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Chinese Intermediate 2 (Course A)

teacher avatar Winkie Wong, Chinese Mandarin Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Chinese Intermediate 2A Course Introduction


    • 2.

      1.1 New Words: He Left a Deep Impression On Me (I)


    • 3.

      1.2 Dialogue: He Left a Deep Impression On Me (II)


    • 4.

      1.3 New Words: Are You Kidding? (I)


    • 5.

      1.4 Dialogue: Are You Kidding? (II)


    • 6.

      1.5 New Words: It's Not Enough with Only Romance (I)


    • 7.

      1.6 Dialogue: It's Not Enough with Only Romance (II)


    • 8.

      1.7 New Words: Many Girls Admire Romantic Love (I)


    • 9.

      1.8 Dialogue: Many Girls Admire Romantic Love (II)


    • 10.

      1.9 New Words: Speaking of Marriage (I)


    • 11.

      1.10 Dialogue: Speaking of Marriage (II)


    • 12.

      1.11 Additional Words - L1


    • 13.

      2.1 New Words: Have You Adapted to the Life Here? (I)


    • 14.

      2.2 Dialogue: Have You Adapted to the Life Here? (Ii)


    • 15.

      2.3 New Words: Class Reunion (I)


    • 16.

      2.4 Dialogue: Class Reunion (II)


    • 17.

      2.5 New Words: Thinking of the Old Days (I)


    • 18.

      2.6 Dialogue: Thinking of the Old Days (II)


    • 19.

      2.7 New Words: Friends Can Enrich our Lives (I)


    • 20.

      2.8 Dialogue: Friends Can Enrich our Lives (II)


    • 21.

      2.9 New Words: What Is a Genuine Friend? (I)


    • 22.

      2.10 Dialogue: What Is a Genuine Friend? (II)


    • 23.

      2.11 Additional Words - L2


    • 24.

      Speaking & Listening L1-2


    • 25.

      3.1 New Words: How's Your Interview? (I)


    • 26.

      3.2 Dialogue: How's Your Interview? (II)


    • 27.

      3.3 New Words: Is He In Charge of This Recruitment Event? (I)


    • 28.

      3.4 Dialogue: Is He In Charge of This Recruitment Event? (II)


    • 29.

      3.5 New Words: I Studied Law Major (I)


    • 30.

      3.6 Dialogue: I Studied Law Major (II)


    • 31.

      3.7 New Words: What To Aware in Interview? (I)


    • 32.

      3.8 Dialogue: What To Aware in Interview? (II)


    • 33.

      3.9 New Words: First Impression (I)


    • 34.

      3.10 Dialogue: First Impression (II)


    • 35.

      3.11 Additional Words - L3


    • 36.

      4.1 New Words: Don't Mention It! (I)


    • 37.

      4.2 Dialogue: Don't Mention It! (II)


    • 38.

      4.3 New Words: 手忙脚乱 (I)


    • 39.

      4.4 Dialogue: 手忙脚乱 (II)


    • 40.

      4.5 New Words: Successfully Did a Business Deal (I)


    • 41.

      4.6 Dialogue: Successfully Did a Business Deal (II)


    • 42.

      4.7 New Words: According to Plan (I)


    • 43.

      4.8 Dialogue: According to Plan (II)


    • 44.

      4.9 再...也/还是/都...4


    • 45.

      4.10 New Words: Accumulate More Knowledge (I)


    • 46.

      4.11 Dialogue: Accumulate More Knowledge (II)


    • 47.

      4.12 Additional Words - L4


    • 48.

      Speaking & Listening L3-4


    • 49.

      5.1 New Words: Having Discount (I)


    • 50.

      5.2 Dialogue: Having Discount (II)


    • 51.

      5.3 New Words: The Fridge is Too Old Indeed (I)


    • 52.

      5.4 Dialogue: The Fridge is Too Old Indeed (II)


    • 53.

      5.5 1) ...都/也... 2) 给


    • 54.

      5.6 New Words: The Taste Should Be Quite Good (I)


    • 55.

      5.7 Dialogue: The Taste Should Be Quite Good (II)5


    • 56.

      5.8 New Words: 买衣服的标准 (I)


    • 57.

      5.9 1) 对我来说 2) Verb不了


    • 58.

      5.10 Dialogue: 买衣服的标准 (II)


    • 59.

      5.11 New Words: Online Shopping (I)


    • 60.

      5.12 Dialogue: Online Shopping (II)


    • 61.

      5.13 Additional Words - Prepare for Lesson 6


    • 62.

      6.1 New Words: 高高兴兴 (I)


    • 63.

      6.2 Dialogue: 高高兴兴 (II)


    • 64.

      6.3 New Words: 一分钱一分货 (I)


    • 65.

      6.4 Dialogue: 一分钱一分货 (II)


    • 66.

      6.5 New Words: Promotional Activity (I)


    • 67.

      6.6 Dialogue: Promotional Activity (II)


    • 68.

      6.7 New Words: Hosting Activity (I)


    • 69.

      6.8 Dialogue: Hosting Activity (II)


    • 70.

      6.9 New Words: 各种各样 (I)


    • 71.

      6.10 Dialogue: 各种各样 (II)


    • 72.

      6.11 Additional Words - L6


    • 73.

      Speaking & Listening L5-6


    • 74.

      7.1 New Words: Nose Bleeding (I)


    • 75.

      7.2 Dialogue: Nose Bleeding (II)


    • 76.

      7.3 New Words: 老样子 (I)


    • 77.

      7.4 Dialogue: 老样子 (II)


    • 78.

      7.5 New Words: 多向远处看看 (I)


    • 79.

      7.6 Dialogue: 多向远处看看 (II)


    • 80.

      7.7 New Words: Mental Health (I)


    • 81.

      7.8 Dialogue: Mental Health (II)


    • 82.

      7.9 1) 既...又/也/还 2) Verb掉


    • 83.

      7.10 New Words: 减肥 (I)


    • 84.

      7.11 Dialogue: 减肥 (II)


    • 85.

      7.12 Additional Words - L7


    • 86.

      Speaking & Listening L7


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About This Class

“Chinese Intermediate 2 (Course A)” is tailored for non Chinese speakers who are at entry intermediate level and are ready to progress to Upper Intermediate level. The full course is composed of Course A (lesson 1-7), Course B (lesson 8-14), and Course C (lesson 15-20).

Composed of 7 lessons / 69 videos, all lessons in "Chinese Intermediate 2 (Course A)" would include a set downloadable lecture notes, which cover the entire lesson’s content, and a set of practice exercises, which is a combination of speaking questions, sentence structure exercises, short passages writing, etc. Additionally, interactive online study sets are provided, which would contain audio flashcards, quizzes, games, etc.

Apart from educational videos, Speaking & Listening practice videos are also prepared in every two lessons. They adds more interaction between students and the instructor, where students are expected to listen to questions asked by the instructor, and answer by themselves. This also further hones students' listening and speaking skills.

Lesson videos are designed in a fun and engaging way, with most content animated. It aims to provokes your interests and enhance engagement among lessons, allowing you to learn more enjoyably and effectively.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are at intermediate level
  • Students who passed have reached beyond Entry Chinese Intermediate 
  • Students who know around 600 vocabulary
  • Students who are at upper intermediate level and would like to consolidate their knowledge


  • For Chinese learner who reached beyond entry intermediate level or have finished Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi level 3
  • Highly recommended to study alongside Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 4 Standard Course Textbook & Workbook

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Winkie Wong

Chinese Mandarin Instructor

Level: Intermediate

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1. Chinese Intermediate 2A Course Introduction: Aha, moments. And welcome to our new course, introduction Chinese Intermediate 2. You may already know my name is when key. I'm based in UK, but I produce Chinese online courses for students internationally. In this course, we help students reach upper intermediate level. And it's composed by three courses, a, B, and C, which we're now on Corps a. For each lesson package, it would include a set of downloadable lesson notes, practices, and a false vocabulary list for the course. As we know, re efficient is very important. So in addition, we will provide online study sets which are engaging and tailored for the course. And the study said would include audio flashcards, some interactive, online quizzes, etc. Also, if we find some additional YouTube resources, such as songs, stories that fit the lesson, we are going to include that as well for your reference. Our course basically cover everything in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. But we focus so much on communication because we hope that one day you could successfully communicate with Chinese people. If you're roughly on intermediate level and 12 progress to advanced level or you have completed intermediate one. This is the right course for you. Sign up today and I hope to see you in class. 2. 1.1 New Words: He Left a Deep Impression On Me (I): that, huh? How, Putin tell with our topic gaze. He left a deep impression on me When you like out the cook, Let's start womankind. Shrewd MMA. Let's see the first word More side blue was sewage door. Find Luke War board. Don't find you. Find it fine. Do next what the, uh, to But it's used for people. This would. It's only used to describe people how to warm India calm and beyond the, uh, the yeah Deep Show Shwe hunch in called frit Your attention. What Wait Tour Shen show impression. How do we say it? He's young. It is a show, an incident or thing that leaving an inmate or impression in your head. Usually you would use this structure a Do it be your or in Mayo in San. The direct meeting is a towards be half or don't have impression what do it having insufficient attention. So it means I have a deep impression on him, or he left a deep impression on me. What do a Dresden shruti Oh may in some. So it's suggesting I don't recall this matter in my head. It's literally saying you don't have an impression on certain things Therefore, it's saying you don't have any memory on that certain thing. This uses a very common indirect way that you admit that you don't remember something. Yes. Yeah, Yes, Yeah. Familiar with familiar? Sure. See some jugar showing you Joe Mush was here. Often you will use this structure a do it be, huh? Or Bush was. See, the direct meaning is a tow. What's be? It's not familiar. What do I go on leave for? Hunch was here. What do a drug? Quien dio e Tienda Bush was here for this word shoe was See if you use shul allow it actually refers to short form of familiar, which is the adjective. Or it could mean right or well, coked. Then how do we use? Sure. What doing nearly Hunt Shoe were gonna needy home for Santa? How shoe before New Row Can't slap Would high for sure. See four c not only Bootsie and so you won't notice Bullet see actually equals two Bhutan. So to form sentences like not only but also we can use what's in or both on to match where they work. That makes sense. Usually arts yet? Yeah or high. So now Let's say example. Using what scene? Or Putin to match with either arts yet? Yeah or high. How would you know how I see it? Konzi yet would tour your dad tenting the tie. Would your heart true? Full happen? Heart What home? Sure. Putin's home. You gold or drink? Jen, aren't you? Hi. You. Any bombs will be area. Well, it seems so it seems. 3. 1.2 Dialogue: He Left a Deep Impression On Me (II): That's a hall. Let's continue the previous lesson, and we have now arrived Part two as a reminder. Joel means middle or knit. Let's see some more use of Joel. For example, an event Joel means within the event. A group of people drawn among the group of people. A period of time. Joel During the period of time or even a place Jerome would thin that place. So basically you can consider when you say something droll, it equals to aim. It's something. Let's see some example. What? I got some news. Young drome Sure don't see. I have learned a lot of things would thin this trip needs. I could wrong when love Fuchsia, my 20. What question did you as a teacher during the lesson my woman bankroll nearly should say Tom in that in their class, the least the smartest, making sure the Namhong your ego can You should home she need home, she Emma. Sure, the past year there Sure, if I do, was your other free seem one who could happily sri go ban Manimal ashes? Imagine Shida one of her that it's it with you beside Yangon Shifa woman banking common Banbi say Hi. You're in teaching young Teoh. What? It had it easy in ocean whole I your mannish wasila. Anyway, she may see Wente Taboo. Ginger would show Tina Hall single yet Which war? Hang Hall. It's time for discussion of the dialogues. Usually mean Antonio Lee Duncan. You sure it Holy Ghost stories out? Okay, As a reminder, we learned Pol E plus in measure What? Meaning same one. So Tony goes to a cell. Same school. Next dialogue? Sure. The past year there. For if I knew from past you it a surefire loot. The word subject is hidden and it should be placed in a position that has your the subject . Sure. Finally meaning the subject that he studies is law. While we know we're talking about subject, we can cancel it out. So past year the surefire Lou would become what he studies is law. This concept also applies to another sentence. Was your the sri seem one? What I study is during a lissome in this sentence woman Should I eats it which will be side Rome run sugar eats. That's what your bi se means. One time a football competition. However, if you put Joel after it making it. It's a joke. GOP side role. It would become a Mitch or within one time of football competition. Let's see another one. How eager and teaching young chill would do it. Having is a hunch, okay, for tie you could run. It actually suggests he alone for teaching young Chou. The literal meaning is kicked into two balls, and in English time, it means score two goals. That's literally because you kicked two times a football into the goalkeeper area. Let's see this one whole lie to manage Lucilla whole life. It means later on to it means soon men. Men actually suggest man Amanda, therefore meaning slowly. Sure, Cilla, it's become or be familiar. Last sentence. How boards into Lucio T. The Heart Singer Yeah, Boat Tour for the first pot happening Duccio t the Hall as a reminder it's using the structure for the adjective we have learned from HSK Hou. There are times that you would have to do hold up foot the adjective. While there's another way that we can say the same thing. A uh, now for the adjective. In case you don't remember this, feel free to go back to our level two courses. We have loads of examples, and in our case, we're using the 3rd 1 aid and now verbs the adjectives which the full sentence should be had a Duccio t the hall. This time we simply just cancel out the would the However, it still means he plays football. Well, okay, how about we add back Bootsy into the sentence happens in two. A h o t the hall. I would make it hiss football. It's not only played well. 4. 1.3 New Words: Are You Kidding? (I): that Jets of Young How's everybody way? Starting a new lesson. Are you kidding? The first word to joke to make fun enough, Kai One cell Hi, I was young Kai once yell to use this What you can say Kai Somebody? Why In cell Meaning to make fun of somebody had young hunk I Will one cell be a chi? Will one cell apart from the previous structure you can say not somebody chi One cell meaning tick somebody as a joke It implies that you make fun of someone So this phrase has the same meaning as the first structure B and I would the Jarron Chi one cell. So it's saying Don't joke about my family Would kung that z that that beats the chi one cell Next would it's whole lie It means ever which stress on from the very beginning or ages ago to current state pat home Leidos e went since eager. He likes to be by himself since always, For though it's there to emphasize since the very beginning he likes to be by himself. Words home lad Receipt Wanka New Shang Zhou Peng, You I only like to be friends with girls since the beginning or since ages, since always as we know it's whole lie is ever therefore its whole life. Boot or tongue line eight means never I would so like Doubletree ribbons had I never eat Japanese food and though is there to emphasize the whole time? What's wrong? I don't make sure your your button. I have never been to Japan. What's all night? Oh, book. High Winds Cell. I never tell jokes. It's whole lie. It's whole lie. Knew what own coal. It means mutual, commonly shared going, whole own coal. You can say going Tom pung yeol as mutual friends. So it means commonly shared friends. Neiman Gold Haul Hard drop young Schweber. You guys share this pot of water? Hi Fruit or sure, huh? Both means suitable Or a suit Hush shirt? Sure, sure, sure. Uh, Jewell, it means wish or bless. It's mainly used in festival occasional events and birthdays, etcetera. All Giuliani showing require Le Johnny Shantytown income. True Jewell. Last word of today seem full happy. It mainly talks about the one feeling that makes you happy. So it's like your emotional satisfied because of the war in feelings. For example, it's usually about family love or a couple laugh, etcetera. But just remember, don't Cash will use sinful anytime. Hodgins, in full your ego drama. I'm tired. Wrong. Full. Seem full. See a full 5. 1.4 Dialogue: Are You Kidding? (II): That's a hall when you were like That's continued hot too. Ghana scene. Well, second, you're hung you out. TF one law, You should like highways. Alba Human bushes. Hygiene Sheikh Adore you, Emma. Surround Will Marin should the freedom Beltram. Dan Woods. Hold my mail, Dremel. Quite local longer and see. So how now you're going home? Nations? You can I have war manual sent door going from the Uh huh. Don't tell me to you that you'll hunger. So it's high, Caroline Agenda. Jordan should love junior and sinful. They come home. Let's have a quick discussion about the previous dialogues, Neiman both for its hibernation. You could tell you, Emma as a reminder if he used tie followed by quantity, it indicates a small number. And in our case, the small number refers to one month ish CIA ego. Next one, di woods home lie Mayo Drama. Quite Look what so online a your means Never Jumaa this. Why local have been this happy? A new sentence longer and so i e t a reminder Sayyid c means be together so younger and Sayyed see the two people being together. J how you know you're going, Tony suit you then I huh? See? Huh means best. Or you better. For example, the immune can to help. We are like Trickle needs help. Was your seat back Our last sentence? Cal, I need you in the drought. All sugar neither. Yella ton light. It actually comes from Kansi. Light can like would be the short form. Therefore both mean seems like 6. 1.5 New Words: It's Not Enough with Only Romance (I): That's a hall. So here becomes a new lesson. It's not enough with only romance. So let's start with the word romantic or romance lung Men Longman. Long men, enough. Go many times you would say for followed by go. This would work as a result. Completion. It indicates you have done something too much that it's enough because it start with the foot and complete with having enough. If it Neiman Sure. Gola drinks in what rooms? You're Schwebel. Call a python verb. Go. You can also say go followed by adjective. This way of uses similar to English, for example. Tired enough. Healthy enough, etcetera. Well, you didn't go Qala, who sounds a come called up need Krugel. Manbo Joko about llama. Go, go! He'll quite que ha quite good to you, mom. Quite busy to you, Teal True. The end Weakness drawback Shortcoming, Truth The end truth The end See a show to accept 99 Jumbo you when you tear show Pierre and the bomb. Mom! Dear fellow, Your show 7. 1.6 Dialogue: It's Not Enough with Only Romance (II): Let's continue inshore llegan junk food here Who inquired Niele, I'll do you at your home Woman. Do it. Where? Sh Rinella drama. 20 yen woman The show. Who are eatery Consume Florida? Well, her junk food. Gandhi. When this year Ho made handle Jada Couto show. Then she ends. I the younger going potential for Drew Longman. Who's easy again? Sure. Bogota. You sure? That way, Boy, She and Sam Etienne kinda, though, should have a chia younger runs I e to you Shruti in Congo Still Hoyo Hook Door won t drew tearful that had a treaty in Neiman's Hang on Go holder eats usual war They come home Let's take a look of the dialogues value You had your home Woman two. It's a harsh Rinella. Well, knew you had your home. Literally. It means arrived by 9th June two has an immediate effect. So it's indicating soon By ninth of June, we would have been married for 10 years. State your show When the white Dan see and I XIII etc s we suggest it means being together . You're has sure when the want what's that? Can't be finished. Therefore, endless conversations, the anger and goingto show for drill Longman, seizing an triple Golda as a reminder going home since Mitchell was shared So younger and going tone Sean for two people sharing lives together and what is seen Santan seeing CNN means fresh God relates to to feel How come Gan is feel. Do you remember Gang? Soon Gan is to feel soon true is interest so God and seal to his feel interested or be interested. Therefore, syncing can't is the fresh feeling younger and sides here surety and strong your where your front door one t le in their case has a function of change of state. Therefore younger anxiety, fruit and karangwa. When the time t people being together, it becomes long. Jill has the immediate effect. So a refers to there would soon be many problems. Rio de a troll. It had the truth. Yet Neiman's handle go How the eat shit show whore! Have you noticed a structure drew you and ties there? If you remember this combination, it means Onley. When a situation happened, then a desire situation occurs. Therefore, the four meaning is only by accepting his weaknesses. You too can then be able to live together better 8. 1.7 New Words: Many Girls Admire Romantic Love (I): That's a hall woman can see. You could see a new lesson. Maybe girls at my romantic left admire seeing more san More is used to describe that you admire somebody to a point that you want to be in their position. So San move is quite similar to envy. But envy is quite negative. However, Sim is positive. San move. Send more love or romantic love I to so this ideal love. It's only used to describe the love between couples I to you, I to you stars, seals you sales whom seals you although even if see for it has the same meaning with so run so they can be used interchangeably. But you sure can be used as even if so, it can be used as to assume things. But so ran doesn't have dysfunction. Different people are the high freeing guy torture that are you for bull clonal will hire sound for for woman's you should run Should Portia Dan Tim ensure Yeah, when your kin be sure See? Sure work overtime. Yeah. Been yeah means to add fun is the word from Shung ban If what you happen literally add work Do you happen? Do you happen, right? Brighton Young The young Leon touched to move, which is both the adjective and Ferb can Dole gun refers to to feel Don't this move can I Don't can I don't 9. 1.8 Dialogue: Many Girls Admire Romantic Love (II): playing you like, condone you hides the same or Lum and the iTunes national musher Longman Me and you were sure lawman should hacer you are really young for Ni Bull Highgate House Museum Gona and sure Longman Sure. See? You sure went from Japan. Dahlia yet about young for it. So the Charlie? Yeah. Hi, young. Don't long year insure moment You freed? You sound good on condom. They're young. One of those young About three Longman There? Sure. So you're her needs here, man. And be in law to you for wrong woman can donde To your Senghor? Jaunty in done The item Yours your whole T and and T over three. That is still four They can't haul. Let's take a look of what we learned for this phrase You think you were four Lonmin should have you Really? Im sure me What date hassles you The English translation This young people say romances when she wants the moon, you won't give her sauce. So is actually a metaphor is saying you won't give the girl that you love something that she doesn't want. Can you guess what means Junior run? Yes. It's middle aged person Strong year. You're sure lawman shoots? You sure went from happened Allione. Yet Romans is even though I work overtime till after midnight, at night as Leo the end It refers to the time or O clock that start with zero. For example, 12 0 clock 010 clock. 03 30 etcetera. Therefore, it we would use Ling Tien to describe after midnight. Let's see the following phrase to detail your highly 100 own in your home. The lights are still on young is the vert meaning to brighten or to light up? So it's actually a metaphor saying your partner is the waiting for you to come back from work at night. Moving on. Can you guess what it means by long near you? It means old aged person now. Megan. Sure, Lemon. See you sure it's yours? Young, Good, wrong. Condon area Romans actually is just like the way sung in the songs we have Lunch drone, which means within or a mitt this time referring to aim at the songs. Man Man be in LA It is a short phrase for men and a B in LA Therefore meaning become old slowly. Let's see wrong Woman can't Dhondup. What makes us feel touched? CEO of your show work on down the idea. It's just a simple love within life. 10. 1.9 New Words: Speaking of Marriage (I): that Yeah way Have a new lesson. Speaking of marriage, let's Leadsom what's natural. Naturally, run needs what you and groomer once high for jinkins aeroquip True delay. You slept so late last night. Naturally, you would feel tired today and this naturally. Therefore, it's kind of meaning. Of course you if you'll tired More examples. Woman con Conte Immune Surround the Aloha Ponyo. We meet often and naturally became friends. So Iran, it's really rang. Reason U N gene you Endean u n mean mutual or mutually each other. This wood is quite interesting. It only refers to exchanging in gestures Who's young. It's very important that you understand who this young involved in two parties exchanging gestures. Therefore it's like I do something to you and you do something to me back Woman who is young seek when that's Yeah, we like each other. So meaning I like you and you like me Run And Yoon Gae was young bank draw. People should help each other so people should be I help you and you help me Senior shirt that there who was young so no war during your year, everyone exchange gift You should have noticed whenever you use whose young it involves in two sides, exchanging gestures with each other. Who was young? Who? Sam to attract or attractive see had a showing you and seen that war his voice attracts at me or my attention. Have a single hunt. See, his personality is very attractive. Soon you see humorous humor, both referring to adjective, and now you're more. You're more. You're more normal. General, common ordinary, cool at home. Sell hides that I went for home port holder, for It's a very normal thing that kids love to play. Quote Tongue can also mean something is fair average, therefore not too good or not to Outstanding. Why good? How trains the kind around your gun Put home. This dress looks ordinary or very common, very normal. As you said, this dress is ordinary. It also indicates it's not their special or it's not very attractive or impressive to you. Poor tongue pool comb. So we have a new what? Who told Flat or Mandarin pull it? Hung plant with different dialects across China. Mandarin Chinese is the common language that everybody speaks. Porthole, porthole. Fine temper. P T. How Pizzey get temper somebody has Why p. C. That temper if he's got happy to see it also is bad temper. Whenever you say somebody has that he t which literal way is big temper. So it's kind of suggesting he has huge madness when someone five p t the person spreads his tempo Hi, I'm dorky and Fallah fun by the PT run will sink all high Pat He was not yesterday made me very scared. Ha! The PT Clint there Miyo Cell scene. He has a bad temper. You have to be careful, Pizzey P t. 11. 1.10 Dialogue: Speaking of Marriage (II): plan your toilet. Let's continue to pie, too. Food out CIA one Roman two different Surround us young t a to at young treaty When the truly are you 18 dying younger and going to war putting ensure long and the A team goes your single Husam Syrian We're coming for sugar, Your water dren. You sure? Sure Hunt porthole affair. It's home Had Sadie Schwartz July. Yeah, maybe in the higher your years, that warning would've for hope. Hats on Chopin Fire Gun War goes by arts yet had a PT eight year boat tour. Yahoo Inquire Free Niele Woman Yeah, you made you a Chama whole Well, yet front door on the auto club BSC and Move Woman they can't How? Let's see this phrase. Sure, that's year when Roman to where hunts around this young t i t o. It means speaking of marriage, people immediately, naturally think of romantic love fourth outs year when you could see its speaking and arrive to topic of. Therefore, speaking of a topic which this time is speaking and arrived, it's ha pic of marriage. You can use it many ways sure that you hold a dash friend woman those will be true. While I, speaking of the future plan with both, came speechless. That's because sure patrol twilight means con speak Any wets? Let's see this phrase go through our seeing Ghoshal for sand, Sea even need to attract one another or each other. Personality Weiss. A slight reminder. Seeing good, strong it means on the topic of personality Hen's regarding personality. My examples. Woman's actually was young so you would hold the Sequana, but different habits and living. Megan. What's yacht signature? Shawn Doyle put hold a well planned. Every country has different cultures on eating and drinking. Let's take a look of this sentence. The crucial home put on the shirt some had trailing watchful eye Yeah, WAPI In the hon, you ease the direct translation even its normal things. Speaking out from his mouth will become very interesting. When you say 4 July, it's say it out being the you should know it by now It's changed to be Do you remember? How do we interpret go since you lie? Yes, It started to be happy. A new sentence woman. Yeah, You Who may you a shama home? William. Wow. You may think it's difficult literally it means we to almost didn't because of anything reddened our faces. So it's suggesting we almost didn't argue because of anything very interestingly in home, go early and whole has become a verb home early and indicates experienced red face. So it's actually and metaphor, saying the two of them haven't thought until they appoint that their faces turned red, so it means that they haven't had any intense argument. 12. 1.11 Additional Words - L1: that's your huh? Here comes our last video of this lesson, and we're going to learn some additional knowledge. Let's see the first phrase when you say verb followed by strong. It is a verbs of result completion, and that would indicate you have successfully accomplished something. Usually it refers to about building up something from zero or small until completion, which it becomes big. And the chore you would usually say the foot chunk, the now as a reminder, the wood one Charl means complete. So this character Chong has something related to complete or mental. You repent hunger. Union Square had to run control Woman bend the law for typos. I've seen bad draw search home war. Therefore so, huh Let's learn a new word dad to correct. Usually you would use GATT, which is to correct when you want to make things better or make things right. Munich and the cook. Could you guys all assassin t Armagh Joe t need to its corner. You got you guys, huh? Love for ni number. Whoa, guy So yemma that Dad, Let's see this word. We know it's pronounced as meal. However, this time when it's used alone, it would be used as in Usher. What for people in a formal or polite way. Neil is similar to wait but mean would sound more formal. Therefore, it's often seen in written Chinese, for example, like newspaper email, urine dung, urine meal meal. Sure, this would. It's a measure. What indicating big architecture, For example, you would use soul for big things like Mountain Temple, Tower, etcetera. Yeah, it's a war Shan zul Jewell, Full Sun Part or his section and stop will send refers to most of or in majority of they are both and neutral. Dorsey wants since Italian. So most girls hope themselves to be pretty. Woman banged a boyfriend home. She don't know the most students in their class. Study hot. Well, Boyd Zotob Often the culture it here. I don't know how to do most of the exam questions. Full sun. Oh, fun 13. 2.1 New Words: Have You Adapted to the Life Here? (I): Neiman's um young thistle New lesson Have you adapted to life here? Adapt to sure you adapt to new environment. Sri in sea winds Young for you for you to hand over to or it means to make friends. See all make friends. It's the all Peng you hand over the homework to teacher bad soya. Tell Gala Shrewd. See how? See how library to show one. Why is it called to Xu Guan? Tool refers to picture and, as you know, sure means Burke. Guan is the word always related to plays to fool. Want to sure Guan Normal times appeal for you. Sure, we refer to normal days normal times normally happ you for Hun shelter at all. Soma Tinky Awake for dollar young This out for the putrid Gilmore. See, when's Oshima? You sure peel sure to stroll to have a walk one year to go shopping because literal meaning it's to stroll around the streets. One child sure to shut the supermarket. Guam. Wow. Text message. Dwyane Scene. Why a text messages called one Sing the one means short seen. It's letter fat when seen. Send text messages just right, but it's unintentionally junk, huh, John Hall is just right, but it comes across unplanned unintentionally. So you would say junk hall followed by something or is sometimes happened just right, but unplanned since I drunk help for idea first yourself. DeWolfe answer. It's again. Was handbag a Celt one? This your whole strong hot target? What fact? Want seen four U. N. Julie Drunk? How? Washroom and boy on Jarallah junk, huh, Joe, huh? 14. 2.2 Dialogue: Have You Adapted to the Life Here? (Ii): when you foil I Welcome back. Let's continue light on. Go acquire Nyala Usually enjoy Cardassian coma. Cafferty old are with Sequa Whole I to man man Sheila Didion Wilhite Yana, you go Go warp on your Nigel Quiet day War town Young You change out the jungle on your woman Should that was your Children Should future woman it's you can troll once you Thailand's you your role cocky will fast your more twin scene you juggle upon your genital talk sounds The tears are well known to ensure the issue something Yeah, may won t A woman said Well, yeah, true that Lance You John How eat seat tuba They come home Let's see the dialogues No idea Hall quagga would Zanjani sings out the drug war pung yeol for That's your huh? It's that's just good. Therefore it means that's good. The drug a polio Gen Which war? That's a gentlewoman gin insurance ship. Some young for me juggle Ponyo John boots wore It's saying you're this friend. It's really quite good. So it's imply all your friends really good 15. 2.3 New Words: Class Reunion (I): Neiman's and Young. Let's see our new topic class union to say reunion or gathering two way drew way through what? To contact somebody or to connect with the N. C. A true warrior Ocean 20. When you lose your woman woman Sri Nya mainly and see Law the N C the N C especially. Or specialize one men, warm ankles. Gwen and my meatball Japan's You try What? When the way Nemat go Weinman Weinman graduate Be Yeah, look at them The year, the year, Annoying to bother or to trouble. So this word refers to both adjective and as well as now. Mass son Samuel Made Kendall Dagger What? 14 year Gin Massine. Math and mean? But what kind? Hman, cogema, Seamus An year back home. Go to one. When you say math and somebody, it's actually a very polite way to say, Oh, math band, somebody to do something essence. To bother somebody to do something mass. That math center 16. 2.4 Dialogue: Class Reunion (II): Welcome back to lesson. Let's continue. Lima. Now. The, the torch light or short run. Traveled or IBA fashion. La Gente de la ba, Shanghai. Joseph Sheila Yoda, math unique and highly and Seasat seemed way two-way Jews as USL men call manga fan again, Ben, be extra diam, function. But since they can't ha, let's see the sentence. For families at home, she may Yana, it means for the students in class, How's it going, contacting them? Like a shotgun? How many people are coming? Literally, it means coming, how many people die? Shanghai Guan Zhong Guo y or y. Or refers to Country. Y means outside. So whoa, why? It's abroad or foreign countries? Japan, though, in this case, means already to Ella Jenkins al-Sham, or loved ones young. As a reminder, Tau equals to c n, which is you actually bump into to do XYZ, she shall man called nag offend the end. Let's look into CASEL men called NAG offend the end. In fact, there's a hidden word which should make it CSL men called the NAG offend the end. So you can easily interpret the meaning. That restaurant that at schools and trends or School's door. And yes, for men, literally it's doin mouth. So first the entrance or exit. That's because the mouth of a door is a place where people go in and go out. 17. 2.5 New Words: Thinking of the Old Days (I): that? Yeah. Huh? Let's see our new topic. Thank you for the old days. Comb scene. It means to redo something. Usually you would have to say homes seen followed by a verb. Your t easy it wala transience Yet bar I didn't know Male fly meekly for sure Comb, sink ictsi me calm seas Youngs Younger home seeing strong scene house young similar Always seems like for how sound asshole could mean fairy which is the casual way young means similar How sampled high go soon nearly house sounded Did she look want cow shrew? What they call the drunk house Sound need And that cow Let's revisit in old structure young something. Yeah, which means the same as if you add hall at the fund. How sent something young You have to say meaning the same s I mean you are How, Sonny? Yeah, I'd How needs a the hotel? Me young Carla. How soon? How soon, Dungan, Of course. We're certainly warp Ashen pallor. Bag itself through door injure delay. Now shrink down and see what woman called through the Jonesy Hall. Thank Gran Deng Gun. You're year friendship. You always eat your he Cinquanta. Although even though. In case you get confused, let's compare, sink, want and see zem Guan we refer to even though, however T shirt could mean even if, apart from meaning, although do you shirt and sing Guan have slight differences because he is sure it's more often used to assume things. So you could still consider Sing Guan as Sir John. So you could still say seeing want something followed by dang shoes? Or could sure or trip or high etcetera as long as it makes sense. Single woman, you ensure hunt one. Ella That woman has your boat high for John Quincy, and I do mean young. The at large Kushner War High. Put your delay seeing one. Seeing one. You're ITT's The days It's a where it's John John, True Riel, Gen. John and John both me, riel and true. But General John has more emphasis as a true Rio or genuine, but Jen doesn't have any emphasis. Tap washer knee. Jinjiang, a Ponyo Gen drum, Gen drum 18. 2.6 Dialogue: Thinking of the Old Days (II): Data Hall when you light out Yogyakarta are Hello, everybody. Welcome to the second part of this lesson. Fisher Sherman, Shareholder, Talk it. The attorney Ancient draw A few found past. You're sure that gulp in you can of your young gulp yet? What do you sound? So you quote, you're not doing quite another. It's Pompey Ngoga and eating Jimmy the help on yoga Human. She ends I highly and Shima Dungan law seeing while woman needs Don't be a drama one yen woman has you doing honey and see that maids Doyle Schwab. When the hot moon You What showing that issued so hard upon your chili long phone calls or woman? Yeah, meeting How Joel, Malian, Sheila or you? Where'd you get hot? Do a no crude all No, you go, Jen drawn the polio Ito engine drunker Your year should storm obor own year. Fei Hung hall Let's discuss about the dialogues You cannot You're gonna drop in. What's your sounds? You quartering that Dwyane quietly Other routes. It's using the structure e and Jill So meaning Once you do something then or immediately and everything happens now your ego Jinjiang the polio. It went ginger under your year. It's using Gwen as a nationally would of fragment section or appear it so you don't go Ye and similar to a fragment of friendship should warm up for your year drama. It actually equals two stool, which is how, as an explanation, so should drama Peroni. It's how and easy. 19. 2.7 New Words: Friends Can Enrich our Lives (I): huh? You comes to our new lesson friends and ritually life to say And rich or rich in terms of variety sung full so phone food can be both a verb and adjective Dont and the Tae Jin Fang full the watch would you can can treat you highway from funny The shank war It's high in this sentence has a function of correcting your view Fun full fung fool Boring board or meaningless wound E all So Wardell is the opposite of your yeast. Need beer drama would l me caida one shall eat the end of all house up. You may already guess house yell literally is good to laugh. Therefore funny Would Leo would be all to hate or something is hateful call yet? What? How? Yes, We'll see it. Joke A run gin thought yet. How Yen? Oh, yeah, But yet oy yet? Sure. This would trade can be used at the beginning of sentence. Therefore, you have to say something or somebody trip example. Common trip wards need to, however okay. Can be used together with banks. Should, for example, you can say then sure. Common trip, Dan. Sure. Watcher. Then shouldn't need s central good. Go see when one can. Now you'll see DD trip when you can. How one Gerger, that strong zero on how Sandy the idea And yet Aha. Sure it Sure surrounding as an adjective or a now drew away kind can draw away their gun. Have a look of the surrounding people. Do Yoda? Sure. Whole. Yeah. Do you draw away When traveling? You have to pay attention to the surroundings. Throw away. Go away to become. But it's used when you want to say to become someone home way. Chongwe therefore, would be followed by a Now, for example, you can say Chongwe low. Sure. Chongwe, the prime minister. Chongwe, a scientist, etcetera, was sent from where you got your yonder run, Todd Junk. The whole charm winner. Eager. You don't go in strong way. Strong way to interact or interaction. It's the only you'll to work and beer and Galileo. Galileo. See how Leo 20. 2.8 Dialogue: Friends Can Enrich our Lives (II): a woman can the opal Let's see the second part together Maker and socio Ponyo Polio Oakley funds a woman The shown for Nick I Ponyo Woman the show or you didn't wear fake home video Mama So millions handing out are goingto the pony Oh, no, don't Gran Yeah, You'll help you t you go, Pete People harder Run Ceron We Dion Gallion talked yet Thanks your chicks in Ankara and help on your in when May organ questi When can you got so sure? Remediation Chiller and sites Woman has she out soon, hunk and draw whether you're anti polio Todo gangland Joseon louts Yet the war you're going on this young to I hope we grow sequence You're gonna ruin each hungwe pony Ola Fake Hahaha Woman 80 yen teats Let's have a deep logue of the sentences 1st 1 men It means in that case for this said young as we have talked before in the chest k three that some MMA can always be interchange as some my young So here system a young means some which is how to examples how for its Emma or it's a May young too Jug It's it summa some young SIETE Joe, though it is a verbs. A result completion, which is successfully make friends wrong in this case, is to make to cause to use wrong as in, to make to cause you would simply dio wrong something to happen. For example, How wrong warheads young t he Meg's me angry. 21. 2.9 New Words: What Is a Genuine Friend? (I): that woman. Hello, everybody again alive Lesson What I say genuine friend Egan's He show Whole life I've mentioned before Show relates to born grow but and e It's one, but many times it will be used as a whole. So he shung refers to one's life as a whole. You fell ye shall the I get's needs? Yeah, it means to comprehend, interpret or understand It could be both the third and now needs yeah, means understand or comprehend, but it doesn't require to have a deep understanding, a deep knowledge in something What leads yet you only need to know it, understand it at a surface level. Because of that, you understand somebody at a surface level. Sometimes you can use needs. Yet as an empathize warapu, needy away from attack germ a chore. I can't understand why he does is so I can't comprehend it or the leads yet. Sure, my understanding is the company already doesn't need me anymore. Joga going to watch? Sure. Don't wash it again. See, while Nina leads, yet, this job needs more time. Hope you can understand needs yet leads here. CNN near deals one, then difficult or a difficulty Both the adjective and now to mean difficult. One man is a long form of Nan Quinn, then Quinn man, see, for in time it relates to being able to make it in time comments You sure like out So you can't they make it to the airport just in time says any usual bungalow or thanks for helping me just in time. See for see you Sure. Hey, a company dessert Longtime hides along with your page when you are Hey, pay Ken doll to actually feel we have learned Gone. Is that what related to feel or feeling so again? So it's like a first a result completion, saying that you actually feel what? Don't sure handout then. Though Dan, though Deng, when the most common way to use it is Deng, something happened. The for hope. So with down something that sure hope it is like when the time something happens. Example that would Allah Bangles through the sure hope What's high fast? And one day I should see down with Sean could assure hope de de that you are gay. War down, down are this is while being all in contrary, just like anguish. You were used are at the start of the sentence that would show a contrary or comparison was out your pay phone. NEW YORK Ari What gun for Sound Truman song are are shun bien We could easily guess from building from body plus side. Shen PN would mean one side. That's I would there shouldn't be in what a champion shall not o nao she Ambien shouldn't be in. 22. 2.10 Dialogue: What Is a Genuine Friend? (II): while many cheek and the art. Let's see the second part together. Brenda. You Sean Cree Shumba yet? Mail. Then you know Mayo. Ponyo Arts yet be cereal your city ginger on the Ponyo Should not. Sure Ginger and the polio put hunger yon oil Put home the needs yet your Syria and Jada Polio Does you know her to the e t while other gun Your Syrians read a polio in guys and suits number young to Dick Handout Treaty in our award early ET it? Sure down. Udall, Quinn and the Shrew Hope Gen younger polio weight. Jang Chul. I see. For Gainey. Bunk you, Deng you well for your nine Cordish, your whole Gen John the polio quite paid. I need the Sham bien. Some plants are young, meek and now seen for, huh? Woman gets to e statutes. Good. Let's explore the sentences. Run the usual. Could you shama? Yeah, Mayo. A person's whole life can be having nothing for shun My Yet Mayo, it means doesn't have anything at all. Brought hunger, yearn for your put hunger leads yet different people would have a different interpretation or understanding. You'll see a young there are some people or some people, general. A polio weight drank Forli. Genuine friends would stand out So I mean, stand up for you. The shrink. Any a bunk rule? Literal meaning in time to give you help. Hands are giving you help just in time pate. I need a Xiang bien. A company by your side. 23. 2.11 Additional Words - L2: in this video, we're going to learn some additional knowledge. Would yella, it means disappear or lost? It's because would 10 means not see or not seen? Look, it's the change of state anymore. Would a cell gope? What's yella boots? Yella boots? Sienna. Now let's compare Cobb Adore and see who in a textbook. There's a section comparing the differences between child little and see who caboto is, like around or at similar level. Or not much difference. Do you? Who? It's more like quiet, young soon going to be. So sometimes in some situations it's better to use traveled door and sometimes see who were 20 and the capital wala. I've trained quite enough now would see who won. Look all Sunni. I almost forgot to tell you new phrase. When we want to say Take this opportunity to in Chinese, it's See it, Joe Good. See away truth or lie so literally, it's saying to borrow this opportunity to Was young t a drug a t way CSC any yeah drug to you? What did Joe that see? What another new common face? Third, followed by true love. It's a way to indicate that you have gone to do the verb example. Hi, You're on. Sheila. He went to swim Waas Since I found to be a true I'm now going to school Mama Schattman Shoe llama as mom gone to work. 24. Speaking & Listening L1-2: you see London, man Hi. New heimer. You see London, man Hi. New heimer. Uh, me shits on you. Tent Hana Me fits on you. 10 having a uh Anyway, she must see one kind. Anyway, she must see one kind. You go on easy when you go. Done me. He banquets and mature. You go on easy when you go done me he banquets omits or, uh needed the Longman. The ideal shoots of the young dinner needed a long Amanda, right? You shoots of a young dinner Uh, me that Ponyo to open door Waysh IMA me that Ponyo to open door Waysh IMA ni Paul Yeoman the sinker Samiya me Paul Yeoman the sinker Samiya Uh, me gonna need a Ponyo June Counselor shemonah me. I need a Ponyo June Counselor Shemonah uh, knees anti Aoshima younger polio knees anti Aoshima younger polio need that sends them a wrenches. Sim Ponyo need that sends, um a ranches Sim Ponyo 25. 3.1 New Words: How's Your Interview? (I): when you like that. Welcome to a new lesson. The goods. Oh, sure, The first word is Dean Wrong, Nervous Dean. John. So also refers to something being tense when seating wrong relationship is being tense. Freedia hunting drunk Time is limited because you're a pact and the time it's so tens. Dean, John, Dean John Sing Scene confidence If you want to say confident, the adjective you would need to say half confidence your sing sing Hi currency Like how your scene scene. You can't even say do it somebody or something you're was since seen. Meaning you have confidence in something War between your sin scene. Need regrets. Like help Sure your sin. Seema Seeing scene sing scene No only ability talent. If you want to say somebody is capable, then it's your own. Now me because the literal translation is half ability. If you want to say somebody has much ability, then it's not only gall because his abilities high. No me now only Girl p to recruit or recruitment job team Joppien he go provide, as in both thought and now tickle Teagle 26. 3.2 Dialogue: How's Your Interview? (II): Welcome back. Let's continue. The Shang Yang. Hi. Sharon. Yada. Yada. Yada. Yada. Yada. Me for the delay. Sang you assure, how shall we, the audience tells us out You Guan, higher, you go up, you need to mom. Hi, majored in LA. Just drop your weight. What may eat THE kind Kanban. 27. 3.3 New Words: Is He In Charge of This Recruitment Event? (I): Neiman's and the young. How are you? Let's start our new lesson. Is he in charge of this recruitment event in charge or be responsible for foods? Ah, what? I got foods like copping control. I'm in charge of recruitment work in the company Giorgio Treaty. Oh, wait for Moneyball Foods. Why you're not taking responsibility for this incident? Ford's Foods uh, original Originally one lie drove should happen. Lightest sound Fan warp a night. That's when Truth island show by and seeing that I want Law. What life? Currency When wants Here Dandridge Molokai torch in So he since I shot truly but lie but lie apply for jobs which acts as a forward. You peen you ping you king materials or ingredients, which are pretty much the same thing. Thai meal. So let's high. That's highly l ingredients for cooking. Serious eats highly l learning materials. Hi, Neil. I know to match to meet the requirements or to align with for her had a trunk she would high for her woman's who saw the out? You full, huh? For her to inform or the notice itself. So it access both of urban now home Drew full, huh? For her. Let's revisit an old word pass by. Do you or apart from using team wool as into passed by a place you can say team? Well, a time or incident s. And after you have passed this time or incident do you go you to entreaty and annuity. Hi. Go. Your colleague a your immune. The Ghoshal. Do you Ward? Ready? Unsure was your went up? We are wrong. He sends Imperia. 28. 3.4 Dialogue: Is He In Charge of This Recruitment Event? (II): Neiman's and the young woman 18 are part of this lesson together. Shells? Yeah, goods of Valentin for shoes shall want for three months. The knife for sale one foods over the and had to ration being to your in law. So he hotel get while I threw a lot. Well, just the unity. Maybe enjoy my Jimmy. Just slagging Pena, you go. Yo, Short run. Do more. Be sure, honey. Ensure your younger boots walk. Jill, if your time in the tile yelp I mean can can Julie I'm going. And they only job easier for Holy woman. The young show utahn True Pamela Schottel years on which all the and late word How the now will not hunk and family and see fake, huh? Woman yen to ease after the cook. Very good. Let's have a deep look of this lesson. But I first want foods other the entire torrential being through u n la for then had to run shown being too. It means, but he suddenly got sick and stays in hospital. Just that and it's not there. So here to joke a while I to Allah for the lie in here. It doesn't mean physically come but indicate two followed by the purpose or result Ni and shoot can both the interchange as in this purpose Just that lie shows the direction toe what's you? And two implies a direction away from you. Example War Maja Pune Geo lie Soon get Mama so you could see the purpose is to give it to Mum. May may, my love Thank all Church Sure need 100 hammer Sad row Yeshua Would Judea lie? War Bangles, Joe. Yay! It means Monday. In fact, Joe equals to still see Joey would mean Cincy Joel are it? Goes to Sinti Are Joe san equals using t san goes is think Tisa Joe more seem to you War droll Leo Sing t Leo and Joel older would mean Sin TTN or Centerior Regarding the number of weeks Joe is already the measure would so e joe it closed to you got Cincy young dro youngest in c sad dro sag a scene see and so on You might have noticed when you use Joe, you don't need to add Nasher words such as good. That's because Joel is already who measure would 29. 3.5 New Words: I Studied Law Major (I): that Yeah hall womankind freeze in the I study law Major, let's learn how to say lawyer Leuffer, Luger, Lucia, your profession or a professional Gwen yet join year join year? Well, last year that one year should shoot through it. Half Africa. Gwen Yet Alu sure. And how another word separately or another being way. Let's see how to use it as separately leaving Why can be used at the beginning of sentences and as another lean Why is just similar to B s or teeth high that we learned before? That's the examples meaning white as separately me, you words Even Nankai Away the away number actress It's Hello, Gwen Bear Hama What time can you have meeting later? Separately or additionally, Can you have these materials prepared? One mile. Ah, you didn't can shanking you Meanwhile where my love It's out strings to get May May I bought a shirt for you separately. On the other hand, I also bought a dress for a little sister drug And you will sure gang he did either. Well then why my ego Dany back? This gift is for your little brother. The knee separately. Buy another one for you long. Sure it I would clap with high money so year. What? Lynn? Why your father? You're drunk teachers not to satisfy with my picture. So I separately drew one more piece. Great. Let's see how we used me. Why? As another Joe, it's the attention droned high Dolo woman truly wide Jabba the people in this restaurant are too many. Let's go to another one. Jourdain you for both. How can woman can can only wide open this clothing? It's not too good looking a chick out. Others lean way knowing why. Liam, in fact, is a short form for separately or another. Let's have a deeper look of how we use it, then can be used as both separately and another as separately. Name is followed by verbs, and another way to use it is to match with Ning e to mean another and to be more specific. Another one. Lee is a short form of ling way. Let's see link, as separately, drug in the washer Janie Dee Data Worley in My Eager Game Eat back. How about links as another George, a youth group with help Can woman can can leading HTM back Name, name knew What income? Shozo Show rule showroom. Another way to say we san month. So basically, san, an equal Sue Wallman. So it doesn't really matter which one you use, but some places would use sandanme, or and some places in China would like to use warm and more. And I personally would like to use Wallman, Sandman, Sandman, a range or arrangement on pie on ty on pie. 30. 3.6 Dialogue: I Studied Law Major (II): flying for like, woman Itchy can diable from back wound You how Doboj Ella Banshee appear Ho jo, Malian, Sheila Nations or you be a crucial high tongue do Sherlock going to faint? Well, handsy. Why is he indicted? The guns or you A Was your the tool for five years? One year arts yet Wolferman Delinquency War. You were sure? Oh, yeah. Puts war. She cheated and summoned home Nina. Lights and drama. No lie, sir. Andrew. It's that I baked you treating vampire hunting Wrong that we eat young The regrets that you were in that daddy and DeMya they can, huh? Woman e t n t o drug occur back. Will you be a do it yourself high founder? Shrill up again? It's using the combination of e and jewels, which means ones. Something happens immediately and everything happens. Therefore, it means I went to Shanghai to be a lawyer once after graduation. One c one c and either going door you way was rather to show valued one year, for I was sure that you'll sure find one year there's a hidden would Dwyane year at this position which the full length should be. Was Saretta join year. Jules, you're fat Nuke one year. What? Or the major that I studied is long major. But as we know, we're talking about major Dwyane year, so we tend to just cancel out Dwyane yet a Freedia am Haida hunting wrong for this sentence , it's using for the adjective hence, meaning times arranged to be very tight. 31. 3.7 New Words: What To Aware in Interview? (I): That's a hall woman. You'll chunks. We're having lesson again. So let's learn some new words together. Schwinn Lee It means smooth or smoothly, but it's night when you do something without difficulties or obstacles Shouldn't Lee refers to when you do things very smooth without much difficulty or obstacles? See while niece How would a mere sure Ashwini Ni should be called seen up a gymnast Ulama Surely Surely show was CNN firstly or first of all, show with CNN show Sin T for secondly, she seat, sir Girl Oh, sure. Formal official or officially I would go for it. Angela. Drug guns needs in key away Asia My twin dynamic juncture in that Jones should go. Sure, tongue for honest need hung for the girls who are me Look how through conduits and the young Tell me honestly, How is your exam results? Chung shirt? How sure 32. 3.8 Dialogue: What To Aware in Interview? (II): Ha. Let's continue with our topic. What aware? In interview. I mean for this your whole. Suddenly they were in san boots for hi. 200 warming can deal create from Banda John Mace Youngdahl. Drug wars will damage when lee knees and drilled All measures shall cool. You shall mama show saying now, 20 girls in the year four Joe gave me insured raw You Sorry. Gotta hold a year. Run hats you Danny Fig again. Gender done. She eats it. European trip. We all tied teams go. Quite I went. You sure showing yet? We are ties up now. Sanders. Things is yet you own Only Joe Hart down Ran to a drawing Other Sure where I went to yelp. Com Sure they can, Huh? That's have a look of the text. Me. And if you're draw, what does that mean? Men should interview jaw person relates It would So me a sure draw could mean interview way or interview we And in our case, it's interview way. The always sand leave down literally. So you would tend to say no, sir. You go hold again, Sam. So it going out a short wait. I went er strong. Sure. So it means the most important is we're replying to questions. You have to be honest 33. 3.9 New Words: First Impression (I): that jet hall. Well, men can see. Let's see the new lesson. Knew what to change or the noun as in change guy being Do you still remember? But been is a verb, which is to change. And usual, you would do been the adjective or you would say been to a new status, which is 1/3 to result completion, for example. In the hunt, Yang changed it become very cheek. Being palm could become fat apart from being. Do you also remember we learned Been plant, which is change as a now e g and Ram. Find your mail. There's no change at all. Now, let's see. How do we use guy being as a book? You would usually say Guy been follows by a noun. Has he won't know guy being fruits yet. Yo, guys, being tired during the the you sound, it's use your hunt, man. So how about using guy in is a Now It's pretty easy because guy been it's similar to what? Well, come without New York girl hook I be in di B guy been gonna do it to feel or the noun feeling me Do it high your from a can What feeling do you have towards him? Walk android? Half you got roots in the gun, I think, or by internal feelings that I can tell she's a very enthusiastic person. Work Andresen. I feel very hungry dans you, gans, you, Penn, Gwen, judge or judgment, but only based on logic and pant. One involves in logical judgment So much Steinem panned. Went to deal trouble for it. Done a lot for the tile. Oh, no. How can one judge or decide if oneself is a teacher? Material Nina penned on toward Haver. Holdren has a firearm. Mom, can you judge by logic if he's a good or bad Carson? Neither parent one put headway, your judgment or logical thinking. It's not exactly right. Hanged one pant, one cool clients. Customers cool. Could cool. 20 for punk fool to ensure joins. Yeah, it means and but it's a very formal way. So it's usual use in written Chinese. You sounds very formal, and therefore it would be normally used in written Chinese, such as newspaper articles. You Yeah, boo Guan, No matter how do we use Book one similar to English Full Guan. No matter would be followed by a question wedge. And usual, you would do well, Juan. The question. What followed? By high or yet or so etcetera? Boog. Wine needs that. Monsieur. What? So you didn't quite sore? No matter how you think at surely totally do it. Bull Guan. Juggle. Want to your door, Quinn? That y up where? High pat? No matter how difficult is this issue, I won't be scared. Still, why? Any sound true? Congre high should hold for what Mama yet. But we're young needs you. We got list. You want to go to park or library? Mom still won't let you go. Oh, wow. Google, You have foot to have a date or to have an appointment. This what is quite interesting Because it could be both meaning you're going on a date or going Something formal such as an appointment was Salvo yoga your way. Have an appointment in the afternoon and fair. Often you would say a huh organ? Be your quit. Really mean here Her war your way that he will have a date with me tomorrow. You quit. You quit. In fact, you're is a verb which express you initiate to meet or initiates. Make an appointment with somebody you're alone is a for And it could mean that you date somebody or initiated Ask somebody out. Also, it could just mean you initiate to ask and arrange for a meeting. Really? Gorilla warming TNT in year was an greeny can. Daniel Suma Ni Hao wanting the gorilla Tonality dull? Yeah, you 34. 3.10 Dialogue: First Impression (II): That's why you Well, let's continue to learn the text Te's young The overs I did So Tamir for Cape Here in your shadow you Sam So run the's young Then true. Wasn't guy being triumphant then Nikkei Pierre and the thes young millions young Tammany hold during the the country Pandora. So a year day the It's a team in that whole Sure, Josiah, hold the years young You hold a gun, talk on away Come friendly gay did city me in the coca Use their how these young near konna when my true going door the dogs here Dan should rewarded So Jimmy in Gaby Aron Derosa Some put one. Sure, jailing the Hawaiian sand number You hold your 100 grand appearance, Young Seaney. So a year. But when she Shankar Sean Penn Hi sure you beer and you acquit Join should go Fake hung drawn yard Vaca Hall Woman Yen to ease Haj Agha Cook Let's have a look of this lesson De even sunk over Die pizza tenure? Sure, Gabe. Here in those other years, it means first impression is just the impression you leave for others when you first meet Do we need again J hope Hand Gwen. It means the feeling and judgment towards you. A very in dosha tempo Jewish urge. A on the Why in Sam What the scent mean? It means leave to other people bad impressions like not punctual for none. When it's at the front of sentence, it is just like the use of non. When that is at the front of sentence, which is in that case, or then you, in fact, can be interchange. What gun? And huh, which is end Finally, for the so in the last sentence, it means completely. 35. 3.11 Additional Words - L3: Neiman's and the young Moon. It's time to learn some. Add additional knowledge. Let's study some words young. Is it appearance or the look jug Bates of the young junk Hot can down? Yeah, so should my young What kind? What's the appearance me See when she from a young the fades in the shame millions shin the young T fe to take off. This weren't usually described. Flight Taking off Si Fe C k Shall What Young guy? Young kid lad Shall what? See how what to seems hell Mood Seeing Teoh Seeing Teoh Full rich in wealth, Food Fool Chilled, poor broke in wealth show T O. Let's revisit Jumma and J. Young both mean like this or it this way, man. Now young like that that way and all can be interchange as, like this. Like that That way, this way. Ni being a drama or young for you shouldn't say this way. George Yelchin's Nama or Nyah Hall Can Maggie Wapa This dress is that pretty? Buy it for me. Great. Let's learn some new things. Drew its yen means previously or before, but it's referring not long before drew a whole opposite Lee. It means later. However, again, it's just in a short while, so not long from now. Comparing to E 10 and E Hope e t n in the past or ago. E hope in future or later droops. Young and drool can be applied usually when there's a restricted timeframe. For example, Truths. Young is talking about time not long ago. Drew Hole is talking about time no long later, but you 10 and EQ hope could refer to a long time ago and long time afterwards. So it could mean years ago or years after. Well, actually, just 10 years younger. Fan LA had treaty and hunger Ni Chrissy and I do it from a what? Drew Holy altri cow shirt now eats you true MMA. Hold me. Yeah, watching our woods. What? You sap Andrew Hall to looting your what? Drew 10 grew 10 Drew hole Drew hole 36. 4.1 New Words: Don't Mention It! (I): Neiman's a man, a woman came. Don't mention it. Let's see how to say to mention at the same time, to remind he so t c lie we refer to erase up or you bring up a conversation boiled at night and I me and 10 t t ready. I'm sure fastly thought you weigh you way is used when you believe in something, but it turns out it's not the case or how he weight has your word jihad upon you. Boy, are you Weigh what we fung it, you weigh you weigh. The measure was for as a portion or booklets, son son as a measure of what it's very frequently used to indicate. A portion of or a book letter, even culture, defense, highly, even golds. Or you found your e so fun, totally, absolutely, completely one trend you will notice. It's all totally, absolutely, completely all ends with Lee. So, apart from using one trip, in fact, you can also say one Chen Joga Nan Shil Wine Tran Policy. When you indulge were one trend Houdini for the want one trend. One trend to earn joint, you can say joint is an earned money earned time or an experience, etcetera. Joanne, Joanne Desperate or something is urgent. See, let's compare drawed C and C. They are pretty similar, child. See, it's anxious because you're running out of time and C alone will be desperate or something . It's argent, so jiaozi and see are formed by similar words. Therefore, they're similar in meaning as well. So Joe would see it's more about worried and desperate, especially when you need to do something. But time is running out, while 40 is an adjective saying that you're desperate to do something or something is urgent. Julia Fritz Young They can't see it century to Australia. So it's your adult man. Ponyo me away from my group. What, you don't want a mammoth diesel? A see See? 37. 4.2 Dialogue: Don't Mention It! (II): when you were like New York for Seema. Welcome back. Did you get a chance to advice? Let's continue, I'm sure. Your flank. Angola Senior union While a sense of calm Jalalabad B A T lot valuation guns obese and a heart may sound a high mayo Use Johanna Chanson Afrin Koonjul needs ritual younger. You had Julie Kyla you for one gentry and you guys seen the Gondor She out in your surety in So a year. Don't call Kwangju or we deal heart Well, you mean that Then she now thank showed with high Shallah needs hideout Singles boy out heights You, you're going to see in Does Jesse? It's half. It's like Yoda. How well, you didn't quit movie by, Shen said. They're going to until how were made. Tianshui Sabah. Let's have a deep look yet see a lot. Well, you weigh singles or be heat in the heart. Yet you a lot. It means don't mention it. So it's implying. Oh, don't talk about it. Say good. Next one. Amazing, though high Knew you tear a hole. No, mais young doll, literally is. Didn't successfully think so. It's saying, Oh, and never or didn't think that woman can can say you go, let's take a look at the next one needs hideout Singles We all tides years Once in, we learned that hi is used to emphasize late nous. So in this case it is like just because when you just it's something, it's quite late, right? Therefore, it means you just saw on. Lee just arrived in new company for the next phrase. We all hide teacher it once again Si means desperate. So boy out, hide to your good Once again, it means don't be too desperate ing to earn money. It was just you heifer to a truly AGA. In this case, it's high has another function which is used to correct your view, so it means love more. It's actually the most important. 38. 4.3 New Words: 手忙脚乱 (I): that hot. See that I am as a profession. That's a new topic show among Tell Wet. He gets it the first word. Oh, God. To investigate or investigation. Yeah, I can yelled, Huh? U n lie its original originally. Or it means just came to realize that it turns out that let's compare urine, lie and then lie Gen. Lai And unlike both me, original or originally, just that you Enlai has more meaning than that which is just came to realize the original truth. U N lie and lie. The two will have the same meaning when they mean original or originally so they can be interchange at that point. But U N Line has one more meaning, which it means, it turns out, the truth. This or just came to realize the truth is that and you would use it when you just came to realize original fact or original truth. Is that something? But you didn't expect to be? Let's example of U N light being original or originally while you and I present you don't waldron that new our hunts down to So you what I look had to example of urine lie being it turns out back or just learned that original factors I can't see I put high told me you, um like honky Anoma hall. You're in, like, half your five Warren Zama. What? Deidre, don't drink Wenli u n lie. Do you want plan as a verb? A noun Do you want? See you want he 10 or teats at all in advance or push forward in terms of time group Corny , but handle one point The hot soon teats alcohol. So, uh, you weigh packs for it all? Sure, you would see what he turned out to be calm. Theede said, Teach Ted heats up. T It's all how Go guarantee as a foot. Or now you would use about John When you want to promise or guarantee something Dunkin On that day, Don champion is used When you're talking about a certain day and when you want to refer back to that day, then you use Dunkin Satchel Year. Sure. Woman's us outta you. Don't wait. Thank you for your daughter. Don t a don t a que seal to remind or reminder as a noun, let's compare t zeal and t t is only a for that means to remind or mention or it bring it up. But he's CEO apart from being the foot as into remind it. Also, act says they know as a reminder, So you would realize t can only be a fuck. While T seal can both be a verb and a noun. As the book remind, TCO would add more emphasis than tea. He seal you seal so you get the last word. Glenn. Imaginative, expressing messy. You can say Tosa, huh? Went the hair is messy, wouldn't now on Gwen my brain. My thought is messy. Gwen No. One. 39. 4.4 Dialogue: 手忙脚乱 (II): planning for like, let's continue now find out how high outdoor chunks regions I don't know one and you and let it see what you guys should young go that will clearly TTN wank home Drew more about doing so well Syria and surging her mom there. Newman? Yeah, Yeah. Julia Shantia CSUN name Since I, your hunt was sure it's Young Hunger Awards or John withdrew the allegations on alcohol made hands are also the shit you shit! I peed thi Asian city. I'm hi. How she's in miyako you she should Joann's drug a funk that gen Boards war J onn would still be racial months out. Linda, A woman needs to yen tool you sad rag, a cook says and mean Sanzio hand washer It's young tundra ward War for it done Drug war It's waiting for me because Dunga it's waiting at a column. State saga General grew dog. I see insulin alcohol for a guy. It actually comes from you guy, which is shoud as a reminder If you ask something how ID equals dio Oh, something is good. So the sentence John withdrew the guy See Angelina alcohol beans really don't know should do Which one first is good? Say good. Next. One drug. A fun fact, Jim Which war Joan were till Broadway show monks out Lula. Maybe you haven't heard of show monkey out, Gwen. It is an idiom and is an adjective meaning your hands dizzy fetus messy. Meaning that you're to basi, that your hands and legs strangle together. 40. 4.5 New Words: Successfully Did a Business Deal (I): Let's start a new lesson successfully did a business deal. Let's see. How do we say business? ORAC, operate business. Xiangyu Show me Show you to Cat Panchen If you remember, the Alteon and Canton both mean chat in Canton is basically the same as the all tear chat Neiman Handlers Angus out for law Seitan shemonah woman should go go in 10 20 am Bad panty in panty In feel this would has the emphasis function, which is usually for negation. So to make it clear, being is usually used to make emphasis on the not so it would sound like, indeed not so the order would be being followed by boom Or May me you wait high cones or her again John to you for a bm brochure top bm Was your niece Young Did not young hatch in their struggle Heart run have be ambles Agenda Sam Bonnie feel I feel Let's see c l. A. Or late see both mean accumulate as a verb. Si les delay late See late. See, It's young yet experience as a noun or the comforting and put high door Yeah, you're late season yen seem in union. You eat here everything all to use. Eats. Remember, it means everything for all. So it's not really meaning. Every or each you tit is usually used for matter or things which is intangible. So you won't say eat here, friends, etcetera. Going to wash your lady the eat. Here, eat here. The fruits you go wrong. Really? Band back. Why in your drug? A phone year? It's here You are mayor once. It. You too. Yeah, it's there. 41. 4.6 Dialogue: Successfully Did a Business Deal (II): I knew. Welcome back Ni Manual Mosima. Did you revise? Let's continue. Also, Shannon's not goals on the show. You join you Tengchong. Hola, Nichols or nominally, will you allow you How that or you on your way to a showing your friends Yet then whole lights, high Posy and to you for being will roll here. 2010. You allow you and I love my my life. One should heed Homeland on the other shift. What's relating yet was young scene. Don't go a woman that had a newly you don't want help. Let's take a look at the dialogues who assertions like showing you going with Hank Tang Chung is the firm's result. Completion. Starting with pan and ending with tongue pan means chat or discuss and tone indicates completion with success. Therefore, surely Julia tanks Hola means a business. Finally finished discussion with success Woman can say I got Let's check out the next one Whole lights. High fashion Seizure PM For your own year, it's high. Here is a function of emphasizing late nous and being we have just learned and emphasize, indeed, not so the whole sentence means I only discovered that it's actually not easy later on. Woman can see I go Mama lie When hundreds He'd hold man for a month, then light. It's the term saying Take it slowly. For example, Muhamalai be a high pot tickets slowly, don't panic. And what is why I assure its heat hold man. Why ensure literally means 10 thousands of things teat hole starting the head Meaning to begin man means difficult. So generally why is your it Sithole? Man is an idiom, saying everything is difficult at the beginning. Joey other sure to Or Les Tetes Union As a reminder we said something. The shoot means what something is. Therefore, the only other shirt. The one late seating yet means what important is to accumulate more experiences. Sorry, girl who was dancing soon go a woman. That's yeah, the newly a reminder Zoom were warm and that's Yeah, the newly means having been through or having gone through our heart work in this simple way. It means after going through our hot work and for woman, that's yeah, a kind of public eight things. But it's at the same time emphasizing that we, everyone or all of us finally you, Ted, no way. Hold up. The in this case is adding, confirming sound 42. 4.7 New Words: According to Plan (I): a woman came from seeming, Let's start a new lesson according to plan First what he gets it and jaw according to in fact. And it's a short form, meaning according to. So whenever you use on jaw, you can always use on to replace woman and Godzilla Wank hunger Justin Gondor. Anyway, from up with Andrew allows you swore that so I know andro sequence Time made. He insults wrong. Sean Banti in Doorway hook, half a CNN and Josh warm you sure to its or and draw and draw with that set. And sure means on schedule while we know Aunt means according to And sure literally means according to time. Hands on schedule. Usual run, war answer tree all Gelfand Consul mean an actual wind Homa, Sir Asher guns here it means thanks to or thankful can see It's more unless equals to see it See But with dance it you show more gratefulness or gratitude to what somebody So you would say can't see it someone what gender hang can see allows Sergei would abound, Drew be everyone loyal can see And me the full more neo Tinky and a currency to his young can see a shame. Guns here, dance here, Tunggal Success or a successful jungle Chung Cho. See, I was seeing news imply new information shall see has nothing to do with world news or TV news. It's simply refers to new information. So see C o C. Young teen bonus or monetary awards young team. It's young seeing. 43. 4.8 Dialogue: According to Plan (II): the Mahat. Let's continue woman singing in the control tower Egion Andrology What went wrong, Julia? 20 shootin seeing white Gondol handing drunk Jonesy. And you're you're the hunt door, Quinn. Then Ben for you. Way with that. You had a no earlier woman. Jungle Nadia, drill a 20. Should need a wench hunger, guns or faith Hunger and see that she actually wore the bun drawer. Lee away Mattingly a young What goes with that? You could help. So I was sick in a way that Yeah, and she went on a cordial concentrating on struggle. Your gay Megan so far, Sanchez went dancing. Can see it that way. To Assange toward you at a newly control. See, while Minya where you gather trunks here they can, huh? Well, Minion to e Zadroga cook for J When shit's yen, It means this period of fragment of time things went gondol handing wrong. It means even though work it's intense. June Daniel Udall, friend or quinine. We also encounter lots of difficulties in the middle or in the process for two off our center u N dancing it means to send 3000 your end of bonus more Another phrase can see that the actress Anger tour You had a newly Gondor, thanks to everyone's heart work in these three months and more and for the final phrase going data Kansi even bigger or more huge results. 44. 4.9 再...也/还是/都...4: that's advising. Quote. It's a me young How's life? Recently, in this new session, we're learning some new grandma structures When the E t can come back, let's see this drug care die something and then followed by yeah, or high food or it. So in English. It means, no matter how followed that, also or still or all. As you know, that means further. So this structure is saying No matter how further extended, reach you still blah, blah, blah. So to make it clear again we're talking about no matter how further extend that you reach you also are still or all something so so I would be followed by adjective or some sensing verbs. Let's see examples need sides home, you nia boy. I don't dread he. So no matter how smart you are, you still won't know how to do this question. Ni Paul. That's I quiet years. Your cannons that be central 90 year. No matter how fast you run, it's so difficult to get the first place in the competition. I need size and true to your mama has your boy. I need you, no matter how much you want to go traveling. Mom's there won't bring you to go Me, Sybil Grand You, me high sugar dates or no matter how much you're willing to, you still have to do it. So remember, for thes structures you're emphasizing, no matter how great extent it is or no matter how far they extend you can go. You still blah, blah, blah. 45. 4.10 New Words: Accumulate More Knowledge (I): that Jeff, we'll see that some young will. House revision going. You can see an atomic is accumulate. More knowledge. Let's start with salary gone Gold, Gold Method solution or a way Fun sat. Do you recall Ben Fat? What's the difference between Ben Fine and son son? So once that and funds that both are very similar in terms of meaning, however, that is more about a solution that helps solve a problem. Song Seng Son Sant Moving on No leg groom fruit do for through shit can not. Not, too, with the poor, both the poor meaning you have to but literally is, suggest that you have to do something that you cannot not too. So it sounds like you have no choice but to do something. Or you're doing that because your force war Minton's outrun or the boards out here. Boy friends are teak long, so it's actually say I have to wake up very early in the morning tomorrow. Side roads. You all call Sheila well for the book cash you foresee. So it means I'll have exams soon by next week, so I have no choice but to start revising. Hi Mayo 10 Board that boy girl so he has no money. Therefore need to look for work, ma'am. Upwards idea May may border upwards Indeed. So fan. So Mom is not home. Little sister has no choice but to cook herself or the poor. What? The poor. Let's see another one, Xiang drew. It means even but this use is to indicate a greater extent. Shunju is used when you want to emphasize or show greater extent to what you previously was talking about. To use changer, you need to place Shunju in front of the information that you want to make emphasis of its greater extent. Let's see some examples. Paschall No water tea. Shandra booed when you go What for What? She got angry with me. She even is unwilling to speak with me. Played the engendered Hi, Mama Woods. What year? Shandra drew Swell assange us out for It's been so busy recently. I even slept only three hours last night. Hand leadership Amador was young tour passion engines Shahm Adobo Thank for he's too tired that he doesn't want to do anything. He even doesn't want to eat anything. Jug heads the board A from Austria Shunju, High passions spirit. This kid doesn't like to go to school. He even is scared of going to school show too. Shank should knew what it's Ah, run responsibility. You should have a mama, New York, Syria and help with her. You're hiss mom. You have the responsibility to look after him. Situation. That's area sure how How so? Four students Responsibility is just study seriously. So run the run. With that, said Zardran seem or Sergen can both mean the sense of responsibility. Drug a lot sure, some I e against lower and seeing it may or had its urgency in both hydro the scene the rest scene so really can so Erin can. 46. 4.11 Dialogue: Accumulate More Knowledge (II): that. Yeah. Huh? When you like. Let's continue. Yeah. Nzinga! And drank a few cold water. Sure. Hole boiled hide seizure. 2010 We are Yet until need really hurt young by ghouls or the 10 10 yen. The only other sure. Fun food city. The goingto a senior she was CEO. You'd hold Fratello the fun fat see late when yet crucial Just yet before withdrawing out. Douala Dan Sure 100 for whole woman poured Obuchi Choice. A woman needs or changes your fate hung bossy. When's order guns or just, uh, woman, says yada Children Tycoons. Oh, that's urgency. Eager is usually known. Leads I call Junior and iPhone four. Rubio. What tycoons or May Oats? Urgency. Yeah, I none back fake Hung Hall. We'll meet two yen Joey's ABBA. Let's start from this past age for 10 19 yen. CNN means front, so it could mean past few years or the first few years. So at this time, it means the first few years. So the whole passages at the first few years of work, what important is to enrich your own work experiences, learn the way to interact with colleagues. Great. Let's move on. Just here be sure, Drawing out O Allah. Do you remember the grammar phrase? A. B B adjective Douala? Meaning a is a lot adjective and be so it's actually saying thes are much more important than income. Great for this. True, the meaning would be, too instead of go therefore truth or means to dio. And therefore, let's translate this whole phrase put up which rejoin you say woman for you. I need your changes. Your fake hung posi went to water, meaning have no choice but to do some work that were unwilling to, or even very much don't want to. And yes, this change means even and it's used to show the next statement has even greater extend. Let's take a look of this paragraph. Joe. Sure Woman Tracey. Other tools, Your taekwondo, that Syrian scene. It says that at this time, what we need most is a sense of responsibility. Toe What's work? Last paragraph. You could run different long needs. I call Junior and its iPhone full. You go to a concert Mayo Terry and sing Yes, and then by Google. Hahaha. Even no matter how capable a person ist how rich his experiences are, if he has no sense of responsibility toe what's work? He's still difficult to get the job done well 47. 4.12 Additional Words - L4: that way have comes in last video of this lesson. Let's learn some additional knowledge. Let's start with the word one. C. It means relation. We have also learned May when C meeting doesn't matter. That's because, literally, it's don't have relation. So oh, it doesn't have relation to me. So it's OK. How conform or the Quincy with High Hall? Julhas, Infratil, Canadian troops. You may a wine CDA one c one c Next once again document when CNN When CNN we learned slew means times in terms of frequency. This time we're introducing wait, which also means time as in frequency. But it's less frequently used. In fact, Joe Way means this time No, wait that time shown way last time. San Wait, Next time you shall Where the b side Jonesy. It's, um Young. What? I dressed and went and got law joke waiting. I'm a wouldn t look girl. If your shed McQuay Sure, some loquacious Rila. Let's take a look of thes two common faces, some away fruit. It's actually equal. Sue Shamma play for these two are commonly used races asking What's the matter? Who a way knew what talk war to miss out That's because tool means wrong. Oh, is to pass over 12 or you could see a way miss out an opportunity. It's war, war, it's walk war. 48. Speaking & Listening L3-4: I mean, I'm four for me job ghouls or the tin Yemma. I mean, I'm four for me job ghouls or the tin yemma, uh, needing king wash in my cold, sore needing king wash in my cold Sore. Uh, I mean, you sure that's Emelia? I mean, you sure that's Emelia? Uh, I need a way. Yeah, sure, sure. You guys truly shocked Megan way? Yeah, sure, sure. You guys through each month Uh, Megyn way Megyn way needs if he wants so unnatural guns or needs if he wants so unnatural guns or, uh, needed a socially man. Poor man needed a socially man. Poor man. Median way Shotguns Osher. Shamus Sweet. Wrong. Yeah, Negan way Shotguns. Osher. Shamus Sweet from Yeah. Oh, what holds is the book are me? Where? Frank? Old Xoma. Brooke, What holds little girl Me Where? Frankel. Xoma. Uh, cycles OSHA niyo mayo Surgeons seem cycles OSHA niyo mayo surgeons seem, uh, neat and welcome. So should Neema Neat and Joe Consul should Neema 49. 5.1 New Words: Having Discount (I): Are you guys doing? Let's start a new lesson. How to say furniture. Cr2 refers to home and actually means Tool. That's why is furniture. Sofa Shares plan. You can see it's translation, the sofa Shaft. Shaft to discount or a discount. That judging you for bad, bad. In Chinese, when you say that, it means you only have to pay 80% of the original Prize. For drama. Backdrop. Normal times. Normally, piu tourists use when you're talking about your normal days. Normal times. The Pinterest, the doma, appeal for a wave, a magic pill shirt. Price. There are two ways to say it. Celiac or tn, tn, tn, quality. Leon, Leon. Leon. Surely certain core to affirm can deal. You realize that. And can DM, or very similar in terms of meaning, both mean shortly and certainly. But eTEM has a meaning of Definitely and can deal has a meaning to affirm. Both D and E could mean definitely in certainly. So sometimes they can be interchanged. But can deal has slightly more function because you can use pen to me, assure or affirm something, but cannot be used this way. For our cases, you can interchange EDM and can deal dam or a DM. Wait on what kind or ETL went home. Sometimes you can only use ten, damn near. You. Sure his surname is one. So a suggesting that can you affirm that his surname is one or both will show a woman band at home. So I'm not too sure if he's our class classmate. Walk away, ten jack woman that shoe. I'm sure he won't join our reunion tomorrow. Hi can deal. Mom. He also is not too sure what he wants to do after graduation. Have you noticed can down and eat them can be interchanged as in certainly, definitely. However, if you want to add your confirmation as in to affirm something or assure something, then only can deal is used. Can deal, can deal. Next. Leo seal, popular or trendy, or on trend. So it could be both an adjective or the verb. Recently this kind of dresses are on trend. Zhong Guo Yong. China doesn't trend on using Facebook very much. This song is very popular. The OCL, Leo seal, teams yet the last word of today, draw the measure where the type Joel. Joel. 50. 5.2 Dialogue: Having Discount (II): the manual was semen. Let's continue with the lesson. So dear dinning hall. These are my shame attached. You sure? Well waning tear Probably sama. She is. You boys sell my shafia. I mean, can Drago Pfaff, Fats and the young CNN's on drones. I hydra keep your trip. She Aniela eats you and quiet Chaka Hikari till she pulled it out through your mouth. New funds scene June Young Clarendon with that draw Children Sharp fire shooting and yours Younger your condo Yan Circle you Spencer Mean Creek Isa Sugar lines So that Kenshin sheep Juliao Gigaba Joeckel Yo, Neema, is this lesson easy? Let's take a look. Sure, I will waning thr ou sama A reminder Wait means specially for so way Need thr ou sama. Meaning? Introduced briefly especially for you next. I mean, can Drago Shah Fats? Um a young. The literal translation. You see this sofa? How is it? And can from here Doesn't actually mean to see to look, But it means to think from your perspective or you decide. Let's see some examples. For example, we can't new web lie, woman. The one foot. So what? Say a um you see, you can decide if you're coming to our night event Me candy sent without Go woman. It's you know, yeol. So you see and decide if you want to go trouble with us together Me turn drug one tete a tete you So it's like you see, or you think how to resolve this issue, huh? So you go next One jackal, hiker year soldier. But without John, your May about John for Trillion Joe Mayo about drunk. We can break it down to see Joon Young Your about drunk First it suggests that quality has guarantee, So it means that quality is a sure to be good. Moving on mean? Francine Julian couldn't number that draw. What is General couldn't deal board that Julia. It's actually a metaphor, saying the quality surely will not be lowered or will stay high. And the reason we use kind deal. It's because it indicates and assuring or affirmative sounding. Final sentence jirga lands of the canrong do both war. Do you love Drago back as a reminder? Carrying found to means appears to be or seems like, though immune Bama all clear 51. 5.3 New Words: The Fridge is Too Old Indeed (I): when you wait, Let let's see our new topic Fridges to old indeed, our first new wet Schwinn bien. Well, it means conveniently however it's used to describe when you conveniently do something while you're on the way to do another thing. This wood is non existent in English as it means you do something conveniently because you're on the way to do another thing. For example, you can say you shouldn't been dropped by the supermarket to bison food while you're on your way to work. Or you can say you shouldn't bid by a coffee in a coffee shop while passing by it. Well, hence he went through Weide. Gondor, you wake. You shouldn't be in New York Knees up and you will come for the sure hope Greif. When being bamboo machine new nema me, you authority and come to meet me known friend Dango food, huh? Was immunity in sync. Dama shouldn't be in. Shouldn't be in knew what it's you It means old. But it's used for things not related to age. Shatha hunts you So five is old Julie. This young hunts you managers thought, is pretty old. You do you sago next one when we see Wong followed favor, it means purely or solely the woman chinchilla noddy dope would choose one news idea back wherever money. Guangxi it for a year. You don't while assange us out. Sure, we are going sure boots or you don't one fruit juggle you air what you'd feel a sense. A loose young uh Wang. Go on. This word is a measure would, and it's for heavy machines. Hi, for example, you can use e Thai TV washing machine computer, etcetera. Hi, Hi. Now let's learn how to say indeed sure, it's I Let's see the way to use it. War Gunga Yola sang us out for you all for that high Layla War. Sure, that Tito Joe Mayo seem true. Need zone for crude up. I was sure that was anti granny law. Sure, it's that Sure, it's that effect show or Salgo. See how cool cash CNN seem? You would realize from the word CNN sing sin like current from C and say Seen actually means gold syncing since seen Let's see our final what to refrigerate True love. I would say you don't really use gin. Love this board in your daily life much. It simply means that air con produce cold air and that's it. During low, you're in love 52. 5.4 Dialogue: The Fridge is Too Old Indeed (II): when you were like Let's continue. Thank you. Other beings Young Thai Jola Some strong Jill How that draw woman Show me a Yemenite Haber Team Kyung made. I don't see it, Haidalla. It's actual. Took a year Sandy eating Qala was sent Ola German War Ni boy Where did it all about? May 4 Shunting to you growing by shine factor with filing down chins or dangerous Don't Yeah, the beings young fruit I'd high Jola dri along sell war Yeah, Ojala however magazine the back knothole By what? That a shenxin will go You need a scene Young hyper Hey, John Hall, Let's take a look for the san tens So I sure jug Yuen Charlie Hebdo while a would send oil up So I for it means further speaking it's used to start in new sentence. It would also be used when you want to add supporting information to the previous point For example woman Torchwood do charge you back young be tell frumpy in say I sure Well, when you do enquire Trig Allah, why shall be a lot I'm gonna need to your young It's a sure was Cinda Khalayleh needs a d Trooper needs Indian girl Mama, we all should have the Shangrila Day four neek and high Yearbook hunt. Sure, Apart from further speaking, so are you sure could be used to mean further speak. What does that mean? It means you have further talk about something such as woman seeing that we all fulla way that day for back Georgian treaty. Oh, both height. See why Indian so sure about how? Let's move on. German Door Ni boy Read each hollaback for the second line Niebuhr Whoever De tall oppa the exact translation is it wouldn't be. It's the fact that you remember it wrong, right? So it means it could be you remembering it wrong, right? Let's see. Next one. Sarah You good May 12 Changxing Tea all night Shafak Kohala Leontien door for a Siang Sing t It's actually short form of Shangla Sinti meaning last week In fact, you can say this week I just didn't see next week Yes, you will see so you can use it quite flexibly. You don't always have to say good all the time for measure. What? Just that bear in mind. The original form is it should have the good you can even apply two months last month. Shung Gear this month. Julia, you next month. See you great Getting back to the sentence There is this word again. This time it's emphasizing the immediate effect. Therefore, the whole phrase trunks didn t one night have our Kohala launch indoor exact meaning last week Purely bought sofa immediately spent over 2000. 53. 5.5 1) ...都/也... 2) 给: the men change means, um Young. How are you recently in this video, we're going to revisit some grammar points. The 1st 1 So or yet you sick. The 2nd 1 is about the use of gate. This video is a deficient video, which is mainly to refresh your memory. We're going to cover to grammar points a day, which is believed to be not new to you. As a reminder, we lunch that something followed by though or yet followed by pull or may it means not even something at all. Example. Y e d ent o boa. I'm not a little hungry at all. Wash on my Yep. Wasn't sore. I don't want to do anything at all. How about without the full or nay would have become an affirmative sentence? We would start with saying the subject followed by though or yet followed by a verb, and the English would be like even the subject, followed by verbs. Yes, You also notice the's structures would still mean even this or even that. But without boop or nay, the whole sentence would become positive. And it's more like an affirmative sentence, so you can use these structures in sentences like even you can do it. Even the five year old kid can do it, etcetera. For example. Ni Jen's home. You German, then that he go away. You are really smart. You can do even this difficult question. New polio. The stronger NIA one c You forgot even your girlfriend's birthday moving on. We're going to look at the use of okay, we have talks. Bo is. But let's revisit the position of gay within a sentence. We know gay a person meaning to give a person. So where do we put in a sentence? If we have got a subject and an activity the first way you can put gay person after the subject or the second way you can put a gay person after the whole activity? Both ways mean the same. What a polio manly war. A close to one Miley woke gape on your well, Gainey, that you know what? What? That didn't like gamey my my gay, What's young or share mamma's young grocery Gay War 54. 5.6 New Words: The Taste Should Be Quite Good (I): Dad, You're Hartman Woman Cave is seen The urban tastes should be quite good first what? Yo teal invite or invitation? Do you remember We have learned seal as an invite before And in fact, in Chinese with more characters for the same meaning we have more emphasis and therefore usually would sound more formal and more important. Therefore yo to you has more emphasis and sound less casual than just see you. And you too can be a noun. A swell for example Csny The yellow too Thanks for your invitation. Yeah, it's you, Yo, to the war gift The wound The war would haul grape pulled How? Look how you sure Art artist ache You fool! Yeah, sure Wango Advertisement Guang Go Guang Go way doll This word could both mean and taste and smell as a noun for a way that all this would is quite interesting. It could both mean this mail and a taste So could be a word related to census Wade all Wait doll, You're d n Good point the strength advantage. That's because for the word your d n yo means good or outstanding, the end means point. What a you t ensured one. Sure. Your with Ian. You're with here. Sure. It's easy. Practical, Realistic. The away from a George? Sure. My weight issue portrait either. Don't see hats on true bullshit either. See? Wanna put? You won't know the joke Hung Go to say in reality that's Fritzi from Tak Hong Kong. He waits and the hunt home you They're Freedia film passion The Nopadol She ago won t until I hunt man then free dear from Bill mover Namun man. Sure it see? Sure it see 55. 5.7 Dialogue: The Taste Should Be Quite Good (II)5: when you were like, What made you Let's continue. Okay, Lee launcher Yachting woman She had heart answer Cooke Gate Heart I They are ceremonially new Hana Kershaw Jodi your drama toy Draw Ni Griddle Natural Homer What? You had a judge on four score. You can't hide your being those all that. You're my usual rtf. The issue shall teams how your hot dog wonga was. How with Arjen Gable talk one come true way Tsou Odeon trip which would have a trade Ian should Zita Johann Don't don't see p m from for the nama ha So a year bone on one transcends in one go me for the year Wait Very calm Hall woman Yen to ease. And thus yet, dudes, the large three out young woman should hot Yeah, talker for the word So our cook it means to be guest You can use it in many ways. Really Jingqian shalwar lie woman She had talker since you Leo the yellow I watch actual Come on What you had I drink drawn towards war We can hat European roads or the germ A usual for the last bit hot European told you or the German G four, it applied the new structure that we learned. Even its wine bottle is made so artistic. Let's see next one CIA. You go should see Asia handle dozy beyond with Ongoing for the NAMA hot. Let's see the last bit, Hon Door. Don't see many things Feel has a function to emphasize. Negation was sound not like Guang girlfriend for the Nama Hall. Exact translation is not like on the advertisement says such good. So the whole meaning is many things are actually not as good as how the efforts say. 56. 5.8 New Words: 买衣服的标准 (I): finding that way like welcome back New topic is Maggie for the old? What many T shirt he got that's learned the first word Call Lou to consider. Or consideration how you How do b o Gwen Standard? It could be both. Now an adjective Biao ju in as a now Nique outgoing toe eurochem api agina What? Your standard in finding jobs, Jacqueline. So the mere Sherpao dwell in Gaul. Does cos interview standard is very high. Be aldrin as adjective me. Sure, Joe wins with a hand piojo and use be Chinese fair accurately had How would a don't be out too? And her dons movements are all very accurate. So you would notice when standard becomes additive, it would means it's accurate or being up to standard. Biao ju in Yeah, how Julian. Let's revisit the word young appearance. The look So usually when you talk about what persons young, it's normally referring to that person's appearance. And usually it's about the face. Niecy when drew the Youngs of the 10 Brahma. Do you like this looking? If wallet he may make Junction. My young Sida. How does your sister look like? Whether young Jin Hell can't I'm really good looking Knee and Lille age the ending, that old age nearly in Sao Young age Nearly you, me and Neil Lung Sei waste or wasteful. So long Fei is both the verb and adjective last, say, last say 57. 5.9 1) 对我来说 2) Verb不了: Data hall. Thank you. Woman should see younger 20 wear learning to shore phrases today Number one do a war life for it means speaking for me You're speaking from my perspective Example We were life for Syria from one idiot Yeah, poor man from one. But I don't see a war life for home from Pierre You can even change it to do it. Anybody alive for? To make it speaking from anybody or speaking from anyone's perspective. So you don't leave the life What? Hi Layla Joga funds three woman each aren life's work high Saleh hand hall Let's learn the second phrase So it born in the are it means you cannot do the verb anymore for fully up is actually a verb Serie So completion Meaning? You cannot do the anymore Jirga Don't see it hanging Trivia What? Trooping! Outlaw What? Hi Layla. Kind without Daniel Law. So when put through the way Shima, were Schwebel yah Ciencia in eastern. So what? Men consider for war Time Woman should that nobody are highway Should my our young sore well once And the polio 58. 5.10 Dialogue: 买衣服的标准 (II): at U Haul Will Manti Can can trigger cook? Let's look at this lesson together my year, Ford recalled Ritacca down Gampaha Then recall your whole Kanda yet breeding where? Woman You for the pl glacier Jama'at trader Pull my Quaida You does each Wandera shoe for we are if with a Julian Yell Hall idea you belong high quit Do we lie for you with a young solution Polio CEO beyond Jr Honduran Union Data U N C When I die, Georgia Sure hope my pne that you for then during a ce for sure for sure Check How do the food? Yeah, sure, the hair pulling out the You know where you walk before hoods? It's here. You sure? What? You 100? Yes, she don't long thick They come hall woman yen to his had toots of that. Let's take a look of the sentences then Drew Calder Hall. Kanda Yeah, we didn't do a direct translation is but only considering good looking ones is also not definitely correct. For 30 24 4 it means yourself is comfortable while wearing it. Let's see Next one You for the Julian Yell Hall Arts Year Your boo Nankai Guay in this sentence, it's using the structure, you'll and yo, which means also something. Also another thing. Just that there's a your hidden in this position, so the full sentence should be year for the Julian your heart. Aritzia Yoba, Nankai Quay, meaning The clothes quality also need to be good, so they more also can't be too expensive. Within the same paragraph, there's a field here, a reminder being next emphasis on not moving on. Then, during that same year, boy shrivels. You're sure hurt city check. How do the poor door? The direct translation is simply but towards the clothes suitable to yourself or not Yet don't consider it too much. And lastly julep d n. It means this point and d n. In case that you don't know, it also means point. 59. 5.11 New Words: Online Shopping (I): in a woman's Yes, you don't see that's lots of new stuff. Our topic. Online shopping. Let's see the word to purchase. Go. Do you still remember my doll? See? Well here. So are there any relations? A movie? Three. In fact, my idol, See and won't CIA are more casually used because my don't see means by things. Wanna see a simply means shop around for gold. Do as seen for Miss English Translation, which is purchase would sound more formal. Go go, especially your tea. To use your tea, you can say your tea followed by a noun or your T shoot. So load by a noun. Another way to use your words he is you say you owed see, followed by adjective or sensing verbs. In fact, for the first way you would see Bracket Shoot followed Bay. Now is actually the same as clumpy assure, followed by a noun. Both of them are very similar and use when they mean especially. But of course, tell a BIA has more functions because it could mean special or very at the same time. Overall examples. Jill, it'll be said we would like for your tea drawn yard pass on your end goal you would see. See when that lands your since you were like you adore grand See when Tron won't go your What's you sharing? And she'll run woman band maegashira Shinto Her newly your words here freely. You would see your would see next word show. How receive a non object thing and for the nature of short help is actually a first result completion, which is to actually receive As we have said, True though needs to be followed by something intangible you can say show tall welcome Support the red in hurt discrimination A central John Lough shrew showed Also shown the c I a tad dorm sure showed out that you had a why in you have show dollar war diggings young So he sends I Yeah, I saw you and Ola showdown show that Yes Ah Anne. But it's referring to any single one in comparing to shove mud though which is any But she I'm not though it's different as in including everything all things examples of using Semedo Hydro Shamma toe may seem to salgo Nolly those out too. However, for yes sir, it means Annie. But mind that it only refers to any single one. Therefore, it's not meaning all. If you put in this way, then her something though Then, in this case, it would mean all of those things. New yoga, her went to FEMA. Do you have any single question? Neo Your grocery tin See a warping? Mama, do you have any single thing that needs my help? You're insurgent Dole Brookly for one, no one can talk needs like Whoa! IPhone four. They're hosher whole. Don't see the house scene. You're living abroad. Remember to be careful at all times. Gen Hood gen hood See to send by post See, see ball bags bow as in bag normally refers to something proper like handbags, but not plastic backs. Bowel Oh made Yeah. Buyer made. Yeah. My Yeah nights Yeah. Cellar Nice. Yeah. Nights. Yeah, Neng go able to in fact, no go equals to know which is able to as well. But we also said at the beginning of lesson with more characters for the same meaning the more character would would sound more formal, have more emphasis. Therefore no go would sound more serious than just know Now go now. Go 60. 5.12 Dialogue: Online Shopping (II): when you were like Let's continue CNN's I want to Go walk in the u Alajuela Ocilla Nancy Ruin your TC Once I want from my don't See Taiwan Chung Soo Bushe model Koichi Maeda near clearly from one night full My year for my ball high clean my graduate My short sea one tango warned on Go shoot out German The C I a Iranian rial shown younger Show CNN one from the don't see hon Door Arts here be true found in my peon year. Josh, you're seeing a man go matter to your reunion cheats Jenin cleats. I Jen Hirsh Treaty and someone komites NCC When I don't see 90 are creep anemic. Don't see. See Downey The banking Sure hold your jolly They come from beer and huh? Well, mate, see kind hundreds. Let's have a look of the Sandton, says Wang Sung. We know it means on the Internet. Wanxiang, go! Whoa! Therefore, it's a term meaning online shopping 61. 5.13 Additional Words - Prepare for Lesson 6: when you were like Welcome back over For whole casual Giancola it's time to start lesson again. We're going to learns an additional words. How true Good points advantage Truell actually refers to place. So how true would be the sounding like a good place? Good areas. Therefore good points. How true. How true? Opposite Lee. Why true that point weaknesses have these two words How true and why Truell remind you of You're Deanne and Trade Thean. Why tool? Why Truell? You may wonder what's the difference among all of them? In fact, for your d n and trade in, they're more used about people. But how true. Why? True, they're less used for people. Now let's revisit this word. How? Which means number? Or the date would. That said, How can also be the size of clothes and shoes? Etcetera? Because those things are also in numbers. Need 20 hull. I need this yet so sure Shed Mahal How, huh? That's revisit this what shong gene, which is voice, sound or noise to say loud. You simply say bash young quiet CEO Chyung and both are adjectives Sure what? We are potential we could use elshani d'attoma shung in Show me next would sir You good Mai Lee. Beautiful or beauty? In fact, if you make a short form May, it would still mean beautiful. May Juergen you heads home, Mayor Cash should remain. You form a new It's like a term say a beautiful lady Maali Maali Tongue to ride or to take the vehicle so so contra equal Su Chung contra So fancy Chung fades e so Horta Child boy Tre The difference between Seoul and Chong is that Chung would sound more serious and formal than Seoul Trunk Child Chung Hoss and Joe Juncker Juncker 62. 6.1 New Words: 高高兴兴 (I): $100 dog goes since you. Let's see the first word. Water Jews. Why is that? Let's see. The World War drew or refers to fruit Drew actually means Jews. That's the reason why Cuadra quadruped show your U N shop assistant. Let's see the word show whore. U N Show means cell four means goods. U N refers to person show for U. N So who are you in? What's it sucks. What's it? What's that I, Raul to disturb or to bother? Well, how he's around, Neela. We also should are out DT's yet to a year that all that role soon gone, it means, surprisingly, I can't believe that this word is non existent in English. Yet it would be used when you feel surprised at something that happens unexpectedly. So it would sound like I can't believe that were, surprisingly, that zoom gran, you would say sing run, followed by the things that you're surprised at. John withdrawing other shreds. He'll need Tim Ryan, male girl. So, uh, for such important thing, you, surprisingly or unexpectedly, didn't tell me what's in Canton around. One with Aisha would see it. I can't believe I forgot to bring my mobile phone today. What John Bradshaw had Syrian shore war pump. I'm this skinny. Can't believe that. He said I'm fat. Happy over 100 for Foresee Judd's culture zero oncology he rarely revised. I can't believe that he came first in the exam. John. Nascent doll hearts around German Your 10 really never thought that he's this ridge. In case that you don't know your 10 is an adjective meaning rich sing ran seem run. 63. 6.2 Dialogue: 高高兴兴 (II): that hall that let's continue, we'll get neither idea. He drew made and year. He's among Shemonah to attend. Drawn for a war paid hat. You culture my quarter well by shorts you want ideally look my Germany I don't see your bull. Ajumma Tungshih woman See in Shu Quan la harsh on Tom et man Show for you and your religion The way Woman T child job dish on that one night like a child. Woods it easy and China's Shan um For what? The whole woman. Chicago. Since in the weight Allah, my bonus issue, would you cancel a G sound? Either our HSC quantity can city shed push. You want baby area and Daigle? Sure way. Jaggi whole What's high fashion? Two. Young Long lets you shrunk Hunger Charles from 1/4 they can't haul Rahima Very good. Is it easy? Let's take a look. My drama that don't see Going without drill MK hung for Delia for John Matar Tous indie referring to Joe Moayyed are meaning Such little woman seeing true Guanabara Chungchong, 18 men for you. 18 men once enters door, so it means ones we went inside. In fact, Zinman is quite a common time to say you enter a place because you go in, enter through a door. Great. So you good next one, right? Whole woman to Chicago sinks in the Kuwaiti Allah. Why? I gotta assume with appear as gaga housing seal. In fact, this way would make emphasis on the adjective as such adjective which is normally formed by two characters. A end be If you want to make emphasis on it, you wouldn't make it a baby in real life situation, you don't just casually randomly pick any adjective to make it this form. There are some adjective that are frequently used in this way. For example, why look, you can turn it into quite quite look Xiao Lian. You can turn it into help. Your younger more examples needs. Indians won the popular young lander Trinh Alya Mama, those young Candra hides. Why? Why little other drunk there 64. 6.3 New Words: 一分钱一分货 (I): That's a hall. That's your topic. Even Ethan. Let's see her first word tomahto. See home? Sure. See home? Sure. See home? Sure, a percent by finger, for example. 100% Bison should back 30% bath. Unjust censure, 5% bath and you'll, by Finch by sudden, True. Great to say two times that you multiply by or sold bay twofold or two times. Young Bay four times four Foad Sood Bay two times of three is six Sandal Young Bae Fruit Loop Bay Bay. Final War for Today Skin P Fool, He fool P full. 65. 6.4 Dialogue: 一分钱一分货 (II): that jab would. That's in the young. How's everybody? Let's continue. See Home should seen Sama Zemmama See? Quite You're 18. I mean, Fung scene balls from 500 by since CNN Majima Gloria would see that sort Ian Tyson Cairo heating. You should. I mean, when the drug room should you die Your hunger, even Chen Even war made tension in younger General Susie and the sea home for drapey Foglio . How true. How now is you made a good chunk chunk. How the Damian see home? Sure, equal young seen Schlissel choir. Uh, womankind can treats. Let's have a look of the sentences. I mean, when the aerodrome should your that your holder he funds here even war for the last bit. You fund CNN even war, son in fact, mean score four As you may already know, it means skirts. So defense, yen, even war. The literal meaning is one score of price. One scores goods. It's an idiom saying the higher the price the height of product quality before telling people that the price reflects equality and it is an idiom. Next, do I p for your hard for let's learn a new structure. Do it something. You're how true? It means that it's good to, for example. So you indulge intuition to your house for towards the late in year three dragons or your heart for Is everything clear? No meu my llama. 66. 6.5 New Words: Promotional Activity (I): goes in that light out really very happy that you guys have reached here are new. Topic is emotional activity. Let's revise this word to you. Meanings light as an adjective to you. To fung, you means aspect or side. Let's see a similar example. Show me in, which means the top. That's because shrunk its top or up mitt means side. Another similar example. Whole men meanings back because hope is rear or the back mitt means side. Let's see another. So our men, which is left hand side so war is left me in it's side. That's why so farm you would be the general word for aspect or side. Usually found men is used for some important issues or something formal. We already know. Phone me. It means aspect to use it. If you want to say the aspect of eggs, for example, then the way to say it. Eggs, the fun men in addition, jaw or not from you means this or that aspect. So Iran has said the family and put Hi, how then hat you Hirsch wore the farmyard trip would hold, well, vacancy When can't when you're fat, Lew for me in the show when you're sure she found me and the crew Scher work with highly out here. I need to call a show on only the farm. Ian Tienong guns. Aranda can go kart Calio founded in fun yet drew the Dysart Juggle flies Russian food Riddle me why she didn't treat tell jurors in trench and hike Wila. But you don't matter. I mean I drunk called shiny Greta Drew the during the what don't activity as they now or to exercise with some movements as a vogue. Why hotel has such meaning Hore means to lift Don't to move. That's why that's why what don't is about movement or activities Because you're active, right? Needs you. What time? Disastrous. Out the hotel man. Nana Minion. Young dolla Did a toe hold on short Or don't what? Tongue name within or inside. Usually you would say a place name referring to inside a place or a timeframe. Nate. So with any timeframe funds and they may your run bad hands of funds into a fun day. Woman. See why in your native one jirga condo me years in seen a non to Hama. Nay, nay me and say free of charge and agitated shaper. See why me? It faded. Don't see now, Ninomiya Fatal, withdrawn Juanma woman who know me and face Sony tattoo me and say me and say Cioni to fix repair Suli, see only 67. 6.6 Dialogue: Promotional Activity (II): good morning. Welcome back. Let's continue CNN's wrong woman t and the singly sound told IJ early to win Nino from a younger What elmayer you go soon Uganda. I mean can can Jaeger burguan tone Jagger Farm, however, told crude oil from Can Does your dread a called Rita Julianne shoot bullets? Or she went through the door since I woman showing Tom Young How your data that Wenger should Joe By Joe Fritzi. Oh, no way in your night, woman told me. And faith words are Sunni human food for talk Jogger yuko you Joe my true take a hard woman . 80 can can druids about someone mean yell from a younger? A reminder we learned young. It's referring to Young's, which is appearance or the look so shame. A young It's a normal saying, asking How does it look like? So she went me. Now she Miyanda May I know what kind do you want? Show you go next. But when told Jagger femme. Yet however, it's unclear on from Can Have you noticed it's using the structure Boo Guan Hi fruit, which is no matter a or B. Let's break it down. See, I go farm yet price aspect. So topic shun equals on the topic of or that topic waste. June young Fung. It's actually saying on the topic of quality or equality wise. So in overall, it literally saying, No matter looking from the aspect of prize are looking from the quality wise moving on that Wenger. Should you buy fourth? I wen jaw, we know badge. Oh, it means have a discount that when Joe therefore make it finished Having discount Jae ho ego Last one in your name woman, don't meet faithful. It's a stony. In this case, go. The function is to add emphasis, which is emphasizing within the whole year we would still fix it or repair it free of charge. So it's saying within the year we would still or is wholly be helping with repairing. 68. 6.7 New Words: Hosting Activity (I): Neiman Ha Your flu eczema. Have you revised our new topic is hosting a series. So you all of let's see how to use soil. Normally you would dio So you're followed by now or so you. Now it is referring to things with an amount usually countable things. For example, sore Jurgen Soyo. That's 10 soil that at you. So if you want to say all day, you can't say soil 10. You can't say soy ocean tea as well, because you're meaning the one whole object is not about countable things. Then you can't say soil for one whole thing. So you know, so you t jewel among or within how do we use it? Normally you would do t Joel followed by a quantity would and a measure would therefore t Joel E young san etcetera Plus in measure what or you can added the T drunk e young san plus measure would or another common way to use Teague always say, a group t drawn. And lastly, the final common way to use it is you start a sentence with see Joel Oklahoma as an among that, followed by a bunch of information that you want to talk about. Let's take a deeper look of the 1st 1 he groaned. A quantity would last measure wet. So it's saying the number 123 etcetera of something or Montego Eager Run should run. Warren. One person among Ghous is Chinese. We can also do woman tea growing bigger future war run. So cutting off the run in the middle because we know we're talking about Run Tom and Ben, she grew. We got homesick and Moloch, one of the classmates in their class, got a code jirga funds. Really? You can only see attacked, you shimmy and Fada. Some furnitures in this house is free of charge. Very good. Let's take a love. The second use of tea goal, Which is why a group that's he go. It means that within or among a group while the train's a candle for dyed dress a year for that you draw. My dress is surely among these clothes Ben John do against and human that's he drawn the class captains just standing among you guys they can call. We have reached last use of T grow, which is start the sentence with C JAL saying, Oh, among which followed by some information. Woman See this racial? Don't go Eun. Only you will need to its home. You the students never great are all very capable. Among them Lily is the smartest. Was Shamma tight OSI wanker. Teagle What? Try fact what's had I like eating any kind of food among all a lot of French food. The most t go see Rome knew what man full as an adjective. Basil either courtroom man law Giertz be say the 10 Dalia. In short, you do meant law separately. You can even say for followed by man as in a verbal result completion. Such as? What about fundamental assure my bags filled up with books. Some man implies that you put until it's full whether surely don't normally don't see. I mean, Obama won a CMA My hands are all full of stuff. Can you help me Hold some man and you take until it's full man Man drinks for support. A verb or noun? Gee, true, it's, uh, Jury seal or Jew pan both mean to host or to hold an event. How is Drew? Ban formed to to raise two left, then to deal with two dio so It's like you manage and hold the event. Jury seal to see him Ju pen to a bank. See how full novel? It's quite interesting how self full is formed, So a small sure speak so small. Speak novel Sell fool. See out for Sally Go next one Were you in Member? Were you in Who? A U N What, uh, reward it with to gain me? Oh no, the Social Taino for the whole tongues. E WASI long Now for the food I drink Szczur was she will now hold allowed Sri Lanka India a reminder again kind deal. This time means recognition. That's because we have learned kind deal means a formacion certain, sure, So it's also recognition when you affirm somebody's ability, capability, who are the what the 69. 6.8 Dialogue: Hosting Activity (II): sad will haul when you like. Good afternoon. Welcome back. Let's continue. Well, couple Yeoman. Well, a guy And see that you are the true true woman. Should entin country seal go show some hardly Hold on Go Showman Abiodun So *** PT Ben Man are by U N So he been certainty And then why easy it wash Ohio that draw Hold on Teagle sell Fords. He would draw De tool Badger, You're steakhouse room for Georgia Rockwall Go shoe man Who by U N creamy and faith by you in kind You ho go shook that badge or dinky and wash over the polio Her soiled our Sal Ponyo hiker You whether you print Sally War when you in that gastric go fate Hung Hall Woman Yen do he's had to use of a Let's take a look of the sentences Cool club home Your man literal meaning is customer friends So in fact is a friendly way to say fellow customers, my friends. So it's a way to show your friendliness And here you could see the words go show somehow Lee are bracketed because it's a name of activity. I purchase goods, Give nice gifts, man it means to fill up the top to fulfill go showman value in So you gotta be cheaper And so it means purchase books fulfilling ah 100 U. N will be given a notebook as gift towards shoe. You should already know the literal meaning is picture books, but it could just mean books for T Wydra. As we know t draw. It's 30% off, hence paying 70%. So t award jer means you only pay the 75% of the price call. Sure you're full Exact translation is exam use books so it's a very specific term to describe books for exam use. There are some situations that you would use something yongshu Example. Lau Sure, your full books for teachers use situation Yongshu folks for students use other than the above examples you wouldn't really use something Your shoe in your daily lives Onley When in spoke shops selling some specific kinds of boats, you would then see something Yongshu, for example, allows your yongshu he sure use of books situation Yongshu folks for students etcetera moving on, we could see there is a Coeur alone here, in fact, as a short form of could he for the next sentence, he hoped. A reminder it means in future. Wash younger The Ponyo A reminder again it means friends or fellows that have or celebrate birthday today. Sometimes you would call your customer friends or fellows as it would sound more friendly. Do you remember what is cell pone? You'll yes, it means kids Hi in here means also or even son, Why do we use funds for Lee Woo? In fact, son is a common measure. Word for Lee Woo. Gift jobs, etcetera. Final What? When I go, it's for my words trends. Le go through, choose and buying That's a really formal way to use. 70. 6.9 New Words: 各种各样 (I): That's hard for men. Your funk Lola Thisted time. The topic is good, good young. Let's start with the word Hume Kwame Situation. The fairy coming Way to use tune Kwong is under this situation of Sigh Something The T Ong Quan Sand. It's a really good team Kwong San under this situation. Another example. So I'm a yoga in the tomb Quansah. Under the situation when nobody's present, its I t and t you. That's, um Klong Sam under situation when the weather is hot. Soon kwon Do you want the rule, For example, any rule, any rule, it's young. The to lower 3 18 fund you had young dealer need tankini the yachts. Yoba need jail. Fernando Down an iota. It's young. The yeah, the air efficient that we learned good means each girl emphasizing each individually before it can also indicate various. Now, let's learn a new idiom. Good, really good young various kinds. Why is that good refers to each individual's of various droll and young both mean kinds. Joel, As you should know, it means kind or type, but young from Young says it means look or appearance. Therefore, it also refers to kinds was your country good will go young. That's hey shown Usual. So where you without good? Don't go young. The 90 Good, good young, good, good young. 71. 6.10 Dialogue: 各种各样 (II): when you let's continue German trying for if mention you fell for Easter Sure don't see the true down Kotecha Johan. Data Quincy. Yeah, well, you fool. PNG may hope for habu pH you You bet until Kwanza new. Why did hear you it war made that don't see to your heart to be sure yet we deal should Rhonda. You're this your whole Julia Hahn? How do don't see? Yeah, Humpy any the Rule 20 And Lila, don't you know youthful? You'll wait that drawer do their foreign, huh? Hunt p a one shot that CNN Joe Cream made all need out here. Your trunk hung your weight, Your banker Don't go on the Haldol. Young de Jager Joe Gopher hole woman Yet who he might all your puny your heart Don't see Sen Hall What made teak haze that shoots it. I don't see the true young ho tagger. You hunt dada Quien See, It's simply saying things quality and prices have huge relation. We didn't learn the structure a clumpy your or nao one c which is there is or isn't a relationship between a end be in the same past age? Yeah. Could you fool? Meaning You can also say that next bid pne may hellhole How Hope Bouquet is trying to say that cheap doesn't have nice goods. Nice goods are not cheap. Can you guess what is eat Pentium Kwong Zack. Exactly. It's under general situation or condition. Next bid? Yeah, we deal. Does your younger? It's simply saying it's also not definitely all like this for your the sure hope. In fact, it means Yosh Your help Both means sometimes Let's revisit your Schuerholz sometimes. Now. Sure, boy Young Hong Kong does your weight up, Hammond Yours your whole yet. Wait. What? Hi. Yours? Real Ginger Yoshiro. Torture. I can't see I 100 out. See, in this passage you could see to deal in here. Can you find them? Yes. Do you know their functions? In fact, both to are used to imply immediate effect or soon our last pass Age E at the front It is meaning once something happens. Therefore, youth out here your It says that one's arrived two holiday seasons for the next sentence challenge hung you Wade, you buying good run going on the whole door. The malls will also host various kinds of activities. Jugo Sure hope Now we know that it means at this time, though tuneful Emma all being clear 72. 6.11 Additional Words - L6: That's a hall. Let's see the last video of this lesson way. We're going to London Active. No knowledge. Let's first thought with a reminder about so which is arrive as thought, it's arrived so we can also be consider as two or until since you thousands He wore Monday to Friday War Georgian Photo year Through what I went from Shruti and I did my homework till 10 p.m. Yesterday. Now let's learn a new saying Zai War can light from my point of view by means edge war I can see so as I walk can I implying that it's viewing from your perspective at my position to be you. Let's see how to use it so I will can lie common younger drawn the Edie a year bosom so I will can lie Well, my uncle's guy out like RPC so I walk can lie so I walk can lie. Let's learn a new word hide way to line up in a to for the word high three. Hi is the main food and the way it's a noun, as in the queue. Well done type hideaway pilot eager Doors out. Sure. Hi away. Hi away hand, huh? Now let's learn the phrase you can stop would say, a period of time. You lie. It means that since the start of that period, time up to today as the period of time Ni lie refers to that period of time up to today. Therefore you can also ticket as the past that period of time, just like many other cases, he can be neglected. So you have the option to just say the period of time lie, says he. Any sending you lie The Drew true Thanks for your support in the past three years. So Sanayi Lie implies that since three years ago, up to today highway union like soldiers. Are you hungry? He has been working in the bank for the past five years and still counting. Tired Seeger greedy like don't fake how long he has been very busy for the past seven months and still counting Hi ecri like so may tell Nan Ponyo she hasn't been having a boyfriend for the past whole time. E agree, like it's just the whole time up to today. Moving on, Let's learn another phrase. A puppy crudity in it means in between a and B. It's talking about this position well, how what I may go upon your crudity in May, your goto 20. There's no communication problems in between me and my American friend. Yep, the new What here is Old Hole, which is communicate or a communication, which you may also want to lend a whole API Drew tiene some simple words who learn for you TN sitting room For sure, he, CN sure is to try he from new food clothes, CNN. It's room related. Sure it's again. Sure you eat yet next word Trump. And to it's a noun describing the whole Labour force or working professionals. How is that Shung Ban means go to work. Zoo actually means Clan and Sean Band Zoo normally talked about the people who works for a company. Therefore, they usual have a fixed time to go to work, for example, like 9 to 5. So this shop and so what don't refers to those as a work as the balls or freelance. So passion immune from Bantul dragging hung strong Ben, we'll push And so you go shopping Bantu What Drew Sandhu? That dash we tell shall panto Sham band. So at this level. You may already know this word by yourself. 10 Which means to do tool again is a casual way to replace Zul. A very common way you would say Need I can show Mom, Where you doing? Me gang? What job do you do down down our final ward for today, Joel. Surrounding or surrounding areas? In fact, sexual and drew away are the same. Why, for the word slipped role means for Joe Is Joe way surrounding so? Joel? Literally. It's saying the four Connor surround you So surrounding area Ni can cancer troll your mayo gone? What? Asagoe DeWine deal hunt and young sickle, silly girl. 73. Speaking & Listening L5-6: Niecy when one shall go Woman wait! Shamma! Niecy When one shall go Woman wait! Shamma nisi when to Zhongdian Coma way Shit! MMA nisi when to Zhongdian Coma way Shit MMA me doing my leave for Yoshiyama piojo in me doing my leave for Yoshiyama piojo in you boys Zhongdian Bacha Near where? Guns rule. Nida married Hammond the tone Seema, you go Zhongdian badger anywhere Guns Almeida married Hammond the tone Seema uh, go hosher nisi when show Horgan we need th alma go Hosher nisi when show Horgan we need th alma me. I'm Ile Fay the Don's Seema. Me, I'm Ile Fay The bones Seema, I need you don't see the Julian high for taqa bto True. Yeah, needs You don't see the Julian heifer Taqa bto True. Yeah, uh no matter what, don't see the tin yemma neo match. What? Don't see the tin Yemma. I need you the soil that don't see So you guys, I want how magma I need you the soil that don't see though you guys I want how magma Uh 74. 7.1 New Words: Nose Bleeding (I): I had a heart. You like housing The Welcome to the new lesson. Let's start with blood. See here, Sarah. See a with that said to say to bleed. You'll list yet? Why is that? Leo means to flow down and see. Yet we just learned its blood hands. Lewis yet to bleed as Lou is a verb saying to flow down So we can say you tear or Lou, not etcetera the austere the O. C. A. To wipe, huh? You can say Todd towards Tommy. It etcetera. Huh? Uh huh. Climate see home. See? Whole See Whole estimate. Predict as both fuck. And now I would see through Guan needs a patrolman Call Goudie Julia Ultra dolla juergen Anti would see dealing year put on it yet Judge Chua Woman The woodsy Khanum Bush agenda Good. See gutsy Dan Dry You may have noticed Gan, This character also has another pronunciation which is again the casual way meaning to do done dan cloth could sel eso because so severe serious a young girl tired appeal her yang go Sure its young being the U L A young crew law young girl yen drawl window trunk who 12 12 who air cold sea, cold sea, cold sea warm. No. One, No. One? No one, therefore, to keep warm boned want How would that be? Ball. It's from the wood about who protect? No, and we just learned warm. So it's protect you to keep you warm, found one bound one. 75. 7.2 Dialogue: Nose Bleeding (II): went from How the evening find you. Let let's continue neither pizza. It's a matter you see a lot quiet hundreds Hatton Well, hype with high Siegel. And they found that she hoped Cody should he unseat her gun Zinke and the TNT Beaufort. How long needs, um, a 20? A model joshing Wade's within trend Attisha would Oh God. Moloch Treating and moderate GOP at war Need to can usual. A mom man you would issue could sell Yoda and hold home bullion. John So who Dash read you. Holla! 20 anti anti Sri love Sure. Toby Rooney Grandma Jewish Rijo eating out or drew you about Know it lean way through a whole team Count that Kate will walk while I don't see they come home while many t can concedes it 20 And TNT Sure lung for your for sure Love Sure, it actually means your shoulder. Your show Your so sometimes cold. Sometimes hot. I mean why we hope you come back. Hey 12. Walk for three heart. It's addressed that you had better or the best way is wow. When Cohn C. The exact meaning is have a swap of the air. There's quiet. Find cold tea swapping the air. It's implying having new air in an old air out 76. 7.3 New Words: 老样子 (I): at Datz of a young Luke has everybody welcome to the new lesson. Young. Let's start with to smoke Toll yen show yen told me in movement or gesture, Don't your don't saw Don't saw Look at him. Is he handsome sweat Schwenn Sure to appear or appearance? Who was said, for example, What? Don't let yourself sure had grown recourse in law. Tour sin to sin, to regret, to feel regret, hope Way What I hope. Wait email. How does shore what ET and the Boudria The hope Where Hope Way ho A To oppose son away Santa Way san way When you want to say you can't make it because of time's running out Lipe would see and no way you would say someone life would see to do something contrary Don't told a woman like Woods you shall strong guinea Don't Weinman law A woman like it would seem that y'all look needs Abbott Coleman Woman two Libro de tan Shagging Go Whitlock. What guy being look dying its own life? Would Cilla life Bootsy life would see And do you want to know the opposite of life would see. So here it is when you want to say You can make it in time like that. See, CNN's I hides all woman He delighted Ziada girlfriend Del Kaio Mean t and l Neil. I did see one comma lie that see live at sea. 77. 7.4 Dialogue: 老样子 (II): J team will see that man I was a magician going recently. Let's continue with our previous lesson. Young the causal! Hold our llama! You showed so much water. How should a long answer Paragon, we hope? Yes, I told you a lot. Toya Intuition T idea! Halt! William AOL. Well, you should all cushy. What yet? Actually angel get owns? Or can chance you try Donation Antique? Who's he went Teela ho Way to lie bridezilla t she Italian. You drew five Very award whole. Yet what's the t to? To let a major mark down 13 Some sugar. So so year. Where? Your ship. By saying that Cho Yan puts into it. City may hold true. Hi. Where? Young central wagon. The shouldn t d income well on me honey, the gyre in yet I call up They come, huh? Woman can can treats it How? A free law Young said Tyronn war You hope yet? I told Yella Allow young What does that mean? A lot Old young's it The look so allow young's Oh look implying Oh, same old me Still the same cushier would rather too young trigger tones or can drawn to hellish y what is to yen drug don't so to break it down. Smoking this action. So this way we'll be emphasizing the action of smoking, which is told Yen donation teeth Who's they went? Hillah Ho Wait to lie. Put zilla tour sin appear So it cools and 20 appear problems. Hen's Wait till your health has problems appearing for Jill in whole weight to live with Zilla, he has the function of meaning soon T shirt. Parinya. A true fan toy. Which whole yen? Yeah, grin. It's referring to family people in specific What's a d treasure? The Nation MMA as a reminder. Neesh Atma It means not much. Nothing's much. For example, formation a Ponyo. I don't have much friends or many friends. Had Tortilla Nation a shrewd une tour, it didn't have much to do yesterday. Drug A won t would dread the nation MMA I think for this issue it's nothing much so meaning this issue is not big deal. Last sentence. Hi Ho Jung Sang chul Wage in the shanty Tin Kong Do you explain this sentence? White clear. We can read it as Hi Ho Young's out. Joe, Wait! The run! The shanty! The Jin Cong. So it's simply saying we even effect surroundings, people's bodies, health. However, there are too many ducks, so normally something up would be eliminated. So everything clear. Tomeing Bielema. See you next time that's here. 78. 7.5 New Words: 多向远处看看 (I): Nina hot. They have from column A ready to have a lesson. First word day full, Dr. But it's a really old way to say it by full by full drear war plans Drew war Drew war, San War to have a walk San Who? San four. Yeah, and you'll research to do study? It could be both a vote. And now? Well, well, yeah. So you said, Let me have a research or a deep Lok or investigation. Kenji Angel TROIA Intuitions Female heart. True. According to research, smoking has no benefits to health. Yes, you. Yes, you. How cool to exceed or over an amount war, mate, into a nation t trial. Goeas. How? Sure. What? I'd ra tackle contradicting Caguan. Niele. How cool, child Cool. 79. 7.6 Dialogue: 多向远处看看 (II): that dad Jay Z called the Hopman. How's life recently? Let's continue with topic. Can't let's revisit the word? How true? Which means benefits Advantage Hall. It's good, true points or areas. So how about the new bread? U N Control You and SAR Tool against Pointer areas? So you any Truell refers to far areas? No. Are you able to guess what's June jaw zeal? Quiet. Sure to sit. So Zoom Tool refers to sit quietly. Re Conley. What 18 year engines on, therefore shortly. And we walked 100 young Candia Now Yankton Kyliyah trying treaty into his idea, Not me and tearing. Going Joel Yeah, until her Rome delay. So how should make court Esau? Sure. Two suicides. COC now holds a k Sure guns or issuing? Yes, you come ashore a hike Also are in full can cut your issue. Talk Hank early so that you will conference and tragedy in now puts in a year until aha Shantia year Where? Brochure for yes, Until fashion. No golden itchy and things or trial. Guadalupe's Hoelscher So what? You exemption TT and calm She, uh, young woman just York City and you guys order and she like or don't, huh? Zanna Wolf I hold due to foods in the gondron says And Boba. Fake hung hall womankind. Hundreds About what? Brady. And you don't treat How for tell, isn't it mean jump? So in this case, when you talk about yen still tell ice jump it means it's twitching moving on count region So what? I didn't know me and 10 grams or yeah, And you heard wrongly lay for me And 10 in fact, is a noun indicating direction. If we look clearly, men means face CNN means before. So me and 10 is a noun saying before face were in front or simply right before your face Me and 10 me and CNN So get him back to the previous sentence. So I did not me and 10 would become in front of the computer. How should make war, Esau? Sure, So coc coc cool as it means to go pass. So make your Esau shirt means that every hour that passed by say good next one. You sure? Yes. You kill mush War hike also War. Yeah, was sound you and talk, Hank. Let's see Young Grinch. War can can means to what's a direction U N True, we just learned for place kind. Can't do you have a look? So it's simply say, Have a look of the fireplace when we get you to last sentence. Shura. Some woman just yet. George. Your bangle shredder gone out. Drew year. Let's look at woman just yet. Diodes or Bangu? Should they run if we simplify, too? War men. Jealousy Lun. When you say it, you're actually meaning woman comma. Just see Everen. So we thes people, which in this way it would sound like you're add emphasis to we thes people and therefore, in overall for woman just yet. CIO. So a bangle should run. It's saying we thieves people who sit in office for long. 80. 7.7 New Words: Mental Health (I): name and hard when you liked. How Sinica Mental health. Let's start with the would point you referred to. Do you? You could see Drew means to point. So when it comes to nonphysical content, it means to refer to need be aircrew Jawad Hard Drew tool jobs and guilt happ would how she eats here Jug Jude's drew the shoe shop. How may short Will means that woman told you the hag drew their done Sure need drew It drew spirit or mental mind. It's a noun, but as an adjective it means you're feeling so awake. Do you shun the ocean? As in spirit refers to your mental your mind So you can say Xuexian Guha, the person's mind is not to awake. Not too good. So the person is tired. You mention boots hole. When a person is Duchin boots whole, his spirit is quite good. So he has said a waking mind. Therefore, feeling absolutely not tired and awake. How may o t you? It's you should meaning he has no sportsmanship because he has no p e spirit had attention . Your won t This is literally saying his mental has problems so he has mental problems. When Xuexian becomes an adjective, it means you're mentally awake. I can't see life, Duchin. He looks very awake with high spirit. Well, you tion lay with heights you mention So I'm a little bit tired Not feeling too awake. Have Attention your won t it? Woman we are. Don't think her her mental has problems. Don't go close to her. Need a solution? Cancel aiport War So what? You shouId us in Goma You seem you're in a good state today You feel so away. You had enough sleep yesterday? Now she sure home salmon Shankly out Douche ndn The teacher says class be awake and attentive in lesson. Do you, Michelle, do you shun Professor Yo, show young throw. Yeah, I'll throw numbers. Sure it's nearly own true Sugar foods shorts, Schurz Let's see this word shul meal to state clearly or explain clearly. Why is that? Because sure is to speak or talk neo from me. Um back which is clear to understand Job ensure form You'll foma Is this the manual book? Nishi Chamisa No Schwarm Uni Osama! What do you mean? Can you state more clearly? Sure. Meal? Sure. Mu? Yeah. Oh, sure. In fact, it equals their rules. War, which is if example Yeah. Oh, sure. Or rogue Wah niks Riddle Woman Joe Buddha. Neela. Yeah, sure. Or Rouco Ni Bauhaus USC. You hold your hand. Nangk alcohol. That that's you. It? Yeah, all fruit. Yeah, All food. Jagga next one. We now officially learn this one, Juanma. How? As an exclamation, which is equal to door as in to show exclamation Dohrmann. It's a long form of door kind. Your true self go warm milk. I do online two or more Last word. So who? Ego Swen to calculate to count Ninos Lang. So eventually you wash out CMA Can you briefly count how much money here is? Juggle full shit, you young man! Nico, he got So what's amiss? Juanma? This mats question this so difficult. Can you tell me how to calculate it? Some more Use of sweat has one. Sheikha how run! He's counter or actually considered as a good person. Joe Malala shouldn t s refugee and Conlan he's that old. His health is already considered to be good. Swen Swen 81. 7.8 Dialogue: Mental Health (II): That's a hall monkhood or you wait in 10. Be attentive in lesson Meger. And does he want to detain calm? Nama Shamus Hi fi Tink! Hunger What you Gen and Gen Waiting conch, You Jewish and push on then should since I Gen and Gen. Should all in Kung Hei True Tsushin Shaun T Income Joshi Anti Constitution Thought income It's high Sweatshirt Jinjiang Tin Kong Your you a tell show. You sure is the life form unity in Kanye Storm A junior Yeah, authority in country you seed heart osugi homey in the Lille through gourmet your year But when you tore shot Leo, you may your soy pure for you didn't have to eat one year you don't income 20 locked, I hope. Where saying huh? One minute t Enjoy the Zadroga Kuba, Let's explore this lesson together Foreign then as a reminder when used at the beginning of sentence, it means not which is in that case, the following shun the tie free tea and Congo for its high. This time its function is a criteria. It's high cause it to Cyrus situation. So the overall ways what would then be healthy in wedge? What is the criteria and healthy is a desire situation moving to the next. It's your sure it's simply is just running for it. All runs should plus a doll. Here is a verb Serie. So completion, which is you successfully no aware or realize for its fusion. Sean, If you remember, we learned something Shunk you mean on the topic of So here it say on the mental last bag or mental topic or mental Weiss. Next paragraph. Saggy Gwen, Have you noticed the combination? The drill and tie? Yes. This time you are also using the same function. Given the criteria, it's high followed by the Cyrus situation. So it's used when you want to say only when a happens be, which is the decided situation would happen Next. Information light we have mentioned previously. It could be inter changed with truth to mean to. So it's used when you want to say you do something with the purpose to achieve something next, your to honor, John. Yeah, the literal meaning have how important. Therefore, it say how important it is. Therefore, all in all this sentence your own foods, the life forming in Congo two or more Junior, it's saying use numbers in order to explain or state clearly how important healthy is, Saeed went Next paragraph. Want Mayo Year? But when you wash only young and may your it says if there's no one, no matter how many zeros they are, it's useless. Great. Let's look at this sentence. Be a daunting come true and Teela For Peotone, it means don't wait, too. The encounter 20 After health problems appeared in reality, it is very common to say something to Won T, as in something has problems coming out. Hence something has problems appearing. For example, 3 18 Sean G. Toward the sea. I went here, you know, true. Until Emma. It's a Makai boodle. And can you guess what's a function of Thai right? It emphasized late nous. So it's saying, Don't wait till the late situation that there are health problems appearing. Then you feel regret. I don't mean by a llama. All clear 82. 7.9 1) 既...又/也/还 2) Verb掉: before we learned some new vocabulary. Let's take a look of some grammar points. There are two points that we're going to learn. Let's start with the word See, see, see, see on its own. Doesn't have much meaning, but it would be used with. See something followed by your for yeah or high, which this whole thing we're equal. You'll you'll, which is also also see followed by you or high boy? Yeah, meaning also this and that similar to your you'll. This structure will also be applied to verbs or adjectives so you can say see verb or adjective followed by your or year or high and followed by verbs or adjectives again need zebo newly no por engine. Hot tea. See when you're in, don't you always see when you it need T. Bo Sanyoto idea. You always have actual men Knees and Zimmer Young moving on to next Grammar point third, followed by Deal, which implies if up is done and it's gone for the are is a first result completion, meaning you to do that book until its unseen disappear or gone. How you don't Paul Guelleh. He has run and disappeared. Should me. I woulda, tank. All truth. Altima. Was that you who ate my cake? It implies a K is gone, and it's disappeared. Hi. You weigh. Shown equal a 20 you know, by funds that might y'all, because it's business. Experience some problems. He has to have this home sold. 83. 7.10 New Words: 减肥 (I): find you lack a slow new topic again, they gen se to lose weight from this word zn fe CNN is to reduce and say means fat as adjective. So CNN fe reduced fat to lose weight. Jan Fe de en Bay singing Cool, harsh or exhausted due to toughness seem cool. Could both refers to physically or mentally feeling when you feel seem cool mentally, then you feel you're really hard, and then you can't take it anymore. But if you feel seeing cool physically, then you feel really tired and exhausted. Draft and going through What? Jai Singh cola Joe Away, Mama, eager and joke was single. Hides through the hunt. Seem cool. Tell me, mate, and don't know what Happy Etc. Was. Sidney Teal seem quarter soon. Cool Seem cool gun teal, emotional connection or feeling among people, The sentiment S and Ganz you meaning emotional connection. Normal is describing the emotional connection between couples families as in dance You, if a person has more began to feel, this person tends to be more emotional, therefore, easier to cry. Easier to feel happy, etcetera. When you say someone has can see you, it's normally a positive thing because this person is more like a person like a human passion. Eager guarantee for the run. She's a person full of emotions, Hag concedes of the gun to bake a hall. His relationship or emotional connection with his wife is very good time and each other in the guarantee. Obote's war, they the whole family's relationship or emotional connection. This quite get guy in seal gangs Hell, son, now troubles in your head or you feel annoyed or you haven't headache due to troubles and head. It could be both a noun and adjective fun. Now, as in trouble, it's normally some trouble in your head that's bothering you, But fun now can be an adjective, meaning you feel annoyed because of some problems in your head. Joga hides a strong, strong bag. A mama fund all Walker he Bonnie Deidra need the funnel Ni Cancel I both High deal fun Should was very ocean. Offend Jill Finney and you'll run Wasn't fun now War way legit, said Elka Panola. Honjo Drink seen or will abandon Jarosch Regio Drill home fun Now then Now, son, now Yeah, to add or increase by e tag, he sure are. Therefore, it could create some verbs. Every soul completion. Yeah, plus, Shin. Yeah, is at shun its steep. So fashion It's deepened. How about CIA? Plus Done? Yeah. To add that bake. Yeah, that to increase in size. Yeah. Yeah. Last word. Do it. Belly or stomach? What does the Allah shut? Mushroom hold young for offend. Don't do it. 84. 7.11 Dialogue: 减肥 (II): how that Danjiangkou a douche. Emma, everybody widen waken lesson. Let's continue. What you in your way, You shall forego. You do what? Okay. How do you strong? Shouldn't see right? How the yellow shoe surety in Joe How do you endorse she Sanborn? San Antonio will need it a portion. So who we tell one chant holding you San bushes show hydro treaty And then the 20 and fun fact secret What ocean tear you're could be Gen Fe Arts here boys and pulpwood Niang seem cool Went fan hole Italian et true sense and war Sri dear Consume for the surety Oh, so the trip Allah Dallier manga can show Giulio footsie Sure for it Here and the console 90 Ashen Cancel Que hides it hand Hance your Saudi yo ease of the Sure if he and defend now to dope Help! Thiele Joga Cargo Neema Is this lesson easy? Now let's take a look. So it's measure would for long things. So in here we're talking about young Tell juices two sentences CNN Young till the front the 1st 2 lines or sentences moving on all rights yet it's furthermore, was Sam Pop when I am seem cool it means won't be tough or tiring like running. In fact, it's using the combination. Sent something now young meaning like something that way you can change it to young something drill young like something this way or sank something young the same as can you give example of sent something? No young. How about it's young something Joe Young? One more example for Sun. Something young change, huh? We can continue now. Look, get towards a true bottler. It means after tummy filled up and let's see this one e t. And defend. Now it means a whole day's troubles. You go, Oh, just how do you know? Run and be gone. Le Here is change of state. So each and defend no job healthy Allah, meaning the whole day's troubles in mind would all just be gone. 85. 7.12 Additional Words - L7: Finally, we are here. So in this last video, we're going to learn some additional woods. So sure dormitory as a reminder we know yen Jew means to research or a research. Therefore, yes, you show means master degree resource studies, which is referring to postgraduate studies. What as one union toe a unusual it's young, strong had a golden only young Tanger the top to get to obtain to receive. However, this word has an indication that you get something but not initiated by you. Joga Cell drunk without homes Year number C A. Don't quit birth Are you Friendly war, then young title total How Argentino Last word Tren Bull All of complete Tren Bo as all of you would do 10. Pull the followed by now Just like Soyo. Turn Borda Now for the now it's usually referring to things that's in amount or accountable things like people money, apples, etcetera, train brought home. Share those i shankar What that trend bull A year for so Seela, anyway, from afar Diyala. Watch tempo that yen. But as trend bull can mean complete the way to say it is, you say the subject, followed by trend Boo Tom and tranquil Buscher would at home sure, just see a Thai Tran Bush awards weather 86. Speaking & Listening L7: Nico Yamma Nico Yamma Uh Ni oshima drawn me hope Quit the chutes Huma ni oshima Drawn me hoc Way the chutes Huma uh ni Pension measure Hold true San pool me he bench measure hold true San pool Uh me Wait. Hong Kong's You're the mayo Tsushima me Wait! Hong Kong's rida mayo to Shamma Need that facing Nkrumah. Need todo tiene facing Nkrumah? Uh, yeah, sure. Neo Open. No, me waits. Um A ban? Yes. Your knee open. No need weights in my Ben Need be Tausche Reines Asham young The t hope from Warner Need be Tausche Reines Asham Young the t ho corner. It's been a pleasure to have you in this course, and I hope you found it useful. Remember to do to practices and find somebody. Cheer practice Chinese speaking with you always remember to revise the previous vocabulary and phrases grammar and I hope to see you in the next course. Sightseer