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Copywriting 101: How To Find Paid Work As A Freelance Copywriter

teacher avatar Kirsty Wood, Lost for words? Take mine

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      1. Introduction


    • 2.

      2. First Job?


    • 3.

      3. Freelancing Sites


    • 4.

      4. Networking and Referrals


    • 5.

      5. Your Own Website


    • 6.

      6. Social Media & Newsletters


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      7. Target Local Businesses


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      8. Tips to Finish Off


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About This Class

In this lesson, we'll look at the different ways you can find work as a freelance copywriter. This will suit you if you are new to freelance copywriting as we'll go right from the beginning and look at how you can land your first bit of paid work. This lesson will also suit you if you are an existing copywriter, as we'll explore avenues you may not have thought of before.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kirsty Wood

Lost for words? Take mine


Hi! I'm Kirsty, a freelance copywriter from the UK with a BA Hons Degree in English Language and the Media and a Diploma in Copywriting.

I specialise in web copy and social media content and as a freelancer, I believe that with the correct approach, you can write about almost any topic - and I'm here to show you how.

Of course, being able to write about your interests is a copywriter's dream, which is why I love producing content on travel, music, veganism and anything to do with the outdoors.

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1. 1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Kristi would a freelance copyright it from the UK. And in today's lesson, I'll be taking you through some of the ways I upon work and how other freelancers find their contracts. This lesson, we'll see you if you're just starting out as a copywriter as we'll go right from the beginning about how to find your first bit of paid work. But it also helps you, if you are an existing copywriter, as we'll explore some avenues, might not have thought of before. Of course, there are job sites and places like agencies who offer full-time copywriting roles. But this is going to be more about finding freelance contracts. And some may even lead to repeat work. For this Wilson's project, I want you to put together a draft email inquiring about copywriting Opportunities. This will be tailored depending on the person or business your contact in which we'll discuss later in the lesson. But by having a draft email, you'll make your job search a lot easier. Try and make it sound not too much like a cold, cold, and make it personal where possible. Explain who you are and you're experiencing copywriting. Even if you're just starting out, explain any experience you may have with the written word and any qualifications you may have. Also include links to your portfolio or any examples that you have. Again, don't worry too much. We don't have these right now is we'll tackle this in the lesson. Also do a bit of research into the PCL contacting personal elements. Can you add to show that you've gone the extra mile? What about their website interest you? Is there anything about the content that you would change or you feel you could help with by adding this extra personal stuff. It shows that you're serious about your research and it makes you stand out from everybody else. So once we finish last Senate writing your draft and pop it in the discussion, and then we'll take a look at it altogether. Now let's get started with the lesson. 2. 2. First Job?: If this is the first time you look into get paid copyrights and job, hold off sending that email just yet, I'm Luca few things in place to give yourself a better chance. It can be difficult starting out because there you don't need specific qualifications. Having examples of your work counts for a lot. And this is something you weren't always have when you decide to be a copyright to that. The first thing to do is decide what kind of services you want to offer. Pick what you're most comfortable with. You can always expand as you learn ML. But first decide what you're best at writing as this will dictate who you approach. Is it blogposts or website pages, pops you wanted to write press releases? Or maybe you want to go into the field of social media. You might choose one or a few, depending on what you feel comfortable writing. But bear in mind, a copyright is often asked to produce content for a variety of mediums. So the more you know and could interchange, the more employable you are. The next thing to think about is a portfolio. More often than not, people wanted to see examples whom you and let your work do the talking. This can be particularly difficult when you're starting out, but there are ways you can build your portfolio. One way to do this is by starting your own blog. I recommend signing up to a free site and simply start writing. It can be about any topic. And if you want to start going down a Nietzsche's subject, now is the time to do it, but try not to limit yourself too much. You could also approach websites who don't pay that right is once you establish copywriter, I would advise against this as what the industry would promise something like exposure rather than payment. But it is a great way to build a portfolio if you're just starting out, you could pick something like a charity or good cause to get behind to help businesses who don't have a lot of money to dish out to writers. What small some websites might ask you to write for free at first, but then may take you on as a freelancer with paid work. If you do a great job, you can also start writing on social media. Linkedin lends itself really well to long form content, almost like a blog. But if you're marketing yourself as a social media copyrighted, it won't harm to produce great content across different platforms. 3. 3. Freelancing Sites: Another way to get work is by looking at freelancing sites. These are websites where you essentially bid for job's. There are so many different freelance insights out the hovering on the Trotter couple. I can't say that one is better. For me. It was best to stick with one or two and really put my efforts in that. So take some time and read through each website to see which seems like the best fit for you. When I first touched on these sites, I did have a small portfolio, but had no reviews on the website itself. This counts for a lot. So I took some very low-paid jobs in order to get good reviews. I only need to do this perhaps three times. And then I had a better reputation from him. I was able to increase my hourly rate and bit Tibet to job's. A lover. Look at the store, is your attention to detail in the pit for job's. Make it personal and really show off your skills and why they will help with this particular job. This is your chance to sell yourself. So make it count. Also, make sure you have a great profile with examples of your work. If you have them way off from and what services you're offering. Once you've built a little bit of reputation, you'll probably find that people stopped her approach. You. It does just take a bit of time to get there, but I have found great one-off jobs in Eden repeat work through freelancing sites. 4. 4. Networking and Referrals: Even though we are in a digital age, word-of-mouth is still very important. For your first few jobs. It may be that you all feel services to friends and family. This is a great way to build your portfolio. And you can ask the testimonials afterwards to help advertise yourself. After all, people are more likely to believe or those who have used yo services rather than just hearing from you. You also might be referred by one of these early customers to other people. You can also look within your local community, such as community centers or small local businesses, who may be able to alphabetize your business card or fly and look at different events going on you your nearest Citi, those relating to mocked in no small businesses, maybe worthwhile time. Just make sure you take a stack of business cards and get Tolkien to as many people as possible. 5. 5. Your Own Website: It may seem like a big leap. Getting your own website By a show you, it's easier than it looks. Websites are great, not only as a place to display your portfolio, I'll start to blog, but if you have a little bit of SEO knowledge, they copy somewhere way all clients find you and approach youthful. Look. If you're just starting out, I want to keep the costs low. I suggest a free website or blog platform. Eventually you could register a domain name and build your own website. But again, I would suggest keeping the cost quite low at first. I've seen no harm in making a low-cost website with something like blood press. Although if you are web savvy or know someone who is, it's great to make a website that really stands out and shows off your services. It could be how you Lunda brilliant job. But no matter how you choose to design your website, just make sure you put a lot of time into the content. This is your service after all. 6. 6. Social Media & Newsletters: You can use social media to show for your writing skills and find Book. Twitter and LinkedIn had been the most successful for me when job searching. Look at hashtags on Twitter and use the job search function on LinkedIn and try and build a real connections as a way to get referrals in the digital space. As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a great place to build on your long-form content. It's also somewhere where you can add your portfolio and experience to show off your skills. Facebook is a great place to connect with other copywriters and NASPA tips, join local copywriting grapes and get told King. I've also experienced people offering other copywriters. That job's if the schedules too busy. Take a look at copywriting websites in your country who may offer newsletter filled with freelancing jobs, a quick Google search, and you should find them that way you get work straight TO email. 7. 7. Target Local Businesses: Local businesses all require a promotion of some salt. Then you could be the one to provide the copy they need. You could drop in and talk to someone in person or use your completed project from this lesson to send an email. You can also look at our website and send a small proposals and suggestions document about what you would add all changed their existing content on their website, and how that can help that business. But be subtle, people don't like to be told that that website is no good. If that website has a bloke, but the content isn't regularly updated, suggest some topics that you can create for them and explain why it is important for them to have fresh content. With a great relationships to build with design is imprinting does find a local graphic designer and prepares a mutually beneficial relationship. They might get a client that needs a brochure designing. This designer could also suggest you as the copyright edge to all the content. But this brochure and vice versa, you make it to client who also needs design work. This works too for printing has looked for local printers who offer a full design service and market yourself as someone who can take care of the woods and let them know. You'll recommend them as it printed to all of your clients. Once you have a bit of experience in portfolio, you can also contact local advertising agencies. They may already have an in-house copyrighted, but you could ask to be on the books for freelance positions if there weren't load increases and they need an extra hand. 8. 8. Tips to Finish Off: So let's take a look at some tips to finish off the lesson. As I mentioned earlier, with the project, get your approach ready. Put together a draft email of what you'll say when you approach different businesses. And also if you're going down the Freeland side group, put together a draft bid. These will be tailored with each job, but starting point of who you are, your experience and links to your portfolio will save you a lot of time and help you push out more inquiries. Is also important to keep learning. The fundamental stay the same. Copyright him practices can change, you are near. But if you can adopt and learn mall, you make yourself more employable. Read copywriting books and blogs, listen to podcasts, and connect with fellow copyright has to keep learning as you go. Don't be afraid to approach old clients once you have them. You may do a one off of work with them on I'll finish up a contract, give it some time, and then approach them again, asking if they need help with any more of that content. You might just get them at the time they're thinking about relaunching their website or expanding our business. It's also important to be patient. You will undoubtedly get disheartened when you don't get replies or was you get rejections, but you just have to stick with it. Imposter Syndrome is prevalent in this field of work. Even if you've been on TV is. But as long as you keep writing, learning, and enjoying copywriting along the way, you'll pick up some great work. Just don't give up.