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Create vector patterns in Illustrator - Texturize your droid

teacher avatar Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Create vector patterns - Promo


    • 2.

      01 - what is pattern


    • 3.

      02 - about shapes


    • 4.

      03 - basic patterns


    • 5.

      04 - old paint metal - pattern


    • 6.

      05 - galvanizede metal - pattern


    • 7.

      06 - rusty metal - pattern


    • 8.

      07 - brushed metal - pattern


    • 9.

      08 - nail pattern brush


    • 10.

      09 - start with reference


    • 11.

      10 - head and body


    • 12.

      11 - legs


    • 13.

      12 - Finalize the droid with lights


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About This Class

Sometimes we want to add custom patterns to our vector art in Illustrator.

In this course I will show how we can create vector patterns with using sample images. 
But why is it good for you?
You can print it as big as you want from your art. Easy to modify the texture. 
You can find some reference images for the vector patterns.

Also you can find my colour sketch of my droid and a vector version of that. /The vector droid was save as Ai 8/
Feel free to use the sketch as colour reference. Grab the vector droid to dress it up with the new vector patterns.

Course sections:

- Talking about patterns

- Shapes in Adobe Illustrator - How it works

- Create basic vector patterns

- Create different metal patterns and pattern brush with using sample images.

- Add vector pattens to the droid.

- Add lights to the scene.

I will share all my tips and tricks during the process, but if you missed anything, please feel free to ask, I am here to teach!

Come and join the course and create amazing digital illustrations right now! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer, 3D artist and Painter for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate / Photoshop / After Effects / Blender / Oil on board

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I live in Hungary. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender.

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here

To follow my work you can view my portfolio at Behance
Also You can find my timelapse drawing videos at Youtube
My mark... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Create vector patterns - Promo: Hello, I'm Peter Illustrator, three D artists on motion design. And of course, we were learn about extra patterns using any version off illustrator Particle Ali. I'm going to show you how to great Seamus. Factor patterns to your design patterns are super fun to make on useful when you want at Big Prince to your design or for some close up bettors will be made from reference. Big. Just check out the drawing I have shared in this course on Let's Begin. This is my color sketch about droid, and also you can find director heart from it without texture. This will be our project to feel it with texture patterns. After discourse, you were able to do any other rector patterns from sample image I enjoy creating. 2. 01 - what is pattern: Hello, creatives. In the following lecture, we were talking about the patterns, especially the director patterns that we make in Illustrator. The first question is what is a pattern and how it works? Insights. You can find a lot of different patterns like these samples. As you can see, all of them has square format because the pattern is a kind of tie, and it also works as a tai. You can put it next to each other. The texture on the square camp perfectly connected in X warm. Actually, it is a perfect method if you have a big shape or form and you want the same repeating texture on it. Of course, it can works with using photos, too. For example, there is no need a huge photo from a brick wall. Just take from a few bricks, then use it as a pattern. In the Illustrator, there are some pattern process that we can use easily. When you create a shape or erect anger like this, you can define its color. Arrange blue green etcetera, and you can add stroke line to your shape in here. Jews red, maybe use higher rail, you and you can see the result evicted a stroke text and modify the stroke thickness. You can choose three different types to align the stroke. Also for the cap and corner, you can choose sharp or around the corner in the field. Option. You can change the flat color to Grady and color and ingredient panel. You can edit their colors. Celtic shape down in the panel. Move the position off the selected color or change its opacity. If you want, you can add or remove these colors, too, or change the color to another one. No, go ahead to dip pellet and find a pattern. Don't right here it is. This is a basic pattern in Illustrator. If you re size the shape, the better. We're follows the form Tuesday and court point to select one of the corner point, then converted to bestir. The pattern were field the modified form, go to view swatches and try another patterns. Too good Pedro. A new shape with the panto and add better and feel to it. Okay, 3. 02 - about shapes: First of all, I have to tell you, I drew a reference picture. I mean, it would define the droids character and its colors to import it. Go to five place. It's a bit rusty, and it has got hpe ain't on its leg and body. Do you have a suspect is different than the picture at this time, so go to the are both Do it you smart guys do snapping and modify the campus to the reference picture. Do you accept it? Just select another two. The short cut off the hand tool is the space nice. So the shapes and the doors mostly I were you simper basic shapes such as rectangle with fear, color and stroke. With the elliptical tool we can create circles hold shift if you want a perfect circle, The other tip ISS hold shift plus off to keep the pangkor point of the perfect circle. And the most basic to world is the panto You. Some clicks if you want sharp corners or click and hold to create Beziers. Sometimes the smart guys mood is annoying. When you work with this type off mantle, you can add more at it points to your shape. Here it is Uses Gay Arrow to move or modify these points. We gotta do it. You can remove at it points also you can deal it points with the great arrow. But with this you will get open busier so you will lose a part of the shape with the encore point dual you can create sharp corners from the busy s or busy ass from sharp corners. If you want back to the gray arrow with this tool you can select one or more points. You can perfectly modify or transform this group off. This points in your various. Later you can get rounded corner easily. Select the added points, then find this little point inside. Grab it, then move it to define the size of the rounded edge. And finally a simple think. Select more shapes and create group from them in the layer panel. You will see the group player 4. 03 - basic patterns: in this lesson, I'm going to show you how you can create simple than a bit complex pattern. First, I'm going to create a new square campus. The reservation isn't important at this time because it's Director 400 on 400 pixel. Were enough press great and zoom out greater act anger without stroke. Move it a bit and create a circle too. Use different sizes. Oh, shapes are inside the square. Okay, its enough. Let's see the layer panna. Here are the four objects. Start a glare on the top because I'm going to create a square shape and I want it to the top. Create same size as the commas for using to snap Check the smart guides selectively years I mean kick titties, more circus. Okay, dango to the Pathfinder and find a grope button. Then grab down with a selection toward and drop the group to Such is debts are quit a new shape and try it immediately. Change the field color to the new pattern. Here it is. If you modify the shape, the pattern were modified to try to panto andro A new shape. Yeah, it looks nice. The pattern works perfectly. That Adam and modify the campus because we will create a similar but smaller pattern. Select the element and with smart guides, align the group size to the commerce. Drop it again to the searches. Don't. Right. Good. Usually in patterns. Some parts of the shape go outside of the lines. The next steps. I'm going to show a pattern like this greater rectangle. Again, Dan duplicated, maybe Rotated. Check the canvas sides again. 600 fixer. For this pattern, I have to duplicate these elements on. Also need to move them if you want to keep the origin of shape off directing girl, you have to use save movement as the camera size, so selectee duplicated element. Then go to the transform panel for the Blue Square. I'm going to change the Y position. So it is simple. Just plus 600 them. Press center. Okay. Now duplicate the red shape and go ahead to the transform panel again for days. We need to modify the X coordinate press plus 600 again because we have the same dimension . Yes, it's wrong because we moved it to the right hand. Oh, damn press minus 600 much better. Okay, Chuck, D Smart guides then create a square duplicated select the 1st 1 and Shays below Goatee Pathfinder and kicked a crop. Okay, you said at the idea square. Then the group right. Click with the selection tool and choose making clipping mask, said the main group in the layer panel and drop it into the switches find Let's see how it works and create a rift anger shape to test it, modified its at it points to see the bigger pattern. 5. 04 - old paint metal - pattern: in the following steps. Let's create a new layer on drugs to other group to it. Select the new one and move it to left Because we were working with the art board, I'm in campus. Choose the art board to and modify its permit US to 200 on 200 fixes for patterns. We have a square former. I have some reference photos to great pattern. Jump to five place to import these photos Select damp than arrange damn close to the campus . Okay, it's fine now. My first choice is this old painted matter like the layer Dan. Grab the panto for this work. Maybe on check the smart guides. Good. Let's go. I'm going to use sharp edges. Some smaller parts in here. I will Joe bigger parts with very small space between them. I think it's enough for this. Better selector the shapes and moved the selection to the campus scale up a bit on duplicates. Some litter parts probably rotated a bit. Every shapes are inside a canvas named the Group Player. A sprained check. The smart guides and create a square shape on the top said this group includes all the shapes and the rectangle. Then click to the crop. Grab the selection on drop it to the scratches, quitter act anger. Fill it with the default pattern. Dan used a new one. You can scale it, of course. Or grab one of the edit point. Move it and see the result. Good. No finest pattern on the swatches panel and other kick to it. And there is the option panel where you can edit your pattern. For example, the tie type. You can see the actual size of the pattern 200 fixes. There is another option here where you can modify the space separately between the ties. I like this values, so I'm going to name the pattern and on clear the test shapes and hide a difference picture fine. 6. 05 - galvanizede metal - pattern: the next one is the governor's matter. I also love the surface. It looks like frosty window glass with savory effect at the new layer to it and named layer . Now I'm going to Redrow some of these shape. I use different grace to it. The background is still empty, but there in the corner there is a shape that I need to duplicate and move. No said, like these shapes on duplicate Damn, then move by Y coordinate, maybe scared these parts. Good. Check the smart guides and create a square. Select all the shapes and hit the crop. Drop it to the stretches and tried here is that I like it, but I want smaller pattern from it. So I'm going to scare down a bit, aligned a canvas and up it again to the scratches. See the new pattern in the pattern option. Play with the tie type hex by column. Looks fine. Use the other way. I use for spacing and named a pattern. If you want. Let's try again, creating a direct anger for the background. If you choose dark and great to it, you will get better results. Yeah, I like it 7. 06 - rusty metal - pattern: Heidi are monte layers. And let's focus on these trusty spotted matter. New layer for it as usual. Zoom in and now choose the courage Artur on drove as you can see this to work and add busy as automatically Do reside with the steward is around itself. Shape the color will be Hello. Grabbed the eyedropper tool and pink the color from the reference picture. Continue with the other sports. Selig Damn on. Drop to the compass. Duplicates some matches. Try to randomize them 1 40 Board there. Don't forget to duplicate it down and move it. Other one for the other border And Eric Tenga Shea for the crop. Okay, Dry how it looks s pattern. Not bad. Maybe try it with another type type. As you can see, there is a mistake with it because they cut it shape on the border. So it looks weird to me. The greed we would be the good choice on Don. Okay, In my opinion, it were absolutely perfect with larger scale 8. 07 - brushed metal - pattern: the next one. Is this clear Brush matter? The question is, how can I catch this look Because there are times and steam lies in here. Actually, I don't want much lines. Oh, and I have to tell you that I will use different motor create this pattern because unfortunately, there is a bug in my illustrator. Check smart guides to perfect snapping. I'm going to use Rick longer shapes. We different thickness. Great color will be fine for them. - Okay , This is enough. No, select all the shapes dango had do object and expend grab the seduction and ropey to the stretches. Draw a shape for the test and happily, the new pattern. Okay, it's not perfect at this time, but there is a simple trick. Duplicate this layer. They're freer with radiant. Much better grab the Graddy into it and modify the two endpoints. I mean, scale of the Grady aunt and rotated a bit. Of course, you can change the gradient colors. I like this result 9. 08 - nail pattern brush: in the following minutes. I were create a pattern brush. First, I'm going to check the snapping and we'd guides. I'm going to define the center. The next step is to create some circa shapes to define this kind off near the size isn't important at this time. Later, I will resize it. Duplicated circle. I always hold shift plus all to keep the position for this circle. I'm going to use Grady in and I want kind of speculative. The smaller circle. We're fine. Maybe create a drop shadow Sam skill. Okay, I'm not sure about these gray tones. Fine. - No . Jump to window rushes. Select the layers there and click to the little paper in the brushes panel and choose pattern brush. What's wrong with it? Maybe the radiant feel. Change it to solid color. Don't write again. Good crazy to brush up son to speak scale because we don't want different size news. But use lower size where you do it. The spacing will be 100 person. The flip isn't important for us, but changed the feet to the second option is I can see the shadow Well, we're I'm going to clear it. Let's try again. No, it's blind without fear and happily, the new brush. Good. No. Try it with the Russian 10. 09 - start with reference: Okay, so we have some new patterns in Illustrator, and we saved them to the swatches. It's time to open the bonus matter areas. Fi Open pit is our droid. And next to it there is my color draft for this project. It can have me to define the textures in the layer panel. There are two main groups, one for the draft picture. Another one is for the elements off destroyed. There are many specter shapes in here, and I arrange delay as earlier. For the easier work, you will find a group 40 head body legs and for the creator, of course. Let's start with the right arm. Find his group and its elements. First, grab the layer, Dan. Drop it to the new layer icon. I think this method is better than copy paste. We need to see the stretches spanner, So open it. If you can't find go to window swatches, I'm going to start with disk raring. There is an easy way to add texture to it because with this technique you will get the same shape with the same position. Jump to the stretches and find the brush matter pattern, then drop it to the new layer. Go to the toolbar and find a scare through or check the preview first in the option. Use only transform patterns because we don't want to modify the main shape, select the other ring and add Grady and to it and modify it with the Grady Anto we disturbed. You can modify the colors and the direction off the Grady and I try to find still look to it. I guess the Grady antis perfect effect for this. Now I'm going to rotate this pattern, so use the rotator double kick to it. I checked the box off, transform objects and find the best results. You want quick modification with the radiant set in a ring and add Grady in to feel it. I usually use so radiant if I want to get three d. Look, you can save these settings into the scratches. There are two kinds off cubes in here. Add Grady into it again. 43. I'm going to use darker grey deign to represent the death. I think it is nice with playing with this story. You can add great three d. Look to your two D drawing. Okay, no, duplicate this layer and find a brush matter pattern again. Another nice trick. If you change the layers time from normal to screen. Maybe I think we blow up a city. It will be much better used. Darker Grady and 40 Spark for this leaves the circle in the centre. I'm going to use the brush matter, a pattern to feel free, to play with the direction of the texture. In here, I have to use much doctor Grady, and because the death I will use the same matter air for the abo. Good idea. If you can find some reference photos about robots or machines to check the details at this point, I will use higher speed. 11. 10 - head and body: the car. We'll get Simona Texture, you simple, radiant at first, then duplicate this layer for the pattern. - I know this part is a kind of tubes, so we dispatch turn, we can get perfect texture. It will be flat a bit, but it looks nice for the face. I keep this pattern. These shiny matter will be better than a rusty one. Try with another layer style scream mode with low opacity is perfect. Modify the Grady and tramp. Okay, I like it. The jump to the year in here. I'm going to use the Grady and tweet. More contrast. The darkest part is in the middle off the ear. I like this hard edge in the outer ring. I try to imagine a main light in the scene. - Okay , It's time to go to the next pattern. Texture. Anybody were get on or paint texture. I'm going to start it with Brady and Trump like before. Use the eyedropper. If you want to pick the color from the color sketch in the next step, I will use this blue as main color on the darker one. Then duplicate this lay air for the texture. Find the old paint pattern. Yeah, it looks great. Bad. I want to scare it a bit. 120%. Looks good. No, I'm going to try it with different layers. Ties. The overly is fine. Duplicate the layer because we are going to add more pain patches to the body. The color contrast always looks nice. So I'm going to choose orange color to it. Call your mode. We would be the best in the following steps. I'm going to duplicate this layer again for these. Choose the galvanise pattern. It's too grey. I one dark. A bluish color to it. My choice is multiply mode with low opacity ready and I use in the body is still fine for the other part. So so like the layer and added to the swatches for this part, I'm going to choose darker color. Okay? And the pattern is the governing multiply mode. We're fine. And then I'm going to duplicate this layer. Change the texture to the old pain matter. Maybe darker blue color is better in here. Good Sam modification in here. That is no. When you use these patterns for your free to choose other colors or layer modes 12. 11 - legs: jump to the left leg. I will use our main blue colors, but in here I'm going to choose the brush matter pattern with multiply mode. The part of the food. We'll get the old paint pattern. The great brown color looks nice. Now I'm going to use the same pattern on matters like in a bow. Ready? Enter him first. Then I'm going to add the brush matar pattern to a new layer. Darker rams in the middle part. Okay, the right leg will be brown demain Color in here is raised brown. I want different look to it. So it has got rusty surface in a new layer. I'm going to use the old pain pattern. The orange color will be perfect. Brother B makes this texture. We d galvanize matter pattern multiply mode with 30% will be OK. The right shank has got more rusty patches. The anchor and me are both made from shiny matter. So I'm going to use the brush matter with or pain Matar pattern the right food we get from only four parts. First I'm going to define the darker part. And in here don't ask Tom Rusty patches 13. 12 - Finalize the droid with lights: the left arm. We'll get the main blue to tell us who. I don't want to repeat myself in the following steps. I will use the same technique like before, always when I want to add more realistic. I mean three d Look to my drawing in Illustrator. I used self radiant tramp Do it using this effect, we can represent the three D elements easier. I guess the trick is mixing the layers with some differently airs on differently as die. You can build complex and realistic look okay, back to the right arm. Actually, I don't want to use this blue for every parts of Detroit in this arm. I'm going to use only a few rusty patches in here. The paint is nearly perfect, so I'm going to paint it. Do saturated orange color, - some modification in the neck. Then I will continue with the head. There are three bigger part in here. There is a darker one in the back. Let's start with it. Maybe with a given. His meta huge parts will be fine. The latest die is multiply as usual, the middle parts. We'll get some orange patches. Same time to use the rusty matter for it, then I'm going to use the word pain matter with dark blue color. The mouth is bright a bit at this time. Better use the same color to the eyebrow. The eyes are still fret with this color. Remember the Death Star's Super Laser Focus lens? Ready? So I want the similar shape to it. Grab the Grady and and add to it, find its right position and good. There is a theme stroke in here. I'm going to change its color. No, it's better in the following steps. I'm going to work with this little creature. Attention. Never use matter patterns in animals or creatures. I just wanted to change these flat colors to ready and tramp Run for the year and other Ron for detail. There is a nice week when you define the background colors, complementary colors. It means colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are consider to be complementary colors like red and green or blue and yellow. In this project, I used great green color for the background. If you want to get re Brandt, look change this color to orange, maybe fine, No, I'm going to add some additional effect it is seen with. Penta will draw a shape for drop shadow, named the layer and ally in the shape to the campus. Choose darker blue color to it, then change layer mode to multiply too dark at this time. So I'm going to use lower rapacity. No jump to view smart guides on Grab these two at it Points of the shadow Dan aligned, um, to the campus. Perfect. Okay, In the following steps, I will add bright parts today Droid. For this, I have to define the silhouette of the robot. First, I'm going to create a group player for the background elements. Let's create new layer the and drop the BG and shadow layers into it. Now grab the group, play air off the droid, then drop it to the new layer icon. It is our copy. We need to select all layers inside his group. Click to the circle, go to the Pathfinder panel and choose Unite. Okay, No jump to object. Compound path. Make. We matched all the layers. As you can see, there are some empty layers in here. Melodies are necessarily years named a new shape as mask Now draw a shape like this regular with Creeley, our mode will be perfect. It is the new shape Greater new empty layer on Drop this shape into it This way A beady brights. Select damask Done the new group Let a circle next to the name right Click on find May clipping mask. Nice. Feel free to deal it the new layer because it is empty. Now open the group and find a shape and change Its upper city looks nice. And his dad it points done. Dro new Shea 40 other bright Okay Jazz jobless layer under the mask clear and used the same layer Styx on diversity and his dad It points again. Andro shape again. 40 head. - Who on 40 legs. I don't want for the right hand, do you right leg? And don't forget the little creature and good afforded the pattern in brush that we made earlier Tuesday Paintbrush to and paying tweeted dang Go to window brushes In here you can find easily our brush double kick to the brush to see the options in here you can change the size of the brush. The spacing sleeping Scammell is fixed. Okay. Applied to exist. Stroke and try much better. Maybe try it. We two person Oh, are for good. Create er wanted shapes. Okay, let's out. Some reverts to the leg with multiplies die, it will be better. I use great colors. When I made this pattern brush off course, you can use other colors. My new create similar pattern brush? No, I can see blue routes will be much better for destroyed Summer. That's 40 arm on 40 body. Good. Okay. We finished our droid. Thank you guys for choosing my course. If you have any questions about this course were free to ask me. I hope you enjoy it by