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Create and sell your first NFT for free

teacher avatar Programming Made Easy, Software Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to this course!


    • 2.

      Introduction to Canva


    • 3.

      The designer tools of Canva


    • 4.

      Creating a blockchain identity


    • 5.

      Creating your first NFT


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About This Class

This class will be structured in 4 lessons that contain practical steps for you to take in order to create your first NFT and deploy it on OpenSea. I will show you how you can combine different layers, and generate unique pieces, using the free tool Canva.

What you will learn in this NFT Course:

  • What precisely are NFTs and tokens and how they work

  • How to generate an NFT artwork out of different layers

  • How to upload and deploy the NFTs on OpenSea, so you can put your item up for sale

If you are interested in NFTs and also want to create your own collection, consider this course for you.

There are no other requirements than an internet connection.

Meet Your Teacher

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Programming Made Easy

Software Developer

Level: All Levels

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1. Welcome to this course!: Hello guys and welcome to this course on creating your first NFP using the free online tool called Canva. My name is Alex and I must software engineer that has been using these two in my NFP endeavors for quite some time now, when I heard of the possibility of creating a course to explain more about the chiefs and benefits. I was quite eager to develop one. These glass will be structured in four lessons that contain practical steps for you to take in order to understand exactly how you can use gamble, but also what are NFP is and how you can upload them to a marketplace. I will first of all, show you how to use Canva. Then we will take a closer look at all the ways in which these two makes NFP artwork and easier and faster process for us. Then we will look at how you can upload these artwork on the marketplace like open sea using an Ethereum wallet, like mathematics. If you are interested in better in the other way around NFP is these courses for you. There are no other prerequisites then a computer with an Internet connection. For the project of this class, it will be extremely practical and it will involve you to follow the steps presented during this course. So you can start on your journey of creating NFP is artwork using Canva without the set, I think we are already seeing the first lesson. 2. Introduction to Canva: Hello guys and welcome back to this class where we learn how we can create NFP stat weekend. Furthermore, keep in our open sea collection or even trade them for others in the future. In this class right here, I am going to present you a new tool that is absolutely free because I imagine you do not want to invest anything yet in the tool you are making your NFP sweet since you are at the beginning of the road with the non-fungible tokens. So the two that I want to present to us, I said epi is free and the piece online, NDT is called Canvas. So you can just search Google for Gamble and click the first link that appears to you. And when you do that, you are going to be greeted with this page. What I advice you is that you sign in and go ahead and make an account with them because a lot of their features are only available to you if you are signed in with an account, as I said. But don't let that discourage you because the tool is absolutely 100% free. So no charges will be drawn for you whatsoever. You do not even meet to enter any credit card information, maybe in the future if this whole thing advances for you, enqueue want to go at a deeper stage and the more professional stage then you can get Canva pro and go ahead from there, you can see that they have some advanced tools. The pro version and EPS, ten bucks a month for up to five people. But we're just going to focus on the free version of the tool in this tutorial. So no need to worry there. You can go ahead and log in. But even if you do not log in, lots of the features are still available to you. So as you can see here, you have a button that says play with Canva. You can go ahead and click on it and a whole new tab will appear. And as you can see, a page is already shown to you right here. And you have quite a lot of new staff in the site, many. And in the upper part of the screen, we are going to run through these in the next class and see what each of them do. Then furthermore, I am going to run through a workflow of creating an NFT using Canva. Of course, this is all about the artwork of the ENFP, but you do not need to worry too much about the technical part of it. As that will come naturally if you just upload the open sea as an image and you will just have an NFP at that point. You do not need any code to create an NFT. But with that being said, I thank you very much for sticking with me up to the end of this class. And I look forward to see you in the next one. 3. The designer tools of Canva: Hello guys, and welcome back to this class where we understand how we can create an NXP and more specifically, the artwork part of the NFP. As you can see on the last class, we left at the untitled design of a Canvas page. And in this class we are going to run through all the options that we have available in the sidebar here, as well as on top, both in the left and the right part of the screen. And see what tools exactly these Canva designer makes available to us in order to create our NFP. First of all, you can see that we have this sidebar, the left part of the screen. And here we have templates, elements, uploads, photos, text, audio, videos, background anymore. Here is the preach that we can actually customize. And when we click on it, you can see that this button shows up right here that we can use in order to select background color for our image or our future MFT artwork. And we already have some default colors here, but if none of these is actually on our liking, we can go ahead and select both from here, or we can even throw a hexa code on it if we want a specific color that we know the hexagram before. Or we can also pick a color from the whole browser and choose that one. But for now I'm just going to leave it at that next. Let's go back to the left sidebar. When we click on Templates, you can see that they have quite a few templates here. And these work just like a PowerPoint presentation that is much prettier than the templates that you would find in actual PowerPoint. And you can see you also have calendar pages. You can have all sorts of templates that you can choose and right style for your business or contact cards and so on and so forth. So there are lots of templates, but this is not really the topic of our course right here. So we can go ahead and IT elements here, these elements, you can think of them as PNGs. So small images with transparent background. And these can be very useful if you want to design an NFT. They have also stickers that are animated, but they also have some that are not. And most of them are free. So you can start to hearing if you find something nice that you like, the aspect of you can just go ahead and click on it and throw it on your design. And that's as quickly as you are going to get with any tool ever. That's why Canada is used by millions of users instead of Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. It's because of the quickness in easiness of things that get done here. You can also, as you can see, rotate these, change the color to eat also. So that's another big major plus, you can flip PQ, can animate it, you can crop it and so on. So the elements part is huge and you can also search for things here. Let's say we want a coin in our NFP. And here a lot of coins and also things that he finds related to it are presented and we can just go ahead and slip them there. That is hugely useful. Now, remember that there is also a paid version for this. I do not recommend it to you before you try it and see if this design your Easy, good match for you. But you can also get some more advanced elements. If you have the pro Virginia, as you can see here, this is not really a good example, but in some cases the pro elements are quite good and you might want to use them. Also. As you can see in this image, there are actually more than one color two element. And you can just click some of them and change just doses. You can see hugely customizable and very easy. These are the main advantages of camphor. Now they also have some other elements, not just these transparent background photos. They also have actual images with the whole background put in. They have some graphics, which are the things that we talked about. And they have videos and audio. As you know, some MAPs are including audio. So you can go ahead and strike in this direction as well if you wish to. Or some of them are animated and you might want to choose a video for them. But some videos are only available for the producers. So you can see if that checks your needs or not. Next we have the upload step. And here, as I said at the beginning of the class, you need to be signed in to actually be able to upload images or video or an audio track. So any type of media that you want to upload to your image here that you are going to furthermore download at the end of the process, you're going to actually need to be signed in to do that. But that's not such a problem. The do not send them e-mail from my experience. So there's no reason not to create an account with them even with your secondary e-mail if you have worries. With that being said, next, we have the photos part. We also saw that in the element's depth, but here we get a more detailed view. And you can see that some pictures are actually quite nice and usable in our design here, the text part is again, hugely important if we want to write anything in our artwork. Because we do not only get the standard text that we can add and change the font size, color, and so on and so forth. But we also get already customized, kind of fix that we can change and make them say whatever we want. And DC is hugely aesthetic and very useful in BNF t domain. As you can tell that designs are actually quite numerous. As you can see. They just keep on going and going. And in my opinion, they are actually quite beautiful. I suggest you to use some of them in your artwork. Next we have the Audio tab, as you already saw in the elements stamp, which is a bigger tip that includes all of the photos, audio as you saw and so on and the stickers. But we also have an audio here. If we want to create an image that lasts for some time, maybe with a GIF in it that is animated and also background audio. Weekend, choose some audio from here. Or we can also upload the IEP as you saw. But you need to be signed in the last stamp here, other than the more one is the one with the backgrounds. And as you can see here, we can either get images that are again, very aesthetic or we can get some other backgrounds that don't say as much, but are again aesthetic and you can also add layers on top of them. The thing here is that again, this is huge, these two. And you can also use it in other purposes, not just any filmmaking. You can use it if you have a PowerPoint presentation at your school or a project or something like that. As you can see, it is hugely customizable. Ip3 and TTS, again, faster than any other alternative. The most important tip that we are going to go on now is the more one In year they have styles, audio, videos, background and folders as we saw. But we also get some other things like draw, which is stealing better version, but you can do it. So if you click on it, you can go ahead and actually draw on the image. And if you have an artistic hand, you can even get this application on your iPad and go ahead and really draw something on your NFP. And again, this is a free tool. So instead of buying, procreate or something else like that, an application for an iPad where you can draw. This can be the alternative that is very easy to use and it can get work done faster. As you can see, the sizes that transparencies and the type of brushes are quite giving you a selection here. So this is again quite nice for you. And all these tools will actually help you a lot when trying to create your artwork. Now let's say you created an image that you are quite happy with and you want to save it. You need to be logged in if you want to be saved on the browser. Because otherwise, if you're not logged in each time that you are going to enter the camera website, you will be greeted with the untitled photo that is empty and not work will be saved. But if you log in for free again, I mentioned you are going to be able to get your work saved on Cloud. So if I close this and then open it up again, this image with this drawing will appear saved just as I left it. And also if you want to do, maybe save this image on your hard drive, you can go ahead and click on present. You can go ahead and click on share, and then click on Download, then select the PNG or JPEG type of image, and then go ahead and select only the pages that you want to use. And in our case, it's just the last one. Go ahead and click done. Then you can go ahead and click on Download. That's how you save an image. Also, you can share it on social media or you can print it. But another thing that you can do here is to share with other camera members. And you can also make a presentation like a PowerPoint presentation directly from here. You do not need the Microsoft PowerPoint or any other PowerPoint that you might have used up to this point. This is completely free. Here are some insights based, not really very useful for us here. You can also see that here we have a Zoom In and Out button for our slides. We can also make notes here for different pages. Maybe we want to remember something about the artwork that we have done. Again, these features are more towards the presentation use of this tool. But as you can see, the possibilities are quite endless. If you click on File here, you can save again to Cloud, to a folder, make a copy, download it, and so on and so forth. You can create a new design. You can change the name of this one in order to be more recognizable by you sell. That's also something you can do here. But this was about these lecture where I present you the tools which make Canva the most usable, fast, and free to that you can get access to nowadays. It is very powerful, as you saw, has quite a lot of options on it. And in the next class, I will walk you through a design of an NFT using this tool. They asked in order to see how debt workflow might look like in the future. Maybe you will try to. But with that being said, I thank you very much for sticking with me up to the end of this lecture and I look forward to see you guys in the next one. 4. Creating a blockchain identity: Hello guys and welcome back to this class where we understand how we can create any PHP. In this lecture, we are going to take a closer look at how exactly can we have an identity on the blockchain in order to be able to buy, sell. And if peace. And to do that, we're going to need to make an account on the largest NFT marketplace available nowadays that is called open sea. And as you can see here at open feed that i o, these empty marketplace resides. And after taking a quick look at it, you can see in the right top corner that you have a profile drop-down. And when you click on it and you would want to access your profile, you see the two you need them, Ethereum wallet to use open sea, the most popular one, and the one that they recommend is meant to mask. This is also my recommendation, is this is the most widely used wallet nowadays and you can store on it different cryptocurrencies, like if Solana and so on. But you can also store here you are NSAIDs. Of course, this is a very safe wallet. They have over 21 million users worldwide at the moment I'm recording this video and the only more secure option would be a cold storage for your cryptocurrencies in LFTs. But that would not let you make any transactions as a nano ledger or something like that. He's a device that is not connected online anywhere. And this is why it is the safest because if he's not hackable, but at the same time, it didn't provide you any ability to make any transfers with the crypto currencies that you have on it or the NFV is the second best thing and the one that is going to work for you in the scenario that we are going to use it for is this mathematics wallet, which you can head on mathematics that i o and click on Download. Now, now you have alternatives. You can download this as a mobile application. They have an application for both iOS and Android. But if you are on desktop, which I suggest you to be, if you are trying to flip these LFTs, because desktop browsers have the best compatibility with collection creator sides where you're going to want to maintain if these from, it is going to be just an add-on for your Chrome browser. And you can go ahead and click on Install mathematics for Chrome. And when you click on it, it is going to redirect you to the Chrome Web Store and you can just add to Chrome extension. You can see here that they have ten plus million users. So epi is pretty safe to do so. And also everybody in the empty space is using these mathematics quality might have heard of it already, but it is a pretty solid option when it comes to equilibrium wallets, I've said. Now, you can see that when you click on Add extension, it will automatically redirect you to setting up your mathematic account. And we can go ahead and get started. Now it will ask you if you are new to mathematics score, you already have a wallet. You can import a wallet if you have another wallet already set up, but I'm going to create a new wallet. And you can see here that they will make you create a new password. Here I suggest you to create one of those passwords that glucose suggests to you, which is very complicated and contains all sorts of characters, letters and digits and special characters to, as this is the gateway to your account and the money that you will have as well as the NFP. So choose a complicated password, not something that would be easy to guess. So now I'm going to choose my password. Then we're going to read and agree with the terms of use and create our own wallet. We can click on Next here. And we also have, besides the password that we have set out for this wallet, a secret recovery phrase, which makes it easy to backup and restore your account if you lose your password or the access to the browser where BC extension of MetaMask is located at and you should never disclose your secret recovery phrase Is, anyone with this phrase can take your wallet and put it on their machine and then transfer all the Ethereum, Santa Ana, and then if these that you have there to their account and you cannot get it back, even though on blockchain, the transactions are public, they are irreversible. So if you want to see your secret recovery phrase, I suggest you to click on it and then memorize it. But for now, I am going to skip this step, but I suggest you to do a TRE now, if you are not sure that you are able to memorize it, you can also write these words on a piece of paper and then put that somewhere safe. Not lose it. Again. You can see that at this point we have created our mathematics squalid. You can see that we have an account here. Here it is. It's address. If you want to send something to this account, you can click here and copy it address. And then from the quality, you can send the PBM here. Here we have assets and the activity, meaning the transactions that we have done. We have the main net here, which is the Ethereum main net, which is the real deal, the place where it actually gets traded. And here we have different accounts. You can also create multiple accounts and transfer Ethereum or NFV, these in-between them, just in case you think an account of yours might have been compromised by connecting to a website that you didn't address. We will talk about that later. But for now, let's see how you can actually add premium into this wallet and how you can also connect it to an open sea account. So first of all, you can click on these by here in order to get you a premium. You have three options. You can buy it with wire that lets you use a debit card to deposit Ethereum right into your mental mask account. You can buy it also with transect. Or you can directly deposit ether if you have anywhere else, like in your Coinbase account and so on. If you do not have any theorem already, I suggest you, if you are based in the US to use wire and if you are based outside of us to use that transact so you can go ahead and continue to transact. Here, things are going to be pretty straightforward. You can choose how much money you want to pay in here, it will say how much Ethereum you are going to get and you can go ahead by mail and then the equilibrium will come on and, and gets sent to your mathematics key account. Now, also, in order to have mathematics as a pinned extension, you can click on these puzzle piece right here, and then click on this pin. Then mathematics will be shown here and you can Edenic point, click on it and see your account and how much money you have after you have created your mathematical counting, you are logged in with it after quite some time. So it might take five or ten minutes, but then it will automatically log in to you when you open, open, if you are mathematic account is attached to your browser and EPs opened, but this was about it for the first lecture. So now you have an identically on the blockchain and you have Ethereum ready at your disposal. And you can go ahead and buy, sell or flip. Nfv is for a profit, which is the most crucial first step they chew need to get started. So guys, I thank you very much for sticking with me up to the end of this lecture. I really hope you got something out of it. If you have any questions about this process or you get stuck at any step, feel free to message me here and I look forward to see you guys in the next lecture. 5. Creating your first NFT: Hello guys and welcome back to the scores. Wherever we learn how we can create our first NFP artwork using the free online tool Canva. And also how we can furthermore, create an identity on the blockchain and upload our NFP on the Ethereum blockchain in order to just have it in our collection, or maybe putting it up for sale. In this lecture right here. I'm going to firstly present to you, as you can see right now on this screen a time-lapse of DFD artwork drawing that I did for this course. So as you saw, I just picked a color for the background using the square that was available in the left top of our slide. And then furthermore, using the draw option of the canvas designer, which is still embedder. Actually at the time of this recording, I managed to start drawing upon three assigned and some clouds. And another thing to be mentioned here would be that you need to be logged in into the Canvas page if you want to do, be able to use the draw feature of these online tool. Because at the moment of this recording, it is not available if you are not logged in. But once we get through with the design of these NFT artwork, I am going to go ahead and show you how you can put it up on Open see on the Ethereum blockchain, as I've said, we're going to go through that part now. Okay guys, so now that we have our MetaMask wallet, repeat. You can go ahead and go on Open. See is you see and click on this wallet right here. When we do that, we are going to be prompted to connect to open sea with one of our wallets. And the popular one is Matter mask. We're going to click on it. And by default, it will recognize that you have the extension connected with your actual wallet in your browser. And as you can see, it will connect. You hear from the list classes. Now you have the PNG image that is going to constitute the artwork for our NHD that we're going to upload on open CAN put for Seal. Now we can go on create. Here we have notification on MetaMask that requires our signature. We can go ahead and sign it. And you can see that now we have the ability to create a new item. And now I am going to upload the image that I draw with Canva in the last class. As you can see, that worked like a charm. Now we can put a name to eat. I'm going to call it a palm tree. External link. We do not actually need these de description is optional. You can put some properties we did along with some marry these, but that usually goes for collections, not just one of them. But with that being said, even with one of them, you can actually put the property that is unique or something like that. You can figure that out for your own. You can see that you can also choose in which blockchain you want to create this NFT on. I'm going to remain with Ethereum. And then you can go on and click on create. Just like that, you can see that you are, item is made available on the open sea marketplace in the Ethereum collection. So these actual image now East created into an item on the blockchain that is called an NFT. You can see that it is owned by you. Now it is not anymore, just an image, so just an artwork. It actually is an NFT. If you want to go ahead and sell it, you can click on cell here. And you can choose the amount of Ethereum you wanted to go for. And you can choose here whatever feels fair to you. You can either do a fixed price or a timed auction. I'm going to do a fixed price. Then you are also choose the duration in which you want this item to be made available to be sold for. And then you also have some fees, which is 2.5% service fee, which is only going to be taken from you after this item is salt. And the price you are going to take for it is written here in dollars. I can lower it a bit as that feels more fair to me. But depending on how much you for it, on your artwork, you can choose your own price. You can go ahead and click on complete listing. And now it is going to initialize your wallet. Then you are going to have to approve this item for steel and then confirm your listing. So this is about it guys. For this tutorial, you can see that we have creeping an item on open sea from scratch and we can also sell it. Thank you very much for sticking with me up to the end of this class. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me here. And once again, I look forward to see you in next classes.