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Create A Flying UFO With Blender

teacher avatar Zerina 3D, 3D Artist And Animator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      Modeling The Bottom Half Of The UFO


    • 3.

      Modeling The Top Half Of The UFO


    • 4.

      Making Details On The Bottom Half Of The UFO


    • 5.

      Making Small Windows On The Top Half Of The UFO


    • 6.

      Modeling The Screws


    • 7.

      Modeling The Red Lights On The Sides


    • 8.

      Adding Materials To The UFO


    • 9.

      Create The Animation


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About This Class

Hey guys and welcome back to another Blender course. In this course, we are going to model and animate UFO with blender 2.82. This course is for beginners and if you are an advanced 3D artist you can use it for exercise. Let me help you and show you that it is not as hard as you might think.

We will create our UFO using the reference that I founded on google for you guys that you can use. In the video, I will show you how it looks so that you guys can download it and use it for your project. We will start by modeling with basic shapes then, later on, we will make more details. And my advice for you is when you are modeling these models spaceships, rockets, UFOs to always put a lot of detail because then it will look more complexed. We will use basic modifiers as well.

At the end of the modeling process we will put shaders on and we will create these effects emission lights for our windows, buttons, and the ring in the middle. Later I will show you how to adjust your camera and for light we will use HDRI. I will give you more detail about the course. We will animate it and it will be finished and ready to render.

Let's start creating awesome 3D art that you can use for portfolios, artwork, and games.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zerina 3D

3D Artist And Animator


Hello there, my name is Zerina. I am a graphic designer and a 3D artist. 

Creativity has been a part of my life since I can remember; even as a child, I was interested in art and computers, so I followed my passion and now do what I love. ^_^

Also, I have a lot of teachers in my family, including my mother, so I've always tried to emulate their teaching methods. 

I joined Awesome Tuts to begin my teaching career. And I have more than 5 years of experience teaching computer software for design and computer graphics. 

I preferably work in Blender, and the type of work that I do is; animation, sculpting, and modeling low and high poly models. 

In my courses, you can expect a practical approach to teaching, which means that I will expla... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Class Introduction: Hey, what's up, you guys? It didn't hear. Welcome back to another course in this course we're going to model and any made this cartoon like UFO? We will muddle it by using basic shapes and couple of modifiers in Blender 2.82. We will use a reference that I found it on Google. I will show you how it looks like and you can download it and use it for your own project. We will make a lot of details, as you can see here and my advice to use to put a lot of details because your model will look more complex to once we're done with modeling. We were We will import this age D r I, and start making and applying our materials for our UFO. When we've finished that, we will add a camera as you can see here at a camera these planes and start and meeting our UFO. This is how it should look like this course is for beginners. But if you're advanced to the artist, you can use this for exercise. And I can't wait to see your project in your work. So what are we waiting for? Let's begin 2. Modeling The Bottom Half Of The UFO: Hello, guys. Welcome back to the first video on how to make this cartoon like UFO in Blender 2.82. So the first thing that we need to do is we need to Once the splash screen is here, go to generals. And here we have our default light default cube and default camera, so we want to delete them. But first of all, let me just turn on my screen cap keys for you guys to see what I'm doing are going to select everything and deleted. Once I'm done with that, I'm going to press one on my number pet, and we need to have a reference. So shift a and add a image background so you can find this image on Google. So just start down UFO UFO cartoon blueprint, and this one will appear. So this is ah labeled for reuse. So I'm just going to follow the basic shape, and I'm not exactly going to do it like this. Aid is going to have some modifications. So stay tuned to see that. Now let's select this UFO reference and load that load image. Now, here we have our image and we want to start modeling it. So the first thing that I want to do is add a circle. And here, under Circle Properties, we want to change the Vergis ease to 16. So we will divided and have. And here we have our circle with 16 Virgin sees Now what we want to do is we want to pull it up, scale it me up. So we scaled it and aligned with this with this line here. Once we are done with that, we want to extruded in that access scale. It extruded one more time and scale it. Let's scale this one a little bit more mullah. Once we're done with that, let's just shaped smooth. And here we have this ring here. So once we are done with that, I'm just going to select this bottom row here. Shift D. I'm going to put put it there and separated by selections or selection once it's once it's selected, and here you can see that only this row here is going to be selected because we want now to start modeling this part here. So let's do the exactly same thing as we did with the previous one. What's at a here. What's scary? Extruded Scale it. And now here is the point. Where is not going to be the same? I'm going to extrude it down. Then I'm going to extruded inside. So e s here. Okay, let's one more time to it. So we extrude it down now Ex treated one more time down, Scalea. He's heard it down E s and pull it inside. So once we're done with that, we will have this circle inside We will Skillet a big, more dog. And what So once we're done with that, we will see it from the bottom. And here once are this circle is going to be selected and then we're just going to go here face great, Phil. And here we'll have our great killed with this phase that is following old of our disease. And everywhere we have quad. So the forever dis ease here This panel before, before example, I wanted to play with Offset. You'll concede that it is so good. So I like like this. And once we're done with that, let's plate more around this part Here We will select and add a little good here and also here. So you will see why I putting those, uh, putting does Luke goods there. So I just selected and pulled these up a bit less sheets moated. Let's add a subdivision certain service modifier to this one as well. So Right, three and have it here. So let's at a subdivision service modifier to do swear like this. But now what we want to do is we need to select our ring here, go to edit mode, select this bottom row and extruded inside. So E s And here you will have it. But I want to scale it now for them to be good looking like this. Okay, so now let's like the bottom bottom row and e s exactly the same as we did with the previous one. But we hear just went e that an extraordinary down 13 in extradited inside and here we have smooth edges like this. So now let's do this top in the next video 3. Modeling The Top Half Of The UFO: welcome. Guys did a second video. So now let's begin modeling this top half off our UFO. Now, the first thing that we need to do is we need to go into edit mode. This ring here, select this here, this ring here, duplicated left, click it and be we want to separate it by selection. So now here we have our ring. We want to select it and extruded in said exes like this. OK, And now let's select this bottom row and grab it inside access. So pull it down. Now, I wanted to put, um, windows here, and we will do that in the next in the next video. But for now, let's only do this top half. Now. I want to, uh, ex shoot and scale it inside this part here and duplicates diverted sees and separated by selection. So it will allow me to have this ring here. This one here just Okay, so we have a ring here, I'm going to select it. I'm going to extrude it and scale it. Now I'm going to extruded in that axis extrude and scale one more time and extrude instead . X is up d s and weirder. So we will have this ring here. Now let's elect it. Go here. Scale this up a bit and duplicated. Put it there. So separated by selection. Now we're going to selected and let's make This is a glass here so extruded in that axis, then scale it extruded, then scale it extruded. Then scale it. Once we're done with that, we want to make a grid fill, as we did with the bottom. So now let select this face grid feel and let's play around with the offset. OK, now is good. And here you would you will see the top is a bit flat. So I'm going to select these of our disease here. This circle this circle two times j way Don't have it here that, sir, that applaud no more. So once we're done with that, I'm going to select the bottom urgencies and pull them down and skilled like this. Okay, Once we're done with that, let's select this here. Let's select the inside Vergis e. So let's go to a transparent mode. You can see that I just pressed all that to go out of and in a transparent mode, but you can also hear, Click, and then you will have it. So I'm going to select the inner Vergis ease you can see here and skill them inside, because now here, everything is great looking. Okay, Now, let's go to the bottom and make this here. So we want to have a glass looking like here. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to add a circle here, select the faces here. So only this rope shifty. I'm going to duplicate it and move and separated by selection. Once I've done with that, I'm going to go to edit mode. Only the circle go down and extruded inset axes. So, like this, as you can see. And once I'm down with that, I'm going to only select this half this point here. So the ins inside Vergis ease, she d duplicate them and separated by selection. Once I'm done with that, I will have this ring, select everything, grab it in set axes. And now let's start modeling it So extruding it is That axis scaled down is that actually scale down that exits Caylee down. And once we are done with that, we want to add a great feel Let's play with the offset minus one on Douala. So now I'm going to select exactly the same as I did with before. So, like this and, well, I we're done with everything. Now let's hop onto the third video and make some details. 4. Making Details On The Bottom Half Of The UFO: Welcome to the third video, guys. So let's make some details. The first thing that I'm going to do is let's see those to loot cuts here that we added previously selected them Thies too shifty, duplicating and separate them by selection. So here we will have these to select them both and extrude m and scale them So e s and like this. So now we want to go to transparent mode. So, like the inner parts like this, these two, and scale them inside. So here we will have this shape. Now, let's select this 11 more time. Select this. This ring here. So these Vergis ease, just click all or option. If you're working on Mac and select this row here, Shave de duplicated and separated by selection. Once we're done with that, we want to selected and scaling up like this. Okay, Now, let's make some details here, so I'm going to say select. I'm going to select it and go to edit mode, Then go to top or to grab a few. And let's select these edges so edges select and select these edges. Here, press seven. Okay, here we have this empty so we're going to delete it because we don't need this anymore. So once we're done with that, let's go to edit mode, select these edges used to. And now let's bevel them. So I'm going to press command, be build them a bit. So the number of segments is going to be one. And once I'm done with that, I'm going to extruded as Kalen inside. So e s and like this. Okay, so once I'm done with that, let's make some um, let's go to number pad one, go to transparent mode. So, like these of these edges and to delete those edges like this, we're left with only this one. Now let's go here and Ademir modifier, bring it up. Allow clipping selecting Grab it in X axis like this a lot. So here we have some problems. So let's see what is going on. So let's elect everything. Grab it in X axis, pull it a little bit, but let's delete the mirror modifier. Bring everything to be the same. Okay, so we are going to make it a couple of times. So let's press one go to edit Mount and let's elect these faces. So these faces as well as these. Not that the bottoms on Lee this pre these. And these let's inset them. So I hear honor properties. We want to change it to individuals here. And let's elect a leader. He's like this. We could have just want and added mirror modifier, but it doesn't depend on it. So once we did all of these, we want to go to Luke Tools. You can add loop tools, preference to references. Go to pray in edit preferences, Adams and here just type down Blue Littles and check this. Then you'll have these lactose select circle. Skill them down. Okay, let's do it one more time. So let's do it here. First of all, circle but everywhere. We need to have used a gorgeous ease. So let's do that later on, because it will take us a lot of time. Okay, let's see what else we can do. Let's make some windows and down. Let's make some screws here under this on the sites, but let's just select all of these edges because we don't need them right now. And the apology is going to be a little bit of a donkey, so we don't want the less press sea so that these edges that we don't need, he's only day inside this and delete edge, dissolve edges. Okay, So once I got into off the road, you can see here that everything is good, but the lead these So this can happen because it is going to take us a lot of time because the detail is really, really small and, well, be working on how to be precise. That is why I'm not going to do it right now. But we're going to make some windows here inside here. And once we are done with our windows, we will make some schools on the side, and it should look pretty good like this. So I just pressed see on my keyboard, and then I'm just going to select thes dissolve edges and way are left with this. Okay, this is the last one and is all the edges. So, guys, CIA in the next video in the next video, we're going to make these were going to make the small like windows here on the site. So let's hop on to the next video 5. Making Small Windows On The Top Half Of The UFO: guys. So in this video, we're going to make some windows on the sides. So let's begin. Let's like this here, this rule select all of these faces and inset them like this. So for now we're going to inset them. Then a Let's go to transparent mode and select only the edges. So only these edges here, Si and on the side as well. Like this. Let's breast one press, see and select the edges. Hear, hear as well as here, everything is selected. And now we're going to press shift d duplicate them and separate them by selection like this. And once we're done with that, we want to select all of these Vergis. Ease all of these edges and they lied to them because we will make sure that the topology is good on this one. Queenly animated Edion. So, Charlie thes Hi. This and delete the edges dissolved the edges. We will be left with these. You can see here we have some problems. So let's go to transparent mode. Kate, Let's this took part. Like this awardees. Okay, so on Lee, let's delete these edges here that we have. Once we are done deleting these edges. It are here because we don't need these. Once we're done with that, we will have nice apology and everything will be fine here. So much is because we only have double edges and we don't need them. So if we wanted to enemy this, it will be pretty low. It will be pretty slow here only only having this part here. But I I going to do this, delete all of them. And then I'm going to apply the mirror modifier because it is going to be easier from to add to add these windows. It's going to be easier for the screws once I add me or modify. So we are done with that. Here. You can see that that apology is great. Now let's just make sure that way. Have 1/2 off this. So it's press tab, go to transparent mode So all of these and delete diverted sees. So let's add one more look good right here in the middle. OK, once we're known with that, let's like over these and the elite Diverted sees not dissolved but to delete because once we press dissolve, it is going to create the face here and We don't want that. Once we add our mirror modifier, we're going to pull it up and allow clipping Let's elect everything and grab it in XXI on. See how looks okay here. Once I press edit mall, you will see that we have at the half. Peace is here. Let's breast one motor trend go transparent mode. So, like thes delete the Vergis ease. And we're going to Adam your modifier here as well, So just hold them up. I will love. So now, once we're done with that, let's hop on to the windows. So let's select the face select Select all of these faces here here and and said So I once we're done with that, we want to shift d separated by selection. And here we will hurt peace. Once we're down with that, let's elect everything. All right, office. Okay, press one. And now let's extrude. Um, but we will have to change the media at the pivot point. So the pivot born is going to be on the individual origins. And once I pressed extrude Okay, I'm satisfied. Howard Books. OK, and now let's elect this inner part in her edges like this. Here's well, or we can just go to transparent mode and select those circle side. Okay, lets see. Like, these edges aren't everything. Hear, Hear! Here, here. OK, And now let's just duplicate that separated by selection. And here we have these rings. So I'm going to select everything and press seven press one and then I'm going to extrude them. But they are going to go in normals, so I'm going to extrude them by noon. Let's look everything shift and so we re calculated. Are we? We calculated our normals. Said origin for sure. Let's try and make it to the center of demise. Okay, so what I'm going to do is let's one more time do it. We are left with these and I'm going to apply the mayor modifier for this one. Go to track, go to transparent mark, see if everything is selected. Press one and I'm going to extreme them like this down extruded skilled them. Oh, are more time. They are a little bit far. So just a little bird. It's killed. So everything shift and calculate normals shades smooth and they are off. I'm going to select everything shift and okay, let's select only these. I just These edges extrude them here. Skill them inside. Select everything. Shift end, OK, now is good and not We want to select Onley these edges. Okay, lets breast one go to transparent mode and let's elect these like let me just see if it's going to work. Okay? We need to go one by one, so we will sell like these. Great Phil. Okay, let's select this one face. Great, Phil. Well, uh, let's do dead exactly. Same thing on each side here as well. Face grid. Or let's just select these. Deletes them. Apply mere modifier up. Great, Phil. Great Hill. All right. And here we will have small apology. Great Feel. Okay, Once we're down with that shade, smooth it. And here we have our small windows. So I will select only the these rows here at the end and the bottom and I'm going to skill them killed him up. So let's said origin to do three D cursor and skill them inside. Okay, Once we're done with that, we will be left with thes. I really, really like how they turned out to be. So now let me some screws here and here is well, and let's make some details 6. Modeling The Screws: Welcome back, guys to another video on how to make this cartoon like UFO. Now we want to make some screws. So let's elect this bottom half of Rufo. Select this face here and shift s cursor to selected. So we set the cursor. Here's once we model it, it is going to appear there. So what we want to do if you want to shift a add a you the sphere, we want to scale it down. But what's create one more time? You ve sphere and creat the segments to eight eight. Risk for rings like this Scale it down Goto I didn't go to dress very road Billy Dee's Vergis ease and we will be left with this one. So let's add a little good here. Scary Did it go to Vertex elect to let this one and pull it down? Now we want to select an ad. Ah, look good here. Scale it up and pull it up like this. Select everything shift normals. Let's elect this one more time. So, like this rink holding and bullets two times. Let's add one more ring and pull it down. Well, let's ask a subdivision surface modifier and see how it looks. One sweeping, please. Okay, so I want to select this ring. Pull it down as well as this one. Cool it down and add rinks. Here. Here, scale it. Press three rotated. Grab it and pull it wherever you want. So it depends where you want to put your screws. And so I'm going to modify just a bit. So let's go to trends to transparent mode. Add a subdivision One more subdivision here and grab it and pull it up at one more subdivision. And this is how it's going to look white rotated a little bit more Press three And now let's me more screws. I guess I want to rotate a little bit So it goes down shifty One more time. Pull it down. Rotated. Grab it in. Why exes? And could it up to here? Shifty. Why one more time? Rotated was do it two more times to here. I mean, let's okay. And one more so shifty. Why grab it and put it down? We could have used Ari modifier, so we will do that later on. So let's elect goal of these and join them. So Command J joined them press seven shift D. Rotate them in that direction by 90 degrees like this. Wrap them in X direction and pull them here. Okay, like this. Pull them in in. Why Direction? A little bit more shifty drove him. Why like this? And now let's just add one more here, so shifty. Rotate in the direction by 90 degrees. Grab it in that direction, or we could have just duplicate this one. Rotate in that direction by 180 degrees. Pulled it in. What's inside like this, and we are done with this one. So let's elect everything. So one of these joined them. Set a location rotation scale. So old transforms and add a mirror modifier. Well, we are done with this one. Now let's go and make it on the bottom as well. So we will select this face shift as cursor to select it. We can make another one or weaken. Just so like this one. Shift D duplicated, separated by selection. Grab it down and here we will hurt. So now I want Teoh. Rotate them in that direction in X direction, me press tree and let's see, let's set the origin to the center of the Mass. I rotated this. Now I want to rotate it in. Why? Axes, right. 182 please. Like this. So it will be okay. So now I want to grab it. Pull it down. More cake like this. Let's see it from the bottom. Because everything is flat here. We will. Just shifty. Why? Why you can see here that this is not let. So Okay, so now I want to move this one. Is that access? Thetis this. Okay, let's rotate knees a little bit more. This one ends. Okay. Cool. Rotated thes two as well. Like this. Okay, now, let's select all of that doing them together. So come on, Jay. Let's go from the bottom. Let's duplicate er and rotate them in X axis by anti degrees. Grabbed him x axis. But this weapon Why? Thanks Aligned them. So now what's one more time? Look from the bottom. Shifty my access. So, like this one share tea, rabbit in lie axes and rotated and said access by 180 please. Like this. So now let's elect o DEA's joined them together. Collects set location, rotation scale. And here we have our screws. I think that I will add two more here. So I will go look from the bottom, shifty go in X direction duplicated here. I need to and grabbed him up. I think that it does. So I'm going to delete sees, too, and leave already. He's just okay, so we are done with the screws. And now let's make the small detail here and here. And let's continue on to our shading and putting in materials see in the next video. 7. Modeling The Red Lights On The Sides: welcome. Guys did a six video in this video. We're going to make some alights on the sides here, So let's begin. We want to press one and here we want to set. The predators are so shit and right click. We want to add a playing this ad a subdivision surface modifier to it. Go to edit mode and now let's start modeling it. So let's add some loop cuts to make it Thetis. We want extruded in that access. Add some good. So it is going to be this shape Go to transparent mall, go to number seven and grab it in X is excesses. So we will have a rectangle like this Select the face select Select the top face here and in set it like this extruded inside direction so easy and add a little good year And here, like this way Want to add two more loop cuts here and here So inside is going to be rectangular as well as the outside Let's elect these two emergencies and grab them Don still want to move him down like this? Let's looks OK now Let's elect this, uh, edge here so Goethe and select this edge shaped, de duplicated and separated by selection. So we will be left with this, um, this ring here, select everything. Now press one and let's start modeling the but the button we want to scare. We want to extrude it extruded warm or time scale it inwards. So let's grab it a little bit more graduate town extruded in that direction. Scaling down, put down and add to Luke cuts here in here Last time this phone and quit and we will be left with something like this. Now let's elect this whole edge and fill it using the grid. Phil, here you can see the span is one and everything is aligned perfectly. Now let's move up a little bit like this. Let's scale it down. Press one. And now let's rotate it like this. Okay, so now here we will. We will enable snap and change this to face. Now, once I Let's just command Jay and we selected this. Made a one a made one object. So now when I move it, it is going to automatically set on the face, for example, Here, I want to rotate it to decide, can grab it and pull it. This lets routine a little bit more left full. It don well, So this is how I was going to look like Let's present seven. And let's just add it. Let's set location, rotation skill and add a mere modifier like this and on the X and Y exits. Let's pull it up So it's going to look like this. Let's just select this one and grab it. Can said. Access. I think that our it's a bit. I think that is. He turned out to be great. Let's move it a little bit like this. Well, uh, so we made the buttons, and now the way we are left with the shading and the materials. So let's hop on to the next video and make some shade er's and make this UFO look realistic . 8. Adding Materials To The UFO: we are back. So let's move on to the shading. The first thing that we need to do is move this down. And also to this one we will add another window here and changes to three D View port like this. Move this up and change it to Shader editor here. And also what we want to do is we want to change the world here. So let's go here Under Shader object, we will change it twirled and press click on this background control T control T And here we have environment texture. We will open this Asia er I that we downloaded previously. You can go to Asia er heaven and look for this Kierra one Don dawn And now let's press said and press rendered Let's wait a little bit for it to import. Make sure it to save your files as you go on with the details with everything. Save the file on each on each step. So that is one thing that you must know because blunder sometimes can crash if you don't have the computer, that is a high power, that it's not going to work. Okay, so here you can see these HDR I and I like the shape the shading here, So yeah, the first thing we want to add is this body. So we want to add metal material, go here and go to material now on site press knew it is going to create materials. So this is the body body off the U. Okay, so now we can add the scratched metal material or yeah, those. But I think that I will add a little bit metallic material with blower office here and it is going to be dark. Let's do a little bit more darker, okay? And change the roughness. I wanted this'll. Let's make some texture to it. So I will add a vore, annoy texture and also bump these two. I will connect distance with height and then go to normal. Here you can see that it is a little bit wonky. So let's change it to men. Coughs keep like this and changed his strength. 20 increases left. Press invert. Change the scale off these two. Let's increase it. I like it, But look at the noise fixture and connected to a random Let's increase scale. Let's see. I like it like this So let's continue on and let's see if we want to change it or not. So one thing that I want to do is I want to selected Go to edit mode, press seven on my number pet. So we will work here and here we will see how it looks. So now what I want to do is I want to go too transparent. Select these these faces. So let's press seven these faces and on the side as well. Let's see if we I didn't do that like this. And let's add a new material that is going to be only metallic. So let's increase the metallic, decrease the roughness and change it to great this. Okay, we don't need decides, so we'll do that two times did my time. And let's Garrett of these Wait. Don't need thes only the bottom pieces. So here we will increase the metallic turn down roughness and assigned material. You hear this metallic looks good. And also I wanted to do that. Is that the same thing on the bottom here? Because we have it right here. So let's select the These are deceased on a sign, but okay, this blue one I really don't like. So let's Garrett of the bomb and go with this texture to tell little make it way will decrease this two of noise playing with this, it will be a little bit foggy. So I like this material. Let me just increase the decrease the roughness a little bit more. And once we are done with everything, we will go here to Orender and turn on screamed screen space reflection so you can see that this challenge Okay, so we are done with that one. Now let's add debts, A material to this up here with two. And add this because of their reflection, it is going to look like appear like, um, dark, dark green. So it is. I love this color a lot. So Yet now, once we are done with that, let's 11 this ring and apply that metal material as we have on these rings here. See? Okay, let's duplicate it. So here and changed a metallic a little bit. So we're going to decrease the number here and we can also set it to be a little good. Great as well for the screws. We're going to apply this modifier this material duplicated and changes to dark. Let's change the base colored. Okay, let's go here and applied the material to our rings. The same material that we used for our screws are going to be on these rings. And also here is going to be the material that we used for the base here like this. So the bottom as well. Let's see. This one is going to be screws and he's going to have the same. Okay, this ring is going to be the same color as the top. And this ring here that is dividing the top half off the bottom pack off our our UFO and also these rings here are going to have Well, it's nice not for this one. I am going to add a new material, and I'm going to change it to be gracious, increase the metallic a bit, change a roughness and increase transmission like that. Now I want to select only this this button press plus and add new material. I'm going to get rid of this principle BS yet file and add a mission connected to the surface here and change it to read. Find it. Let's increase this drink. Let's go shoot that at Render. And so let's increase it to 65 way are you know that what select this is in here and assign new material as well as for the These red lights were going to delete this one and add a mission. Shader selected a mission to service connected and change. This color to blue strength is going to be 6.5 as well as for this and for this one we're going Teoh, select the exactly same color as we did for our life. Okay, please. We're done with the bottom half. Now let's continue on Wichita. Have continue on guys. So we will apply the emission Shader this blue one to our windows here now. So we will apply the scene. I think, um, material as the body off the phone all week in, Just like I like how So let's turn on this And now. Okay, so you can use this, um, this UFO for I don't know. You can use it for images. You can use it for animation. You can use it for whatever you want. So, for example, if I wanted to render this image out, I will show you right now how to do that. So let's just go with this. Select this one. Go to Let's see. Okay, we have something. Your modifiers here way will apply. Knows Clyde, Apply Subdivision Quiet. Ask you this. I think we are done everything. So let's select everything joining together. We have these and we have to apply your modifier. Now it's playing. Let's elect everything. Select this and join it. Okay? And now you can You can render it wherever you like. Or you can add an animation for this one so that it rotates around. Let's make the animation for Orender. 9. Create The Animation: Let's enemy This guy's so what we want to do is we want to oppress the one on our number path. So we go to front photographic, You move this up and change into change it to timeline like this, where the end is by default 258 Think you can change it to 100 frames per second and here we will add one more window and change it to a three D view port. Lightness. Okay, so for now, I'm just going to add ah, playing here, scale it up and bring it down. So grab it instead X like this and we can edit it. Let's make it this. Lets bevel these edges here. These and these as well command be levelled them increased the segments to two shapes move and here we will hardest normals. So this is going to be where our UFO will land on and what we want to do now is we need to add a camera. So let's make it from the size. So shift a at a camera. Now press zero shift and the key right above your tab key on your keyboard and let's control it on s a D and double the on your keyboard. So look like now this'll let's go up on e rights So let's try and make it. So once I press one, I will grab it in X axis and I will instead inset insert the location. And also, what I want to do is I want to rotate it in that direction. Bright street bright 180 degrees. Rotate inset axes bright 180 degrees and insert rotation by this Lucky. So now what I want to do is on the 40th frame. I'm going to pull it back here, rotated in set axes by 180 degrees as well. And insert location, location, irritation. Okay, on the 60 on the 65th frame, I'm going to bring it up and rotated a little bit like this and insert rotation on location on the 85th frame is going to go down a little bit and also going to rotate like this. Insert location and rotation and on the 100 frame is going to be just straight straight and and insert location. Let's see how. Okay, so on the 40th dream is going to go down. I wanted to go up. So let's delete this key frame. And on the fourth year rain, it's going to go. Oh, here. Down. So insert location. Yeah, Rotation. So let's see. Okay, we must Okay, I'm four different. We will delete this key frame and on this key frame is going to go up here. Insert rotation. Our location is going to rotate in that direction, right? 180 degrees instead of location. Let's see how I look. Okay, now it's much better. So let's see what is like on our camera view, OK? And now let's see how it looks like when it's rendered. This will take a minute or two. So just follow my instructions on how to make these keep rings. And I think that you should have something like this. Like what I mean and on to this home we're going supplied the material that is, um, not as the body, but as the screws works. Let's change it a little bit. So let's go to Shader Editor and increased tallit change down the left nous Good. I didn't know So like these edges beveled in okay. And let's get rid of this image. Movies pick up turn Let's E s ex treatise inwards on Let's bevel dis up Kate and once that trust zoo. Okay, I really like this shot. Let's add a claim. Let's scale it up. Bring it down. Let's go into edit mode. So, like these two and extruded in that direction, not does too. Let's see these two extra them in that direction and we want to bevel these up. So let's what Select everything and rotate in set direction. Like way don't need this one. So we will delete this word to see so from here like that And now for this one I will select the this edge here and bevel it Crease, He's OK. And now we need to add a modifier, shapes moving and add a lot of fire. The modifier is going to be I really like how this time Okay, turn on your screen space Reflections blue An ambient occlusion or distant And we are done , guys. So let me just so this is the final final animation. I really enjoyed making this making this UFO. I really hope that you guys will have some great great ideas for your UFOs or your rackets . Do whatever you want. Just do it as something like this. So not the same. But something different with more modification, with more light would less light if you want. You can make it like this, like cartoonish like or you can make it as a realistic. So I really hope you guys like it and stay tuned for more courses that are coming in the next week. So I really hope you guys like it and I can't wait to see your projects and how they look like so thank you guys for watching and seeing the next scores by.