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Cómo crear Gifs Animados en tu Ipad

teacher avatar Ilana Griffo, Artist & Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Usando Procreate


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      Cómo usar tus Gifs en Instagram


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      Cargar a Giphy


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      Proyecto de clase


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About This Class

¡Esta clase es rápida y divertida! ¡Caminaremos por los pasos para crear un gif animado en tu iPad con la aplicación Procreate! Entonces te guiaré por el proceso de subir tus gifs para que puedas usarlos en tus historias de Instagram.

Para la clase necesitarás:

  • iPad y lápiz (uso el Apple Pencil)
  • Aplicación Procreate (disponible en la tienda de aplicaciones)

Para comprar el pincel que estoy usando en la clase: ¡visita mi tienda de mercados creativos!

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Ilana Griffo

Artist & Author


Ilana is a Designer & Author. She loves all things lettering, and helping others pursue their creative passion. She's also the co-owner at Goodtype, and a mom to both two and four-legged babies.



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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hey guys, I'm like So So you're joining me today a service designer, lettering artist and held the shopper classes really quick. It's all about pretty Anything gets right under at all. You just talked about making animated GIFs using for the fact that you're looking for a head overdrive age for the past two lead and I've had in a silence I'll be using the apple over mine and you also need appropriate throughout the tackle. Using my monoline brush is available on my greatest market shock. But any Russians, this process is really quickly. Find a lot of creative, can't you create? 2. Using Procreate: I've created a stack which is another term for folder within procreate with all my gift files in them. And I'm just gonna start by. I made this one already adjusted a sketch of what I wanted it to look like. So I'm just gonna click on this one. I've made it 2048 by 2048 which is the standard square size. I suggest working larger than you think you need to because your resolution will be nicer. And that way you can repurpose the design in other places. It just gives it a little bit of a crisper look. And so I'm just gonna click on this file. And basically, I just had a really rough pencil sketch. So I'm gonna turn down the opacity by just clicking on the end and turning it down and grabbing my monoline pen and resent start in black. I'm not sure what colors I want yet, but I'm just gonna start by going over the design. I'm also not sure what animation we're gonna do yet, so time will tell. And since this is going to be such a tiny file, you know, it's gonna be seen on maybe an iPad or a computer. We don't need to worry about making everything perfect. And Chris, I'm just dragging two lips fill in the lines and then I can go ahead, delete that sketch layer. See, I like it. So that's looking cute. I want Teoh then duplicate this layer and I'm going to I think for this one, I wanted to sort of bounce. And so what I'm gonna do is basically redraw and give it a little bit of a different shape so that when it bounces back and forth, it looks a little wonky and like it's moving. And again, this doesn't have to be perfect. It's just making it different. You also, instead of duplicating, could dressed free, dry from scratch. Either way, it works. Sometimes I flip flopped between the two, and your lines don't need to be perfect, because that's sort of the fun of it is that it's bouncing and a little quirky so we can actually see what this would look like by just turning this. Ah, so that would be really fun. I'm gonna a just a couple more areas so that there's a little more movement call. So Now I want to think about color. Do I want one color? Two colors. I wanted to change colors or have some sort of texture. Or Grady it may be I try and think about how I would use this. Like what? I use this when I'm sharing someone else's posed. What would I be sharing? That I would be saying, Have a guess? I think for this purpose I'm just going to leave it the same color, and I think I'll change that to more fun color. Do a light pink. Try to raise your threshold. Oops. Try again. Go and then make sure you do the next layer to, and that would be a really simple one, A great place to start. So then what you want to do is I like to turn off the background. If I see what I'm working with and you'll go to your gear new a share and make sure that both layers are turned on. Actually, good thing I checked his turn on both layers because basically what will happen is the animation will be created from all the layers that are turned on, so you get a share and click down here for animated GIFs and then you can see it working right here. It's a little small for you guys to see, but it's basically showing me, and you can speed up the process, how many frames you want, and I want it to be really quick like that. So I'm gonna say Web ready, export, and then save the image and that's it for that one. So now let's move on to another one. You need to create your next on on a new document. I also like to name everything so that way, when you export it, which I should have done earlier, let's do this flower next. So I already got one flower. I just want to duplicate it, and I'm basically gonna have it shift around. So I'm gonna grab this, and I'm just going to grab this little green dot and rotate it. Then I'm going to rotate it again, duplicate another layer. You need one layer for every action, and again he needs to keep all your layers turned on. And so I want to make sure that I'm not overlapping them. So what I want to do is actually just test it So I'm gonna dio this and you can see right here. If you're having that white background, you just turn your background off right here. You can see it's really fun and playful and let's see what happens if I turn it down a little bit Really cute. So I love that. So I'm just gonna expert that one, save it to my iPad and grabbed my gallery. I created these a bit earlier. I'm in a race, this one and then move this guy to the center and what I want to do with this one for someone at a center. And while I typically like to work non destructively by not creating two things of different colors on the same layer with this one, it's really important that all of your items on the same layer so I just want to create a center Oops, I'm going to do is do it on a separate layer and then merge it. If you do wanna not work destructively, you could do all your work on separate layers and then create us, duplicate that file and create a second version of the file that's flattened. So what I want to do what this one is. I just want toe. Norman emerged, Um and then I am going to duplicate it, and I want this to scale up. And if you run into that issue with the art board, you can just go ahead and change our board size. Let's see how much. Yeah, it gets bigger. I like that. So another thing you could do is add things like this. You can also change the color on separate layers, and I want to see how that looks cute. So I want the transparent background and I want to see what happens if I do it a little faster. I think I like it in the middle six, famous for second, and then we're ready and save the image. 3. Using Your Gifs on Instagram: Now I just want to show you guys how you can use your gifts once they're uploaded. And now I just want to show you guys how you can use them in instagram. So if you go to your stories and you just make a background or a photon image, you can click on the smiley face, and I need to do is you can see it was already pulled up. Type in your brand name and you will see a ton of options. You can see some of mine aren't uploaded yet, but, ah, lot of the Marty there, and then you can just click it and you can even have fun with doing a couple extra. Put that behind and bring this one and fry it. And you can use these to promote a lunch or to just add some style to your stories. And it's really fun to see other people using them as well. So have fun 4. Uploading to Giphy: So now when you want to upload, I want to talk a little bit about giffey and the process of uploading. The first thing is that if you're having issues with getting your page, where if I'd make sure that you have met the other criteria and then remember that it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted. And so the best thing to do is to just follow the criteria and make sure you have 10 gifts ready to go to upload. So I'm ready verified, So I'm gonna Brassai files and got my photo library, Mueller recently added, And you can see I've just done a bunch of thes and let's start with this one and then for your source. Your you are all you're gonna type in your Web address or wherever you're directing them to . And then for your tags, you can type in anything that's relatives. So think about how would people use this and what would they be? What would they be talking about when they wanted to use it? So, yes, you wanted to your brand name, and if people type it wrong, how would they do that? You want to dio different spellings, happy on emotion. They might feel anything they might be searching and then you press published 5. Class Project: thanks so much for joining the actual killer a lot. I can't wait to see you created a pack product, upload one of your death and then also shared on instagram stories and attack me at a lot of votes so I can see it in action. They so much be that time.