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Cose tu propia ropa: Traje de baño - calzón

teacher avatar Valeria Garala, Textile designer & pattern maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.



    • 3.

      Imprimir Patrón


    • 4.

      Cortar la Tela


    • 5.

      Cosiendo Cada Lado


    • 6.

      Unir Piezas


    • 7.

      Elástico en Piernas


    • 8.

      Coser los Costados


    • 9.

      El Pespunte de Retención


    • 10.

      Elástico en Cintura


    • 11.

      El Gran Final


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About This Class

Ya que hemos cosido otras prendas básicas, ¿Quieres moverte a un nivel mas intermedio?

En esta clase te voy a mostrar los pasos básicos para coser tu propio traje de baño comenzando con la parte de abajo

También compartiré contigo mis tips y trucos de costura para poder seguir completando proyectos mas complejos más adelante.

Las habilidades que veremos en esta clase son:

- Coser un pespunte de retención y su función.

- A trabajar con 2 telas al mismo tiempo y que la costura quede oculta por dentro.

- Practicar nuestra costura con elásticos.

- A saber elegir la dirección del estampado como más nos guste para la prenda.

Para el proyecto de la clase vamos a coser juntos un undie/calzón a la cintura y doble vista para nuestro traje de baño de 2 piezas, así vamos a aplicar las habilidades que demostraré en esta clase :)

Si eres principiante en la costura o nunca has cosido, te recomiendo comenzar con la clase del Undie Oyamel, ahí están las bases de costura ya que aquí necesitarás saber conceptos que hemos visto en otras clases como dirección del mayor stretch, (recuerden que es al rededor, contorno del cuerpo) uso de márgenes de costura, imprimir y armar el patrón, calcar los patrones en papel, y hacer remates (punto atrás) con la máquina, entre otras habilidades básicas.

Y, si ya has cosido y quieres afinar habilidades de costura o aprender sobre técnicas nuevas para crear más prendas seguramente también aprenderás y te divertirás!

!Listo, a coser!

Intro Music By - Peyruis

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Valeria Garala

Textile designer & pattern maker


Hello & welcome !

I am a Textile and Surface Pattern designer based in Mexico City. I am passionate about all things DIY, reason why I sew my own clothing & lingerie, design prints to decorate my home and even make my own mylk, (DIY-ing even in the kitchen!)

My favorite thing about creating is defenitely the share the process & knowledge part, I can happily say that my most interesting finds and skills have been product of the sewing community sharing their knowledge and experience,  this is exactly why I want to share here with you the pure joy of creating and sewing your own wardrobe, specially your own lingerie.

For the latest works-in-progress & to see what i'm up to you can find me at my Instagram



&n... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introducción: Allah is Olivia Minnesota. Al Primer Melo is the classic in those protests are accurate and appropriate. Dracula in it. Those classes bombs happen there surpassed their attention. Trabajar condos, elastico e travel Harken Telesystem Bala Still humility, extending print came out, more schools in the premiere. 2. Material: But I think the material exterior la interiority almost mystical selects terrorists in northern Italy. And the rest is in the less time. Brother e necesitamos tambien is the elastico Elmi Amin Cinco millimeters local communities to stay here normal pero si consider him a special Brad Rocky When us that perfecto sloop Lincoln say you're perfect. I mean, they're in my kitchen that they steal deportivo y que la tele give almost all set of data. Laporta Lisa on a gradual Cumbria esta I have a case. Jersey is the huge Opondo bear Always wanna tell especially Andi Glow e am 11 important Metro Portillo e in barrios color is landed Close almond a C embrace in calories. Lisa E Bata It is Tom Bellow, Dingo esta I mean, I say appraisal the hero, it's dies league rest on ballot I mean, the leader of the party E s I Dublin in mass detentions, Mazie videos, no noise and Eglow, Beethoven's You never perfect 3. Imprimir Patrón: in love, but the principle anti Navajo. Allow the project description e directly create project for the most Erica gift. On the lows are T Wascana City Demos, Parenting with Strom Projector less recommend earlier and this ale on December. Sarkis is dead E aqui Dennen tools. Patroness is the Brahim Blow s later manual car Departing premier director in Gaza O B m The animals a grand a partner in premium, bloated indulges in pre Monell gave Houston are Melo E with a local car. Schools piazzas parable that last trabajar mass facile e not in a couple running criminal pattern. Masai Land and Gonzalez were console Pai thrown Cortazzo and Apple Cake, a para headquartered Latina. 4. Cortar la Tela: okay. And don't Zaki Tengo mies piece as part of a culture on the way when you are getting go is the sickest insulin on the market Is Mascherano Gela a bracero? Look, Amazon Keep least amusement, e boy. Um, quarter. You know they e Jodrell. Adela. Lisa. Iran is more honesty. I kill Liselle. Adela Gone The last Ambala Egan Deylam Lisa. But at 10 a.m. In the Landau bracero and inequitable he ambles con Lazo Stella Sosa exterior. They daily Sampaio in three or 40 Dell game. Mr. Kass was Negro. Cassell in here. You, while sewn in there. Campbell is women this AltaVista? Pedro Bara a classy as in the way of referring Maximus. That Lex terrorist list on Bali. And for Roy still Negro in que I look 30 in the waist. Took out after on the yoga. If the court a brother No partner 1,000,000. Seem I can get you saga. Camille. Jackie. Yeah, you wear Come on, let me. But their own Maggie, who is 12 as amenable. Isabella. He also always going to hear us. E e least autonomous a special friend. He does it. Oh, you look. Is there a choke on the Rachel winner for local Assoc Yaki that it took on the metro. There was no need and did it. But I will say stories to what's going on. The Richter from the Director E Ramadi's Al Principal Yellowfin are women Llamosa asi at respectable. They pulled rather the market Costa e But most are less pizzas istan Ballas. Okay, you Miss Pierce spare always Killian senior summation Nope. Artemia bring Sharp four k s e A Mr Bolivian loca que habia just a man who stocky those gotta carry says the abbey whose took coincidence he brain miliary means pompous instances Santa gets so low Poster Casey Supermarket So sorry. In this case as a mom the Millo paeans about dope Hamas A B and C cases The Houston All Moles don't like it last Resistencia Brigham all were there. It's us on the a C three Super The last piece of Soto Purkiss one forgets a after Hinton's is always a frame Gallacher loss pattern is different day in la tela e product sales Still , this council misma conflict commiserate about Iran. They bring the most no gazing former Carlo e regardless, June OC double the co octopus Apoula bones in the metro parable there in American the Costa E. You need last pizza. See Lawson, director in the court system e cementing unforgettable. Marking the Costa assistant. Go me in the womb. Catchall vigil, Aspirin doses. Let's look at my school. Stay School ongoing. Brazil s possible was he is more every than the report. They love the arena in this way as a gnome is what I mean gone inland. Zero Brexit I Come on. Bobo mask Ambien. That means trays e by a cause or calling a director. AKI and me makina e nos e it Is that a literature? Easiest thing in the market system. No, I must in in game because you were in love, Liza Teyla aboard your sake e and gonna settle in on Salo. Cordy, Dad and I sue those is us. Cornyn. Delays at the last scene of Kamala scored this waste as manure. Yeah, getting on this piece escorted fellers women This tsunami e s s Picula e especially low intensity of animals bracero, evil and their oh, they less tumble. Obama zeppetella, Mikey Nikko's Junta con El Negro PC Most on this in Hillary's only last part is hope e bullet because they're in love 5. Cosiendo Cada Lado: just be enjoying me. Maquina que Daishowa Rabuka Asta filling me brains Adela So lost. Restock doubles and really lucky point. Mbare is Selena correspondent Reese Octopus e whose toca ala rito the me people in Seattle until the gelatin Like a movie and married Pedro by the l a. Practice test I mean, Tom in Alberta References parable there loam Poor little marriage All CBN Guingona Regula Billboard Com Mary E. R. Asarco Nappies over it up on the Danika pass are so close to rot Ominous Supervalu I wasn't with last Ramirez was pulled from Pallas. Manual is key to our village. Even the address burial remedy. - Yeah , you save it for a further important Andrew e sw Florida. You know this is it a mosque? A 2nd 6 are for gay Inter leader Mr Intra Pure 90 knows about I longer is together who stow They were hope I ride the rest O t e Alina director who's looking nice today. Nemesis took to write for hypertension like I was gonna tell a super super super Elastica. A red swallow signed on his brother Lima's historic trend on the problem 6. Unir Piezas: either. Mr Morgan. We see muscle for Oh, you seem older than many lovely stumbo e la Scala Camels they took on the Rachel is this year. Look, we must follow four for 44 for the Amber case. 09 Zemeri. Look, John, I'm bustin in us damn assistant in tribute. He s Tennessee. Locum Cicero. Rita responded Alfie Ladies, I killed really Lord the soil in tribunal No, Astellas Coastal's No. You know, the esteban is the bongo either Is the Bunda are still driven? Okay, e ladies with their kids. Okay, Super Well, Russ a c can Okay, there. Seen a super super there. A Cheeto. Really? Almost apus are out a C c, sir, at the respectable Zabul gala owns and demand es because Hillary Oppa's Arabic gun Elastico , she says and then must come via Buenos Aires told Al mismo tiempo, Pero Joel Minnows Most famous last spring Interns Esprit Fierro as I know. But those upon every meadow Thank you, Daddy. Ski nose He a key part. I kick it a super born either because to go Stuart. Mama. So near Lesko stories Bill four or Evil? The Rachel. They're for real exterior e every witness Bonal feel air Marando la's estilo will assist alot e bronco Modrica. So turkey see important. They okay s tacos, daughter. He s to Costa assistant in Uganda. You guessed Super body heat. Okay, Who's told us? Does he get a who's who stole a dress? No, Get Mondo me is the Messina who's the hotel address I see free most them Bunda Bunda He is the one that was gone, Sisa Always the rapido a lesbian. Better on this is getting in. Your old Russell come in throughout the esto. Okay, let's tackle Studer State condo Esta e ever Eliska Storace. You're lunching e got here, did that? Yeah, that is the market. I get all the corn laws and feel responsible. Oslo's ila Ramos Jr la maquina fed up with the low cost air con seaside respectable they toiled razor getting name abilities. The most intense is a closer Sam record knows the address e m May go loco gone a rather a lot a lot more Africa Cornell razzle Attila all rather me be brindza Teyla's bahu media A whole aspirin has postponed as my model is e parable there, as they were in the ghetto and flesh the list way. Okay. Are you body shaming? A little. He's anymore, I guess. Adorable? Him blue Seen my your bro Lemma will watch their those pandas monopolies Ridolfi ladies Yeah, plan? No, but I could. Brothers in problem. - Yeah , Keep Almost Were torn like a student loan Negro Largo Blanco Hlabisa e bombs Achilles mystery a lot if there's one elastico normal is a single Millie Mid rose A lily arroyos Are is the hero Eat normally when they almost especialista belong goes You know Dean in is the the heroes in common on its own a three d plastic Otamendi concede esos stop perfect e are getting the most onerous trapeze and Jacqueline l six after a low those levels hell is were most article Move a Moussa, Go look a g a elastico e Look at the muscles. There is considerably elastico Welcome. Six are no in similarly like a Studer name. William Lori. Yes. You know, kiss there Whose toe a nail in America in the studio Bigger. The dough is disease. And I was like, Yes, a papa Papa Papa book. We'll see. Right already. There they the move while her a cost. Okay. Indra Pura in dances volatile. Um maquina ive recording Lucky going elastic 7. Elástico en Piernas: locals gets an Iraqi is up for their opponent. Elastico margin call upon Dallas Salim is Motoman Yokel, Elastico cookie rock It'll be a practice. It su Bonhams city etc. E a g I will a Brera I get out super saying loudly. Yeah, super. Who stands in the way together? Nothing. Does it come one? Was he thinking how you thought? Well, but on the it is also the Cherries. My sticker. I was able your friends, Your Nash Si jin was just I mean agonal WASI kittens Whom brings out the last part Apple ish. And then there gave immense Unisel seeks darkness. Is he demos? You little me They let me elastico eat Brian Basilico circle the Iraqi border casing the problem We together I mean it's your problem into Saturday A cover in Don't says we empathetic Ahmad Zaki again Away opinon Elfi, it is e senior zero. You don't you know that our aguel princey bill No easy, most ok, keep it below. You give you have more feeding May moveem blend. No, no que c Baird also told you know the name off Noko Some assisted and 30 por que aqui? The Pourchot in name own noise. My soul got over him in the same, you know, partisan talking when you got a portable e seat animals market. Nicole stood up and not in the most American the the old Buddha in Dante's. See? No. So those operate, um is demos will restore the supposedto be a mystical a pizza beer on in Don't scare. Okay, a CC careless in your book is a big orchestra here. I knew, but I don't know cannot breathe uneducated immuno Trenton's There's no STD most solo bland no e b in being feed me a key. Laurent the prince at the last time I remember her. Yeah, you know where your breakfast I go to the board. Get in it. It's a whole mass Teoh Igor, He is did a perfecter. They don't know Carolyn enough. Intense is the most order alot Eating has been Morse, but I said it before his death that in the most intense is like you till and rest up yourself. Get in a solo. El Restored a boy store and Lowell appear not elegant. So there is Will there local Alaska's to rest game for then drink knows that the most you get there and the other level me. Rico's the Lillian. Gotcha. And don't Zaki last arrest Amber Leandro or oh, yeah. I mean, they must be implanted in no severe a seaport. Hemlock. It always will e occupy Most wear Lacoste aura like a story even with those gloves. 8. Coser los Costados: Yeah. What? I look at the moves. Isco, sir. No school stuff. It is a level bracero. It's Hello, Ellen. They don't look amateurs. There is. Neither is they was allowed River. No need. Love those guest on in major league. Opportunistic as locals For all that it took on the Rachel. Yeah, let's Kema When a morsel feely's e it, it does address a ski masks. I mean, they took on the nature. Sen. Dorgan, Intense Is Mosqueda on Alina Rectum for Kasich me and the number of love e Super Important day A key after much the last coast or get stuck close to wrap it. Esther System took on the Is he going to see them pedo Stay this gun. Send this over level. It's a main knows a bulldozer operator Killam original purpose Don't just e is just get that wrong sober. Who indeed does Akiva Lena. Director Studer Maybe in Montella Richter, a well known Alina Richter custora restock doubles. The brother owns anti metro the gay Don't know. Yeah, game No zones like a low cash three square Those that look that was put on the board. Let's remain as the last symbols, Monopolies Basilico Costa. Director A G. Montague. That s there. Yes. They're gonna love basketball animals. But you know Maggie by Luca Levander Brains that they loves e and really sort of the canary abajo I lost Ark Amanpour Condo e Look elegant. Come back when you walk up. You do it. Egan Dean! Oh, yeah. Pass autonomous facility Eat I mean Consejo Yancheng Condo Cassie Sisters in the locals to rockhopper casarotto Um, Passo is you number the videos Think it is to be cause unknown ordinary level, you know? Yeah, I mean just a meter month thing e j star like a star at the only other e la Very old women necessarily cost Telebras within a social service e a compliments where brain for gosh, it is gonna Lalo is the sail all through It's so lost Costello's Given in Lapeer now are really labored Everyone another Wow e accurate animal store east Get the new Minister That analysis is an excellent opportunity a practice alot Previn on this is there are no either settle a baseball The away the LaPierre Kosa a lot more if you can't surrender. Yes, Help responded. But was there a moment on the desk intense is yellow scale. Totally stop Obama's That's our ill based on the preponderance Tesco stores, logos, a rash. 9. El Pespunte de Retención: Let's most rocky they'll respond in ultra. Brenda is system or even Ducky is six. Are we're going to see the most is D day. He is part apple in our local Stora Barakeh Noko Marquis Sekigahara Most sweltering, almost Cassie is the most in the study styles. Like most, it'll Negro will replace Artis and basic a mom on 32nd Hezbollah as a address in Don't export, it was the most esteem is the pay spoon day Islamist Bigger locus of whether a lot or yep, it on gardening Kissed are okay again. You know I was high Study sends his top Perfect in Don's is Mahmoud Abbas Our total a base spoon day in the Liberty Villa here not they love those levels is implementing a give against in the Indo. Don't lift the Hillary Sordell phone. No, para de are looking in direction. They still level yellow Can not giving us you know Northern American student Unnecessary collateral Oh, Jessica Lopatin Poorly Acela Maquina or policy Casey embrace area only. Come in. They're lovely. Airy Pakistan goes into getting Al Felitta practically super re implant. OK, intense is cereal que lastimoso plan and no a siendo El restored the Acela direction there . Camper Capitalabama. Even in the study, Elastica, you will let ever indulges in different disease. X units resorted as Yeah, yeah, they lost Aceralia Practically super being planeta. But you will see except e jewelers recommend area Labrador wimp Asadabad about Hope game. But I didnt mean Ah, I e Bazaar Dola local student unions in my laboratory. Minoza Siyuan Piece of Baraka. You work up? McKenzie Martin did the bag you gave me? No, in Don't says, I mean, I get you in us with my Keenum. Have a guess. Who? Bourbon, Lela Holland and Edo E according tacky by again. Commando Unless they lost in history Erection. You'll resorted as you got today. The bus on the e It is important that you use our Negro perky when they stay so lovely I kill NATO them in my community. President in lieu Movie contrast Alosi lows Okay is generally very ultra lucrative. Lango your rhetoric common areas upon their only low. Yeah Pavlenko be severed Achilles community or the 2nd 1 took on Rusty also Guinness contrast A queen among telescopes to rescue in super Alina e goes important key, but foolish I certainly struck this. Pull them. Is Qari Nursery sort of these on a call with the sea and is a lot cool story? No, sir. Okay, like Stuarda product elementos oblige is demand knows e news host imminent. So, in don't is the choice of, um, Salama in don't Sasaki Mosa ab planners, state and local studio, they hope Welcome it. It'll decide. O Connell, Dylan, Dido eat me or local again. What we have said druggie thing boys, is Behe Dokka Well, sarcoma mean they almost melt or a maxima is this year kill that they love A Yep, that's a no cornice. Take a more limited until I pulled up. Indonesia's values are a sycamore here he is not in an algo asi e Well, Boylan asana market taken directs the state level This who is telling nothing in Brando High style. Dora, I came out of my noticed A motorist on the double the and Don't says I will meet those primaries point dollars Monopolies La Villaseca. Okay, e s deal done. Dido practice apple A number Hamas E s m. Over a month. The lawyer Sparta. You okay? Yeah. L will tell a ghost story. Okay, I would have let that happen. We have to get on Google. Yeah, but it can be working on this issue. Is there a road race? Has he even a gun? Super pig? A little lower. Yeah. Barrel your when. See my last talk. Several Indo. I keep you want me, but I gotta go get so wound broke away. Still, I think it's all wasted. Our little Apodaca More noise. Think Hacienda stayed open Casinos and Orlando extend. So give me e g when the Williams you got. I like to read on the river. Hamas laws elastic Cause I keep is more important They are little super plan or Barack, you know? Say Iran. Come on England depot them And they will does me e a e e But it is a que pasa Benito e a u Holland e Ablan endo acerca I'm easy Yoga studio A key? Well, no e my mother Onal Pond address Product game here is superb Michael Stewart way. I guess it in C'mon, Bogota. I said Amos. Yellow bone got really little noodle monument in the city list. And don't get any must own Rystrom or the Yarkon. It responded. E Bama Delfino case cause area 10. Elástico en Cintura: the sentence is that the name all scorn. It'll be a spoon there. Lola Lamb, Perlis part It's e Salam antennas went up on an elastic or river e. The level of your proposal involves means more elastic local Samels lay single Millie Maduro's Llamosa closer on rivers became the laboratory for Oh, in Laurita you will concede Sachiko, he encima well. The syrup a spoon taken leper the for in Don's is required in a certain known my parents salary yet couldn't see exact delta manually later today e senior restaurant You see normal super pannitto No, this did our a si pero Dumbo Kalayaan. Because you know my flock Sinochem idea who stopped then solution is in the para planner Say you Calabrian on Oscar baby mamas Mom was in beside them Go startle e la direccion is a circle Circle Mr Toe Element in the list in Does his mom was a year low. Particulate aluminum is my direction e wear could occur Me elastico last spring may respond asthma nor lease grand I mean a kid Aminu's I'll remedy. Yeah, You think e aqui Nokia Go where? No cure. Okay. Stealing a c Delco many pedo ck kill it. Andi don't must s t degree tens. Okay. In LA is it tended to see going to when it was musk service and they're in de de to address it's that it's just organise Thomas STD. Okay? You want Munday bypass on the border of Indonesia? Il filo Filo They let's see e campus on bracketology asiatica. But I can no Celeste comma. He'll also listing goes into single Attila every 30. Okay, I think you stay has been feeling a lot. What you see even Dennis in the law that poquito poquito I get a studio than did the doctor see? Yes on the Medio bar E will welcome by the bucket. Yeah co CEO Easy games The local he exterior order rescinded. Give me Little Prince at the less you dries man. And I did for my 3 30 I said it will not Colavita. One analyst says you know No, he is the Lord And the doctor gave you away. What? I'll be nine. Well, there is one. Who He Siegel. If you did it e g Markham else over and elastic. Oh, there's a case. He was done. The deed. He loves bongo currency. My little see a giggle restored a America must Asiago written detail lady. They'll premier marginal Indra bed or I get that alien issue really sort of ho e in dunces Villacorta Mose Yeah e and don't says the Q and moves General skill a elastico The love in your garage almost is the, uh, Moses El Indio. We haven't This is Come on the exterior Dylan dero for Orlando for the Cerro e exterior atrocity in dances Mama's um, Empezar the Kimbrel bracero problemas e sico Go No, they re does appear in the most. They were thank you. Still feel a little resort? I have a real feeling resort. They asked that in loveless, that's almost heresy. Indian Lola, Lola. My mom was a star. I still other Indians Lower mammals Land O Connell pulled Assi River Ikan est Ozil's Motorola CEO Who? A little, but I cannot get a superb Ian in laureate. Achille Resort Indulges enjoy a soul mosa as they don't begin your love less. Some of it was in the Metro Asya Aleandro daily for e Going to the most Lasko story does Yes, it would almost gone. A little fish is going the camel Still us the you know Santana Elastica School more is the customer Sandalow poetry almost polenta rounds in the metro that the little for r E S e m really well put money in them later in the interest of classical Didn't know when the last tunnel needs a mark on the world and latex union on the last plenty in Don't says about Syria. Pony in the investor's money Does you know? I agree, Mr Massive Easy tuberculosis. Manchester only started to come up Median all Adelita. I see. He's like a little research. You killed RWE's Don Imus. I'll finish Cronista Focus units Makor, Boehner Lohse C Brighter than it must aria arugula because he Burkett om indicate a Queens here Last call stores in Don's is may In God ago they get you get a staccato injury sortie he gone and ditto bones in the middle of leather Solyndra el faro Norway's Aaron E Puma Millfield Yes. Even with a state of total El Condor, I keep what I came blow. Yeah, yeah. Say podemos is the going got, you know, in dances, woman muscle older goes double case Taka Bernadino number is Assad less class is keen. Ascendance is also me in the Stasi ankle and say You never know Hillary Sortie asked Laurita e g them in May. Double intimate e una last part is gonna feel. - Yeah , keep him blocking. We're getting it is through those automatic because he says, Come on. Yeah, you were about Alito Porky, you know, Come in. - I don't Is that the new moms A door? No, the mill almost gone. Six are well casing. Marcel Pay spoon does have pasando long mask cerquita Iraqi Palermo's that girl raising Moore's getting most of finality that uasi he will come with the blaze. The last one Dust wouldn't say is very important because NC, sir let me smoke anymore. I don't know e mosquito gonna sell feel its occurrence tickets in Berlin the local 70 mile of selfless mom was the number 11. El Gran Final: Kimmy's more loving than you'd like. You don't give a damn. Keep calm and live, E. I want me address. You get them in. Get Tommy l Phillips e You and Elena get a visa for government E g? Yeah. Women. Sanlu's at the UC La Vista in the Super lindo. Yeah, G Mandingo embryo even. Listen, but who will finish e mails if you're like a little este superbly. Nakamura, I came away. Has it gotten almost killed with? I get I mean, Helen Sambre Paranoia a CEO in peace accord. Where Jalan Local cadres e paras ham bread and a kilo Miles correctable civilly a message on Monday He was Mr Zero. He's in the most e I could give you in the order of Islam Costa relative less. I must pour loss Better pinned Equalizer LaCosta Well, that is the Mos They're gonna musket with our car. He a kick You go? Yeah, you whether you wear super super Linda Tarradellas Mr Musk. Thank you though is that massive game went Is one excellent The him blood they get embrace . So, um I mean there in Dante's Aggie More Yes, TF. I won't gonna let you live Kia Greatly aware e g when you need that. In a way, I Come on. I got is about always delivers. Who? Akaba How you mess. It cannot mask it, boy Yaki does their community My foolish planet X yaki hama Rain Yeah, Gondolas with Moscow's to asthma winsome earth and e you list um there is totally dark Anoma psyche that Alexis really low the list even the most My strong Bring gravely Damn person. See your daily soap initially when you Rachel Okay, William in the key. Syria is took more Mulago moment in bring near resistant separation recipe Very orchestras mass Chico in Estamos Castillo Back in the host Over here. And you docket are rubbish. Look! Okay. Ive with one million. Did your kids ever to yellow? Excellent. It was premed apartment complex. Allah, They remember seeing when the person doing here when you are guilty in the move those LSE in the glass a parasite river When you go like getting us so they look a car. Most American Togo stomach places Pataki por instagram accurate