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Creating Wall Decoration in Tangles Art

teacher avatar Yulin Cheng, Tangle Art Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Tools x Basic elements x Triangular shape


    • 3.

      Five Patterns 101


    • 4.

      Tangles Artwork Creating 101


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About This Class

Tangles art is an relaxing drawing method, it's enjoyable and easy to learn.

Everyone can create your own artworks. 

You will learn five tangle patterns from this class, and to utilize them filling into triangular drawing shape.

Just enjoy the every drawing steps!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yulin Cheng

Tangle Art Designer


Hello, I'm YulinC

It's about someone who loves tangle arts deeply with heart and create a space to let others know/like it as well. Share the art, enjoy and love it through my works.

YulinC is also one of Certified Zentangle Teachers. Combine with fashion, tangle art and inspirations from everyday life to make the better works and products!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: well contributing sing space. I'm tangle our designers fueling, but I was working in fashion industry for more than 10 years, dealing with fashion, trans and closing Every day in a few years ago, I started toe your tango arts passengers and single matters. And now I one off the certifies entangle teacher as well. My works on his fire from my everyday life fashion trends, which I was doing before and combined them together wastes entangle pattern. Some matters, so everything can be my inspiration from mysteries. Natures are dim fashion, not speaking to create the tango art and try and go chefs in this cross, you will. Then there's five patterns and your last time to create your own war are backless. It is critical toe, definitely at your space for assault tips for your friends. 2. Tools x Basic elements x Triangular shape: the tours. We need well, being a one black pan to be pan so and talk t them. If you don't have 20 men, it's OK. We can use Korans weapons that if always start withdrawing. We need to know the very important five a month start string lines to seek her lies. He passed cripple line and the circle pitter cell created from this Alan. And sometimes when we have no ideas what Petters to putting toe are just simply use those Salomon black like Sam course here. You can see at ports the circles beside Harsha inside I use curb wants and for this one I used a stopped and the kerf lines come by way circles. The strength lies in different directions have very useful in tango art. Okay, now that's created the triangle Troy and shops. It's without a rule. Just create one triangle what you like. I prefer to use a ruler bodies up to you. And this time I won't have to use the doer triangles 3. Five Patterns 101: These have five patrons for today. The 1st 1 was called tree pulling. First withdrawal. Align around one salamander and then creates a triangle just one site to draw a palatable line and create for Mother Triangle. Keep joined by this way to choose one sign and drill a pill line. Create another try and go and another triangle until you want to stop and then draw a curve . Why some? Each side in a try and goes in the Mido way make a wrong ship on edge. One. There will be that Get between curve y and rally ships black to building black a land with down the Tripoli. The next pattern. CO mocha. What Got things so popular? Can exile pattern? You can create manuals, then, by one time drawing match basis, and also you can create many different condoms. Have the big wands, MOJ at one or the first woman remember to draw underneath when you meet the other one, which you have just created Now that's shared in the mocha renews Chacko pan. So on the hag of Wonka and then with blending them towards the end, flukes is back. The chef off fakes. There's on your preferences to back the people one or the small one. It's also a good pattern. Withdraw along the streams to shut this pattern, allowed to talk in the tapes and darkened streets. Who better to plan Day? The next one is a soon tough. This pattern is more complicated. A certain Todd is like the combination of tears. Chefs first with Mac. The thought I chose one dots tour, a tear, Chef Alice and the line. We don't drill continuous tears in the same direction, so leave it blank on a Mac stopped. You can see how I troll first line on the second line with tears. I'm not continue yours years. Have you finished the first direction We turn our paper offside on and controlling the tears. Remember the tears off teeth. Always meet the teeth. The bottom. Meet the father so we can see we have a two different direction. Tears shift and we turn our paper again. Here we put the cheap of Tear Mak, the third direction of tear. Chefs remember it's always not continue hours. Tear ships. I found the Sandline finish on four directions to Mac this Pathankot premium taps print in the same post viral chefs. This presents very useful and easy to troll and easy to put into any blank spaces in on Mexico's The Round Chefs around the pretty intense and I still Deal in like again met the spiral shell. Smoke clear, shutting stickling intense by stopping the all sides and highlight the inside so we'll put the black charcoal outside just cream taps. 4. Tangles Artwork Creating 101: Let's start to create our tingo our work. The first paper turned. I choose these folks. You can choose any employees toe feeling. Next, the big ones. One us you like ordering is an important technique. Self tango art. It's a good way to different shots from Palin's toe Cabaniss, a VoIP Adam mixing together you can see on creating dot I want to put the soon top in this space. Remember, some toss are the combination tears chefs in four different directions. - Then troll tree police in this space to create trying goals, which are callable toe each other and feeling inside the curve on the wrong chef. I'm feeling the cab in . I want to draw spiral showers into the spaces. Fully charged the premium tax on the top of the space. I want to put the moon cough. Found it. It's the organic style pardon and I can mix ways the folks, the share clothes. You are free to put any of powder nous you'll have learned today for you can put the five element in China spaces. Apple print tenants on this face, and here is the folks after the sun top. Aren I feel that this Brock is toe one. So I want to feel the some black coloring inside masto the shedding, and you can see how I share the patterns. There are so many fee. Friend was so Julie it you can shut happens. Five. Pavin's You can just put the black child hold on side of all work and the strings. - And I also put the black charcoal on this part of folks patterns after finish your own our work . You can pick any kind of friend to friend physical home decoration for a some good gift to your friends. I also through other pieces here. Yeah, old created by this five patterns We just Leonard, even though the parents are older, send. But you can see the results are different. Thank you for your join this cause can see along the next one.