Crie efeitos energéticos com código de armadilha especialmente em After Effects | Shubham Ganer | Skillshare

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Crie efeitos energéticos com código de armadilha especialmente em After Effects

teacher avatar Shubham Ganer, Motion Graphics Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Vídeo promocional


    • 2.

      Compreender sistema de partículas básico


    • 3.

      Como adicionar configurações a partículas


    • 4.

      Partículas de física (fluido)


    • 5.

      Como se formar em energia


    • 6.

      Como criar partículas transparentes


    • 7.

      Como importar e mudar a velocidade de partículas


    • 8.

      Cor vibrante correta


    • 9.



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About This Class

Ei, pessoal!

Bem-vindo a este curso onde você vai aprender a criar os efeitos energéticos que normalmente vemos nos filmes de Hollywood com Adobe After Effects usando um plugin chamado Trapcode Particular .

Eu sou designer autodidata com uma experiência de 6 anos por isso eu entendo o que é preciso para aprender com tutorial e eu enquadrei este curso de forma adequada para que seja abrangente e fácil de entender sem pular quaisquer passos no

processThis curso foi projetado de tal forma que ele explica todos os conceitos básicos do plugin e depois avançar explica todas as técnicas necessárias para criar esses efeitos energéticos de alta qualidade. É uma abordagem passo a passo na aprendizagem

O efeito energético criado pode ser criado apenas com softwares 3D, mas neste curso vemos como é possível criar o efeito energético com Trapcode Particular .

Nós também aprendemos a colorir a energia com qualquer cor e como improvisar a aparência do efeito.

Assim, mesmo que você não tenha este plug-in, você pode aprender a fazer um visual de correção de cores vibrante no Adobe After Effects, que também pode ser aplicado a qualquer outra imagem

Este curso vai garantir que você seja capaz de criar seus próprios efeitos energéticos VFX

Mesmo que você tenha acabado de começar com o After Effects este curso vai ajudar você a alcançar os efeitos energéticos!

Conheça seu professor

Teacher Profile Image

Shubham Ganer

Motion Graphics Designer


Hello, I'm Shubham

I am a Motion Graphics Designer with nearly five years of experience. I love creating unique projects with optimum aesthetic quality. I am a self-taught designer, and I understand how and what it takes to be self-taught and successful.


Through my courses I am willing to share my knowledge, which I have acquired over the thousands of hours of time I have invested each day in learning the skills of motion graphics. I am fortunate enough to work for a video project for Domino's Pizza and I have worked for clients from all over the world.


My main goal of being an instructor includes supporting others who are getting started with motion graphics so they can also reach a professional level.

Email : shubham.ganer@y... Visualizar o perfil completo

Level: Intermediate

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1. Promo: Hey, guys. Hello and welcome in this course and the scores will learn about creating this high quality energy effect and side of what we are perfect with the help of trapped particle. So this energy effects can be very complex and itself trapped. Coat particular plugging can be complex, but we will break it down slowly and then just understand its parameters and understand how this can work and how we can accomplish this energy effects. We will start slowly by just like exploring the plug in letter. And once we dive well, just explored the ways of creating this energy. And then after we create the energy, we will learn how to compose it and how to colorize it. As for our own Bush and well, and this is gonna be exciting. See you in the class. 2. Understanding basic Particle system: Hey guys. Hello and welcome in the scores. In this course, we will learn about creating There's energy effects looking like Krakatoa inside off adobe after effects with using trap code particular. So let's get started. Just go to the come after opening the AP project to you and see the set up just like this. If you don't see this gotta windows goto, workspace and select effects. Okay? And the next step is creating a composite. Just go to the composition New composite and select the HD TV 10 is zero reset from this list and just make the duration five seconds and it's OK, so we are in a new composition now, right? Click here new and solid. Let's name this particular and click may come size and hit. OK, so we actually created a layer where we will be like using the effect to generate the particles. So it was very simple. Just click the layer good effects goto RG trap court and then select particular. Okay, you can see this effect is already generating particles. You can just select the automotive from you. Okay, so let's learn something about this plug in trap court particular just click here and just click on the particular. So there are This is the emitter. Dis click here and you'll see the image of behavior which is continues. Okay, that's what we want. And this is the particles for a second. How many particles per second are being generated? It shows you we can just crank up it's and you will see that many particles have been generated. And this is imager type, which is a point. So the all apart bills are gingery date From this point, we can also click here and Jews box. So the party concerned generated from a box and, uh, okay, let's select box for now. And here you can see the particles are in X. Why and z direction. So just click here instead of X y and Z individual. So emitter X is 500. Why is 500? You can just change it to any number, and you will see the size changes. So let's move on to the next tutorial. 3. Adding settings to Particles: so OK, now let's just generate some particles. Let's go to those 10 frame mark and click on the stopwatch with Teligent particles. Let's go back to zero. You can select zero. Okay, so initially there will be like a zero particles. And from here there will be like 1000 particles. Let's move on a little bit ahead of the timeline. Let's say here and select this layer and hit you and select this. He had removed the fame at current time. So at this time, 11,000 particles are constantly emitted and let's move a little bit further and let's go and select zero. So what this does? It starts from zero particles and slowly it just goes 2000 particles and still images 1000 party girls and from here just goes back to zero. Okay, Now we can just shape our energy. If you want this shape, that's OK, but we will just maybe just we just do like that. Make sure it's not too wide because then we will need a lots of particles, so OK, these particles are generated. And, uh, you get on. Yes, Go. Let's close this fine number. Let's go to this party in step. This is a life of the party into the one particle will stay for three seconds. We can choose it to two seconds because we own one is to last forever. Really? So two seconds. So from here the particles will last for two seconds and they die. So then we can just go and choose the side of the particles. I guess five is OK for now, and we can also and just the capacity of our So we can just this capacity off the particles and capacity over life. So let's create this. Just click here and just make some room by dragging it here. We can't use the preset collect us so the particles are born. They have 100% off capacity. And while they fade while they die, they don't just die, are 100%. They're just afraid. So this is very important concept. And let's move on to the next year 4. Physics (Fluid) Particles: Okay, so now let's move. Do the physics step and selectors to fluids. You can see the particle behaving like fluid now. Cannot see a lot, but still. But first, let's add justice like the energy should come from zero and should just expand. So let's click here. Let's go back to the in major where this exists. 3 25 Just go to the 10 frame mark and click on the stopwatch and from Zito just go to zero and select Sio. So what happens now? The energy will be expanding. Okay, And let's close it. Let's go into this Floats so by on a c and swell swirl on okay and the fourth region size with like which will be there like the size for the affecting off the fluid to the particles so we can select it, too. 1000. So 1000 should be like about this one. So all the particles are covered, and, uh, we can just see the boy. Honesty is the strength which is moving them up. Save it's more. These particles will move up like that after generating led to select five for the example off energy and this is random. So we're just click here and just click here. So no, let's select. Let's play with some values 70 for X and that's 20. That's good. 20 and again, selectors active camera so we can see the energy has been formed already, but we need a lot sof adjustments and that we will do in the next tutorial. 5. Shaping into Energy: Okay, so here you can experiment with the values off X, Y and Z. But what I did for my particular example was I made the swindle on X about 20. So basically on the X that they are 20 let's just see, let's make these CEO So you can just have a better understanding So X if we just make it like 100 we just moved in this direction. Let's just make it 20 and Harto Why? Let's see how it goes. 400. Okay, it's just supposed like this invite. Let's make it around 50. And for Z, let's see what See? Okay, so d z disposes. This'll like this. Let's make it around 70. Okay, so you get something like this and what you can do next step is just close And just make sure the cyst end This world scale is stand less the scale, the more chaotic it becomes and which relies a lot of density. If you see the selector toe brightness, it will look a little different. And selected passages looks referred, and select did offer It looks different. So Okay, let's select it off and disclosed this physics and then dis clicked on this global third controls. So what is this for setting? This is flute time factor. If we change it to two, things will become chaotic. It multiplies the fluids by two. If you changed minus five, it seemed everything to Huff. So let's select it. Just one. The viscosity. Let's selected 200 see what happens with Scott. City just keeps the particles within themselves and doesn't allow them to move. So let's select the viscosity to be around 30. Okay? And this floor assimilation fidelity. Let's crank it 200. Oh, it looks like this for this. Let's select for so okay, Right now it looks like this. We cannot see because I have less number of particles and we can crank this up. Just select the solid and hit you on the keyboard and just go to the marker from just Goto this key frame and just let's make 10,000 just go here, make like 10,000. So now we can see the particles that are better Energy didn't better. And don't let's move on to the next tutorial 6. Creating Transparent Particles: Okay, so now here we are with our particles. But we can see the energy is flowing way to out. And we can fix it by just going into global fluids and just selecting the simulation fidelity to be 10. This will add more energy effects and like this, still any anything, it will add more details. The more this value, the more details, the lesser value, the less details. Let's do. The peoples are less. You can choose between this, this is all about experimenting. Okay, So now we should increase the number of particles so as to make the energy. So just click on this if you don't see it. I just said to you, just click this layer and hit you and just go to this mark. Let's make it one stints, 100,000 intellect, 10 lack or one million particles and hit OK and just move here the same you'll get some warnings from after effects that too many particles such a great and it Okay, let's make it half. So it's easy to real. Okay, looks very nice already. Let's go. So the particles let's make the size a little smaller. Let's go for four and let's select capacity to be around 0.5 to make this look very luminous. And Krakatoa? What kind of look Okay, looks very nice. Okay, I'm happy with the way it just looks currently. And what else we can do is just the end of this composition and make it look like it actually didn't look like energy effects, which we saw in the example. But we'll just make it look like that. It's OK. Looks fine. We should drink this comm position. Okay, So so as to render. Just click here goto composition at to render queue. And, uh, that's just just click here on the loss less and select PNG sequence and hit ok and cohen select are just click here to select where you want toe export. I will just go on my text are and find name particles and savings. Have folder also particles and click. Sift and just render retract. And let's see, in the next year 7. Importing and changing Particles speed: All right, so let's import the file. Gonna file import five and choose your particle. Remember, first and click on BND sequence and it opened so everything will be imported. So just click here and drag this into this bottom. Okay? So now you can see the animation. Okay. Looks pretty nice by itself, But you can see this is very flat and kind of boring, because just a mundane at the same speed. So let's try and change this right click time enable angry mapping. And let's move the year this point, Maybe this one click another key friends, and then you don't see the cape terms on. Just select bought off them and bring them. Let's preview read by hitting your Okay. So you get this energy affect like this. Very nice. Okay, so now let's move on to the next tutorial. 8. Vibrant Color Correct: Okay, so we're here now and this looks like but there is a like, a lot self green, and we can just fix it by using. Yeah, a blur, right? Just click here and just effects. Learn shop on. And for a split that's added. Okay. And that's right, Blake and just color correction curves That's trying to blame the cuffs. This looks nice. Way can also district like and put another cuffs and just I just trying to get rid of the next row extra highlights and just sharp on this thing. Okay, No, let's like this and told me to duplicate it and change the blending lord screen are maybe add. So add at this white, bright sport on screen would just make it a little bit. Don't and it's actually radio match Goto 50 on the keyboard and just done capacity a little bit down. Okay, very nice. And you can see here. It's what's feeling. So this liqueur just don't it, huh? Maybe just bring it back. That seems nice. And, uh, okay, let's right click and create a new adjustment layer core and wrecked, secure and just coughs on. Just click here. Selected blue. Let's increase the so this baby will color this blue. Okay, that's called it right. And just maybe bring it to live it down and go to the green. And it's moving from your invisible Terrapin from here. A live in town. Sam. I also begin. Just call in the RGB channel. Was trying to chick were just the best for this example. Okay, And now let's add some glow. Right click, stylized blow. Okay on. Let's actually cruise the radius to begin with. So you can just give you this. It was created and just goes off. Okay, Read, click and go to the new coughs and just one player and just want to use this service Breaking up a compulsion. Very nice. And now let's go and choose effect style eyes She t bless You know this activity off like this right away. Just going to the set of face and maybe this place, man height. You can always check new trailers and just use the values which you like the most. Select a light and and who's to live? So just about finding the right settings, Okay. He doesn't look so bad. Well, tweaking do is like and and maybe another club and just increase it, love. Maybe he's bar on screen. Yeah, let's review this time. Okay, okay. Very nice. And maybe what we can do is like trying to it is off. Or maybe no, maybe just do it with a coughs adjustment layer. So directly new. No, I just from clear. Just go to direct hurricane color. Correction goes rand from here. Just click here once, So so just fade like this. Okay? You can also try Toe had some kind of like motion. And for that we just need to select your first year. Right? Click Dying made city forced motion, but make for world right away. We need to just click the second and thank you here and just select same blending. Do you can see the difference? It actually adds very nice emotional and makes it look more realistic. Kind off energy. Also you can do is maybe just had some by prints. Click your right click color correction, vibrance and greens, the Vikings and also play that some sentence off graduation. So OK, this may be a risk reading. Awesome looking energy effect Insight off after effects with using trapped code particular And thanks for watching those tutorial series 9. Fire look Energy: also you can Kuttner writes this toe any other color also so so as to do that. It's not very hard. Rightly new adjustment layer angels go right click color correction and tried door. And from here, you can choose any car. So basically, this doesn't look as impressive, but it still works. Fine. But with a little bit off work, you can make this look a little bit cooler. And, uh Okay, this actually looks nice. Yeah. Okay, fine. Let's make this white. Okay. And let's actually do accept. It may be maybe, just maybe, just like with the dried on you can to select kind of flicker darker. Just play around and you'll just explode like lots of cars here. So let's say this may be just use this fiery look. Okay? And then directly color correction goes. Let's go to the red one. Sad. A little bit of bread. A little bit more. Let's go to the green one. I had some green and maybe called trust. Okay, many be just increased. Read a little bit. You can be decreased so you can achieve this fiery look also by just changing a few servings and even you can also play right click style eyes. No and disagrees. Maybe deceptive to screen and splay around. And it's fun. Energy is great, and you can use it very nice. Okay, thanks for watching and take care and see you in the next course.