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Create Your Successful Morning Routine

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to the Morning Routine Class


    • 2.

      Example of Diego Davila's morning routine


    • 3.

      Elements of a successful morning routine


    • 4.

      Creating your successful morning routine


    • 5.

      What NOT to do in your morning routine


    • 6.

      Final Project


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About This Class

Welcome to "Create Your Successful Morning Routine"

The goal of this class is to help you create the ultimate Morning Routine for Success for maximum happiness and productivity.

By the end of the class, you will be able to immediately apply any of these strategies to achieve your daily goals and more.

This process is fun and it could totally change the results you are getting.

Let's do it!

Meet Your Teacher

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Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Welcome to the Morning Routine Class: Hey guys, Welcome to this model and happy and excited to see you here. He would talk about morning routine. Y is, Y is a morning routine so important for you when you want to be productive. We'll talk about examples of morning routines. I'll give you, I'll share with you my morning routine that you can get inspired with that also feel is sharing his routine here on also, we are lucky we will be looking into the morning routines of successful people so we can learn from them and we're going to start applying that also on your life. So to start, why morning routines are so powerful because it's something that we do early in the morning when we wake up, we start the morning routine that help us to have more focus, to have the control of your day. You can control your day instead of your day controlling you. And that's very powerful. You will be happier motivated with less stress, and walking towards your goals every day after your morning routine. So we have examples. The most successful people will look at successful peoples on the war today and in the past, big CEOs, all these people have morning routines. Most of them, they have morning routines that are very effective to help them to reach the goals that they want to reach. For example, we have Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. He has a morning routine which consist only on one simple question, which is this for the past 33 years, I look to the mirror every morning and I asked myself this simple question, if today's the last day of my life, would I do what I'm about to do today. So he's he's he was questioning himself for 33 years every morning. If the thing if today's the last day of your life, if what you are about to do today is what you will do today, that is the last day of your life. That's simple question. Help Steve Jobs to keep focus on keep working forward his chord. This is a super simple morning routine. We will work with more complex morning routines that are fun and am sure you will love also Benjamin Franklin, the founder of the United States. He has a three hour block every morning, which is the opposite of Steve Jobs, which was just one question. So better in Franklin three hours every morning. He called that powerful Kindness where he plan his day. He was grateful and he was planning how he will reach his goals. So this is powerful. And by the end of peace section here of this model, you'll have a great morning routine that is fit to your schedule that is that is created with you in my SO work together will create this morning routine for you. And in the next video now, I'll share my morning routine so you will know what I do every day. From from years I will I do this every day. Sometimes I fail, I forget to do it, but most of the days I do this and this simple morning routine helped me to grow my business exponentially. Two levels that I never dream of. And to reach people all over the world, we have to, I have today more than 600 thousand students expanding 192 countries all over the world. And I are always people ask me, okay, they are, What's the recipe to get this? What you, what you need to do it again, if you need to share with somebody what's a recipe you follow to achieve these number of students on these grove on your business. One of the things that I think is powerful and helped me a lot is the morning routine that I'll share with you in the next video. See you there. 2. Example of Diego Davila's morning routine: Excellent guys, Welcome to this video here we would talk about my morning routine and the goal here is to share this with you. So you know exactly, not exactly, but you have an idea of how to organize how to create a morning routine for you? My morning routine is a routine that I am polishing unmodified for the last years. I keep doing this every single day. And I tried to improve it in some ways when I see that he space for improvement. So the version that I'm sharing with you now is the current version that I think is the best for me and I'm doing this for a long time. So before I shared this with you, one quick disclaimer, I have, I have a new sun now, which is two months or so, it's eight weeks. So that means probably if you have kids, you know, if you don't let me tell you. With bay with newborns usually they wake up several times during the nine So for the last few months and helping my wife, we together are taking care of the baby. And that's why for the last few months and not very consistent, honestly, with this morning routine. But this is a situation. This is fine. I just wanted to share that with you to be totally honest because this could happen to you sometimes in life happen things like a newborn on your family, something on, on, on, on with your parents, your brother, and maybe you are traveling, maybe you have a problem on and work any situation that you have that the EU, for some reason cannot perform a morning routine. You need to know that. That's totally fine. We don't need to be, we are not a machine. So when we are human beings that want to grow and be more productive. So you need to be kind with yourself and allow yourself to fail, let's say, or my case not doing consistently my morning routine for the last Schumacher bar. Instead of that, I'm living with all my heart, the person moment with my new bar song, which is a great thing too. So keep that in mind and let's start now with a morning routine. The first thing I do is I wake up at six AM every day, even during weekends. Weekends for me is not mandatory but Monday to Friday, yes. I have an alarm and sometimes they wake up like a few minutes before the alarm because I'm used to it at 6 AM. The first thing they do after waking up every morning is half water, room temperature, water with lemon juice. So I get a lemon or a lime and I just squeeze, take out the juice mixed with water and I drink that cup full of water with lemon that helped my body to wake up the organs, the body for the day, ready for the day instead of drinking coffee really early in the morning, I drink this water with lemon and he's fantastic. After that, immediately drinking my water, I go to my, to this software here. Usually this is my meditation corner and I do my 20 minute meditation. How do I do the meditation? You can think Diego and not a meditator, I never meditated before. That's totally fine. You can download apps. There are apps you can go to your iPhone, to your Android answered for meditation app. There are lot of apps that are free. We have a column is one option. Headspace is another gray one that I was using for over three years and a half. And now I'm trying also silent meditation. So basically I sit down there for 20 minutes just relaxing and filling my, my body, paying attention to my breath and all that. So 20 meter meditation, you don't need to be a meditator. You can do this. Start with 10 minute. That's totally fine. You can follow an up also if you want. After I finished my meditation there, I get this journal, which is called the five-minute journal. Here we go. Five minute journal, this is great. It's a simple journal because the UK, you have here every day you need to feel one page and I'll read these to you really quick. The first, we have three questions that I need to answer in the morning. It my morning routine that are here. And I have two questions that I answered before going to sleep. The first question is, I'm grateful for, and I need to write three synthesis for that. So I'm grateful for, and I said three things. I think about three things that I'm grateful for. I am Greek word for the day, for my family, for my students. And I just write down simple things like that, helped me to wake up grateful. So after my meditation, after drinking my water with lemon, I start thinking about what I am grateful for. And these set me in the right duration in the right direction to start my day in a good, a good move in a good way. The second question I have here is what would make to the great, So what needs to happen today? That will make today a great day. And I need to write three things here, three points that could happen today. That will be a great day, for example. Okay. A great day will be if I can't go to the beach today or if I can read for 20 minutes or if I can call to my mother and have a great conversation. Any thing that can make your day great, or if I can complete this project, for example. And the last question, which is not a question, it's just an affirmation is daily affirmation. So I am and you need to write two things. I am loved, I am helpful, I am peaceful. Whatever you think you are or you forever you want to be, right? So that's the five minute journal. I do this part in the morning. It takes me maybe two minutes to complete this part and at nine. So so you understand how these processes work. I have two questions. The first one is three amazing things that happened today. So I need to write down here three amazing things that happened today to me, this helped me to review my day and highlight the good things that happened to me and to my family today. And I write out every day here on the five minute journal. And the last question is, how could I make today better? So how you could make today better if you did something different, today could be better. You can write that down. So that's a five minute journal. After that, I write my goals and dreams. So I have an iPad with an Apple pencil, which is here. So I usually do in the iPad, I have a node, the node up here on the iPad and I write down my goals. And you can do this also on a notebook, that's totally fine. You can have an auger, ladies, or you can write on your cell phone. That's up to you. I what I do, I write down my goals and my dreams. I would I set goal is not the goals for the day or the goal for the week. These are long-term Gore's long long-term goals that I have for me and for my family, for my business. Maybe I want to increase my income. Maybe I want to travel to Antarctica. Wherever you are you are dreaming about or any goals that you have. And why write down their goals every day. This is very powerful. This is one of the most powerful practices and takes just a few minutes to complete. Because usually what people do New Year come and people said the New Year's resolution and they said, Okay, what RMA resolutions for this year, I want to exercise more, I want to earn more money. I want to travel to these plays. And after a few weeks, sometimes after a few days, you are ready. Forgot about all these resolutions that you said in the beginning of the year. So by writing your goals and dreams every single day in the morning, and you can just copy where it wherever you wrote in the last day, the prior day. So it takes you literally 30 seconds to write your goals and your dreams every single day. But by doing that, you are fixing that on your subconscious mind. You are reminding yourself of the goals that you have. You are reminding yourself of why you are waking up today, why you are today here, ready to work, Ready to go to work to to invest your time doing what you do on your job, on your company. Why are you doing that? Because you want to reach these goals, these laws that you have on your logbook. So that's why it's super important to write down your goals and your dreams every single day. And what is the difference between Goldman and dream really quick, goals are something specific that you want to reach, something that is attainable and that you maybe don't know how to get there, but it's something that you think you could get. And dreams are things that are dreams that is difficult to get. Let's say I want to buy an airplane and I write that on my own, my dream list. And this is important because today That's a dream, but tomorrow maybe not. And this happened with the undoing this for a long time and this happened with me a few times already. Things from a from a dream lease are becoming a reality with the pass of the time because every day and writing that down and fixing that and my my and I opened him to receive this. The next thing I do is checking my priorities for the day. So what is the main thing that happened today will be considered a gray day or what is the one thing that I can do today that if I do, I will consider myself successful today or I will consider myself super productive today. That's I checked that I check my priorities for the day and answer that question. So we went when I answer that question, I know that in order to make sure these days are great day by the end of the day, I need to accomplish these specific tasks or I need to behave in this way depending of what's your goal. So I check my priorities for the day after that I do 2015 to 20 minutes exercise. It can be treadmill, sometimes I run a little bit, so at sometimes I walk around a little bit of yoga weights depending of how I feel that they choose what to do, but it's around 15, 20 minutes, something quick, just to start the day. And after exercising, I have a healthy breakfast. And this is my morning routine. I hope you like it and maybe feel free to use any part of my routine or the whole routine as yours if you want, that's totally fine with me. I want to inspire you and I want to show you what I do and what works for me. So you know, how we can structure a morning routine and how you can do it too. And that's what we are doing the next videos. In the next videos, we will take a look on the beak structure of a morning routine. We will create together your morning routine to make sure it's optimized for you, for your business, for your goals. And we'll make sure you start implementing and doing this every day. So you also can, can grow and can start your day more relaxed without much stress, focus on what you want to accomplish that day and for sure you will reach your goals faster and be more productive. See you in the next video. 3. Elements of a successful morning routine: Elements of a successful morning routine. To create a morning routine, we have more four main elements that we need to make sure we include on your routine. In the last videos, you learned why the routine is important. You also saw an example for my personal morning routine that I share with you. So now is the time to start writing your morning routine that is perfect, that is super optimized for your life, for your business, for your goals. So you can be more productive and reach your goals faster and also with a feeling of happiness and fulfillment every day you work. So let's work on that now, to get there. First, we need to know the four main elements of the morning routine that we need to include. We need to try to include nothing is mandatory, but we need to try to include these on your routine. Let me tell you what they are. Let's go to the iPad here. The first one is the mental element. Mental element. So the mental element is something related with your mind. We need to include on your daily routine like setting goals, for example, which is a mental element. Priorities for the day, mental element set one main goal for your day. Also organize your space so you have a feeling of freedom and organization is will be easy for you to work. So these are all mental elements and it's recommended to have one of these elements on your routine. When I share my routine with you, you saw that we have there the four, the five minute journal, which is a mental element. I write down every day a small journal during five minutes. Also, I write down my main goals and dreams, long-term goals and dreams every day. That's also a mental element. So you can add one of these or two of these is view1 on your morning routine. The second element is the emotional element. Emotional element. So the emotional element is something that you will do on your Monroe or mere morning routine that will help you to be inspired to be happy, to set your emotions in a positive way every single morning. For example, gravity to VUCA practice gratitude. Every morning. You can be grateful for everything you have. And what homie to accomplish that on my routine that I share with you is writing down on the five minute journal, the first question there, east. What are you grateful for today? And you need to, I need to write down three things that I'm grateful for. So you can add that on your routine to also another example is to read about subjects that you like, that you love and subjects that inspire you as a person, right? So if you have a book that inspire you, if you have a video that inspire you, you can add that to your routine to read or watch or consume any content that inspire you, that you love and that you like. The third element is the physical element. The physical element is also important, include exercise, physical exercise. I also share with you that I drink a cup full of water with lemon mix lemma with water. I drink that every morning that's physical is for my body. Also a healthy breakfast that is also from my body and also organizing your physical space, right? To be more focused, remember that having a disorganization clutter around you help you. We are makes you more distracting. You distract more, you lost focus very easily when he's not organized. So include also a physical element. And the last one, the fourth element that we need to include on your morning routine is the spiritual. The spiritual element. What is that? Meditation? You can meditate for 10, 5, 15, 20 minutes, or even more if you want. If you'd have never meditated, I recommended to start with five minutes. Just go to the App Store on your phone and download a meditation app that is free. And you're just listened to that for five minutes, you will start meditating. You don't need to know how to meditate. You can just follow an app to start. So maybe actually it's one of the spiritual element. We also have prayer if you feel that that's a good option for you. And also connect with yourself, which is another great thing. Connect with yourself. Think about you. Think about how the good things that you have, the positive things, the positive habits that you have, analyzed your habits, your personal goal, so connect with your self. These are the four elements of your morning routine. In the next video, we will start creating your morning routine and we will try to include one of each. See you there. 4. Creating your successful morning routine: Fantastic guys, Welcome to this video. Now it's time to create your morning routine. So now I want to invite you to take a notebook for now or you can write on your computer if you want, or your phone or any you anywhere. And create this morning routine using the four elements that were discussed in the last lecture. Remember we have the mental element, the emotional element is spiritual element, and physical elements include one of each. If you can, you can include more than one for each block and create an idea of draft of your morning routine. And here are some rules that I, that worked for me and I always recommend to my friends, my students. Organize your routine denied before. Don't wake up to today. And let's say 67 or eight ALL the time that you wake up and you said, Oh my God, today I need to do my morning routine. Okay. I forgot about that. Let's go to my normal what is the morning routine and you try to find it and you don't know, Okay, meditation, you don't have the app yet. You need to start download the app, prepared the nine before, okay, I always like to write that on a piece of paper, a small piece of paper. Just the steps of your morning routine. It can be one step, 5, step 10, step. I have an eight-step morning routine that I share with you in the beginning of this lecture on the model. And write the steps on a piece of paper and put next to the place where you will perform your morning routine and organized and 94, if you need an app for meditation, search for the app if you need to drink water with lamb on for example, for your body. See if you have lemma on the fridge prepared that if you don't buy the lemon, so leave everything ready for you. You can succeed on your first morning routine. Also, greater routine that is simple, one error that always people make. And I made this error a few times during my life, is to create a super complex morning routine because you said, oh my god, I will wake up at six AM. I will write my goals. I meditate for 30 minutes. I'll do yoga or exercise and all the things, which is great. But you will feel overwhelmed and you will do maybe one twice, and you will quit after that because it's a super difficult morning routine. So to start, I recommend you to start with something really simple. It can be a three steps. Wake up, drink water, meditate, that's fine, is a star for a morning routine and you can keep adding things later. Also, take a test drive of your morning routine. If I create a morning routine now on my null bogus, I recommend you to do and we will do an exercise soon here to actually do this. One thing that you can do is, is not saying, Okay, this is my morning routine. This is sacred and I need to do this every day from now on, no matter what happened, that's good, but it's important to test drive first, to see how you feel, to see if that helped you to start your day. The goal here is to help you start your day in the right way, to be more productive, more focused, more creative. So test drive your morning routine, write down the steps. Next morning you wake up and you said, Okay, this is a test, right? I'll see how I feel. Same thing when you will buy a car, you go to the dealership and you said, Okay, can I test drive the car? They said you have, of course. And you drive and you see you said is good. But I mean, I don't like how the car drive. Maybe I can try another model. That's totally fine with your morning routine to so you will try, you will do a test, right? And you can change later. Also, set a reminder because if you said tomorrow I'll start my morning routine and maybe you wake up tomorrow and you forget about them already routine. And you just remember later that you didn't do it. And also in the following days. So until this becomes a habit which will take one month or maybe a monitor I have to do to be a habit. I recommend you to set a reminder or set an alarm or something like that on your phone, on your computer to remind you to their morning routine at that time that day. This is powerful. I hope you create your morning routine now and I share with you in the next video, what are the things that we need to avoid when we're doing the morning routine. See you there. 5. What NOT to do in your morning routine: Guys, here we are. Let's talk about the things you don't need to do. That thing that you need to avoid doing during your morning routine. The first one is you will wake up earlier probably to do them on a routine maybe an hour earlier, maybe 30 minutes earlier. It's up to you. You will set the alarm. The thing that you don't need to do, you need to avoid using the snooze button on your phone? What happened when we when we set an alarm and we are not used to wake up that early, we usually press snooze and obviously for other nine, 10, 15 minutes, sometimes an hour. That happened with me a lot. So my suggestion, my tip for you is to add your phone, just putting a fire from your bed so far from your bed so you can hear the alarm, but you cannot press the snooze button. You need to raise and you need to wake up and you need to walk in order to reach your phone and turn the alarm off. That's a great tip, and this looks simple, but it's very important. Also, don't check your phone first in the morning. We'll talk about that in the course here too. That's not good. It's not good for your productivity, for your, for your day. You start the day in the wrong way. If you are checking your phone, checking the messages, and all that when you wake up. So when you wake up, what you do in the morning routine is you turn off the alarm, put your phone down in the same place, and you walk out without your form. Maybe if you need your phone for the meditation app or for anything that you are doing your routine, that's fine. But the goal is here not to check messages or go to social media or anything like that on your morning routine. And the third one is the most important guys. Don't check your emails before your morning routine. I recommended to check your emails later in the morning. But if you said DO, that's too much for me, that's fine. I understand. At least don't check your email before your routine. Okay. Just get your phone, put it down and get to your routine. You will do it in a few minutes, maybe an hour, maybe half an hour, depending of how many items you add on your team. But that are the three things that you don't need to do. Snooze button, check your phone, messages, social media, and check your email. Avoid that, and you will have a successful morning routine. 6. Final Project: Okay guys, welcome to the final project here on Skillshare class and super excited to see you here. And this is important because we prepare the final project to help you put into action everything we learned here in the class. So EC is very, very important for you to complete this process before you finish the course, okay? So they go off. The final project is actually as I told you, to put things into action and create your super successful morning routine, following all the strategies we learned here in the course, I share with you my personal morning routine that I do every day and I love it. It it still helped me to grow my business, to grow personally, and is difficult to explain in words what actually the results that this is giving me because it's amazing and A1 you to experience that. And the only way to experience that is for you to create your morning routine and to do it every single day. So to complete these projects, all you need to do is come here to the Skillshare page. This is the course page. You scroll down here and you see Projects and Resources here in the menu, right? We can create a new project. So you click on Create New Project. And in here we can add a title for your project. You can see, hey, my morning routine or something like that, and you can add a description on hearing. The description is where I want you to add the steps. This is simple and it's fun. You need to list here the steps you are doing for your morning routine. That's all. For example, number one, you can say now one. Drink water for example, Greek water. Number 2, exercise or meditation. And you can add more details like for example, 30. Let's say 30 is allowed ten minutes of guided meditation with the meditation app, for example, the muddy deviation. So it's up to you. So you can add these up to 10, maybe five, maybe three is up to you. That is not a right number of steps that you can add here. I recommend you to add the ones that you feel that MAY the will make a difference on your life. So it's important to do that if you have two items, if you have five items, if you have 10 items, that's okay. Just shared that with me here and with the community. And by doing that, you are opening. You are doing two things. First, a, you are opening to receive positive feedback from me and from the community here the students. Because you pose your project, people would like your project and sometimes people give you feedback saying, Hey, maybe you can try these, that positive feedback because we're a community, a family that grows together here on Skillshare, okay? Also the fact that the second thing that you are doing, which is most important, is committing yourself. So when you make this lease, you can meet with your yourself to do this every day, to do this every morning, and to apply these, and I invite you to test these for a lease to any one day. So anyone days is the time that studies shows that takes to build a habit. Sometimes people say Hey takes 90 days or their people say Hey, takes to chill weeks. So there isn't a consensus on the time, but 21 days on my experience on all my clients may as soon as Springs is the bass, so do these least submit this project. And I think you so much for taking the time to be here with me. I hope these cars, this class, can change your life and it can, but the only secret to make sure you get the results is to do these every day by watching the class. You won't get the result. You will only get the results by applying these on your life every single day. Okay. Thank you, love to you. Thank you for being in the class and I hope to see you in the next course.