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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Material Required


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      Decorating the Paper Bag


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      Project Work


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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to craft a Paper bag using A4 size sheets. 

You can use this paper bag to give a gift or to fill it with candies at birthday parties.


  • A4 size sheets
  • Ribbon/ Decorative lace
  • Fineliners/ Colour Pens
  • Punching Machine
  • Ruler
  • Scissor
  • Fevicol

NOTE:  In this class, I have used plane sheets but you can also use printed sheets.

By the end of this class, you will be able to make Paper Bag on your own.

I hope you will enjoy the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya Maheshwari

Artist and Crafter


Hello, I'm Tanya Maheshwari.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an Artist, Crafter and an Educator.

I love to try new things and believe in 3 R's - REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. How do you spell? Come to my class? I am TinyOS shoe and our disk and up graft 0. And this class, we will learn how to make up the survey. In the next video. I'm going to undo them. Medea is required for making this paper bag. And then we're going to go into the procedure in the day when we apply a class project for you. So keep watching. 2. Material Required: For making this paper bag, we need due April, say she preferably when and when light color she fine liner audio can use any color pens to decorate our paper bag. Benson and erasing the ribbon aren't any degradative lease. Bunching machine. Sketch bang 60. And Verdi told in the next video, we will decide making day. Thank you. 3. Procedure: I am doing now for left eye gently as I am doing. Finally, on the bottom, both corners. Shape like I'm doing. Now. Please drop by, meet. The boat fledge. For both gardeners. And buy a run again. And get this shape by making Lake, I am doing step days. Facing. Thank stakeholders using punching machine. No spines. Don't get along. Anybody who hurts. Noise. In the next video. So keep watching. 4. Decorating the Paper Bag: To decorate this paper bag. Taken a foresight issue. Here. I'm taking a white color. She mode, you can choose any other light color she now using ruler, make our rectangle of length ten centimeter and width eight. Same given to you can take any other ratios like length of 11 centimeter or centimeter and wit to six centimeters, seven centimeter, any issue. It totally depends upon you and your paper bag. Oh, and so you can make any other sheep, like you can draw a circle, maybe our triangle, or maybe a squared. It's depend upon, you know, got this rectangle carefully. And if you are below the age of six, then there is no need to use scissors on your own. You can take handbook the abetting. So your AD 70. No, we haven't got the rectangular tag from the top corners in triangular shape and the bottom corners in the round shape to make it more objective are you can just cut the rectangular using designer scissors. It is totally up to you. And if you're Dorne warned to garden any other shape, you can continue with their normal rectangular shaped beak if we're cutting the round shape. So here the cutting part is done. Now we will decorate this tag. Now to make this tag colorful and attractive, I'm drawing an outline of this tape. For this, I'm using a purpley sketched pen. You can use any other color and light pink, light blue, any other color according to your text color, and your paper back Could you can place our rough sheet or an old newspaper to avoid steams on your work table. Draw the outlines carefully. After drawing this outline. Now, we will draw that dotted line border. For this, I am using a black fine liner. You can use any other color fine liner. And if you don't have financial, then no worry. You can use simpler color bands on glitter pens. Even you can choose different designs to make bolder, like go, you can just draw a simple line. Instead of these dotted line, or you maybe can use a sketch Spain to make a tikkun boiler using ruler. Now draw the party ribbon on this tag. You can directly draw it using finite. But if you are a big note, I suggest you to draw it first using pencil. You can meet the fringe shapes in the ribbon like first you draw a circular shape and then triangle, then square and so on. Odd, you just simply draw any particular shape, like I am drawing triangles. These shapes with different colors, or choose any single color, you can call it completely or partially or Mekone, simplest model designs in those shapes. It's totally up to you. So the Ribbon Making part is almost done. Now, the loo this freeborn, we will write our wish. Here. I'm writing happy birthday. You can also write some code or simply write, good day. You are thinking that your handwriting is not so neat Endo, you can't write this creatively, then there is no need to worry. Just write it in your handwriting. As this class is not for Henry drink. So here we are not focusing much on handwriting. You can also use the trick to use all capital letters are blocked Lego to write it so that it looks neat and clean on your paper red. Here I am using a single color pain to write a complete wish. But if you are writing in block letters out capital letter, you can use different color for each letter. This will make your tech more attractive and more colloquially. Now, let's draw some small flowers and dots to make it more objective. And to add party device you can use single color are different colors like blue, green, yellow, or any other color to make it more colloquial. And if you are making a club but day, you can also draw some small Candace, Toby's and cupcakes. Similarly, if you are making it point mu your party, you can add drawing saw snowflakes, hot coffee. Same. Songs, veils end so many things. If you are growing flowers like me and you know some other design, some other way to draw a small flowers, then you can draw it here like that. I am using different color pens to draw flowers. Now, if you want, you can use simply one color pain to draw flowers. So here it is done. Now, lakes piece state on a paper bag. Apply a fabric colon this tag, or you can use fatty steak or Blue going to paste it. Be careful when you apply a fabric on a, now pasted carefully on the paper bag, make sure it is in the center of the paper bad. Press this tag gently. So guys are paper bag is ready to use. You can use this paper bag to give, give to your audio one or two fail, Gandhi's on buddy Bye. Thank you. 5. Project Work: So everyone here is your projector tried to make a paper bag using any type of SHE play pictures of your paper. Very upload those pictures in your project section of this class. I'm excited to see which color sheets you used for making your paper and how you decorated it. If you upload your work on Instagram, do not forget to tag me at the rate artistry dot 27. If you liked this class, please press the Follow button. Thank you. Bye-bye.