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Create Your Own Explainer Video: How To Craft The Perfect Pitch!

teacher avatar Barbora Lukacz, teaches mindfulness and storytelling

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Example project - Let's create a video just like this one


    • 3.

      Project Overview


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    • 8.

      A Few Tips Before Production!


    • 9.

      Creating The Video


    • 10.

      After Effects Tips


    • 11.

      Recording Voice Over


    • 12.

      Music and Audio Mixing


    • 13.

      Getting Technical


    • 14.

      Share Your Video


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      Recap & Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Explainer videos are a popular way to introduce your business or product in an engaging, fun and relaxed form.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create your explainer video and craft the perfect pitch for your business, product or service. We’ll cover everything you need to know to create a compelling video, from planning and scriptwriting, to production and post-production.

I will create my own video with you and I share my process with you step by step. The templates, and my own take on each of the steps are included in the class, so that you can use them to achieve the same result!

I will also share great resources with you- where to get great templates, images, where to get your voiceover recorded by a professional voiceover artist.

No prior knowledge or experience required! You can benefit from this class even if you already have some explainer video experience under your belt! By the end, you’ll know everything you need to create, and share your own explainer video.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Barbora Lukacz

teaches mindfulness and storytelling


I am passionate about storytelling and mental balance and happiness.

I teach meditation and movement using both scientific research and somatic principles. Her passion for bringing wellness and mental balance to people's lives has brought her to share her meditation and mindfulness practice with people from all walks of live - from people stressful business environments to devoted yogis. 

I am also a video content specialist.

I have over 10 years of experience in content creation and across all areas of video production - including scriptwrititng, pre-production, videography, producing and post-production.

I am passionate about great storytelling. I love online video bacause it allows you to connect with community and customers through ... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hey, my name is Barbara. I'm a video. I'll be shooting, editing in producing years for seven years now, in the past few years, I'll be focusing more and more on the amazing world of online. I love creating videos for online because of the way how people can share them, engage with them, talk about and also the whole heart and soul online content so different than the traditional broadcast. Instead of interrupting the viewer, online videos are designed to attract them, create conversations, park ideas. Start by solving problems, creating online videos east about adding your composition Today. Now, more than ever, it's easier to chat to people like you like service product or official about the same things. That's why I love creating videos for online. These class, we will look at one of the John arrested has taken over the world over the past. Please explain of years. This is one that I've created for my own website, and I'm going to show you how to do it. I will take it through my process to buy step and hopefully, by the end of this video you will create one for yourself as well 2. Example project - Let's create a video just like this one: online is a universe of its own, buzzing with life. Conversation is happening through Mobil's tablets. Laptops You want to stand out, attract attention so you know you need a video because one minute of video is worth eight million words. Pages with video content retain customers 10 times longer than those without your audience is 20 times more likely to engage and share video spend articles. But what kind of video content is right for you? How do you connect to your customers and enter a really conversation with? Um, there are so many options, so many platforms to share it on. Where to start? How do you leverage the rial raw power of video to drive sales and generate engagement? Start with us. In Lucas Creative. We live on breathe online video. We connect to your audiences hearts, and then we appeal to their brains. Our videos are about community integration. On conversation. We don't interrupt our audience. We entertain them, tell them stories share their passions. That's what makes us unique. So are you ready to shine? Jump to the contact form below and leave your details to get you started 3. Project Overview: explain the videos that are popular way to introduce your business. Oh, protect in engaging fun and relax. For in this class, you learn how to create your own, explain a video and create the perfect feature for it. Business, product or service will cover everything you need to know to create a compelling video from planning and screenwriting to production and post production. No prior knowledge or experience is required, but you can benefit from this class. Even if you already have somebody experience on the your belt. I will think it through my process of creating explainer videos, thereby steps you can follow along. I am creating a shoulder 92nd explainer for my business website, and I encourage you to sit out a clear objective for every year as well. Don't go generic stuff. There's something specific you can be Video for your landline page Facebook page, already explaining your service in a bit of depth, designed to improve your conversion rate a little further down, the sales funnel, whatever it is this had. Now, before you start, this class will focus on creating amazing content that's relevant, comprehensible and fun. You can apply the principles that you learn here later on in your future projects. This is another closet specific skills, and I will touch on some basics, show you some tools you can use and give you some ideas and tools to work with. By the end of this class, you will have a finished script storyboard voice over. We'll put together a video using after Fix Em Premiere Pro, and we'll cover some taking the basics that you will need to know before export and publisher media. 4. Brief: before you start is a good idea to create a brief. This is a time to meld on the key things about your Vidia into narrow down your focus. Remember, the more clearly focused into the point your video is, the higher the chances that people will stick around to watch it, and that they will remember what was it about. This is easily the most important part of the whole process, and if you do this right, you will see great results, and the project will be enjoyable and smooth. I've seen a bunch of projects and videos struggle. It was usually because the brave was too wide, too unclear, too vague, so keep it is sharp, concise and focused as possible. Your fingers have lighter to now the brief path. Ask yourself these questions. Why are you talking to Who is your audience? Customer? If you're about to say everyone, please don't be specific. Your ideal customer. Who is she? Whether she needs, How can you help her to solve her problem? If you find yourself torn between two different groups of audience, such as end users or marketing managers about the companies, you may want to create two versions of your beer. Each Tyler specifically to that group. Don't try to get it old. Anyone? Video. What is the key message? Think about this. Isn't Logline maybe a few simple sentences? Nothing too complex. Write it down. Stick to it. What is your voice? What are the key attributes? Toe associate video brand I find easy to talk to. Relaxed, professional expert What you do. Make sure that your voice and language reflects that. What is your call to action With action. Do you want people to take after they finish watching your video? Should it say, now, share like donate Big One and make it easy for them to do so? What is the best way to showcase your product? All service, which can be animation, whiteboard, explainer, live action footage for us or any combination of those there's you share this video, and how do you intend to use it? Do you intend to use this video for your Facebook page YouTube channel Lining Fate. Make sure that the voice and style is aligned to brand kind lines day, and there it is title to the group of people that hang out at that particular platform 5. Script: disease. Your elevator beach. Find a simple, sharp, clear way to say, What do you do? How it can help you audience. Why can you make their life better? Okay, a few general nice for you before you start Friday and for 202 150 words, make sure that you stayed. What makes unique Would you offer? Be as specific as you can always think how you can show? Would you saying in a visual way, be at ease a visual medium and make sure that you find all the creating ways how you can use its power, good food tools and ideas for your structure. It's good idea to introduce us over the top. Why would you do What's your product? Good way to approach the video usedto ask what is the pain point of your customers? How can you sold before them? Also, it's a good idea to keep a clear story, a story line, all timeline from past to future. Look for ways how you can tell a story, maybe coming through the character and tell his story. Maybe tell your own story. Keep it simple. Too much detail can be struck. The audience from your key message. Look for the shortest, clearest way to get your message across. Usually the call to action. What do you want your years to do Immediately after they finish watching Sana like a video sharing watch more videos, give them clear instructions now, did you have your streak to structure? Nail down? I've got a few deeps for your language and pace. Use action. Woods. Go create Stop, jump! Imagine they're much more feeling and have much more power. Be funny. Pfeifle Creative. Everyone loves a bit of human use. Prison tens. It's easier to listen to, and it makes everything some much more relevant and clear you simple sentences. Keep things child and sweet. Use drunk you as an objectives. Remember messages you're getting across East, both rational and emotional. Been powerful, optimistic, clear, approachable, passionate. That way you can touch your audiences hearts and minds. By now, you should have a good first draft of the script. Here are my final deeps for your voice and torn Tyler, these two old ends in general. If your product is for the end user consumer can you could give your turn quite informal and conversational, even custom East a company or a corporation, you might want to be a little more formal. A few things to avoid. Too much down, long sentences. Repetition too many complex, incomprehensible big words No Corp tell Please did. That's how repetition. 6. Storyboard: storyboard is a helpful tool in preparing and finalizing your script before you start. Production is an optional step, but I highly recommend to take this time and nail it. Good Story Board has the ability to save a lot of post production and production time, and he usually brings the project up a notch. Use the temple I've attached to this project. Too much words, obvious creep with what you see on the screen. Ideally, you can always easily picture good visual for everything you say in the script. Don't be afraid to use takes to help you, but look for out of usual ways whenever possible. If you have struggling with any section, chances are Did you are using too many big and begins words or too long Sentences set for ways to simplify your language? Offer more crazy ways. How to express your thoughts. Maybe an example or a metaphor will work better. Storyboard is a useful tool to be able to imagine your video before you make it, and to make final adjustments to it. 7. Feedback: it is best to show your treatment and script to someone who has a fresh pair of eyes before you start production. If you have a friend, a grandmother or even better, your ideal customer willing to help you, no matter how hard it is to show them your baby and ask for the opinion, do it. I know they know nothing about it and, well, that's kind of the point. This is your time to check their opinions against your breathe. Are the key messages about your brand and your product your style? Well communicated? Did you forget anything? Does everything make sense? I don't need any on that's fine. Just take your script and treatment against your brief. Does the company everything You need it. It's easy to understand. Don't fall in love with your own words. Be a flourishes Evita. Always ask, Do I need the sentence? Would do anything for what happens. You cut it if you don't need it. If it can't be setting a simple, easy away or even better if you can be shown video visuals, I think it treated 8. A Few Tips Before Production!: before we embark on the whole production journey. I just want to give you a quick overview of some technical terms you may encounter. What do you preparing a graphics quality images and additional footage, or you're setting your sequences and compositions. Thes has the basics you probably want to know. Correct. H 264 is the most common and popular Codec for media stick witted, and you'll be fine. The safest way to know that you're dealing with an H 264 Codec, is it? Your video has an MP for extension after its name. You may also find aged six for colic in animal Viv Rubber. Just double check this before you upload in your finder or explorer. The resolutions to work with forged E 1920 times 10 80 or 12 80 times 7 20 stick to to 16 by nine Aspect ratio. Friend really is not such a big deal in these days in the online world, but here we go. 29 97 frames per second is extended for US market 25 frame, but for a second East, pretty much standard for the rest of the world, your area should be in a they form or MP three format. 9. Creating The Video: There are many ways how you can approach the actual production you can draw. You might want to film your drawing all you can use stop motion, and another even power point allows it to a similar style animation. I will be using Adobe Created Club Application to create my own video. You condone the trial Aid Adobe website. Let's have we'd Walsh voice over, lay the voice of down onto tracked one. These will be a base for your story. Cut out any but takes and make sure that track hysteria make sure that your voice is never the story all clipped and the your voice over volume is even across the whole track. No sharing, no we spring keeping even. You made it to lower your master drug control. So your old your peaks around minus nine and always have a Zahran minus 12. Isobel's never allow it to get direct colors. If you see a red color on the audio media thes means that you need to adjust your track, William, because your order is getting cropped or the started. After you lay down your truck, you can see what visuals you need to create. You also have a storyboard to guard you through that process. First step is to prepare images that you will be using. You may use illustrative fouls, photo show falls or you can create graphics. We didn't aftereffects were just a very powerful toe. If you're a skilled animated and designer, you may want to create all video assets on your own. You're not, or you just don't have the time. You can buy prepared animation packs that come with plenty of options off pretty animated characters, objects and texts did you can use to build your own story? Think of those as you're building blocks. You can create your own. Or you can use Thies to tell your story. Here's a linked one. Good explain about that. You might want that you got. I will be using a combination of my old work and video 1000 animation are rather video production business, so I have decided in live action should be including my aroma. I preferred to create my own animations in after effects, and I use Premiere Pro to composing them together with my videos. I like her father and flexible premier priorities, and since I'm combining both footage and animation. This is the best worker for me. I know some people who prefer to keep it all within the aftereffects. So see how you go on what's use your best. I'm going to provide you with an after fixed import with these simple animations for you. Here, use it. Make it your own. 10. After Effects Tips: I've created these little after Vick Temple for you to play with. I've added few simple tools that you can use to create your animated Explain it, so just quickly show you what I have. Yet I have a secret that's called pushing push consequences simple neath the trick that's being using plenty of animated videos that you see around it makes things look like there's a lot of happening when actually it is not. I'm using a really handy Blufgan that's called animation composer. I have a mission composing and allows you to create beautiful and smooth animations, transitions and movement without doing any key frames. This so many advantages of doing this without key framing. If you want to adjust it, it just happens with simple clicks and sliding the animation market. And it doesn't doesn't create any problems when you using something more complex or any more expressions in your layers. So definitely the recommended to check out animation composer In here, I just edit simple, simple transition in to come in. Each is coming at supper time, and that creates the illusion that there's a lot of happening. And then I Annie made amount also made layer the triangle layer the push button. Pop up a little just by using a simple scale tool and adding few having a busier on the key frame so that that's where the policy pulsating movement he's coming from. You can recreate the same thing just using key frames, so use whichever you think will work better for you. Second sequence of behaviour is scale sequence. It's also very easy trick to use to make make it look like there's a lot happening in your sequence. Personal forties. You take each element of the all India Joe animation and you scale it from zero to the actual takes. Couldn't reveal all the key frames using you comment and you can see the doc scale. Then I overshoot a little the the size where I wanna be, and then I just scale it to the final size. So I go. I start from zero. I over should and go big down. And this is rebuilding on all three layers and again, a little bit more scaling up there for the for the triangle pots. Next sequences. Kriebel sequence creates a very, very well known ethic. That's looks like someone is scribbling the star instead of just a computer drawing in. It's created by simply creating a shape layer. Ah, using your ship later to and then search for a scribble effect. Drop down and animated perimeters next only takes sequence of creating a few very simple text animations you can take and make your own for two of them. I'm using the animation composers, as you can see, and I really recommend you checking it out because it makes everything so easy. You can just drag and drop your 16 and see how they work in the interest scheduled of them . If you don't like them or extend them. Uh, the other two ones are created using some key friending. You can just quickly have a look at what I've done here and play with it all. You can always go and use Adobe Bridge. You'll find it in animation Breast presents What happens? Thes launches another bridge for you. Drop plenty of places that becomes loaded weight. So just go and have a good Logan. Choose what you like. Apply to text, then see what works well for you. You can always go in, and just it does later, so don't be afraid to try. And the loss of sequence I have is a trained parks sequence here. And what does he creates? A feeling dead. Someone has drawn an object here. It's also very simple way how to create an animation. You create the young new shape. Well, yes. So you just go and so start to lower your circle to war. You drove whatever you want to draw, as if you vote in illustrator. And then you just go and go out three paths. And you, honey mate, your start or any property, That's it. Just so have apply and let me and I how how did you go? And what did you mange creating using this simple tools? Thanks. 11. Recording Voice Over: There are many ways how to record your voice over. I will be using his room microphone, but you can also use the body bag and with microphones, I had said, or any microphone you can find. It's true there. We use bottles and have a dedicated sound booth, but we can achieve a good result in a quadrant angled microphone. I'm working on Mike, and I know that quick template allows you to create in all your recording. Just plug a microphone in and hit recalled. You can also buy a voice of her own line. There are many services and talents that can do this for you. Try searching for a voice over artist and you'll get a plenty of good results. The cost varies based on the voice of Artie's and the way how the final video will be used . Alice, you're aiming for a product that goes to client or TV passages to check out what fiber can do for you. After recording your voice over bringing into a non leaner editing application, I will be using other be premier you condone free trial at Adobe website. Good alternatives, maybe final cut X I'm will be also the Vegas 12. Music and Audio Mixing: music can be the toughest part of the creation process. Everyone always has such strong opinions about music. There is no objective truth, and this is your time to find what you like. And what do you think represents, well, your voice and your brand. Make sure that you use music that is licensed for commercial use. There are plenty of websites where you can choose from large libraries of music trucks such as jungle or audio network, and I'm sure there is plenty more here. You will be able to get a truck for reasonable prices. You can also just bro, Soundcloud and contact artists. Did you find it? I have paid between 103 $100 for music from an artisan sound quality. The past projects, however, well known trucks and custom composed drugs can cost thousands. Some websites allow you to download a copy with an audio watermark on it before you buy it . You could just test how the track works with your edit. If you happy, then buy it. I'd also suggest to stay away from music tracks that have vocals en direccion them simply because you want to make sure that everyone understands your voice over. Also, look for songs that haven't energetic Abby Pace. Your Perma should be high energy, Gadhafi notes for you on all your mixing before we export that project, you want to keep it overall, Meg's around Minors told a C bills. That means that you probably want to keep your music bed admires 15 or so and your voice over at minus 12 minus Stan. Make sure that you are using exterior tracks. You can tell if a star hysteria Oh Mona by seem they has two lines for both left and vaginal. If you recorded your audio using camera or a next time recorder, chances are that you will get him on a track out of them all that each of your channels Real campaign, different information. Most non leaning editors allow you to injustice. This is how it's done and bring it 13. Getting Technical: congrats. You're almost there. Your video is ready for final output. You find your expo mania and you've probably got to window like this. You may look a little daunting, but with these few specks you'll be just fine. The most common Codec is a Susic's far used 10 megabytes per second, right? Your video should end up being 100 to 300 megabytes. Select for lazy all HD resolution full if he's 1920 times 10 80 is the East 12 80 times soon to any friendly should be 25 frame purse againt for Australia and Europe in 29 97. For the rest of the world, you have successfully exported your project. What you do now, please just don't trash your project files. Keep all origin files, including graphic files and audio files, all at one place in one location. Baker, You from now you have going to be thinking off me kindly because that's when you'll decide you want to do small changes to a project and you will be able to revive it in an instant. You can think like that 14. Share Your Video: remember, the video is only a part of your own life strategy. Video only tone is very powerful, but you has to come with a bit of support. Share it. Ask your friends to share it. A friend of mine recently launched the game up. I met a video for it. He organized party play. That video gave us free drinks important part in so the game and fold up on Facebook with a link. Everyone loved that. Everyone clicked the link. The game spike went from zero to hero in just few days. Great game, By the way, here is the link. Check it out. Video is fun way to attract attention, but the conversation is equally important. Don't forget that measure response. If you have other data from before compared them seeing which channels your videos performing best. Consider adjusting versions from different channels. Secondly, I've got three letters for you S C. I complementing video with additional copy images. RG fouls is always a good idea and will go a long way and lost thing. If you're using anything that you haven't paid for like stock images of music, give credit. Be a Paul with the link. If you can 15. Recap & Final Thoughts: Okay, guys, that's it By now you should have your media Don. You've learned how to create a brief A storyboard screams how to record voice over how to make it graphics using after fix and premier held Ephesians exported and how to share it. Please share it with us now and let us know how you went. Thank you and see you soon.