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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This class will take you step by step through the process of creating an ebook or free product incentive for your clients.

This is a great class if you want too:

  • promote your business
  • build a clientele base or mailing list
  • attract customers to your online presence (i.e website)
  • give back to your customers
  • kick start your business
  • promote your services
  • make yourself and your business approachable 

I will be on hand every step of the way to help you create an ebook that works for you and your clients will love. From developing the base idea and writing your content to creating a visually appealing document and promoting your ebook online.

The methods you learn in this class will also be helpful in your social media marketing and campaigning as well as developing/maintaining a visual brand for yourself and can even be used to create a purchasable product.

To check out the eBook I made will making this class head to my website. It is all about branding for small business and hopefully will be helpful to you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cara Ord

Illustrator & Graphic Designer


My name is Cara and I am a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator with 6 years under my belt, I am currently working for the Wiggles on all their projects from animation to children's books. I am very passionate in what I do and love to share this passion with others. 

Other loves of mine include ice skating (I am also a professional performer), dogs, nature and snuggling up with a good book on a rainy day.

I am so excited for this opportunity to share my knowledge with you all and learn as well. I hope I can become a helpful resource for you and I am here at your beckon call if you need any assistance with anything I offer.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hi, everybody, and welcome to this month's Kloss. Today we're going to be creating e books for our business. E books are a great resource for promotion and giving quality and value to your clients. Having an e book helps you identify to your clients what your brand is about your voice. It helps bring people to your business. It helps promote your services, and most importantly, it helps give information to people who need it who are requesting your services. Having a good e book could be the difference between you getting that car. It or not, people like to know that they have valued, and they often value information, which is freely given in this class. We're going to be making a simple five point E book that we're going to use as a free results for our clients and our friends. Using these tutorials, how about you will be able to create any sort of typical results you like, even when you wish to sell? I hope that with tips and guidance in this tutorial that we will be able to make it excellent piece for your business and help expand your business and your portfolio. If you need help. I've always here to help, please. As we go through the exercises, put stuff down the projects and add to the discussion. I'm more than happy to help with anything that you need, so let's get started with the first exercise. 2. Goals: for the first part of this class, we are going to be going through why we want to make it a book now. As I said it in the previous video, an E book is a fantastic thing to promote your business, but what is the specific goal that you want? Maybe you want to bring on more clientele. If you want to kick start a new service, maybe you want to just give back to your customers for being such a great base in supporting your lifestyle. Maybe you want to build a mailing list or just bring people to your online presence. Whatever the case, figure out what your goal is in one of the specific desires that you want to achieve. Perhaps by having this e book, you want to increase your revenue all you just want to increase your reach. Once we have figured out what our base goal is, we can start looking at quality content that we can create to make this call. We don't want to start off creating an E book about Topic A when our goal is based on topic . So think carefully about what you want to do during this process. I am going to be making an e book or branding why it's important for your business and how much you should budget for your brand. I'm making this because my goal is to expend my design business and to bring in more clients off small and new businesses. I also want to add value to people. I understand how hot it is to start a new business, and how may be difficult to figure out your budget and to figure out what your voice of your business is going to pay. So I want to make sure I make concise P book that brings benefits to my clients and not just another piece of Internet garbage that they are going to dismiss. So from these sentences, you would figure out that my goal is to bring in more clients and, as such in Crete might increase my profits. But I want to promote the service of branding for small businesses. What is your specific go? Perhaps, if you're a yoga instructor, you want to tell people more, brought your private classes rather than your group classes, or if you sell products online for a living such as knitted way. Maybe you want to highlight the importance of needed wear. Oh, perhaps a your products made from sustainable resources. Figure out what your goal is, and then we'll get to the next exit. 3. Theme: Welcome back. Now we're gonna talk about things now. What's the difference between a theme and a goal? Well, in the previous video we were talking about, our goals are goals may be promotion and increasing clientele and increasing revenue Getting further reaching your social media. Anything by your goal is what you hurt to receive from your business. But the goal is your ideal outcome from you creating this e book. The theme of your e book is not your goal. The theme is the pinpointed identity over your A book will be about so example. I told you in the previous exercise that I wanted to bring in clients for branding on small businesses. Now I'm not going to make an evil about why people should pick me for branding, because that is just a straight out emotion. And trust me, if you do this, you will. Instead of increasing your clientele, decrease your clientele because they will get frustrated with your advertising. Instead, I want to give value to my customers, so to give value instead of telling them how amazing I am and that I am good at branding slow businesses. Eventually they should come to me. I am going to give them a resource on how to budget for their branding of their business. Tell them why their branding is important and give them five steps to figure out why and how they want to be perceived as a business. So this may seem simple, but it can actually be quite complicated to make this process easier for you. I want you to do a little bit of research. What do you accustomed to ask you about? A lot. For instance, if you so jams and jellies, maybe your customers asking for recipes. So if you want to promote a specific product, how about your e book? Be five simple recipes about how to use that product customer creates can be really helpful when figuring out eat book, which customers will actually want and will actually give value to their lives. Another way to research if you are brand new business and you don't yet have a lot of customers coming through the door with questions, is to research the facts and questions of customers to businesses similar to yourself. We'll see what business is similar to yourself offer. Find out what they're offering and what you think they're missing, and then you can create that as part of your business. Another an example. I can give you off. A good theme based on a goal is for a life coach. If you're a life coach and your goal is wanting to promote your services and get more clients through the door, you're seem could be helping them with five simple steps of how they picking can begin getting better mindfulness at harm. You could simply arrive book, helping them create a space where they feel more comfortable as a life coach. If you give them quality information and they use this information, helps them. This is the best profession you can get because now they know that you know what you're talking about and they can come to you to further their explanation in mindfulness. I hope you now understand the difference between a theme and a goal. I want you to take a bit of time now and just threat to simple sentences about what you think your theme should be. So I want you to be like my goal is X, and as such, my theme is why, if you're having difficulty with this. Feel free to just jot down in discussion what your business is in what you're trying to achieve. I myself will be more than glad to help you figure out the best way that you concluded able to help you. And I'm sure that other students will be mourning too delighted to know what you're doing and will be able to give a helpful hand. Maybe they might be a customer of yours and have crews that they would love answered. Please leave your information down in the projects and I'll see you in the next exercise. 4. Research: Now I know some of you may have looked at the title of this video research and being a bit daughter by. I know that research is boring and a bit tedious, but trust me, this is the most important thing you can do for your business. Now I figured out the theme for a book, and I said, Mine I'll be working on is helping small businesses, figuring out the budgeting for the brand what kind of bread they would like. And five steps that they can do to help them, like, make their brand and identify what they want before moving to professional help. So what we're gonna do now is that we're going to go online and find resource is based around nothing. So if yours was creating five recipes your food product that I want you to research and find popular recipes based around similar products great way when you're making recipes to actually make them and test them and turn them into our If you are doing life coaching, see what other left coaches do. Based around younger instruction, you might be doing 10 positions. You can do it higher and why they're helpful research make sure you have clear information for them. Your research will also help you find the holes in the information that is being freely given to clients. Don't forget you are the expert in this field. Your clients expect them not to know anything about it. So what do you think that they need to know? You may be researching your five recipes aware effort, maybe. And simply have a question like, Why are they making sconce the jam? Something completely simple like that. And you know, that's fantastic, because now you can be the one to for that recess in life. Any time you find a hole where you think valuable information could be, put a bat the thing of your e book, write it down. Those little holes are gonna be what bring you the most clients in the most simple. You also want to figure out what is attracting people to your competitive and to other businesses. A business about knitting. They might have this great pattern that everyone is all over. Is that pen a jumper? Beanie? Could you provide something similar something people want? Maybe a photographer is giving away free Lateran presets. What did those presets look like other modern. Are they vintage? Do you have something similar that you already use that you could give to them in the wedding industry? Do people give free advice on the type of cake you should get for your personality? Is this really popular look? It is what is attracting the clients to those businesses. What attracts you to those businesses? What is fabulous with them? Write that down. That's important. Then you can add in your book all the while while researching this keep in touch with what is visually appealing to this will be very useful for you later. So now I want you to just compile a list of links and notes that you can use to create your e book in the next step. Now make sure these are valuable. I'm not going to say get 10 links like in university because you may just be collecting run of things that you think go together, find valuable information and plot holes that you could fill, and then we can build a fantastic a book in the next step 5. Refine: okay, Before we get started, I want to make sure that you're not just rushing through these videos. And if you are that you what, all of them, and then come back and do them step by step with me. By now, we should have figured out the goal of our e book. What are you book seen, maybe and researched into that thing Now have done all our research. It's time to put it all together and start writing. I want you to read a very loose draft about old information you found. For instance, it might be tips to stop your dog chewing your shoes, anything like that. Once you have written this up, I want you to look at it again and break it down into five key topics. Points. It is very important that e books a simple and concise If you come to worry in your e book , us will often get bored. We live in a very fast pace world. People look at social media and they will look at something for two seconds and then scroll or not even that. So expect your clients being a rush, be busy and not be motivated to read a very long essay. So once we have written down all the information that you can think of and broken it up into our five points more or topics I want you to be and get each of those topics down toe 1 to 2 paragraphs. So this may be difficult, especially if you're dealing with a very natural specific. For instance, if you are in technology and computer analytics and you're trying to give an e book about programming, you can give your clients every single bit of information on that. So that means that you need to focus not just on programming in the wild world wide world of that, but a specific point programming. If you're having trouble bringing everything, data becomes size point, you have to make it even more specific. Another example might be if you're in the cake business and your teaching people had a create a wedding cake out of pre made cakes that you offer. Bring it down to this. Don't tell them that you can decorate, obviously, all this way and this way, maybe just say this is how you make a naked wedding cake. That way, it's nice and simple. It's on something popular. It's captivating, and it's short into the point. Another good reason to be short to the point in your e book is that it helps with retention of the information, and it also allows you not to get too wordy and take away from your brand. Because don't forget the reason the cream This e book is to promote our business again. I want to remind you you are the X, the note your clients. And although it may be really easy to slip into the linger that you might use if you're told to other people in your industry, please avoid it and use Arnie layman's terms. Expect your client not to know what specific things me. What specific things up. Also expect them to not have, although tools neck talk it that you do. If you decide that you're evil is gonna be Taurel, make it something that can be done with basic castle lives. If you're going to be talking about science for learning, make sure that you don't use complicated scientific terms and you make it really simple to understand. Now I don't want you talking down to your clients I don't want you to think that dump. Just use plain English. It makes things much easier for them to understand, and they will enjoy the process. So this is a big drop. This is very important. I want to be standing at least an hour on this right at your e book. Break it down into five key points. Make this key point smoking size. Please leave your work down in projects with you've done people. Or just take a snapshot of your notebook. It doesn't matter. Happened, played it is, or how bad you think it is. Oh, how amazing you think it is a place. Put it there and we can all share ideas and direct. Forget putting in the projects Leaves it open for everyone here to see you never know someone might pick up and enjoy your business. It's a great way for some free promotion, right? If you have any questions or queries, please see me down in the discussion. Let's get to the next 6. Voice: So we have done our research and we've written down everything we can think about this topic. And then we've brought it to have two concise points. So we're done right? Animal riding. Not so much. Now we have written down everything. We have two ton into the voice of our brand. Now what I mean by this well, every brand has a distinct voice. A brand just isn't simply some pretty colors in a logo. A bread is the holistic way that someone sees your business. For example, if you ate our dog groomers or a child, stay kazyna. You may be light and friendly and caring, so your voice needs to emphasize that you may want to use words like you were talking to your friends. Well, you wanted his child friendly language in that case, and you want to be very cheerful and joyful, just like you hope your clients to be. You may be in a different business. For instance, you may be in weddings. A wedding photographer may be much more elegant. So you want to talk a bit more formally? You want to show that your expenses deserved. Maybe you're a teacher. You want to talk conversationally as if you were told to parents, but with an authority that shows you know what you're talking about. Each of these different brands have a different voice. Figure out what your brand is and how you want to talk. If you're having trouble figuring out your voice, you don't really notice where the stock think about. How do interactive clients are you? The person who e mails and always writes sincerely x Or do you go like, Hey, go! What's up? I'm glad you're here for your haircut. Figure out how you seek. That will be your businesses. Voice No, a little described to this. Your business does not show your opinions your beliefs for your political views. Leave that as soon as you bring a political or religious views on worldly matters, you will decrease your clients only. Bring them in whether relevant. For instance, if you're a Christian ministry. Yes, you have religious views. Put them forward, but still leave them open to the entire Christian community. And don't break them up into your own personal views. Don't forget your brand is for everyone, not just yourself. Now, as we're going through a voice and you start tweaking and changing words, making it more conversational, formal, whatever you like. Please look at your punctuation. Your grandma in your spelling is highly important that you still present yourself professional. Even if you're being casual and conversational. If you start misspelling miss capitalising words or completely forget your capitalization, your clients will notice in that world like pulling on your business. You have trouble with this. Ask a friend to spell check for you. I'm sure they'll be fine with it and entertained by the idea. Another thing I recommend is, no matter what your business is, always keep what you're saying. PG during his any explicit turns and dart ab swearing because this again isn't professional . I hope you have fun changing the voice off your e book. It may take two seconds and make take longer, depending on how you've already written it. Please leave it down in the projects. I'd love to take a look and get a feel for what your business is, cause that's what we're doing. We're bringing in a field for all business. I will be leaving mine here, feel yester view and please go down discussion if you have any questions on what we're doing 7. Visuals: Welcome back. I hope you guys all excited that they're riding part off This e book is now herbal. I really hope that some of you enjoyed it and that you really found a knack for voice in your business. Don't forget, your brand is really important. And that is why the evil could I'm working on is about branding small businesses because I want you guys to understand deeply how important Brand is when it's old. Don't does it. You can find it on my website at the end of this class, and I hope it furthers you're education in branding, and it helps you on your personal journey to propose your business. But now we get on to what I find is my favorite pot being a designer. But it can also be quite challenging, and that's visuals. Now, when I say visuals, I mean colors and not images. I want you to now go and find or take images that relate to the theme off your e book. An easy way to do this is to look at the five points which you have created and pick at least five images related to those points. Now I am an African using true images images that you've taken yourself with. Someone has taken off your business or of your products. These can be easy to stop, and if you need help with this, let me know. And I will set up a tutorial for that for the next month. But I highly advocate again for true images. Use yourself. You want to get a personal touch your business so people know there's a person that and not just a computer screen. However, some things I mean, it is really hot to have. True. For instance, if you're talking about relax ation and use a metaphor of Mount Everest that is just so beautiful, you need a photo. It is highly likely that you don't have a snapshot lying around that you have taken off that Everest. Now, before you go rushing onto Google images to steal an image off the Internet off Mt. Everest to use in your e book, I want to recommend to you some copyright free and lovely, beautiful sights for high res images. Now I'm going to stop it from my absolute favorite, and that is on slash. I use this for everything. If I don't have the right images to use my clients or to use for myself in projects. I will goto on slash They have a beautiful high rez library For all the photo needs you have, I even like just looking on that. Find beautiful things illustrate now before you say anything. No, this isn't a paid promotion notices on advertisement. I just really like what they offer. And don't forget it's free. High rez photography. You can order as many things as you like, and another one I recommend and have used with a studio for design is death to stop photography. They have also got some high resolution, beautiful, free and copyright free stuff, which I would recommend using. Yeah, I used this word copyright. It's really important. Please, whatever you do, do not plagiarize the work of anyone. If you use a footer from a stock library or even when your friend has taken, please write a little annotation by it, saying where you got the photo from its always polite to credit your image. It's otherwise it's considered stealing, and it's quite rude, and that's a very negative image for your business. So I want you to go out and find images. Now I good thing to do with what you just to It's the case of old in the same color turns or the same lining cell. That way you have a really coherent, beautiful style all the way across your e book. Don't worry about how big they are. Bigot image. That way we can do things like splash pages and really attract audiences attention. Now I recommend at least five images up to 10 images because that gives you room to play. If you have any trouble with finding images, let me know and I'll give you a helping hand. I also myself and a photographer and illustrator. So if there's anything you specifically need, email me and I will try my best to sort it out for you. Once you find your visuals, just leave a little montage of them a little college, if you will down in the projects so we can all look at them and we can discuss to make sure that they're the right ones for your e book. Don't forget to match the color and theme related to your brand. Your brand does have a visual style and it's important to keep with it. Enjoy having some fun looking at the beautiful photos online and on your phone, and I will see you in the next exercise. 8. Layout: so this class is closely linked to the previous figure layout. Now there is highly important. It helps with the readability off the content, which you have. It helps open up the space Serena's have arresting for their eyes, and it helps bring pleasure to the rating now because we're creating an E book, which is most commonly viewed on a tablet or a last hope, we should orientate. Are you because, such so instead of doing a portrait a full, just simply switch it to a landscape a full when you're on a computer or electronic device such as a tablet. Next thing to do with layer is you have to make sure your layout connects to your brain. So if you have very specifically out your bloke or website on your main online presence, take that into account. When you're doing this. Other recommendations I have The lair is using a maximum of three columns, and I recommend to those being Woods and one of them being pitches. I recommend wide margins in a lot of open space to give your viewers rest. It doesn't matter how many pages your e book is, as it is beautiful as We're looking things on a computer screen to make sure that you use in larger fun than you would use for if you were doing a piece of paper. So I would recommend about 16 point and also for readability. Make sure you use the stance. Er, for this means something more like Helvetica in less lifetimes. You don't want any of the little Sarah. Switch a little extra pieces on the lettuce you want it to be playing and more this. Make sure you have something visually appealing on each page. You want to make sure that there is an image that to attract the attention off wondering eyes, people who could be easily distracted. I'm gonna quickly run through three simple ants that you could use. However, if you are really daunted by this process, you could always ask a designer such as myself to do this for you. This should be a really low cost process, and if you already have polio content in your image is ready, you will be very quick to if you need someone to help you individuals, I'd be more than happy to help, and you can check me out through my website. However, I would recommend trying to give it a go yourself. No. When it comes to programs and canoes, absolutely anything to make a beautiful e book I myself will be using in design because as a designer, I have access to beautiful programs such as this. However, you can even use word or PowerPoint, or if you're on a Mac, you can use keynote and pages all you needed. The program is the ability to make a textbooks you able to change the color size in front of your wording, be able to make squares or circles of colors, and to be able to add images into your lay off. Other than that, you don't really need anything else. This really simple to make something beautiful, modern and elegant that your clients will really enjoy the look and feel of So we're going to get started on doing a bit of the design now. As I said to you, we want to do a landscape salt piece, and we wanted to have a peek. Ma Jin, also remember your brand now. As you can see here, I am using two different funds and two different colors, which are part of my friend. So the first look we're going for is our Splash page, our big opening page to tell people what it's about. It's a great idea to have your title and a little subtitle in a big image, but really nothing else. This is just really to attract the user and get them into your piece. Now I added a simple book of color, which later from my local one. But really, if you just have an image and some ledge abril type on top of it, that means put a shadow of something behind it to make sure it is clearly read on top of your image. That is all you need for this case. As we move on, we're going to the going into two different styles. All have the big margins, and, as I said, the three column layups and they have images in them as well. The 1st 1 I'm going to be to showing you is a simple one, which I use for more text, heavy or informational pieces. So if you're doing instructions or arrest beat, this is great. I set off with a nice head of panel out through that in the color off my brand. This could be for you a nice gray, a bright yellow, whatever it is and just put a simple heading. And then I'll put down my paragraphs in their columns. I'll tend to do two cones, the text in one for images. I'll do three short Collins for text and a nice long image across the bottom that doesn't get away. You place the image. Just make sure it is in proportion to your text. You may see that I am doing it. I have my text within the columns set up in my program. Unfortunately, you won't have access to that kind of tool. But if you just cheat and use your textbooks, copy and paste it into the place where you want her image and then resize it upset textbooks that will do the same thing for you. It's a nice little pits. Do if you're using something like PowerPoint to create your e book, just really easy to do. The other style I'm showing you is this one with a nice massive slash heading and a little bit of text. This is for less text heavy, and it's more so for my big topics. So in my book I will have three big topics and I will have five off the Smolen instructional layouts. So that big topic one I'll have massive riding in my brand color with my brand front, with about one or two paragraphs of text will also include an image here if I can. Nothing you can do it again is just putting image away, up, background and have it a really light capacity, which means it's basically see through just so it gives you some texture in the background and give some interest to your image. I hope you have hits the fun doing this. If you need any tips or tricks, just let me know. It is heaps of fun to put these together. If you're having trouble with the program they're using, just put it down. The discussion are used a lot of these different programs for different people, and I should be able to problem solve it for you. The stuff you got be creative experiment. Have fun Now. Any program uses perfectly fine as long as you can save it as a PD. What you'll see me doing regularly throughout during this exercise is I am going back and forth between each of the slides or the pages of my E book. You'll see that I might be chopping and changing images because this one goes better here or such. Or I might be copy and pasting layouts to make sure that I have a consistent style in my e book. Consistency is one of the most vital things in your E book. You don't want it to look like you have a collection of random model pages which don't go together. This is all about your presentation of your brand and your business. You want to look as professional as possible and as such as clean as possible throughout my layout to see I have a lot of white space. I trust why as my background color, because that actually is part of my brand. But you can choose any light color. I don't recommend doing a dark background for E books because it is much easier to read a dark on light text in a light on dark text, you'll notice. In one of the examples I'm showing, I have done a break out books and I have highlighted letters these because these are vital courts courts related to my business or actual services, which I offer which are related to the text. Go in and highlight them yourself. Make sure that you and besides, things that are important to your clients, someone they want to skim through it. But those vital courts will keep them reading. And lastly, make sure you match the right image is to the right information. Make sure it all goes together smoothly and that you play with your format to make the perfect able for your client. So I want you to attempt now to put all of your information into a lamp. Try to separate your five points per page or maybe have a couple page for each point. Once you've done this, simply say that as a PdF and put it down your products, and we could all take a look. It's really great to put it down here products, because then people can help you with constructive criticism, telling how amazing a job you did, which I'm sure, will be the case. Do you have any questions? Even if it's a simple thing, like have I make a textbook in work just leave it down discussion. And I was happy to help you out. I know this is a really complicated process, but I am sure that you could do it. I'll see you in the next video. 9. Link: in the last video, we were working on the layout off our book. Now this might take several goes, and I recommend looking back at it in a few days, making sure it looks exactly like you wanted to. But now we're going to do something which is highly important, and make sure within a layup that each individual page there's a link or reference to your business. Because even though this book is about something that's adding value to our customers, you want them to remember where it came from. So this may be making sure that you have your color and brand across your A book, which is great. Make sure that's on every page, but you also may want to put a link to your website or mention of product. For instance, if you're running a recipe in the ingredients instead of just putting but up, put your brand of butter in That way. There's an automatic link to your or if you're doing job training, you might say, like we do here. This is a great tip to help train your dog. You don't want these to be blow out there and have a link to your website or your business profile on every single page. But subtle hints about your business is great. I want you to be able to have it so any page, your viewer can look at it and work out who the author is off this great resource and be able to look you out online away Recommend doing this is suddenly once every two paragraphs , right, something in related to your business. If you're doing life coaching, you may be like like in my space at It's a business name here. You could add plants because greenery helps you with calmness, and then you could be like I recommend thes three plants related to business again. I also recommend in foot off with a very small link to your website. That way, if people are looking for it, they can find your website, but it's not blaring in their face. And please do not make your makes ugly blue. If every single program that you can use it is easy to change color off the techs. Another great weight at a subtle reference to your business is to add a quart and then link it to your business. So be like, for instance, if I was doing younger instruction, you could have a court saying Down with Doug, helpful, even though it's unattractive, then have a little quote mark and mentioned that it was from your business from you or from a client off your business. As you can see here, I've gone back into my A book, and I've started off linking my brand into the A book by adding my logo on the front. I really recommend this because your logo is how most people would recognize you. So it's a great thing toe have they're at the forefront don't have on every page, but it's good to know what the information is coming from. Next, you'll notice that I have highlighted text throughout my entire bi book, and half of that is just really useful information. But the other half is actually related to services, which I offered in my. What I'm doing right now is writing in really small text, uh, the domain name off my website, and I'm putting it on every single page. You'll see. I'll go back through and landed it up and actually move it to a little more discreet corner . But For now, I just want to make sure that it was president. Another thing you notice as I scroll back up is that one of my pages. There is this big pink textbooks that textbooks is actually a description. I was older senses that I can provide related to branding for small businesses. And I put it in the budget section because I'm showing them everything that I could offer them for a civil branding package. Another thing that just pointed out there was my final page, which was still need help. It is a cold action, and I highly recommend having a call to action at the end of your e book. I love you to leave the new and improved version off your e book. As a PdF down in your project, make sure that you've added links off every single page related to your website. Your brand, your business. Don't forget. Even though this is a beautiful quality piece information you're gifting your client. It is still a promotion, so you want to promote yourself on every single page. I hope you enjoy this process. I'm here if you need any questions simply running down in the discussion, and I will see you in the next video 10. Cover Image: So we had a little escape from working visually doing Alex. But we are back now. Don't forget, if you are terrified off doing your visuals or you really don't feel like you can do it professionally, you can simply ask graphic designer to help you out. Or even just someone who is Tex up to help you figure out how to make a beautiful place. Now, in Mr we're gonna be creating a cover image or a social media tile to promote Ah, wonderful e book. I would recommend if you've got a designer to do your e book to simply Austin to do this a swell. Now you can find the proportions you need to make this tile online on the social media sites that you are going to be putting it off, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, instagram or any other social media sites that you'll be using, which benefits your business. This is where promotion comes in to it. This cover image is going to be simple and minimalist, but to the point you wanted to be eye catching and promote what you worked so hard on. So for your image, you're gonna have one big splash image, and then you're gonna have title of your book and mention somewhere on there that it's a free resource. So click now. This cover image is a simple way to entice people to download your e book and better yet, to bring people to your online base. But we'll get to that in the next year, so I'm going to show you a quick example. Now off what I'm making for my e book, which is helping with branding, budgeting and finding Google voice in the business world. So here we are, just making our style. My main source of advertising, in a way, is instagram because it's visual base and I have a visual job, So I'm making a square base design. I'm saying Teoh have a splash image. They stuff one which is in your evil. I've just put a pink overturn on it just to get a little more. I'm suited to my instagram account. Then I riding free e book and the title of the Evil. Now, don't forget. Keep this in your branding cell in the same style as your entire equal has been, because that way I was gonna get surprised they continue going in your visual presence and be able Teoh. Identify straight off to this is from and who they should go trees. They want more information, like just a simple way of doing this. I just recommend doing it left aligned rather than scented just because at the moment it looks a little more stylish, and I find that when you will line everything to the bottom off the canvas rubbed on the topic kids. It's something a little bit fresh rather than just a text books with an image behind. So I don't have to play around here and made my main social media tile. And then I'm moving on to just doing a couple little extras ones which will just have a little quote from my book and entice people to come and read it. Because you want to have multiple opportunities to be able to emerge. A label IRA. Recommend about four so you could put one up every week for the month. You can always return on the fifth week and put up your first tell again, because that is your main tile. Your main focus on bringing people to your book and your online place. If you need any help with this, I am here for the discussions. If you're tackling it on your arm, or if not, you can simply email me and ask me. And I can help. You woke up eight tile for you. As I have a graphic designer, I would really love you to put down your attempts or your drops in the projects so other people can see them. And we can help you using the power of community to find and create the perfect promotional block for you. Have fun with this. You're almost there. Your e book is finished. You're gonna have a promotional tile to use. And next step is publishing. It's going to be very exciting in the next video. 11. Get Noticed: in this video, we are going to publish on you books finally online so our customers can find them Now. I called this video get noticed, not publish your e book and the reason cause if this is because I don't want you to just stick your able cop and heart that clients will come to see it, I wanted to get noticed. So our first step is going to be publishing your e book somewhere that matters. Your e book is designed as a quality resource to bring clients in and promote your business , so we want it posted for download on your online business base. Now, for most of us, this may be a website. We wanted to be where our business is most active, where people could come and touches off services or products. You may not have a website. In this case, you may have a blood or a Facebook business page. Whatever is the most important online presence for your business is where you are going to be posting your e book now for myself. I went to post it on my website because I want to attract customers to come to my website. The way I'm doing this in a way I highly recommend is having it as a clickable pop up download. When people enter my website this way, people will be able to access something quality and receive some positive influence when they enter my website. Even if they don't end up, hopefully this will give them a positive experience and they will be rejoiced to return for future projects. So, guys, here it is. This is the opening page of my website and as you can see, there is a button that where if people click on it, they will get uh, sent to a form to type in their email address and then they will be emailed. They're free, copy off the evil. Then they can put on the website button and go to my Web site and enjoy. Now I only want your person. You're evil for download on your main business online presence. Do not put a downloadable link on any other off your different presences online. In most cases, this will be your social media links. What I want you to do is to then go on to your social media links and put promotions which link to your website or your main online presence for your business and leave people directly to that presence. We want our e book to be the bait on the fishing line that draws people into where your business is most active. So an example. I'm going to be personal on my Facebook page. I'm going to use the cover image on Social Media Tower we made in the previous exercise, and I'm good to be using that as emotional block toe link people to my website. When they get my webs that palpable come with downloadable resource. You would just add in your e book as a random downloadable resource. Make sure that the link you give people is directly to that page on your website or to the post on Facebook or Instagram. You don't want people having to hunt for these results. You want them to find it easily and excessively because this will make your business shine with a good life, you'll sure that you're efficient and you a timely and you're organized, even if this isn't always the case. Now that we've published E book and we have made up a promotion, I want you to schedule and organized a monthly promotion for your resource. This means that I want you to figure out full posts to be made one each week to bring people to notice your resource. Summon example. The 1st 1 maybe. Hi, guys. I have this brilliant results, which I just created here. You can find it at my website in the next week. Hopefully, after a couple of the posts, they're not all next to each other. You may write, they spoil being like This is my results. About 10 recipes to do with my jam hit him. Jamie's really great with. Then the next one can be Oh, hurry up, Get it before it goes away. This is a free resource. It's really great. It's really perfect for this season or whatever time it's best to be. I hope you get it, and then you'll find a one again. Could be a spoiler being like, Hey, there is for this yoga position. I really like. Find out this one in 10 other ones in my free resource. You want to be able to draw out the promotion off your resource and brings maximum people to your resource for that quality information end to your online based bigger business or your website. I really hope I've helped you out with this and that If you have any questions about this process, let me know. Please leave a link to where you've put your final e books. Are all of us can see it and make sure that link is on your online base for your business So all of us can check out. Your business is well, we're community here and we love to support each other. Perhaps I'll even become a customer of your business if you need any help with anything in graphics. Final branding. Feel free to check out my new e book on my website, which you will see in a link in the description off this cost. If you need any better how feel free to email me. I'm always happy to be here for you. I hope you have a lovely day 12. Final Thoughts: Okay, so I m so glad that you've made it to his final episode. That means that you've stayed with me through the entire process and come up with a beautiful e book fit for promoting business. Now a quick recap for creating an A book. We first want to figure out what all goalies for our business and why we want to give a free raisel straw clients. Next. You want to figure out the theme of that resource or the topic? After that, we want to go and you want to research that topic and find out what information that we can give and how we can add value to our clients. Once we've done that, the next bit is writing it, making it concise and making it five simple points. Five is a great number, not too short, not too long, and it captures people's attention. Once we've got all information down, you want to rewrite in off voice of our brand. We want to make people know that this is coming from all business and this is what our business is about. From there. We want to find visuals that relate to the topic which we're talking about. Remember 5 to 10 images, high resolution, and you want to make sure that they all fit thematically with each other. Visual appeal. Once I found a visuals, comes in context. Hot of laying out a book, trying to lay that with one one of your points. Perpich. You splash images. Use plenty of wide open space. Think, imagines and no more than three columns. Information endured. Forget you want a large typeface. Once we've laid it all out but almost ready to go, make sure that you have a link or a reference to your business on every single page. You want your clients to know that it's your business talking when you're giving this valuable information after you've created your evil did get to make a promotional social media towel a way that you will be able to promote your business and your free resource to clients through a social media. And finally, don't forget to publish your e book on your main online presence for your business, such as your website and linked to that main online presence through your social media and your other online Bates. I really hope you had fun doing this If you need help on anything, such as making visual material or figuring out your brand voice, please email me or just leave a message in discussions because that's my job. I'm a graphic designer, and I help people in this way to get that businesses off the brown ground and have a beautiful brand. I really hope you enjoyed it and that you can join me for another class. If there's any classes that you really want made and you can't find, please message me. I'm more than happy to create something that you need. After all, these causes are for you. If you did like this class, please give it a thumbs up and leave me review. I'm always happy to learn how I can prove these classes for you. I heard we have a lovely week and I'm excited to see your e books, and I hope that this helps your business have a lovely day