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Create a realistic watercolor drawing in Procreate

teacher avatar Brenda Bakker, ♥️ Sharing my skills is sharing my joy ♥️

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Sketching a cute litte whale


    • 3.

      Drop in your watercolor and blend


    • 4.

      Creating extra shadows and depth


    • 5.

      Adding some details and color adjustments


    • 6.

      Creating some happiness and the watercolorbleed


    • 7.

      Adding the last bubbles


    • 8.

      Some more drawings with these tools and skills


    • 9.

      Extra Bonus Class: Popsicle


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About This Class

Hi and welome to my first Skillshareclass,

 I just love to draw in procreate, but I also love the authentic look of a real watercolor. So why not combine those two? In this class I will teach you my way of creating a realistic watercolorlook and feel just without the mess of a lot of ink, brushes and paper...

I will provide a watercolorcanvas which is realy important to get a realistic and non digital feel and also a very small brushset. You’ll be needing no more than that to start with. You can find them in the class project section. Make sure you are in your browser to download them and not in the skillshare app.

Meet Your Teacher

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Brenda Bakker

♥️ Sharing my skills is sharing my joy ♥️

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi. Welcome to my skill share clothes. In this close, I will be teaching you how I do my water coloring on the I bet in the f procreate. I love about all the bright colors you can get ended up in this class. I'll be gone into t teach you, Uh, this will we're going to create. We're going to make it less digital and why we want to make it look as authentic as possible. Also, we know what the color beauts are. No harsh lines. Um, I providing you a watercolor campus. I'm going to provide in this class for you. Just a small set off brushes. But you don't need any more for this kind of droving. No harsh, uh, brush. It's it's old on with this for and we're starting with the sketching six b pencil out of procreate. Then you see my watercolor scribble brush is just brush. I tweaked to my liking to make it into more water calorie look, and it's made out of the Hirsch brush, which is already in your pro creates it. Uh, then I created for you some fine dots in watercolor, which has a little bit of see through and darker edges, and I've create some find outs that are more opaque but also in a blend mode. So did but fight you with more see through and more opaque blobby in, uh, in the same brush. And that's all you're going to need for dish brush, so let's get started. 2. Sketching a cute litte whale: first, we're going to start with sketch. I take my 60 pencil. I want to see how my whale would look. I want to still to go up. And I wanted to be a very fluffy wheel. Very lovely and happy will. So it is a huge head on body, and it will go to go into a little tail. Just a rough sketch. How you want it. You will. You look like, um, it has to be a lovely and smiley. Well, I want to be a happy one. It's Billy is going to be somewhere like this, and he's gonna have cute eyes. And here I want to have. It's, you know, fence Well, does one quick. I normally do it that quick, but, um, I must admit, I've practice it for this close. I'm very nervous about it, but I want to share my tips and my my thinking with you. So I'm going to make it a cleaner sketch and do that on top of it. Make me a little bigger. Don't follow to wrong line here. That's why you have to clean up your sketches. So you don't want to do that in, uh, in Europe and peace. I'm not talking way too much, I hope. But I'm being focused. My English isn't good enough. So e raised at part. Yeah, it looks cute. Get rid off the first sketch and I think my whale looks great this way. So let's get it's starting to get the colors in. 3. Drop in your watercolor and blend: uh, with well, water coloring. Uh, you always wet the area where you want to have your colors dropped in, and that's what I'm going to do on my bet. But I'm not going to win my bet. It doesn't like it. So I'm going to mark the area where I want to have my colors dropped. POTUS or multiply a little opaque and I'm going to drop my colors. But first I'm going to mark the upper half off the wheel. I put him on selection, put him on free hand, and then I get my lost. So, too toe work. I'm going to select the all upper half of his body. It doesn't matter if you go exactly over the lines. 10 Drone. So it has have to be perfect. Just traced the outlines a little bit and then step on the little bowl so it has whole shape selected. We're keeping this selection on almost the whole time Now I can drop colors in this wheel, and the colors will only stay in the area and marked. They won't go outside, but you can take a little bit of whites inside, so be careful with that. Sometimes It's comes very handy when you do that, and sometimes you don't like it, but you can use it if you want. I'm going to do a blue greenish well today. So I'm going to my now sort of teal blue and go into the watercolor brush, and I'm going to drop in some color by tubbing and doubling a scribbling and dribbling. You see, when I get over it again, the color gets darker, and that's exactly what I want. I want a little bit off texture, and I also going to drop in some little greens. It makes them to get her. It doesn't have to be colored old away in, um, we're going to blend the colors to make them come together. I'm going to blend in the same brush by holding this much to with her pencil. Step it and put it on the screen. Hold it there. It will take automatically the same brush when what you used for drawing with and then you're going too much. The colors. Two plans also dead and tip so you can leave the Dexter within it. If you smoother blend too much, you're gonna smooth all the textures away, and that's not how I like it. I want it to have a little bit more. Dexter. The real watercolor also has a lot of texture on you. Kant's much it to your liking. Some people like it more. Some people like it less. It's whatever you like. Once a dark areas, you want some light areas justice much even more. I want to dark on the downside of the whale and light parts. The sun comes. It's from above sea. This color always make me so happy. This color blends get very excited. I want to show you, uh, you cons. It's much out, but you can't smudge the whites in. Sometimes you can use that if you want to. Sometimes she wants it more light because off the sun it's much a little bit wide in. I'm blended Condoned it. Also here at the top. If it's too, it's the most fun in. Did you talk water coloring? Gonna zoom out and find this too harsh, almost not blended. I want to blend it some more. Sometimes you have to zoom out a little bit to see some things you don't like. Just a little bit so and perhaps you like it. That's all. Also great. Well, I like it like this. So we got one layer colored already. Now we're going to do the belly making you layer put off this selection because we want to meet you. Nia, make another selection. I moved this downward. Uh, we're going to select its belly, and I take a light gray, almost whites, and we're going to fill it up again with some color. I wanted more Cray to the blue and light. A gray, uh, downwards. It's a brownish grey. Okay. I wanted the bluish gray. I'm going to undo this. So see what this looks like. Yeah. This is what I like better. I have to put a little bit down here. Although I don't want it to be or Gray. But I want to see where is Belly is going to end later on Andi. I hope you can see it's laid off color. Not too much, girl. Just much. It again 60. It's still in selection, so I can't go out of the lines, Make a little bit more gray, give it some texture again. Yeah, I like it on a smarter with little bits. I love this so much. This the part where I get all excited about the colors and and the loveliness off the whale . So cute right now. I love it. 4. Creating extra shadows and depth: we're going to create some more shit does and steps, and I'm going to show you how easily do that I making you layer put it on top of all the colors and I'm going to choose black. And with that and the same brush, I'm going to make it a little bit darker because I choose overlay. It's going to lay Ah, black and film eso. It is going to make a darker like you see through sunglasses, and when you put it all over here, it's only darkens the color on the neath, so you can also do it by taking a darker blue taking darker green. But then, when you want to change the colors later, you have to change all of it back again. But now you're choosing only a darker film. You only have to change the colors, the basic colors off this layer when you're not satisfied about the color. So that's why I chose black. And with the watercolor brush I'm going to color make it a little bit more obeyed by more busty and put it on overlay. I've for gotten that. You see, it's going, the black went outside and we could do overlay. Eight. Only dark. It's the color on the knees, and white can be darkened. So you see what I'm doing here darkens the color a bit. When it's dark, it's going to be more dark. When it's lights, it stays light, not how I'm going to leave it. But we can also smudge this again. It's a little bit on the belly also. Yeah, I love it. And now I'm going to blend this also a little bit to get rid off all the hardest lines. It is a bit too dark, and I want this been, to be lighter, it's still hard for me. Just depth and tip. I'm glory a little bit. I love how it turned out. So cute. I always get happy with little fish. I see here I have a little grip I don't want go back to my color layer and smudge it a little bit like a little bit smaller because I don't want to go it outside the lines. Yes, so and I also do that in my layer with the overlay darkens it also a little bit, and I want this a little bit more lights to catch on this, Finn. So I'm going to this layer again and I'm going to blend it even more. Put a little bit of whiting. Small size. Yeah, and now you see the layer on the knee. So I have two good rid of that and brush away. This your race part looks like a watercolor bleed and also possible. So no harm done. Go back to my white layer of the belly and going to raise this part on the neath because it's see through. That's why what coloring is. So I'm going to a race. I'm going to full diversity here. Smaller? Yeah. Now it's has a little bit more light catched on the muffin, and I guess I'm satisfied with that now. 5. Adding some details and color adjustments: I'm going to have to draw the eye with my pencil. Just a cute little sleepy. I It's very satisfied Whale and I want to create some lines on its belly. I'm going to do that. It awfully also. So new layer put it overlay my my still of my Bensel make some cute little lines. You see, it only gets where it's dark. You see lines, very brides. That's what I want. What's getting so cute Now I can cover it off My, uh, sketch don't need it anymore, and I just wanted to make it more cheerful. I think it's too dark. I'm going to lighten it up a bit. Go to my layer off the whale and I can do is very simple. I can blend them some white, but it's going to make it a little bit. Ah, blobby color. So I also can select Ah, no, select, I said free handed. Want to make us a little lighter? I'm going to make an area here and also a little bit hair and these parts I'm going to light. But when I do it like this, it's a hard line I wanted fettered. It's a little drink Just a little percentage. While I have this selection, I go to my you saturation and brightness. I'm going to brighten it up. You see what's happening? Just a little bit. You know, it was 50 you know, Just 53. That's fine by me. It doesn't have. Aren't likely. Like now now, so that's okay for me. Put it off. Yeah. Now it's a little bit cute or not so dark. 6. Creating some happiness and the watercolorbleed: Now I'm going to make it a little more dreamy and festive with some white bubbles therefore going to use to find outs. Lighten up some lighter areas. Announce up also here some bloody No, it's so cute. I love this. You see why I love this creative? Oh, and I want to show you another thing. I, ah, don't like it when it has harsh lines. It's all to digital for me. So I'm going to back to my layers again here. And then I'm going to do, uh, some little trick. Where is the liquefied toe? I go to the crystals and I'm going to give them a little bleed. When I push here, see what happens, I I've pulled away some off its calorie. So you have to do it on the layer, your calories, and then you make your digital drawing suddenly more realistic. Watercolor, can you little bit more hard distortion. Yeah, and I was going to bleed even more. I hope you can see it's happening. That's where the magic starts of the magic off a digital digital water corner. You always have to be in insides your coloring because you want to push it away. When you go outside, you push it in words. I don't want that. You want to do it, Push it outwards. - And you can also do that on the lower part. I think this, but this is too much. So I'm going to blend it. Just easily blended cental. Make it little smoother lines. - Mm . This one I don't like either. It has to be fully blending. So I'm going to expand a little bit by smudging Go to drag the color all the way there. That's enough for me. Mm. It's such a cute little whale, but I hardly concedes I It's a little bit too dark down there, so I'm going to lighten that area. Also, um, selection Federer it a bit. So I don't have harsh lines. Just a little bit. I'm bride in it. Yes, like so. And now I think it's too around. Also. Complained it again. We can't keep playing. Must be on the right, getting layer 7. Adding the last bubbles: And for now, I'm going to make a little more bubbles outside the whale. Choose the same corner as I have before, go all the way down and choose my lost brush the find out watercolor and do some spluttering around the whale. And this is, uh, how I do my wheels water color on the eye pet. And I hope you like this close and I want to see what you can make out of it. Uh, I want you to have fun at yourself, getting happy with all the all the fun colors. You can draw it the way you want to. You can call it the way you want to. These whales don't exist, so just give it a shot and be happy about it. Thank you. Bye bye. 8. Some more drawings with these tools and skills: 9. Extra Bonus Class: Popsicle: So now that you've finished the whale close, we're going to draw a Popsicle for that one. I'm gonna make use off a drawing Semitic, too. So we go rental. Take 10 fous drawing guide on at a drawing guide to symmetry, go to done. And now, on the first layer, you can draw your sketch putting out dropping assist. Now it is now it has its help from sketching. Go to the black color this for my sketches six b pencil and let's draw some ice cream. Doesn't have to be a two right right size yet can always change it later. Just make it look like a little Popsicle on a stick. That's how we want my sketch to be. Oh, then I don't need no longer needed the drawing assist. So take it off. Click off. That's all I need for now. Going to increase size now a little bit in the middle off the canvas. I think it's nice here. Oh, bestie, I'll already lower the opacity, so that's fine. Going to lower it even more. I don't need another sketch because I think it's fine this way, and I can use it this way so I put a new layer on the niece and I go toe my selection toe again. I only select the upper half off the Popsicle this time. No. Now I'm going to color. Take a pink one, go to the watercolor, scribble brush and go fill it with some color. Remember, just a little tip end up on this side. You see the texture. I want to see that choosing my lunch, my bright orange going from this side, also using some texture. And then we're going to blend again. Also tubbing and Epping, because I still want to have to see those textures. And sometimes when it's much too much, I always can edit adding a little texture later again. Oh, I think that can use a little bit more orange here and there and still little more pink here, there going to smudge it again. That's too far. And I'm going to see a zoom out and check if I like the blending. Yeah, I like. It's no with hair. They're so that's how I like it. And then I'm going directly to the overlay layer off this part, putting an overlay, choosing my black, and then I'm going to draw overall on the outside. It's much it a little but something and upping when you think this is too dark, smudge it away and I also going to make three off the shadow bars. You know where the popsicles go in, and that's an easy one. Choose it on a different layer. Also overlay because if I don't like it, I can always get rid of it. Later s overlay Small down to brush and easily go even smaller. Draw three off those stripes. Well, I had to start in the middle and I'm going to lower this underneath this layer. So the overall ah overlay also comes over three stripes in the layer and now I go and make some watercolor effect out of it. So out off the selection to my color layer again. Remember what we did with whale. We went to liquefy two crystals and magically letting the watercolor beat. It's happening again. Also at the bottom because I want to have it on top off the vanilla ice cream. You know, it's stuffed with vanilla ice cream. Very, very nice. Ah, I don't like the tell part here, so I'm gonna raise debt. Make it small. Same brush used I e. Hunger, right layer. Oh, it's still on brush. It didn't went to the AirAsia. So that's how we like it. ERM so we added the little color and the bleed. And for this part, I also going toe truth directly for highlights. I go to my white, take my six b pencil. I want some highlight Amaro New layer yet Yes, you layer So some highlights here half way here also here and here. And also the sun is coming from this side. So also on the sides I'm going to do it all the way down. It's a little bit too much bends, but we still want to have a hand drawn. Don't do any quick line because it's too harsh. I don't like that. It must be looking like real hair Han drome painting. And that's what I like most. And yes, a lot off unzipping my fingers. Undo typing. Yeah, I like it this way and also go directly to a new layer and laid out some lay down some find outs here, here, So find it's down there. Here. Wow, that looks lovely. How I selected my AirAsia. Well, that's nice. Then I'm going down to my little stick. I'm going to merge these together in one group and fold it down. Rename fruit up because it's a fruit job. Popsicle. So I'm going, Teoh, do the wooden stick off the ice cream Right now. I'm going to my selection tool again. Did I do a new layer? Yes. Select free. And I don't like it. I want to go too fast. So now I select mystic. Then I go to this color, Um, the darker one. I was forgetting about what color I used for this one. And I'm going to do it the same way I did before, but to my watercolor again. Open up the size of it. That's a light One 2nd 1 And also a little bit for the shadow. Vanilla ice cream Tip in depth. A little extra because I like a dramatic, dramatic watercolor. Look, you can smudge it a bit if you want Moller. All right, so this is how I like it. I don't need to have a Novalee over it because I think it's perfect the way this so overlay isn't always necessary just to deepen some colors. I like it. How would the state way? I'm going to give it. Also a little highlight from her rights to my pencil again from a new layer. Yes, new layer on top. I light on this side and I'm going to give it a little bit. It's darker on that side, so I'm going to make it a little more brown. A ticket to orange so dark enough, No, ain't dark enough. More breath, Way more brown. You know, this country confers also. Ah, darkened, sir, The color chose to do so. Don't make too harsh. I think this is too harsh now. So I'm going to blend it away a little bit just to give it enough shadow. Get selection off. Yes, I like it like this. And that's part two. So also, group these together combine Andre name would. All there is left is a little vanilla And for the Vignola, we're going to do the same thing again, creating new layer on top of the steak but below the fruit, choosing a different color. Choosing the watercolor brush and not forgetting. Select. Select a part where your finalized cream be made. I can already already tasted look so nice, vibrant the colors. Eso no, we can call Arena just a little bit of color. Don't wait too much, but we have to get some color on the outside. Otherwise, he's going to blend away against the canvas and lend again. Make a little bit bigger. I guess it just needs a little hands off color in this corner. Not too much, because the song is coming again from this side. We're also going to do a little highlights. Perhaps you can't see it, but it's just put down the pencil brush again. So and the one thing I want to teach you it is when you get rid of the drawing layer. Just let's let me make that this to a group again. Uh, group flatten merch them and we call this vanilla. I want to make it more like the watercolor has exploded and bumped away out off the off the ice cream, and that's very easy to do. We go back to a photo op, we go back to the coloring layer, take us much tool in the watercolors, gravel brush again and what we're going to do, we're going to smudge it a little bit. We're only going toe tepid like it's much, very slightly. Too much already. You see. And that the brush do its work on what will be going up here. Go to smudge it of it from here. Just like it's very splashy ice cream. I think that this last one aren't so great. So I'm going to undo them again. It's just a little bit about finding your your splashes where they could go. Don't make it to ah, too harsh on your shelf. I don't like this also, it's just it just happens to magic. So you can't always stared just like real watercolor. So and that's how a did my ice cream. Also, I hope you like it. Uh, it's on ice cream is called Popsicle, right? Yeah. I'm sorry for that. I'm trying to do my best. Well, here you have it. I hope you like it. My, my