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Creating and Selling Digital Products with Canva + Shopify

teacher avatar Jessica Johnson, Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      Creating a E-Book in Canva


    • 3.

      Creating a worksheet in Canva


    • 4.

      Filing your Copyright for your Digital Goods


    • 5.

      Creating Mockups for your digital products


    • 6.

      Adding Digital Downloads App to your Shopify store


    • 7.

      Adding Digital products to your Shopify store


    • 8.

      Maximizing Shopify: FAM


    • 9.

      Maximizing Shopify: Reconvert


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About This Class

Creating and Selling Digital Products with Canva + Shopify

This course is for Shopify users who want to sell digital products.

Selling digital products help open up passive income for business owners without losing out on follow up marketing.

In this course, we will be creating 3 different types of digital goods: E-book, Worksheet, and a checklist.

Any industry can create digital downloads to sell and even as lead magnets to increase leads.

It cost nothing to create except your time, on an average it can take between 5-40 mins to create a digital download depending on the amount of content you include.

In this course, I will go over how:

  • To create your digital product for free
  • To create a mock-up of your product
  • To copyright your content
  • To add your product to your Shopify store and start selling it immediately


Within 30 mins, you can have 3 new digital products ready for sale in your Shopify store

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Johnson

Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert


"Use your gifts to help achieve the dreams of others" -Jess the Techpreneur

Hi, my name is Jessica! I am a tech nerd, blogger, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for business, e-commerce, and design.  I'm fueled by code, coffee, and most importantly family. With over 8 years of experience in the computer science industry, 7 years as an entrepreneur, and 2 years as a Shopify expert, I use a cocktail of knowledge in web development, brand design, and strategy building to help you create a business built on a web presence foundation that will thrive now and in the future.

For over 8 years, I've been designing, building and maintaining websites for others. Using what I've learned, I'll teach you how to benefit from tech in your business! You'll learn how to DIY your w... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Class Introduction: welcome to creating in the selling digital goods with Camp and Shopify. In this course, we will cover how to create three different types of digital downloads with Gamba. We will also go over what to include in your digital goods how to create a markup for your digital products and how toe add your new products to Shopify Before guinea started with creating your own digital products you once I have an idea what she wants to create for your customers in the class resource section, you will find all the links to the tools in this course. At the end of this course, you will have all the tools necessary to produce and sell digital goods. 2. Creating a E-Book in Canva: the first digital good we will create is a e book we will be using Can va A on the lion graphic design tool. If you are news, can va You can click one of the categories here to get started with your account. If you already have an account, you can lock in on Suki. Please sign up or you log in. You will be brought to your dashboard. One such a dashboard. We're going to choose to create a design. Here we will click e Book. Once you click the type of design you would like to tree eight e. Camba, editor will open up. It would already have the dimensions for your e book here on the editor. If you would like to zoom in, you can do that here. But have it it at about 30% helps keep it so where you can see the whole back humid. Now there is a free version of Kaveh in a paid version called for work for work. I believe at the time of this recording it was 9 99 a month and you were given other designs that you can use and your you were giving other designs that you can use when creating your graphics. If you're using a free version, you still get most of the capabilities. The only thing you cannot do is download and PNG transparent. You are able to do everything in this class with the free version of Kampe. First we were at a cover. Now on the left. Inside, you will see the camera layouts that are available for you to use. If you're using a free version, make sure you choose the template that has to free on the side. If it does not, then is a paid first. If you use a paid template from the layout section, you will be prompted. It's a purchase the premium elements in that design. Sometimes it's chest a picture, which will be a dollar, and you have one time use most high use or extended use. If this is your first e book, you can definitely get everything done with the free version and the free design. If you're looking for stock photos to using your E book, Exel's is a good place to start with a great variety, and it's pretty use. When choosing a layout, you'll see that Some of them have this page fall and some don't the ones that don't is just a cover and the ones that have the page pearl you will notice that opens up into different pages. So this Lee outcomes with a cover table. Constance, a chapter divider and a constant page. Each layout includes a different design that can be used in your E book. Depending on the type of your book that you're creating, you can find different variety layouts that can help, such as recipes. If you have a novel, a travel this picture heavy, there is a layout here for you. You can also change be different layouts that she used an A e book. Now we're going to get started with building Now are e books. We're going to choose a cover, and with that cover, every element can be edited. There's a photo behind the air that you are able to edit. IHS, swap out. No, get a photo and download thing. You can upload your images in the up close section of Kampe to use in your design. He we added it. That image you tend changed the colors of your e book. You can change the designs, the fonts can be changed. You want to make sure that you're keeping your brand throughout all of the products that you will be creating. So I didn't go ahead in its are name to our e book. You can add your local or your fabric kind that she used. Once you have your cover lead out how you want, we're gonna click at a new page. And with this new page, we are able toe add in our copy, right? Information. You want to make sure that you are all of your goods are copyright it so that you have no issues with people trying to still the information that you're given the use the information as their own is so many things that it will help protect you with. So you wanna have your copyright section to it If you want to use page numbers can do that . But I also suggest that you add your copyright at the bottom of all your pages. So get the copyright system set, Teoh, get to get the copyright symbol, you will click Ault or Option and the letter G. So we have a page number. We have our copyright at the bottom. So you didn't go ahead and at it I finance make sure everything is cohesive. - Someone's we have that page. Complete it. We're gonna add a new page. And this is where you will start to build out the constant in your book. So we'll want to use a table of contents that you can add it after you have added in all of your content as a stated before, you can use different layouts from the provided lee outs to this to the left. And you just want to continue building out your e book. If you notice you put a page somewhere that is not supposed to go, you notice that you forgot a page. You can click this arrow here and they will move that page up or down in your book. So have our cover will have a copyright page, our table constants. And then I chap there section new will have our content and you can take the concept that she have in branded have your branded sometimes and changing the fun. You'll notice that it will go out of whack, but you can easily move that elements in there. Let's change the colors to our brand colors. And if you have that color that you're changing and the rest of your book, you can click change off, and it will automatically change all of those colors to your selected collar thing. And I'm at it. Layout for these, and we'll add in, uh, copyright information. - Not at this time. After you have your page laid out, you can zoom in to make sure everything is laid out. How you will like it, that there is nothing that may be out of place. You'll be able to see it a little bit better, how it will look when you download it. So always go through and go into your e book pages a little closer just to make sure everything is how you would like it lead out. So once we have all of the concept for e book, the last page that she want to add in is the cause. Her action. Even though this e book is a paid e book, you want it. Give your customers the next step. You may have a one, a one that you would like to offer to them based on the content that's in the book. You want them to follow you on instagram on Facebook? Use this page to move your customer from this e bill back into your constant. So here, medical finally out for my katana action page. So Father's call of action, I will want them to take a photo of the foot and tag me you. So when a one on one my soul and we wanna format it, we're gonna change our finds. So once we have that lead out how we want it, we will go ahead and add a button. So first we will add a elements. Had it resize it. Maybe we'll change the color. Then we'll add a text box for it. Here, we're going. Teoh, I think it you our instagram page. You want to do this to make sure that you do not lose your customer from the e book to where you want them to go? Providing them a button, just a click and send them to where they need to go helps with the conversion rate of this product. So once we have our e book completed, we will go ahead and download our new e book. You wants a download in pdf standard. And if you plan on Prince in your e book, you can do it in pdf print. We're gonna do our pages. If we wanted to do just a certain page, maybe you made it edit to your book, and you just need to edit that one page. You can put the number of the page or a range for this example. We will use all pages. We will click download. It will prepare our E book for us. You'll see the little Daloa Bar prop up, and we have our book. Now when you create a e booking Kampe UK. Any design and Camba, you will notice that based on the layout that you choose, they will automatically name your documents to rename your document. All you do is click the name of the document and hon in the title you will like and click done. Then you'll notice that when you download your butt instead of the search, you will see the name of the e book, and that is how to create a e booking campus 3. Creating a worksheet in Canva: After you finish creating your e book and downloaded, we will begin to create our workbook. We will go back to the dashboard and here we will type. Wait, but you'll see worksheet ill have the dimensions at 8.5 by 11 and it will open up a new page here. Just like our you book. You will see the layouts on the side here. So from the templates here we will choose one that is close to what we need for our worksheet. So we'll click it. It will add the lee out here. We can change the color if we want to keep a design, you can keep it. You can add your own, but she just want to create it. Toe wear. It is one brand. It makes a really easy with the customizable banners that you can find it elements. And you can Adam to your document to create a more Brandon and custom feel to your worksheets. So here. I'm gonna go ahead and customized this How I would like it. You know, make sure you change your fonts and fill in your worksheet with the information you have for your work. She much like our E book. Everything on here is customizable, so you don't have to worry about something not fitting. You can take things away. You can add to it to make it your own. Once you designed your worksheet How you like it? Be sure tat on in your copyright tag at the bottom. Add in a cover if you want. Once you've got pleaded, your worksheet you can download choose PdF standard or pdf print. You can see small file size here or high quality. We're gonna go for a small file size and we're gonna click Download here. You'll see that our pdf has downloaded and you can view it. Make sure everything is how you like. We have a copyrights hag. And that is how you create a worksheet in Kampe. 4. Filing your Copyright for your Digital Goods: once you have created your digital downloads, if you would like to go through an officially, cooperate your products, you can do so at copyright that G O V. Then you'll click register copyright literary works. You can see what is commonly registered here, and then you can go through the process of registering your work. At the time of this recording, The cost to register your document is $35 a single application. So a single off their same claim it one word not for hire or a standard application for $55 which will have all other filings included. 5. Creating Mockups for your digital products: Once you have created your workbook, your e book in your checklists, we want to go in and create a P and she, um, souls products. This way we can use them to create our mock ups that we will use for promotion is Sally to our audience. This we will open up our e book click download. So, like P and G, and we will do the first page and download this was will give us a P M v PNG image of our e book that we can use to create our mock ups. Now you have a couple of different ways to create mock ups for your books. One is a paid version. It is called Place it That net, and here you can find a bookmark up that is a lifestyle or just a mock up one a transparent background so you can add it to your email marketing campaigns you get as a social media and not having to worry about going in and editing the image, especially if you have no graphic design experience with place it. This is a paid option of $29 for unlimited subscription. It's, um, it is Motley or you can pay $8 per image. If you do have graphic design experience, then you have the option of using a mark up of a PSD or illustrator. One place to go for this is free design. Resource is that net. They provide you with number of mock ups that are free for download. You want to make sure that you have the license for commercial use and the you're able to download and use this to create your mock up for your book. If you're looking for a free place to create mock ups for your book and you have no graphic design experience, I have a couple of places you can use to create your mock ups. The 1st 1 is the I wipe book covers dot com, and it will create a three D mock up of your books so far. E book. You can choose a Kindle reader. NY pad hardback book Soft books. You can see there's phones to display your book, how you want it across all of the images that she will need and for a shopper fire store what we will be adding in these products for sale if you choose a mock up with the spine shown You will have the uploaded image for that. So you want to stick to some of the ones that don't have a spine? If you are unfamiliar on how to create a spine for your e book here, I'm gonna use the iPad. Onex. I'm gonna dragon shop in my cover image. Korean upload. Once we added to the cover image, we will click upload. We see our e book covers here. The loading bars at 100%. We will click next. You are a book covers already the size that it needs to be. So you're good and you can click p and she format. This would download your image as a transparent PNG. We will click to view it. Here is our e book image. Another place you can go to create a mock up for free is smart mock ups. You can do plants and books. Some are free, some have a premium where they have a premium membership. But if you choose a free mark up, then you will have no problem Downloading another one is a phasing dot com backslash cover bash mocks. This is another generator that you can use to create your bookmark up. Once we created our mock up, we will begin to at our product to our Shopify store. 6. Adding Digital Downloads App to your Shopify store: Now that we have created our products and created our markups, we were at our digital product into Shopify. To do this, you will first need to add digital down lows to your shop. If I store, you will go to APS on the left Inside click Visit Shopify App store and search digital down lows Here we will add at and we will be redirected to our store So you install the app to the store and you will be brought to your digital downloads dashboard. 7. Adding Digital products to your Shopify store: after adding the digital downloads at we will go and configure I settings for our digital downloads. If you will like to send a tow, add the download links of the check out. You will see a box here that you can click. It is enabled by the fall so that one so order is complete. The customer has access immediately to the digital download. You will also send a automating email that the attachment is included. What the email temple is to templates will be sent out with each digital download order one that the order has been received, your order confirmation and the next when your downloads are ready, even though the customer will have access to the download on the check out page. Sometimes after downloading there, they may have to go back because it didn't finish downloading or there was the issue and they will have access. Be of their email. Choose the download. Also, you will see all the orders for your digital downloads in the orders, part of the digital download app and the orders in the Shopify dashboard. Next, we were at our products to the store and connect our digital now low to the product. So we will go to products. Add product what? At the title of our E. But you can add a description product type if you want to add it to a collection we will add are book mock ups of the images we will put our price in. If you plan on selling this book at a discounted price, you can put that sell price here and then the original price here. Once you decide to come in and remove the sale, you will just update the price. Here we will click if we want to charge taxes on this product and if we will track em. And sorry, this is not a physical product. So we don't have to worry about ship me are fulfillment services, Shopify and we will say once you save your product, we will go to more actions and click add digital attached. This is where you are at the full pdf document to the product. So we were a blow file and we will add the full pds so that when the purchase is complete, they are able to download this book with no issue. We'll go through the uploading and you'll see a green bar when the pdf is done. Uploading Now we have attached are PDS to that product. We'll be able to view it in our Shopify admin. So which product that it goes to? This is how you will add your digital products to your shopping by store, with a beautiful mock up photo and the PdF already attached. You can also attach audio files and videos to the digital down walls. Once you've created the product, we can see in our digital download dashboard that that product is attached to the E books. Pdf. We can see the sails, and we can see the downloads that we have poor that process. 8. Maximizing Shopify: FAM: So the next app that I definitely recommend in maximizing your shop if I store is FAM is a a i m o marken E. That is created by sumo, and it connects directly with your Shopify store and in pools in your customers that are looking to go and sign up for your e mails. This is literally the best email marketing that I have found for e commerce. When you don't want to do email marketing, it really takes care of everything for your for you. You have your calendar. You have your email type. You can pull in is to ground post from your business. Instagram page. You can do your welcome e mails, you new cells emails, and it's all pulled from Shopify in Instagram and it waas for a price of like $20 a month. But they have since changed that. So it's freedom in style, and you have to pay, like 5% of the revenue generated from the email sense by FAM. So if you send email, you make $1000 off of the email than 5% of it would be paid to FAM, and I know it's capped at a certain part, but this is something that is worth it. Even the $20 that they wanted to go ahead and charge it is worth it. And I have a review and how to get started with FAM, so I will add that to this course also. 9. Maximizing Shopify: Reconvert: So one of my most recommended APS for you to add to your shop if I store is three reconvert app. It is a conversion machine when it comes to the thank you page. Most times are store owners were looking to give the customers to convert to a customer and make the sale re conferred. Comes in in adds additional details to your order confirmation page for your customer to become a returning customer before they even leave. So you're upping that minimum order purchase that she'll seeing your analytics. You are able to add a lot of different aspects to this, including axing for birthdays, pop ups with time sensitive information. Um, you can offer discounts of them for the next order, all without leaving this one this order confirmation page. The pricing is very transparent. For up to 50 orders, you're free. Once you started hitting 51 orders and up to about 100 you have to change to a pay plan, which is like $7 9 s in a month where if you have even used this app in your store when you are pushing for those conversions for those customers, those positional customers that are coming in. Then you can see the amount of money that you will have flowing in to your business, increasing those orders for you, increasing the views for you. And it's worth the $8 a month. It's worth the $14 a month it's worth the $30 a month, and it's very easy to get started when you go to the reconvert page and the Shopify still App store. Or you can go to reconvert, which is a link in the description of this course, and you will go ahead, start the process for added to your cart. We'll put in your shop. If I You are rail, you want to make sure you don't put that that my Shopify dot com and then we'll click at APP. This will go, so once you put in your name, you can go ahead your euro. It sends you to your stores off here, not logged in. You have opportunity to go ahead and get logged in, and you go through the information for what this app needs and then click install. Once you install this app one to your store, it will call to the trial of the information for this particular app so lets you know you're five minutes away from boosting your revenue by up to 15%. It literally takes you five minutes to set this up. So it's a great thing Teoh put in. It also says Then in the next page you will prove charges for the highest possible plan, which is up to $349 a month. But you will not be charged that unless you have the amount of orders um, for that if you have less than 50 what is in this free? If you have 51 orders toe hundreds, 7 99 you can find that on the website the pricing for the website where it will show you the tears that are available. So if you don't go up, you don't go past 100 orders. The month then 7 99 is all you'll pay. In the end, it definitely pays for itself. You can also view the price and table here, but you get a 30 day free trial to be able to go ahead with this, someone should click it then else and you to approve the charge. You see we have, um, 30 days free. It has a free of to 50 orders. Pump offline stars A 7 99 They cannot charging more than $349 in the United States every 30 days. If you hit the max number of orders, then you'll click. Approve Charge. You won't be building well. It's just since throwing your except me the subscription for it. So once you do that, it opens up the reconvert pulse purchase up sell page, and the next thing you want to do is to create a new template. This temple. It will open up into the editor, the looking feel of your theme editor, and it will only pull up your check out page. So this is the only thing that you will be added Me. You'll only have the header area, the left area, which is this side the right area. And you have general settings where you can put your pop up order tracking or product comments with your order tracking a U 17 track, which it to be able to give that updated information to your customers. So as soon as you go through and process the tracking for it. They will now see their tracking number. And they can come back to this page and receive updates as they go about. So we're gonna enable to order tracking to give that, Definitely going to put a pop up with the timer. You can do this on every impression. Display once per customer or once per order so we can do every impression which is gonna be when they complete a order. You came the put the information for the discount, which for the next 20 minutes on Lee get 30% off. Everything will be a delay in the pop up, and you can take them to a specific page of the website. Like all your products, you could take it to the home page by the far it goes to the home page. You can open it in a new window. You can set the timer duration longer. The pre made discount you can have here, or do automatic discount of free shipping of fixed amount or personage. So now do you did 30% off and then you have your decline. But in Texas is maybe later and that is the view of the timer you can customize does color here, some match your other settings. You want to make sure you have your colds available, though. For that the buttons are automatically pulled from your theme cousin ization. So your pop up is now set. We can go back and you can add product comments, and they will show where that particular they will come up, which is here. Why did you buy this product? You can submit it. You can change your placeholder text. You don't have to enable this, but those are your general, Sandy's and your sections. You have specifics that you can go ahead an update sewing your header. You have the information that's already said, like your colors, your logo's. You see the locals already pulled in the left side of Evie Order Confirmation Page already has that. The orders confirmed the customer information. In a tracking number, you can add additional sections with birthday collector widget. You can do a called the action a collection list custom html. A discount. You just want to type text an image with text link a list, which would be like a menu pulse purchase surveys, product recommendations, product up sales, a reorder button social follow buttons, social media leaks, social sherry and you can add videos so those that are different sections that you can add to your page, your order confirmation. I definitely recommend that pop up. And if you wanted to do the birthday collector, which it that's always good product of sales in reorder helps with those re occurring orders, you can give them a discount based online. A reorder are you deprive for. You can provide free shipping. There's multiple ways that you can do this to ensure that your customer has the best experience. And then on your right side you can add a section two. Also, if you find it maybe a little bit too much on this side and when your right side you can update it, how you see fit to see you, do your product of sales. Your reordering. Um, your social media follow buttons, which will have your your links from your theme. Ah, you could do a cause of action or collect their birthday and with the birthday collector is a great way to give them onto. If you have a loyalty program, mucus in special coupons to them for their birthday, and it kinda gives you one last push to get there re occurring, Order said. And once you have everything completed and everything, how you like the you click safe and this will become your thank you page. This is the order confirmation page that your customers will see when they complete in order. Once you exit out of the customizer, you will be able to breathe brought back to the dashboard for the reconvert and see your active template you can do. You can enable it from here once you complete your template. If you wanted to create draft templates, you can do that. There's also free templates that you can use. Your stats are here for each check out that is completed issues you are our oi your return . Very orders, average order any comments and just really set. And to get this enabled on your story, you'll click in able reconvert and your thank you page will be now active. So now each time that customer comes and completes our purchased, they get that papa. They get that time to become a returning customer before they even leave your sight, and then you add in your re from burning ants. So where, even after they leave, you can go ahead and push them? Asked to them They can get on your email marketing, listening you can market to them there.