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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Preview


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      Let's set everything up


    • 3.

      Playing around with shapes typography and circles


    • 4.

      Adding different elements


    • 5.

      Import your own graphics


    • 6.

      Putting our designs on mock-ups


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      Exporting as a png


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      Using Spreadshirt or another reseller to get our t-shirt for sale!


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About This Class

In this class I will walk you through a t-shirt design process using only Canva! We will then upload it to our online store and get it up for sale. I will even use the free version of canva to make this happen! 

You do not have to take canva beginners course to be able to learn from this class. But just in case you want to start there see link below -->

Learn Canva from an Expert Designer - Let's Create a Brand!


Please be sure to check out legal section on their support page to check on licences and your rights to use their elements and graphics on logos and other items you may be designing. ​You are free to use any .jpg  .png or graphic you import, as long as you have the rights to that graphic. Using their pre-made symbols and graphics for t-shirts is a gray area, so just double check the legal section and feel free to send them an e-mail about proper usage of graphics on their website as their terms may change from time to time.​

Meet Your Teacher

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Lindsay Marsh

Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.

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1. Class Preview: learn to create a T shirt. In Canada, we work with lines, shape and typography to design several concepts. Then we'll be able to test their concepts on T shirt mock ups to figure out what the 51 we want to go with in the end will be able to upload her T shirt and get it online for sale. If you didn't think you could be a T shirt designer, Camba, you've been pleasantly surprised. As always, let's learn together. 2. Let's set everything up: All right, Welcome back to Canada today. We're going to do a T shirt design in Canada. We're gonna try to do the whole T shirt deciding Camba and then export that design and see if we can upload it to an online T shirt reseller and get a store going. I'm so let's go ahead and get our design set up. So what I want to do is I want to do a print size, so anything that's for a print size would probably be a good start. So I'm not gonna do any of the social media post sizes. So usually this seven by five inch card that's a usually a good template to start with. So we're gonna go ahead and click on that, and we're gonna come up with a blank template. And what I like to do is go to the background and go ahead and set a background mom. So let's go ahead and select this blue. This is gonna be the color for T shirt. So if we want to do a black T shirt and be good to go ahead and set your design on a black or white, um, I think I want to do. Maybe this color. Let me see if I can make that a little bit darker. Maybe right here at a little green course, you're gonna have to find a t shirt color that's close to this. So you're not gonna be able to find the exact match, But this will be good for getting a good idea of how your designs gonna look on the T shirt . So let me go ahead and modify that. Just Well, maybe a little more blue in there. Perfect. Okay, so I set my background color was great about setting the background color is I can click and drag my design in the background. Color is not gonna shipped around. Um, so that's great. So let's go ahead. I'm gonna come up with a couple of different designs on this, um, template here, and we're gonna go ahead and pick the one we like the most, so we're gonna do a couple of different versions. So for the first version, I'm gonna do a text based T shirt design. Those were usually the easiest to do. So let's go ahead and see what we have. They have pre made you go ahead and use a pre made text box if you like how a certain style looks. Let's go ahead, delete. So if any of these piqued my interest so if I would have a T shirt that has this as the basis of it, I can actually go up here on group it, take away any elements that I don't really need, you know, And then I can kind of work. If I want to have a really high impact, text based T shirt, I can go ahead and have this already set up. But a lot of times I find it easier to go ahead and do do one from scratch to be scrolled down here. They have a lot of options. So I kind of like this. I'm gonna drag this over here and see if I can come up with something better. So I really like that font. So I'm actually gonna click on this UN group, and I'm gonna find out what fought that ISS. So that is called League Spartan. So I'm gonna remember that when I do mind from scratch, let's go ahead. Delete that. Does this dragon kind of your generic text here so I could do kind of a coffee, you know, kind of continuing with my first class, where I developed a brand. Um, for a cafe are going to keep going with that for this T shirt. So is Ah, Marsh Cafe. So I'm gonna go ahead and do my business name, and I believe that was in Bondo knee. Let's go ahead and make that bond. Oni here it ISS. And I think I added a little spacing. They would guess. There's kind of good to be your name at the very bottom of the T shirt. I'm gonna dragon another box, and I'm gonna might. Slogan's gonna be drink coffee locally. So we're gonna have our first text box. Box box is gonna be drink coffee. We're gonna go ahead and drag her box. So that's all on one line. I think that'll look good. I want to add a little more line spacing. Here are a little bit more character spacing, and I'm just gonna copy this And what I want to do is I wanna put locally, but I want to do like, a cool script. Thought so. I'm gonna go locally. All lower case and let's see if we can find a cool script font that would look good. That one's not quite as readable aside like Let's keep going. I think I found one when I was doing my test T shirt that I really liked. There's that league Spartan. That's what I really like that I'm gonna play around with that with another design. Who? How about this one? It's a little better. Let me make this line spacing a little tighter. But she was script bots. I don't want to have a lot of space between the characters. You wonder if I do a capital l That looks a little better. I don't make it slightly bigger. It's like that. And I'm gonna be able to rotate it with this icon, so rotate a little bit to kind of give it a little more of a custom look. And that might be a little limits. Reduce the line spacing There it is. Perfect. So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna double click, and I'm gonna go up here and make all of my font white. Does it be nice to have a one color T shirt because it's a lot cheaper to do one color than multiple colors. Let me un bold that I don't think I embolden the logo. There we go. So you can kind of start seeing a design come together a little bit. I can actually make this smaller. There we go. That's nice. The drink coffee locally when we play around with fonts. So I'm just gonna do fought with this when I'm not gonna do any design or any other elements. I really want to make the font. I would make sure the funnest strong so just kind of Selena That looks good. That's really need. That's got kind of all modern. Look, let me see what a lower case l looks like. Let me just play around one more time with bonds, too great. A great way to see what kind of fonts they offer. Playlist script. That's pretty modern. Where you have kind of That's perfect. That's really cool. Let me kind of rotate this just a little more. Make it look like it was hand written on there. And if we want to add a little icon, we're not totally restricted. Let's, um and I always wonder, Let's break this up a little bit, so I got a copy. I'm gonna delete coffee from this line and then on this line, Delete drink. Now we have this divided. I'm gonna make this bigger so that it lines up, so that's a little bigger. And that's little smaller, but it has a nice blocked look to it. Let's go to our bond Only I don't think that's the right fought Bondo knee. There would go much better. This needs to be slightly bigger. Or we can do the line spacing a little bit. There we go. Let's make sure this is lined up. Let's make that a little smaller. Make that 21. So that's really coming together. I'm gonna go ahead and save this, make sure you say frequently and can bust. Sometimes accidents happen, and the browser refreshes and illusion progress. That's cool. Let me go to shapes. I went at a cool square to maybe box this design out a little bit. I was gonna go toe elements and go to our shapes to see if I can get kind of a generic box . Maybe more of Ah, let's see, I could put this in anything, really, any of these shapes could be our border. Looking more for a longer square. We see what happens if I drag this in. Comes dragging the shape in and I'm gonna make the shape light to match everything. So perfect. I think I like it as a T shirt. Design actually would like to have that skinnier, but I'll play with that around with that a little bit later. So what I'm gonna do is gonna go ahead and lips are backgrounds coming apart here. I'm gonna go ahead and select all of these elements this by dragging across and I'm gonna group them. So now this is one group all together now, and I can shrink this down really small. It's gonna keep it all together. Now that it's grouped, I'm gonna slide it to the top and I'm gonna start designing some other designs 3. Playing around with shapes typography and circles: Okay, so let's go ahead and continue to make different variations of this. I'm gonna go ahead. This is a grouped, grouped together text and a shape announced, grouped together. I'm able to copy it up here, and it's slowly copying it and only bring it over here and let's play around with a different boxing shape here. So I'm gonna go ahead on group this and I'm going to remove the shape that we just added and see what else we can do here. Maybe something with a circle. Let's drag this down here. I want to keep that up there. Don't wait, okay? Lets just drag this element down. I almost see if we could make all of these elements white or, if we want to make it black, to have a different option. That's cool. Let's do that. Let's make that black again, because this black this is not too dark. We can always find a T shirt that has a little bit of a lighter blue green, and the black would work really well. So let's try some different shapes. Let's drag some in and see what we think that too much like a bull's eye That doesn't make sense, Triangles. This will look cool. Maybe shrink that down a little bit. Always. Looks like a re sync up like that. A little bigger now that's got its own kind of style. Looks more like a sale sign off for sale sign. I don't like it. Um, okay, let's like a sign that you see on an ad that says for sale, um, 50% off. This is kind of a high end coffee tea place. Let's do something. Kind of cool. Was dragged some of these circular designs, Alex. Neat kind of modern and fresh, but a little too strong will to overwhelming overpowers the text. So we're not gonna use that. And the more you scroll down, the more you'll get into ones where they start to charge you. And, you know, unless you really fall in love with something I would not purchase one of these things in here that are paid. Uh, I'm not saying in the shapes that are just really popping out to me. We could put it in this shape, and since it's solid, like that white behind it, but I don't think so. Okay. We'll stick with square Let's see if we can find a square with a different shape. No. How about just a simple circle? See how that looks? We could make some adjustments. We can't even put Marsh Cafe outside of the circle. Let's do that. All right. So that elements on tops, it's not letting me select the text. So I'm just gonna go arrange and send it this to the back layer. Send that back a little bit. So now be ableto mess with this text. Okay? So let me see. Let me move. Marsh Cafe down here. Let me select all these elements. It's like those three, or I can select them all and then hold down shift, click on the circle and un select that one. So now I could group together just the text, and I'm just gonna make this big block bigger, so that look, that kind of looks nice. Keep Marsh Cafe kind of out of the circle, and we could put a little more spacing between it. Stretch it out a little bit. Getting eyes. Boom. I really like that. That's a great second option. I think what we'll do for the next design and is to take a totally different direction and then once we have 1/3 option, will pick our favorite and go ahead and plot a flight to actual T shirt online and get that thing online to sell. 4. Adding different elements : So before I move on to a totally different concept, I wanted to play around with this one and make 1/3 little variation. Um, and I changed this just a little bit. I changed the thought so that it's Sand Saref. And then there's a Sarah font, and then there's a script, so it kind of has a nice dynamic look to it. So I want to add maybe a line, something to break up all the fun. So, um, I'm gonna kind of take these two actually gonna ungroomed this on group this and I'm going to start to move the elements around a little bit. So I'm gonna bring this up. I'm just gonna create a little more spacing between coffee and locally And this cripple a little line separation graphical line between the two elements. So it's good lines and see what we have. We could just do your basic line, but there was really meet ones I saw down here. This arrow could be kind of neat. Um, let me actually make that black and see what that looks like. Shrink that down a little bit on. Bring that over here. If I want to add a little bit of a angle to it. It's kind of neat. Um, I think I could find the better arrows. Let's go ahead and delete that. There's even this little, um, little shape that we could use will flourish. I guess they call him. Maybe this one. That could look kind of neat. Let's delete this one. Let's make this black, shrink it down a little bit and see what this looks like. Bring it over here, make it look like it's coming off the font. So if you like that, you can keep that. Just be kind of something in between here, kind of a neat little element. Let's just keep trying something different just for the sake of seeing what they got. There was an arrow here. I liked a little better than that first hero. I think it was this one. The little more streamline at skinnier. It's not going to be so bulky oven element. It's gonna get a nice with this, so I'm gonna have the arrow. I wonder if I just make it a little crooked that help. Let's make it straight. There's a little graphical element to break everything up and you could do the same thing with illustrations. I'm just gonna go ahead and save this while I have it, and you can go up Teoh here. Illustrations. They can import different little graphical elements and changes that black to make sure you're it matches everything we got. So there's all sorts of stuff can actually type in coffee up here and see what you get. So since this is kind of local, we could do buildings. Was type in city. Oh, that's crazy. But that could look kind of cool. I could look really cool. Um, if you wanted something really illustrative So here's one could make this a little smaller . Have, like a cool like city on top, you know, kind of, ah, shirt. You would create it. You were going to be a part of others by local kind of events. But I think that was actually for sale. I think it's a dollar, so you won't be able to export the image unless you purchase that graphic. You can always find stuff for free, but we'll play with with that a little bit later. I kind of like this with the arrow. I'm gonna save that as my next option, we're going to one more option using shapes, creating a totally different type of logo that's not typography based, and then we'll be able to get our T shirt ready to be loaded online. 5. Import your own graphics: I wanted to show you really quickly if he wanted to use graphics that are not already on camera. So you wanted to import graphics to use for your T shirt design. I would recommend to get P and G's, which have a transparent grab background that's going to be the best thing toe uploaded to drag onto here. Another thing is you want to make sure that their highest resolution possible to make sure they don't. They're not blurry when you get the T shirt printed. So I have two little P and G's that I downloaded. Um, let me go ahead, delete this from other sources. Ah, what I do is I go to a website called free pick dot com. This is the graphic I downloaded, and I was able to break this into photo shop, and I isolated two of these elements and punched out the white background war you confined . You could actually purchase elements that are already PNG as well. So this is just a free resource. I am familiar with illustrator and photo shops. I can easily bring these in tow and isolate them and export them. Is it a P and G but you may not have that skill set. Um, so let's go ahead and go back. And I'm just showing how you can be able to import those. So I went to up loads. I wanna go ahead and upload these to graphics I just created created a spoon and a coffee cup, and I went in tow photo shop here, and I was able to isolate punch out the background. This is the image I imported, and I described it. And then I used the magic wand tool, and I cleared out the background, and I changed the color by double clicking on the layer panel and in color overlay. And then I was able to go to file an export as a PNG, so that might be a little complicated, but you can also buy graphics that where this is already done and you won't be able to change the color on a PNG because it's it's set, Um, so I won't be able to change his color like I can with elements I bring in from Canada. So you got to make sure if you want a black um, graphic on your T shirt, you want to bring in that P and G as a black graphic already. So it's go ahead, delete this element and use the one that we just brought in. So here's our spoon. It's high resolution. I make sure it was a high resolution graphic, so it's nice and crisp. So now instead of an arrow, I can get a spoon. Since this is a place where you're gonna be getting food, drinking coffee, all seven coffee cup like a dragon. We can use both of these elements to kind of add a little bit more than text to our design . Let me shrink this down a little bit. Trick that all the way down cycle. But the coffee cup up here, I could put the spoon. It's my line dividing element right here and there we go, got slipped a little more jazzed up. Make that a little smaller. They put that over here. I drink coffee. I could even put that. I kind of like it. Where was I? Can't even put too little lines here. Who? That's a great idea. Let's go up to elements layouts. Let's see. Let's go to elements and scroll back up to the top and let's do lines. Let's go ahead and add a simple do. A simple lines are gonna bring in this box. Make it really skinny. I'm actually gonna do a little bit of a line here. I'm executed. This really skinny. Perfect. See if it will make me. Ah, if you'll let me make it smaller, that's a skinny is it's gonna let me do it. Ah, these lines are so frustrating to work with. So if you were frustrated, you are not the only one. There we go. It's Bring that over. Copy the element. Click on it. Copy. Let's do the other side. This kind of a line to break everything up. There we go. Now it looks a little bit more like a coherent design. I can actually copy this element again and put a line at the very bottom right here. They would go and I could put my Marsh cafe, maybe down here, and actually make that a tiny bit. Put the spacing a little less between the lettering and now it's all blocked out. Perfect. Okay, so there's kind of our next option, and then we're gonna go ahead and pick our final design and move forward 6. Putting our designs on mock-ups: All right. So I'm back in Camba and I have some final T shirt designs, and I want to narrow it down to the final one. So what I did is they imported some images I found on Google. Tried to find one with a dark background, one with a lighter backgrounds. Aiken, drag these on top and test amount. Um, so I have tried this when I drag this on top, and I'm not super excited about it, so I'm gonna try out black. So this right now, all these air blacks, if I drag this on top, you won't be able to see it, So I definitely want these white ink. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and just select this entire box here. I'm gonna go up here and has changed it. Toe white. I have a group, so it's gonna change all the colors as a group, so I don't have to sit there and individually change all that toe white. So let's see how this one looks. Let's drag this on top, and that's really large. So we can kind of This is a great way to test out placement. You kind of see the placement of your T shirt. We consume in a little bit. See what that looks like. Okay, We could even have This is, like a little emblem on the upper right and then even have something on the back of the T shirt. You know, like a coffee cup or something. Something more elaborate. I kind of like that. We make a little bit bigger. Maybe I like it centered better. So that's an option. Go ahead and zoom out. So now what we're gonna do is try out, huh? I pretty much decided I don't like this design, so I'm gonna delete it. I'm just gonna delete that whole delete the group. Okay, so let's try. I think this one might look need on the blue shirt, so let's drag this in. That looks cool. Let's make that a tiny bit smaller. I don't like the designs to be too big on T shirt. Nice to be subtle. Okay. So far, that's my favorite. Let's drag this one out and drag this one in. But I want to make this. I'm gonna changes toe white. They got white and bring it on top. I don't know this A close call. I like both of these, I think is the final two. So what? We'll do? Think I'm gonna go? I'm gonna go with the one we left. I think that's great. But the one on the right is a great runner up. So we can always have a second option for people who want to buy T shirt. So the next video will be able to find out how we can export thes as P and G's or PDFs to then be able to upload to a website called Spread Shirt where it can actually have a store . People could go online and buy your T shirt. 7. Exporting as a png: Okay, so we have our design picked out. I think I'm gonna go with the blue one. So we're going to just go ahead. I made I went up to file, and I did make make a copy so that I can keep all my other designs. So when you make a copy, this will become the new copy. So if you go up to hear any double click, you'll be able to rename this file. Ah, rename final. And then you'll still be able to have all those other designs you don't override or delete anything by accident. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead, delete anything that doesn't apply to the final design that I want to select. Go ahead and lead all this. I want to delete the group. Actually, those good please group. Okay? We don't need this photo anymore. So let's delete that we have this final design. We no longer need this background. We actually want a white, transparent background when we export the file. Okay, so let's go ahead and make this bigger as big as possible. This is a five by seven. So if you make this fairly large, we probably export in a pretty decent size. Let's go ahead. Make this bigger. Here we go. Make sure all the elements air within the art board. So now we're actually gonna go to download? Um, you can download is a PNG, and you're pretty much done. That's the easy way to do it. You need to have a believe you need to have. It's it'll let me do that. Oh, it's let me do it. Great. Okay, so now I have a PNG, and I believe you want to have a transparent background, so OK, so you're gonna have to have the professional version to be able to do the transparent background. There's gonna be a box. They get a select when you export is in PNG. Make sure you select that transparent background option. I want to do this for people who don't have the professional version, which is the paid version. I want to do it based on the free version, because that's what most of you guys are gonna have access to. So what do you do now? Let's go ahead and do a pdf standard. Actually. Just do pdf's print. Let's do that. Uh, we do not need crop marks and bleed. So let's go ahead and download it. All right, so we downloaded it. Here's our file. Great. So now I'm gonna show you a little website called spread shirt. Um, this is kind of what it looks like. Go ahead, go back. And it's just kind of an online place where you can put T shirts for sale and you have a store so you can use a lot of different. There's a lot of different options for online selling of T shirts. You could do Amazon merch. There's a couple other ones. This one's kind of easy because they do everything for you. You upload the design. You select the T shirt and launch the store. You could literally launch your store in 30 minutes and be able to have a link to send out to people. So it's awesome. It's not a lot of work and traffic on here. That's why it's good to put your T shirt design everywhere you'd like, or if you're selling it for your own company, you could get it printed at a local printer. And if you do that, um, you can be able to send them that pdf we just exported and they'll be able to put it on a T shirt design. But if you want to sell it online, here's what you do. Uh, I gotta go ahead and upload my design. And this is spread shirt dot com. I'm gonna go to downloads, and I have my little pdf. Okay, so it's saying J peg p and G Great. Okay, so it's not going to take the pdf, But you could still use the pdf when he sent it to a local printer. Um, if you're not gonna be selling online, so we need to export this as a transparent PNG. So very easy. We would have already had the stunt if we had the professional version you go to download, um, PNG. Any would click on transparent background. Then you're done. You'd simply upload this graphic and you're done. But let's let's try to figure out what we can do to be able to, um, so what? We're gonna download P and G, and we can't click on transparent background. So here's what's gonna happen. It's gonna have a white background. Well, that's gonna look awful on the blue T shirt, so we need to punch out that white background. There's several ways to do it. I could bring this in the photo shop, get the Magic Select tool, click on the white section and delete it that way. Or there's a couple of websites online. Ah, see, transparent background move, white background. There's actually a good website. Let me see if I could find it clipping magics. Usually pretty good. Um, actually, there's some that you have to sign up for an account and I believe loop it. There it is. Lunatics. Great. You don't have to sign it for account. All you do is upload your file. Get up below that PNG we just downloaded. And if you had a premium version just to can't go over this, if he had a previous version of camera, you would just select transparent background and you're done. So this is for only for people on Lee. Finish watching the speed of this video if this year, using a free version of Ganda. Okay, so ah, make image backgrounds transparent. So we're gonna go ahead and click on this. Look at that. It's already a transparent PNG, and I'm going to download. Okay, let's see here. There it is. Safe. Tricky. Got to find it. Okay, so now I have a transparent background. PNG. I go back to my spread shirt and upload it. I always want to make sure you could do the highest resolution possible. With these, it will let you know if it's too low. Rez. So I'm uploading it. Here's your designs. Let's go and create some T shirts with it. All right, So it's got a couple here, So we, um in the next video, I'm gonna go into more detail about selecting the color and getting it to the right proportion on the T shirt. 8. Using Spreadshirt or another reseller to get our t-shirt for sale!: So I was on spread shirt and I was uploading are transparent PNG and a little warning popped up That said the resolution was not high enough on our transparent PNG. So I'm glad that happened. So we could kind of go through some of this real world things that pop up. So what I'm gonna do is I'm in Canada, and I we did this on a five by seven card, but we need to go bigger. So the biggest thing on here is the poster. So I'm gonna go down here to marketing materials and click on the poster. This is 18 by 24 inches. This is gonna be much larger, so we're gonna be able to export of much higher resolution P and G. So I just did command C command B, which is kind of a keyboard shortcut for copy and paste. So I just copied the logo that we had, and I'm just gonna paste it on here to this poster document. I'm gonna make it as large as I could make it. You can never make something too high resolution. I just want to emphasize that So your T shirt is gonna look awesome and not blurry. Okay, so that's perfect. We're gonna go through the same process that we went through last time. Um, if you had the pro version when you went to PNG would just select transparent background. You ready to get you ready to upload the image? But if you don't have the pro version, this is what you do. So download the PNG. And now we need a pop, that white background off of it to make it transparent. So we're gonna go back to that Luna pic website. There may be others. Ah, you could pop it, punch out that background photo shop if you want. Um, but lunatics Good, cause it's easy, So I'm gonna go to at a photo. Here's are much bigger P and G see how much bigger it is now I believe to punch out. There it is. I just went to edit transparent background, the click on it, and boom, it was removed. So now I know where to download. It's going to save it and see how much bigger that is. We're gonna go back into spread shirt, we'll get a good overview, discard, and we're gonna add in another design. So that one was too small. So it's gonna upload a different one. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and select this. I'm just going to do a male T shirt just for to make it a little simple. So we're just You can have hoodies, sweatshirts, anything you want. So we're gonna go ahead and click on this and edit it. We could do the position and product color. We're gonna make it. Not too big, Not too big on the T shirt. And we're gonna definitely going to change the color. It's a little bit limited on the product colors on this particular website, but that might not be the case on other websites. Um, so it could be purple. This is a male shirt, So I think that gray looks kind of cool. So I like that. Like the positioning. We could actually put a design on the back off. We wanted to, uh, but right now, we're done, so it's gonna go ahead and save it, and then we're done. You'll be able to, um, click on done. I'm not sure why it's not going through, but you'll be able to start up your store right away so you would go ahead and do the same process with a women's T shirt. You could actually do different colors. You can actually go into Canberra again to your let's see, it was the one. You go back into here to your poster and actually change the colors to white and do the same process of exporting the transparent PNG, and you could try it on darker colors as well than two different colors. So, just like that, we're done with the T shirt design Boom. We're done. So now we're ready to launch her store. You do have to do a few things on settings and set up everything, but you can probably get a design done and a store launched within an afternoon by using Hamda. So I hopefully enjoyed this class. If you have any questions, let me know