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Creating Dynamic Titles in Procreate with Drugfreedave

teacher avatar Dave Reed, 2D & 3D Illustrator - Brooklyn, NY

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Text Cut-Out


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About This Class

If you're looking to make your title, banner, or logo stand out, or just want to turn your name into an eye catching visual effect, this is the class for you! You'll learn 3 fun ways to change any word into a work of art. First we'll do an image cut out, using any image you'd like for the letters. Second, we'll create a bright glowing word. Third, we'll turn the word into water.  Move a step beyond just fonts and lets make some awesome word art! 

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Dave Reed

2D & 3D Illustrator - Brooklyn, NY

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1. Welcome!: Hey guys, thank you so much for your interest in my course. My name is David read, other bin Brooklyn, New York. And I love to get in art debates and Facebook groups. Some of you may already know me from there and you've seen how a handle myself on Facebook. I'm also a decent artist as well, but enough about me. Let's get to creating a dynamic titles and procreate. The best thing about this course is that the things I'm going to teach you, there's nothing inherently specific to titles. They're just effects and techniques that you'll be able to bring into all of your other artwork across the board. I get excited. Okay, so the first part is going to be a text cutout. So that's when the letters are actually an image, almost like the letters are like a window looking out into a backdrop. The second video is going to be glow. So you'll be able to make any word low, which also lead you to be able to make anything glow. So a lot of fun, I use it in a lot of our work, and I love making things glow. The third part is going to be liquid. We're gonna take a title and make it look like it's liquid. I love it. I would say that one was the most fun for me to work on and because I love drawing iss. So there's a lot of the same aspects in ies to the liquid portion anyway, so that's enough talking. I know you want to get started with the artwork. The next video is going to be the class project. So I'll set you up for everything you need to know so that we can dive right into the lessons and we can start creating some dynamic titles in procreate. I don't know what that is. I don't know why I did that. I found guys. 2. Class Project: Okay, so for this class project, it's pretty simple. You just have to choose one of the three or do all three and just make your name, your title, your business, a family member's name, a friend's name, anything you want, or even a design, a mix and match. You can change the colors. You can do anything you want. Just be creative with it, have fun with it. These effects, like I said, they're not inherent to titles. You can make a circle and do one of these effects and you can put your image behind it. You can make it look like liquid. You can make it glow. You can make any object glow using the same techniques that I'm going to teach you for the glow portion of the video. I've included my faves brush pack, the image templates, the Word templates, the examples. If you want to follow along and do exactly what I'm doing, but you don't need to, depending on your experience, if you want to use your own brushes, if you want to change the words and use your name, feel free to do that. Be as creative as you want to be with these classes. Alright, so the next video is going to be, what is the next video we're going to be. 3. Text Cut-Out: So first thing you wanna do is import your image. I took this photo into loom of this beautiful sea turtle that I love. And the first thing we wanna do is add text. And the font I'm using is called AC bar. So I'll do capsule, OK. And I'll start with C. And I'll make this fairly big. And I'm just gonna make a new text underneath it. So I'm just going to merge these now. I'm going to add a layer. So I'm going to add a layer of gray. So now I have my turtle here in the bottom. I'm a gray layer and I have my text layer. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna duplicate this. And I'm gonna tap on the duplicate layer on the bottom. I'm gonna go to hue saturation layer, and I'm gonna bring it down to black. So this is to make the drop shadow, which I always make. Tap on the selection tool and then I'll just just bring the drop shadow out a little bit. And then I'll go to the magic wand Gaussian blur layer. I'm just blurred a little bit. Now a duplicate that layer. Take the bottom Duplicate Layer, magic wand, cause and blur layer. And I'll just blur that a lot. And then I'll bring the opacity down on that layer. And then I'll merge both of these shadow layers. So I just want to put this in the middle. So I'm, So I have selected both these layers. And I just want to make sure that it's in the middle. I want to tap on my C layer. The layer with the letters are red. So I'm gonna tap on that layer. I'm gonna hit Select. And I'm gonna go back to layers. Go to my gray layer. So I have the grey layer, gray layer highlighted. Three fingers wipes down and cut. And I'm gonna go back up to the Red Sea layer. I'm going to select, again. I'm gonna go back to layer. I'm gonna go back to our shadow. So now I'm on the shadow layer. Three finger swipe in cut. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to hide this red layer. And you can see the image below the grey. So now what I can do is I can take this grey or maybe I can take the color image here. And I can move it around until I find the perfect spot. Like I think this looks great. The only problem is you don't want it to and needs to be able to stretch. And there's a few ways that you can do it. You can either make this bigger. I think that looks good. Okay, so the next step is you don't have to, you don't have to unhide this. You can keep that layer hidden. But I'm going to tap on that layer. Its select. And I'm gonna go to, I'm gonna go down to the image layer, three finger swipe, cut and paste. And I'm gonna bring this layer up to the top. And then I'm going to get rid of this gray layer and I'm going to get rid of the sea turtle image layer. So now we just have our sea turtle image and with the letters, we have our shadow layer and we have the background. So if you wanted to see if a different color looks better, you can cycle through. And you can see which color you like. Really, that looks kinda nice. Maybe on brighten the image up, I'll just go to the text layer that we just made the cut and paste. I'll go to hue saturation. And I'll just pump up the saturation a little bit and bring up the brightness a little bit. 4. The Glow: So the first thing we wanna do is add text. And the text I'm using is called a copy brush. Okay, so the first step is I'm just going to rasterize this. So I click on the layer and then I click rasterize. So now I'm going to duplicate this layer. And I'm also going to add a layer underneath. So I'm just going to group all of these just so I don't just so I can keep track of them and I'm going to rename the group glow. So now we have an empty layer and we have two yellow glow layer's color. Pick the background color and I'm just gonna make it a little darker. And then I'm gonna go to our empty layer. I'm gonna tap the ribbon rectangle. And then I'm just going to draw a rectangle around here, maybe up to a little below the center of our text, whatever your text is. And then I'm just gonna feel that. And I'm going to tap the ribbon again, so nothing is selected. I'm gonna tap the magic wand. Gaussian blur, layer, hemorrhage kind of blur that tsunami was going to add a little bit more, a little bit more color. So I'm going to add a new layer above this background. And I'm going to make it the same color. The glow is going to be this sort of warm, yellowish glow. So I'm just going to use the same color, maybe a little bit lighter. I'm gonna go to my brush. I'm gonna use soft brush one. I'm gonna make a fairly big. So now we're on a new layer above this background and below our text. And I'm just going to sort of just going to add in some of that yellow. And on the other side, I'm going to add some blue. And I'm just gonna go to the magic wand Gaussian blur Layer. And I'm just going to Gaussian blur it just so it's a nice mix, just to give it some, give it some color. So now the top Text Layer glow. I'm gonna go to hue saturation. So magic wand hue saturation layer. And I'll make that white. Now I am going to duplicate the gold glow. And on the bottom one, I'm gonna go to my magic wand, Gaussian blur layer. Add a little bit of glow there. And I'm going to duplicate this again. And I'm gonna take the layer above the one that we blurred. So I'm gonna take a layer above that. I'm gonna, I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm gonna go to the magic wand and blur Layer. And I'm just gonna give it a little bit more. So we have our deep glow or are bigger glow. And we have our more narrow glow. And we have the regular gold and then we have the white. So now I'm gonna go to our top layer, the white. And we'll go to the eraser. And I'm gonna use soft brush. One. Doesn't have to be too big. You can make it smaller. But I'm just going to erase around the edges of the white. And if you notice I'm actually erasing. I'm not actually touching the letters. You erase on the outside. That way, the edge of the brush is what's going to do the erasing. And that will, that will give you a nice natural falloff. And if you have a longer name or a longer word, it is gonna take you a while to to properly just sort of shade off the edge of the letters. But sometimes that's what you gotta do. So now I'm gonna make my brush a little bit bigger. And I'm just going to softly erase away just a little bit more. But this is a really soft, I'm touching the canvas really softly. This is just to kind of feather what we've already done a little bit more. So now we're going to add a little bit of atmosphere. So we'll go to our color layer. So this is the gold and the blue we added in the background. I'm going to tap on that layer and tap on the magic wand. And then I'm gonna go to noise layer, getting close so we can really see it. You don't want it to be too, too crazy. But just to get a little bit of texture here, it's smooth. Here is very noisy, so we just want to, I just want a little bit. That's pretty good. We'll add a layer above this. And then we'll go back to our, our yellow, golden color. Will go to the brushes and we'll go down to stumble. You want that to be fairly big. And then we're just gonna do just to a few swipes with this double brush. And if you want, you can go back to your blue colour and you can do, you can do some swipes of the blue as well. So that just sort of gives it some, some life, gives it a little atmosphere. So next, we'll add a layer above this. And we'll go to our gold color again. We'll go to our brushes. And then we'll go to light pen, one of my favorites. And I will just add some pops of light. Unless you kinda just have fun with it. You know, just sort of want them to be random. Atmosphere thing. It just kinda shows like little bright pieces of dust that are getting hit by the light that's being emitted from this. Okay. We'll take all of these layers and make them in a group that you can duplicate. And then once you duplicate it, just flatten it. So essentially you have just to show you. So essentially you just have your glow on a separate layer and it's flat. So now I'll just undo, so it goes back to the same spot. So now on that new layer, I'm gonna go to the selection tool. And I'm gonna go to flip vertical. I'm gonna make my canvas a little smaller. And now I'm just gonna put this below. And I'm actually going to move this down just so it's below our actual word. So now I want to make sure that I'm on my bottom layer. And I'm gonna go to the magic wand and go to liquefy. And I want it to be fairly, fairly decent size just to kinda, just to kind of shove these up a little bit so they're touching the letters. So now I'm going to take my bottom layer here. I'm gonna go to my eraser, use soft air brush, make it fairly big, and then I'm just going to start to erase it away. I think that looks pretty good. So I'm going to take a lighter version of that color. I'm going to take my air brush again. And I'm just gonna lighten up right where they meet. And now I'm going to go to my layer again. Go to the adjustment tool, Gaussian blur layer. I'm just going to sort of blur that out a little bit. And now just to add a little more atmosphere around it. And then sort of light that it's, that it's giving off. I'm gonna go in the layer below. So this is the layer that we did this double. So I'm just going to use that layer. I'm gonna go to my soft air brush. And I'm just going to sort of just gonna softly put in a little bit of that yellowish color. And then I'm gonna go over here and I'm gonna add a little bit of blue. So I'm gonna do the same thing with the same brush. I'm just gonna add a little bit of blue over here. 5. Glow up: The only thing that I really make this pop even more as if you change the different colors in the background. So what I'm gonna do is take the background color. You can sort of dark in it. As dark as you want to go. You can darken it like that and you can also dark in this layer here. So that's this gray layer. You can either not add it or I kinda like it because it sort of separates the top from the bottom. The way you can do is you can take a darker gray. And then you can take your air brush. And you can sort of just sort of shade out the corners a little bit. And you can even go in above it. We're on the same layer, but you can go above that and you can insert a dark in the logo to black. You can sort of dark enough back here, which will make the glow stand out more because the darker it is, then, the brighter the glow will look. Sometimes it's just nice to add a completely different element of color. So what I'll do is I'll make a layer above everything else. And I'll use my graffiti brush for this. And of course they can be this can be any shape. And I'm just going to duplicate it. And I'm gonna do is I'm going to do the same process. So I'm gonna take the top one. I'm gonna go to hue saturation. I'm gonna make it white. I'm gonna duplicate that. I'm going to, I'm going to Gaussian blur this. So I'll do a nice thick Gaussian blur. And then for the, for the one that's not blurred, I'll do another Gaussian Blur, but just not so, not so bright. So let me duplicate this one just so it's got a nice bright, nice bright RAM around the edges. And I'll just, I'll just merge all those down. And now I'll take the white. I'll take my eraser. Just slowly erase around the edges. So now I'm just gonna add some atmosphere to this guy. So I'm gonna go to the pink, the original pink color, but I'm gonna make it a lot lighter. And then I'm gonna go back to this double brush and just really add some of that pink to the, to the atmosphere. And then I'll add, I'll use my light brush pen. And I'm gonna go with a little bit darker pink for the light pen. Make sure I'm on the right layer. So I'm gonna go on this layer. The bottom most layer I'm just going to do is add a little light pen marked. And I'll go to a really light pink. And I'm gonna make a layer below that. So right now that's going to be underneath this layer. Go to my soft airbrushed, I'll make it really small and make sure this pink is nice and light. And I'll just sort of airbrushed and some light pink gotta logos, warnings. Just to kinda give it some, some little bit of flavor. On African. And I can add my little, my little girl a little bit lighter with these. And make sure I'm on the right layer. And you bring it up to a layer above and do my highlights. Here we go, that's a little bit better. So it wasn't a layer below, so everything was showing up, sort of wear pink than I would have wanted to wanted to. 6. Liquid: All right, so now we're gonna do liquid. So we want to take any sort of round font. I'm gonna use 11 caught holy fat. The first thing we wanna do is rasterize this layer. So I'm going to tap layer, hit rasterize. And I'm gonna duplicate it. On the bottom layer. I'm gonna go to hue saturation. And you know the drill. Make it black. Take this layer, move it out some magic wand, Gaussian blur layer. Or that some duplicate that blurred layer and then blurred this one some more. Lower the opacity of this. I'm going to merge these two shadow layers. So we'll have the shot one shadow layer and the liquid layer. I'm gonna select the top liquid. I'm gonna go down to the shadow, three finger swipe and cut. So now that this liquid layer is, is cut out of the shadow. So the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna go to our liquid layer. It select. We're going to add a new layer above. We'll use our brush shadow 30, using a black color. And just make sure the brush is actually on 30% opacity. And make sure you are on a layer above your liquid layer. So now you're just going to each letter, you just going to go around the left side. And if it has something like this, you can kinda make the you can kinda make the shadow like that. If you have an area here, just like with the, with the, you can still make that shape. So now I'm gonna make a new layer above. I'm going to take the same brush shadow 30, the colors going to be white and I'll make it, I'm just going to make the sort of blob shapes in here. And you can vary them to clinical with them. Dishonest, they're round shapes. So now on the same exact layer, on the same layer that we made these white marks. I'm gonna take my paintbrush colors going to be white. And I'm just going to trace along this outer RIM, still on the left side and closer to the top. And I'm still going to sort of break up the lines a little bit. So now what we'll do is take this liquid layer and we're just gonna lower the opacity till it starts to kinda look like like liquid. I'm going to lower it to about 5050, 50%. And I'm going to select that layer Again. I'm gonna make a new layer right above it. I'm gonna go to black. Am I go to my soft brush? This is actually a step I could have done earlier, but I forgot to do it. Sometimes I do it right when I do this darker line, then after that I'll do this step, but it really doesn't matter the order of the steps. So I'm going to make sure I'm on the layer above the liquid layer using the color black. And I'm just airbrushing capacity. Airbrushing in upper left side of each letter. And again, you don't have to really put a lot of pressure, just sort of stay with it. So now I'm gonna make a new layer above the liquid layer. And I'm going to, I'm going to make the lilac really light, almost to white. I'm gonna take my soft air brush. And then I'm just going to go along the inside of the bottom right of all these all these sections, all these letters where we added the light on this side, it's going to be coming through. So I'm going to add it all down here. And again, like always, I'm just I'm softly softly adding the light and just sort of building it up. Because again, you don't really want to see, you don't want to see the gradient. 7. SHARE! : Alright, we made it through. Thank you again so much for taking the course. I hope that you got a lot out of it. I had a lot of fun designing these. So I hope you had a lot of fun following me along and hope it wasn't too confusing. But again, like I always say, if there was something that you are confused about or you want to know more about, feel free to reach out to me here. On Facebook, on Instagram. I'm happy to help, especially you guys who are taking my courses and, and may have some questions for me or I may have been too confusing because sometimes I can be a bit of a dumb, dumb, but I'm working to me to be more clear and more concise. C, Sometimes I just, I can't even talk. But this is also fun for me to just make these videos and really share what I know. So please post them, tagged me in them. I'd love to see it. I just want to see what you're creating. You don't have to stick to what I've done. Use your name, use shapes, designs. All of the things I've done, you can change, you can alter, make it your own. You don't have to follow exactly the tutorial. Do what works best for you. That's the best part about my classes and that's the best part about heart as you can do whatever you want. There's no box. So again, thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the course. Follow me on Instagram and drug free, Dave, if you want to see all of my most recent artwork, you can subscribe on YouTube at slash drug free day. If I have a ton of videos, they're a ton of media. I have live videos, I have other tutorials, more short form tutorials. I have a lot of things there. And also if you're on Facebook, joined my private facebook group, procreate tutorials. I post nothing but tutorials. Other people post tutorials. And also it's a place where you can ask questions and seek guidance from anything and everything, procreate. Alright, so I appreciate you guys. And as always know, I messed that up. Cut take two. Alright, as always, keep drawing and I'll see you in the next video. That was much better. So.