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Create your own esports and gaming logo

teacher avatar Patrick Santos, Illustrator | Logo Design and Typography

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Course Introduction


    • 2.

      New Game: Draw your ideas


    • 3.

      Mission 1: The Mirror Hack


    • 4.

      Mission 2: Trace the Sketch


    • 5.

      Mission 3: Finishing the outline


    • 6.

      Mission 4: Coloring Process


    • 7.

      Mission 5: Coloring Process Pt. 2


    • 8.

      Final Mission: Text Effect & Logo Assemble


    • 9.

      Congratulations, you win!


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About This Class

Hello everyone, my name is Patrick and in this series of videos, we will learn together how to design an Esports or Gaming logo for you and friends compete online with some style.

I attached all the files you need to start drawing and having fun during our classes.


Song: DayFox - Sun Lovers Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:

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Meet Your Teacher

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Patrick Santos

Illustrator | Logo Design and Typography

Level: All Levels

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1. Course Introduction: Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Patrick and I'm here to help you to design and the e-sports and gaming logo for your friends and for your team to play and compete with some style. Induce course. I'm going to start by drawing some rough sketches on paper and in transferring them to the computer using a simple camera. At the Adobe Illustrator, we're going to learn to outline the paper sketch and to make shapes as shadows and highlights. To finish our e-sports logo, we will, we'll make a modern look text effect to catch the eyes of our fans and your opponents. Throughout this course, I'm going to share tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis that will certainly help you. And in the end of the course, I hope to see your designs. So see you guys soon. Bye bye. 2. New Game: Draw your ideas: Hello guys. As you can see here, I'm sketching in simple paper. I like to first draw these squares just to keep the ideas separated from each other. And I'm not that great in sketching, so I just make this small lines with the pencil. And don't worry, I'm going to miss a lot of line. I'm going to erase a lot. But take your time. And I am pretty sure that you're better than me in sketching. And basically that the sketch is to give you an a base. In the Adobe Illustrator, we can change and modify every single aspect of our sketch. So we just need the base, we just need to reference. So now I'm going to speed the video a little bit just to see how these dinosaur had ends. Okay? Okay, here I'm showing you all the designs that I did on the paper. The first one is this mad cat dog, and the second one is basically the same base, but being like an alien or something. This is like a classic Wolfe, as it can see. And this is like another cat with the last is on the headphone. Cool. Looking to this one. I like it a lot. Doesn't like that. But the eyes I liked the controls of a joystick and our dinosaur as we design ardor. So I chose this one to proceed to the outline and then further go to the Adobe Illustrator. So let's outline this design. Now. I'm going to outline our, our character. But this is, this is not mandatory, this is optional. But you can easily take a picture of your sketch with benzo. Doesn't need to be fine line ends. And take a picture and then spore to your computer and start working. You don't need fancy scanners or any other tool. Just because we're using our sketch as a Bayes know that as a detailed design for this application here doesn't need to be super accurate. If you guys like any other of my sketches, I'm going to leave that picture that I took for from each of them. And you few free to follow all other classes using a GIF or InDesign. You don't need to follow this path. One, you just, you can choose like the wolf are the dinosaur or any AD1. And you can copy then feel free to copy our creator own. I would love to see your projects in the end of the course. So that's it. Now I'm going to speed this outline and then proceed to Adobe Illustrator. So see you guys soon. 3. Mission 1: The Mirror Hack: Hello everyone, and we are here at the Adobe Illustrator. And I just create a new document. The size of this document, it's 2000 by 2000 pixels. It doesn't matter. You can create the size that you want. I recommend you to create a square because we are going to make a mirror feature in this document. So yeah, we need to start by dragging and dropping our design to the stage. And we're going to transform this, this paper sketch into vector shapes. But there's one thing we can notice here is that this design is very symmetrical, right? So it's going to be more effective and faster for us if we just designed 1.5. And then coffee and mirror this half into the other side. Okay. In w would be Illustrator. There's this two called mirror to that work, but this is very exclusive to this newest version. So if you don't have the updated Adobe Illustrator, you can't find this too. So I'm going to teach you how to make a mirror art board that works in every single Adobe Illustrator version. Okay, So to start off, we need to delete our sketch. We're going to read drag it later on, but now we need to prepare our artboard for it is mirror feature, right? Select the line two and then design a vertical line and a line, this line to artboard, vertically and horizontally. Then with this line selected, press Control C, and then Control Shift V to paste in place. Real estate this select the line by 90 degrees. Now, select the brush tool and just make a simple line that crosses this line in the middle. And now select the rectangle tool. And we're going to make a rectangle that will covert half of our art board, so is going to be a rectangle. But the size of one hundred, ten hundred by 2000 pixels. Then click right here at make slash Release Clipping Mask. Now that we have this mask, the trick is to click on this open circle right next to the layer to select all of the contents of this layer, then we need to go to effect, distort and transform, transform again. And then we're going to collect valid reflex x. And then in the copies are going to put one and then hit Okay. Now our mirror is working. As you can see, everything we designed in the right side of our stage is going to be reflected to the left side. The lead, these lines. And now our art board is ready to receive our sketch. So it's going to be faster because we don't need to design the whole date. A shirt. So a lot of the rectangle and the lines. And now we drag and drop our sketch into this mirror art board. So you can see the mirror is working with our sketch that we just need to find a perfect spot that reflect our sketch in a good-looking way. Okay, I like this position here, so this is it. Now just, we have to make this sketch a little bit translucent. So I'm going to hit 50 percent at best D. And then lock our sketch. In the next video, we're going to start outlining and tracing hours edge. This is going to be an easy part. So I hope to see you guys soon. Bye. 4. Mission 2: Trace the Sketch: How's it going, everyone? And we are back here at the Adobe Illustrator. And right now we're going to start doing our outline as we did in the last video, the mirror B-tree. So just remember, we only need to outline just 1.5 of our design in the mirror properties in our artboard is going to make the magic for us. For the outline, Brown says we're going to use the pen tool. And if you don't know how to use the Pinto, I'm gonna explain to a little bit how this works. But the Bentham is a practical tool. The more you use, the more you learn. You just have to grab the pen goo on your toolbar or just type P on your keyboard. Then you have just start clicking in the lines that you'll want to outline and vectorize. So click and then you see a virtual curve and you'll have to click on the point that you want to make this curve. And you can click and hold to make it or are simple, click, make sharp edges shapes. But don't worry, you can edit any point of your vector shapes by using the direct selection tool. And you can move the points and change the way your curve look by using the handles. So it's 100% edible. Right now I just finished the main outline of our mascot space, and I'm going to outline the ear. You can just hold Alt key on your keyboard and then click in your anchor points, as you can see here. Now, the next point is now going to make a curve is going to be a line. When you are using the into an, you just want to make the line and not a closed shape. When you finish, you just have to unselect this bad. So there's a very helpful chart God, for this operation, you just have to press Control, Shift a on your keyboard. Hi. Now that we've finished our lines, we're going to select everything control a on your keyboard a, and we're going to make these lines bolder. So I guess six points, these, okay? And we're going to collect here at stroke and they'll saliva round cap and the Rhone join. For the eyebrow in the year detail. I'm going to change the profile of these Jew lines. And now we're going to finish some details in the mascot face. But this node WHO in some details in the ice. Well, for me, the outline looks good. In the next video, we're going to finish these null symmetrical things in the face of our mascot. Such as this little hair, the liquid that is coming out of his male in this little bad here. So that's it. See you guys in the next video. Bye bye. 5. Mission 3: Finishing the outline: Hello everyone and welcome back. As we finished the symmetric outline in the last video, now we're going to end the entire outline process. And in the next video, we're going to start the coloring process. So the first thing we need to do is transform our lines into shapes. And we need to move our sketching to a different layer. So I'm going to Control X to cut it and then make a new layer, call it sketch. And then based in place, which the shortcut is Control Shift V. In this layer, we're going to toggle off the visibility. So we're not going to see the sketch and the background anymore. We need to select all of our lines. So Control a and then go to Object, Path, Outline Stroke. This way our lines is now shapes. Just remember to unlock the lines and the rectangle and then control a again, just select everything. Then go to the menu Object and Expand Appearance. And now we have to click here in the Pathfinder panel in the Merge option. To open the pathfinder menu, you have to go to Window and then Pathfinder, or just press Shift F9 in your keyboard. When you use the Merge option, illustrator fuses the black shapes near to each other. And it also makes some empty shapes in the background. And we're going to use this empty shapes or the coloring process. Now we're going to separate our offline from these empty shapes. So we're going to use the mesh Q12 and just click with the ones, any black shape. And now our black shapes are selected. And then we're going to hit Control X to cut it. And then make a new layer, call it outline, and then Control Shift V to paste in place. As you can see, the layer below, our outline is full of these empty shapes. So we're going to select this layer and paint as great, just to be easier for us to select these shapes later on. Okay, so turn the visibility off of these gray shapes layer and then turn the visibility back on our sketch. So now we are in the process to finish the outline of our sketch and we need to create another layer. We're going to call it all their lines. Here's the same process. Just select the pen tool and draw the lines that are missing. As you can see, I outline the mascot, badge or metals smaller than the region though sketch because I thought that was too big. So I made a quake tweak in our original sketch. I'm just repeating the same process to make these lines the same size and with the same features than our outline. So make it bold. And then click on round cap and round joint. The same thing as we did with the eyebrows and the ear. We're going to make for this hair. We're going to change the profile of the stroke. So yeah, finish up the details and now we can delete the sketch a bunch. And in the next video, we're going to start the coloring process. I hope to see you guys soon. Bye bye. 6. Mission 4: Coloring Process: Hello and welcome back everyone. Now we're here with our mascot, and today we are going to put some color on it. This is going to be a fun process. And there's one thing that I notice here is that this missing part of the ear. I just want this thing in one eager. So I'm going to remove these. I'm going to give this mascot a whole ear. First. Turn on the shape, and then unlock it. And zoom in and press the minus button on your keyboard. Or just go right here and select the Delete Anchor Point 2. And it starts clicking into points that you don't want. For this file, I already selected the colors that I'm going to use, but you can visit the callers or any type of website that contains color schemes, or you would just create your own color schemes. But the worry about the colors, you can change it easily later on. The Illustrator has this feature that is the color themes. And you can easily be any pre-made a alders. And you can also search for keywords, wreck them, but like you can type golden. And then you can see some gold them were related schemes. Some of them are not good, but, you know, but these feature is very helpful in many situation. And now we're finally starting to color our mascot. I'm going to choose as the base color of a space. And for the nose, I'm going to choose a green thumb. Now, I'm going to paint the eyes. As you can see. I made it a little bit weird at the beginning, but at the end I fix it. So the final colors of the eyes is going to be like orange iris in the black pupil is usually just select a very specific color. Just use the mesh, the 12, and double-click on it and put the tolerance to 0. So this way, you'll make sure that you're only select the exact color, not color that. Are about the same. Okay. This is a useful trick for the mouth. I selected this dark purple dome. Now I'm just called the arrest of our design. I'm going to transform the hair of our Moscow in shape. So we have to go to Object, Path, Outline Stroke. Right here. I'm just going to make a shape tooth, feel the hair detail. So we're I know I'm going to delete this line. And then the hair detail is going to look better. The best way to remove this line is making a shape over it and then using the sub-district of tion at the finder menu. As you guys can see here, our character is to, binky is very flat. So I'm going to add in another color to his face or her face in. Then. We're also going to add some shadows and highlights. That's just started by adding some white in the air. Your face, make a contract with the bank. You can see here that the shape does not need to be precise because they are below the outline layer. So all these imperfections are highlighted by the outline layer that is on call. Just remember to put the nose shape back on top. And we're going to keep adding more details in our area in order to make it less flat. I'm just going to add some white details in the ears. And I'm pretty sure that we will look better. Though. What do you guys think? I guess our most about looking better? And it's going to look even better when we add the highlights and the shadows, which is the next step. In this step, I'm going to use white, light gray and a little bit darker gray. So it's going to be three. All are in white is our highlight. The median grade is our base color. And the dark gray. Would be our shadow. I'm going to speed the video a little bit, but you can easily see what I'm doing. I'm just going to add some shadows and some highlights to these new shapes. The next step will be more about the same. I'm just going to add the highlights and shadows in the area Our months ago. Okay guys, just to change a little bit, the expression of our Eric third, I'm going to move his eyebrow a little bit up. To remove this blinked space is select the direction selection who are breaths, a keyboard, and then late in any point in this white area. And then delete and then delete again. For now, I'm just going to be doing the same process just by adding more shapes as highlights and shadows. I'm going to make the same brushes, or didn't those eyebrows in ears of our character? Just to remember you guys, I'm going to leave all the color that I used in this design. You need separate file in the Resource panel of our workforce. Okay? As you can see, our character looks way better now, then the beginning. So what a huge difference that the highlights and the shadows did in our design. In the next video, I'm going to finish all of these process of highlights and shadows. And we're also going to add color in the details, like in the saliva and the dog badge or had badge. So we'll see you guys in the next video. 7. Mission 5: Coloring Process Pt. 2: Hello and welcome back everyone. To start by coloring this liquid that it's leaking out of our character's mouth. I imagined to fade it as a green, like a neon green. So I'm going to use the color menu, piano. So you just have to go to Window and then Color Themes and type. Toxic. I don't know if you get some very vibrant greens is one that looks good. So just click the three dots, then add swatches. And you can see in your swatch panel, the color theme that you've selected. We need to lock our alerts layer because the liquid and gold tomato is on other layer, right? Bucket and then, and paint the saliva with brain. Now, I'm going to make some highlights in this lakebed. I'm going to use the same graph as before. Select the pen tool and draw. Remove the stroke, and then make the same highlight in the other shape. I'm also going to add a shadow. So I'm going to select a darker green for this process. As you can see here. These are not protected by the outlines as our shapes that we made before, but we're going it, we just need to put the black outline over the green shape and make it, you have to go to Object, Path, Outline, Stroke. And you can see here that the shapes that we outlined that are now a group. So we can ungroup it by hitting Control Shift G or just go to Object and Ungroup. After ungrouping, just select the outline and drag it in the layer. And now the green liquid. It's ready, it's done. Now it's time to color the bag or the gold metal. I don't know. I'm going to paint it as gold. But to be honest, I didn't like the shaped. So as you can see, I'm going to redesign it by simple using circles. And let's make you look way better than the sketch version. Okay? Okay, we are reaching the end of the coloring process. I'm going to make some shapes into deep. And then in the end I'm going to design a tongue for our mascot. I must highlight how impactful is adding one shade in these kind of designs. Because e-sports logo are simple, you know, they, they don't have much color, but when you choose the right color, when you make the right decisions in the lights, your design pops out. For the tongue. As you can see, I designed a simple shape, then I'm going to rearrange. This is shaped so we're going to put it down in the layer. Sometimes it's hard to drag the object to the bottom of a layer, so you have other options. One of them is using the keyboard shortcut, which is Control Shift, open bracket are simply going to the menu Object arrange, Send to Back. In this way, the selected shape is going to be the bottom one in the layer. And now I'm going to repeat the process. And I'm going to select this dark purple shape and then send it to back. And in your order, from the bottom to the top, we are going to have the dark purple shape and then the red one, which is our tone. Okay, So this is just the shapes in order. So now I'm going to change the color of the bone because of course I'm not going to leave it. Read this way. I'm going to choose like a little bit lighter or a foo, but still dark. The Tongan, our design is just a detail and not a special features, so we have to keep it simple. Right here. I'm just adding a highlight and the tone. And now our character has a dome. And to finish, I'm just going to add some details in the leash. And we are almost done with our course. In the next video, I'm going to show you how to make the text effect of our gaming and e-sports logo. This is my favorite part. So I'm pretty excited for this video. And I hope to see you guys soon. 8. Final Mission: Text Effect & Logo Assemble: Hello everyone and welcome back. This is the last part of our course. And today we're going to make the text effect and bringing altogether with the mascot and finish our e-sports gaming logo. The process of choosing your phone for a project. I always go to the, which has a tons of free to use phones or commercial use. I also like to visit adult bones because you should have the Creative Cloud subscription. You have access to Adobe fonts. And they have a lot of good phones. But I'm going to choose a free phone because not everyone has access to Creative Cloud, maybe people that has the older Illustrator. And also because this effect that we're going to create, this works with every single fonts, so few free to select any other phone. Maybe you have a favorite phone. Maybe you already have an idea. So I'm going to choose this one. Call it pays that gin. I liked this one because it's modern and will fit very well with our project. So we're going back to Illustrator now. Now back to eat a straight. There are going to leave our mosque god side is not important right now. Now it's time for the text effect to shine. So I'm going to group our mosque, but in just one layer. I'm going to call this layer cat. Dog is, I still don't know if this mascot is a cat or a dog. I hope you guys helped me in the comments section. Right now, I'm just going to rename the layers. One layer called the other layer, call it BG for background. There's one thing with this logo style, which is the gaming and e-sports logos, the are usually associated with dark backgrounds. So we're going to make a square or as our background, and we're going to choose a dark color. This way, our final logo is going to pop out in this dark background. Let's turn off the visibility of our mascot. You can type whatever you want, your name, the name of our gene. I'm going to type Skillshare. And I'm going to select the form that we downloaded. Fonts called these that GIN. The size. It doesn't matter, but I recommend you the size like 150 or 200 links. Okay, let's make this text with light color. And now we need to transform it into shapes. So the shortcut is Control Shift O, or you go to Menu text, then create outlines. To make the text effect, we're going to use the appearance menu, which is vital for this effect. And you guys will see the reason pretty soon. To open the appearance menu, you just go to window and then appearance or just hit on your keyboard, Shift F6. Now ours blue shirt thats is a group of shapes. But we need to transform this group of shapes into a single compound path. You can do it by simply hitting Control 8 on your keyboard or going to object compound path. And then make. So we're going to work mainly with the appearance panel. So the first thing we need to do is add a new fill by just clicking on this button over here. And we're going to change the color of the battlefield to black. Now, we're going to start to adding the facts to our text. First thing you need to do is click on Add effect, then go to path, and then offset that. You can change the numbers. But I'm going to use five in this example here. If we're not happy with the number that you selected, you can change anytime. That's the advantage of using the gear in Spanish. Because we can always had back to our effects and then added then without having to undo everything and start over again. Now I'm going to add a new fill, select a pink color, and drag it down these new view, the pink one is going to be the button in our Appearance panel. And we're going to add a new effect here. So click on FX and distort and transform, and then transform that the horizontal text here minus one and the vertical plus 1. And in the corpus field, we're going to add some copies. As you guys can see. It turns our pink fill into a 3D Bevel effect. Just remember, you can put the number you want. I'm going to choose 15 or this effect here. But don't worry, you can always edit if you change your mind. Okay, now I'll select the beam fill and then we're going to duplicate this field by clicking Add this button called duplicate selected item. Select the bottom one and paint as black. So with this auto one. Black field selected. We're going to add a new effect on it. So go to FX back and offset path. We're going to repeat the same process we did before. So we're going to leave as five Bassos of offset. As you guys can see, our text is already looking good. We're going to add a gradient to this ping Q. So I'm going to choose some color that we used in our design, but feel free to change the colors if you want. So I'm doing this gradient. It looks pretty gaming Fermi like these neon, Bain, purple and green. So our text effects is getting some improvements or a low, we're going to add a new effect on it. So I'm going to make a new field and then change the color of this field for whatever color. I'm going to choose this gray here. With this new gray field is selected, we're going to add a new effect. Click on FX Path, Offset Path. In the offset feud type minus four pixels. And in the join of drop menu, select round. With the gray veil selected. Just add a new gradient to it. Just click on whatever gradient on your swatch panel. Then change the angle of these gradient to 90. And I'm going to use the same grace we used for the mascots face to make this gradient. That fact then drag a white to black point in our gradient. Drag the darkest gray we used in our mascot to the middle of these gradient. So drag it and set the position to 50. Now, just drag the lighter gray, not white, the lighter gray to the 0 position. As you can see the way I'm doing. So, our gradient is looking like a silver gradient effect. We're going to add a trick here that is going to make this gradient stands out. Just select the white point in our gradient. The point that is on the 100% location, then change the location to 50. Now just drag the lighter gray Java gradient and then select the position that you like the most. I guess we finished the next effect. And I know that this font is already in the folic phone. Then to make it more pronounced that so I'm going to change the shear here at the transform nano to 10. You can access the transform a note by going to window then transform. We finished our text effect. You can save this diode, you use no other artworks. You just have to go to Window graphic styles. And then. Drag this little square in the appearance panel to the graphic style banjo. And you can use this style in any other shape or text, whatever. Since our text effect is done, we're going to expand its appearance by going to the menu Object, Expand Appearance. So now our text effect is not a graphic style anymore. So we can resize this text effect and bring the mascot together and then finish our e-sports logo. Now we need to resize our mascot and X effect in a way that it looks good for our eyes. In my opinion, the gold medal in our mascot is big. It's kind of blocking the letters. So I'm going to resize it and make it a little bit small. So now that we have our mascot and the text together, we're going to put them in just one layer. I'm going to rename this layer as final logo. Okay, this is the final step of our logo. So we're going to call P, the mascot and the text. And we're going to create a new layer. And then pasting blazed. We remember the shortcut. It's Control Shift V, name this new layer as outline and then drag it below our final logo layer. With the outline layer selected, just click on Unite in the Pathfinder panel. And as you can see, it turned our mascot and the text in just one single shape. So we're going to change the color of this shape from yellow to black. Then we're going to object path and Offset Path. In the offset field typed 20 pixels. But if you want more or less, it's up to you. It's just to give this bold black outline around our logo. I guess we've finished, guys, this is our e-sports logo. And I'm pretty happy with the final result. I'm going to leave this file for you to download and take it as a reference. And I'm also going to leave Hello, all the sketches in a separate file. I'm going to take a picture of each of them and then let you guys download them. And the resource base 10. So yeah, this is our final art. This is our newborn EA Sports logo. 9. Congratulations, you win!: So this is it guys. We've finished our cars. And now Would you have an e-sports logo? And I'm pretty happy with our final design. And I'm also excited to see your project. So please upload your designs down below. And if you have any comments about this course, so please share with me. I'll be glad to reply and answer every single question you guys have. And finally, I must say nx for you took your time to watch this whole series and I hope you'll learn something. So see you guys in the next opportunity. Bye.