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Cinematic B-Roll - 5 Essential Tips For A Great B-Roll

teacher avatar Peter Johnson, Software Engineer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Project Overview


    • 3.

      What's B-Roll


    • 4.

      Understanding FPS


    • 5.

      In Camera Movements


    • 6.

      Sequence Scripting


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    • 8.

      Speed Ramping


    • 9.

      Bonus Tip


    • 10.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Wondering how to shoot some Great B-Roll ? You are at the right place.

In this Video class we will be going through 5 Essential Tips that you can implement to get some Cinematic B-Rolls. Moreover B-Roll is about telling the Story we will also go through some steps that can distract the viewers from the feel of the story. 

Talking about our agenda we will start off with :

  • What's A B-Roll (Difference Between A-Roll And B-Roll)
  • Understanding FPS
  • In - Camera Movements
  • Sequence Scripting 
  • Transitions
  • Speed Ramping 
  • Bonus Tip

All these tips are applicable on any camera and definitely by the end of this video class you will be having a better idea on shooting a Impactful B-Roll. 

I'm Excited To See You Guys.. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Johnson

Software Engineer


My name is Peter Johnson, and I am an IT undergrad with a strong background in Front-end Development. As an AWS community builder, I am constantly exploring new technologies and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the field. Additionally, I am skilled in cinematography and video editing, which has allowed me to create visually stunning and engaging digital content. I am excited to leverage my skills and experience to contribute to dynamic and innovative projects.



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1. Introduction : Hi, guys. My name is Peter and I am YouTuber. For the past six years on in this, particularly their class I'm gonna talk about b wrote on will be sharing five tips static and implement our tow shoot some really great b roll on guys talking about our agenda. We will be starting off with the what is Beetle? Because it is really important to know a bit more about the would be are gonna learn Moving on. We will be talking about the five important tips that is understanding FPs in camera movements, seekers scripting transitions, speed ramping on the words the end of the media class. I will be also sharing a born asleep on guys. I'm really excited to share all the things that I have learned in the past six years regarding our B roll. Andi, I have also provided recaps at the end of every topics. And that can always help you guys. So thank you guys. Thank you for working on day. I hope to see you guys on the other end 2. Project Overview: on guys before moving on. I have a project for you is a really simple project. Once you have gone through the middle class are, please try to implement all these things on one off your Beetle videos on. It would be great if you could our post that video on Project on Resource Center on. I'm really excited to see all of for your projects as well on Guys are during the middle class will be asked to. Some made a review on the It'll be great if we could provide feedback off or for a video class Aspell and that's it, guys. Now let's move to the video. 3. What's B-Roll: What is Beetle? Why do you guys have seen right now that it's me talking to the camera is known as a role on. Basically, it all don't have a lot of movements, whereas for you guys are saying right now is known as a pierrot. Basically, B roll access an explanation toe a role to explain things in a better way from a better view on this is basically known as a B roll Onda. A role accessory primary footage and be it all access to the 2nd 2 forties on, but it is not important. Do should be rolled with the exact same camera that insured with the air Old Beetle can be off any form. It can be from an external source like a star foot eight or any external source can be a bit. In fact, it is really boring toe water person talking the camera for a long time, Onda B roll conveys, really sold that issue as well. And I said, Guys, this is the basic introduction to be it all. Andi, I really hope you guys got the basic idea as well. Thank you for watching. Now let's move to the next topic 4. Understanding FPS: so guys don't came. What tip number one That is understanding if bs if B s time soiled frames per second on that, If b s basically mind the end, I look off your video. If you're shooting 24 frames are your camera is capturing 24 frames per second on guys. Why easily more than change or the FPs off your camera? Because assisted before the end I look and feel of a video is dependent on the FPs. If you're shooting cinematic sequence, 24 frames per second is the best option on for slow motion B roll. You need a higher frame rate that is, you need to hire up the frame rate toe 60 FPs 1 22 40 or more. Basically, hire the frame rate. More frames the camera can capture on. During postproduction, you'll be having the flexibility toe slowed down the video. I basically should be related to need to be 60 so that I do reports production. I cannot support on the video. A Solossa slightly stabilize my video as well. I'm guys one of the common mistake that a lot of people are doing that they I think that a slow motion. He saw the entire option for beer. Oh, you guys are almost is just a part of payroll on. If you make a beetle entirely off slow motion, it can kind of get that boarding. You need to mismatch may be in slow motion and normal motion so that that things get equalized and overall really will be having a professional look. So are these. Make sure that that you have both a slow motion as a lesson, normal emotion, that it's a higher terrain, great as a last lower frame rate. So things match and it will be really good to see. So they're gonna video on morally guys. It is really important to choose a frame rate based on the situation on. Always keep in mind that the frame rate cannot be changed during post production, and that's it, guys, this is all about a frame rate on. I hope you guys were the basic idea, and I thank you for watching 5. In Camera Movements : tip number two in gamma movements. While watching still video for a long period of time, it can basically become boring unless the journalist that engaging onda their us if there is some kind off camera movements. Or maybe they can become a bit more dynamic and interesting. So in camera movements are really important. While shooting B roll footage is where, after the case off a role for pages, it is okay, all right. Now I'm talking to a camera on Topol for a tri part, and everything is in a still position. Since it is on a roll footage, it is fine talking of water, different Morse off in camera movement, you need some kind of accessories to attain that smooth The road one of the most of 11 accessory is a fluid head tripod, so that you cannot say that a smooth pan and tilt motion on why that you can basically produce a more engaging, an interesting video. Secondly, you can use your camera hand held, but make sure that you have some kind off in build civilization, or you are should be never solution that basically supports stabilisation during postproduction. You can also make yourself a gimbal on a gimbal. Make sure that your video is shake free as a Lhasa smooth while you shoot some packing or movement shorts. Morally, it is really important to have some type O for in camera movements so that you can basically produce and engaging and interesting a video on day I said, Guys, these are some kind off in camera movement that you can implement a Dana, a smooth video andare. Thank you for writing. Now let's move to the next. 6. Sequence Scripting : Papademetriou is regarding scripting dice, planning orbital sequences on guys. It is really important no to randomly shoot beetle for ages because we're basically tells a story. It a port, a situation that air, or so it is really important to make sure that you be released related with that off the air, old being a take you to. But this is how basically I plan on my barrels. First of all, I want to keep the product on the table. Then I will be opening the right and showing different components. Andi, I will be having a dedicated Bitola off each and every components. Then I will be having another beetle regarding the main product in different angles. Then I'll be moving on to the main video. This is how basically, I plan B roll off my product reviews on day. One of the thing that you need to make sure is that you need to have plenty of shorts that he saw Do not basically are. Stop your beetle for today's with just taking a single foot eight steward multiple 48 so that the wild postproduction E for one of the food data don't feel like singing with the rest of the video, you can make yourself in the foot days, so he will be having a flexibility. One to script is Ready is really important to execute. Issue consists because you have a basic rough structure in new mind so that they can basically follow that on. This can save a lot of time and can creative, faster workflow. So, guys, this is how you can basically script your sequence so that you'll be having a very structured are were old food a section morally before shooting any Beatle for pitch you need to have a basic structure in your mind. On this can make things a lot easier. Thank you for writing. Now let's move to the next tip. 7. Transitions: so guys don't keep Tip number four transitions. Onda. Most of us know what it's a transition. Prime station is an animation that access a face between two different for ages. Basically, transition can also provide a link between two different videos. When you watch this particular video, you can see that there is a sharp cut between two different foot ages, whereas when you watch this particular video, you can see that a transition provides a small link between the two videos, which already make the video a lot better. And this is a symbol, a cross fade transition. On there are a lot more complex transitions like this human transition, the motion transition, Newmark fate transition, ex cetera. You can make a transition if you were on or else there's a lot off a different cool translations available online. One of the common mistake that a lot of people make is that they overuse transitions. Basically, your video is all about telling a story on it is also really important to match a transition that sings with video. If your heart in the right sequence, right footages, pride camera angle on the infrequent decided right transition, you'll be already having a really good video. So just as I said before, you need to plan in footages. If you're having a wide video, you can use X zoom in transition to get a closer look. Or if you're having a close up view, you can use a su more transition to get a better view on. This is how we can make it soft science teachers in the right way and make sure that you don't overuse the transition and make your video a lot distracting viewers and that it's all over. Transitions on. I really hope you guys got the basic idea about transition as well. Thank you for watching. I know. Let's move to the next tip. 8. Speed Ramping: the fifth episode four Speed Ramping before talking about speed ramming in the Let's War to this particular video ascendancy that the first part of the video is low in motion. Then we have a fast motion than again, a slow motion. And guys, this is not a three part video that I shot in slow and fast motion. This is a single piece video short at an 80 p 60 frames on what it wants. I made you so for a tactic known as speed and being basically making use of speed ramming, I can get that smooth, slow, too fast motion as a lot of fast, too slow motion on this can give Lord more than natural tea and sing in the video Onda Speed Damning is a really good technique that you can make yourself for to get that a speedy to slow emotion and slowly too fast motion on guys. Speed lambing is also related to enough for the topic that I told you guys before. That is the big it all is not all about Astro motions Onda by making yourself a speed run, but you cannot achieve both us too low motion as well ASA fast or normal motion with a link between them that is pre damning and give a limited in bata slow as Alonso normal motion on that. This is a taking that you can implement to get that professional order Really good looking . Three different ages on this is a level speed damping Onda. We have a lot off tutorials online on how effectively make yourself a speed dambe. And I said, Guys, this is a basic idea about a speech on me on now let's move to the borders topic. 9. Bonus Tip: So guys talking about the borders to release music? Andi Ah, a lot of resources online states that it is not necessary to have a music for a Biro. There can be situations in reach of the audio off the music and be a voice over on in. That's innovations. It is not necessary to have a dedicated music, but also you can have a background music on. There can be all situations in which you would need a dedicated music for the Beatles. Only then the baby will be having a soul to it on guys. Now let's watch this particular video with art music Onda Knoller's Watch the same video with music as you see that the livid music houses sold to it. It has a kind off interesting aspect in it on that isn't backed off for music that can make a video and died different on guy sort of thing that you can also implement. It's time you can sing the video and the music together so that you can have some cool transition school cut in the beads off the video, and I can also give a really attractive looked your foot ages on guys You can also make use of some sound effects and that can also give a unique feel to your video. Astle On guys, There's a lot off a copyright free audio files available online like that off the YouTube or the library. You make yourself that as well on guys. It is also really modern. Choose Music Data has sustained three last night off the video. Do know randomly choose a music file and single with Tell your video in Maynard. How that feel out of with the diamond? Use the right music and that can have a lot more feel and a factor in your over beautiful dates. And that's it, guys, this is all the border. The music on. I really hope that you farms and value Onda Notice moved to the Conclusion section. 10. Final Thoughts : That's it, guys, you have completed the future plans on help you can shoot some great videos on. I have shared five tips that I have learned in the past six years in the former for these five tips, and I really hope by hard you guys found some value toward this particular Peter class. Moreover, I hope you guys got the basic idea on how you can shoot on effective, engaging beetle on a guy's brushing about. We have learned that we have started off with Ward is a beautiful. Then we moved onto the five important tips that is understanding FPs. Then we moved on the in camera movements, scripting your sequence, transitions, speed ramping on the worst end off the middle class. I also provided you are born us regarding our how we can if I give you, make yourself a music or now you're Beetle and as the guys. I really hope you guys enjoy the reader class and please let me know in the review section what you guys think aboard a really classy hospital. And I'm really excited to see you guys are submitting a projects as well. And that's it, guys, I'll see you guys it on the video class under then experience and signing off