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Content Marketing For Beginners: Create a Solid Marketing Plan

teacher avatar Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      What is Content Marketing and Why it is Essential?


    • 3.

      Steps To Create A Solid Marketing Plan to Promote Content


    • 4.

      Understanding Marketing Principles


    • 5.

      Identifying Target Audience


    • 6.

      What is Buyer Persona and How You Can Create it?


    • 7.

      Effective Formula of Storytelling


    • 8.

      Importance of Promotion


    • 9.

      Channels For Content Promotion


    • 10.

      Class Project


    • 11.



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About This Class

In this class, you will learn about content marketing and you will be able to create a solid marketing  plan to promote your content. 

By the end of this class, you'll know:

  1. Top Marketing Principles
  2. Create a Solid Marketing Plan
  3. How to Identify Target Audience
  4. Create a Buyer Persona
  5. Understand How Storytelling Helps in Writing Great Copy 
  6. Importance of Promoting Content
  7. Channels of Content Promotion

Even if you don't have any knowledge or experience about copy-writing, you can still enroll in this class.

Who should take this class? 

  • Copywriters
  • Content Writers
  • Freelancers
  • Digital Marketers 
  • Those who want to learn content marketing and content promotion 
  • Curious learners who are willing to learn a new skill 


Meet Your Teachers:

A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers, online instructors & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers in 2016 but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

Both of us are Ezine Approved & Certified Writers. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. We have been in the online marketing world since 2016 and we would love to share everything that we have learned with you!

So when you enroll in this class, you'll be learning from those who have hands-on practical experience in this field.

See You Inside The Class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vishal & Shubhi

Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers


A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. 


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Level: Beginner

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1. Class Introduction: hi and welcome to the content marketing class for bigness. Welcome to our second class is culture in this class to even cover some of the basic concerts or content marketing that will set a foundation for you and help you in becoming a content marketeer? Content marketing is one of the most demanded skills presently, and if you know on the skin, you will be opening lots off opportunities for your canyon. My name is should be success along with my four instructor Chances job. I have to find class to help you and learning how to promote content online. But why? You should learn from us because we have bean content writers on digital marketeers since 2016 and we have lots of practical hands on experience in content marketing. We have created content for over 50 websites in less than a year on Both of us are design, approved and certified writers. So if you want to learn from those who have practical experience in Condon marketing, you should enrolled in this class what you learned in the flaps. We will begin the class by understanding what content marketing wounds and why it's important. Then we will share with you the steps that you can use for creating a solid marketing plan . Next, you'll learn the marketing principles on how to identify the target audience. Then we'll talk about buyer persona on how you can create it so that you can target the right customer or reader. Then you learn about the effective formula for storytelling because storytelling is an important part off content marketing. Then you know about the importance of promotion. And finally, you will learn about the channels off motion that would help you in marketing your content online on promoting it. Finally, I mean in the class with a class project, make sure that you enroll in this class on. Take the templates that people offer you for creating a buyer persona. As for last or content promotion checklist, this class is ideal for those who want to learn about Ponting marketing. And it's also good for content writers, copywriters, bloggers and content marketers. Even freelancers and digital marketeers would find this class very useful. We're so excited to have you hit on Be welcome used to join this content marketing class. See you inside 2. What is Content Marketing and Why it is Essential?: before understanding and detained about content marketing. Let's take a look at the sign. Cramp Content Marketing is a major part or digital marketing business, and brands started greeting online presence, but they needed a form of marketing to get rolled customers and traffic to the websites. That's when digital marketing came into existence. Content marketing is a major part of digital marketing. Andi helps in promoting content. Let's understand about content marketing in a simple way. Using this picture, the process will start from brand on the business. The brand or the business wants to create engaging content, the higher content riders and content marketers. For this. When this interesting content is ready, it's promoted to the potential customer or the target audience are DJ. The target audience finds it online on. Since it's engaging and provides value, he buys that product or service, which leads to sales. Ultimately, the process finishes when the sailors made on the brand on the profit. But this is a never ending process. The brand keeps repeating the cycle for earning profit on expanding the customer base. Content marketing is used for making the readers engaged with the brand on its offerings. The process off content Marketing involves content creation, designing, content, strategy and more. When you are doing content marketing, you will be creating and promoting content to the potential buyer or the target audience types of content used. Let's take a look at the way in which content, marketing and stunt the following three types of content are used for online marketing. First is the written content, which includes articles and blog's and all types off text content. Next is Infographic, where pictures and illustrations are combined with the written content. Finally, videos are used for content. Creation on videos can include both. Audio and visuals are just one off them. Content marketing is very important in the Internet age, and this was because it helps to engage the reader content. Marketing also helps in fighting the target audience for a particular business or brand, it helps to tone a reader into potential bile and then into a loyal customer. Content marketing also helps to create brand awareness. It helps in expanding the customer base on leads to sales and convulsions. The content marketing process involves sex symbol stages. You will learn in detail about each off the stages in the coming lecture, but there's a brief explanation for each stage so that you have a basic understanding before we move ahead. In this model, it starts with stating the objective, then identifying the target audience, creating content, promoting it to the target audience. Measuring the results are tracking the progress and then repeating or recycling the entire process. Depending upon the results, you can update the content. Oh three. Remote it. If the results are not satisfactory, you can create fresh content or promote the existing content with the better promotion strategy. I hope you now understand what content marketing wounds and how it's used by online business and brands to engage the customers. The next lecture. Ivan. Sure, you how you can create a perfect Contin marketing plan. 3. Steps To Create A Solid Marketing Plan to Promote Content: it's time to create a plan for promoting your content. These are the five easy steps to create a plan for marketing. Let's learn about them one by one Set objectives before promotion. It's important to understand what you want to achieve. Basically, in this step, we are defining the why off promotion. You can drive the major goon or objective and also defined the poppers off promotion. If you want, you can also write the desired result that you would want from such promotion. You can also identify the challenges that you can face while promoting your content. At this stage, you should also decide which stools off promotion you will be using better. It's paid advertisement or social sharing, etcetera. You need to decide it at this stage itself. Once you are done with defining the wife, it's time to identify the target audience. You should also identify whether your content would be useful for a specific group of people or a huge crowd. You will also create buyer persona our update, the existing one. As a content marketer, you will also identify the challenges faced by our target audience and how you plan to help them is it by offering a solution, toe or gum. The challenge are by offering a product that can help them and managing it. In the coming lecture, you will learn about identifying the target audience on creating buyer persona in the thought step, even create the content based on the channels off promotion. Firstly, the channels off promotion should be decided. Next, you should create the content better. You want to convey your message to a video broadcast, blawg or social media platforms. You will have to create content based on where you're planning to promote distribution on implementation. Now you must promote the content through the decided channels. It's best to promote at the time when users are more likely to engage on are actively using the platform. You should decide how many times you will promote your content based on the popularity off the topic. This is really important because depending upon how popular your block topic is, you will have to decide the frequency off promotion. Tracking the progress is as important as promoting. This will help you to know better your promotion strategy is working or not. You can use Google Analytics for checking the traffic are the source of traffic on other details. You should also keep a check on the social shares. Number off likes and comments. You understand what the audience like based on the social shares. Andi create more content like this. If people are responding to your content on sharing it, it's a good sign that your marketing strategy is walking and you should follow it. If it's not working, you should improve it and try to create a better marketing strategy or improve the existing content and promote it in a better manner. So these other five simple steps to create a perfect marketing plan. In addition, you will also be required to recycle or repeat the content marketing plan based on the results that you have achieved. I'll see you in the next lecture, where you learn about the marketing principles. 4. Understanding Marketing Principles: to get maximum results from content marketing, you must apply the marketing principles. Let's learn about them in this lecture. The first marketing principle. ISS understanding the audience and you start content marketing. You must write for your ideal reader. When you know who is your ideal audience, you can understand what they need. So if you want to understand the audience, you must identify the target audience on. Based on that, create buyer persona alone about these in the coming lectures, the new offer solutions to the audience. They will become regular readers and even tone into Bilis, the next principal ISS. Awful value. Offering valuable content is one of the major principles because it helps to create loyal readers. Once you understand your audience, it's really important toe. Offer them value. You must solve their problems on offer. Solutions are you can help them and making the right decision between choosing the best product give more value on information than they expect. Because most websites on the Internet are offering shallow information. If you awful valuable in depth and useful content, then you will stand out from your company. Deals on become the best in the industry, which would mean you will get more readers and traffic on your website. The next principle is to make it accessible. Your ideal reader must be able to access the content easily. He should not struggle to find the solution once he comes to your website. For this, make sure you are the search bar on your website, or blawg so that readers can directly search what they want instead of scrolling toe the block post. Next ISS consistency Content marketing is a continuous process. If it stops, then the results will stop to. If you want to get traffic consistently, you must offer content on a regular basis. Maintain consistency and writing new condoms on even in promoting it. When you publish content consistently, more people read it on. This increases the traffic, so the bottom line is to never stop publishing on. Promoting Next up is adaptability. The practices and tactics off online marketing change and improve. So if you want to stay ahead, always a dark to such changes. Suppose a new algorithm is launched by search engines, then you must learn about it and how it can affect your marketing strategy. Based on this, you should use the latest practices or guidelines that will help you to maintain your website traffic. Adapting to the latest change is a major principle that will take your content marketing toe another level. I will see you in the next lecture. I will show you how you can identify the target audience for your business or block. 5. Identifying Target Audience : In the previous lecture, you learned about the marketing principles. Now let's take a look at target audience before identifying the target audience. You should know what exactly these words mean. Target audience is the ideal reader or customer for your offering. In simple words. When you're talking about the target audience, you are simply refering to those people who are going to buy your product. Or so this a radio content. Whether you have a business or a block, you must know who is your target audience, because this would help you in delivering better. So by target audience. Do you mean the ideal customer or reader was interested in your offering? Is offering to be a product service? Are even content Ridin on your website Docket audience can be an individual or group of people who can benefit from what you're offering. Once you identify who is your target audience, all the marketing efforts are directed towards them. This helps to increase the probability or conversions and sales. So why is it important to identify your target audience? Imagine what would happen if you try to sell your product to someone was not interested in what you're offering Let's take an example to understand this better. You have a blawg very offer tips related to skin care and beauty products. If I ask you who is your ideal reader or target audience is your answer might be females. No. Imagine if you are trying to market your products to a group of senior citizens instead. Off females are young females. Would they buy from you? Most of the seniors it doesn't won't be interested at all, which would lead to baste it off time. Resources on all the content marketing efforts. That's why I didn't define your ideal audience is extremely important. It saves the resources it leads to higher conversion and sales, and it also helps to create a loyal following off customers. No, let's come to the BRAC group. There are two ways to identify your target audience. The 1st 1 is based on demographics. In this, you will identify on the basis off demographics, which means even identify your target audience based on the common treat qualities or features. So these include I don't defined on the basis off age, gender, income, education, race, occupation on marital status. The second method is to identify on the basis off cycle graphics. In this, you will identify the audience based on their personality, values, interest, attitude, lifestyle on also their spending habits. Soon, demographics have toe identify who is your ideal audience on and cycle graphics help to know why they are your target audience. You must remember this now. Let's take an example on Identify the target audience on the basis off demographics municipals. I have a website Andi offer a product leaned Energizer. This product helps the women to stay energetic. Andi. It also increases the bold strip. Based on this information, who would be my target audience? Think about it. Based on this information, begin dried down the demographics which include age, gender, location, occupation, income, education, marital status and Children. So in this case, my target audience could be a female. Was 25 years and above. If I'm targeting on the Indian States, she could be in the Northern States or the sudden states. I'm just speaking of the Northern States now. She could be a housewife or she could be a walking professional. Her income, education, marital status and Children depends on Based on these began create a rough idea about who the target audience is. No. Based on these demographics, I have created the image off the person who is going to benefit from more time offering. I know who was my ideal audience. She could be a working woman, are a mother, but the product would definitely help them because it's targeting on giving strength to them on. It also helps them to increase the bone strength the psychographic treats for understanding the psychographic aspect. We create a buyer personas. This bus Oh no could be based upon the values, lifestyle, attitude, personality, Hobbies in crest on behavior off the target audience. Please go ahead to the next lecture where you will learn about the basics off buyer persona and how you can create it for your own block or website. I'll see you there. 6. What is Buyer Persona and How You Can Create it?: welcome back in the previous Lecter, you learned how to identify the target audience. Now let's understand about by a bus on. We can identify a target audience based on the psychographic and demographic aspect. Now, to create a buyer persona, you can use both off them. But before that, we need to understand what, exactly a buyer bus on a minutes. It's an imaginary re presentation off your target audience to create a by a bus on Um, you can use both demographic as the last. The psychographic qualities the bio persona should be specific on. It must help you to understand your audience in a better way. You can make it very useful by adding the details like, What are their values, How they behave, their buying habits, that personality. The challenges are the problems they are facing on what are their interests or hobbies. Once you create a buyer persona, you will understand what they require, and then you can offer it to them in the way they want. So by creating a buyer persona and writing content always remember this. You must offer them what they want in the way they expected, because this equals two sales and convulsions on it creates a loyal customer base for you. It can also lead to mark publicity, because if someone likes what you're offering, they're bound to share it with others. So always remember, offer what the target audience wants in the way they wanted. If you want to make sales or if you want to get traffic but skin the audience one down looking for and once you offer something which will benefit them, they will become your loyal reader or customer for sure. Let's create a buyer persona for the same example that I took in the previous lecture. I have a product name, Energizer, which is designed for females to help maintain their energy on also to increase the bone strength before creating the persona. Let's think about the target audience for this. And let's also think about the psychographic traits. So the target audience is a female who could be a professional. Our house makeup, no matter better, she's working or she's just a stay at home life. She would be dired. She wants to be fit. But maybe she is unable to give time to herself, so she would love to have a product that can help her to maintain the energy level. Andi also increased the strength off her bones. After thinking these points or the psychographic qualities, it's easy to create a buyable Sana. So let's create one. Let's say her name is Sherry. She is 33 years old and lives with her husband and kids. She's a walking professional, and her income is around ₹25,000 or 3 $63 in a month. No, I think about the challenges she's facing somehow for issues could be time management, lack of time or energy, tiredness and no time for exercise. Now think how you could help her. Firstly, your product would be useful for her because she's too busy and walking and managing her family, and secondly, because she's unable to exercise and stay fit. So this is why she would find your product useful. It would help her to maintain the energy level all day on, also keep her healthy. No. How could we promote this in? The schools were focusing on content so we can create a block post where we can share her problems and offer her the solution in the form off our product. So now we have a clear persona off our target audience. We could also use the Social media post on promote the product by stating that it keeps women fit and healthy when she's unable to lead a healthy lifestyle. Or she's unable to take time from her. Scheduled for exercising. I hope you got a clear understanding off how AH buyer persona is created. Make sure to download the buyer person on a worksheet at the end. Off this lecture, you can create a buyer persona for your own blawg or website. I recommend you to do this little activity to gain maximum value and develop your skills. In the next lecture, you will learn about storytelling, which is the most useful aspect off content marketing. I'll see you there. 7. Effective Formula of Storytelling : the all love stories, isn't it? But why? Storytelling Is important in content marketing. Imagine that you have found two articles about a topic. The 1st 1 shows some facts and data on it asks you to buy. Based on these details, it's full off, dull and boring Continent, which keeps repeating itself. Andi is available on other websites as well. There is no uniqueness in it. The second article, on the other hand, takes you on a journey off. A person who is similar to you on it slowly explains how this person overcame his challenges and struggles. Using a service seems as if the second article boss written only for you. The problems you face are mentioned hair along with the solution that seems useful and beneficial for you. No. Ask yourself which article you're going to believe on. Act upon the first on the 2nd 1 The answer is quite clear. You're going to believe the second article because it has struggled your emotions in the right way. Instead of boring, so less content that's found on the Internet, you're more likely to read something that's interesting and full oflife, and it seems more beneficial for you when the U storytelling in content marketing, we are focusing on teaching or informing the audience by telling them a story. So storytelling is important because it's natural. Stories are interesting. Secondly, the help to engage the audience next they build crossed on helps in collecting with the readers. They are powerful to trigger actions from the reader, which could eventually turn them into buyers. Now I'm going to show you on effective bomb a lot that could help you and doing amazing storytelling every time. So has the formula challenges, plus emotions plus solutions. First, let's talk about the challenges. As a content writer, you must state the exact problem or conflict that your audience might be facing. After creating the buyer persona, you should try to identify the challenges and problems and offer a solution for that will provide the solution at a later stage. But the first step is to identify the challenge and let the reader knew that you know how they're feeling and what they're facing next. His emotions. You must build a connection with your reader by understanding how they're feeling. You must also empathize with them and let them know that you're there. for them. For this, you can use a character that is similar to your target audience. You can also use the trigger words that would evil the emotions off the reader. Done lifeless content is found in abundance on the Internet, so if you write something that is full of emotions, people are definitely going to read it. Remember, when you are discussing the challenges or problem trying to be sympathetic, let them know that you understand how they feel. This would enhance the connection that you're building with your Edo. The final ingredient off this farm a lot is offering solutions. Earlier, we have mentioned the problem on challenges. Onda. We have sympathized with the rito. Now we are going to offer them a useful solution. This solution could be a product. So this our information. When readers feel that someone is there to understand them and offer them a solution, they will be really happy to read what the content is all about. They will also be happy to take the suggestions and use the products that you have mentioned. But this can happen only when you offer them lots of value through your content. So by using story telling, you can't own a reader into a loyal customer, 8. Importance of Promotion: before you understand the importance off promotion, I have a short story for you. A man named John adopts a beautiful golden retriever. It's his first bet. He does not know how to take care of him, feed him and beat him. So he looks up online and searches everything regarding how to take care off a dog he finds oblong that showed him how you can take in office. Bet easily, which Brand offers the best dog food on where he confined the bedding items for his dog. He also found out about the vaccinations that must be given. He searched the block more and read all the post related to this. This particular block helped him find a solution to his problem. And now, whenever he has a question regarding his bed, he goes to that block. The block offers him the best answer, and he's all being satisfied and leaves happening by taking the best solutions. After a while, John's friend by some dog, too. He asks John how he can take care off a spit. John tells him how he does it, and while telling this, it mentions that he has found all the information and help from a block. His friend reads the long and find it helpful. Just like John. No, here are the three lessons that we learned from the story. First, people want solution to their problems, and they need help to manage things. Secondly, if they find someone who is helping them, they've been listened to them and think better. Decisions and final lesson is, if they find something helpful, they will suggest it to others. Content promotion is one of the most essential pillows off online marketing. But why it's so important to promote the London online content is useless. If no one reads, Promotion gives life to the content. More people find it, read it on act upon it. If they find it useful, they will share it with all those first. That's take a look at the reasons by business and brands not to promote their content. Words written on a website are powerful enough to create a loyal audience. Content writing can meet people up there about your brand. Been a new leader visits your blawg. He should know about the values off your brand and also learn about more to your vision and mission. Innis When you promote content on more people. Read it. The search engines get a signal that the content is useful. Information. Andre Element. This helps in boasting organic traffic to your site. When people see that you share content regarding a topic consistently, they started considering you an expert off that topic. So whenever they'll have questions regarding that topic, they will want to know the answers from you because you have the authority over that topic . When you publish on Golota consist the content consistently, people connect with it. This hands to build trust among the readers. Promotion helps in generating leads, converting the potential buyers into customers. Pitch needs to scenes, and it also brings traffic to your site. Promotion heads in getting traffic, the doc traffic a block and not so life. Because traffic is the heartbeat off a blawg or a website, people are scrawling on social media all the time and our encrusted and finding something useful and you promote your content. It allows the people to find something valuable and informative. On average, Bio needs to be persuaded seven times before he actually makes a buying decision. If you promote the content correctly, it can encourage the reader to take right buying decisions quickly. The key is to create stories and make the reader feel connected. You should persuade them in a way that defeat they really need your product or service. And if they do not, they're really missing out on a very good thing. If someone likes your product and finds it useful, they become your marketer on their own. They will spread the word and encourage others to try your product or services. If you want to have this kind off loyal customer, what you're offering should be outstanding in terms off quality and usage, Whether it's a product service or even a well written block post and promotion is effective , everything goes right. An audience would consider you or your business on export. They always look forward to get more from you. We have seen that promotion is very essential for a business. No, let's take a look at the other side off the coin. Following are the reasons by customers and readers need content promotion and why it's important to them. Most people are searching for answers online. They want quick, effective solutions to their problems, So if they find solution about their problems on your side they'll remember you on would come back again, looking for solutions. It's human nature to look for more Joint is on Options Medal. The person wants to purchase a small thing, for example, of Ben or a big one, such as a car. They want to know about all the possible options so that they can buy the best one. If you offer them choices and obedience, they will be glad to know it because it helps them to take a better buying decision and being informed. Content promotion is so important for readers were not aware about a particular topic, just like in story, where John is not aware about the ways to take care off this bet. People want to compare products that are similar. They want to know why they should choose your product. So as a content marketer, you want to give them all the reasons why are offering is better and how it can help the user. People want to take better and vice decisions, and to do this, they need the right information. Majority off people search for reviews off Mobil's before they actually buy it. This is because they want to buy the best move I'll after knowing the specifications and features. So promoting the content is not just important for the business or the brand, but it's equally important for the audience and the readers as well. This lecture has shown you the importance off content in the modern business. Now you know why promotion is the key to the survival off a business. In the next lecture, you belong about the content promotion strategy and see you there. 9. Channels For Content Promotion: before knowing about the channels. Hairs. A quick tip To get positive results from content promotion. Promote the content where your target audience is present actively so that you can maximize the reach and get best results from your content. These are some of the most popular and useful channels off promotion. All of these are used by big brands to promote in front off their target audience. For example, Instagram is all about colored, eye catching, beautiful pictures, so brands offering clothes, accessories, cosmetics and luxury items like to use instagram for content marketing. You can use you to to promote videos and share the block boast link in the description. You can also use social media platforms like Instagram through the Facebook Want sap to promote almost anything because a majority of people are hanging on such platforms. Pinterest is the number one source off traffic for many bloggers. And if you're a blonde girl, this amazing search engine comes. Social platform can help you in getting massive traffic to your site. All you have to do with Master. The write may off pinning on Pinterest. Cora is a website where you'll find questions and answers related toe all possible topics that you can imagine. How can you use it for promoting content? Simply search the topics related to your content on. You'll find related questions, answered them and make sure you're genuinely helping by writing a useful or informative answer and share a link to your block. Post are a video you should share link only, then it's related to the question. Make sure to follow the guidelines off Chora while sharing or promoting your content. You can also use tumbler medium and dreaded or promoting content. Podcasts are also a great way to are tracked. A certain group off audience that prefers audios over written content. Guest blocking is an excellent me to get traffic to your own block. When you write a post for someone else's block, you are doing a guest post for them. You are contributing to their block in exchange for building relations, getting traffic and increasing authority on a topic. Email marketing is a well known tool for content promotion. You can send e mails regarding your latest block post videos, tutorials, courses, social media post and much more. Based on what you are promoting, you can choose the best platform from these, the best way to promote your content is to create a proper schedule. Also, it's important to use different platforms to get traffic. It's not a good idea to rely on traffic from just one source. You should always have multiple sources or channels to get traffic. If one off the source stops working, our stop sending traffic, the other sources would help in retaining the audience and help to maintain the traffic. No, here are some benefits off. Using these journalists, you can find your target audience more easily on social media blood bombs because most of the people are hanging out on social black bombs. In states, there is more chance off getting your content viral because people like to share what they really, really like or enjoy getting traffic before s you strategies starts showing result. This means that getting traffic from social media platforms is easier, whereas when you use s you to get traffic to your side, it could give you results. After a white people share easily on such platforms, and you should use this to your benefit. Now you know about content promotion on how it must be done correctly. Download the content promotion checklist at the end of this lecture. Use it for promoting your content effectively across different platforms. 10. Class Project: you have successfully completed the lessons in this class, and now it's time for a class project for the class project you have to create a buyer person. Make sure to download the template starters attached with this lesson. Use it as a guide for creating your own buyer persona. Here are the instructions. Simply watch the lessons in the class on Download the template so that you can create a by persona. It depends on your business lock or the product. Whether you want to create a brief persona or a detailed one, you can submit any off those for the class project. Make sure to submit this project so that we can give you feedback regarding your project that would help you and assessing what you have not. And it would also help you and practically applying the lessons that we have taught you in the class. 11. Conclusion: Congratulations on completing this class successfully. We hope you found this class useful and beneficial and learning about content, marketing, meet show that followed the guidelines on some mature project Create a bio persona using the steps that we have shown you in the lessons. We would like to thank you for being such an amazing student on for joining this class. You would love to know your review and feedback regarding this class on how you found this useful. We would issue all luck for your journey as a content marketeer on. We hope to see you in one of our other classes.