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Creative Techniques to Build English Vocabulary

teacher avatar Aditi Shrivastava

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This class tell you 5 very effective and creative methods of learning words. These techniques will change the learning style and will make learning words full of fun.

So that you can exponentially increase your word power.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you in the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Aditi.

I have several years of experience in the software industry and worked on many exciting Mobile and Web projects. Interact with a different type of clients across the world and successfully lead teams.

Apart from my work, I am passionate about dance, art & crafts creation, cooking, travelling, love to read books about self-improvement and implemented it in my life.    

In this platform, I would love to share my expertise and learnings which will be helpful to others. 

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1. Introduction: Kyle. This class is about to build vocabulary effectively and creatively so that we can learn many words in a Sean division. In next radios, we will see different matters, like all forms of a word story making and many more. So let's get started on Dione. I'm build our look at three. 2. Technique #1: Let's see our first mattered. Learn all forms of forward along with its meaning. What does it to me? It means whenever you learn anybody, make sure you see the other forms like now objective adverb work by example. Mischievous. This is objective. This would also have now. And Advil mysteriousness isn't now missed. You missed me is a group. So you have learned not only one word, but more than one. Secondly, also, look for synonyms on Antin IMS. This will exponentially increase your vocabulary on do make sentences to understand the context off of wood. 3. Technique #2: in the last radio. We have learned many. No, definitely. We need to put all these words in a long term memory. So Doc br I remember it and can use it. So what is the matter? Put words in a long term memory. Bailly is to make a story, have good All the words in a sentence like a mischievous boy is very naughty. I'm playful as he is making love but malicious coun This green is very raw fish on your exam But her helper is very good and nice se all the world told the sentiment and enter names counseling the sentence on by making in the story If it is proven back we learn things so fast on stay in our memory for a longer time You can use your own creative three off making a story 4. Technique #3: Now it's trying to learn and add a matter which is called as learn in a group so learned words in a group Les Stationary related words appointment book Boy Point bookends except Tre. This will help you to create association between words which lead you to remember it more effectively. 5. Technique #4: one more matter to build your vocabulary very effectively. It is a food forms off a word. So what do you need to do Goto website and learn who forms off a word? For example, NB and B means board. So any word, which is starting with A and B, gives them meaning audible like and be goods confused. It means the person isn't to situations all half two options, but not able to choose anything all giving in. Because information about doors options and be village two states off mind so very well and b comes. It means the world it means both, so you can learn words even you can find out the meaning off unknown words. And this will be very helpful when you are learning our new language and even the existing one, because again it will increase your vocabulary explanation. Let's see Another example. Indus Center means among 15 to the words are intermittent. We re already good interludes. You don't move ago. It means whenever in Bill comes in, any word means something in between. Oh, somebody or some work something like that so you can easily extract the meeting off hood If you know the boot for Let's see and I don't form good juke means kitsch, your D shoes. Why is it the Judy's playa judgment? So these worlds giving the sense off judgment so you can easily extract the meeting? Oh, such kind of words if you move work for Let's stick in their date sample. Next example is hyper everyone news. Hyper means too much exits. So if you are going to upend high pool in some world, it becomes too much or existed like hyper do it. Hi boost. So no, you know what even do really would and guess meaning that Let's take one more example to get more clarity equal. So everyone no, that eagle means since so if we have upended eagle with sentry and say Eagle Sanctuary, it means since single, so in the lost through examples we have seen, how who song is hence, one. You understand the meeting off a word. So basically we are gathering an idea off the meaning, often unmoved. So this will be handful. If you're during any comprehension, all any kind off exams for N B A exams. This matter will be very helpful even in your studies 6. Technique #5: another matter off Loman of Woods in the different longer. Oh, don't think you're lonely. You support your learning Spanish going. So whenever you're doing some activity trying to think words off lonely long needs suppose . What do you call you in a Spanish? Well, if your bone fund the world and Spanish in your mind, you can list down so that you don't know you can go back. Seen this bomb ish world for that but would not give its keep in this green. You want in the laundry very effectively on, boss. 7. Revision: last but not least, the vision is very important. Whatever you've been done. So we're advising of words. You can use flush shots. You can create your own. Additionally, my personal theory that is, to create a spreadsheet in Google with all due to excessive from any wound from I will on a formal that it has words leaning cinnamon and in in slough all forms of world on sentences . You can put your own creativity by me. It would be a fun dancing. I'm this couple form. It is also available in the about section so you can use it. Thank you so much. Called this Increase your book at Babel.