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Create an Abstract Colorful Artwork Using Photoshop and Cinema4D

teacher avatar Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Explaining the process


    • 3.

      Creating abstract shapes


    • 4.

      Adding colorful material


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      Create Artwork on Photoshop


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About This Class

On this class you will learn some simple techniques to create a colorful abstract poster using Photoshop and Cinema4D.

You will create an abstract shape on cinema4D and then upload it on photoshop to make color fixing, adding other elements and finally creating a modern luminous artwork.

During the following of the class you can experiment with different options or levels as the process is more experimental and it gives you the freedom to explore and get different results.

So I would really love to see what you create after you learn these techniques. I will review every project and upload them on my instagram page.

Find the background used on photoshop:

Meet Your Teacher

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Klarens Malluta

Visual Artist

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi, My name is Clarence. I'm a graphic designer and I recently started a challenge to create an artwork every day for a year on this class you will learn how to create this exact poster from my daily artworks. But with the same technique you can create different posters like this or like this. First, we will create the abstract shapes on cinema for D and then goto father, shop, toe work with coloring and lending more elements to make this poster modern and colorful. By the end of this class, you can create your own posters and edit toe the project section. I will review every single project and add them on my instagram story. So make sure to enroll and see the whole class. Thank you. 2. Explaining the process: Hey, guys. Saw on this part of the tutorial? I'm going toe. Explain the process off the poster. You have already seen the final posters, but I haven't started yet, so I have some examples. Ah, where? I have an idea of what I'm going to create. So I'm going to create something similar to this. Ah, so to do that first. Ah, we are going toe work on cinema for the to create the this Ah, these abstract shapes like that one here. Here Basically it is just one abstraction but you Ah, we can ah change its size and make it Ah, make it more so we get like this space. Ah, feeling so Step one on cinema four d create Ah, this shape and that some material some colors. And then, ah, after we render it, we go toe photo shop and ah, change the color at some background. Make it like more tree p. We're going to learn some some simple techniques, but very useful to create this modern busters, our artworks. So you can use for your own purpose. But ah, with the same technique we're going toe to use on cinema. For tea you can create this poster or this one. So I think it will be very helpful. So let's get started 3. Creating abstract shapes: welcome back. So on this part we are on cinema for the and the first thing we need to do is create a sphere. So to do that we goto this cube right here. Hold click on it and go toe sphere. Now you can change its size by going toe scale, scale, tool and just ah, click on it and ah, drag up to change its size. You can change the camera of you here on this tools these three tools here. But ah, now we need to create these abstract shapes. So to do that, we change the layout from startup toe sculpt Ah, Now, to make it creditable, we need toe uncheck this perspective tool, you can just click, see or click on it. Now you have these tools on the right toe to make it Ah, to make the sphere abstract. You can, For example, you can choose these grab tool and just applied on this fear like that Just drag it up. You can Ah, you can click on this polygons here toe to have a better view. So just supply this effect on ah all over the sphere to make it more abstract. You can choose even these other tools like amplified But ah, grab is more Ah is more useful on this case. I think now we can rotate this fear toe toe, edit the other parts of it. So go to this model cube here, right here and now from scale. Go to rotate toe and rotate this fear and do the same thing as we we did was with the from part of this fear So a gang goto polygons Goto grab and just apply this effect all over the this fear. So now that we've finished with the sculpt process we go we change again The layout from Skop toe start up And now we are going to apply different effect on this sphere to make it more abstract. So to do that you're goto this bento Hold quick and ah Goto the second option here Twist Click on that and ah, on this layer right here You you put it below the sphere like that And now you go to the object and ah, when we need toe change the angle for so from zero we can go toe 700 for example. And here you get Ah, this abstract shape. You can change the angle again to make it more sharp, like 700. I think 500 was better. So so we're going with that. Her is. Here's another view. You can rotated and still get, Ah, beautiful result. So that's it for this part of the tutorial. On the next part, we're going toe at the material and, ah, some colors. 4. Adding colorful material: welcome back. So on this part, we're going to create the the material. So just go to this part right here. Click. Create new material. Double click on it. First, we are going to add some colors on it, so make sure the color is checked and on this texture right here Ah, click on Grady int double click on on this Ah, black and white Radiant. And we are going to change its scholars and that some morgue radiance. So click on this black partier and, ah, change the colors. You can choose your your own colors. I'm choosing some blue on purple Click on ah on this Grady int over here to create ah, different parts off colors To make it more abstract We can change again the colors on the father shop Let's create another Grady int. Now what? What we can do is go toe this reflect INTs here and ah goto head Click on that back One part here and ah change the texture. Click on that and go toe effects and ah, click on spectral. This will make the material more like luminous. Now you can click on this spectral here and change the intensity in 100 to make this more smooth. Anyway, you can play around with this options here with colors or with reflect INTs until you get the result you like. So to apply the material to this ah abstract shape we created, just hold them the click on and ah, put it on sphere. Now let's see. Ah, her interview. Here you have. Ah, this material applied to the to the abstract shape But to make it more Ah luminess you need Teoh to add ah sky on it. So goto this floor it here, hold click on that physical sky. This will make it more shiny. The make sure to get Orender on the part of the of this fear where it is in front of the sun. So let's see, let's see in different parts until you get result you like toe make it more shiner. You can goto this physical sky and goto son and change the intensity. Make it tire. Now let's see a gun. I think it is okay like this. So now we need to render it. But ah, we need toe create a PNG image so we don't need the sky background So to get rid of us this physical sky, you just goto click on physical sky Goto text cinema for the text on Goto compositing and now you just sound check these seem by camera option. Let's get ah interview again. So as you can see, the effect is applied on this fear. But ah, the sky's not seen by the camera. Now let's ah, fix the settings for the render Click on editor under settings, you can change the with and hate on this part. Here I will go is something with something big, so the quality is better. Now make sure the frame ranges on the current free. Now go to save and ah, you need to change the former toe to a PNG and make sure the Alpha Channel is checked because these make sure the the background is not seen by the camera. So you get a PNG image and goto this file here when you want toe. So say the the PNG image. That's where the name on it and click save not just goto to render and ah, wait for the render to finish. After the render is finished, we will go on photo shop toe, change the colors to make it more colorful and ah, at the background. So to create ah, final postures soc! On the next video. 5. Create Artwork on Photoshop: Hey, guys, Welcome back. So now we are on further shop and ah, we have the PNG image we created from cinema for the eso. Let's Koppett and Ah create. Ah, new document. Let's change the size of the foster We're going to create. You can choose your own size. That's Ah, You can ah make the resolution bigger if you want it for prints so quick. Okay, now let's base it. So, uh, there are different things you can do with this abstract shape to create. Ah, the poster you like, But I'm going with one possibility. Ah, I'm going to create like some Ah, some planets. So the these abstract shape represent the planet makes something like a galaxy. But anyway, let's ah, let's continue doing it. So you get ah, a better idea. So Ah, first I'm going to change the ah, the colors off the off these shape. So go to image adjustments and go to consideration. Here you can change it to get the different colors. Ah, of course. This is totally experimental, so or subjective, so you will choose your own colors. But ah, I'm choosing this one. I think I like like weather Greek. Okay, Now you can make this one shiner. Maybe the contrast. Think of Kate. Ah, let's make a copy of this click Old bulky and Ah, drag it up. And ah, something you can do to make this more shiner is go to image adjustments, go to levels and change this So you can view just the just the part that the that are brighter like this click. OK. And now you can change the mode from, nor normal toe to screen. Here you can treat you can see the difference or goto overlay. But I think screen is better. You can copy this again. Ah, now I'm going to emerge this both layers. So we have just one one layer that represents this. Ah, these abstract shape. So now let's at the background. I'm going with some blue because I want to create like us something in space like a sky. Now go to this. Ah, Grady, in tool and just supply. Make sure you have created a new layer that is below the is the the upset shape. Now let's again create a copy off this shape by holding gold and drag this Lear up. I'm creating several layers because I will ah, change its size and ah placed them in different places of the pasta. So let's uncheck this for the moment and move. Just this one here, I think. Let's ah, grip Common control. Rusty Onda. Hold stiff to keep the proportions. Now you can I think I like better this other part so you can create something like this. And now Ah, the other Lears again Among control T holds you to keep the proportions, so just please them in random places of the posters again, click on this. They're right here. So it's the same process. I'm just trying toe Place them in different He random places toe. Give this, uh, this feeling off something. Ah, yeah, that is in space like planets. Let's make this one smaller. Maybe place it here can do again with this'll ear We created maybe one. This one should be smaller. Let's ah, drag this big lier again. Copy and see where we can place it toe Feel more the whole part. Maybe try to rotate them, so make sure you are clicking on the earlier You want to retain rotate? Maybe we carry name this like one, too, three for five. So just double click on Ito to rename it so Ah, maybe hold old again and copies. I'm dragging this above all the layers toe Make this 16 I think it looks nice. Maybe that let's make this more visible or bigger. Yeah, I think maybe we can rotate this one. So the idea is just to create something that is in space. Not very strict, not very flexible. You can click among control T and not told Shift to make this random shapes like this maybe had another one. And let's make this very small. Let's do it again. Yes, I know. We can work with a background. I want to add like a staring NYT background. I have one here. Ah, I will put ah the image on on the link of the image of the description so you can use the same image. Or you can just search on Google for like, staring night or something. So let's copy this and ah, place it on the on the poster we are creating Let's ah scale. It's a quick command control T hold chief to keep the proportions. Now we can copy this layer again and, ah, click screen on this below layer. So we get just the the lights of it. And now click on these above there. Change the positive toe, Nick, where I think we can keep it like that. And now we go to areas tool toe to raise some of these parts. See, this gives like a dreamy affect. You can change the size of the brush and apply this on different areas of the poster. Another thing we can do is go toe creating you earlier and maybe at some some clouds. So again, goto brush tool and ah, I usually use this brush. You can download them for free. Just search on Google clouds by Mila Greek. Okay, and that's apply some of them. We can change the size, maybe change the color to something purple and also change the mode from normal toe diesel . So just apply them on random places. What? Maybe it was another brush and change the color to blue change again. The size. Another thing we can do is ah, just change the brush toe like something normal and make sure the mode is ah, dissolve. Let's change the size and to supply this this thistle brush like grainy effect. I think this gives ah, nice affect and, ah, I think we need to change. The color color's off this planet's So it's ah suites more with the background. So let's group them click on this one layer hold shift, click on the six layers So basically, just click from planet Oneto last planet by holding shift And now just click on this group right here. Now let's copy this by holding gold and dragon up and ah, again, let's select all the layers and the emerging layers toe one there. So let's uncheck this below earlier we are working with this one. So to change the colors, I'm going to image adjustments. You situation? I'm going with something more blue. I like this one, but again, I'm applying another effect like color balance he has This one is his much better, I think. Let's see a preview. Yeah, it sweets better now click OK and ah, something else you can do to make this like more modern, more, more abstract is ah at some text. But ah with the effect on it. So let's go toe texts. I usually like to use this lemon milk regular fund. Uh, you can download it for free, so let's click. And ah, I'm making the texts. Ah, white change the size toe, maybe 20. Yes. Ah, and let's let's at ah like a random text some anything. Something like Abstract Planet or something. But I'm making ah spaces between them. So the whole text feels the whole posture. Try to make this as much random as you can so I'm heading more text. So it feels the the whole artwork. So now I think it is ok Ah, are again you can play around with Ah, this one right here you can you can change the positions of it or maybe make it more wider . So I just play around with this and ah, no, I need toe Make this more like trippy or you can leave it like that. But anyway so I'm copping this This layer this text and ah, hold right click and the quick on rest arise type so it is converted to a layer. So let's uncheck this text and now we go toe filter liquefy and use this These were effect . You just supply maybe change the size, Make it a little bigger. Just supply the little on the Texas, so just click, like, for just one click to make it more smooth, More tripping and click. Ok, so now I think it looks Ah, much better. Some, uh, something else you can do. He's goto this part right here and the like a new situation. Maybe you can get different varieties off off colors that you may like. I think this one is better. So I'm choosing this one. Ah, maybe See this. This layer right here. See the positive? Yeah, maybe we can lower it Looks much better. I think so, Yeah. Basically, I think we finish with this abstract posters. I hope you liked it. I really would like to see her project on these because I will review them all and share them on my hits, the ground page and Facebook page. So I hope you enjoyed it and see on the next class. Bye.