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Create Your Own Retro Futuristic Illustration with Photoshop

teacher avatar Filipp Ryabchikov, Designer, Illustrator, Music Producer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Sketching, Finding References, Choosing Colors


    • 3.

      Creating Background


    • 4.

      Drawing Main Element


    • 5.

      Coloring Main Element


    • 6.

      Drawing Additional Elements


    • 7.

      Continue with Additional Elements


    • 8.

      Drawing Glowing Geometric Elements


    • 9.

      Continue with Glowing Elements


    • 10.

      Adding Stars and Lights


    • 11.

      Final Mastering


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About This Class

In this tutorial I am going to show you the entire process of creating a slick 80's neon style illustration using Adobe Photoshop. We will start with sketching and finding references, then move to drawing using just a mouse (no tablet needed!) and some basic tools such as pen and brush tools, applying some cool effects and adjustments, and finally polishing our artwork to give it a really pro look.

Although it is expected that you have a basic understanding of Photoshop. After watching this course you will be armed with unique techniques that I developed through 8 years of using Photoshop, and that will take your digital illustrating skill to the next level.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filipp Ryabchikov

Designer, Illustrator, Music Producer


Fill Ryabchikov is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Since 2007 he was working on a wide variety of projects from print and editorial illustrations to cover arts and logotypes.

He is also producing an electronic music under Filian alias, check out his tunes at soundcloud

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1. Introduction: Hi there. My name is Phil. I'm graphic designer, illustrator and music producer from ST Petersburg, Russia. And welcome to my skew share course create your own retro futuristic illustration. This course is about making going retro futuristic illustration with eighties style with a lot off me own airbrush radiance gear, metric shapes, all that neat stuff that I really love. So here the final illustration, we will be working in this course, and I will show you all the entire protests off creating this epic masterpiece from start to finish. We'll start with with a sketch, and then we'll add some cowers details, effects and so on. I will use just a mouse eso no table next necessary, and I will be working in Father Shop CC version. But if you get some early worsens, it's fine because any version seems partnership. Eight, I think, will work fine, because we will use just basic toast like Bantu presto Grady into. And when I say basic, it doesn't mean limited to bed because basically, it's all you need to create the stunning great work in illustration I've been working with for the show for eight years or so, and I going to share with you all my own tips and tricks. My secret techniques, my own way off, working with a little bit farther shop. So let's go right ahead and have fun. 2. Sketching, Finding References, Choosing Colors: All right, let's start from this administration. Basically, I made it for Big Q magazine special issue that was dedicated toe eighties is a asked me to make illustration for them to make an 80 style illustration with some some objects, some shapes that related toe eighties. And in this course I just trickery. Recreate this illustration again to show you guys. So the entire protest, how it made it. So it's just let's start with the greater new for the ship file. Let's choose International paper a three richest undocked size. Let's reduce it to 150 resolution. Okay, so just let me show you my sketches that I made on paper charities. Aziz, you can see I cannot draw it all had not a painter. My sketches with very, very no basic, very hard core, very rough. So I sketched the main elements for my illustration, like this huge battery from eighties Atari meet again, joystick, Lego parts, some video game characters. Then I roughly sketched the composition building from this elements. Ah, is that center. You can see there is a big main element in this case. It is Atari near the main element. There is a middle size elements, joystick and battery and far from center. There is a lot of small elements. Is a pretty standard composition that used a lot in different artworks but different illustrators. So let's good sketch in our new document. So let's reduce the size a little bit. Something like this. You know, this is just a guide for us. We will not like, trace it exactly. Racket is just got a to the end everything. Maybe we'll look absolutely different from this case. She's just a little guide for us. So okay, which All right, so let's no take a look at some references. Whatever to do is just surf some tumbler books, some interest boards, some flicker groups dedicated to eighties and some kind of 80 style of majors. And I just look around. And if I see some cower or some style that I like, I just copy this. Imagine paste it in mind for the shop document. All right. Example. I learned that being color. I just hit Prince Clean on my keyboard, uh, hopes and just based it in our document. So let's enlarge it. Okay, so we don't care about quitting off Major about all that star. It's just a reference for us. Reference Fork, Our for style, maybe, and I'm acutely several in majors. But, for example, I like that orange color. So let's bring screen again. Is it here and so on? So after I, ah, found some references that I like, whatever to do is to build my own color palette. There is an interesting and think about colors. You know the colors cannot be copyrighted. That means that you can. You can take any cower front from any illustration or photograph and use it in your artworks in your illustrations, and it will be legal. It's not stealing because colors belong to everyone. Yeah, cars cannot be copyright on that school you can just hit. I wanted people for eye dropper and took the car You you like, and what I want to do is just make a new layer and make my own color police. So I shoot am for selection to make some rectangle and hit out Village for painted to is the color they choose now as a car, for example. I like this orange maker. Tangle here bandied wasn't below acted bearable. Make another tango So a dancer. You know, I get that layer with that strange retained ALS that this and this is just my cover. Police. Of course, you can choose use this watches drug discovers to invent your own swatches. But for me, it's more comfortable to just draw rectangles on a separate layer. No names this layer, like for leapt and and just make my illustration. Just when I need some guide for colors, I just joining Don't know. 3. Creating Background: Okay, let's start with creating a background for our illustration. So let's make it blick By hitting X and D on a keyboard, you can toggle your foreground and background. The color was working white, so I got work. I just hit all village and bent. How aware was wet. Let's go gg background. So what I'm gonna do next is just nice streak. I want to make radio great aunt and with some kind of spraying effect like it was sprayed like So. So let me show you what I mean. That's Mike knew where, um by the way to see I got my color palette with cremate cowards that I took from references that I like. Okay, let's choose great into. And, uh, sorry. Let's make let's let's take yeah, well, this color from our carpal it. Ah, and let's set another cower with same and reduce its capacity to zero, you know? And, ah, let's choose a radio ingredient and then just draw some soft circle. It's to make maybe smaller sounds in the leg. I don't know exactly yet and what I'm gonna do next, he's said, That's where to this souls. Look at this. What is put his desk. There's nice effect, but this is too sharp, too pixelated, you see is just a big sold when it does soften it. So to make it with just canto, click and choose are both wears with Grady int and with Just break Out and murdered by clicking Control. E comedy If you're a matter, I'm on a C and I will tell you the prissy shortcuts. But if you're in America, I think you will understand that control commitments common and the Albanians obsolete. Locate. So let's remember just two wears. I hit control V is the sea has become more softer. Just we don't This is the cycle. No, it's something the father shot back. But we don't way didn't do anything but just nerves. Dre, Hours and Hisley. It's like soften the pixels. I don't know. Is it back or something? But I use it the Latin, my works, and we can soften it more by using future Blue Just blur. No futile blur. Go, Schindler. Yeah, and just said we're little radiance like 05 for example. It's nothing like that. We can soften it more by a Didn't knew where beneath this layer. It was black again. And just reduce the opacity off these. Where was hope? Our ingredient? Yeah. And by using this principle that I showed you Yeah, we can add another Sprague radiant. I want to have little bursts here in the corner. So I made a new layer, uh, which is Grady into And just to kill another color like more mark door color. And let's spend some little nurse in the corner like here I list and let's set it to to solve again. Let's turn off our previous wears at the new air beneath it and it was black. No, just again suffering it. Suffering ITM Always a blur. I get my own shortcuts blur, so it's not diff orchard cut. I set my own shortcut to country weeks, but is not default, so you can just heat filter pure and go Schindler. It seats in my father's shop. It's set to contra weights. You can raise the shortcut that you never use and set your own. So OK, so we got knew where I was in new grading nurses in the corner, but beneath it we get our previously sold to make it reasonable. Let's set our anywhere to screen more screen mode. Just no, not can out all the black from the layer. So we started to screen or, like the writing, do the same effect with little differences. I think. Why didn't even better In this case, it's introduced capacity. Yeah, it is, by the way, is a c I zooming in and zooming out? It's another shortcut. It's a fortune cut. I just hit control. Ah, space bar. And as received, my cursor becomes like this plus ah, holding the contra in space. If I click left button on the mouth, I just German in. If I want to zoom out and just hold control space and I just see No, it's minus and I she's the most guys them out. So I used my three fingers and I just released one finger this holding out and I got cost. Keep back with minus and I when I just space bar, it's movinto case hand. So all right, I think we well, I'm happy now was our background. We can adjust it later, but for now it's pretty cool. So let's move to the next way story Next lesson 4. Drawing Main Element: All right, let's continue with our illustration and let's draw Homaine element. And then, as you see in our sketch, there is Atari video game, that old school video game console from the seventies. And because I cannot draw, I found some photo references for the reference from the Internet. As you see the picture off this console and you know there is nothing better in tracing pictures if you cannot draw. And you would be amazed how many administrators do this, You know, they just got off artists Just trace photos, you know, with scholars so on. And you never know it. You know, in the end, there is a illustration and how it was made in. Nobody knows No. So it's okay to trace because nobody will know what? Even if somebody will know what it's anyway, it's administration. No, it s okay. Ah, let's start. I would reduce capacity of this reference and then ah ah, sheet key on my keep Bert for panto. And I know you spent two to create selections and like to create a part of this image. Ah, I want to not just exactly trace this photo, but made it a little bit abstract cereal, you know, Illustration. I want to paint it with different colors, you know, Not just like black and brown, but this part maybe off being this will Gail some Monreal console that you that you cannot see in real life, you know? So what I would do here is a draw with the mental. For example, that Stark was these front part ready? Great new. Where can a k yes? Mm. Something like e you know, there's a arrived corner, so Ah, Bantu ism. Ah, need some practice? You know, if you want family spent toe, it's a hard toe. Explain how it how it's basically work because, uh, now you just need some practice with it. I still not perfect. Trant bento master. No, see, sometimes I struggle with it too, So okay, maybe something like this. Yeah, it's It's like this If summon lines are not perfect, it's OK because it's it's not its is an illustration. We don't need to cooperate. This photo exactly. You know, for example, I'm two ways to draw this under knees part in our illustration. There will be no such part. Okay. Yeah. Uh, this so yeah. After we made a shape with mental, just heat, a council enter and as you see ah, I was shaped on for two selection Just how I work. You can work with shapes, the paint shapes, but for me, it's easier to make a selection and work with this. Now, After I made this election, I painted Please, some cover, for example, Blick making plays because the color isn't not not matter, it doesn't. Doesn't matter what color to paint because after that will paint our anxiety console well paid paint every shape we withdraw. So let's first draw all the shapes and after that will pain them with color so the thrust shape is ready and, uh and so on a little, Add another layer at the knees and let's draw this You know, this rectangle shape behind like but these for example. Yeah, something like these. I was arrested. It doesn't matter because, you know, in front, we got our things change. So what happened beneath it? It doesn't care. So we can like no draw the no incorrect lines, But here, let's make it so. Okay, let's paint it with some. No. Great. Yeah. Yeah, that these, uh it's already starting to get some look so and so on, you know? And so on snow after that, will playing make this shape these ground shapes. So, uh, this is the same protesters I showed you. So in case off this tutorial because it's the same technique e I will show you, like, speed up work full off the next part. So just to save your time because you already know what I doing, and I will do the same processed. So I just speed up this a protest to save time. Okay, We're almost done with the shaping. Let's have a final shapes. Yeah, dollar console. A Caesar is a alliance in the reference. So let's Yeah, you were. So let's draw this lines like, because it's straight lines. So we can use just the less so to instead of pen because we don't need any curves. Just straight lines and less so to get started. That just hit L. A. On your keyboard, you get Soto. Let's make 38 Well, im yeah, it's this Yeah, something like Oh, sorry. Sorry. Let's start again. Uh, no one here with Yeah, it's making you aware, but this yet and just bandit was any color, Make IDs low and then I hit the V for. Is this all right? I can't remember. This, too is called Hands some pointer to Ah, and why I holding out? I can grab our element and no, there's a copy of futures made copy and that's merges to work together. And let's scorpion with ease to once again like this it's me, marriage it again. Now we get four lines in one. Well, let's copy to gain. Yeah, it's nursing, so we got were with last. Okay, great. Save it. And let's get rid of this. You know, part of lines that go out go, you know, off our direction. So these purples we need Teoh? Yeah. Here. Our shape. Yeah, that we want toe cut the lines. Yeah, And, uh, basically what I do it just control and click the shape to make a selection of the shape. And on our was lions. I just delete everything that off this selection outside of this everything that outside with selection. So I just inverse the selection you can salute is looked select, select, select and in verse in my being At that, my own in as my own shirt got for its control. Q. It's not default, so don't hit control. Q. Just hits the left on the in verse, but I use this very often. So I said my own sure catalyst after we were to this election, just he deal it and we delete all unnecessary parts. Yeah, So our Terry is almost ready. So we need now to Pantic with some colors, okay? 5. Coloring Main Element: so OK, let's expand it with colors. So, as you see, we get a lot off wares without shapes. That's group it. Yeah. Let's go This folder, Terry. Okay. No, to shape to paint our shapes with scholars. What I like to use is Ah, for example, let's start by, uh, tornadoes were self and just torn. Known them separately and print it. Okay, here we got How front part of the Tahrir. Let's start with this. For example. Whatever do is to shed control and click the where to make a selection. From what? And, ah, after that, uh, I make new where and, uh, brush this election with some color, for example. Let's take some orange from all the lead. Maybe make it more yellowy orange. You know this. It could be for brush on. All right, you know, So we can He'd be for brush and then the heat right button off your mouth. And she used just a basic standard. Too soft brushes. You can take any brush and then Justin watch the size to Newark or Jews brush size. I hold out. And after that, I hold hold in the cult hit right, but off the mouth and holding two buttons together, I moved my mouse to the right to a new large, my breast size and to the left to reduce it so useful stuff here. Okay, we got the orange set a positive to something. About 20 soldiers faded. What is brush? I want to get some kind of great int effect from bright orange too, you know, to a transparent orange. Nothing like this. Yeah, so? OK, say nothing gets safe. Your work he control s a soften as possible. So yeah, get our front part for Terry in. Let's So you know, this shape that we made it was needed for us just for this selection, Of course. You You can band right right away when you make in shape than not painted with power. But straight after that Painted, please. You know, the great in defected. We do, but I like to be the shapes first and then coward them. It's just the way I work. You know, I didn't say that. This one unknown and only right way to work. This just how idea? No. So Okay. And let's do the same with other shapes. I will. It should true them click control and critical coaching control. Click on the where make new where and painted with a brush like we did before with this orange shape. But I will use some different colors, like pink, blue and so on. And I think this process I will also speed up because it's all the same. Like with the shaped like a show you. So there is nothing new will be shown. So let's go. - So OK, we're almost done. Uh, is you seen? Sometimes I choose us. So, too. And the lead some parts off off shapes that was visible beneath their shapes. Yeah, because you see, there's a lot off on perfect environment in our restoration. No, but but it's okay, you know, because, okay, they're not off all the joints on a terrific But when you look a toga rolled illustration, it not you no visible it not noticeable on. And even more. I think it it at some No leave leave kind of effect. You know it. Leave this, you know, like so less less digital here. So, uh, for some shapes I used as a technique, I would let me show you. For example, let's make a selection again from the street and let made the ingredient that is not 12 transparent one. Some part will be bright and some will dark Turk, but not transport. So we cannot see this as a layer. So let's beef a brush. Choose something. These this color it's corrected. Little did make it more candle redish. Yeah, and, uh, disbanded Can that I want this right side more dark. So a sissy. Ah, use the HSB mode by the 40. It is hard to be. I guess so. Could hit h is being and just reduce the brackets. Make it more dark. Yes, and that's brilliant. Right side. Yeah. Keep even more dark. Making more polish. Yeah, it's control de toe de Select Got the last will save. Yeah, All right, let's do the same with these shape matter painted with opposite effect, this part will be a darkish and just movie more white. Uh, beef a brush. All right. You know the way I choose colors just randomly if there isn't. I'm not family with coward. Tiuri, Aled. That stuff had just choose colors that I want that I like that. I feel it. Know this is just how I choose cover so I won't hear something no similar, but little bit different. Maybe circle at least one dark. Yeah, So there's not There's no right way for me. Oh, wrongly. Just have fun, you know, choose cows. You you like that appeal for For use that? You know that if you watch how it looks, so go for it. Okay. And this part of the writer like this Yeah, that's trade. Okay, Ana, As you see, we got this round buttons. I draw the shapes who was just a round selection to make your selection rounds? Oh, square just hit, Shoot em and you changed it to see a shift am square brown you. So that's how it made this Shapes that I penned is just random green cower And let's paint this circles little bit differently. I want some kind off three d effect here, So let me show you how to make and it's it's little. It's very easy. It's easy to make this defect in its very cool. So let me show you, for example, let's choose a orange again. Let's make it a little bit more year. Always. Yeah, Okay. Brandi glue went. Our selection was orange. Okay, so you got that orange circle on top of that? Where was make new? Where? Let's rename it orange. Just to not confuse you. Cure is the Orangerie. Yeah, there's a new layer above empty yet. Okay, So the next thing we would do is ah, cold. Uh huh. Clipping mask. So what it is, let's choose uh uh, orange color again and make it little bit darker. What I wanted to do is just to add some shadows on the bottom off this circle and to make it I choose orange, make it a little bit darker. You know, it will be a cover for shallow and to end the shadow that will paint on a separate them to where I wanted this shadow. Well, be only on the, you know is in this circle not outside off it. For example, if I just bank on this later, did you see it spent everywhere? But I wanted to be paint only in the edges off our shape. So that's where clipping mosque is needed. So just when our were selected, just hold out. And as you see, when we holding out when holding out, we move off course or between the layers. There's such thing here. So heat left most off the left button of the mouse. And as you see our where belong with such kind of pointer here, that means that everything that we will draw in this layer will be whiz herbal only in the edges off, real elsewhere. So let me show it with with it. Needless move. The full of basic suggests in case to show you what death and to see it dropped. I draw here here, but it's not personal. It's visible only in the, you know, in the borders off shape off this layer off this like it's meister where, and it's likely under slave you know where. No. So using this mosque technique lets the drawer shadow. It's Jews there orange, but more brighter, more darker. Yet set capacity toe very, very few percent. That's yeah, as the sea with painting only inside the father circle. Yeah, it's making more dark. It z black easier with table if you got tables. It's easy to draw such things that you're just a mouse. Okay, good shadow. It's pretty nice. And with the same technique that said another. Where and again make it clipping mask. Let's add highlights. You know that. Choose orange, make it more more whiter. Yeah, find this. Always a soft brush with a little size. It's, I think, some highlight. Yeah, like this. Yeah, so we get some kind of three D Bowl? No. So it's group travelers. So this is a bowl? Yeah. Ah, in our reference, it's a little bit difference, like importance. But in my administration, I wanted to draw a kind of bold, you know, think eso because it zsu it's abstract illustration. Its's not real consult from real life. It's the like, you know something on the real so we can do anything. Paint anything. Is this foot? It's just a reference for us. So that's why I decided just to make thank some kind of three D ball instead of button. So and let's just copy this bull and frankly, change the color off it. So let me show you how do that Okay, let's hold out. And drug is we're up and we made a copy off this folder. Let's Marriages folder with new employer to make it just just in one way or just not folder and let's ah, copy this new Oh, sorry. This new Where was Nudged Bowl and do it again. Again. Again. All right, but, uh, what I want to do is to change colors of this both. I want them to look differently from this orange. So let's start with this. Council can hit control you for, for for hue, saturation, and just know, Drew, just change this slider position on and choose another color that you like, for example, maybe some from luge. But let's make it less saturated. What exists here on? Let's do the same with other Both, uh, Hispanic was maybe No, some kind of terrible. Make it a little bit lighter. Yeah. Yeah. Just let's leave it orange on this. Let's you make it a little bit yellowish. That's a dark car. Yeah, like this. And, uh, we almost done but me need our lines. Yeah. Alliance. I forgot about it. Uh, why everywhere with the lines, Kate. That's the plan to have kids control and the sheets where and from x election. And let's paint it with dark purple stuff like these. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so I Watari console is ready. I think I'm kicking with it. So let's move on and the using using the same technique. Let's let's draw this joystick, yeah. 6. Drawing Additional Elements: Okay. Lets no draw joystick. Uh, like you see in a sketch. And the joystick ulcer is on our for the reference. So we will trace the joystick exactly like we do with the American soul using the same technique, like building shape with a plan to buy his way. I forget to tell you when you making shapes with Bento, make sure that you have a path here, not shape, because if you to shape it will do like you no shape with coward stroke. But we need just a path because we will make a selection off from it. So make sure that you have passed here. So and then Now I know create joystick using the same technique s so I was speed up this process also. So Okay, - so All right. We got out with joystick here. I also moved attire a little bit down, uh, to make it close to our composition. So, uh, now let's add another drastic, like second joystick, but it was just a little bit different color, so we'll just copy is his group by drug in it, Dad. And we can note this group into where these hand its name it, Teoh. Not a joystick. Okay. And, um, let's make it a little bit smaller. And, uh, this story a little bit to the right just to make it look a little bit different from from the first joystick. Yeah, maybe that's not exist. It's lives like here. And Ah. Now let's use the same technique with hue saturation by hitting control you and change the power of this joy. See, it's very lazy way to copy objects and change their colors with hue saturation. I used this trick a lot, so it's just way with slider. Do we got something cool? I think, Yeah, maybe something like these. Let's reduces saturation. The likeness is fine, you know. Okay. Yeah, right. This? Yeah, that's fine. And then now here is a little trick. Uh, let me show you. I like to do this technique to make object more more like bright, more juicy, more deep in shadows. And Brighton highlights at the same time. So, uh, let's do it with both joysticks. So let me show you what I mean. Yeah, just let's talk with these. My enjoy stick. Let's make another copy off this folder in order to where So we got just copy off our joystick on a separate one year and then set it to soft light. Yeah, that's the trick. Just copy the object above itself and set it to soft white this and to reduce the opacity until you exit. Just know just to a little bit of this fit like about 30 40 I think. 41. Yeah, that's good, isn't seen. What does just this is was out, and this is always, yeah, it's like you a didn't more at annulment more. It's cool, you know, it's more coupe with this. It's like the cowards become more bright and the darker has become more contrast. Yeah, so let's make thistles the same. Let's repeat the same technic with second joystick Copy itself, Buff said to soft light Bam! See, that's too much. Let's reduce it to maybe filled with three. Yeah, 13 for Yeah, that's right. Country Last safe. Don't forget. Okay, we already got something, you know, and I also want to it some shadows between joystick just two separated a little bit more from our Terek in Seoul. So let's make anywhere underneath our joystick. There's no shadow, he dressed toe uh, choose soft underbrush. Alice. Choose some dark Carla from all backgrounds. Maybe with our color off joystick, this would be a cover fall a shadow. Yeah, it said a positive training. We confuse just on the keyboard digit to to set it posted to any orchid. Any digit. No, like nine for 90 c 5 50 we can double hit two times five get 55. That's also that pretty awesome shortcut for certain capacity. So OK, let's draw Hassan shadows. It's not. The existence isn't because it be for razor change the size of Reza. And I love to set shadows to multiply. Yeah, and so let's reduce the rapacity after like this. Yeah, this shadow is nice. That's the raise. This part of that don't like it. Yeah, it's nice. Let's make the same was with another George. They said you were be underneath it to be shadow else. No, how much should use the size of the brush? All right, this sometimes. Also, I want to blurring the shadows, a blue gushing blur. I had a little bit of person touch. Lauren said it to multiply. Ah, no. In this case, like normal, let's reduce capacity something about 75 0 okay. Let's raise some part time. Forget to hit E for razor. Yeah. Can Sorry. Yeah. All right. We got a joystick. You've got overshadows. Everything looks cool now, so let's move on. 7. Continue with Additional Elements: Okay. In a while I draw battery and leg apart, just using the same technique. I just didn't show you the process, but to say your time. But this was always the same that I did with a terek and swollen with joystick. And I did the same just with photo reference. Just found some foot off Duracell battery from and just now made the simple three shapes. Color is the same way at shadow. Like I had joysticks and the same way I draw like apart. But here is something some interesting thing I want to show you. This is a new technique. I want to add some light burst to some to some ages off this later part. So, uh, as you see here, is it just the same shapes with colors Asai did before? So let's Adam and you wear that's not birth. Okay? I want to some kind of white white stroke. Something to cheer. No, like like ghost a flight. So, for this purpose, let's choose brush dress Choose Not so brah, but like hard kind of brush said parasitical. 100%. He lets it covered to white. Ah, yes. Take it through Big so size with Perfect. Yeah. Now, uh, let's open a brush, President like a kitten. Five. Um And, uh, so in this window, let's check shape dynamics and just to make our brush sensitive to breast to Russia No, Uh, and, uh, let's draw. I'm kind of angle who is without parental and she totally right, but enough mouse and two stroke path stroke bath With what? With Brush and Jackson Hewitt, Brescia. And you see, that's the lead. No path. We got some kind of land with was precious and wait. It's great for e No, like kind of what birth defect seem. You can align it to our registrar power shape and it's like, Yeah, it's like a lighting. So let's do the same fact with our bottoms. Yeah, I want some way first, something somewhere here. So let's start with the bottomless said Knew where and just repeat the same technique, but maybe reduced the brush size two to XY. Okay, let's drawer our burst. I just want to know what that right. But enough mouths Drug bath with breast in with pressure, something goes wrong. Why? Because we didn't check shakedown gangs. Okay? Yes. Stop. Part of brush. You delete? Help part? Yeah, that that's time. Just little right First. Let's copy too. How? The having buttons? Yeah, like this. Like this? Yeah. You were not aligned perfectly, But But it's so right. No, you Sam there. They're cool factor. It's look cool, right? Contra west, The safe. So we finished with our man elements. So the whole hard work is done now. So this is was the longest part off tutorial. It was hardest work because tracing and all that stuff iss takes so much time. But it was a hard part Now. Ah, is the fun part Begin. So we will add effects at some simple objects and some white births and then some publishing. Okay, let's move on to the next lesson. 8. Drawing Glowing Geometric Elements: so all right, we got our main shapes. Everything is done, and I just, uh, duplicate the leg apart and put it everywhere. Cross the illustration. I just cut half off. Our Lego is lasso tool, and then duplicate is half and reduce the size, so it's literally just the same shape, duplicated and changing the size. So not seen you. Okay, now let's Adam some effect some glowing elements to our illustration, something neon with the goal in New Light and the Let's draw some simple cube shaped by cube made from strokes that will go like it made from light strokes. You know, so such simple. Think I can draw, you know without the reference. So let's let's try. It's It's hard here. It's got when you draw something just from scratch. Usually I don't do such things. Okay, let's That's Dr So OK, yeah. Let's draw that lights. Troll Cube. Let's start with making ah ah, selection like rectangles. Rectangular selection. Um, let's transform this election like like these, and, uh oh, no one transform. Look, this got here. Like, I need to quote control to transform it. All right, this, but Okay. Let's juice a little bit like it in perspective. You It will be a top off our killed. Okay? Something like that. It's not. There are foods that Okay, And that's a hit, Right? But enough mouse stroke. Careless. Two pixels. No, it's little bit. Let's write three pixels stroke with three pixels. Yeah, And is this you've got our head off our cube. Let's draw the rest of parts. Let's go open. Is this on? And like, this is the four hour Cuba and the rest of just once, you know, it's easier drawer. We can draw it with Pan Soto to the pencil. Yeah. Three big soul on just door line. Okay. Uh huh. Core peed. Put it here. Yeah, but this Yeah. Yeah. And the puppy here. Okay. All right. Yeah, that's great. And let's nurture everything. Make one where it's not cute. Yeah, so, basically, it's so we need now we can color this cube with for example. It was some cower like im XT. Ah, to use cower over way for that. Proposed When we when we got some stroll coleccion lines. It's good to cover them with color all the way. So let's make it. Let's make it a little bit more red, red like these? Yeah, and let's get glow. Just standard to further shop. Outer glow will do the trick here, but yes, choose the same color. Maybe a little bit lighter. Let's reduce the size a bit. I think a lot. Not a bit. Yeah, something like this. Let's reduce a path 20. Yeah, yeah, that's great. And as you see our background that we made it drew it effects everything. It effects shadows. It effects our out to go. You see, everything is now like with this text texture kind The effect like this out of role looks not baby basic like it's usually things to our background. It looks like it is to extrude with some, you know, texture, texture. So yeah, it's nice. Okay. And let's, uh, maybe Jews the size. Let's make a copy of fit in case if we need our original copy and then we can transform it without being afraid that we lost our original size and let's go made another couple of corpus and changing in a color like like we did before, with almost all off our elements. Just copy and change color. Now the ladies away off making new shapes. Okay, let's, for example, who did? Somewhere here. Now, let's reflected sounds in these. And let's, for example, this change color, uh, to socking like these. Like this green, blue green kind of color. Make it more blue. All right. These Yeah, there is great. Maybe even mobile, Not more green. Yeah, like this and lets it how to go with the same blue is green Carla. Okay, I think the size than capacities. Fine. Here. Yeah. All right. So ah, next I'm gonna ah, duplicate another time, maybe. Change, color, beat and Ed, maybe some couple off. Another simple elements like this may be a triangle with the same stroke in effect. And, uh, yeah, let's move on. 9. Continue with Glowing Elements: so I just added, Ah, a couple of new elements uses the same principle. As you see. I just draw pira made using the same like stroke who was two pixels on, just painted to its yellow on that afterglow like we did with cubes. It just copy that made another shape and then it some little shapes that was were easy to make I think you don't need the combination of the two just market toe my selection and then stroke stroke, you know, with one pixels to then copied, you know, located reduced capacity. And here is traced video game Cherif till from the screenshot from video game and else let was drawn drone was just a selection Tow it without need of panto Anything. Just make a selection pixel by pixel like this tracing the imagined, then painted with color edit out ago. So in else same with this is just a color even without grow Just a selection, you know, repented with pink. Okay, that's ready to dump stuff. I think that they I think in case of this illustration, it looks cool like some kind of pixelated. Some like broken picks also something Okay, let's add another girl and elements. Let's edit at more go on at more light to our installation. That's so add more neon. I think it's not enough me on now. Need more. So let's let's spend a very simple white sticks like golden lamps like kind of this. Just a stick that glowing with neon light. And it's very easy to do. Let's make a new air. Okay, okay, so let's choose a lot. So, too. And let's make a selection like, Yeah, let's make it in the same angle as that Were Lega parts? No, I think it's too. Let's make it more thin. Yeah, we're just making this growing STI quick Golden Lab. Yeah, unless paid. It was white. I still think this do fat, you know? Let's make it more scene by the legal. This part? Yeah, Like this. Yeah. So it's hided Beninese our little part like this, for example. And let's them it glow just from that photo. Shopped out to go. It's she's some blue green collar, But this Yeah, just conduct out to go. Yeah, e yeah, something like this. Work fun. Maybe a little bit more lighter. Next play with size. Ah, Yes, Let's live it like this. And there is a drink to make this outer girl room look more like interesting. This is just standard for the stripped out of glow that everyone used. But to make it more interesting, we can Just making you later and merge Ah ah! Where was out to grow with the new where and bam! Now our girl is inside the layer. It's not in effect anymore. It's the part off leg and now we can add another Go to this layer, you see? So and, uh, now we're the trick and you can play with different cowers by mixing to glows like one. Woe is already in the same age, and we now it didn't second go and you can play with with bland modes Like, for example, my near Dodge is pretty cool. Yeah, See, we get one glow that is nears Let is near white stick and NASA grow is just second girl that we eat And now Yeah, So now, now it looks interesting here, So humans just default for the strip girl. And here is a two globes like you know and you can Elsom nerds days girl and had now the third girl and so long. But yeah, there's an into It is an interesting technique, but to go thar think will would be enough. Yeah, and now it's just a Let's just use our favor technique that called cookie and change color . Like my favorite technique because I'm so always, you know, I don't like the truth. No, things are to just copy and just make a few tweaks, you know? So let's it's copied. Let's I wanted to make, like, you know, 345 maybe right sticks in different places off our illustration with different cars. That's that's an idea. So let's based it somewhere here. Ah, maybe I don't like I do like these edge. So maybe you should rounded like like this. Unless my kids will expose Mike's election late. Uh, no, because we got Yeah, it's not working. Right? Sorry. Let's just use the razor. Who is 28 per city? Yeah, it's nothing like this will work. Fine. Synch. Yeah, it's great. Okay, now let's changing color toe, maybe a green. It's just let's clear their style because we already got our blew out and go that building inside. Follow later we just change it with color with few saturation. Yes. So let's, for example, make it more greenish. Gangly. Yeah, I don't like that. Let's bed now to go with Wine Year Edge as we did before. Just to let choose some green color. Some may be dark grade. It's not the Reich. I think it's too dark. Hey, it's OK. Yeah, sounds like this. Yeah, that's nice. That's nice. All right. Yeah. Faster. Like this. And and so on. Let's said another couple of sticks with different colors. So yes, it's here. So I think this process I I also good speed up. Yes. So I think you you know this death, Nick now. So it's not necessary to It looks when you again, So Okay. 10. Adding Stars and Lights: Okay, we are almost there. Now we're at final stage off our straighten process. Let's add some final elements. So I want to it that the eighties stars, you know, like this is gonna start. I already got it, Teoh, because I used these stars almost in all off my artwork. So it already made it is in my collection in my presence on I just based it when I need so I don't need to recreate it every time. But I will show you how to make the start. So you can Elsom added to your collection, Andi Then use it in your illustration. It is very easy. So that's making you layer. Let's take, uh, uh, brush. Yeah, just a usual dark brush. Let's set capacity to 100%. And let's say the coward white okay, like this yet. And let's just hit one time, make this kind of no sphere white sphere and then we just transform this fear. Uh, something like vase. Yeah. All right, please. And, uh, there is cool transform future, uh, code warp. So it free transform work. I get my own shortcut because I use the watch off warping, So I said it to my own shortcut control W But you can just She ate it, Transform, work what it does, It's Ah. Now you can Just working around. I can't just let me assure you, I wanted to. That age is to make it more like, kind of sharp like like this. Something like this. Yeah. And let's do the Syrian. It's a bottom that's like with these. Uh okay. All right. Here we can else the transformer little bit make it little bit feeler. Yeah, like this. And, um now we can just copy this where Koppett and change the position to horizontal. Yeah, like this. Ah, I think I was Star is a little bit Not so Feen. Let's a little bit I really like this. Yeah, yeah. Right now, Co Pete transform position. All right, So it's Miller. This too. Where's Okay? We got I was star, but you need some final touch. Let's get some burst. So let's just making you aware she'd brush, choose a some size like this'll and just heat. All right? We can add a little more weight. Just reduce the rapacity in large brush size. Maybe she couple times. Yeah, it's gorgeous. So we get a star now, star. Yeah. So we can play with with, you know, with the edges of the start making more wider, make it more longer, you know, make a different kind of stars make Maybe not fourth. It starts, but six edge eight age. You know, just wait around and make some star student save it to your collection, and then you can use it in your an illustration toe. Add the final touches. So let's ed the star, for example, that some, uh, just off leg park, for example, Like like this. That's what Jews size a little bit. But this Yeah, maybe to be combat. Okay, let's leave it from now. Let's copy, too. And, for example, it's good here. They don't put too much. Starting in 32 maybe four marks. No star sits quite enough testable at some little final. No final bursts kill. It's it has one somewhere somewhere. Here, maybe, uh, I think, Yeah, maybe that's sitting out of the one. I think it's already too much, but Okay, let's limit like this. You just a couple of stars is enough. Do not overdo it now. My minutes. Let's make it smaller. Yeah, like this, Right? So, yeah, I like it. And, um, you know, all right, I'm student happy with the stuff. Yeah. Now it's OK. Going to ask for safe. And now let's, uh, maybe add some group of stars. Let's get some. Maybe that's it. Some color color bursts, like kind of that. So let's just choose brush in a soft brush. Let's make it large size. Let's heat this This read, Carlo. All right, Like this reduced capacity. And let's just it some our birth somewhere, for example. Here we got our red Red Cube leads. It's somewhere like this kitten. Dozen time like this year and let set is a swear tune colored Dutch and just reduced the diversity just a little bit. Maybe 44. 54. It's quite enough. Maybe let's try some other, uh, layer style. So I like that. Why Near Dutch? Yeah, there's cool. All right, let's say the another. They're just like this, But things time, maybe with yellow somewhere here. Yeah, so right. Yeah. Not too much. That produce a positive 10. Yeah, like they too much. This right? Let's Where was color style? Maybe colored Dodge Yeah. Coward. Dutch cheese. Cool. Here. That's my good little bit More year. Whoa! No! Yeah. Mike, this man is fire just a little that should you. Saturation adjustments. Uh, okay, let's reduced capacity 52. All right. I think we are done. I think ilustraciones done. Now there is a lot off things here is you see a lot of elements with it. A lot off. No hard work. I think. Now it's done. So all we need to do now is just it's some final coalition. Just final adjustment toe overall illustration, and I'm gonna show you how to do it in the next lesson. 11. Final Mastering: all right, we are. It's a very end off our of course. So now we're going to get some final coalition as I like to name it. Mastering mastering is the term that come from music production services. It's really mean when song is almost ready, everything done. But before it will be distributed, Master and engineer just adds some final touches to the song Just a like a cherry on a by, you know, just final polishing to overall songs. So I want to use this term in Elsa in design like toe add some muster into illustration, and this is really where old magic happens, and I'm gonna show you this magic is this is really my favorite part off making an illustration just toe ed that at the final adjustments. So Okay, lets go. Yeah, it felt, uh, I'm gonna do all this adjustment with adjustment layers so in for to shop there is such thing as adjustment layer. So curious where new adjustment wear and you can add some adjustments. So I like to start, for example, with skull bones. Let's set it up, ed adjustment layer. Let's reduce capacity somewhere to 15. Wait a well it Just it. Okay? And here we go. This is color balance adjustment. Where? So what? It does you just choose shadows me tones highlights and play with sliders that so play to it. One sided another site and see what it does. If it does sound cool stuff, then go for it. That's how it work. OK? It's start with shadows now. I don't like this. C and M. I think it's okay. Battle. It juices little bit. Just like this. Okay, Magenta. Um, okay, maybe just a little bit of this side. Okay. Yellow. I like the blue sh effect. You said just a little bit off it. Okay. Next. Mitt Don's okay. Read. No, CNN. Yeah. Yeah, that's that's differently. What make it's better. Yeah, I agree. I think we can. And a lot of it. Maybe that's true. Try to go for 72. Uh, okay, Magenta. Mm. What? It does. No, that's I like this 1/3 but just a little bit of the ride. He'll nothing interesting. Yeah, the But this fit. I like it. So let's live it like here. Maybe too much blue, I think. All right. Uh, okay. Assisi basically is just playing with sliders and stopped to the sweater. Or until you like the result. You know, that's it. No enough highlights, right? Highlights? Yeah, I like it. I moved it to the red. Let's I had something like this. Magenta. Nobody even clean up. Yeah, that's interesting. Their school. Let's reduce it somewhere near and yellow. Too much blue. But this is interesting. It's a little bit of this effect. Like stole. Yeah, that's great. We got our thrust adjustment layer, and I think it's too much. Of course we can reduce capacity. I want just ahead, you know, just a little bit of this adjustment. Let's, for example, go for 39. Yeah, that's great. Okay, let's save it. Let's add another adjustment layer. Ah, for example. Ah, let's head. What I like to do is Anna Ingredient map. Here is another adjustment. Wear that. I use it every mustering off my registration. Let's make new adjustment wear with gray didn't produce a placidity to health. And, uh, there's a coup presents ingredient map that just black and white. You know this my favorite radiant man. Just black and white. It just reduced saturation off image, but it's Of course, it's too much now, but you can play with the Cower style but its way with cover style, off, grating map and, for example, over where does nice effect or screen? I think in this case we will go for screen, but it's just too much, I think, 20%. We'll be fine. Yeah, just like these may be just a little bit. You're trying to percent we can. Why grid in meth? Just add that little made off cool effect. I think it's fine. Alright, what's next? And, uh, and as a coup adjustment Layer is a coward who cup. Unfortunately, this feature, available only in Sparta Shop CC version, is the new feature. It's not available in previous versions of Father Ship, but basically basically, it's the same man, Great aunt Map. But just with the new presence. So it's basically does the same effect as great and map, but it's just have some new presence with new names. No, but basically it doesn't the same effect, and you can play with, you know, was this how they call it three D? Rude files just know, switching them and looking for some cool effect, you know, what drug blues is cool. It's really at some washed out vintage color effect. I like it. So let's check out as a stuff. Yeah, As you see, there's a lot of film stock else with cool. All right. Ah, let's choose something for our demonstration. Uh, you know, I like that late. Sounds it, But I think just let's reduce it. It's too much. Let's make it for example. Oh, 31. I want to know anyone yet. So Tijuana is great. It's my lucky number. 31 All right. I like it is, you know? Yeah. So let's add a little bit more final touches. So I got the poster Dexter here it's, Ah, very popular poster textured. I don't hold it for free at some side. Can't remember It's free texturally you can. Maybe I should attach it to two course. It's a file attachments. Okay, so lids take this paper texture and let's just face it in our illustration. They're just made play around of it. I don't like this horizontal line across all illustration. I think we need to get rid of it. Weighs raise up. I feel like he's yeah, so let's swim in verse this Papert extruded black and white. But you see it got some blue stuff that we don't need it. So let's hit, cancel, shift you for disintegrate. So kill all the colors. Maybe let's hit country L for players to make it more contrast. Tow it more contrast between white and black stuff. Ah, that's too much right here. And let's set this where to screen that more that knock off, Knocking out every all Blacks from somewhere. So we just live our white, that white stuff And of course, it's too much. We will add Just a little bit of it. A little bit of that vintage old paper defect like this. You know, I think maybe a Met twin 28 Next name fun. I don't like this part. You can erase something that we don't wait just like this. All right now leads your if it. So let's group coloured adjustments. And let's name this color mastering right? Saved and take a look what it does It was before. Yeah, so it's before and was mustering. Yeah, that's a big difference. So that's why I like this process. I xyz really where all the magic happens it does it that final touches to match the illustration make it works. Just just a professional. Like making No, I like so and just a final have the final final touch, whatever to do. When I complete with mustering, I would merge everything. Toe one where? So they're the crew shirt got for that that Cantrow shift? Al E. So it's four buttons, so no. Yeah, I made Yeah, just see way. Got everything on our separate. Knew where? So this is aware with all off our illustrations, this name. Oh, and what are its doom with this, where we can sharpen it? For example, we can let's try by the future Shut shop. Sharpen shopping, but it's too much carbon. I think there's a cool shortcut. Another crucial card control shift F, which means fade. This is reduced capacity off your last polite filter. So any filter you can apply any future and sense kid contra shift F, and this will reduce the opacity like dry wet up like 400 with full filter. And like without future, you can like, makes up a little bit of filter. You know what future that we used was sharpened so I think it's too much sharpen as 100%. So let's reduce is this dry, wet knob to like, I think maybe 49 like 40. Fine. All right. We just shopping a little bit. And another coup future that I really like that had some vintage kind of work to images. No is, by the way, we already got a lot of noise. You see, because of our background, there's a lot of noise, but we can add some more noise. Head noise, noise, head noise. All right, and let's set it about maybe 4%. 4% I think No. 5%. Well, it was good. We're at 5% noise. And of course, there's too much noise. Let's again. She can't go shift f or fade. And let's just mix up a little bit off that noise. The illustration. Uh, I think it was please, without there was with, I think, Yeah, 44. 43. Fine. All right. Yeah, that's basically it is. So our illustration he's finished. We did a lot of stuff here we was. Tracy in photos was adding some effects writes. I shared with you my favorite techniques that I used almost in all of my art works, and now it's your turn. I want to see it, your creations and not just a final illustration. You can upload, for example, your sketches, or you can import your references. Maybe you find some cool references and made a mood board from them kind of such thing. Or maybe you just upload your color palette. If you've got some cool colors, just a few free to upload them, it will also be appreciated. So, yeah, and don't be afraid if your result is different from mine, because but we all are different people. We got different way of thinking in our different style off work. So it's OK if if our illustrations are different, so don't be afraid. If it works quite different from mind. It's OK. Feel free to uploaded, and don't forget to have fun while doing it. So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed the this video tutorial as much as I have enjoyed recording it in screen , casting off this process, so I hope to see you soon, and by