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Complete WordPress SEO course, Part 4 of 10 - Content SEO

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Content SEO Intro


    • 2.

      Keyword at the beginning of the title


    • 3.

      Craft Magnetic Titles


    • 4.

      Title Case


    • 5.

      Setting Focus Keyword


    • 6.

      Meta Description


    • 7.

      Use Subheads


    • 8.



    • 9.

      Long Form Content


    • 10.

      Keep it fresh and cover trending topics


    • 11.

      Web Safe Fonts


    • 12.

      AltText for Images


    • 13.

      Include Videos


    • 14.

      Transcription, case studies and info sandwich


    • 15.

      Outbound and Internal Links and Plagiarism


    • 16.

      Proofread, Hemingway App and social shares


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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

Learn how to write better content to rank well in search engines.

This part of the course covers how to write better titles, meta description, content that engages the audience etc.

This also covers some of the tools you can use to write and edit SEO friendly content for the web.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Content SEO Intro: Hi. Welcome back. Writing awesome content on optimizing it for eso is a secret of online marketing sexes content. S U is about the art off copyrighting and ranking that on top of surgeries is it's relatively easy if you have some experience. And it's an excellent way to bring in large amount of valuable Web traffic to Europe site rather than spending thousands of dollars to its paid advertising. But writing surgeon optimized content is not only about rankings and traffic. It's also about engaging yard visitors, building authority, selling your products and so on and so forth. After all, what's the point off getting so many prospects without having a purpose? So in this section, I'm gonna give you various steps to write great content. Knowing who you're writing your carbon far is one of the best and most important copyrighting tips anyone can give you. Your content can never really sell Well, if it doesn't appeal to a particular audience, are consumer. So do your homework and it will really pay off. For example, if you're giving guitar lessons and your Web site attracts guitar students, make sure you're can't appeals in every respect that those who want to learn guitar, give them high valued lessons and show them your commitment. Improve their skills. If you're running an e commerce door that says baby products, make sure you add a block post and write high quality articles about some of the benefits and features off your products. Do babies and Children, of course, targeting their parents. Write stories and some pleasant experiences about your customers in your day to day business life with a lot of human touch and at subsisting them by adding a lot of emotions and some suspects and make it wider and make it fly. 2. Keyword at the beginning of the title: Hi. Welcome back in this video. Let me show you the importance off Key War, our brand name in the beginning, Off a title day. A title. Dag In Europe Side is the main decks that describes an online document. It's one of the most important on page is your element, of course, the most important being the overall content, of course, and we'll competent next. But these tightly tags are also very important, and they appear in three key places. Number one in their browsers number do and surgeon, your results pages and a number three external upsides. Let me do a Google search and show them on screen. I'm gonna type in a keyword guitar lessons. Now, when you use keyword in the title dad, surgeons will highlight them in the search results. If a user has performed a query, including those key watch, this gives the user greater visibility. This generally means you'll get higher click through rate, for example. I search for the keyword guitar lessons, and there appears in every title tag over here guitar lessons, guitar lessons and, as you can see it being, it's shown inborn letters within urine on also within descriptions And, of course, the key word is part of the title now. The first results from Google, but the second was a website. So let me click on this for Justin. Guitar dot com is the name of the website not let me hover over on the dab? I can see the title dad freely dollar. Since now many external upsides, mainly social media sites will use the title tire for Web page as it's link anchor. Text the Michelin example on screen. Now I'm on Facebook and I search for the keyword guitar lessons, and one of the results is year gift certificates for guitar lessons. True fire. Now let me click on this link. It's a website called true fire dot com and let me hover over the tab and I can see get certificates for guitar lessons. Have you seen the same title Dad within Facebook? No. Let me come back to the point we don't wanna put across to you to get there s your benefit place. Important key. Watch close to the front of the title tag. The closer to the start of the title tag keyword. The more helpful it will be for ranking another benefit is it's more likely a user will flick them in search results. Now some s yours. Argue that the brand name should be at the beginning off a title back. As far as I'm concerned, depending upon the strengths off your brand name, I recommend using that in your title. Dag. If a brand name is well known enough to make a difference and click through rates in search results, the brand name should be used at the start of the title tag. If the brand name is less known, are less relevant than the keyword. The keyword should be at the beginning of the title day. Now, another important point notice here is this. Surgeons were drunk in titles in search results that exit a certain length. For example, for Google, this length is usually between 50 to 60 characters. The title is too long. The surgeons were showing ellipses like this on This is to indicate that a title tag has been cut off, but at times longer titles often work better for social sharing, And some S E was believed that surgeons may use the cures in your title time for ranking purposes, even if those few words get truncated in search results. But in the yen, it's usually better to write a great title that converts really well and get clicks. Then to just obsess over the length off a tightly and finally creating a compelling title, Dag will put in more visits from the search results. It's important that you think about the entire user experience and you're creating your title tags, along with optimization and key word usage within your title. A Title Doc is that you visitors first interaction with your brand when they find it in the search results, so it should come way the most positive message possible. Now let me show you some tools to create some great title tax. Let me Diaper course kid, You'll plus Headline Analyzer. This is definitely a great tool for creating fantastic headlines, entitles Let me type in a tidy. I just typed in 10 ways to make money online, and the stool will analyze my title and give me a score. Anything above seventies fantastic and it is analyzing different types of words I've used in the title on gives me a grade destabilise, and it does the character count as well and suggest that I can't increase the length of the title of it. This is how my tighty will look like in the search in your results page. So whenever you're creating any tighty, just come to this course schedule headline analyzer and analyze your title and include and exclude some words to improve your score. Because the higher the score, the better it is. Let me show you another doing to create great headlines. Here we go. You may click on the 2nd 1 tsunami dot com slash kick ass headline generator. Now I can choose any one of these methods to create my awesome headlines and Kightly's. We choose the number list. No for the keyword Make money online. The stool is are really giving me several suggestions like, for example, the list headline is 10 ways to make money online. Now Side Nor Headline is 10 ways to make money online with a side, nor Number two is our favorite. The Proven Methods headline is 10 proven method for Making money online. The mistakes headline is 10 mistakes most people make when making money online and want show for, So if you put in your topic here, the door will give several suggestions on that is under the numbers list. Now you have other options like how do, for example, they may click on how do Now? How do headline How to make money online. The Argument Guide headlines I demand guide to make money online and she wants a Ford. So course judo and sumo me are do great headline analyzers you can use whenever you're creating titles and headlines. 3. Craft Magnetic Titles: an awesome content starts with a killer headline. The better your headline, the higher the chances off your post, getting higher clicks and hitting the rooftop. An irresistible, well thought out title makes people to read your article, and it sets the tone for your content. It also makes an outstanding first impression. Joined some effective s you into the mix and boom rock control. Your content ranks really well. Some of the best, most compelling copy titles are just modifications off Old s yo copulating title Fumble us so don't hesitate to take advantage of that headline analyzer from Sumo Me is covering all the important formulas. Here's what I mean Sumo Me has come up with 49 irresistible headline formulas. Please make use of them to come up with an awesome title. If you want people to love your posts, create numbered lists. Studies show that headlines with numbers get more clicks. It's psychological. Our brain loves lists. In addition, they promise something very specific, and they are easily readable and, most importantly, create curiosity and suspense in the headline To make it wild 4. Title Case: When you're writing your titles, you need to ensure that you're using proper case. Not sure how to do that. Pretty simple. Just copy. You're taIking go tighty capitalization dot com and paste in your title. That's it. Your title is now connected to the proper case. As you can see the first letters off, the words are capitalized, and this is how the title should look like. Now copy this and go back to the Edit post and based in the title That's It. 5. Setting Focus Keyword: once I have my own website and what press installed in it, I'll go to the back end of my website and go to settings and click on Permal ing's. I would choose post name and save changes. Let me show you in a minute. What this means Now let me go toe posts and add new. This is where you write the title of the post Now, for the purpose of this example let me write a title. Now let me go to the bottom. Since I have used s your plug in installed in this web side the blogging is giving me some s e o suggestions. This is how my title will appear in the surgeon Your results Page seven s Your tips to become a mock Ting superstar And this Seo Strategies is my site title. My site title is in the Settings General area Here we go. My site title appears always along with my post title. Now the plug in is asking me to set a focus keyword for the purpose of this article My focus keyword is s your dips. So let me just type in the word have also made sure this particular keyword appears in the beginning of the title on That will give me an edge over other people who are putting their focus. Keyword Somewhere in the middle are, in the end, off their title. That's it. Let's go ahead and publish. Now let me click on this pummeling. Here we go. You can see the name of the article as a part off your website name. This is how I want my article to look like. And this is the reason why I have said the Perma link as my post name. And there are other options, like date and time and so on to appear as a part of the Ural. But my personal preference is post me. Most importantly, have made sure my focus key. Where is it? The beginning of the title? 6. Meta Description: I have met. Her description is a sharp paragraph off takes place in the hedge demon for webpage that describes the content. The meta description will then appear under your pages. You are in the search results. This is also a bonus as snipping. Google has stated that meta descriptions are not ranking Cygnus, but they directly affect how much traffic of a page disease from a given searches. Um, a lot of us ignore a better description because they take time to write. Nevertheless, a good CEO copyrighting is almost pointless. With our attention grabbing meta descriptions, a great attention grabbing better description will improve. CDR are click through rate and the page visits and hence indirectly improve site ranking. Now let's take a look. At an example of a good and a bad meta description, I searched for the keyword tropical resort in my Google chrome incognito window on I get these results. The first result is from Trip Advisor, and, as you can see, there included rich snippets and reduce our their price range is available and what type of room I'll be getting based on this pricing. Then, the description say, is tropical Lazard Langkawi C 294 Traveler reviews 247 user photos and best deals for Tropical Restart So the keyword is present there both and tightening as well as a matter description. And the description also talks about the number one ranking off this particular resort. And if you see the second result, it's a result of the official website of tropical Desert land Copy and the description is definitely not good and it stays Langkawi Bizarre Tropical tropic are tropical Langkawi. I'm really sorry. Those are searching for the ski work will not get any useful information from this kind off meta description. So this is a clear example off a good and a bad meta description. 7. Use Subheads: a catchy headline like this brings in more readers, but how do you get them to continue reading? The answer is by using savage sub. It's our header tags. Like which one hits to history and so on, and they make your article skim herbal on guide the readers through the text. They also describe your content the search engines in this article This is the suburb number one and this is second sub Answer one. Make sure your sub it's our died back are linked back in some way to the main title of the post each sub. It may tell a relevant story with faction figures. Now I'm in the back and on my training website. Let me show you how to create Savage with in this article. Have copy pasted An example posed for the purpose of demonstration in this article. This is my subject number one. It's already categorized as head a number. Do so if I want to change it. I can choose the dext and going here and change it. Do whatever the savage I want to fix. Let's say if I wanted to go for heads tree, I can click on this and this has become hedge tree now. Likewise, I can do with other sub hedge on. I need to make sure I have applied the subheading in a uniform manner throughout the article. So if I've chosen history in the first dag on I must apply hedged the for each of my subheds. That's it. This is how you set up your subheadings within your article? 8. LSI: you know what key word Density is a tireless s human. What is important to include strong, huge in your content and not over optimize it. There's nothing that indicates that search engines favor a particular density of key watch . Who wants to read cured stuff? Mumbo jumbo Anyway, now, right? Countered with keywords that naturally goes with a copy. He went stuffing Our density will only make your copy unnatural and really spammy. Rather than focusing on cue our density. You may want to pay more attention to that in somatic and Excuse Ridge. Using the letter T words, synonyms and dramatically radiations will only improve your chances of ranking well in Serbs, but it also prevents redundancy in your copy. Here is an Ellis example for you. Let's say that you're writing an article about cars you could be writing about any one of these five different words called cars. First of all, cars could be vehicles are cars could be an animated Disney movie. Our cars could be an expansion of community and association for rarely sports. Four cars could be again an expansion of Canadian of aviation from regulations, and finally, the cars an American rock band. So how do search engine algorithms know which topping you're really writing about? They do so by leveraging Ellis like huge, basically Google Bart's Can Joe Page searching for closely the later terms, which can help the bar to understand your content better. Let's go back to our L A. Psyche. Watch example about cars. Here are some Latin semantic index cute that Google bought might have found on your page. If you're writing about one of these topics, giving a ball first of all cars could be view CAS if it is so, but would also find words like vehicles used. You buy sell dealers bear and many of the related watch. It could be an animated Disney movie. If it is so the but will also find words like full movie produced by directed by motion picture, Walt Disney and the like. These are some of the related words related to that movie Now. It could be a Canadian association for rallies, Butch. If it is so, the words could be Rally Sports championship, Canadian and the like. If your content is about Canadian a vision from regulations, then the related words could be aviation regulations, administration a dio aerodrome at coach and the like On Finally, if your content is about American rock band, then the article would obviously would into words like rock band music, guitar drums and the like. So this is a classic example of how ls I watch so L. A thank you. It's indicate the context, So use ls a keywords in plenty in your articles so that they can rank really well in searching in space. 9. Long Form Content: long form content of farms. Really well, in the searching your results page, sir Pie que has conducted a study that shows the longer posts are occupying the first page of the search in your little space age. As you can see on this graph, the first posed has approximately 2450 plus words, and the 10th result on the first page is having approximately 2050 words. This clearly shows the higher up you go on search listings page, the more content each rib age has. Not only that, content rich sites attract more and more back Ling's back into those 11 Moss conducted a study, and that clearly shows there is a high degree, a correlation between articles with higher word counts and the number off back lings. As you can see, the long form articles are attracting more back wings, and the story is similar when it comes to shares in the social sites. Long form articles receive higher tweets, and Facebook likes compared to shock form and then articles. In addition to all these benefits, longer your block post are the better your property of ranking for higher number off longer Curettage so all in all, a lot of benefits because of long form content, and it's definitely a ranking factor, but one. Caviar. While writing this long form content, you should always make sure that you're not adding fluff are adding lot off words just for the sake of having every sentence. And every word you write in that block post should be beneficial to the end user. So always right there. Block posed for the end user and add tremendous value by way of writing this particle and never add fluff into that. As you have seen, the long form block posts always outperformed, shot a once in search results page. But at the same time, while riding long block posts in articles, you must ensure that you ride them in sharp blocks off texts, say paragraphs, not exceeding two or three sentences. By doing it this way, you engage your readers. You're not gonna intimidate them. Otherwise, if you write long, chunky paragraphs of text, they're gonna be frightened, and they leave the side soon While writing such long form articles and block posts, I always admire Grinding are back Link. Oh, look at the way he writes articles It's highly engaging and very interesting to read in between the text. He uses something like this warning. You're not gonna find anything about guest posting blah, blah, blah. And he caused this bucket brigade. And again, it is an engagement tactics. And again he includes a bonus. When you click on that, an opt in box opened. You have to giving your email before you don't load your bonus. And by doing this way, he's collecting email list, which is probably the most valuable asset for any online Moctar. As you can see, he's using a lot of pictures and screen charge videos and different kind off multimedia content. And look at the social media shares. Almost 800 reads and more than 1000. Facebook likes. Another big secret of getting so many reach and likes is that people like Brian Deane have already built a large social media following. So another important point and notice here, your content alone are your copy alone will not get so many Greeks and likes and comments you have to battle early work on creating a big social media falling and combined Lee. All this will give you the kind of results you'll see here, and this post has received almost 1800 comments. And another important thing didn't notice. Here is Brian Deane has responded to each of those comments. He's engaging his readers really well on that encourages your readers so they come back and they share the posts in their social media pages. They subscribe for your content and Sean. So this is one classic example. Off hard right long form block Bush. 10. Keep it fresh and cover trending topics: I'm doing your content regularly is very important for such engines and readers. Search engines favor posts that are more recent and relevant because that's what the users want accurate after the information. Reason content needs frequent indexing. The more frequently you update your Web site with articles, downloads and new webpages, the more frequently a search engine will stop by to visit your site. The easiest and most effective way to stay fresh is to add blogged on your site and continue to add more and more articles when your side visitors comment on those articles. That do counts as an update to your site. Since we're on the topic of freshness covering heart, new topics and industry, and uses an excellent way to get to the top of the surgeon uses of space age as soon as possible, everybody wants to know the latest and the greatest news and information. But some or dot com said great place to find heart news and trending topics under each keyword heart category. 11. Web Safe Fonts: the right font and font size can actually make your copy easier to re and visually more appealing. It increases engagement, and this is why copywriters and blood writers pay so much attention to copy cosmetics. Some farms are considered to be more VIPs save than others. The foreign family property should hold several foreign names as a fallback system, and this is to ensure maximum compatibility between browsers are operating systems. If the browser doesn't support the first far, it tries the next porn and Shaw. So start the deformed you want and end with a generate family, and this is to live the browser pick as similar formed in the generate family. If no other forms are available, are supported by the browser said If and sand set of our the broad categories of foreign available set of forms come with a decorative flood ish at the end of the letters, as against sense, which are without any dorn. Helvetica, Aerial Robot, Georgia, the home, our within our are some of the common with save fonts used by people. If you find a great fun while doing research online and want to use that font face, Major Blufgan can easily help you do that. Let me show you on screen how this black in works by doing research on the Internet. You like a particular formed that you find on our website, and you may want to apply that formed in Europe site. But how do you know which font it is? Formed? Face Ninja can help you do that. It's an air on available to Google Crow, and this is available far. Firefox pros it as well, so go ahead and install fun Face Ninja for crow are Firefox. Once you have this plug in installed, go ahead to the Web site, where you find a nice front click on the Blufgan and hover over the form that you like. You'll get to see the name of the foreign size of the phone and the gap between two lines in pixels. Not let me show you how to set and change. Forage in a Wordpress website. I'm on the WordPress dashboard for my training website training for dot com. Now let's go to appearance and customers then goto additional CSS, now based in the court, have already showing you on the screen. Now change the belladonna. Do let's say career. As you can see, the form has changed. Now. Now go ahead and save and publish 12. AltText for Images: the dumb all attack. All attributes are text are all used interchangeably, referred to on off attributes, often image time for any image on your site, the attacks you describe, watch on it and the function off the image on the page. So if you have an image that's used as a button to buy a product, let's say an SD. Of course, the whole text would say button to buy an S E O course. So this is how the all text would look like on a page. Each image used in yard millipede should haven't on text a title attack. Our title attribute is not a must. It can be useful, but in most cases, leaving it out should not be an issue. But if your image is not very relevant and included only for some design purposes, then leave the all text empty like this. Once you finish your content writing on a page, Yost s your gives some suggestions toe optimize the post for images. Please try to implement all of them, not let me show you how to include our next foreign image in work. Chris. Now I'm within would press and I want to do the objects for some of the images within this dummy article I've created for this purpose. Let's say I want to insert an image below this first paragraph. I would go to add media. I don't have any image. So let me go to upload files, select files, and you need to import an image you'll saved on your desktop. So let's say I want to do this local into that dummy post, So insert into the post. There we go, the images. Insurgent. Now click on the image. Let's add all text into this image. Now go to edit. As you can see here, alternative Next is nothing but all text. So they re typing the all text. That's it. I've typed in a very distribute our next, and this is the suggestion approach to create a non text. So let me just update the other options, like caption and image. Title attributes are not very important, but they can be really helpful. But before we update them, let me just show you how it looks like on the side. So let's just obey, So this image is optimized for all. Next, let's go to the dog and update the post. So let's see how this looks like on the website. There we go. The image is included along with the all text, but it's nowhere to be seen. That's okay. Search engines can't read the art text and know that this is a local off the lip side. My it was ventures dot com. Now let's go to any post again and include the other two options. To see how it looks like on the website for the caption area. Let me just type in. So I have given the image title attribute as my neighbors witches dot com logo and the caption as local off my Eva's winches dot com. There we go. The caption that I've typed in there appear just below the image. Now let's see how the title of years and let me go to the website, and when I hover over the image, I get to see the title back. Just my Eva's winches dot com local. So the title attack and the captions are not very important, but they can be useful by all. Next is very important, and that will be seen on Lee by search engines 13. Include Videos: videos are powerful visual medium that can be a drill your block post, since videos, especially tutorials, can add massive valued your visitors by taking them step by step to explain the process, users may spend an awful lot of time on your side. This can boost ASIO tremendously, do your website, but uploading videos into your side directly may create bandwidth issues with website hosting company, so it's highly advised toe. Upload your videos in a video hosting side like you do and insert the LINX into your site. Visitors can play the video within your side, and this would drastically improve bones rates. 14. Transcription, case studies and info sandwich: video transcriptions, improve indexing of content and its use a very IT end. Regis, content with Huge, gets more ranking opportunities on allows people to read video that they are unable to listen to. Survived the video transcription. If you help your rank really well in search engines, case studies drive more traffic and improve page rankings. Research based content is preferable because that's backed up by actual proof. Case studies are one of them. Link up the case. Studies related to your topic are Make one of your own to explain the main idea and purpose off your product ourselves. Likewise published Expert Roundups. These are nothing but opinions from subject matter experts on a particular topic. You've done well. This will attract huge amount of links and shares, as the experts will participate in. The program will also share the content in their own circles. Been writing start with a brief and interesting introduction, then put the most important point at the top has a lesson. The bottom of the content. Those whiter points should also contain keywords which will improve your contents. Ranking the information in the middle is to be filling with details like facts and statistics, then close our with the conclusion and call to action. This is called information sandwich, So don't forget the rule. Start with an introduction and the important point, preferably the number list. Then explain each of the point in the middle, then repeat all the important point you've already covered, then flows it out with a conclusion and a call to action. 15. Outbound and Internal Links and Plagiarism: If you provide links to relevant resource is in the body of your copy, it can provide more value to your readers. Search engines will see your website and valuable resource when you have old bone links to trusted blocks and other websites. If you don't want to pass on the link juice to those sites, you can always use no follow links at the same time. You lee, citing sources with great information. Let's see how to do this on screen. Now I have an example Text on my screen. Now let's say I want a link outdo Google. It's pretty simple. I go to Google and grab the your love that come back here covered the text I wanna use as anchor text where this insert our edit link and based in the Google your ally. Just grab Goto link options whenever visitors click on my link, I want the links to be open in a new window so that I don't completely lose those visitors . So let me click on this open link in a new cab and update. That's it. I created a link. Now, most of the times you can leave your links. Do follow especially when you're linking are doing authority are credible sources, but in some cases you may want a link out. Do some advertisements are some affiliate links are on the common section. Whenever people are commenting, they may include their own links, and you may not want to follow those links on that Those circumstances, you may add, and no following. That's pretty simple to do that. Go to the decks portion on Here's Your Google Inc and the Stargate Blank is basically do open the link in a new window and mixed with that. I had Dutch it next to that target equal to blank. You've added rehl equal toe, no fall and that's it. You already created a link. We just know fall. But again, you may not want to do this whenever you're linking out on authority side, like Google are any other websites? And you would do this? No follow Linking when you're linking are done advertisement. Our affiliate links are links in the common section. Linking internally is also equally important. This means interlinking the pages on your own website. Why do you know this pretty simple, like linking out in adds value and improves use an experience. Your internal links structure also effects the crawl already off your website by search much. Now let's see. How did owe internal linking on screen now, like our Bond Ling's internal linking are linking a page within your website to another page within your website would also improve user experience. Let me show you on screen how to do that. Choose a relevant word that you want to link out. Do and go. To insert our link, click on link options. You can see articles you already written in your website listed out here. You can choose any one of those articles to link out to, and you can see the link of their particular article appearing in the Ural section off the insert Edit Link window and ensure that you click on this open link and a new dad if you won't do and president ad link. If you have a large number of articles, you may use a search option to choose a specific article and then link up to that. Once you've chosen the article, make sure the click on Add link and you can see the anchor text in here to see if the linking is created properly. Click on page link. You can see that the pages linked and click on that. You can see the page is opening up. You may want a curate some content before publishing your post, but if you do it in greatly human, start receiving DMC it take down notices and other threatening letters from Rick Masters, and they're liars. Also again, leave the search engine penalties, so always give credit the original others. When you curate content, Plagiarism is another thing that you need to be careful with. Google will penalize your side for this, so be unique and be original. Always use plagiarism checkers to a wide, unintentional duplication of your content. Glad geum dot com is a great free do that can help you with this. This tool can do up to 5000 words off searches for completely free, so please make use of that 16. Proofread, Hemingway App and social shares: a copy cannot be called a professional peace without an enticing call to action. This is how you get your readers to do what you want them to do, which is usually the purpose off your coffee. Many strong high traffic, huge make great call to actions could click, triggering text near the call to action buttons that can compel our entice your readers to click on this button. Cleat triggers may include incentives. Testimonials are deadlines such as limited time offers. Those little messages will help promote the conversion as readers will feel more increased . Are compelled to click are take some action. - Once you have the copy written, use Hemingway App to proof, read article and make necessary corrections Me show you on screen. How does Hemingway app really works? I have the having way APP open on my screen now, and this is the text area and an example Text is is available here for demonstration purposes. Then you have your article ready. You can copy and paste that into this area and start editing it on your right inside. You can see some suggestions from the APP and APP sees that the article qualities of great six. And if you click on this, you can see more information about that article. And when it comes to suggestions, it is giving five different suggestions here, and the AdWords are in blue cutter, and you may want to go make some of them to make the sentences forceful. And the passive vices are always discretion. You you need to frame your sentences and the active wise. So then what you have passive wise on that is shown in green. You may have to change into active wise, and wherever you can use an alternative word are easier word. The APP shows and this color. For example, if you hover over this color, you can see that in sort of word utilize. You can use the word use and finally hard and very hard to read sentences, so you may have to split these sentences into to our tree to make them easier to read. So it's a pretty useful app, and if you want tohave a desktop version of that, they provide that for a very nominal charge. And so you may want to opt into that. Let's face it, not everybody is a writer, even if you are, you may not have time our desire to write a long form article. This is where a copyrighting service can come really handy on good blogging service are copyrighting. Agency can handle the article writing and website copy copy Writing for you. After publishing a copy, sharing on social media brings in more traffic and earns more back legs. This basically spread your content around the rep so more and more people get to know about it. To make it easy for readers, you share your content plays. Sha'ab buttons and convenience parts are used. Brigid's also be a very different social. Media platforms your audience are really using the most don't include all the options, so it's not very confusing for them. After all, you don't want to scare them off from sharing your content.