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Create Super Cool Refractive Art in Cinema4D

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction On The Class


    • 2.

      Scene Creation and Composition


    • 3.

      Form & Material


    • 4.

      Form & Material - Part 2 (Magic Ingredient)


    • 5.

      Animation & Class Conclusion


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to use Cinema4D & Octane to create super cool abstract graphics to enable you to use for motion and video or poster art.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing you designs.
Follow my latest designs on Instagram and tag when you post your designs :)

Email for source files.



All Works Copyright © 2020 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆

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Love What You Do

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1. Introduction On The Class: Hello, everybody. Finally, as promised, taking a long afraid to report Joyce due to quite work. But yeah, we're finally gonna be doing my in the mix, um, to toil. You will need ah, cinema 40 and up. Tune for this. I will look around where his afterwards of doing it with a physical, physical render. But with these compositions are used um, cinema four d turned obtain, which is where we get the higher quality of the imagery. Ah, but yeah. So I just want to give the name of you off Came up the concept just playing around and humorous shapes. I like minimal design. Obviously, As you know, a few final valve enter. So I just want to work with glass and refraction, shapes and colors. And it's quite a subtle way for how you can create abstract shapes. Then bring some motion within split. So in this class, we're gonna be created a scene similar to these using typography and then using some shapes as well that I just created a few days ago just again to show you how interesting it can be with ah ah, glass soldier in front of the design and then play, it's in motion. You get some really cool features, and I'm really into abstract design. So, um, for May I really enjoyed work on it. And it's been going down quite well. And I appreciate all the feedback and comments I've had on that. So I'm really excited to do this class. Ana, I hope to see what you come up and continue this all my trend, my lord. Phase. I'm going for the moment. So yeah, just a neighbor. We're gonna be doing, um, cinema four day with you. The composition Set it up, making the both sides. But we did it in instagram size. I'll be doing 12 12 18 12 1800 dp i and then Oh, and then with the lights in 2. Scene Creation and Composition: so about that had an intruder. Yeah. So I was cough there the door. But you just go over your overview again quickly. Um, between the composition now, which was so that friends to grab person, like, didn't play the material claimants emotion on. Then we'll just play around in a few concepts. In terms of design shapes. It's a lot of fear such a So I've opened up a big night for Dio opened up like octane window. Uh, business up the size and composition Argued 12 80 12 80. Um, don't kind of ask you once of hard issues have you seen on Instagram have had issues with mark quality, my motion, my video work, But I really couldn't really, really, really couldn't work it out. But just recently, I think I stumbled a bit fluently on Well, that was working, and I changed it. Now, sir, I'm sticking with this. I'm giving you are years. Um, but you're more than welcome policy. Do whatever works best for you. 12 12 81 100 30 phrase second oxide. Dhirendra. You know, gods Square and that always press the side. We're just gonna set up a plane which I will Teoh in 2000. Flip it around. Doesn't actually really matter. Typical. And that's this is the absolute just the backgrounds. No, no, no. Just seeming rarity uh, Zemin's And then we're gonna do objects often camera focus on that similar 40 protection. Excuse me. We're gonna protect it so we can't move it around. So they were always stayed in the same position for consistency. Good. You got time? Um, material. What is wrong with my voice? We're gonna make it black. But I saw this. A tip that need to so misleading Away to the black. So I get to Okay, I think that's enough. One that Oops. It was a tough shot. The one thing if yeah, so now we've got a plane there. I have all full views open just so we can see working with us the distance aware the moment we're now going to create the the graphically order in this case, it is gonna be hell. That's a call, McGrath. No texts. We're gonna call it in the closer in the midst. Just for this one really enjoyed everyone's keep back for what worst is. Low interest stirs and crackers in that thankfully, this Ah, physical fears. I trusted all that secure bolt. Um, no, flip this around him in that not to shifting hold on. He wanted to Is that, um there's a full, uh, on the angle, sort of the other. A learner on that's what. So for less than flat, we're in the middle and then play with the corner. Destination fits a bit better. Excuse me saying with 11 found. Yes. So this is dead in the middle of the moment. It's gonna put this on a another material to refuse. It's gonna leave this. Well, what for? Now? Because we just want you just want the I want to be nice and clear. Just take this tag off from that. I think we should just was in OcciPet on the trouble. It looks What was that? But not so. That's the basic set of the composition. Look, but come again. Don't forget to do that. Just full consistency. Otherwise, you're gonna get different pieces at different sizes that can get irritating for designers . Um, so that's the composition part, and that's we're gonna leave into the material making the glass fast, making the glass object on having some families clear. This isn't rocket science. First started from when you gotta get, um, yeah, say that's that's medium. 3. Form & Material: all right. So, you know, we have the compositional locked up I just want to put out. You got to say I push up to 300 frames, which is things around 34 seconds for the animation. But you could make it long that spend on the side. I try and get it to a target. So it's a 15 month full instagram. This is what's being working for May in terms of keeping the quality. Um, yeah. So now we're going to correct the objects. So this could be the square. It could be triangle. Could be He started a kid. Um, we got this one. Did a bottle there. Glitzy. I just played around different shapes. Negative space, like a bar balance, which is like a in an hour. So we're gonna do a few more. We're gonna set up a a normal spectacle specs, Spectra material. And then, as part of forgetful this for the support I'm gonna give you the glass glass, glass material that I have used to create these You can create something extremely close alive. Got, um, just to be called to suit to come up with and then just share with May. And, um, because to see how it can develop. So we're just gonna start with, uh, into acute? Came with excuse. May always got costly video. Uh, we're gonna pull a It needs to be just in front of it if no overlapped in it. So I'm still think of the composition off the off this gun size, but was gonna go a bit bigger. Here s o covers the test. No, but they look a free 50 all the way around. So it's taken up enough off the, um the tax. We're not too much furniture in terms of pushing everything out you need to consider is got movement here in these movements. Uh, I think that's the right size for this, but I'll be giving you this far anyway, So you can just take it and and play with bits. Are you, like, anywhere? Uh, we're gonna put almost make it a bit like Cube. Does this work well for the concept? I did. So it's just in front of the goods materials Spectacor material step claim to have say, Actually, I'm not gonna surge in a city class class until so as you can see now, straight away. We're getting that nice. We get the most transparent glass effect. Um, when we bring in lights, we're gonna be turning the reflection off because it just about bounces off the material too much. But, um, yes, A. I would give about 1.45 here, but that had changed. Color this a come more into play. When I show the other matter given with, uh, the index, I think there's one point Fred was being a bit geeky, but I think is 1.3 for water. It shows what the reflective indicates for each thing. So we're going with the 1.3 here for the glass. But you can see if you go up more zooms. It seems up, pigs up the refreshing. So you can play around with this. I quite like biggest. Then you Seymour around him. Effects were it's a bases that, like I said, it's not that it's not that hard to do. It really isn't. Um the matter could come or isn't even magic. But the magic come in terms of visual appeal in a minute. I'm always make this Teoh biggest resolution even though it's just a France about material . But if you could just see here Ah, so that even their this needs only light enough that we can just see now. Have we just been spin the keep around? Do you like that? So, you know, we can we get a lot less in the mix, that simple, not simple. Um, just get back. So there's no need to make it bigger, but lose so you can play with the size of the fill it subsection one to turn. It's tons of fun That still happens. Every purse tourism. You can see a lot of my stuff trying a quite cool, You know, im instead of that. About that Because 10 do 10 students Wednesday. Okay, so that's the material of the moment. This is just a basic We're doing a very easier octane or dear partners. Have you got octane? I'm going to be looking at ways to do on the physical a vendor. Um, but all time is our big friend. So, um, he's opened us out here for this with this graphic. But yet that's still material Sets up. Um, what? I'll quickly do not. This is more than much. I'm gonna be giving you one of my octane materials. Because on so kind. Yeah, because I like to show make things easier for other designers. There's always good to inspire each other help rituals. I'm not helping you at the moment because this it goes spinning rainbow. Will this one crashing? The mastery started it. This is what happens when you work on a Mac system. Are faulty. No. Oh, yeah. We cut, bring in that material on then and then we're gonna stop claim information. 4. Form & Material - Part 2 (Magic Ingredient): and let me again the back. So now, worth restarting a computer? Um, after crossing just to say we can't let me where? Here is the material that we just made on the on the kid. That's really cool. However, if you have, I imagine piece, which is my glass of chess. Then you put it on. Look, uh, area cool. Atlas. Uh, wells in trusted you. That is really cool. Is it? Is going a bit over the top about here to see is gonna talk to crazy. Um, so it was clear with some Always copy the it sooner, by the way, that your gonna play with what? A test? So that way you you can only get about somebody has previously. Um So now we're just gonna play with some of the The film does the cutters, but then got play with a C C c firmest, um, commercial. It's trying to Never for me too. Yes, You play with the index, which is what we're talking about before the glass. So if you from the upper berth, you got some really cool. The first? Yeah. When I waas fun is not supermen cues in that Where Do you see her? Yes. Really cool effects. Yeah. I totally forgot the the yacht tone set in Chris on. I don't, uh, throughout luncheon, I just play with these ugly around 200 summers. One of mission. I need to get up long terms of what to use for these, Um, because it is trying out from in women, as you can see that mixing around it's really cool like this. Noisy bit on that sort of. It's the reflection. Yes, the reflection. Teoh. So now you're just concentrating on the edges. These bevel, the edges of made us with class is really good just to give you another example. Say video. I can't insert Plant Planet plans on it. This clips on it for that in a similar position. Make it a bit bigger. Sure, it's in front of the so I for overlapping as well. Turn off the kids. Imagine material now? Yeah. Pretty good, huh? Complain about Bring it move forward and backwards that spin that around. Tulloch's right. So that's the shapes. What's the shapes? Ah, that's the same. I just want to show you the That's hard lesson. I want to show you the another way of plan amount, but you can put it. I've just got text type of the moment. You can put it images behind it. Well designed. So in these in these plate trouble don't crush. So in these in these kids that I made basically what I did, I did. I work in in design for that so quickly. You should really work industry. Um, working weather work. Quickest. 6000 pixels are used on Donna Square Just dancing. Full simple designs. Exported out as Jay pick 1 50 maybe 300. Um, and then and then I just set up in you, Uh, material don't feed material brought in low damage. Andi, that was it. Basically, the days Ah, this computer Strange. Were foreigners like this? Uh huh. Transfer you to listen. What the To bring up the options cost. I'll just copy of these into this projects. Oh, my goodness. They didn't say you're still going on now. So true. Is it done? This is going well. All right, So learn. Stop there, then. Glad Starks is really annoying, But I'm gonna bring these kid into the composition just to show how they work. And then we work on the motion, and that's basically it. Is that simple? Um, well, it's all doubt. Teoh Road. I think there are ways to do it with physical and shoulder. But for me, I find this live up team, which is my biggest fan of that. I just pause us going to the next stage of should be motion. Um, because when computers being creepy 5. Animation & Class Conclusion: my back and I brought in the cubes into composition. Um, losing in law. Que all realize, um, you see, rather live in the moment. They're tough it Smith spooner and spend them around What shift? So 90 ah, in front of the how some things that until I will be making a few more of these with different shapes behind really fun to turn on lost in the obstructions. It's gonna be feature a lot in my posters over the next week or so. But it's love how obstruct you can make it and, for instance, typography with it. Happy days, then it was ah, Mr that in the middle. Good. So hot. What is trying on it? Also, this are you in a different one for now? Just this Just example to show you, um um upon, like you and then spend around africanus Say spend the key breath and then you go There's cool shapes again You can play with the trump doesn't come off for even thinking debts. More like glass there. That's like glass, but little abstract. It's about Well, it's 15 no 0.5 on the index that gives the film there. This will get and Northern noise in the background. I have no idea. No refraction reflection. That means that rounds. Then he goes in close stuff. All right, so just go back to get in. We're gonna go back to user friends, take off the keeps a minute because we're going to turn the tax. Yeah, So I gotta keep in a position that we want. It's implicated for the animation doesn't have to be stroke and quite random condiments around. Right? So them a starter. And it's this easy. Usually with a key frame that's been around. I found a new little way. It's not new, but it was new for this started design from a All you do is get that get to the object, right Click cinema four D tags like right, simple is up. So if I just show you a quick example, I'll just turn that off on the render, So be a bit quickly. Here it was, put on the regular pulse uh uh, working Teoh. But it needs to enable something. So with G position, OK, the first place and I was doing that just like a heart Everton should use. But ST Valentine's piece. I don't like the regular ports because just a bit Teoh Consistent. Do you complain with the seas around the number? But the one I was playing there was the rotation. Do you see that? But the frequency twos. Two months I have been going no 20.5, maybe work just to mix on. Then you just play these angles here. So if you have a habit round loads and then we just preview on the even If you never got top 10 might be good to know this When you do get out, you can just what's the glass again? Or remember, hasta and then play with it. Well, from cheeses from a look quickly, money in their minds. You're going on 17. So if you see that was let's see that simple you can cool eyes on if you just think you can have anything you want in the back. So that's just the rotation. So you can do the scale. So it's person able skill play with these figures here. So then they get taken and control. Gee, such a comes to soldier. Uh so well, the spin around that you see now that's too far So let's put the frequency or not 0.5 on both of these. And she now you got last square going one. That musing serve at Daniel. If that's to do, you can make it smaller. Zago smaller. You can, uh, does it. This one clear with the position and how it spends around. And then the good things that they say you got a animation, like when we got there is copy the the vibrate tug. But then it doesn't sound in the same thing for that shape. So it saves time if you come out different. It's nice to come up with different, uh, a different form of motion for each piece of working in a work on. But if you want to save time, you can't issues the same, uh, vibrate tack for the shape. In that way, you you can get consistency, but I like Teoh. O Donnell was looking fella, gonna I like to mix it up just so you can see different parts. Um, you can see here that it was lit. She just a shape leaving. See that movement in front of the words, Fred? Cool. So just go back to my last piece I've done. Bring up my kids again. Uh, take off that one to the key. Worse. So it goes too far in beautiful for this one. You need to make sure the Kiev is bigger than what the subject is. So we go a bit smaller with these. Good says there's, um is that it's in the middle and in. So sorry. Yeah, no se Good. Now, every player so far cream que about. Listen, uh, it's behind the staying move on with the plane, but that give a small room. Okay, so I never played Are do that. So I'm gonna give you these files here. I want to rent this out just for the purpose. For the graphic. For my from my class. Kloss. But it is that simple. So you can play of any shape. Any shape you wanna put, huh? Stop babbling on. Well, I haven't done to us. You have to, um you have to find a shape. That's I think that's got hard edges. Because if I show, you know, you do like a If you do something like it's or us Oh, Ah, Um, yeah, don't cancel when you think that does that go with it. You don't get the same effect. It marks about it. It takes more work to get it right. And I don't think it works as well. Was trying to Concord. But have you see the difference between when he's got the hard edges on? Just let's works a lot better. All right, so that's the class stunt. I hope you do. Like, um, I think I think you'll agree they're not symptom. And then what you for, baby? Really good to see resorts, if you just don't post in this class. And if you just give me a attack One comment on your instagram or wherever you paste, and then I'll give my feet. But But we really could see what you come up with and to see whether you have you put in image behind it. Or if you do some designs like I do like this, we'll even typography. But it would be good to see it. And I look forward to seeing what you come up with Andi till the next time you want to come up with next time. Yeah. You know, just what you officer give a plug. We haven't seen it is at me by studio J. Q. On instagram. Um on on dribble. May busted You take it. I dont be hunts studio Tricky. You can look at my portfolio where Thanks a lot for check into this 100 fold Couto have a great recanted in the sunshine in Does that mean the bears come out? I think it does. Thanks a lot, everyone.