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Creative Writing: Writing a Novella for Beginners

teacher avatar Matthew Dewey, Writer, Writing Tutor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Writing a Novella for Beginners


    • 2.

      Novella Planning | Writing a Novella for Beginners


    • 3.

      How to Finish a Novella in Good Time | Writing a Novella for Beginners


    • 4.

      Writing Methods and Rewrites | Writing a Novella for Beginners


    • 5.

      How to Edit a Novella | Writing a Novella for Beginners


    • 6.

      Publishing and Marketing Your Novella | Writing a Novella for Beginners


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About This Class

Hello Writer!

Welcome to the course where I show you how to write an enjoyable novella that will keep your readers interested. Don't make the same mistakes that so many novice authors make and create a novella that can challenge those of successful authors!

My name is Matthew Dewey and I am a writer. It is hard to say when my passion for writing began, but if I can recall it all started back in primary school. A small, pale child with not much to say, but plenty to write, or in most cases scribble, across a page. From there writing became a hobby, moving on to become a part-time job writing articles on various subjects from technology to programming. Suddenly, the spark was ignited and I wrote my first novel. From there I was hooked onto something that was akin to a calling.

Enough monologue, it is time to tell you what this course is worth to you. First, this course was created with the express intention to teach the fundamentals of writing a novella. In my rising through the writing world I found that information was handed freely, but not with enough dedication and forethought. The advice lacking and the examples poor. I decided to push through and after several years developed my own toolkit that is simple and multipurpose.

In addition to the research, I also write from experience, having written several novels, novellas, short stories, articles on writing and taught tens-of-thousands of students.

I will show you how to:

  • Effectively plan a novella
  • Develop stories perfect for novellas
  • Finish a novella in good time
  • Use novella writing methods
  • Edit your novella
  • Publish and market your novella
  • AND many tips and advice to add to your writing arsenal!

Welcome to the Writing a Novella for Beginners Course! I will show what you need to know to develop an interesting novella and turn it into a book to be proud of!

"Writing is a powerful form of art, but it is the reader's imagination that is the canvas, not the page."

Meet Your Teacher

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Matthew Dewey

Writer, Writing Tutor

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction to Writing a Novella for Beginners: Shorter books have become the norm put today's readers, while the avid readers enjoyed thicker books, Today's readers enjoying a villas novels, of course, for the business-oriented writer. Now villas on the way to go. And I'm gonna be showing you just how to run them. My name is net doing. I've been writing and teaching writing for several years now, helping tens of thousands of students reach their writing goals. I've already creates a more in-depth courses on rotting novels of all types of genres. But this course is going to be centered around no villas specifically. I'll be showing you how to plan, write, edit, and publish Modena. I'll be going through the numbers behind the villains, the plot structures, that characters, and of course, some routing methods. From there. I'll be showing you how to improve in a villa, publish it, and what are the next steps up to that? Ensure this course will be handy God, from writing that first chapter to getting your first sale. And of course, to take full advantage of this course, be sure to join the discussions below. I am an active instructor, which means I'll be there to answer any questions that you may have BS about Jonah villas or any other rotting in projects. I'll be quite happy to provide more professional advice and opinions. By the end of this course, you'll have an available that you can be proud of. And if you wish, a product you can put on the market. Thank you for joining me in this course, and I'll see you in the very first video for now. 2. Novella Planning | Writing a Novella for Beginners: Hello and welcome to unit available. In this video, I'll be talking about what your novella acquires from the plot and characters to the ending. These are some of the first steps before you start writing. And a villa, at least these are the steps that I recommend that you take before you begin. Planning and preparation are the best ways to ensure that you finish your Novella and finish it well, first, let us discuss the length of a novella. Now as we know, and again, i is shorter than a novel, but perhaps much. Now typically the average novel length is between 6080 thousand words and the minimum for novel is 30 thousand. So of course, the maximum words that are novella can have is 49,999 if we want to be specific. But the men, them cone a villa is 20 thousand words. Now that's a very big gap to work with as well. Any shorter than 20 thousand. And you have a very lengthy short story and any more than 50 thousand, you have a novel. So if your word count goal is between twenty thousand and forty nine thousand, then your story fits snugly into their Avila category. That's all it really takes to rotten Avila is to fulfill that WordCount, however, were not about doing the minimum. Anyone you can write a novel, can write in a villa. However, the steps you need to take to ensure that, you know, they make sense of all. After all, if you cut a novel and half, you could turn it into tuner valence. However, at one read as well as many popular Nobelist out day. Because those authors took steps towards making a novella that begins and ends promptly. And speaking of series, that is the best way that you can write an arena is to turn it into a series of numbers. Typically a series of villas that fits into each other, or at least the same theme garnishes great success in the literature world, these series of no villas are typically aimed at a younger audience. Take for example, the goosebumps series by RL Stan. This was a horror Nobelist series aimed towards a younger audience and fantastically well. But there are many children's novels aren't the ADT had been turned into series at garnished great popularity. Of course, writing for such a young audience is just a suggestion if you're aiming for most successful series. And there are many classic sampling. For example, The Christmas Carol, war worlds, and I am legend. All of these are great examples of non-violence, but that has Biola banner. Let us now focus on the plot from a novella with subshell load word count. There is little room for a writer to build an intricate world and the vast, a complex plant. Taking the examples from earlier, the goosebumps series focuses on a single teenager and their encounters with some supernatural antagonist. The Christmas Carol is a dreamlike journey as the main character lends the areas of the ways war of worlds and I am Legend are both science fictions which involve a protagonist and tried to survive and apocalypse, protecting those they care about. Typically these plots don't develop much more than that. And short there very few scenes that are encompassed in a novella. And that is the charm of a novella. And Nevada doesn't contain a long winding series of events and places and people in essence, and Avila is more of a focus on a specific character and they development throughout the story. Now many of these plots may have grand themes, such as I'm legend or war of worlds, where if they're grander ellipses. However, all of these novels focus on a particular character and their development as the story progresses. Now, a novel, of course, allows for this and many subplots and other developments along the way. However, these can also distract and soften the effect that one particular development may have. Not necessarily, of course, many novels do pay close attention to this and ensure that development is highlighted throughout. However, it is easy for novella when to focus on one specific character and de development. Making the stories that more impactful, all attention is focused on that one character and their development. When designing a plot for your novella, you need to focus more on the main character, a personality, the backstory, in essence, the world events are changing the character and you have direct control of that. If you wish to write a character that grows more mature and was the need to design a plot which sends them on a journey, which then challenges these childish and naive aspects of their character. So in other words, you would take an irresponsible character and trust responsibility upon them. So with that said, I'm now going to run through the step-by-step process for planning and creating unit vivid story. Incidentally, this is also the exercise for this video. So if you have any questions pertaining to it, be sure to ask me in the discussions. But one, step, one, decide on a genre and theme. Nefarious can work in any genre or theme. Simply choose a world top and genre that you enjoy the most. Step to the side and a character with an issue coming up with a likable character. As easy as you already know the tap of character, you would enjoy your writing. But now you need to give them a law or problem to work through. Three, present to a character with a journey or challenge. One to challenge the problem head on, fall is to divide your word count into chapters, getting more technical, but the sad on a word count between 20 thousand and putting on 1000 words and divide them into a number of chapters. You wish to have new villa. Think of between 1020 chapters at the most. These will be on vague goals, that helpful ones nonetheless. Step five is to devise a vague scene ideas, reach chapter, crowd. Simply start to think about his story, what scenes you have in mind, arrange them and then fill out the gaps with suitable scenes. This might be the longest step, but certainly an important one to keep in mind. Step six is to develop your plot by adjusting and making sure the sequence is logical. And just these scenes until they not only make sense that flow into each other. Step seven is to devise an ending. Make sure it fits the character and story when working on the ending in short, then it is a final scene or sequence of scenes that your novels, story, and theme. Don't push something dramatic, if nothing dramatic really happens in your novel. And finally, eight, go through the plot on small, Read it and correct wherever necessary. And that brings us to the end of this first lecture. I want you to go through these steps, examined your character and see if the plot works with them. Remember that character is being developed by the world more than the world is being developed by the character. Your character might not even have any influence on the world and its events throughout the story. However, that is not important. What is important is the journey. That journey is your plot, and that journey is what's gonna make your story amazing. And the next lecture, I'll be talking about the writing process and how you can finish in a villa in good term. I'll see you then. Bye for now. 3. How to Finish a Novella in Good Time | Writing a Novella for Beginners: Hello and welcome back to novella rotting course. In this lecture I'll be talking about how you can finish unit villa in good time. For efficiency's sake, many writers aren't. They have opted to rational villas For this reason. So it goes without saying that wanting to finish in a villa as soon as possible would be ideal. With that, said, that vast that I'll be giving you in this video will help you with your efficiency, but without sacrificing the integrity of your plot or your quality of life. So let's begin. Now. The very first one is rat without pause, is very easy during the writing process to get caught up in the Manu Xia. After finishing a paragraph or a scene, you might find yourself lingering to see if you can write it better. These are the moments that are best reserved for re-write. And often I recommend that you push past them rather than give it to them. That's a piece of advice I recommend for no villas and novels. If you find yourself doing this, it can be really annoying. Especially if you spend ten minutes on perfecting the scene. When that could've been ten minutes you spent on the next scene, there was a problem with the lingering making these changes is that your book is always subject to change until you finish it. You never know when restoring law take you. You never know what you might change. So you might spend half an hour making sure chapters perfect. And then by the time that that novel is finished, you then have to spend even more time rewriting it as it doesn't fit the ending. You gotta think ahead of the changes that you might make. So you don't waste time on making changes now. So no matter how perfect a chapter might be, your scenes specifically at math not fit the nodal number two is to make it a habit to write when you're looking for something to do. This is common workplace habit for any Korea, not just rotting. When you find yourself without anything to do. Or I have completed a task or some other project, remind yourself that there is a book to be written. Most routers weren't considered us before they consider taking a break or relaxing with a creature comfort by browsing the internet or watching TV, it is very difficult to get into this habit in the beginning, but very necessary. If you want to have a great rotting ethic, you'll be surprised how much you write within a week of doing this, let alone a month. After all, every little bit makes a difference by working now you save yourself days of work in the future. Number three is, don't be afraid of making mistakes. Once you have set yourself down to do some writing, you're then working towards a small goal and the tongue you have a great confidence and energy booster is to tell yourself to allow some basic mistakes in spelling and grammar. It may seem like a messy way of writing, and it is a by an end of an hour, you have written a couple of 100 words more than you would have if you are writing more carefully in addressing every little era that he made along the way. Number four is to approach your novella an energetic attitude. You could do this Perotin whenever they inspiration hits by listening to songs that gives you that creative energy. Or when you feel the most awake and willing to right? Now, inspiration isn't something that you can count on all the time. You never know where it will hit you and the map a long gaps in between those terms. But if you are in a good mood and you're listening to your favorite music and you have the energy that it makes the difference. Or you need to do is foreigners are deal moments and Tom's and creature habits that make the writing process a lot more comfortable and a lot more enjoyable. Some people like me preferred to write in the morning because that's when they feel the most awake too, right? Of course there are many others who preferred to write in the afternoon or even at now, finding when you feel most comfortable to write a couple of 100 to even a 1000 words is a central. Whereas if you force yourself to write when your mind isn't focused or do more damage to your story than any spelling mistakes or grammar mishaps. But if you want to run and your mind just, isn't they use any of these other birds such as music or in any EGTA can, so on. Number five is to cut out distractions and obvious solution to writing productivity. And one I'm sure you're familiar with. To boost your productivity, you need to cut out any distractions. Keep yourself from checking a firmer, turning it off, or placing it somewhere else in your home. That way it is out of reach. But if someone calls, you can pick up an answer. The same goes with the Internet. It is very easy to distract yourself when you're writing lab. Luckily, there are many services that makes this process a lot easier if we, such as blocking you from certain sites that you know, that will suck up a lot of your time. Personally, I recommend writing offline. If you're on a computer or a laptop, disconnect yourself from the internet. And just wrapped with confidence knowing that if you wanted to take a two minute to, to our break, watching some YouTube videos or browsing some posts, you count. And those are the five best pieces of advice I can give you to help boost your productivity without sacrificing and the integrity of your blood or ruining your life. And if you aim to write ten hundred, two thousand, five hundred words a day with these and Mark, you could finish a decent size novella within a month. Is, it is a messy draft though mistakes, but the bulk of the work is done in a month that follows. You're going through the editing process that rewrites and then the publication and so on, two months. And you can have an umbrella that is on the market. That's not just good town, that's great time. And that brings us to the end of this lecture. And the next video, I'll be talking about some writing methods you can use. So that way, you know, villa includes all the necessary details for your story. I'll see you then. Bye for now. 4. Writing Methods and Rewrites | Writing a Novella for Beginners: Hello and welcome back to, you know, villa course and this lecture a bit more about how you can write in a villa to include all the information that you need, how the plot should work with the length of the novella. And I'll be ending up this lecture by talking about how rewrites work with nearness as well. So without further ado, let's begin now when it comes to writing was such a small word count, there are two paths you can take to ensure that you include all information. One is you write a story with less scenes. Or two, you write a story with very concise language. Cutting any unnecessary or fluffed details so that where you include only the core elements of your plant. Now, both these paths involve efficiency past one is about the structure of the story more than anything else. You are great in a story that fits the novella length. Now this can be very difficult for many routers, which is why one, softener villas often turn into Novalis series. In my professional opinion, that first path is the best one to use. As you are structuring a story that fits a platform. Trying to take a novel and crunch it down into a small, compact version of itself. To further novella wordcount is a very messy process and that also requires a view and adjustment to your writing stammer. And you really want to maintain your writing style throughout. That is not to say that path to want work, but it does require a lot more of you and a complete readjustment to your way of writing. By the same token, there is a large window to work with. The minimum word count on a villa is 20 thousand words, whereas the maximum is 40 thousand. Was that unmanned? You can write double the length of the minimum Novella and still have an umbrella. I would recommend is that you choose 40 thousand words as your word go. That way you have a non thousand words safety net shared. Your story needs to be extended a bit further. At the same time you're building your story above the minimum word count. The other bonus is that 20 thousand is a very small word count to work with. If you are a novelist and have been writing novels for awhile, then writing on a villa can become quite a challenge. Which is why 20 thousand doesn't allow as much room as a novel did. So with that in mind, try to aim a bit higher as well, to give yourself some more breathing room and more comfortable experience with protein and a villain. As for advice on how to structure your plot, try to focus your story around a single event. Or if not host, your larger, Great along winding journey filled up many events, places and people are often a villa. You are restricted. So that means you now have to slow things down and focus on one particular event, or perhaps a short series of events for your learner. And agrees, because if our talk too much about plot structures and word_counts and sounds like our restricting your writing process. When really see all of these rules as more garlands. If you do happen to go over the word count of an overlay and end up into a range of novel. That isn't a bad thing. After all, a short novel is pretty much like a LinkedIn or villa anyway. So don't feel stressed about going over the wordcount. By that same token, if you do end up writing below the 20 thousand word count, you have a short story, and I recommend that you create another one that is perhaps the same amount of words, but as a part two to your first story. And then bring them together. You would have a novella and you'd have a small break in between as well. Now, let me talk a bit more about parts to this consists mainly of simplistic cryo-TEM. I've written a few articles and given a few podcasts on the subject as well. So I'm quite happy to talk about it. When it comes to simplistic routing, you are very much telling the story as if you were telling the story to a friend when you tell them about some strange occurrence that happened in your life recently, you really focus on what is important. You set the scene for them. You explain the core details and any tell them what happened. That's very much how you would approach path two. You only focus on the core details after setting the scene. You don't add mortars or any him more conversations that are unnecessary to the plumped. After all, you're not going to be telling you, a friend about everything that you said to someone else as the event was happening, you just give them the rundown of what happens. If you have anymore questions regarding the plot, please be sure to ask me in the discussion below. And if you wish to ask me questions privately, you can do so much joining my writers group. I'm always happy to help any of my students looking at some professional and Vast all unbiased opinions. Now let's talk about the rewrite process when it comes to novella. Once you have finished your novella, you can either go through the book and correct many scenes and other words, making some adjustments as you go along. Or you can start a second dropped if there are too many errors for you to work with. And it's better to start from scratch and include all that is right? Now, while I'm an advocate for writing a second draft, I perfectly understand why is it. For many writers? That's right. You can still write a great novella without having to start a second drunk. Was dad said, You need to now take the novella and start reading it aggressively. Finally, paragraphs and scenes that you're unhappy with. You can delete them mamba alarm or section by section and rewrite them anyway that you feel is necessary. You can adjust other scenes to fit the plot that you had in mind initially. Or you can adjust earliest, seems to put the plot at a turned into later on in your writing process. As a reminder, these are simple. It is that you need to make, you're still moving through this phase at a decent pace. So don't worry about spelling mistakes or grammar errors just yet. If you are simply writing bits and pieces of universe, it means you've got more right than you got wrong. Otherwise you would start from scratch. You should be able to complete this phase faster than you completed your first drunk. Speaking of editing up again a bit more in depth with editing. In the next lecture, I'll be highlighting what you need to be looking out for. Some tips on improving your grazing and some services that are recommend or fixing any of these simple errors. Thank you for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one. For now. 5. How to Edit a Novella | Writing a Novella for Beginners: Hello and welcome back to another. Then of course, in this lecture, I'll be discussing some services and Temps and how to edit your novella. Now this has fixing basic errors, simple corrections here me. And you don't need to use the services that are use as long as you have ones that can help you fix all these errors. Without said, let's begin now the editing process includes basic corrections, but also preparation on publication. And I recommend that you do make these corrections before this preparation. As he don't know what watching novella might look like by the end, we are quite lucky in this day and age to have such software and services to help us make these adjustments to our routing. And the two main sources than I use, Google Docs and grammar me. Now I use Google Docs for convenience sake, I can arrived from Anyway. It's a bonus to have all of my documents, especially some important drafts, Save to the Cloud. That way if something were to happen to my computer, hard drives, I would still have all my writing. Now, Google Docs does have its own spelling and grammar checker, which I do use or the person scan of my documents. However, it's not very comprehensive. So make use of researchers called Grambling. Now remedy is a plug-in service that works of Google Chrome, but it also has this beta linked to Google Docs, which allows me to edit my documented easier with grant money and found that the combination of these two services have improved the quality of my writing tremendously. However, long I use all these services personally and all my writing. You don't need to dwell many shows is out there which you can make great use of, such as people's services like Scribner. Now Skoruppa is a paid service and it has a wealth of features that you can use to make sure that you're writing corrections and so on. Very professional. And it does help. Of course, we're setting up for publication two to have done a course on showing users how to properly use Scribner and make use of its core features. But while it is an amazing software to make use of, it is also a very complex to a point where it becomes a bit tiresome to use. With that said, there are many simple software is out there which you can make use of Microsoft Word in QED ten, and in many other services that you can find online. But at its core, what you're really looking for is simple spelling and grammar checker. And once you have gone through your final scan, you ready for the next step, which is preparation for publication. And we're going through a list of pages now which you need to make sure that you include in your novella. The first is the title page, which will of course will have the turtle auger Novella and of course your name as the writer. Second, you'll need a copyright age. There's, of course, is a little legal document. Make sure all the rights belong to you. Third, you'll need a contents page. Now, I recommend that you include the contents page last. As you'd be adding a few more pages that you might want to link in the contents false, you need an introduction, but of course that's only if you feel it necessary. Now at the end of the book, you need to have a allo works page if you want to link any of your readers to any other books and videos that you want them to check out in. And oh, this might go and issue a few extra sales. And finally, a buyer and bio containing all your details of you as a writer. Perhaps what inspired you and things like that. These are all very simple pages to include, but I was so very important. But contents page is very important specifically, as it is this page that many irradiance will be working with, there is a chance that they e-readers device might malfunction. And which case they need a quick and easy way to get into chapter they were reading. And it's much easier to simply tap on the chapter and they were on than just scroll through several pages to finally get to whether you were. So it goes without saying that if you want to publish a novel or novella today, you need to have a working contents page. Before I end this lecture, I wanna give you a few more tips on the editing process. These are just some simple checks and recommendations to keep in mind. First is check the tenses that you have used throughout novel. A clash intense. But so it should be easy to find. The second is to be consistent and new use of voice, be an active or passive. Make sure you maintain it throughout. Well, I don't want the subject. I will mention that active voice is very popular today. But unlike that stress, now many great authors out there, you have made use of the passive voice and you could be one of them. Third and firing is to make your writing easier to read. And you do this simply through proper spacing and paragraphing. So that means every time you start a new subject, you move on to a new paragraph. Or if you've written 50 to a 100 ish words, start a new paragraph. Got other days of the endless paragraphs. The ones that was so difficult to read as it was so easy to lose yourself in your almost begging Arieti to start some dialogue. So that way you can finally reach a breakpoint. And then you have the editing process, a process that can actually sometimes be fun. Some errors may be buzz, that many will actually present you with a chance to improve your writing or give you a good love as a spelling mistake or grammar error, makes one amusing sentence. And that concludes this lecture. And the next video, I'll be talking about the publication process and the steps you need to take once you have it on the market. I'll see you then. Bye for now. 6. Publishing and Marketing Your Novella | Writing a Novella for Beginners: Hello and welcome to the final lecture in our course. In this lecture, I'll be talking about the steps you need to take to self-publish villa and some marketing tips to help you garnish a few sales. I should say that these are just my professional recommendations that are made use of as well. And you don't need to use them to sell your book. You can of course, use anyone else's methods, such as a friend of yours that might have experienced and publication at the same time, hours have been talking about the services that are used to publish my novels. And you don't have to use as well. Now many out there to choose from. Yet at the same time, these are very popular methods that are make use of this well, and much of the advice that I give is often used by professional writers out there today to help promote the novels and books and so on. In addition, the advice that I wish to be given you has helped many writers out there today promote the novels and a villas and garnish sales. These can be used anyway. Now, in the previous lesson, I talked about the preparation that you need for publication. And now you have the core of unit villa ready to be put on the market. However, you still need a cover. Now you can create a cover on your own if you have experienced or if you don't want you to take a course on the subject as well to help prepare your cover. Or simply get a professional to do it for you. And that will work as well. A decent cover can help you get a sale. It's what would catch the reader's are as much as the title. So this is a very important step. The next step is to choose a publication servers. Now there are two that I can recommend. The first is obviously Amazon. Amazon's KDE ADP allows you to publish and novel or no, Della to servers and make it available on Amazon's bookstore. In addition to Amazon is another service which will make use of quote, trough to digital. And this makes the process a lot easier and I highly recommend you use it as a beginner self publisher. In addition to that drafted digital, help you publish a novel on a villa. To many platforms, not just Amazon. Once you have chosen your publishing service, you need to now look at categories and keywords. And these are very important to make sure that your novel, novella appears in your target audiences searches. What I recommend for finding that your categories and keywords is to look at a similar novel and a villa to yours on the market and see where it is published and publishing as well. And it very much helps to be specific with your categories and keywords to. You want to make sure that your specific target audience is reached through these keywords and categories. For example, if you have an a villa that can be easily said in science fiction, then set it in science fiction rather than general fiction. Now this careful attention to weigh your novel might be best fit. Can take a lot of time that it is very necessary once you have these key details than the publication process becomes very easy, especially if you're using a service like draft to digital, that pretty much help you through the rest of the process. And very soon your book will be reviewed and put on the market and thus begins the next and longest stick. Marketing. You'll be marketing your book for years to come. This means not only sharing it on social media to your followers, but also making use of special promotions. Now, then Amazon provides some grape emotions that you can make use of. Everything you do to help you gain more followers, more readers, and as a result, more reviews and reviews are very important if you want Amazon and other services to rank your book a bit higher and certain categories, you can actually get more readers and reviewers by promoting your book through ads such as Google Ads, consistent management of your marketing will help not only boost your sales and readers, but make it much easier as time goes on, every person that buys your book or shares it, or rats review is a step towards greatest success. Some methods, such as creating an ad with Google will cost money. But if you can afford it and know your way around add creation, then this is definitely worth it. And if you haven't already, I recommend creating social media as well to promote your book. And that's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are some primary social medias that you want to have a platform as you build more of a following, these are the followers that will give you an initial burst when you release your next work and promote to them. I'm not going to sugar coat it. This is a lengthy process of an very tedious and there's a bit of trial and error involved, especially if you're working in niche genres for the serious right out there, you need to schedule all of these marketing rituals and stick to it. Research what really works for you and make use of it as often as possible. However, if you're more of a hobby, right? And these numbers don't concern you, then don't think about this too much. Simply having your book published and leaving everything should be enough. But at the same time, I still recommend if you have a social media or not promoted to your friends and family, you don't know what might happen. A simple shape can lead down a long way and you might eventually reach one or more readers than I'll be happy to buy your book. And Ganesh in a few extra sales is an ad thing. From the, you can take a break or get started on the next writing project. And with that, this lesson has come to an end. And indeed, this course, throughout this course, I've talked about the best practices for writing a novella. How to avoid some classic mistakes, and how to prepare, publish, and market your work. Many of what I've talked about you can apply to full novels, but they will most likely not be as effective as they would if applied tuner villa. I hope you enjoy the course and made good use of the discussion below. Becoming a part of this writing community is not only valuable for your writing, but your education on writing. With thousands of students, sharing all they've learned, taking part as a sure-fire way to better your routing and find inspiration. If you wish to learn more about writing, be sure to check out my profile. I have a host of courses from writing fantasy to boosting productivity to planning or novel Mac Pro. So be sure to follow and check them out. And with that, thank you for watching. Codec. Could not and happy writing.