Colorful paper leaves // design your own interior decor with paper | Nellianna Van den Baard | Skillshare

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Colorful paper leaves // design your own interior decor with paper

teacher avatar Nellianna Van den Baard, Studio Snowpuppe

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Class project inspired by nature


    • 3.

      Template database


    • 4.

      Paper and tools to use


    • 5.

      Make a simple leaf


    • 6.

      Make leaves on a branch


    • 7.

      How to make your template


    • 8.

      Make a handshape leaf


    • 9.

      Thank you


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About This Class

In this step-by-step class you learn how to turn inspiration from nature into a decoration for your home. We start with 3 example projects, where you learn to cut and fold a simple piece of paper in a beautiful leaf shape. You will be amazed by how you can transform a flat sheet of paper into a three dimensional shape.

You will learn skills and concepts as:

  • Inspired by nature, use the shape of the leaves we find in nature
  • Translate these shapes to your own designed template
  • Shape a flat piece of paper by cutting, scoring and folding

If you have a question you can leave a reply in the discussions and I will come back to you.

Find me on Instagram and don’t forget to tag me if you use these leaves in your home. 

Happy folding,


Studio Snowpuppe

Meet Your Teacher

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Nellianna Van den Baard

Studio Snowpuppe


I love working with paper. The last years I have experimented with many different materials, but I keep coming back to paper. By cutting, scoring, folding the paper and combining traditional techniques like origami with a trial and error mindset. I came up with functional, contemporary designs that bring happiness into your home and may inspire you to be creative.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Welcome to color for paper lease Design your own interior decor with paper. My name isn Eliana, and I'm a paper resigned from the Netherlands into resin. And then I started studio show pooper. We make and design handmade paper lamps. We sell on Etsy to our own Web shop, physical ships and directly to inter your architecture. In 2000 and 18 we published a book Better living Truly Gammy with 20 Do it yourself projects. I am inspired by nature offend my inspiration in my books Outside, In this class, I directly translates shape of the leaves are found on my walks Normally in a paper craft project you get the template and you create a finished project in this class. I want to teach you how to design your own templates for finished projects in this class, I show you my process. Hello. I choose the right kind of paper to work with and the tools I have used to make this kind of paper. These I want to encourage you to design your own template off your favorite Lee. Let's do this 2. Class project inspired by nature: for disclose their true moments in the projects you can share. Choose a leaf you would like to work on and share a picture or drone off this leaf. Share the templates you made off your leaf. How did you use to leave you? F maids discover your own life or the lives we worked on in class? I want to give you some ideas How to use the lives in your home. I have used them to create a mobile. You can use them as a gift. You can use them to present your pet in new sites. I challenge you to come up with other ideas. Let's have a look off all the shapes of leaves we can finds. 3. Template database: in this class, I have attached the template of the three different lives we will make together from a no traffic bone off you, as I am not a botanical expert at getting arrest the shape of the leaves in three different shapes, a simple leaf leaves on the branch and help shape leaf the simple. If we make from a template, the leaves on a branch we make from a drawing the end shape believe we make directly from a levy found. My goal is to create a collective project where all the templates of the leaf to design will be available to downloads. 4. Paper and tools to use: for this close and minimize the tools needed so you can start directly without leaving your home. Make your firstly from a scrap of paper. Color doesn't matter. Choose the paper between 142 on its 40 grams per square meter. This is a little thicker than the average printing paper and a little thinner than your packaging off your food. For example, the paper I prefer to use for his news is constant meet antes. They have a lot of pastel colors available, and the structure of the paper is very nice to work with. If you go to your local hobby shop, make sure the paper is made out of College group and that white paper that have been coated on both sides for the tools you need scissors and a scoring pin. I can't imagine you don't have a scoring been. Most people use the Bekoff extending knife to score, but I would advise an old bulb warned or thick needle. As this is easier to draw organic lines. I always use small sisters around the same size as my hands. This way I could cut more details 5. Make a simple leaf: full to the vapor in the middle optional. You can take the templates on the paper. Score the relief for cut the lines until this court in their leaf form, cut the outer leaf form unfolds belief. Score the other side of the inner Leif pre fault escort in a leaf, bring relief to its final shape. 6. Make leaves on a branch: full to paper in the middle, draw an imaginary leaf with the outer leaf. The inner Leif and defending lines scored in early form off all the leaves, full to paper in the middle off the other leaves after Branch Catalans, when the single leaf is folded until this court in early form, cut out early form. When the single leaf is folded, make sure not to cuts the branch unfold . Beliefs scored in the Leafs. On the other side of the leaves, Brie Fels, escort in our Lives bring the leaves to its final shape. 7. How to make your template: cut the leaf in the middle lane as we work with the symmetry of the leaf with a pencil drawing outer land off the leaf on your paper. Draw the extra fins off the leaf when needed. Drawed interline to create simple leaves. If you like, you can experiment with different whites of the edges. Where did in a leaf is the most white drug hours until line draw offending lines in both direction from the horizontal line Here, you can also experiment with the distance between defending lines. No Mets needed just trial and error. Of course, you can just use the templates that came with the class. Or you can try some templates from the class, projects skin or make a picture of your templates and uploaded to the class. 8. Make a handshape leaf: full to paper in the middle. If you prefer, you can take the template on the paper. Fold the paper in the middle off the other. Leave shapes scored in any form off. Other leave shapes. When they leave, shape is folded on the middle line. Cut the lands until this court in a leaf form off. Other leaf shapes cut out out early for unfold. The leaves complete, scoring the in early forms. Riffles. The scored in the leaf forms bring the leave to its final shape. When there's too much tension and leave, you can add some scoring nights. Take your time and don't be afraid to mess up. 9. Thank you: Thank you for joining me My first girl share clothes Don't worry about methinks things up In my experience the best ideas come when making mystics If you have a question you can leave a reply in the discussions and I will come back to you I am looking forward to your class updates When you post a picture on Instagram Don't forget to take me at Snow BUCA I hope to see you in my upcoming classes Follow me on skill share to get an update When I published a new plus for now enjoyed a brush