my hand in hand with my 20 chains. I've added one for the sake of training. When you start with 131 changes, you're going to have 130 change to work into since the other one would be a turning chain. So we're gonna turn that chain around like that. So I facing the wrong way round. And we're gonna be working into the buck bumps of these chains. So you just want to yarn over, insert your hook into that bump, bump right there. Pull through just like that. So we've got these three loops on our hook. And now we're just going to hold down or pin down that middle strand. And you're gonna slip stitch through just like that here and over. Find that next loop. Insert your hook and loop that yarn and pull through, pin down that middle chain. Slip stitch through. Another way I like to do this personally, I like treatise Genova, insert my hook, pull up a loop and then I like to turn my crochet hook up, sit down, and just pull field effect. I find that works easier for me, but really it's whatever looks best for you. I just like to turn my hook upside down and pull through yarn over, insert your hook. Yarn over, pull through upside down, push through your chest, going to do that. Integral the rest of the 130. Change your gut or if you meet your chain longer or shorter, you're going to repeat that into the rest of your chains. So let me just repeat this for the rest of my chains and down meet him. Once I'm done with row one. 4. 4. Row 2: So at the end of row one, this is what your work should be looking like. You're just going to chain one and let me just say chain one does not act as a stitch. After they've changed on. You're going to turn now from here on and for the rest of our Blanket, we're gonna be working into them. Back loops. The loops are when I hold my work like this, you can see the Z of that stitch, that V that it forms at the top. So usually when we're working with sticks, you would go into the lintel right here. But since we want to have that knit look, that ribbed look, you're gonna go into that back loop. So you're just going to Hanover into that back loop, just like that. Pull the yarn through and slip stitch. So Hanover into that back loop, pull it through and slip stitch. And that's what we're gonna do for the whole row. Or if you prefer to pinch that middle stitch and slip stitch through, you can do so. Just like that. You go on finished the second row. And then we'll meet you once you are done. 5. 5. Row 3: And so I have finished the second row. And to begin the third row, you just going to check 110. And now from here on, all we're doing is repeating road trip. Chaining. One does not count as a stitch into the buck loop of that first stitch. Half double slip stitch. Other people call it a another slip stitch. And if you've gone through my patterns, you're going to notice that this is my favorite stitch. I love. I absolutely loved to use this stitch because it gives you that knitting look. And that's the kinda look I like my, my projects to have because I have always wanted to learn how to knit. I still am. I'm definitely going to take him did in class and in the future you're gonna be seeing if you live in courses here as well. So all we're doing is literally half double slip stitching all the way through. Already reached the end of my rope. And then took that last stitch, chain 110. And as you can see, that knit and look, it's already starting to form and over and into the back loop. So for this stitch, you do not need to have any specific number of chains. Make it work. Any number can do odd number, even number, all of it, it works just fine. So I'm just going to cream could continue doing this until I have quiet cluster. I might just do 20 rows. You want to go on for a tone since we changed 131 and we've got 130 rows. When I go in and work for a total of a 130 rows, or until the length of that, you will find this out more that you love. So I'm just going to go on for tuples. If you change more, more than 130 or less than you want to make sure that the number of chains that you've got matches the number of words that you're working with. However, remember, this is your blanket. You can make it as long, as wide as you want. So go on, finish off your rose and I will meet you. And once I have finished off my video class. And then I will show you how we're going to add on the tassels and weave in the ends. 6. 6. Finishing up: Sorry, I'm just finishing off the remaining stitches I have. After you've finished working your rows, you just want to chain one. Copy scissors. Just like that. And this is what the texture of your blanket she'd be looking like. We're just it's not gonna be as areas my news. That's going to be sticker and this, but this is what yours should look like. So now we're going to start working in the castles. Don't worry about these yet, about weaving in these little ends. We're not going to leave them in just yet. 7. 7. Making the tassels: So I'm just going to use my bank card case. You can use a notebook or depending on how long you're supposed to be. So I'm just going to unpack this side like this. And I'm gonna wrap around 15 times. So that's 123456789101112131415. So after the 15th wrap, I'm going to cut the yarn off. Just like that. Then I'll slip or for another strand of yarn, not too long. Just like that. And another just about the same size as the previous one. So you're going to have truce translation. Just like so. Let me just put this work I said, then we're gonna this year one of our card or whatever you are using to wrap it around. Just like that. And then we're gonna get that one struggling with him, which is cut off and inserted through the loop in the center. I'm just going to take two minutes. For the sake of security. Then you want to grab that scissors and cut off at the bottom. Just like that. If you have anymore love to just get through them and fit through just like that. And then you want to take the other strand of hair and new cutoff and just lay it flat. Like so. This is all done has been I've used this general several projects or twice, not Main Street. Then you're going to grab the tassel, just laid over like that, and then straighten it a bit like that. We can look and see me too nuts. So that it's nice and secure that we're not done. We're gonna grab your yarn needle. And then you and I insert it from the top. And through the center, make sure it's going to pass through that NADH we tied like that. Then we're gonna get this trouser here and insert them into that I need. I'm using the plastic one because the eye of the needle is quite big. So you want to insert one strand at a time. That's one. And then the other one as well. Just like that. Then you're not push my arm underneath and pull it through and straighten it up. Just like that. So the other yarns that are longer than the others, There's nothing else. Sees scissors can't fix my cut that off with you. I'm hoping you see this does a much better job with my scissors. And that's your tests are right there. So you want to make four of these. Now, let me show you how to connect. I'm going to show you how to connect to one of these corners and a corner that doesn't have any left yarn, yarn leftovers. So just wanted to get your crochet hook and insert into that last stitch that you made. Grab your hook and pull through one strand from the top. Just like that. And then you want to tie a knot with these two. So my first note would be these two just like that. Assuming that it's a corner where we don't have x-ray on. The second month, I would type with I'll connect that you have struggled and that was already there without making nut and tight through making it as tight as I can. I'm just going to make another word, third word for luck. But I would suggest you do about five and then grab that crochet hook again. Insert it into that center. And we're going to repeat what we did earlier. Cert our yarn through there. The three strands now, but for their bonds, for the other two corners are just going to have two strands. There we go. Just like that. Then you don't have poorly on through. And right there is your castle. Foreign corner. So very nice and secured just like that. So you want to repeat this for the other four are the other four coordinates of your blanket. Just repeat this forever. Four corners and I'll meet you. What's your blank is all done. 8. 8. Outro: So I don't have everything. This is why beautiful crochet blanket shouldn't be looking like. It's lovely. The stitch makes it look like knit. And it's so nice. And so I'm sure you'll love it if you're making it as a gift. Whether you're making it for definitely love it. This is an gift for my cousin's baby. He just had a son and I want this to keep him lovely, snugly a moon. So you are done with the class. Congratulations. Be sure to post your pictures in the discussion area, in the projects area. If you have any questions, something that didn't make sense, let's all meet and discuss. Don't be shy. Post your pictures if she made a little mistake. We've all made those posters, pictures, I knew it and we're going to help it TBA until next class guys see it a bit and thank you so much for joining this class.