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Chocolate Caramel Turtles

teacher avatar Nadine Thomas

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      01 Intro video


    • 2.

      02 Measuring out the ingredients


    • 3.

      03 Making the caramels


    • 4.

      04 Arranging pecans and pouring the caramel on nuts


    • 5.

      05 The Chocolate


    • 6.

      06 Final Thoughts


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About This Class

You have always thought that chocolate turtles were so delicious, but you thought they were hard to make.  I will show you how easy it is to make in this class.  This class is for the person that wants to learn how to make candy.  Turtles are easy and fun to make. We are trying new things in this class by making our own caramels instead of using store bought caramels. You will need to know how to read a candy thermometer. You will also need to know how to work a microwave and stove top.

  • In this class we will make Chocolate turtle
  • We will measure out the ingredient for the caramels
  • We will make caramels
  • We will lay the pecans out on the pan and pour caramels over the nuts
  • We will melt the chocolate and pour it over the caramels and nuts

This class is for the person that wants to make a fun candy that is easy to make.


Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Nadine.

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Level: Beginner

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1. 01 Intro video: Welcome to today. We are going to make chocolate throughout this class. I will teach you. How do you make chocolate caramel? I will teach you how to measure out the ingredients with caramel and then how to make the Carmel's as the caramel is cooling. I will then show you how to arrange the pecans so that when the Candies done it will look like turtles. With the pecans arrange, I will show you how to put the caramel onto the nuts. And then, once the caramel has set up, I will show you how to pour chocolate over finishing up our chocolate caramel. I am a self taught. I learned how to do my baking and decorating by watching videos practicing and ticking clock. I I studied all of these methods to improve my skills so that I felt like I was professional enough that I could sell my goods. When I reached that point, I opened my own home. At that time, I made cakes and cookies and other treats for special occasions. Some of the items I made as in turtles. I ran this business for several years and tell my husband got a job in New York City. He decided to accept that job, and so we needed to move across the country to New York. With that decision made, I closed about my home business and joined my husband in New York. Now living here, I have decided I don't want to go through all the steps to open up another big. So I retired from that business. But I still like to bake, and I want to share. My skills with class is aimed at the baker that wants to make some really yummy candy. But candy is also easy to make skills you were learning. This class will help make you feel comfortable making candy from scratch. By the end of this class, you will be able to make chocolate turtles to share with your friends. You will be able to make a car, which you can serve as candy by itself or used with. You will learn how to melt chocolate so that you can port on to that. I'm excited for this class. Let's move on to lesson number one 2. 02 Measuring out the ingredients: Charles are made up of just three things. The pecans, the caramel and the chocolate. We're going to make the Carmel's first. We need to measure out all of the ingredients for the Carmel's Let's get started. Our recipe calls for a cup of butter, so that is measured out. It also calls for one can of sweetened condensed milk that is also pre measured out, Winning one cup of light corn syrup on Justin ist. Raise it into this liquid, measuring cussed until it reaches the one cup line. There's the one cup line. That's all we needed. The concert. The brown sugar, the rest Bacall's for one and 1/4 cups packed brown sugar. I'm going to spurn it in and pack it down. There's our first cup of the packed brown sugar. Now I need another fourth cup just pretty there and then with the back of my spoon, pack it down. There's are one in the fourth cups brown sugar. The next thing I rest because for is one cup granulated sugar. With that, I just scoop it into the cup level at all. Last four gonna measure the vanilla and that I want to put in another continue because this burn could tip too easily and I don't want to spook. The recipe also calls for a dash of salt. When it's time to add that I will just take myself shaper and put a couple of shakes into it. That would be a dash of salt. We're now ready to go over to the stole our car. 3. 03 Making the caramels: we have our Pam here. We want to turn the heat on medium heat to this pan. We're gonna combine the sugars that dash of salt and are better. We're gonna bring this to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. We do not want this stuff to be in one spot too long, because then I could birth. So we're gonna keep it moving right now. It doesn't move. That will, because still very solid. But as the heats up and as the butter melts, it will be easier to stop. Right now, I'm doing more kind of of it chopping because I'm trying to break the federal. We're starting to get a little bit of liquefying off the sugars, but we still have a ways to go until all the butter melts. We know we're not done, so we want the flooded to melt the sugar solidify and it to be boiling before we're done in This whole time we are stirring it constantly, so will not burn. Now that we have it starting to melt down and become a little bit more liquidity, I can actually start instead of chopping it. See that the sugar is pretty much dissolved in its liquid. We just have a little bit of butter still to dissolve. And, of course, we wanted to come to a boil As I stopped long enough, you can see around the answers is starting to boil. But it's not a full rolling boil yet, so it keeps turning until we get a boiling. It has just reached the boiling stage. Now we're going to add the corn syrup to it. We again want to stir it, and we wanted again to come to a boil. When the mixture comes to a boil. This time we will turn the heat off toe. Add milk. As you look at it, it's starting to form bubbles. What we're going to do now is we're gonna turn that heat off. We're gonna take our sweetened condensed milk. We're gonna slowly stir this into that just for a little bit in, and then stir it. Remember, the heat has been turned off. If you're using an electric stove, you'll need to actually remove it from the plate because your plate will still be hot that last little bit out of camp. With that stirred in, we now need to turn it back on to medium low heat, and we're going to stick a candy thermometer in there, making sure it does not touching the bottom. I will get a cook it till the candy thermometer reaches to 38 which is right around there. This time we're turning the heat to medium Look. The heat is not as high, but we are still stirring it. It will take Ah, wow for this. To get up to that temperature, you just have to be patient. I usually pull up a chair and sit down because I know I'm gonna be here for a while. That's a mom. Attar has reached 200 degrees. That means it's getting very close to the Borland stage. It's going to continue cooking after it starts boiling until we reach the 238 degree mark. That's the softball stage, and that's why we're going for this softball. The reason that we have to start constantly. Cardinals have milk in it and we do not want the milk to burn. We don't want it to burn on the bottom, so we're keeping it moving, and I like to always switch my hands back and forth on which one stern so that one does not get too tired, like the monitor says it is to the boiling point, but as you can see, it's not quite boiling yet. That would tell me that my thermometer is just a little bit off, so I may want to cook it a little bit longer, then that to compensate for it not being on the right place. If you look carefully, you'll now see that some bubbles are starting to form on the outer edge and even coming up through the center. So we're starting to get it to the boiling, and that's going to do a nice rolling soft boil as it cooks the last bit. You can kind of see that warrior now. That's what's gonna help. Thick and up the Cardinals is that steady boiling as it heats up. But I just keep stirring till my thermometer says 200 and 38. You'll notice it's come up quite a bit in the pan. As it started, Boiling were at about 2 30 so we felt about eight more degrees to go tell it's a to 38 so we're just gonna continue to stir it till we reach to third it. I'm keeping a very close eye on the thermometer because it's getting really close to that softball stage, which is what we're going for 2 38 to 40. I am still stirring it constantly. This is what it looks like at two. 38 or the softball stage. You can't really tell without the thermometer. So you really need Teoh. Make sure you use the thermometer, and I don't know if you can see that, but it iss at 2 38 I'm now going to turn the heat off. And what a stir. That melon if I were making just caramel Candies. This is the point where I would now port in Turpan to set up, But it's we're going to be doing turtles. We're gonna leave it in this pan for now. I don't need to start anymore. We're going to let it cool just a tiny bit while reset 4. 04 Arranging pecans and pouring the caramel on nuts: while the caramel is cooling We're now going to take our becomes and make the bodies of the term what we dio Because we've got so Lawrence Lace and ahead We're gonna do that all over the Pam to make our turn. Elice We need to give a little bit of space between up and I'm gonna continue during this until I have my pan full. I have laid out a nut becomes to make 15 turtles. I'm not ready to add the caramel on top of the nuts. Oh, I'm gonna dio Is that got my panel? Caramel? I'm gonna use my stuff. I'm pretty over the nuts like that. I'm gonna do that for all of them. This is the fun. At this point, the caramel is very hot, so you do not want to touch it to adjust it while you're pitting the caramel when it cools down before for chocolate. If we need to separate some caramel because it's too close to the next one, we can do that. But right now we're just spoon in it on. And yet for some reason, the caramel starts to pick him up Before we're done, I have to do is heat it back up for a few minutes till it becomes soft Again. I have one. Panton. I'm gonna now stick this in the Fred so the Cardinals could become hard. And I will continue working till I made all the caramel part of the turtles that I want. I had some extra caramel because I didn't want to make that minute. You couldn't make that many journals. You could probably get somewhere between 75 to 100 turtles outfit. But I didn't want that many. So I took the carnal that was left, and I ported in a Pam and I just have cardinals with because cardinals good to before I got the chocolate. I want to look at my cardinals and nuts that have set up. Here's what can and you'll notice that these spread out a little bit. This is the time when I bring that Connell in. Before I poured the chocolate on, I can bring the caramel in to help give it back that turtle ship. I'm just gonna go around to all of my turtles and first up Perma back and close to the body that you could even bring it up on top of the body. Give him a little bit more form on his body. Main thing is, if you don't want the caramel to be sprawling out, you want it close to the bus. This pants is now ready for the chocolate. We are going to now melt chocolate. 5. 05 The Chocolate: the chocolate. We're gonna use our chocolate wafers. I like using these because I don't have to. Temperate the very easy. We just melt them in the microwave. And this package gives the directions for doing it. It says that I'm going Teoh cook in the microwave on half power. So 50% for 30 seconds and then I start. And then I continue to do it in the microwave at 15 2nd intervals, stirring in between each one. The easiest way to do this, it suggests credited in major income. I don't the wafers into the and I'm going to go Michael Riven, just like I told you. 30 seconds and then start. This is what it looks like after 30 seconds and have melted that much. Gonna stare, though, because the one thing about jump it is, it sometimes doesn't look melted, but it starts to melt. I'm not gonna put it back in, my boy, because of really helps it started melting. I will do it at that 50% for another 30 seconds. Here it iss after another 30 seconds This time, you motus, you're seeing some milk. There's still a lot that needs a melt but I want to start before I do it again. All right? It's gonna go back into the microwave again. Here's what it looks like before I start starting. I'm gonna start again. You can see it is melting, but it's still not there by picking one more 32nd time and it'll be ready. It iss completely melted down. Now, already to practice on top of the turtles to complete are turtles. Here is our pan of turtles. I'm just with a spoon. Gonna put that over carefully. Take it all the way to the edge. I don't want a lot of extra on there, but I do want to completely cover my turtle. And now, once that sets up, it will be done. I'm gonna go ahead and do the same for the others. As you can see, I don't let too much go on at a time. I'd rather slowly add more to it so that the chocolate does not run all over. Have a little bit more control on the chocolate, so you'll notice I worked with it with the spirit, not totally tips so that I can control the amount of chocolate as you can see, I've covered all of the turtles. Now we're just gonna let them set up. Once they're set up, we're done. If you're a little bit nervous about making the Carmel's, but you still want to try to do the turtles, you could buy Carmel's from the store and just melt them down. Won't be quite as good, because the quality of the store bought Carmel's are not as good. But you can do that, but be brave and try to make. 6. 06 Final Thoughts: thank you for taking this class in this class. We learned how to make chocolate caramel turtle camp. In this class, you were taught how to make caramel from scratch. We moved on to show you how to arrange the pecans for the turtles, placing the nuts in the right position to have the head. Yeah, and the legs. I showed you how to pour both caramel and chocolate onto the nuts because homemade Carmel's become very soft. We're not in the fridge. It is recommended that you store this candy in the fridge. Could be out for a while on our but for long term storage, please start in the fridge. I also recommend that you wait for your caramel harden up a little bit more than I did that way, when you put it on, it won't spread out this much, and you won't have to scoop it back up to the nuts after it cools down. You might have to reheat the caramel before you're done. If it gets too solid. That's why I started with it. Not as cool as it published shouldn't because I didn't want to heat it, But it will be easier if you let it get a little bit cooler and a little bit thicker before you put it on. Your project for this class is to make some chocolate caramel turtles. Please be sure to publish your projects in our class so everyone can see it from my kitchen to your kitchen half big.