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Create Feminine Lifestyle Branding For Creatives: Logo & Brand Board

teacher avatar Neko Choo, Graphic Designer, Artist & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What is a Brand Board?


    • 2.

      1 Mood Board


    • 3.

      2 Font Types


    • 4.

      3 Elements


    • 5.

      4 Color theme


    • 6.

      5 Logo


    • 7.

      6 Submarks


    • 8.

      7 Put Together


    • 9.

      8 Outro


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About This Class

  • Skill Level: Advanced Beginner / Intermediate
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator
  • What you'll get: 
    A step-by-step guide to creating your brand identity.
  • Once you understand the logo creation process, you can easily create your brand board.

In this class, I’ll share my insight on branding and show you what you can do to create a professional look of branding for your business. 

By the end of the class, you’ll be ready to launch your business online with a professional look! 


You'll learn:
- What is a brand board, why do you need it
- Know the trending font types and how to make a perfect combinations
- How to match the colors and create a color theme
- What are the elements used for? How to transform them and blend into your logo?
- How to create your logo in Adobe Illustrator.
- How to create 3 sub marks that resonate with your brand.
- How to create your very own, unique brand board

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Neko Choo

Graphic Designer, Artist & Illustrator

Level: Beginner

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1. What is a Brand Board?: Hi guys nickel and I'm a graphic designer from leisure, and I thought, I want to share some insights off. Creating a brand barred from start to finish brand boat is a document that continuing your logo sub marks Vons, Cal Appellate and Animal means that you can refer to to agree your graphics were block or business. It is used to maintain your design consistency that people will recognize and remember, And I walk you through the process of creating a brand born in across. I'll show the different uses sort of pollen types how to pick a color combination. Where to find your elements. In Leslie, you learn how to create your logo with some technique we using Adobe Illustrator by the end of the class. You understand the process off creating a brand board. So this is just a sample with a symbol logo design. You know how to make one yourself and design your own ago with some technique you learn in the class without for though, do Let's get started 2. 1 Mood Board: So in the first set, Hman, we need to find your movable pictures. So you have a vision for the style that you want to create for your logo and your brand. So the first thing to do is to write down the cables stratify in your brand. For these projects, I used some keywords like ping gray and stylish, modern, minimal ease. And once you decide your keywords, you can who want to be interesting? Start typing out the keywords. Huge is you want to look for the images status, relive into the keywords you start cleaning them to a secret board. By doing so is to let yourself kind of failed a mood in the style for the grand. And once you've done peeing them to the board, you go back to your world and you will see some repeated pattern off the images, and you can start saving them to your computer that we will use to including your brand ball later. So in this project, over years, four images, it is up to you to use as many images that you like. And once you have completed this, step two, grab your mobile and saving the images that you really like. Then let's move on to the next step 3. 2 Font Types: Now let's move on to discover the different styles of phones. Now you can see they all look great itself. But which one should you decide to go to and which one should you use for your logo so that it can represent your permission and bring the message to your audience? In first s a psychology behind it. Typography Though there's no rules when it comes to design, it still has their own personality and message that each one carries. So we should look into the uses off each phone times so the type face has break down into several types off style. Let's look at some of the basic and comments haps very quickly. So the 1st 1 I want to talk about a street three force are more represents. Classic roti, formal and structure. They are the funds that has tells at the end of the strokes. The next one is sensory. While I was very confused when it comes to different ships, reef and sensory. But it's actually very easy to understand that because sense is translated from French meaning without so a sensory type, face is without tills at another strokes, and this makes the front looks great and clean, a minimal. The next one is screen screenful inside represent I haven't seen, astonish and soft would just given I that some of the scripts ones are hard to read, so you can't want. Avoid these types off phones because you don't want toe confuse yo audience by using this kind of fun times in there. So so some form types, like slept Saref handwriting in calligraphy. Slap Saref is the foot typeface is represent vintage classics, trendy and structure. I've seen some logo's use synapse three for yeah block, and it kind of gave it a stall and identity. Jonah to is quite popular in Trendy Now, which is calligraphy in In Reading. I don't cover much here, but you can hope on soup interests in social, the inspiration for types you probably can find a lot of phones skull. From there, you can see which one types who are drawn to also take a look at the combination they use. If you type on foreign combination, you can find a lot of inspiration from there 4. 3 Elements: So the next step is to find the director and elements or your brand. There's a lot of way to find a factor, but in this class we're going to use free pig SN. Example. Pre pigs has tons off factors. You can get inspiration by searching some keyboards on free pigs, and you'll have tons off them appearing for your reference. Now, if you search logo, you can have tons off local reference. But for now, I'm gonna search for ornament. Ornament is good to use when you need the text to have some pattern, or you need some frame for your logo. So I think I found the ornament that I want, and then I clicked. Download in. The next thing that I want for my logo is some water color texture. I want to, you said, is a background for their local. So I search watercolor and you have turns off what color texture in colors appear for you. And I think this pain goes well for the idea that I had in mind, and I'm going to go on and search for more, and I think I need to pair them with a go texture image that I want to useful cribbing Moore's because I want it falling to look realistic with a really goal texture on it instead of just applying with the Grady in color, because I just one it to be an image. So I said, like the options to only show me photo. So the next director that I want to search for is some leaps, and so I type in leaves and you've got tons of them. And so you just keep searching for the elements and director that you want until you are satisfied. So does it. Once you're done this stuff, let's move on to the next segment. 5. 4 Color theme: now here comes to a fun part is to start to create your very first brand board. So as you sure, you open up your adobe illustrator and simply open a dartboard in another size or a four size now the first step is to put together the images statues safe earlier Rome Pain trees as you want to have a space to put your images so you hovered to rectangle twos and create four boxes like days and apply some color for it. So it's easy to see in the New Creek on fall, so that plays to place the image Dirt 212 show in your brand part. To have a square books like Thes is to make sure all of the images that you place on your port is equally same end. To make a gripping Marce, you put the image to the back and said it. Image and books Ted Common seven on your keyboard, and you can make a creeping most for the image, and then you just repeat the steps until four images are. All of the images are placed in. Your report must have done placing all the images. I named them as the inspiration. It is also known as a mood board. The phone type that I really like to use is more straight months straight, a sense reformed. I like the simplicity off its appearance, and you make some spacing for it. So it looks a little more pretty. And then I create the line by You're saying the line to as two separate the mobile part voice is the color part. So what I'm doing now is to have sound shapes. That's this ready for me to sell it the color combination for all my mood ball. Now, if you happen to have a color that is white, but you don't want to lift the shape with the stroke, then you can sell it the shape to whom none color for the stroke and Greg stylish and put drop shadow for the whites area. So it looks much more Dyson and I want them to look more nicer, so I reposition them a little bit. So then a copy and paste the lying to the top off to Kahlo's by clicking the lying in pressing shape on my keyboard called Aligned and the Tax to the bottom off the color in changed attacks, two collars. And by this time you have completed your inspiration. Born in the color section. Now let's move on to the next step to create your logo. 6. 5 Logo: no. In this segment, we're going to try out some different phones style for the logo that you want to create for this project. I want to create a logo for Jennifer Clark, who is a photograph for. But instead of putting it as a foot of buffer, I prefer to put whole slogan. As for a coffee studio, it sounds and looks more nicer that way in. Keep in mind that your business name should be larger than this Rogan, and it's all about pairing in starting, and I prefer to have some script falls for Jennifer Clark. Now, at this point, you can try to find the one that you really like. And if you're like off are you? You can hopeful to painters again and start looking at the forms that you like. I decided to use this one for Jennifer come, but I also like this one dead. It lost clean and nice with some spacing between the text. Then I will keep this to make as an outturn if logo I create a rectangle and make it as a grave like days and align them together. Them put the rectangle to the back and the text to the front. I want to add some family animals to it. So it's time to use director that we tell the rodeo to apply to the local. And I pick the watercolor background for the logo in common, shaped like a blanket to put the water color to the back and the capacity down. And I want to make the tax we go texture. So I placed the image behind the attacks and then select the text in the image include common seven to make a gripping must. No, because I decided to use goal for my local. I kind of want to change my color headed into gold to So I do the same to make a creeping must for one off the color that I said it'd to make s my color things. By now we have done so much for the logo and the local lives Pretty nice. We're going to move on to the next step to create, to create the sub months water, local 7. 6 Submarks: now it is easy to make to sub marks in this segment. All you need to do this to grant the J from your made Nokko into some adjustment in at Santa Creation to it by you're seeing some ornaments from the recto that we tolerated. Told you I used a point to to cut away the governments that I don't want in live till to make a J liked case in. All you need to do is just try to position to the way that you think it's nice and I don't feel like to have the repeated Jennifer Club. So I remove it and oh, me due to sub brooks with a go square books in the other 10 make it to a dark grey s background For this round some mark, I will make it to a great and gold color by true seeing made those from Swatch. At this point, I'm struggling to have either the pink go push in all the black and white tuition. But I decided to remove the black and white and only keep the pink one. And then here you go. And dude marking for this sub most in Jericho and now we're going to copy the tests again. End me talking animals. This area is too copy and paste E anyone's that you use for your local and it's okay to add on some other elements dead. It's not yours being your local, but in case you see in other way in the future, this way you can see I put a V in here and the last thing we need to pull into our brand board is the phone types that we use. By doing so, you can adjust the support to make it look longer so that it has no space to put your phone types. So we repeated step by copying the tax in, rename me to phones, and then you're just typing a to save. We have the letters and the other one with small capital letters. That way we can see how the Von types show in both ways, and there go, you know, have a almost complete brand book. But we'll do some adjustment at the end of the video, so keep watching 8. 7 Put Together: we know our into the last segment is to check on your port in, do some adjustment. I find it. I'm a quite into the symbol style off Jennifer Clark. So I think I'll pull the black and white Jennifer club back to use s and ultimately TIF Vogel. And now we can save the out book for bed by clicking safe, but in check the whole thing. If you're happy with that and just kick safe, you can save it as J head, all p and your phone and yeah, There you go. There your issue Final grand boat. 9. 8 Outro: they give so much for joining? Because I know I might be something, but let me know if you need more help in creating your own logo. As this is just a to Touro for creating a brand board. Most of the time, I escaped a lot off the details, so I hope I didn't confuse you. But if I did confuse you, please let me know and I will give you some guide in hope. You have fun in making our very own grandpa by